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10/10 You need this book!
By Mike Fitch / Miami, FL, USA

Al Kavadlo has been offering his knowledge and unique style to the growing calesthenics movement for years and I personally think that “Pushing the Limits” is his masterpiece! The keys to a successful bodyweight training program are adding complexity, altering your leverage and proper progression, Al demonstrates all of these aspects flawlessly. Whether you’re an advanced bodyweight athlete or just getting started “Pushing the Limits” has something for everybody. If you don’t have this powerful tool in your arsenal, you’re seriously missing out!

10/10 Packed With Ideas and Inspiration
By Matthew Palfrey / Bath, UK

With Pushing The Limits Al Kavadlo has produced another book that is literally packed with bodyweight training ideas. Beautifully shot, the book also takes a systematic approach to bodyweight training and provides the reader with countless progressions. You could literally spend a lifetime trying to achieve and perfect all of the feats in this book. Get in now, you won't be disappointed!

- Matthew Palfrey
Sandbag Fitness

10/10 Think you've read it all, think again..
By Scott Macey / Brighton, UK

Whether you've read Al's previous books, or not, you'd do well do check this one out.
It's packed with exercises and progressions to keep even the most advanced body-weight athlete working hard. At the other end of the scale, this book won't be intimidating for beginners either, very few books can boast both ends of the scale in this detail. Newcomers to body weight workouts will find this book a refreshing change from some other testosterone fueled publications.

What makes this book such a great reference manual are Al's innovations with progressions. He is always working to make life easier and more interesting as you step up the ladder to the master steps, making each step as enjoyable and rewarding as the final exercise itself.

I've had the pleasure of training with Al in New York and his refreshing approach and attitude to body weight training is infectious, as is that smile you've become familiar with on Youtube. If you haven't yet, search Youtube for Al Kavadlo and see some well produced, clear and concise videos on everything from simple pushups to the human flag, and everything in between. They're far from your average cell phone videos and elsewhere would be chargeable content.

Check them out, check Al out, be inspired, then buy the book. You will not be disappointed

10/10 Phenomenal
By Jeff Rynard / Kelowna, Canada

Fantastic book, it is extremely well written and way a joy to read! Not only that but it was inspiring and motivational and PUSHED me to advance my own body weight training. The details, exercises and progressions are clear and easy to understand. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys body weight training!!

10/10 Al you did it again!
By Dr. Rob Balza / Cincinnati, OH, USA

I'm a doctor that uses functional rehab to get my patients better. This book has helped so much with all the great pics and showing and explaining what and why they are doing these exercises. Also when I get down and show them myself they can see that it is totally achievable! If you are wavering on getting this book, get it! I promise you won't regret it! From a functional stand point Al, Danny, and Paul are spot on! I've seen and experienced "miracles" from doing these workouts! I have had a bad shoulder, low back, and hyperextended both knees in college football and was told I needed multiple surgeries and was always going to have pain..... WRONG! I am completely pain free and thank these hard working guys for everything they do! I can't wait to see what's next!

10/10 Time to work smart hard!
By Garrett McElfresh, PT / Milwaukee, WI, USA

I'm a physical therapist in orthopedics with all the frame wear and tear of a lifter. I use Al's stuff for myself and for patients and always get good outcomes. On my field there are those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those that dash in afterwards and ask "Hey, what just happened?" Grab a copy of Al's book. Make it happen.

