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10/10 Gary lynch
By Gary Lynch / Yucaipa, U.S.

KETTLEBELL WARRIOR is a must have for any martial artist. I have been practicing martial arts now for several years and 4 years ago I found kettllebells.I won't go into how much kettlebells have helped my conditioning, rehabbed my shoulders and strengthened my low back etc. because if you're reading this you already know that stuff.( And if you don't you will after the 3rd DVD.) I also was told and kind of understood that kettlebells are a perfect fit with martial arts but until now it was just theory to me.

In the first 2 DVDs Dr Cheng clearly demonstrates how the movement principles learned in hard style and The Naked Warrior go hand in hand with the fundamental movement patterns of martial arts. He first demonstrates and thoroughly explains the techniques used in the swing, clean, press etc.and then follows each one with a martial arts demonstration that shows how the skills and principles learned apply . I found myself having multiple epiphanies while watching. If all that isn't enough the 3rd DVD shows how to rehabilitate those aching shoulders and backs that we all seem to get eventually. I can personally attest to the healing powers of some of these movements. As I stated before this set is a must have and probably the only DVDs you need to have.

10/10 Doc Cheng nails it to the floorboards
By Col Mike Gann USMC / Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

I have just had the opportunity to review "Kettlebell Warrior" and it does not disappoint. As a US Marine, I depend on using my RKC training to assist in maintaining my physical fitness. As such, I am constantly in search of different methods to improve my technique and increase my stamina. "Kettlebell Warrior" is an outstanding tool and is a must for anyone looking to improve their proficiency with a kettlebell. Straight forward and directly to the point, Dr Cheng carefully lays out in plain language the fundamentals of working with the kettlebell, and then masterfully ties them directly into a martial arts application. Whether a beginner or experienced RKC/martial artist, this DVD set contains a treasure trove of information that will exponentially help you improve your technique.
Semper Fi Doc and job well done!

10/10 A "must have"!
By John Spezzano / Los Angeles, CA, USA

"As a full-time professional martial arts instructor with 30 years of martial arts training behind me, instructor certificates in seven arts and a certified RKC instructor myself, I know what makes for quality instruction. In the Kettlebell Warrior DVD series, Dr. Mark Cheng has put together a truly impressive collection of hard-style kettlebell exercises that will directly and positively impact your combat sport application. But the Kettlebell Warrior DVDs also provide restorative exercises with and without the kettlebell that will come in handy when the untimely injury occurs. Detailed instruction is what Dr. Cheng is best known for and this DVD series is chock full of essential exercises explained in high detail. This DVD set should be mandatory training and reference material for any serious martial artist and kettlebell enthusiast!"

John Spezzano
Muay Thai and Kettlebell instructor at Five Star Martial Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Full Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts under Guro Dan Inosanto
Full Instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do Concepts under Sifu Dan Inosanto
Instructor in Maphilindo Silat under Guru Dan Inosanto
Instructor in Muay Thai under Ajarn Chai Sirisute
Instructor in Wing Chun under Sifu Francis Fong
Silver Glove in Savate under Nicolas Saignac
Instructor in Wali Songo Silat under Pendekar Steve Benitez
RKC Instructor under Pavel Tsatsouline

10/10 Sr RKC Dr Mark Cheng is the Real Deal.
By Mark Reifkind / San Jose, CA, United States

Just started watching Sr RKC Dr Mark Cheng's new DVD Kettlebell Warrior and I love it already.It's Classic Doc Cheng, which means a no nonsense attitude, spirit, intellect and hardcore application.
Doc Cheng is the real deal in every way and there is no higher compliment from me.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the DVD bring and how beautifully and powerfully Doc moves. Some can teach and some can do.Mark Cheng can do both.

As soon as I turned on the video I felt great about it. you embody the Spirit of the Martial arts and the RKC more than any man I know. And I respect that more than you will ever know.

I am learning things left and right from the dvd already, phrasing, cues, explantions all will help me transmit what I am trying to transmit to my students that much better an easier.

It is always an honor to hear you teach. People, get this DVD, you can't go wrong.Get to the essence of the RKC with one of the best and smartest instructors we have.

10/10 Excellent resource for RKC''s, Martial Artists!!
By Franz Snideman / San Diego, CA, USA

On my Christmas list was Mark Cheng’s KETTLEBELL WARRIOR DVD set. I must have been a good boy this year because Santa brought me the gift. First of all, let me tell you that I am huge fan of Dr. Mark Cheng and when Mark speaks and teaches, I listen. Let me assure you that Mark is a very talented and INTELLIGENT teacher and coach. I have been fortunate enough to have Mark personally teach me many correctives over the years and his advice and teachings have been nothing short of miraculous. When I saw that Mark came up with a 3 part DVD sets that harmoniously ties together the RKC hardstyle methods with fighting applications I was all ears. I do not have a large background in the martial arts or fighting techniques so being able to see a master martial artist like Mark break down the most effective kettlebell drills and then immediately show you how and why it applies to fighting techniques is invaluable.Somebody like me gets to benefit from Dr. Cheng's lifetime of studying the martial arts as he teaches the essential and most primal principles that any coach should know. Mark does a beautiful job of specifically showing you how exercises like the Get Up, Clean and Snatch have tactical carryover to fighting and the marital arts.

This DVD is hands on and will get you moving with more mastery, more grace and more fluidity. Mark’s attention to detail is what separates this DVD from the rest of the ones out there. The flow of kettlebell exercises into fighting drills is smooth and easy to understand. This 3 part DVD set will serve as a long term reference for all coaches and fighting enthusiasts. And for RKC’s the breakdown of Mark’s mobility, flexibility and stability drills will prepare you all RKC certifications (both level 1 and 2). The KNOWLEDGE BOMB that Mark drops on us is worth the price of admission. I will continue to study and reference this well done DVD series! Congrat’s Dr. Cheng!!! I highly recommend this DVD set for all RKC’s and fighting enthusiasts who want to make their bodies more resilient, injury proof and powerful.

