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10/10 Push-up to the Next Level
By Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, United States

I've been using Jon Bruney's Neuro-Grip Push-up tool for almost a year now. I absolutely LOVE the results that I have gotten with them! I don't Bench Press any longer, I perform various Push-up movements instead. The Neuro-Grip tool has given me a new challenge and has increased the strength of my chest and aided me in rehabilitating my hand. My core fires and my upper body, in particular, my pecs get an incredible amount of work. I have my students, athletes and fighters use them on a regular basis.
I waited almost a year to provide a review. I wanted to see if I were going to experience any improvement or if this was some type of gimmicky item to shelved after the initial use. Well, it's NOT! I use the Neuro-Grips on a regular basis and plan on continued improvement! As a long time trainer and former competitive athlete, this product receives my full endorsement! Phil Ross, Master RKC, 8th Degree Black Belt, Bodyweight Specialist

10/10 Great for rehab
By Dan Swinscoe / Issaquah, WA, Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy

I've been using these for my advanced shoulder stability patients and they work great. The patients love them too. You can immediately see the "athlete" come out in a person when they take on the challenge of using these. I love using them myself

10/10 Does More Than Strengthen the Chest
By Sean ONeil / Scottsdale, AZ, USA

It would be easy to dismiss the Neuro-Grip as an overpriced gimmick that simply adds extra challenge to doing push ups. In fact, it works the entire body - and the mind. Strength, stability, balance, focus, and concentration are all required, with very little room for sloppiness or fear. And that's just to hold a basic plank! If the body becomes loose or the mind starts to drift, a faceplant will quickly follow. Fortunately, the Neuro-Grip is a solid tool that feels great in the hands and is much better constructed than similar products. The price may seem steep for something so basic, but the payoff of developing a stronger mind-body connection (not to mention tighter muscles) is immeasurable.

10/10 Great Way to Do Push Ups
By Mike Nowicki / BLF Hills, MI, USA

I purchased similar items from elsewhere none of them function with the safety and exercise ability that this item does. When my hands sweat with those previous purchases they became unsafe to use but the Neuro-Grips and the way they are made remain safe for me in my poor estimation because of the quality of how they are made. In my estimation this is another great product from Dragon Door.

10/10 Superior!
By Gary Garrett / Hightstown NJ, USA

Just a superior, effective product. I use them as an alternative workout, in-between weight sets workout, or finishers. WOW! Lot a bang for the buck, and I can take them anywhere. I love the effect it has on my Central Nervous System, not to mention the improvement I've made with other workouts. Great product!

10/10 Pushups that work your grip?!
By Casey Boyer / Columbus, USA

I'm going to echo Sean Oneil's review below...the neuro-grips require the focus/presence that DragonDoor promotes in all exercises to the pushup. The only thing I haven't read so far is how much they smoke your grip/forearms while doing PUSHUPS! They have become one of my favorite additions to my bag of tricks. I highly recommend. You have to try them to understand.

10/10 A Must Have For Any Serious Trainer
By John Weber / Fort Riley, United States

Being in the military, I do thousands of push-ups a month during Physical Readiness Training. I got to the point where no matter how many push-ups or techniques I did I could not improve my 2 minute maximum which was plateaued at 100. Being a kinesiologist and a collector of body weight equipment, I saw Dragon Door’s Neuro-grips and had to have them. After just a month of training with these I can hit 120 push-ups in 2 minutes unfailingly. My arms and chest have gained inches in addition to my forearm/grip strength becoming immensely stronger. These simple yet elegant pieces of training art are a fantastic addition to my body weight gym and are compact and light weight enough to take anywhere. They have taken my front end muscular endurance to the next level as well as increased my bench max. The craftsmanship and durability coupled with the results I am getting with Neuro-grip training make them worth every penny.
NOTE: Once your hands get sweaty and/or the grips get wet it becomes nearly impossible to use them without hulk-like grip strength. My solution for you is make custom grips using athletic tape, chalk your hands, then keep pushing.

