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10/10 Recomend
By Irina Lef / Denver, US

I definitely can recommend this studio. The groups are small and atmosphere is friendly. You can come with experience or without it, but the result will be amazing. Shari is a great instructor, very attentive to details. She is very dedicated and intense, has the best credentials as a trainer. Shari built her training such way that I feel personal attention every time I come to the class. If a student has some health problem, Shari will adjust training to improve one's conditions and make eventually feel better and stronger. Classes include not only kettlebels exercises but elements of yoga, endurance, and cardio training. All of it is very effective. I had previous weight lifting and yoga experience but I definitely have good improvement in my strength and flexibility training with Shari. Thank you, very much, Shari!

10/10 Five months at Iron Clad Fitness
By John Baril / Arvada, United States

After five months, I'm still so eager to attend classes and learn as much as I possibly can. Shari is a phenomenal teacher of technique; it's amazing how eagle-eyed she is during class. That said, Shari is also very dedicated to helping us to constantly improve and, perhaps most importantly, to understand why we should and how we can. I have gotten stronger, more limber and the Iron Clad ethos generally has helped to improve my running. I've worked with numerous trainers and in several gyms and tried several "systems" and this is by far the best. Thanks, Shari!!

10/10 Strong and confident
By Laura McArthur / Denver, United States

Thanks to Shari I have found so much strength and confidence in my body. She is a fabulous instructor and answers my questions warmly and knowledgeably. She has created an environment where all fitness levels can come and train together thanks to her personal attention to everyone's levels and needs.

10/10 Outstanding trainer!
By Wayne Pallas / Littleton, United States

I have been working one-on-one with Shari for over a year as she helped me prepare for my HKC certification. I have worked with other trainers in the past, and there is no comparison. Shari's technical expertise, general knowledge about fitness, manner, and ability to communicate are exceptional. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone interested in becoming a better athlete.

10/10 Train with Denver's Best
By Olivia S. / Denver, United States

When I was "kettlebell curious" I searched the web for an RKC instructor near my home and happened upon Shari's Iron Clad Fitness. How I lucked into finding her I will never know, but I am ever grateful! Under Shari's expert and uncompromising instruction I have found a new love in physical challenge AND have become stronger than I've ever been in my life. As a recovering endurance junkie I had literally run my body ragged. I knew that I needed a whole new approach to fitness, one that would focus on stability and strength along with a cardio component. Kettlebell training seemed promising for that and my training with Shari has far exceeded my expectations, Now I get the endorphin high I used to get from running long distances in a challenging and efficient workout...and instead of ruining my joints and connective tissue I feel like I am giving them protection and forttfication. There's a reason she was promoted to RKC Team Leader. She drives for perfection in her own training and she holds the same expectation for her students. Because of her unrelenting attention to detail I know that I am learning the absolute correct way to execute every movement and I know I will always be challenged to improve. She represents the RKC as both a science and an art, and her enthusiasm for it is infectious.

9/10 Recommend
By Snake Blocker / Denver, USA

Shari helped me prepare for RKC. I continue to train with her and my techniques and conditioning improve with each session. I recommend to any level student.

10/10 Inspiring
By Aaron Pierson RKC TL / Fort Collins, US

I met Shari a few years ago and have had the privilege of working with her on many occasions. Shari holds the very quality I look for in a coach, trainer and RKC instructor! She is a very talented and passionate trainer with an incredible eye for technique. I would highly recommend Shari to anybody

10/10 Skinny Jeans For The First Time!
By Rachelle A / Philadelphia, PA, USA

I didn't have much weight to lose, only 10 lbs, but sometimes that's the hardest to lose. With Shari’s guidance, I was able to lose that weight in 2 months. She showed me how to make changes to my diet. I also added kettlebells to my exercise routine. They previously hurt my back when I used them, but Shari helped me with my technique and it made all the difference. My thighs and butt needed the most toning and Kettlebells really helped firm them up and everywhere else too. I’m wearing skinny jeans for the first time in my life!

10/10 Passionate instructor
By Anna F / Littleton, CO, USA

I have had the great opportunity to train with Shari. Prior to her training, I had no experience with kettlebells. Shari is extremely patient in teaching proper form. Her emphasis on correct technique and safety ensure a successful and enjoyable kettlebell workout. Shari goes above and beyond to make sure you are progressing as you want and attaining your individual goals. With her instruction, I found I was able to push myself beyond what I expected. The environment of her classes are comfortable, fun, and tailored to each individuals abilities. Shari's passion and drive as an RKC instructor are contagious and I would highly recommend her classes for a great and challenging workout!

