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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 32kg 72lb Front P10c
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Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 32kg 72lb Front P10c
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  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 32kg 72lb Back P10c
  • Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell 32kg 72lb Front P10c
9.63 out of 10 (72 reviews)
A Full Day's Supply of Iron
Rated 10/10
By Mark Hancheroff Redmond, WA

The fit and finish on the Bell are fantastic. I am very, very impressed with the quality. Much better than the other KB's that I hae from other companies.…
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Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.)

Bring Out The Beast In You—With Your Personal Hand-Held Gym!

Blast Your Physique, Become a Stallion-Like Dynamo—When You Add The RKC, Military-Grade 70 lbs Kettlebell To Your Training Arsenal…

Max Shank Get-UpThe 32kg (70 lbs.) RKC Kettlebell is the training weapon of choice for men who want to rear up into explosive power, unstoppable strength and a magnificently brutish frame.
  • Hit like a sledgehammer, kick through walls, run like the wind, jump to greater heights
  • Crush all comers with your iron grip and muscle-packed chest and arms
  • Become a cardio machine—able to go all day and then some
Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.) - $211.99
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How sure are we that Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.) will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.) to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.) didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Russian Kettlebell - 32kg (70 lbs.). Go ahead and try it today.


Dragon Door's 70 lbs (32kg) Russian Kettlebell
Is The Exercise Tool of Choice For Hard Men
Who Want to Dominate Physically


Dragon Door was the first ever in the US to design a 70 lbs cast iron kettlebell—for those men wishing to develop truly formidable overall strength.

The 70lb kettlebell has quickly become a favorite for martial artists, football players and other athletes who need explosive power and additional brute strength.

Want to develop the body of a Greek God? Regular practice with 70 lb kettlebells will give you the etched magnificence and physical proportions of the old-time strongmen—or those statues of Hercules.

Men: you will probably start with Dragon Door's specially designed 35 lb kettlebell, and then move up to the 53 lb kettlebell, which will become your staple. However, if you wish to move into the front ranks of physical excellence, make it your goal to incorporate 70lb kettlebells into your workout programs.

Nothing will earn you more respect from your fellow athletes, than a steady diet of 70-lb kettlebell drills!

Men, to make sure you take full advantage of your 70lb kettlebell, get the landmark book, Master The Kettlebell


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9.63 out of 10 (72 reviews)
Rated 10/10 A Full Day's Supply of Iron
By Mark Hancheroff / Redmond, WA

The fit and finish on the Bell are fantastic. I am very, very impressed with the quality. Much better than the other KB's that I hae from other companies.

Rated 10/10 The Black Russian
By Hector Gutierrez Jr / Corpus Christi,TX, USA

I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and 2008 US Open Bronze Medalist. I attribute my success as a competitor to my DBL 32kg's. No other tool gives me the specific strength and conditioning for grips, tension, and relaxation while building resilience. And no other tool will build YOUR MENTAL toughness as THE RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL!

Rated 10/10 top of the line
By Chris Wright / West Palm Beach, FL, U.S

this thing is the real deal. Very heavy, but if you can get through a workout with a 53 pound kettlebell with only minor trouble (kettlebell workouts should always be tough) then you will be able to do at least basic swings with this beast. I went 35, 53, and now 72. Biggest thing I've noticed is the amount of grip/forearm strength required for this one.

It's obviously very well made, very solid. Visibly big compared to the 53 pound one, you know your swinging a lot of weight around, but your body adapts quickly. I can see this thing lasting me a long time, can't imagine this will ever feel light to me, but we'll see!

Rated 10/10 A Great Product
By Ben Reynolds / Reno,NV, USA

The Dragon Door 32 kg kettlebell is a great addition to a home gym. The finish is durable and smooth leading to a better grip workout with less callous formation during snatch drills. By contrast, my lighter competitor kettlebell (24 kg) tears my hands up during snatches. I also appreciate the reasonably sized handle which keeps the bell closer to the wrist. The weight is symmetrical and a real joy to lift.

Rated 10/10 Love the quality of these bells
By Gerald Guidroz / Bellingham, US

I own KB's from several different manufacturers and find DragonDoor's to be the best. They have the right diameter grip for me and rotate well in my hand. Good feel.
I went from swinging a pair of 24 kg's to the 32kg. It is a fairly big jump. I can use it in my right hand but not my left yet. Working towards swinging and clean and pressing a pair of 32's.
You won't go wrong with DragonDoors products. I have been purchasing books and equipment from them for around 10 years.

Rated 10/10 The magic handheld gym
By Michael Cline / Somerville, TN, USA

I own a 16, 24 and now a 32 kg Dragon Door Kettlebell. I decided this year I was going to lose weight and get fit again, so I dusted off my older 2 kettlebells and started working out. After roughly 10 weeks of working out 4 times a week, I finally progressed up to the 32 kg for getups, swings and squats. I have lost 36 pounds and 8% body fat since March of this year, I'm having to buy new clothes now because the old ones are falling off of me.

Rated 10/10 32 kg kettlebell
By Kirk Peters / Somerville, MA, United States

This is my fourth kettlebell ordered from Dragon Door. Top quality for finish, balance and a great addition to my home gym. They are keeping me fit and strong in my sixties.

Rated 10/10 Tough Old Comrade
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, USA

Several years ago, I never dreamed that I'd be hoisting a 32kg kettlebell, but at 53 years of age, I've impressed even myself. My body weight has gone down, I have no more back problems, and I feel better than I have in years. My goal is to hoist an 88 - probably next year. If I could, I'd rate the 32kg a 12 on a scale of 1 - 10. Newcomers owe it to themselves to get with the Kettlebell program, regardless of age, etc.. Stick with Pavel and you won't go wrong.

Rated 10/10 Stepping It Up!
By Paul L / Philadelphia, US

This 32Kg Bell is the second kettlebell i've purchased from DD and i must say the quality is impecable. So far jumping from the 24Kg is a challenge. I can only jerk it a few times each arm and get maybe 30-40 swings, but progress is being made. Everytime I add a dragon door bell, it feels like im adding one to the family. My goal is purchase a bulldog soon and press it before im 20, but even if i get halfway there it is always an enjoyable experience when training with DD.

Rated 9/10 Have fun but work up to it.
By Jerry Ketel / Portland, OR USA

This kettlebell is not for the faint of heart. I'm a complete amateur, I started working out with the bells in 2003. I started with the 35 pounder, and at the time, I was such a wimp, I could barely lift it overhead for 3 reps. But now I'm working on the 70 pounder after 44, 53, and 62. My goal is to get up to the bulldog at 88lbs. These bells are the most fun I've ever had during a workout, excuse me, training "practice". I'm 47 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life--all due to kettlebells and the coaching (through books and DVDs) of Pavel. I've never had a problem with the product, it will last forever. And as for Dragondoor itself, they are completely professional. Train hard and have fun. J

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