10/10 Blown away...
By Caine Folkes-Miller / London, Suffolk, UK

Just a quick note to say that I received my Neurogrips in the UK this week.
I don't think I have ever been so blown away by a product since buying a kettlebell 15 years ago.
I had read about them and watched videos. The idea of making push ups harder looked good... But wow they are so much more.. Portable and probably never need to do a bench press ever again.
Well done - just amazing !

10/10 Recommend for Martial Artist & Performance Clients
By Snake Blocker / Denver, Colorado, USA

I purchased these over a year ago and love them. Great for grip/wrist strengthening and even core. If a person doesn't have any injuries or limited range of motion in their upper body, these are a great addition to their workout routine. Excellent for most of my students/clients that are learning self defense. The can be modified with bent knee push ups which most start out with.

10/10 Love these
By Sukey Mahmoud / London, England, United Kingdom

I wasn't sure about these but after receiving and using them for a month they are a great little tool to have at home or take on the road.
The highest quality hardware and well worth the international shipping wait. Get all the benefits of a press up with a fantastic forearms and grip workout thrown in for free.

By Hector Fuentes / Bronx, New York, United States

These Neuro Grips are now the main stay of my chest bodyweight workouts.
I purchased these nov 7 2017 and every single time i use these i get a burn in my
chest that i have not experienced since i`v started doing pushups over 5 years ago.
These are the truth, The new standard for doing pushups. And yes total focus is
required when your using these or else you`ll be eating the ground along with your teeth.

One method i use when using these is to visualize that as your pushing down that your driving the spiked end of the neuro grips through the ground. It will require that you have a firm grip on the neuro grips Try it. And you`ll get amazing results like i have more definition, more mass, stronger wrists and grip and increases in strength like you`ve
never experienced.

10/10 As advertised
By Andy Eckhold / Maitland, NSW, Australia

These tools are very well constructed and should last me many years. I gave it ten stars as it is a completely perfect tool for strength building. I would say that, for heavier guys, the need to be careful of allowing for failure is vital, and knee protection is sensible. I had nerve issues from long years of desk work, and kettlebells, Original Strength, and neuro grips are pretty much the answer to anything for me postural and strength wise. Add a sled and I'm set.
The related book gives training ideas that are very useful too. Perfect form and perfect attention are required to build up to large numbers of push ups.
It's worth it for the push ups alone, but there are other uses that make this even more attractive. I have found on testing, my pressing strength has been retained and perhaps built using this, without any pressing. I recently had a black belt grading in traditional karate and I found that combination had me at the required point.

10/10 Awesome minimalist training device
By Kevin Layman / New York, NY, USA

These Neuro-grips are a simple yet remarkable tool. They have dramatically improved my wrist strength and stability. There is also a mental component to maintain balance and control, which is really fascinating. When I first started, I struggled to do 2 pushups with these, and after a couple months can comfortably do 6 to 8 pushups. It's like my brain wiring changed. In addition to wrist, these really work the chest, shoulders, and core.

I like to use these as a "grease the groove" exercise throughout the day. For example, every half hour for 8 hours, I do 6 neuro-grip pushups, for a total of 96 over the course of a day. As part of a regular workout, I like to do sets of 8 neuro-grip pushups immediately followed by regular pushups to exhaustion.

These are well constructed and also fairly light weight, so I would say they are good for travel.

10/10 I almost cried for my mommy (LOL!).
By Stan Broniszewski / Paterson, N.J., U.S.A.

I bought the Neuro Grip pushup handles for an addition to all my 'off the beaten path' strength training equipment. The first time I tried it, I only got about 1 1/2 pushups in before a faceplant on the floor. I instantly knew these were the real deal. Not expensive and one of the best investments anyone can ever sink a few bucks into. I'm up to six right now. Hopefully, one day I can fit in about one to two sets of ten reps with these medieval torture devices.

10/10 No hype whatsoever
By Chris Horton / Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Once in awhile you read about an exercise product which seems too good to be true. This is not that product. The Neurogrip lives up to the hype. This is so simple, and yet so effective I can't believe everyone isn't using them.

I first tried these out at a friend's house, and I was skeptical. My skepticism vanished with the first push-up. The training effect formed by the intense concentration required to do a proper pushup with these is IMMEDIATE. I had to buy my own set. I now use these at work several times a day (I work in a military setting, so pushups at work are not unusual).