10/10 Excellence in Simplicity!
By Anastacia Jayet / Santa Fe, NM, USA

An excellent book with amazing high quality photos and well written explanations of exercise performance! It is concise and to the point; a sign of one's skill and mastery in any art! Al's philosophy is spot on; he will not tell you what to do and how to think, but give you the tools to create what you desire from the information you receive. There is very little text written on programming and when to progress as these are things you will need to develop on your own as you grow and progress within your own practice. Having said that he has indeed covered all that one really Needs to know on this point! He has given some basic standards for progression, but the philosophy is perform an exercise, practice and refine it until it is no longer a challenge then progress to a more difficult variant. Until you have reached the point of progression your focus is on practice and refining your form and technique, listen to your body and follow your own intuition; profound I know. On a personal note, as a woman, I am extremely happy to see someone has included women in the exercises throughout the book. So much focus has been placed on men in this art it is nice to have a woman's presence. Also, along those lines, Al's personality shines through as the real deal, a genuine, knowledgeable, authentic person who appears to absolutely love doing what he does. That in itself is inspiring and who doesn't wan to to support and promote someone like that! I swear he is smiling in virtually every photo, no matter how difficult the movement! You will not regret buying this book; it is top quality all the way around!

10/10 One of the best fitness books I have purchased!
By Lance Parvin / Las Vegas, NV, United States

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys being active. No matter what sport or training regimen you are currently following, Al's book has something for everyone. Novices and advanced practitioners alike, will find detailed movements that help increase their strength, mobility, and flexibility. Great read with beautiful photography.

10/10 Beautiful Art-Great Instruction-Clearly Explained
By Cory Brown / Camp Hill, PA, USA

I've been waiting for a book like this for a while. Clear concise explanations of body weight movements to build strength. Al provides instruction plainly delivered to help guide you in your fitness journey. While there isn't an A+B=C progression he has practical advice on where to start & when to advance. The artwork is amazing as well! I would like some posters from this book if available. This would be fantastic as a reference on your shelf or art for your coffee table. Thanks Al!

10/10 Great book!
By Philip Harding / Bridgetown, Barbados

This is a great book. I live in Barbados and initialy I thought the book was expensive and shipping was ridiculous but after reading the book I am glad I got it. I learned how to do a few new things and improved the way I did some things that I was already doing. I can see an improvement in my physique and I have a lot less niggling injuries and pains. I don't/ can't do everything in the book but what I did/could helped a lot and in time I will be able to do more. This book is not the only thing I've used but I think it played an important part in my improvement. In fact I plan to buy another one to send to my son in Canada, I think it will be even more helpful to him and there is a good chance he will read it because it is beautirully illustrated.

10/10 Putting the "Fun" in functional conditioning
By Joseph Schwartz, D.C. / Indiana, PA, USA

Great book. I advise my athlete patients to use this book as a reference to direct their training to a more "life long sustainable way" of peak performance. I developed a mat room workout routine for our Jr High wrestling team over the past couple years and utilized many similar exercises. I would recommend this book to all of our school district athletes to use on their own just to see how far they can excel. On the other hand, many of our patients suffer repetitive strain from imbalanced movement or sedentary postures over the years and want a quick fix. Even non athletes benefit from the basic neuromuscular conditioning to restore posture and balance movement. This book helps transition patients to more active participation in their care as well as providing an avenue to peak performance in most any sport including the sport of life itself. What a great all around guide to breaking the boredom of circuit training and a great break from heavy weight training. Stick with it and feel great!

9/10 Great info in a great-looking book
By Mark Neumayer / Gastonia, NC, USA

This book covers a lot of info for a ton of variations on the different bodyweight exercises you can do. You'll have no problem working up a routine that matches your fitness level. The explanations are all easy to understand and I just get the sense Al had fun writing this - which gets me excited to start my own workouts, too. .

I do graphic design work and the layout of Pushing The Limits is really sweet - plenty of pictures in a visually impressive book .

10/10 The details of "Pushing" movements
By Joseph Schwartz, D.C. / Indiana, PA, USA

From beginner level to elite athlete "wish-list of accomplishments". This book covers numerous strategies to get to the next level of strength while building upon acrobatic style feats. this is fun stuff! This and "Raising the Bar" provide a balanced template to create an entertaining practical and powerful conditioning program that is sustainable for decades. I use the strategies in these books to "condition and rehabilitate" my patients simultaneously since health care is under fire and it must become more efficient. this book is a great resource.

