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By Rick Elliott / Long Beach, CA, U.S.A.

First of all, I am getting nothing for writing this but I feel this book deserves the effort.

I bought the book because I swing kettle bell. I am a personal trainer. I am used to conditioning because I've been in the Army for the past 28 years but the principles that Bud Jeffries suggested has pushed me past a few sticking points I have never thought possible. What I learned from him makes me feel I only used to bang my head against the wall. My strength and personal records are through the roof. What I've learned by swinging spills over into the other things I do. If you want results, you must get this book!

10/10 Bud Jeffries proves it works, then shows you how
By Frank DiMeo / Sarasota, USA

I have known Bud personally for about 5 years. I've hosted his Strongman seminar at my gym, CrossFit Gulf Coast, plus learned a lot from his videos, articles, & books.
When Bud sent me a preview copy a couple of months ago, I devoured it from cover-to-cover. Then I implemented his training strategies at my gym, and developed our Elite Gladiator workouts from them.
I am convinced that this new book from Bud Jeffries will help any dedicated, disciplined person get leaner, stronger, healthier and increase their work capacity.

8/10 Even for KB aficionados, this is a great workout
By Richard Triggs / Brisbane, Australia

I have been training with KBs for about 10 years. This book has revitalised my training and given me some awesome new targets to aspire for. First workout I managed 1000 KB swings in one hour and I am now tracking towards my goal of 2000.

Bud's KB swing manifesto is simple - do lots, fast, without a break! I am seeing awesome gains in my endurance, strength and conditioning by adding this simple yet highly effective routine into my weekly programnme.

Great work, thanks Bud.

1/10 Very Disappointing
By Shawn Serra / Houlton, USA

There really wasn't anything to this that you couldn't figure out from other Dragon Door products and reading the description of the book. Save your money, not worth it. I will summarize right now and it comes right from Pavel, if you want to swing more, swing more. Same thing with pull ups, pistols and everything from here. Most of the time Dragon Door's books and dvd's are great as I own most of the library, but this was a giant let down.

8/10 Past the interval
By Andreas Hartmann / Paris, France

Although I bought my first kettlebells back in 2001, I have only recently focussed my training on swings, having always preferred more "sophisticated" exercises such as the snatch, the clean &j jerk etc. What a mistake! Thanks to Tracy Reifkind and now Bud Jeffries, I believe the swing will become my main KB exercise for many years to come.
Regarding Bud's book, some of the criticisms raised are correct (lack of a very structured routine as can be found in 'Convict Conditioning'), to me the main point of the book is: 'Get past the interval' (I'm not there yet, by the way). This is the main and powerful message he delivers, quite in contrast to so many programs you read about where a timer is almost as important as the kettlebell, barbell or whatever you're using. Just for that hint, and the courage it takes to build up to such impressive PR's: thank you !!!

10/10 It worked for Bud and it is working for me
By James Davison / Freeland, USA

Bud's program is working so well for me, that I eliminated other things from my weekly program to open a day just for this. This program has results as good as Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior Conditioning. If you are looking for strength endurance, then you found it here.

8/10 One of the best Dragon Door Books I've read.
By Randy Siltzer / Cheyenne, WY, USA

This is one of the best Dragon Door books I have read. I've ordered about 6 books from this company and have been sort of disappointed with the quality, length and information contained in each. Other than editorial errors and production mistakes, this is a fantastic book. Finally, a book with glossy pages and no blank pages counted toward the total page count. Information you can use, instead of the same old thing over and over. I would highly reccomend buying this book. Bud Jefferies really knows his stuff.

8/10 I will be iron review.
By john barker / bridgewater, usa

a lot of bud jefferies, but that was ok. I found the book inspirational and depressing. It has pushed me to extend what I have been doing , and that is good. The depressing part comes from the fact that I am almost 69 and so far about 50 reps ties me up - forget a thousand. Oh the power of youth.

7/10 Inspirational but not helpful
By Jennifer Farley / Pingree, USA

The story is definitely inspirational but I was hoping for more "how-to" than the book provided. It needed at least one more chapter with a breakdown on how to achieve the swing numbers for the desired outcome.

9/10 This book is great.
By Kevin P / Kingston, Unites States

Got this recently, been trying the templates and workouts and I have already seen an increase in work capacity. My lungs and grip are responding surprisingly quick. Put together well and easily readable and adaptable. This book is a great addition to any library.

By Tammy Price / Los Angeles, CA, USA

I really needed to read this article today. I have been fighting to keep up with my endurance and the kettlebell swing. May God Bless you!!

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