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10/10 WOW
By Matthew Michael / iowa park, texas

I have to say that I'm truly amazed with these products. I started out @ 6ft 6 & 285lbs. I thought I was in shape. (not) I've been using enter the KB along w/ 53lb. kb for two months and I'm down to 265. I'm seeing muscles that I didn't know I had. Pavel really explaines in a no nonsence way what to do, how to start, what you can do to fix what your doing wrong. (face the wall squat,towel swing etc.) I suggest anyone looking to buy KB's to get "enter the KB" as well. its far worth the investment. It will show what to do to not get injured and the correct forms. Hooked for life. I can't really judge the size of the handle cause the r/r's are all I've used.

8/10 Big iron, a wee slippery
By Ben / Fairfax, VA

My first kettlebell (16kg) was also a Russian Red, and I liked it very much. For the 24kg, I switched to a traditional black iron kb and noticed how much rougher it is. In moving up to 32kg, I decided to try the Russian Red again. While I like this kettlebell a lot, it is noticeably harder to hold onto due to the increased weight. Over time this will become a non-issue, but for swings today it's posing a bit of a challenge. Overall, I recommend this swell animal, but be aware of the potential downside for gripping.

10/10 I LOVE IT!!! 32KG of Awesome!!!
By Theodore A Borowski Jr / Haverhill, MA USA

I have been drilling my 1 & 2 Handed swings and 'by the horn' Squats for the last few weeks with this and my strength has increased dramatically and my muscles in my shoulders, chest and back have increased in girth as well. 140 lbs when I Started Dec. 1st and now 145lbs Dec. 21st.

I was training with a 16kg that I've had for a few years, and really wanted a 24kg Russian Red when they came out. I only just got enough spare money to place for a Russian Red and the 24kg's were sold out.... AND I'M GRATEFUL!!! This 32kg is Exactly what I needed to boost my core power - Hahahaha it's HALF my body weight!! = D


10/10 70lbs. 32kg. 2 Pood Russian Red
By Tyrone Henriquez / Las Vegas, NV, USA

The right of passage from boy to man as it should be to press a 70lbs Russian Red. I have tried all kind of kettlebells you name it, however there's no comparison for the Russian Reds. The quality, paint job beauty, and dimension is second to none. I hope John DuCane keeps them on the market because I'll ne'er buy any other kind of kettlebell.

10/10 2 pood Russian Red
By Lawrence Darby / Lumberton, Texas

Bought the RR 2pood (70 lb) kettlebell. I love it!
The packaging was good and it arrived unscathed even though while carrying it inside, the box slipped from my hand and hit the deck from almost shoulder height. Was certain I'd broken the handle or at least chipped the coating with a hit like that, but it was fine.
Swinging 2 pood is a big difference from the 16kg! I skipped the 53 lb intermediate weight but think if I were to do it over i might not skip it this time. Nevertheless, I'm here now and 70 lb kb has injected new intensity into my sessions. Note: to prepare for the move to 2 poods i began doing swings with 2 - 35 lbers, one in each hand. For some reason this was much easier than having all the weight concentrated in one kb. So that even though i'd been preparing in this manner for weeks, the arrival of my RR 2pd kb delivered a welcome shock to the system.
The handle is a bit difficult to hold towards the end of training due to the glossy enamel coating on the Russian Red becoming slippery, (and due to grip fatigue). Initially considered roughing it up with sandpaper, but in the end decided to view this as a grip strengthening factor and simply squeeze more tightly which has worked out quite well. Motivated me to move move most of my kb training outside where it may be dropped without concern.
So far I've used it for most of the traditional kb exercises with the notable exception of Turkish get-ups and it is just what i needed to move from the strength plateau I'd occupied for some time now. Because the TGU is so technical and non-ballistic and because 2 poods is so heavy, I'm considering visiting a nearby RKC (90 miles) for some one-on-one supervision doing getup's with this much weight. Apart from that, it has melded into my program and intensified the training. having a pretty new toy always motivates and this is definitely a pretty toy.
It appears to be well crafted, is appealing to the eye and very fun to train with.

10/10 Favorite kettlebell
By Ben Marvin / Austin, Texas, USA

I have a good number of kettlebells in a wide variety of sizes from a couple different companies but this one is my favorite by far. While getting ready for my recent RKC workshop this kettlebell was a huge part of what made my snatch test seem easy. It is a very well made bell that stands up to some hard use, the Russian Red also seems to do a little less damage to my hands when snatching for higher reps but without becoming too slick to use properly. Bottoms up presses with this bell have also become a big part of my training pass the press test at my upcoming level 2 workshop. Definitely planning on getting a second one soon.

10/10 Love the red...
By Snake Blocker / Denver, Colorado, USA

Great quality and red is my favorite color... You need to have every weight be available in the same red.

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