9/10 Pushing the Limits just makes sense!
By Rich Mohr / Chicago, IL, USA

I've been an on and off gym goes for years and built some decent muscle. The problem is I never really felt STRONG!
Al's easy to understand instructions on how to build strength were the key I was missing all along! Yes, I'm not in the gym anymore. Yes, I'm doing what some gym rats would call remedial work. BUT, I'm feeling stronger than I have in years! And I'm getting stronger by the week!
I truly believe that these exercises, coupled with a healthy lifestyle will turn back the years! At 42, I'm only at my halfway point in life. Can't wait to see how much a fully healthy body is gonna feel like in my late 70's/early 80's!

10/10 Awesomeness
By Michael Wayne / Woodbridge, USA

The techniques contained here have helped me to regain my mobility and help prepare me for strength training. I have severe scoliosis and have had trouble in the past finding information that was geared towards my skill level... There's something here for you no matter what your level is. I highly recommend it.

10/10 No joke!
By Errick McAdams / Washington DC, USA

I worked with the Kavadlo brothers in NYC. These guys are no joke. They talk the talk and walk the walk, while making things fun for anyone at any fitness level. The best way to get started is to GET STARTED! Buy the book. -Errick McAdams, Certified Personal Trainer

8/10 Primal Power
By Jahn Laster / Austin, TX, USA

I've been following Al since Convict Conditioning hit the scene.

Always fresh, friendly fun and innovative.
Leads the way by mastering difficult moves and postures, and ties
it all together in a playful way.

Check out his YouTube..then get his book..well worth the investment!

-Jahn Laster
Primal Move ATX

10/10 Go Al Go!!
By Paul Constantine / West Islip, NY, USA

Myself, like many others first heard about Al through the Convict Conditioning books. I had to check him out of course. Since reading his first book "We're Working Out" and checking out his numerous youtube videos it was apparent that Al knows his stuff...especially when it comes to bodyweight training. I mean come on the guy lives it. I've since purchased "Raising The Bar" and now this book "Pushing The Limits". All of these books along with the CC books are the core of my training library. Great ideas, easily laid out exercises...and well...motivation which we know we all need sometimes. I'm sure Al will be providing us with more books...i'll be sure to check those out too.

Thanks Al for sharing what you do so well!!

10/10 Breaking the Limitations Self Inflicted
By Tanya Rennich / Fairfield, IA, USA

In hesitating to purchase this e-book, I found myself thinking --- dang woman, you can do some of this and some of this is better than none of this. After following the Paleo/Primal eating part of the lifestyle for a year or more, I knew leaving out the exercise was not going to fly. Gyms, nope -- high priced equipment, nope --- so I have this barn area that is going to be my vegetable garden, play area ----- home made pull up area, and push up walls - benches - you know. I just turned 68 and last year lost 45 lbs. so there's a little toning up to do. I will be Paleo/Primal for the rest of my life and am trying to embrace the lifestyle as well. Al Kavadlo is an interesting young man and his way of helping people understand the basics and reasoning of an exercise appealed to me. Love the photography -- he had a lot of fun with his friends making this. I will take things as they come and improve my body with his help. Sure, I realize I won't be able to accomplish all that he offers in the book, but like I said ---- "some is better than none" :)

9/10 Talking all that squat ...
By TD - / Hamburg, Germany

Been dabbling in bodyweight exercises for a while and finally got one of Al's books. I'm still a beginner but love the inspiration I get from the different variations. For example, I am a long way from a full handstand but having the option to start with a Tripod, I know that with patience and practice I will get there eventually. I'll give Al's book two thumbs up.

10/10 Inspiring
By Robert Sansum / Lund, Sweden

I have previously tried bodyweight training and given up because it was boring. This book I found to be motivating and interesting. I have trained for a few weeks with it and so have my kids! The instructions are mostly clear (though I do check the website for extra tips and info) and it is good to see the progressions and variations of familiar exercises. Thanks Al!

