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10/10 RKC Instructor
By Suzanne Knox / Milwaukee, USA

WOW - Phil Ross as an RKC instructor was an amazing experience. He really gets why each of us are certifying and motivated us all as a group and each of us individually. He did a great job of assessing our individual strengths and weakness and worked hard to make each of us better tacticians and instructors. He was strict but not intimidating and safety was at the forefront of all his lessons. His tips and pointers were invaluable and will help me get more out of my practice going forward. I would highly recommend Phil Ross to anyone who was thinking about starting a kettlebell practice or looking to go to a RKC workshop.

10/10 Outstanding explanations and demonstration.
By Sean Jennings / Pittsfield, USA

My son and I just finished Boston RKC and we were extremely impressed with Master Phil. He is the best mix of gentle teacher and hard ass instructor and does it in a way that brings out the best in you. Phil puts everything into his instruction from the fine details to the big picture.

10/10 Great Teacher!
By Mark Reed / Lebanon, United States

Coach Phil led my RKC and is a great teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled and creates an amazing learning environment: high energy, very positive. We became a cohesive group very quickly. He has a strong focus on precision and the ability to replicate each movement “identically” every time it was performed. While it appears to be one of the simplest and most basic of kettlebell moves, Coach Phil made it clear that a well performed backswing is the foundation for many kettlebell movements. In short, sweat the small stuff as it makes all the difference in the end. Coach Phil was very supportive and took an individual interest in each RKC candidate and made himself available after the training.

10/10 Masterful
By Michelle Hillman / Shrewsbury, USA

What can I say about Master Phil Ross? Badass, confident, strong, skilled, articulate, professional, kind, encouraging and passionate about kettlebells. I had the honor of going through the RKC certification under his watchful, laser focused eye. From the moment I walked in the door he gave the sense of; you will have to earn this certification but I will do everything I can to help you succeed! I am proud to hold the RKC certification and I am proud to say he taught me. I continue to hone my skill as I workout to his Kettlebell Workout Library weekly. I am grateful to have met him. #RKCSTRONG

10/10 Phil is an all aorund "bad" man
By Moses Correa / Hainesport, USA

I have had the pleasure of working along with and under Phil in tow Dragon Door events. I quickly found that Phil is one "bad" dude (no meaning bad, nut meaning good. As the song says) Phil's strength levels are very impressive and his fire for training will get you fired up as well.

Phil is a great trainer for kettlebells, barbell, bodyweight and of course MMA and Martial arts.If you are near him or even far, I would train with Phil. You will get better, stronger and leaner as a result!

As a bonus, he looks and moves way younger than he is!

10/10 Excellent instructor
By Tracy Treible / Boonton, US

I took the HKC certification this weekend with Phil and his team at American Eagle MMA in Hohokus, NJ. It was a fantastic experience and left me feeling empowered and inspired. All of the movements were broken down and taught in a way that helps you as the instructor formulate the proper progressions for your clients/students in the future. Phil and his staff were friendly, informative, and worked side by side with all of us to make sure we were on point. So far all of my dragon door training experiences have been excellent...I'd highly recommend Phil and his team check them out!

10/10 FANTASTIC Instructor
By Emily Ledford / Purcellville, USA

Phil was a fantastic instructor for my RKC I Certificatio. It was truly an honor to learn from him. His knowledge and teaching methods over every skill was easy to understand and put into practice. He has such an obvious passion for what he does which makes listening and learning from him so interesting!
I am so privileged to have had him for this course and I am definitely a better instructor having spent that intense 3 day course led by him. In fact, I am absolutely elated that he will also be teaching my RKC II course in about two weeks. I was REALLY hoping to have him again and it's going to be awesome! I can't wait to learn more from this Master RKC Instructor!. Seriously, his skills are off the chain AMAZING!! :)

He has a super personality, is very helpful when you have questions, and he is quite the show off which makes it tons of FUN! But you can do that when you are that awesome! HA! Highly recommend!