10/10 Amazing results
By Dana R / Denver, CO, USA

Shari is great and so is the RKC. You can make this an amazing workout and with Shari's attention to detail you know that you are getting maximum results in a short period. I have firmed up all over and I am in awe of the progress in a short period of time.

10/10 MS and kettlebells
By A happy kettlebeller / Aurora, CO

Staring kettlebell was the best thing I ever did!

I am 45 yrs old, overweight and I have MS. The medication and lack of exercise has caused me to gain weight. MS has made it very difficult to perform daily tasks.

Shari slowly started incorporating some changes in my eating and encouraged me to start slowly with kettlebell classes. At first it was exhausting and I thought I would never make it. After a few more changes in my eating, I started gaining more energy and kettlebell classes started getting easier. I was performing daily chores again and staying up later.

Shari had me fill out a food journal and commented on how I could improve. Not only have I lost weight and body fat, I have gained muscle. WOW I can move again!

Working with kettlebells has a great impact at a low impact effort. I am feeling and moving better and my husband is noticing me again.

Shari is an exceptional trainer, she goes over and beyond what most trainers will.

10/10 Free of blood pressure medicine after 20 years!
By Anna Tomsick / Aurora, CO USA

I have been training with Shari for about 4 months, 2 times a week.

I am a 60 year old woman and want to make my senior years the best of my life. I can truly say that I am ON MY WAY!

After following Shari's advice about eating healthier, and with her kettlebell training as excerise, my doctor has taken me off the blood pressure medicine that I have been on for about 20 years!

My next goal is to eliminate the cholesteral medicine from my life. I know that continuing to train with Shari will help me reach that goal.

10/10 Motivating and Refreshing
By Dr. Hamilton, Active Health Chiropractic PLLC / Aurora, CO

Training with Shari is excellent.

Her ability to educate, motivate and keep sessions lively is unsurpassed.

It feels great training with Shari knowing that she is teaching me impeccable form so I can keep progressing. Her attitude is kind and refreshing which keeps me motivated. With Shari I train hard but the time goes by fast.

I highly recommend Shari for those looking to get fit, have fun and become 'iron clad'.

10/10 Knowledgeable Trainer
By Andy / Denver, CO

I have trained with Shari for nearly 2 years, initially as a fellow classmate and then most recently as a student of hers. I am most impressed with her dedication to her personal fitness goals and her ability to listen and interact with clients to determine the best program to match their needs. Her passion and enthusiasm for better fitness and kettlebells has inspired to me to train more consistently. On a personal level, I have found her to be helpful and knowledgeable about nutrition and weight loss in addition to kettlebell training.

10/10 Attention to Detail
By Anthony G / Denver, CO

I received some great one-on-one time with Shari recently, during Livestrong Day. She held two sessions, beginner and itermediate, both of which I attended. During the beginner portion, she checked some of my basic moves, Swing, Turkish Get Up, Clean and Press, and had some positive criticism on all three, which greatly improved my technique on all. She showed a lot of patience while I worked on form and technique, and in the end reached her goal to improve on how I performed the movements. What I especially appreciated is that she watched every part of every move. Very good instructor.

10/10 A Great Kettlebell Coach
By Brian Copeland, RKC, PFS, Z-Health / Aurora, Colorado, USA

I completely trust Shari to teach my clients when I am out of town, and I am a stickler for great instructors that teach safe technique and really care for their students. I would not let just anyone in front of my clients.

Shari's calm and patient demeanor make her an excellent instructor.

Rest assured that you are in good hands with Shari as your kettlebell coach.

10/10 shari is definately not your typical trainer
By Theresa Athanassiu / Denver Co

When I had heard of kettlebells, it seemed a lttle intimidating. Shari is so the opposite of that. She helps the begining student build confidence and the belief that they can do it too. I also love that I get her undivided focused attention. I have done personal training before at a gym and listened to a lot of the trainer's personal life. Shari is personal, however she does comes to work. Also, as a busy new mom, this is something I can do at home in my own time. So I am excited to have this new skill.

10/10 Great new workout
By Sonnie Kyes / Broomfield, CO USA

Shari is very patient, and very thorough with her explanations of the moves and exercises. She watches for good form, and corrections in the moves that would be helpful

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