10/10 great book :)
By mala thambithurai / paris, london, england, france

great pure philosophy, motivation and expertise delivered with really lovely photos and wonderfully engaging straightforward, understandable writing style :) . i like the flow too, introduction of stuff first, options and guidance on to focus simply and start well with the basic moves. Then developing it further in the book. feels as though it has has many levels. Not at all overwhelming and able to accompany you as you develop ability, style , strength.

How cool are you guys , thank you. I travel a lot so have PDF version , look forward to giving the hard copy version as gifts for friends and cant wait to have my own coffee table so i can have one there too.

7/10 Great book but not the best for experienced people
By Isaiah Hagan / Rochester ny, United States

When I heard that al kavadlo had written a book similar to convict conditioning I started drooling.i have to be honest,I was slightly disappointed.the book has some fantastic pictures(I'm a New Yorker as well :) ) but it seems more geared towards those individuals just getting into old school be fair there are some advanced variations in the back of the book but most of the material again is in progressions for exercises that I would refer to as basic or beginner level.all in all a great book if you're just starting out.however if you're a ways along in your body weight journey then you might be better off saving your money and seeking inspiration on YouTube with some of the Russian street workout videos.thanks to al for a good book and I hope if you're beginning you'll consider this and others like it( ie convict conditioning 1&2)

9/10 Awesome Book with Amazing Pictures
By Matt CIeri / Bakersfield, US

Many time its easy to find a book with great pictures. This book combines great pictures with great content. Pick up this book and you have everything you need for a great total body conditioning workout and skill building.

Amazing Job Al and Dragon Door!

8/10 One of the best books on bodyweight training!
By Jennifer K. / Connecticut, USA

I was really impressed with the inversion exercises in this book! Can't wait to incorporate them into my training! This book is a great supplement to Convict Conditioning, which is one of my all time favorite books on bodyweight training. I was a little disappointed with the lower body exercises, as they are all very easy - I would love to see a book on this subject alone, as it is difficult for me to reach a high enough intesity with bodyweight training for the legs, even with a lot of plyos. Great book and I like Al's easy going, real, personality that shows through his writing. Definately a worthwhile purchase. Would love to train with him in person!

10/10 Perfect for me!
By Justin S. / Denver, CO, USA

This book is not only perfect for what I needed it gave me more that I thought it could. The pictures, explanations and quality of detail will help anyone become a master of their own body weight.

The only this this book does not provide is the motivation...that's up to you!

Thank you Al.

10/10 we're working out
By Martino M / Albuquerque, NM, USA

This is a tight book from the choice of exercises to the exercise descriptions themselves--just enough clear description with a few" ahas" here and there --key information to facilitate productive form and results. But wait! Then the advanced chapters and bonus chapters poured it on--a whole lot of info really . The photos are just great and serve to inspire and instruct.Certain photos go beyond nice to artistic stature. Don't think I didn't notice. I am closer to beginner than to way advanced and I have a lot to chew on here. The word sincere seems to apply somehow. YES were working out as soon as possible.

9/10 Must have!!
By Rudi Verhoeven / Antwerps, Belgium

just like "raising the bar" it is a" must read" for everyone intrested in health and working out. A portable gym you can enjoy wherever you go! Great stuff!!

ongeveer een minuut geleden ·

10/10 Fantastic book!
By Alexandre de Oliveira / Juiz de Fora, Brazil

This book is awesome! If Al Kavadlo's "push" and "pull" books are put together ("Pushing the Limits" and "Raising The Bar") we have a full bodyweight exercises encyclopedia! I highly recommend both books!

10/10 Excellent programming for "push" exercises
By Nathan K / Oakland, CA, USA

Pushing the Limits has a great selection of push exercises, awesome photos, and a generally enthusiastic and encouraging vibe. In terms of exercise programming, I found it to be a great companion to Steven Low's Overcoming Gravity book.

