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10/10 Russ is a must!
By Tim Greck / Pittsburgh, USA

Lets face it, if your looking to train, work out, get in shape, if you cannot do it yourself, your hoping someone can step into your life and help you make a change, Russ is your man. I worked out with him, not nearly enough, but the time I spent with him was the best experience I ever had with anyone associated with getting in shape. He NEVER once talked down to me or was negative. He recognizes that we are all human and we are not going to snap our fingers and quit eating chips, pizza, or cookies. He will work with you and show you, step by step what you need to do to achieve your goals. The best part, he will become your friend. Like I said, I did not spend nearly enough time with him but he stays in touch with you, sends you info that can help you outside of his workplace, and will always welcome you back with open arms. He knows that it is up to ME to make the necessary changes in my life but he is there when and I need him. A good trainer and a better man!

10/10 Outstanding trainer
By Lynn Armocida / Pittsburgh, USA

As a 51-year-old total non-athlete who hadn't entered a gym in 25 years, I was a bit intimidated at the thought of working with a personal trainer, and somewhat concerned about the possibility of exacerbating an old back injury. I needn't have been. Russ deftly assessed my needs and abilities and quickly devised a kettlebell program that, within a few short months, has greatly increased my strength and helped me to accomplish things which I wouldn't have thought possible. He is friendly, always-encouraging, patient and above all, extremely knowledgeable and professional. I recommend him without hesitation.

10/10 Everything I was looking for
By Jeff G / Pittsburgh, USA

I've been working with Russ for a few months now and he's fantastic. I feel and look fitter than I ever have. Russ really focuses on the basics and makes sure that my form is perfect. Once we get the form down, we start working with heavier weights, but never at the cost of losing form. I really appreciate this. Russ also helps me with mobility issues and general flexibility...something that I never did before but clearly needed to.

10/10 Compassion + Knowledge + Patience = Russ Demczak
By Tim Greck / Pittsburgh, USA

The headline says it all but I will explain the three points that make up Russell.

Compassion: You can see in his eyes he likes what he does and he wants to help you.

Knowledge: He shared with me so much in one session about eating, exercising, and his own personal experiences.

Patience-He never pushed me too hard to cause frustration. He gets to know you quickly and knows how to push you with encouragement, wearing a smile.

10/10 Fantastic Customized Workouts
By Michael Thompson / Pittsburgh, USA

I had the opportunity to work with Russ for a number of sessions. He quickly assessed my fitness level and put together a series of progressive workouts designed to overcome some of my trouble spots. I was impressed both with his ability to make such quick assessments and his logic in explaining why the progression would be effective. Results followed very quickly.

I recommend him highly. Whatever your fitness needs, you'll find he's able to provide you with a very effective program

10/10 Just Call him the Professor!
By Josh Faish / Allison Park, PA, USA

I recently had the opportunity to train with Russ and let me say he is the true definition of a teacher. His knowledge level, desire to learn, desire to grow professionally, and his true understanding of the physical mechanics of the human body are demonstrated in his ability to train and motivate clients.

Russ has been able to help me fully understand how to work out properly ensuring that injuries do not occur and encourages me to push myself. He willingly shares his expertise with you to make the session’s fun, challenging, and a learning experience. He is easy to relate to and has a good personality which helped to motivate me and feel comfortable while working out.

Fitness is a passion for Russ, not just a job and it's infectious. Russ is college educated, smart and keeps up with the latest in physio and nutritional research. He knows the difference between urban folklore and hard science and uses his knowledge to craft an effective program for you. He is not another cookie cutter trainer but a forward thinker who shares his knowledge openly.

If you are interested in learning and taking your workout’s to the next level Professor Russell is your man!

10/10 We Can All Use A Little Help
By Bruce Mattock / Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The old saying " even an old dog can learn new tricks" aptly describes the best reason for somone to consider using a Personal Trainer in the first place and Russ in particular. We all pick up training methods and habits over the years from Coaches, friends, magazines/ media and other sundry sources. However, what we fail to realize until working with someone of Russ's expertise is that our quest to "Stay In Shape" has not necessarily been as benefical as we may think. Many of our methods/habits are either wrong or simply wrong for us. I initially sought Russ's advise and training to resolve ongoing issues with my Achilles Tendons. With his help those issues have steadily improved as has my overall balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. The gains in all of those areas have been noticeable and very benefical. Not the least of which being a more fluid Golf Swing with a greatly enhanced range of motion. I highly recommend Russ and the combination of flexibility,balance and strength that his methodology promotes to enhance overall fitness.

10/10 An "insanely great" kettlebell instructor
By Rodger Morrow / Sewickley, PA, USA

Russ Demczak is what might be called the Steve Jobs of kettlebell instructors: passionate about his work, obsessively detail oriented, highly innovative and somewhat zen-like in his approach to physical culture. LIke Jobs too, he's always questing for perfection—in himself as much as in his clients. Correct form is essential in kettlebell training, and Russ goes out of his way to ensure that every person in the room is getting it right. (Unlike the late Apple founder, however, he's not prone to shouting nor does he play favorites.) If you're looking for an instructor who will settle for nothing short of insanely great, Russ Demczak is your man.

10/10 Great trainer
By Dave Chervenick / Pittsburgh, USA

Russ is detail oriented, ensures that your form and positioning are exactly right throughout the exercises. I had never trained with kettlebells so it took several sessions to get my posture, swing form, shoulder packing, etc. into position so I wouldn't get hurt and would derive the most benefit from the exercises. The number of exercises that can be done with the bells is amazing. Russ is very encouraging, is sensitive to my work out goals, knows when to push me harder. He is flexible with his appointments and our sessions are very efficient, we pack alot of exercises into an hour workout. I highly recommend Russ as a kettlebell and fitness instructor. You will get leaner and stronger, guaranteed.

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