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10/10 The Answer
By Russ Moon / Richmond, VA, USA

If you are capable of reading and following along....then you have the recipe to build strong, dense abs that are as much "Go" (performance enhancing) as they are "Show" (they look athletically strong).

I have lost 4 inches off my waist on the program in a year, dramatically increased my abdominal strength from a variety of angles and positions and seen this strength directly contribute to tangible improvement in my kettlebell practice. I wanted my Abs to wake up and contribute, spreading the load over more of my body. I wanted Abs that would directly impact my performance in my kettlebell practice. Receiving all those benefits and more.

Immerse yourself in this program and you will deeply experience your entire musculature in a way that enhances your performance. A tremendous "WTH - What The Heck" effect for me which I gladly welcome. The groundwork section alone is priceless.

There are years of practice here and I routinely pick 2 exercises, set a goal/hit the goal and switch over to 2 different exercises...wash,rinse.repeat. About once a month.

Part of Pavel's strength is greatly supported by his very "Bullet-Proof" Abs. He has given you the recipe on a Silver Platter, take the book to the gym and get started.

This works, Period.

10/10 Three sets of five WILL do the job!
By Frank DiMeo / Sarasota, FL

Comrade Pavel doesn't waste my time with useless garbage, this stuff works!
When I am done with three sets of five Janda sit-ups or Dragon Flags,
I know I have effectively worked my abs.

10/10 The most Informative
By Raul Sarmiento / Seattle, WA.

Bullet-Proof ABS has proven to be the most informative book on the subject I have seen. I was very impressed with Mr. Tsatsouline's knowledge on the subject.

10/10 Doing abs the right way
By Renald L Hammond Jr / Rochester, New York United States

When I first purchased the book 'Bullet proof Abs'I just figured that it was another AB book.(I have several)But when I first tried doing that Janda sit-up,I was amazed that I could not even budge past the standard crunch.So I had these rubber chords with handles that I just tied to the end of the ab pavelizer an did the negitives like it said in the book.I am proud to say I can do 3-4 Janda sit-ups,with the help of the chords,but they are tough an I'm sweating like crazy. I highly recommend this book an all of the other books too! I have 3 sets of kettlebells,an I'm loving them.Hats off to 'Pavel Tsatsouline' he's one knowledgeable person.I also have a fitness website that I promote all of his products.They are just fantastic!! Sincerly, Renny Hammond

10/10 Completely changed the way I do abs exercises
By Mark Hancheroff / Redmond, WA

This book is invaluable if you want a strong core. Everything your do (lift, punch, swing) depends on your core and this book shows how to build it properly. A must have.

10/10 Incredibly Fast Results!
By Ryan Brown / Nova Scotia, Canada

I have been doing BPA for the past 2 weeks and have made surprisingly fast progress with increased definition. For years I have done Vacuum's and the Farmer Burns Stomach Flattener (ala Matt Furey) however I have made much better progress doing 5 bending of the fire w/ the 2nd focus and 5 vacuums 3 times a day!!!

By Paul S. / Garden City, NY USA

I was cuurently 15 years old when i purchased this book. When i first read it i was speechless. It was like pure gold literature. It clearly opened my eyes to AB development. For the past 3 years, i wasted my time with crappy high rep crunches that left me nowhere excepth for a midsection of flab. One month after trying out some of the excersises in the book i got myself a lean hard rock four-pack. I Know and purely believe after another three months of using Pavels great techniques ill get my self the eight-pack i'v dreamed of since i was a boy, and have a midsection of steel.Thanks again Pavel, you've truelly done a fantastic job with this masterpiece.

10/10 abtastict
By huey / uk


10/10 For Real Results for Your Abs, Start Here
By SteveFreides / New Jersey, USA

Pavel's Bullet Proof Abs is _the_ book to read if you want a stronger midsection. I'm writing this review several years after first reading this book, and it is still _the_ reference for understanding how the abs work and how to integrate them into a strong, functional body. It's got everything you need and nothing you don't to turn your midsection into steel.

There isn't much else to say. If you want easy, look elsewhere. If you want to stop doing endless crunches and start doing things that work, read Bullet Proof Abs.

10/10 A must have companion to the AB Pavelizer and Beyond Crunches DVD.
By David Hayden / Covington Indiana USA

I give it a 10. I always love reading the in depth material in Pavels books, you can watch the video and get the gist of it, but if you have the books that go along with the equipment and the videos it is a complete package. I highly recommend the Book, DVD and the Pavelizer to anyone wanting to strengthen their core. Totally brutal, totally effective. Read, learn enjoy the pain!

7/10 Time for a new edition....
By Fitzy / Rhode Island

BPA is sort of "PTP for abs". The focus is on high tension, low rep ab drills, instead of mindlessly cranking out high reps. There are some great drills outlined (evil wheel, swiss ball, etc.) that i still use to this day.

However, I have some issues with this book as well.

1.) Approx. 10 pages of this book are dedicated to using the original Ab Pavelizer, which I had no intention of purchasing. To add insult to injury, DD no longer markets the original model.

2.) The section on Power Breathing is skimpy - Pavel's article in Milo was much more detailed.

3.) For several of the exercises, there are only photos with no accompanying text to describe the drills.

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