10/10 all you need is floor
By Alda Pinec / Zlin, Czech republic

love this book becouse it prooves that all you need for great workout is just a floor and nothing else, no special shoes, shirt, gloves nothing, just your body and some space:-) I was really struggling with calisthenics until now

10/10 Grandads can train too, age is no barrier !
By Mike Morris / Las Palmas, Spain

Hi My Name is Mike and on 28 th November I will be 65 years young. I know the information in this book can really help anyone ,any age.So ,when training i ,say don't give it a try ,DO IT. Don't think too much, it stops you from achieving an awful lot in life. And I should know by now,i've listened to that little voice in my head telling me I cant do something and to my detriment ,in the past I have believed it . Please don't fall into the same trap thinking your thoughts are always correct. You could lose out big time in many ventures through your lives . BUY THIS BOOK AND LIVE IT.! I would also highly recommend ,Convict Conditioning. I made up a mix of the two plus hill sprinting. By the time I am 70 I aim to be the fittest man of my age in Spain which is where I live.

10/10 Calisthenics Bible
By Octavio Reyes / Dallas, Texas, United States

At the time of this review, I have purchased all of Al Kavadlo's books, as additions to the Convict Conditioning series that I also own. This book belongs in the library of any serious minded bodyweight athlete. Period. Al Kavadlo understands that "A Picture says 1000 words" and with this in mind he included in Pushing The Limits superb photos for each exercise. The quality of the photos in this book, constitute a strong point of differentiation of the book, in addition to the myriad of exercises shown in the book. Expect to see the same in all of Al Kavadlo's books.

9/10 Very good read
By cormac Murphy / London, na, UK

This is a great read, Al places emphasis on technique and concepts rather than What Muscle this will build, Do X amounts of sets etc.

10/10 Super pumped about Kavadlo
By Melanie Sorrentino / Dallas, TX, USA

The problem with fitness for someone who is gets stuck in their head is the endless choice over which program to commit to. Honestly they all seem like they're saying the same general thing but all of the noise seemed to be tripping me up. Analysis paralysis perhaps?

Up until I bought Al's book my focus was spread too thin. The lack of focus I confused for a lack of motivation. But I took the leap and bought Al's book *AND* a friend simultaneously asked me to be her workout buddy. <---- Damn, I do not lack motivation. I simply had to fill the missing links (focus & accountability) but I'm now getting shit done.

If all fitness is pretty much the same in form then the deciding factor came down to energy. Al's energy is different, he's demeanor is different and it can't be substituted. He explains the progression of different moves, how to get from A to B. He's cheesy smile is really refreshing when it seems everyone else puts on a game face. I love Al's videos and don't feel short changed by him in any way so I knew the book with be worth the money. I love the book, it's 100% made the difference between me doing something and me doing nothing. Thanks yo!

10/10 over 40 and getting back to it.
By Sir Sire / Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, USA

Good book. Very well put together. Just crossed into upper 40's and I'm feeling better then I have in a long time and it wasn't a blow to the ego either. Hadn't done anything physical in over 2 decades. Having served in the USMC I'm no stranger to pain and pushing. But I picked up plenty of gold nuggets on doing it right for longevity and progressing slowly, deliberately and effectively. Pushing the limits isn't about brute pushing and hunkering down through the pain of it all. It's about becoming & building a better "you".

Also Picked up, Stretching Your Boundaries ... WOW, WOW, WOW.
Had I known then what I know now!

PS: Wife is enjoying the results too!

Thanks Al.

9/10 Concise, Detailed and Colorful
By Damien Peters / Chicago, IL, US

The book was just as the title says. Pushing The Limits provides an array of excercises which are explained in detail and then displayed with colorful imagery.

10/10 100% worth it
By Kim Johnson / Birmingham, AL, USA

This book contains instructions on a large variety of exercises, from beginner to advanced. It will keep you busy for years to come.

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