Emily Ledford, RKC I Instructor- Purcellville, VA

10/10 A True Master
By Andrew Donofrio / Oakland, NJ, USA

Having been a student of Phil's for some time now, I have become accustom to how skilled a marital artist he is and the unique ability he has to instruct his students by breaking down complex physical movement into easy to follow stages. After attending the HKC course, which Phil led, I was able to again witness his ability to explain complex physical mechanics in an easy to understand fashion. As a 46-year-old fitness enthusiast, I had my reservations about my ability to take this challenge on. But with Phil's teaching ability, coupled with his passion for fitness, and desire to make people healthier, I was able to succeed. I strongly recommend HKC, particularly under Phil's guidance, for trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike!

10/10 An outstanding instructor and role model too
By Daniel Ribeiro / Haiku, HI, USA

Phil Ross was my instructor at the RKC II workshop this past September and I was very impressed by his enthusiasm and tenacity. He's the kind of person that brings out the best in people, leaving no room for doubt or discouragement. He developed a specific fighter program for me that was simple, impeccable, and extremely effective! I say role model because he told me, with his coaching, his 17-year old son can already press The Beast! And, as a proud new father of a baby boy, I feel inspired to reach that same goal with my son and to help him reach his full potential with hard work, perseverance, and love. I appreciate your time and dedication. Mahalo Phil. Aloha!

10/10 Incredible and intense trainer
By Nicole N / King of Prussia, USA

I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for the RKC back in March. Even with my injuries, Phil helped me with my strength and weaknesses. That was the hardest, most challenging and most rewarding weekend training I have ever done! Phil Ross was amazing! He made the weekend training intense but fun at the same time. By far, the best trainer and best training EVER!!

10/10 I wish I had found Phil and when I was in College
By John Geraghty / Ho HoKus, USA

As an athlete, I was competitive in 2 sports throughout college. To maximize my performance I took advantage of all the coaching, plyometric and weight training available at the time, but would have chucked it all for RKC if it were available.

RKC is by far the most effective method of strength and agility training I have ever experienced and Phil has an encyclopedic knowledge of RKC. I have never left a training session anything less than exhausted, and highly recommend training RKC with Phil to anyone who wishes to improve their level of fitness.

10/10 Serious, creative, and motivating instructor.
By Carleen Jeffers / Ridgewood, USA

Phil Ross is a serious instructor with extensive knowledge of kettlebells. This knowledge allows him to create diverse and creative routines, which helps to keep the workouts fresh. Although the workouts are intense, the atmosphere is fun and there is a strong spirit of community. Instructor Phil puts in a lot a of time and effort to provide excellent kettlebell instruction and his "lead by example" attitude helps to keep everyone motivated. I have been doing kettlebells with instructor Phil for about 5 months and I believe that the training has helped me to perform to the best of my ability in sports such as softball and cross country running.

10/10 Workout Expert
By Evan Bartlik / Ridgewood, NJ, U.S.A.

I started working with Phil to help rehab my back. I was recovering from a fracture and two herniated discs, and physical therapy was not doing the trick. With the help of Phil and kettlebells, I was able to finally heal my back. My back was not the only muscle group being worked though, I've never experienced a better complete body workout than I have with kettblebells. His workouts are so intense and he knows how to workout his clients to perfection. I am quite the jumper, I can dunk a basketball with ease and I'm only 6'0". But when I was injured this ability was taken away from me. Not only did I gain my jumping ability back, my vertical is higher than before I was injured! There is no form of working out that is better than kettlebells, and Phil Ross is the kettlebell expert! He knows so much about how the body works and how to help your body reach its peak form. He also really cares about his clients and loves to help them reach their goals! Great guy, amazing instructor.

