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10/10 Meet the "Little" Monster...
By James Copelin, Texoma Judo-Jujitsu / Wichita Falls, TX

They call the 106 lbs. RKB the Beast, well meet the "Little" Monster. This 79 pound RKB(yes I said 79 pounds!) is, to be polite, portly, squat and just plain beautiful! It just screams the word solid! I refer to it as a 53 pounder on steroids. It is awesome! One leg standing rows and one leg dead-lifts take on a whole new meaning with this thing. High-pulls become a new form of torture. What to test your form on snatches? Use the "Little" Monster and find out real quick if it is perfect or not! Get-ups, C&Ps, MPs, Swings, Snatches, you name it, it becomes deliciously painful. Swings will really work your grip with this evil Russian! I think this 79 pound size will really take off. It is the usual Dragondoor top quality product that we have all come to expect from Dragondoor. So order up Comrades, thats an order! You won't regret it.

10/10 Worth the premium
By Scott Styles / Illinois, USA

I own 11 kettlebells including this one. Each of the others is an off brand - Power Max or Perform Better. I now wish I had paid the premium for Dragon Door from the beginning. There are a few reasons -

1. Handle finish - This kettlebell arrives with a smooth, round handle with no burrs or blemishes. I cannot say the same for my others.

2. Quality of construction - There is no gapping between where the handle joins the bell. Again, on the cheap ones, that is not the case

3. Uniform bell shape - I am not sure why "sphere" is hard to get right when casting a kettlebell, but apparently it is. Dragon Door nails it.

4. Distance from handle to bell - My Power Max kettlebells have too much distance between the handle and the bell. This results in my 28kg Power Max bell being taller than my 36kg Dragon Door bell. There is a much different feel when using a kettlebell with a shorter handle, and I prefer it.

I am glad I bought this one. As my finances allow, I will trade out my off brand kettlebells for Dragon Doors.

10/10 Bridging the 70 to 88 lb. gap
By R. Friederich / Northern Virginia, USA

This has been an excellent piece of equipment for me personally. It has allowed me to start bridging the gap between some things I could do with the 70 lb. kettlebell, but not quite do with the 88-pounder. Like snatches, clean and (strict) military presses, high windmills, and 1-handed swings. In time I expect to be able to do all of the above with the 88-pounder. I doubt I would have ever closed this gap otherwise.

10/10 Very effective bridge between 32-kg and 40-kg bells
By Kevin / Portland, OR USA

I ordered this bad boy a few months ago, and after some good training with it, am now ready to take on THE BULLDOG. I'd highly recommend this one!!!

5/10 Was not happy with the bell
By Dale / Florida

I got an old version of the 36kg kettlebell which is much different from the new version. The handle was rough and 3/8" thinker than the newer version. The logo is different and the "36kg" marking on the bell could not even be read. This would not be a concern except that I have a full set from 10lbs - 32kg plus one each of 36, 30, 44,and 48kg all the newer version (smooth finish, nice handle, and great looking logo and lettering) so I was hoping for one to match my set.

I sent the bell back in exchange for what I was told by customer service will be a newer version however I got another old version bell which was worse than the first.

Finally I was told by customer service that they would refund the bell but I will have to pay for shipping which is $50 . I don;t think I will send the bell back but will try to sell it instead and search for a newer version 36kg maybe from a distributor.

10/10 My favorite kettlebell
By Matt Begansky / Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

The 36kg (79 lbs.) has played a pivotal part in my strength training. It is the vehicle that bridged the gap between working with the 32 kg (71 lbs.) and the 40 kg (88lbs.). To say the least, an increase of seventeen pounds in a kettlebell is a difference in light years. I highly suggest adding the 36 kg. to your arsenal of bells in order to progress into your heavier bells such as the 40 kg. The 36 kg. provides for a heavier load that will allow you to execute proper loading perimeters and technique.

10/10 The bigger the better!
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

With a lot of other kettlebells as you go up in size the quality of finish and shape goes down, not with RKC. I just picked up 2 of these from a local distributor, I think they are old stock, the bells have the almost grey coating that some of my other RKCs have. I like this finish the best it has a very even texture and looks great!

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