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10/10 Some Assembly Required - But worth the effort
By Amber Lee / Boston, MA, USA

Let me start off with the really cool stuff. I've been introducing these methods to my clients since getting this book when it was released, and not only are they seeing results, they have REQUESTED a Neuro-Mass class be added to my schedule. My clients are not only seeing improvements in strength, but they are loving the challenge/play/brainwork nature of the exercises in this book. I'm lucky enough to have a gym full of thinkers, and they are eating this stuff up! (These guys also love Primal Move, so I'm a lucky gal!)

Now into the fuller review:
Neuro-Mass is not a book that hands you a complete, down-to-the-letter workout program in the back of the book that you follow without exception. And I'm fine with that. You've got to do your work with this book. Read through the exercises, note what you do, and don't have the equipment for, and what you can do in the space you have, then get cracking with a notepad or excel spreadsheet. That's where the magic happens. Personally, one of the most common times I see people fall off the wagon with a workout program is when it asks for equipment or space you don't have. "Oh, I didn't have X, so I just stopped". Well, problem solved. Just pick a different exercise to perform on that day! With adaptations for 1 or 2 kettlebells for most exercises, and also difficulty variations, along with the suggestions of min and max reps and sets, this should be enough to keep the biggest lover of variety busy for months, if not years.

10/10 This is the book I wish I would have had from day one
By Laura Robertson / Saint Anthony, MN, United States

The Effective Answer to Programing Design

Easy to use, plug and play guide to effective and exciting programming. I picked up this book Aug 23rd, before it was even offered online. I have had a early jump on the Neuro-Mass training effect. Once started there has been no turning back. My copy already has dog ears and multiple post it notes from continuous use. The wide range of clients I train have been both stoked and outraged. Their workouts have multiplied in physical stimulation and mental challenge. The book is layed out with 3 easy to apply concepts for program design GRINDS, DYNAMIC POWER DRILL, and ISOMETRICS. Each exercise is illustrated clearly making it easy to apply immediately.

Working with clients personal needs and goals has rocketed to a whole new level.
Planning classes for the masses takes a much less time by resourcing The Neuro-Mass extensive library of options.

I would recommend this book to any newcomer looking to quickly improve their knowledge of program design.
I would recommend this book to any colleague stuck in program monotony.
This is the book I wish I would have had from day one.

9/10 Very effective program
By Jason Moore / New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

One of the best systems I've tried. And my favorite in Dragon Door. Amazing pumps. But I advise anyone who wants to follow this to follow it to the letter. It's very easy to overtrain if you do this and get the urge to do more. Neuro-mass is extremely intense and will wreck the deepest muscle fibers. If you're thinking about upping the intensity of the program, or stacking other intense programs on top of it, think again. It's a great program to follow for a few months. You will get bigger and stronger on it.

10/10 I'm Glad I Bought This Book
By Gareth Thomas / Auckland, New Zealand

Its a great book, not short at nearly 300 pages. The exercises are hard - definitely challenging and the type of training most people intuitively avoid.

This is one of the better dragondoor books & most of them are very good.

5/10 Not bad but disappointing
By Robert Aldrich / Chapel Hill, NC, United States

The book is okay, but it presents nothing new. The collection of exercises seems a little haphazard and poorly grouped (bodyweight exercises often rely on hammers, steps, medicine balls, and even a treadmill). There's no attention given to sequencing or progression; the premise seems built on a vague 'pick what's adequately hard' approach and that's it. There's nothing about cycling effort beyond the generic promise of 'you'll never plateau'.
The idea behind Neuro-Mass itself is fairly interesting - the three-tier work set that comprises a Neuro-set - but its not anything that hasn't already been explored by other writers. And because the results/goals are so very vague and ill-defined, it will be impossible to say whether or not the approach works particularly well or even better than more traditional approaches.
The book presents only about 10 pages of actual application and leaves you to essentially assemble the pieces. The vast majority of the book is just exercise descriptions (and there are some very interesting exercises in there).
The book falls short on every front. It isn't detail-oriented enough for a seasoned pro, nor is it clear enough for a novice. Theorists and aficionados may enjoy the premise of the three-tier work sets, but they've probably already read about it previously. Athletes needing a proscribed approach to a specific goal will likely find the book woefully lacking. All in all, Neuro-Mass definitely is not up to Dragon Door's usual standards and pales in comparison to Easy Strength, Convict Conditioning, or others.

7/10 Great Ideas, but somewhat Incomplete
By James Erickson / Gardena, CA, USA

There are a lot of great things in this system of training. I can definitely tell that I am getting results. I love how there is a very customizeable work-out set-up and how he shows you every work out you will probably ever need with this system. With that said there could definitely be more detail about neurological and muscular interactions and even possibly: hormone stimulation, nutrition, and how mind-states affect physiology; because I thought that is what this training system was about: applying that knowledge to a very keenly developed system. It seems to me like you would have to know that stuff already in order for this system to reach its maximum potential. It touches on one or two things that are definitely helpful in those areas, but if this system wishes to be the "ultimate system for spectacular strength" it would include all of the details of such things. This system has the "what" but it needs the "how" and "why".

8/10 Well put together
By Michael Fortin / Londonderry, USA

Anything I've gotten from Dragondoor is top notch, 2nd to none. A bit pricey, but well worth it.

10/10 Keira Newton Master RKC
By Keira Newton / Santa Fe, NM, usa

I love this book! An excellent book to add to your strength in a dynamic refreshing way. Love the ideas provided.

8/10 A New Approach
By Robert Storey / Noblesville, Indiana, United States

This was a really interesting approach to strength training. I had not thought of incorporating isometrics into my training before. It was been a great addition to help bring up my weak points.

9/10 Neuro-Mass Rocks
By Paul Lee / Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

An excellent book for folks looking to combine strength and explosiveness.

5/10 Use discernment with this Neuro Mass
By John Garcia / Arlington, Texas, United States

To paraphrase Bruce Lee: "Accept what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is uniquely your own" This book is the essence of that quote. I agree with the main theme of combining Slow Grinds, Ballistic moves and Static holds together. (although for me, it makes more sense to start each Neuro set with a Ballistic move instead of a Slow Grind). I like most of the isometrics and some of the other exercises are interesting (sledgehammer push-ups) but don't like the dangerous aspects of Walking Kettlebell swings or Across the Body Kettlebell Snatches. The Slow Grinds with bands are just a bad idea. The sales tactics and several pages devoted to the Bruney specialized equipment is not appreciated. Overall, there is some great stuff but lots of not so great stuff in this book. This book is not for beginners and maybe not even for intermediates. You would be just fine if you skipped this book, but if you go for it?make sure to use discernment.

1/10 Not worth your money
By Chris Larson / Minneapolis, MN, USA

Echoing another review, this book is not detailed enough for the beginner nor novel enough for the advanced athlete. Most of the book is spent describing exercises. Spend your money elsewhere.

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