Obviously these are good for the chest, back, shoulders, and arms, but I have also found that they have been helpful in rehabilitating a herniated disk I sustained in my back from improper lifting form (let that be a lesson to us all). I do sets of 20-25 at a time. I carry these with me everywhere I go now--they're small enough to pack into carry-on luggage for business trips.

I've been using these for two years now, and I wish I'd had them for a decade. I'm fifty years old, and I'm stronger than guys half my age using these things.

Get these. I cannot say enough good things about them. Simple, effective, rugged, fun--GET THESE. GET THEM NOW.

10/10 Well worth the wait!
By Brad Mechor / Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I was excited to get the Neuro-grips and they have not disappointed!
This is a full body workout for sure with these and far better than similar products that I tried along the way!
I think one could have an amazing home "gym" with a set of these, Isochain and a couple of kettlebells!
As well, there are few companies that provide the level of service that everyone at Dragon Door provide. Amazing people!!!!

10/10 Fantastic tool!!
By Larry Froley / Roseville, CA, USA

I've been using the Neuro-Grips for a month or so now and introducing some clients to them. There are lots of fitness and strength tools out there, but these are special. Simple device, but takes body weight to a whole new level. The additional grip, arm, shoulder and core strength, over and above a regular push up, is hard to describe! After doing five sets of twenty in a recent workout session I found some (apparently) new muscles; at least I felt them for the first time!! And, I've watched some pretty strong gym goers struggle with a couple! For anybody who things strength is mostly physical, these will clearly show the mental focus aspect of strength training! I'm thinking I need to order a few more sets as I've already made them a part (albeit optional) of a boot camp I teach. I love these things!!!!

10/10 Great !!
By Stephane Croteau / Westmeath, Ontario, Canada

These are tough !! Yes they make your push up more difficult but im talking about staying completely focused for the entirety of the the movement with a total body control. Lose focus and you end up on the floor. The physical strengthening aspect is undeniable. But the razor sharp focus it creates is even more benificial in my book as it translate to many parts of life.

10/10 Overall Just a Great Product
By Paul Pallante / Radford, Virginia, USA

Well constructed, portable, effective. I would highly recommend. Using the neuro grips gives me a whole body integration that lights up a lot more areas than a typical push up ever would. Plus the mild danger element is kinda fun.

10/10 Grip enhancer.
By Wyatt N / Aiea, Hawaii, USA

A little sceptical at first on how challenging these would be. Ordered these so that I could do something different with my workout while away on business. When I finally got to use them, my hand and forearms were smoked! Didn't think it would have that type of effect. For those that train with clubbells know how much your grip gets worked, do not count the neuro grips out,these are a perfect addition for grip strengthening and overall upper body stabilization. You must try these.

8/10 Careful - you can damage your wrist !!
By Lou Dustefano / Katy, Tx, USA

Yes they are a great means of increasing grip and forearm strength as well as chest , back and core but they are inherently dangerous if your wrist changes direction especially when you are experiencing fatigue.

10/10 Your PCC go to
By Matt Begansky / Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

The Neuro Grips are a pretty cool strength tool. I purchased them to add variation into my push ups and levers while training for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification. My first dance with the Neuro Grips ended in a rather humbling experience. Through continued practice with this tool, my push up numbers have improved greatly. They obviously helped in passing the Century Test during the PCC. In the end, my favorite part of the Neuro Grips is really the rehabilitation qualities. You can certainly gain some great shoulder stability through continued practice.

10/10 Want to be humbled?
By Peggie Larsen / Pierre, South Dakota, USA

You think you are strong? You think your core is solid? Try the neuro grips and you will humbled in no time. They expose every weakness in your body. The whole body. Neuro grips are a great training tool. Use them to strengthen your core and firearms. Don't make the mistake of thinking it will be easy. Start with the plank position to get a feel and then try a few push-ups!! Just make sure you stay focused and tight. Use the neuro grips consistently and you will feel the difference in no time!!

10/10 Intense
By Kent Schlegel / Pittsburgh, Pa, USA

these grips are a great way to work hard ! I use them not only for push-ups , but bear crawls , handstands , side planks and plyo - push ups ! Bottom line is that Dragon Door only sells products that are effective not gimmicks . So very glad I found dragon door !!!

