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10/10 Finally, Tai Chi DVDs you can actually learn from!!
By Sentwali Woodard / Chicago, IL USA

This is by far the best set of instructional DVDs I have ever seen. The use of multiple angles (front, back, etc.) allows the viewer to see even the most minute details. The production quality of the video is clean, crisp and free of any distractions. Shih-Fu Figueroa speaks to you as though he is actually standing in the room with you. His high level of skill is evident not only from watching his movement but also from listening to the content of the thorough instruction he gives. You can actually learn the foundation of Chen Tai Chi from these DVDs.

I strongly recommend these DVDs to anyone seeking to learn the intricacies of Tai Chi. Moreover, as a martial artist of more than 15 years I do not take giving a recommendation lightly. Buy these DVDs!

10/10 Highest Quality Instruction
By D. Jason Galvan / Stockton CA

This tape is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Being a martial artist for 17 years, I unfortunately have never had the opportunity to
study Taiji. Even without any first hand experience I could always see the huge benefit Taiji can offer a martial artist. The quality of the production as well as the instruction are top notch! Every technique is explained in detail and from multiple angles. This is the Taiji introduction I have always been looking for. The best thing I can say about this DVD is that I can't wait to buy the next two! Thank you Sifu! *bow*salute*

10/10 Amazing!
By Ann Schulman / St. Paul, MN 55105

Inwardly I expected a DVD about Tai Chi to pale in comparison to personal attention.
To my surprise Jose' Figueroa, (whose gifts as a martial artist are striking) speaks to the camera as he might speak to a student, breaking down movements with meticulous attention to detail. These movements are then shown from three vantage points -- front, side, and back.
What an immensely useful tool!
Buy it, use it, be inspired.
Chen Style Tai Chi as revealed by Jose' Figueroa in this DVD is nothing short of amazing.

10/10 Outstanding Teacher & DVD
By Dave Pabarcus / Woodbury, MN USA

I started with Chen style Tai Chi a little more than a year ago with no previous martial arts and silk reeling is the foundation of my training. This DVD has been a great to fill in details I forget or miss in my classes by showing everything from the front, back, side and then in step-by-step detail.

I have been fortunate to have attended classes and seminars by Shih-Fu Figueroa. He is a remarkable teacher and professional martial artist, qualities that are evident in the video through his execution and explanation of the movements. These are further enhanced by the video?s exceptionally high production quality.

I use this and the Series II DVD in my practice and training to develop and refine my Tai Chi and highly recommend them.

10/10 Best of its kind!
By Chris / Rockford, IL

And that about sums it up. Cleanly-editided and lucidly presented by Mr. Figueroa, the first in his series delivers as promised. Showing movements from multiple angles is a big plus in any video of its kind but something often neglected--I'm happy to say such is not the case in this one! Nowhere on this dvd is the art ever dissected from its martial component. Not kidding when I say this deserves a ten.
Chen style is a rarity in the West. Good Chen style is even harder to find. Anyway, if that is something you're seeking, you might want to consider picking this one up today.



10/10 Thankyou Sifu Jose Figueroa
By Frederick Tane / Australia

Thankyou for the information supplied in this video, even after a few weeks I have found the training invaluable and inciteful and is helping me reach greater heights with my training by filling in the gaps that i have with my own art, The dvd is well presented, and the training very easy to follow, and understand.
Your sincerely
Frederick Tane,

10/10 Qi Cultivation
By Ken Curtis / Lithonia, GA, USA

Stop the search for local, quality Tai Chi instruction. You won't find any better instruction than is on this DVD!

10/10 Barry Martin
By Barry Martin Alexander / North Dakota, USA, usa

Great teaching! the slow movement and camera angles help to show the correct movements and make learning very fast. Jose is a terrific teacher as well.

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