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Isomax Training

Strength, Size And Power With Isometrics

By Paul “Coach” Wade

Paperback, 54 pages

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Discover How to Amplify Your Strength, Build More Muscle, Restore Your Joints, Increase Your Speed, Normalize Your Blood Pressure and Retain a Youthful Vigor — With IsoMax Isometrics Training

Isometrics has always been an incredibly effective way to train, but the major problem —until recently — was how to measure progress. How do you know what you are lifting? How much force are your muscles really expressing? These important questions have been answered by the IsoMax solution; now isometric training can finally be performed with digital accuracy.

IsoMax Training gives you a fully-illustrated guide on how to best optimize your strength and power training for safe, consistent and restorative long-term gains — whatever your current age or condition.

Remain motivated and excited as you keep getting stronger and stronger and stronger — with clear, reliable and immediate feedback showing those gains which keep on coming... The world’s most effective strength-training system is now yours for the taking!

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Isomax Training (paperback) - $12.95
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The major benefits of IsoMax isometric training

Amplifying strength. Numerous studies have proven that isometrics are the quickest way to build absolute strength. This is because the force levels generated in our muscles during isometrics are bigger than during dynamic movements.

Building muscle. Muscle is built by tension multiplied by time ("time under tension"). Isometrics provides more tension than conventional forms of exercise, for longer periods of time (because the muscles aren’t relaxing between reps). As a consequence, studies show isometrics is at least as good as dynamics for building muscle. Isometrics also burn fat.

Joint health. Many athletes are forced to stop training due to sore joints. Isometrics can be done with heavy loads and zero joint pain, because there is no internal abrasion to the joints. Heavy isometrics may actually reverse joint pain over time.

IsoMax Seated Row

Increasing speed. Far from making you slower, isometrics has been proven just as effective at building speed as plyometric (explosive) training.

Normalizing blood pressure. It used to be an old myth that isometrics raise blood pressure—in fact, studies show they reduce high blood pressure, just as effectively as medication.

Staying youthful. All the benefits of isometrics make them an invaluable "hack" for remaining young and athletic, well into what is considered "old age".

Reduced exercise time for the same or greater gains. IsoMax Isometrics can give you massive boosts in strength and power in as little as 10 minutes a day, three days a week in your own home. No more need for time-consuming grinds at the gym.

Superior recovery. Isometrics make you stronger with far less potential damage or soreness to the muscles and tendons. So, less down time before you are ready to perform at your best again!

Reduced fatigue, greater energy. After completing an IsoMax isometrics workout — however intense — expect to feel more energy and vigor with none of the post exercise fatigue so common with traditional strength training methods.

IsoMax Front Squat

Table of Contents

  • What is isometric training?
  • Why choose isometrics?
  • Beginning isometrics
  • Warming up
  • Cooling down
  • Choosing an isometric program
  • 3 IsoMax training programs
  • A note on training angles
  • Top thirty IsoMax exercises
  • Lower body exercises
  • Torso exercises
  • Arm exercises
  • Afterword
IsoMax Chest Press
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