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Trojan Workout: The Fast Track to a Sharper Mind and a Stronger Body - ebook PDF
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Trojan Workout: The Fast Track to a Sharper Mind and a Stronger Body - ebook PDF
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Trojan Workout

The Fast Track to a Sharper Mind and a Stronger Body

By Martijn Bos with Marty Gallagher

eBook, 148 pages

Have you continually failed to meet your weight loss goals? Are you frustrated by long workouts that don’t deliver better conditioning and greater strength? Do you find yourself getting bored by the same-old exercise routines that deliver sub-par results? Are you confused by the constant bombardment of new-fangled gadgets and far-fetched claims? Are you losing hope of ever being able to truly transform your body and your performance?

Well, what if there WAS a tried-and-true workout solution that could almost magically give you a powerful, lean, healthy, radiant, energetic and high-performing body—with a confidence and life-focus to match? And what if such a workout could transform ANYONE into a force to be reckoned with? Extraordinary results for the average man and woman—as long as you just follow the simple plan?

The good news is that Martijn Bos’s inspirational Trojan Workout is a field-tested system that delivers exactly those kinds of results. Within 90 days or less, doing no more than three concentrated, intense workouts per week, you won’t recognize your own reflection in the mirror! You’ll smile as colleagues, relatives and friends remark on the startling change in your energy and self-confidence—and ask “What happened?!” Already a seasoned martial artist or athlete? Exceed your wildest expectations as you hit harder, run faster, leap higher and develop a stallion-like endurance and resilience.

Also available in paperback format

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Trojan Workout—Divine Results for
The Common Man

What’s the secret sauce behind the Trojan Workout’s success at so rapidly enhancing your physique and performance? The secret is all in the formula. Bos has figured out a foolproof method to meld mindset, isometrics, bodyweight exercise and kettlebells into one astonishingly powerful program. With Trojan Workout, deep, fast changes are INEVITABLE for anyone prepared to put in the effort.. And there’s enough variety built-in to ensure you remain motivated and entertained for years to come… It’s a secret that is born from a marriage of exercise science and a top martial expert’s 30+ years of in-the-trenches experience. Martijn Bos knows what it takes to be undeniably tough in the face of whatever life throws at you—and now you can share in his hard-won knowledge. Trojan Workout is your surefire toolkit for the new you—harder, stronger and so much more confident!

"Fitness and strength integrated with realistic experience."—Avi Moyal, Master in Krav Maga, Head Instructor, IKMF

"Martijn Bos understands something which few coaches know: that the mental aspect of strength and conditioning is just as important as the physical facet. He also understands how to train the mind to become stronger. Some of the best parts of Trojan Workout are dedicated to that often-overlooked piece of the puzzle. The workouts are also challenging and well-rounded. Plus I enjoyed reading Martijn's personal story. He's led quite a fascinating life!"—Al Kavadlo, co-author of Get Strong

"Martijn Bos, the creator of the Trojan Workout, is the real deal. He is a master teacher. His Trojan Workout—a revelation. He has engineered an approach to true fitness that will help you create a healthy body and mind that works for you, not against you. Enjoy the radical transformation that awaits you!"—Dr. Mark Atkinson. Medical Doctor. Creator of Self-Leadership Training.

Martijn Bos Author Trojan WorkoutMartijn Bos is the highest certified Krav Maga instructor in the world, outside of Israel and is a Master RKC, the top ranking in Dragon Door’s elite kettlebell instructor certification system. As a Krav Maga Expert, Martijn has taught empowerment and self-defense in numerous countries including his native Holland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic, Israel and China.

For his unique Femmepower program, he trains female professionals, managers and entrepreneurs to increase their mental, physical and emotional strength in order to perform optimally as the best version of themselves.

Martijn’s Trojan Workout is the product of a lifelong immersion in many of the world’s greatest martial arts combined with his deep experience in kettlebells and calisthenics. Martijn believes that functional strength and good energy can be earned and maintained by even the most average of people—Trojan Workout represents the formula he has found to be most effective in helping even the ‘average’ achieve above-average results—for a lifetime.

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8.5 out of 10 (4 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Trojan Workout review
By Terrance Ndlovu / London, Romford, United Kingdom

I have read several if not more then quite a few books based on strength systems and advancing strength in the human body.
I made the mistake of thinking this was simply another of those books where I could take the useful and implement it into my own training and strength development and keep the rest simply for reference.
How wrong I was!!!!
I made the mistake of thinking this book would talk about rep schemes and optimal resistance loads etc.
This book will resonate with literally anybody who is trying to get from point A to point B (point B being the better place).
The book is a brilliant account of perseverance and also a brilliant testament to a word which does not get used enough in the fitness industry.
Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.
I read this book in 2 days because it simply is that good.
I could easily talk about the books content in descriptive terms but I would rather focus on the tools (which the book highlights) needed to give literally anybody an unbreakable will and determination to approach any challenge which may lay ahead.
And believe me this book talks about challenge!!!!
Honestly, on a 1 to 5 rating with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent, I would score this book a clear 7.
Do yourself a good turn and read it for yourself. You will be inspired to tackle any life challenge.
Excellent read.

Rated 9/10 "The height of cultivation runs to simplicity.
By Tom Furman / Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

"The height of cultivation runs to simplicity. Halfway cultivation runs to ornamentation." -- Bruce Lee
The Trojan Workout is a breath of fresh air in the fitness world where gimmicks arrive and disappear like Boy Bands.
Martin's life experience and engineer type mind has manufactured and sculpted a workout system that is powerful, portable, plannable and pliable. It's doing the utmost with the minimum. It allows scalability for everyone from raw beginner to elite soldier or athlete.

The layout it clear, with both photos and charts throughout. You could hardly do better than this book for a foundation of fitness in the time you have to invest.

True mastery is not doing, new, fancy, stuff. True mastery is showing you how to get more out of what you already know. Trojan Workout uses basics for sophistication and not flash to sell complication.

This book gets a big thumbs up from me.

Rated 9/10 Must read if you are serious about fitness.
By Tim Schmidt / Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

I am a fitness enthousiast and a qualified RKC instructor. I believe I was one of the first persons to have read the book, it just took me while to get to the review.
I found the buildup of the book to be somewhat slow, but it helps you to understand the trojan workout better once you know more about its history, rather then just getting to the point straight away.
Being familiar with the training principles of the Trojan Workout, I speak from experience when I say this method is legit. It is the simplicity that makes it such an easy to use method, and it is about much more than just good looks. Even just reading the book will give you a different perspective on fitness.
I hope that more people will give this one a go, because it is refreshing to see somebody thinking out of the box for a change. Not because he had a good idea yesterday, but because he is sharing a life's worth of knowledge with us.

Rated 6/10 A great resource for the price
By Pete Smith / Clarks Summit, PA, USA

I think when you get down to the pages that describe the workout protocol the book becomes pretty valuable. I would have liked a lot more detail about the workouts however. The author has an interesting story to tell in terms of his background; however, I thought this dominated the book rather than the workout program.

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