10/10 November 8-10 RKC Certification New York City
By Frank Karam / New York, NY, USA

Phil not only performs each movement at the top level, but also teaches, explains and motivates at that level as well. It was not only his mastery but his leadership that made the NYC RKC so effective.
An example is his perception that the group was feeling some anxiety on the morning of the snatch test. He sat us down for a short breathing/meditation/mind clearing exercise. This was not scripted in the program. After that everyone was relaxed, calm, confident and focused, and a high percentage of the group did better than expected on the test.

10/10 Great Instructor and Great Workouts!
By Chris Shaw / Ridgewood, USA

I am 52 year's old and have been working out religiously since I was 15 years old- having played High School Football, Track and later college football. I have used free weights, Nautilus and other resistance equipment, Power Lifted, done various boot camps and no workouts I have done have been as effective and efficient as Phil's. By going three days a week for 60 minutes per session (or only 45 minutes in the morning) I have enjoyed better results than when I used to go to the gym 6 days a week for an hour. The workouts are demanding yet enjoyable as you never do the same workout twice and there are an infinite amount of exercises you can do with kettlebells or using your body weight. Phil and his instructors are knowledgeable and bring a high level of energy to the classes which make the workouts productive and fun. I can't say enough about Phil and the AEK program and would reccomend it to anyone who is looking to improve upon their current level of fitness. I would rate Phil and his staff an 11 if it were an option!

10/10 Funtionality
By Ian Noray / NYC, USA

Recently completed my RKC with Coach Phil in NYC, what I knew I didn't know is what I now know, and what I thought I knew he un-learnt so I can learn again. Coah Phil de-constructed the kettlebell moves and then put it all back together in such a way that executing the move becomes very simple. He creates function into each exercise that you can relate back to everyday living and athletic mobility. Achieving my RKC was a great accomplishment but doing so under the guidance of Coach Phil was an honor and privilege.

10/10 Best Instructor Out There!
By Nicole R / Mahwah, United States

I have been training with Phil Ross for years now, and recently participated in the RKC he held at his studio in Ho-Ho-Kus. I can honestly say that training with him and being a part of the RKC he hosted have been two of the most valuable events/aspects of my life. He has taught me an incredible amount about working out and kettlebells, and how to apply the principles I learn on the floor to my daily life.
An insanely knowledgeable man, Phil Ross takes all types of training to new levels, constantly striving to better himself and his clients by expanding his own breadth of knowledge and introducing new moves and concepts to his classes and personal clients. I am truly lucky to have the opportunity to train with him on a regular basis!

10/10 Dynamic Instructor
By Sean Jennings / Pittsfield, USA

Just recertififed RKC with Phil Ross in Washington DC. He has an exceptional way of explaining the "why" and then demonstrating the "why" by go step wise through each important movement. He breaks it down in a way that is finally making sense to me after 3 years of swinging RKC. In his presence your find a humble, interpersonal, quietly spectacular demonstration of the potential of the human experience.

10/10 The Gold Standard
By Aaron Pierson RKC / Fort Collins CO

I had the honor of meeting Phil at my RKC workshop. When I read over the RKC code of conduct I think of Phil Ross! Phil is "the gold standard of instruction, integrity and quiet professionalism. As his "victim" or student I was treated with nothing but respect and tough love. Phil managed to bring the best out of me...and then more. I have no doubt he will do the same for YOU

10/10 Phil is great!
By George K / Chicago, IL

Phil was my team leader at the RKC (April 2011). He was really great! He went into depths explaining and showing techniques. He gave us words of encouragement. He shared his wisdom with us. He's just a really cool guy to be around! I really appreciate all his help that weekend!

10/10 Best Weekend Ever
By Beth Ehrmann / Colorado Springs

Phil was my Team Leader for the 15-17 April RKC in St. Paul, and can I just say again- best weekend ever! Thanks so much Phil, for all the time you put into our training. Very professional, very helpful, very awesome! Thanks for helping me be stronger!