10/10 Great piece of gear.
By Larry Hooker / Asheville, NC, USA

I purchased the NG's and I have to say that they have worked better than expected for me. I am 57 and have always been a fan of push ups and usually do a few hundred a day in sets. After several years of doing variations of push ups I guess I have developed a few bad habits and different methods of cheating on my form. And then I found Neuro Grips and all that ended! These things make me work again, they correct my form, wear out my hands, wrists, chest and forearms and I love it. Take my word for it if you want to challenge you body and add something to your workouts get Neuro Grips, you won't regret it.

10/10 Unique!
By Chris Meredith / London, Ohio, USA

When I first got my Neuro-grips I struggled to get even two reps. Three weeks later I'm doing sets of 15. They force your brain into overdrive to coordinate your grip, forearms, wrists, triceps to all engage together! Takes full body tension to the next level, love 'em!

10/10 Neurogrips Great but be very careful
By David Watson / Dayton, Ohio, USA

Your form and concentration must be focused. If not, you can get hurt. I think that it use will be great for riding fast, long distances on the bicycle. Remember, you are only 6 inches off the ground, and you cannot, and do not want to cheat. Just be careful and focused.

10/10 A Must Have Tool for Fitness
By Arturo Cantu / Richland, WA, USA

Push ups had become boring & Neuro-Grips changed my outlook. I now look forward to push ups utilizing this product!

10/10 wow these are hard!
By Paul Singer / GRand Rapids, MI, USA

Well, I am currently up to about 3 push ups on these things before I fail, meaning, they really work! I can do about 20-25 regular push-ups as a comparison. I am currently following the convict conditioning system, and after the chest work out I try and do a couple sets on the neuro grip.

I put them on a thin yoga mat to help prevent slippage. The 1st several tries I was doing them on a tile floor and with a little bit of shakiness I fell off them a few times and skinned my knuckles.

I also could not find any training videos on how to "adapt" to these, because they are real easy to fall over sideways with any shakiness in your arms.

With all that being said though, this was all an indication of how much more I needed to work on my stabilization skills through bodyweight exercises and I would definitely recommend these!

10/10 well worth it
By Robert Hermand / Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, USA

The neuro-grip is a great addition to any personal gym. There is a learning curve and respect for the tool one must apply. Face planting is to be expected if concentration is broken. They present a challenge to a body movement that you never had to think too much about. Anyone who says they are easy to master and of no value is either from the planet Krypton or a liar.

10/10 Neuro Grips
By Steve Reynolds / Averill Park, NY, USA

Amazingly simple and effective training tool. I would recommend NGs without hesitation .A great addition to any gym. Don't use them on a slippery surface!

10/10 A great challenge for your pushups
By Shari Wagner / Denver, CO, United States

After seeing Jon Bruney's presentation at last year's Health and Strength Conference, I immediately ordered a pair of Neuro Grips. I was shocked at the challenge they provide to planks and pushups! I was humbled by how few pushups I was able to perform. The Neuro Grips truly challenge every muscle of your body with every rep. Plus they are a fun and unique way to change up the standard pushup.

9/10 Must have for healthy shoulders
By Justin York / Phoenix, Arizona, United States

These are great for building healthy shoulders. Don't get complacent when doing push-ups anymore or these things will make you pay. Very solid construction and design. These are great for travel or at home use. I would give them a 10 rating but they become very challenging to use if your hands get a little sweaty. I understand that's part of the point but maybe a very fine neuroling would aid in this. Fantastic product. No need to buy again because they are extremely well built but if they came out with a fine but if grip I would purchase again.

10/10 Great product
By Victor Bonnici / Gibsons, BC, Canada

I love that Neuro-Grips make the easy push-up into a challenging exercise. To maintain stability requires more muscle recruitment.

The only gripe I have is the mode of shipping. Because I am in Canada the use of UPS caused brokerage fees to be charged and nearly doubled the cost of the Neuro-Grips. Dragon Door needs to look into using the postal system rather than couriers for international orders. This flexibility would be appreciated.

