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10/10 Thoughtful Presentation
By jason whitney / Maine

First off John is a consumate gentleman and scholar of Qigong. Being so, it makes it easy for him to take complex notions and break them down simply. This is the hallmark of a true and great Teacher as John is. I have studied, practiced and taught Qigong for a long time and always include the Frolics as part of my practice. There is no better presentation of the material than this. It is also must be noted that John has a wonderfully relaxed way of teaching on video that makes the material easy to absorb and understand.

10/10 From non-believer to believer
By I'm a changed person / Down under

I never believed in holistic healing or qigong. I gave it a go and I have to admit this is great. Here is my review on John's work:

1. Easy to understand

2. It comes with illustrations

3. 95% of my cramps are gone

4. The movements help me to relax

5. I'm hyperer and I'm very happy about it

6. My health (my eating habits & sleeping pattern) have improved drastically. Honestly, I feel like Superman

7. My life is back to normal, I'm able to cope with stress much better

Conclusion, John's work is something worth to look at if you're skeptical. It is part of my life till I die.

9/10 Good info, easy to follow.
By C Wm Palmer / Los Angeles

The book is well written and the movements easy to learn due to the large quanity of pictures.

10/10 Excellent companion to the DVD set
By George Gollub / Easton, PA USA

It is nice to have a printed copy of the frolic movements for extra study, and to reinforce what is taught on the DVD set.

10/10 great help for a cancer patient
By Margaret Cunningham / Billings MT

These exercises have helped me very much in getting through cancer treatment. I also have Mr Du Cane's Tai Ji Qigong video, which is wonderful for giving me renewed energy and working through nausea and aching pain. My other favorites are the Crane and the Deer Frolics. The calm, simple presentation is just what I need at this time. Since I've been doing these every day, I feel pretty much normal again, and able to do my regular tasks. Thank you, Mr Du Cane!

10/10 Great Summary of the Five Animal Frolics
By Martha Sarasua / Pensacola, FL USA

This book gives an excellent description of the Five Animal Frolics. The instructions for each movement are clear and easy to follow. The photographs illustrate the movements well. I have been looking for a collection of all 5 forms for years and was delighted to find it in John Du Crane's book!

7/10 Five Animal Frolics
By Patricia H. / NSW, Australia

The introduction to this book is excellent. The instructions for each movement are very clear and the reader's (practitioner's) attention is drawn to where the mind should be focused for each movement. That is all very good. However there is no mention of the Five Elements which, I believe, is an important aspect of the Frolics. Nor are there details of the mental, physical or emotional benefits one's body can achieve from each movement. So it depends what you are looking for as to whether there is enough information.

I am a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor, but we do not have the Five Animal Frolics as part of our curriculum. I have been interested in Hua To and his development of the Five Animal Frolics for my own practice. I had, therefore, hoped the book would give me more depth.
So now I have ordered the DVD set - Qigong Longevity Program - in the hope that together with the book I get the information I was looking for.

10/10 excellent!
By walter / deatsville, Al

very good routines. I feel energized afterwards instead of tired out. Thanks!

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