10/10 Many Fantastic Tips
By Steve Freides, RKC Team Leader / Ridgewood, NJ, USA

I've said this elsewhere before but it bears repeating: If you get even just one, single tip you can use that measurably improves your training, a DVD like this pays for itself many times over. I am posting this review early - I've only watched the first of the three DVD's - but something about the way Dr. Cheng demonstrated and explained the kettlebell snatch just went "zing" into my brain, and today my snatches are tighter, more powerful, more explosive, more solid at the top, and even with all that, they're _easier_ and I did two more sets than I'd planned on just now.

Here's your opportunity to learn from a Senior RKC with extensive experience both in and out of the Hard Style Kettlebell world, all of which benefits you as you watch him explain and demonstrate the basics and beyond. If you don't buy this one, what can I say but, "It's your loss."

10/10 "A KNOCKOUT"
By Paul Daniels / Foothill Ranch, CA, USA

Sr Mark Chen delivers a knockout with this DVD.

Kettlebell Warrior is a must have! Whether you are a martial artists teaching and using kettlebells, a Kettlebell Instructor teaching martial artists or you just want to be a better instructor and practioner. Dr Chen's demonstrates both his intense knowledge of kettlebells and his considerable knowledge and martial arts experience. His break down and presentation of the exercises and principals in a very concise and relatable fashion. The exercise instruction and practical application is both informative and instructional and could only have been presented by someone of Dr Chen’s knowledge, caliber and expertise. This is instantly an invaluable tool for RKC’s with no martial arts experience who have martial artist as students.

I found myself reviewing the 1st DVD almost immediately and enthusiastically referencing it my next teaching session. The naked warrior segment is invaluable information for anyone either training for the RKC or an RKC looking to deepen his knowledge and skills.


Thanks Brother Mark

10/10 Take your training past "How" and learn "Why".
By Jim Perondi / San Diego, CA, USA

Context can define or change everything. Dr. Cheng's series Kettlebell Warrior provides my training context, which changes it's purpose. Rather then simply trying to get stronger for strength's sake, it provides me with specific details how Hardstyle Kettlebell training develops physical attributes, skill sets, and neural pathways which takes my practice of the different martial arts, strength, and athletic activities to a whole new level.
As a practitioner of BJJ, JKD, FMA, & yoga; as well as a competitor in Scottish Highland Games and Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe paddling, my needs as far as strength, flexibility, endurance, mental focus, explosiveness, relaxation, muscle linkage, muscle recruitment, and power transfer are GREATLY VARIED. Kettlebell Warrior provides me with a detailed framework to improve and provide safety & longevity to ALL my physical endeavors.
Thank you to Dr. Cheng, my Sifu Professor Roy Harris, and all the contributors to Kettlebell Warrior for taking the time to share your knowledge and enthusiasm. Your passion for providing the highest quality of instruction shines through in all your teachings and Kettlebell Warrior is no exception.

10/10 A MUST for serious martial artists!
By Alex Richter / New York City, USA

Dr. Mark Cheng uses his uncanny ability to explain and break movement down for the martial artist using the kettlebell. Applying the kettlebell as a tool for restoration, movement correctives and conditioning is nothing new, but this is the first time it's put in a comprehensive format specifically for martial artists. As a Wing Tsun practitioner I can appreciate the attention to detail in addition to the extreme relevance and effectiveness of the exercises shown.

For anyone who has had the extreme pleasure to receive tutelage under Doc, this video feels like a private session available at your fingertips to watch again and again. For my own training and for my own classes I refer to these DVD's regularly. Whether you practice traditional martial arts, BJJ, MMA, kickboxing or even tai chi, there is a wealth of information in these DVD's for all.

Additionally, Doc shows practical examples from various martial arts to give the viewer a sample of how these exercises apply directly in application or training. Even if you practice a different martial art than what is shown, it is very easy to adapt or apply these to any martial art one practices. Good movement is good movement.

An absolute recommendation!

10/10 he know the power
By noe pacheco noe power arts / eagle pass, United States

he the know how arts and kettlebells are one ! he know how bruce lee train

10/10 Cannot get any better than this
By Taikei Matsushita / Tokyo, Japan

I teach competitive martial artists and Krav Maga students as an RKC instructor.

I purchased to add another blend to my teach method and this is a well thoughtout DVD set for any style of martial arts.

It is basically focused on movement skills related to kettlebell applications and is never a "huff and puff, let's see your endurance" kind of thing.

Great thing about this DVD, it is not limited to martial arts. If you've gone through RKC or willing to do so in future, This set has thorough and updated information on Hard Style kettlebell materials.

10/10 Solid Kettlebell teaching resource
By Mike Zoetewey, M.S., C.S.C.S. / Lakewood, CA, USA

I just finished watching the Kettlebell Warrior DVD set by Dr. Mark Cheng and came away with solid, safe teaching progressions for the main kettlebell exercises. In addition to the step by step instruction on the exercises the viewer is also given excellent practical applications of all the exercises to be used in martial arts.
The highlight for me is the progression Dr. Cheng uses for the Turkish Get Up exercise. He breaks that exercise down into easy to remember smaller movements and gives a good learning tool to use for teaching/learning the exercise to drill it into memory. I plan to use this method when teaching my high school students that exercise in the upcoming weeks.

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