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By Christopher Miller / Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I'm intrigued by Next Level Strength. I've posted the workouts up on my wall, I've got the parallettes and the rings (which are hooked onto my chinup bar) and I?ve started working on the moves. There is certainly stuff in level 3 I cannot do yet. I love how the workouts (like in Get Strong) keep the easier moves along with the harder ones, as I suppose they work different muscles and allow for volume training. I would never have thought of keeping the easier moves like this. For example, keeping the bodyweight row alongside pullups and false grip pullups, and keeping low ring pushups along with pike pushups and dips! I love it! Brilliant! This is why we need experts to devise training programs for us! Wonderful!

I read an article by Al comparing free weights with calisthenics. I'm going full circle now back to callisthenics (for many years when younger I focussed on dips and chin-ups to complement judo training) but this time around I'm following the Kavadlo system (the brothers are living proof it works). Several of my friends are heavy lifters (bench and pull well over 600lbs!) but most of them also do bodyweight training and have good things to say about it. I just can't be bothered with all the cumbersome free weight equipment, the calculation of exactly how much weight to use, and the safety concerns. Kettlebells are a problem too, the swings, if done at a good enough weight, are a danger since they can fly out of your hand and smash your wall, and Turkish Getups for example threaten to have the kettlebell drop down onto my head! I'm going to guess that callisthenics will give me an edge for the mobility I need in judo competitions given all the different and quite varied positions we hold in callisthenic exercises which are also found all through judo matches.

I got an enormous amount out of Get Strong too, but as is pointed out in the introduction of Next Level Strength the rings and parallettes make it all more accessible, which I interpret to mean that I can take my exercises farther, faster. I also, and maybe this is a universal human instinct, like to hold onto something when I am lifting myself around in all the different postures and not just have my palm bones always supporting all my weight. In any case in judo we have to grip, and this is the case in many sports and also in occupations - holding onto things tightly and strongly is a very important skill to have!


10/10 Incredible
By Steve Miller / San Jose, CA, United States

Incredible material. Again the K brothers hit it out of the park with a program that is easy to follow, but a game changer to your bodyweight training. I was humbled at level 3, I have prior experience on rings, but found the slight deviations presented of extreme value. In addition, the single limb leg training was a huge added bonus.

10/10 Awesomeness
By Teo Ritola / Aanekoski, K-S, Finland

Really nice and easy to understand rings and parallettes guide. Pictures make the text parts easier to grasp and even a total beginner should have no problems understanding what they should do. Besides the actual movement guides and workout programs there's really well written and highly motivating workout and diet related talk.
All in all the Kavadlo Brothers are improving on already good formula of writing.

9/10 Another great program from the Kavadlo bros!
By Ingmar Nieuwold / Toulouse, Gers, France

I purchased this book and program the moment it was released having already done both the Get Strong and Universal Strength Program before. Also this time i was not disappointed.
This is a great rings and parrallettes program for people at multiple levels of callisthenics skills and experience.
And if you think that's all, you will be pleasantly surprised with the great amount of extra knowledge, experience and information the Kavadlo brothers provide in their book. I highly recommend it!

10/10 Effective and efficient way of training
By Wolfy Dragon / Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Where do I start. I'm certainly not the fittest person however this book is amazing all the exercises are clearly laid out and pretty easy to understand and and also easy to look up on the Internet if you're not sure of any this book is definitely one of the best books I have read when it comes to training I'm only on day 3 week 5 so far it has helped me a lot. I still have a long way to go and I'm pretty sure this book will help. I totally recommend it 100%

6/10 Next Level Strength
By J Garcia / Ft Worth, Texas, United States

Next Level Strength is a good basic program for Gymnastic Rings and Parallettes. The book utilizes three progressive levels of a training program with exact reps, sets, and hold times. A pass/fail test at the end of each level is used torate your progress. For people that prefer following an exact detailed program, it's foolproof. Although the authors state that a complete beginner could do this program, people new to calisthenics would do better to achieve level 6 of Convict Conditioning's big 6 before attempting this program. The book's leg exercises while valid are not really needed, Once again, you would do better using the Pistol Squat section from Convict Conditioning. Although a good solid program, there is nothing new or innovated, although it's appreciated they didn't add any exclusive Dragon Door equipment like, Rings of Power or Neuro-Mass. You could get the same information at a lower price from several other publications and with more details. There are several articles from previous publications rounding out the last few sections, this feels like an effort to beef up the content and compensate for the conciseness of the book. The Kavadlo Brothers have a loyal following and this book will sell to their true believers, but truth is that the brothers have already offered enough training ideas than a person could handle in a lifetime. More Content is often the killer of YouTube sensations. If you're a hard core Kavadlo fan, then buy the book and enjoy the pictures of the boys doing their poses with funny facial expressions, but if you're looking for a decently priced basic program for Gymnastic Rings and Parallettes, search elsewhere.

10/10 SUPER
By Muhammad Nuh / Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Very well written. Subject & writing style is easy to follow. It has picture along with the descriptions.

The content always remind me not to rushed things, but focus on each phase, trust the process.

This book deserves 10

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