10/10 Character Builder
By Mike Pick / San Diego, CA, United States

Very Humbling tool. First time couldn't even get half way down without shaking like a leaf. But keep doing it and you feel great when you can go all the way down to the floor and back up. Working on 2 full push ups now. Great tool. Love it.

10/10 Neuro Grip's 10 out of 10
By Jeff Duenez / Ladera Ranch, CA, USA

Great tool to perfect your overall mental attitude towards strength and balance. i recommend Neuro grips to anyone who wants to to move forward with their physical training.

10/10 Great challenge
By Hugh McNeil / Dirt Myers, FL, United States

Great for extra challenge and improving shoulder and core strength.

10/10 Awsome workout
By Rodney Amerman / Borger, Texas, United States

Had to start slow lol 5 pushups, I'm up to 50 now and o love the pump I get

10/10 hard as hell but worth mastering
By Daniel B / Detroit, MI, uzbekistan

Bought mine at age 61 and let me tell you it has been a challenge learning to use these effectively. For a long time, I merely got into the push-up position and held it there. Slowly I began to dip a quarter of the way down then halfway. Always slowly which makes my push-ups more effective. Thanks for a terrific product.

10/10 Highly recommend
By Coty Hardy / Fort Nelson, B.C., Canada

Great tool. They force you to really lock down the whole body at once which has great carry over into other body weight movements. I've found my one arm, one leg push-up to be much improved after just playing with these for a few weeks.

7/10 just a piece of metal but well made
By Taylor Noles / Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Very solid construction. This device will challenge your grip, core, and focus while stressing the pushing muscles about the same as a normal pushup. I was able to do 3 sets of 15 reps on my very first try and did not fall even once. It will not make you really big or strong, stick to weighted exercises for that.

8/10 Simple idea, simple product, great results.
By Andre Luetgeharm / Vercelli, VC, Italy

It is absolutely working fine and "can" replace benches for the "normal" John Doe. For ambitious athletes it is a great tool for assistance exercises or add on work.The grips give good stimulus and I like the challenge for the overall body in matters of tension.
The variability for sure is limited more or less to the upper body. But for that the grips are great.
Only thing one needs to consider: The grips have a metal end and you cannot use them on a surface which is metal or stoney. The surface needs to be "soft" to either not damage it and as well to not slip away and hurt yourself. For the price of the grip one could maybe work on that and improve it with some real hardened rubber end? I don't know if that can work, I am not an engineer. But it might be difficult to use them if you do not have the right flooring.

10/10 Fantastic product
By Irvin Carlin / San Diego, CA, USA

Love these. Tension has helped improve my chest size and push up performance. I like to have them handy to knock out sets of 10. They add up quick!

10/10 Challenging and AWESOME!
By Curt McCune / Birmingham, Alabama, United States

I bought these to add to my home gym's fitness equipment. I used to do push-ups using 10 lb. plates and have various push-up tools. I have been working with these by holding an extended arm plank and they are tough! I recently had shoulder surgery so I'm still working with them. I can tell that once I am able to use them, that I will have some good strength built up!

9/10 Love them!
By Tyson Montgomery / Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The only thing that made me give them a 9 and not a 10 is the fact I had to pay conversion (I'm in Canada). Other than that I have nothing but great things to say about the Neuro Grips.

10/10 Grips plus!
By Ed C / San Jose, CA, USA

Everyone who's tried my neuro grips has become a believer! These are the real deal. Grip strength, core activation, better pushups - what could be better? Get these.

10/10 Excellent tool!
By Michael T / Schererville, IN, USA

I am thoroughly impressed with this product. To start off, the build quality of the neuro grips is amazing. It is constructed of very high quality steel. You will never have a problem with their durability. I love the fact that your entire body has to be braced in order to be able to complete a push up. You can just feel everything being engaged. I must say that I am extremely sore after using the neuro grips. I could not be happier with this product. They are a great tool to add to anyone's arsenal who is looking to improve their overall strength and stability.

10/10 Increases intensity
By Naomi S / GAINESVILLE, FL, United States

Great tool which saves time as it increases intensity (difficulty) of any exercise you perform on it. Definitely worth having.

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