10/10 The All Around Package Deal
By James F. / West Milford, NJ

There's no if's, and's or but's about it. Phil Ross is the ideal instructor for ANYONE no matter the skill level or intensity level. What's really outstanding about Mr. Ross is how personal he becomes with every individual student.He loves what he does. It's evident to anyone who watches him or participating in all the backbreaking fun.He's the all around package deal, that's hard to come by.

10/10 Incredible instructor
By Mike D / Englewood, NJ

Phil is an amazing instructor and great person. He has a complete, realistic understanding of movement and the human body. His work outs are extremely intense and he consistently mixes them up. Aside from kettlebells, he is also an incredible martial artist and instructor. He is the real deal and a real person; he is personable with every student and goes out of his way to make sure everyone has a good time, performs correctly and achieves their goals. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to learn martial arts, get in shape, maintain shape, excel at a physical activity or anything of the sort.

10/10 Intense!!!
By Terry Murphy / Midland Park, NJ

I recently attended Phil's three hour kettle bell seminar. Being a former college athlete I am always looking for new and exciting ways to train. If you are the type of person who feeds off of others intensity, than this is the place to be. No matter what your fitness or skill level you will not find a better all around workout,or better instructor. I know I'm hooked!

10/10 Medifit/YMHA Staff
By Adrienne Donofrio / New Jersey

When we arrived at the studio I was not sure what to expect. Over the years I have found martial artists approach to fitness much different then that of a personal trainer. I walked into his American Eagle and the first item that caught my eye was the functional movement screening kit, then we were offered foam rollers. Immediately I knew I was attending a class with an instructor that has opened his mind to different training philosophies. Obviously Phil has kept up to date with all avenues of training.
Our staff had a wonderful experience. The kettle bell exercises were broken down step by step and we had the opportunity to learn proper technique. It was easy to follow however we were all challenged physically.
Phil has combined his knowledge of martial arts fitness and functional training. I highly recommend this workshop.

10/10 I knew Phil Ross...
By Gun Jung / Seoul,Korea

I knew Phil Ross by his DVD before I met him in RKC philadelphia cert in Oct. 2009. He was my team instructor in 3days. He had various and solid career of martial arts & weight lifting, it was very impressive. Also he was very courteous. I thought his courteous manners were very worthy thing that I've learned from him as his powerful movements. Learning from him was the Greatest thing in my RKC cert.

Gun Jung
RKC Instructor & Yoga teacher

10/10 The Great Motivator!
By Phil Scarito, RKC, CK-FMS / Chesterbrook, PA

I assisted Phil at the Philly RKC. I was lucky to have him on my Team because he really knows how to motivate his students. It's important to have an instructor that is always encouraging his students to be the best they can and that is what he did.

I would recommend anyone in the Jersey area to contact Phil ASAP for training. He brings many great qualities to the table and will give you results. RKC only has the best instructors in the world and Phil is on the top of that list.

10/10 Walks the Talk
By Reid mangan / Virginia Beach, VA

Phil is the real deal. He showed up on his own dime on a 45 degree morning for a 12 hour day. The next day was nicer with rain. He taught a short notice outdoor certification course to 28 of the best America has to offer. All are deployed at this time hunting in some of the harshest terrain and against some of the most dedicated enemies America has encountered. The average time of service is over 10 years with some nearing 20. I can speak for all of us that this was some of the best, most challenging, most useful training we have recieved. Through kettlebells we were trained in full body training, breathing techniques under stress, and the proper way to explosively move weight while incorporating endurance. One of the most important take aways was the focus in operational durability. As the number of tours mounts, a more critical decision making process is required on the battle field. America needs to retain the experience of the seasoned operator and the training that we recieved allows the operator to srenghten and rehab our bodies in austere environments. Phil exemplifies the training and theories Pavel and his training brought to our command.

10/10 Unlike any other!
By Vanessa Gale / NY, NY

I have only taken 2 kettlebell workshops with Phil Ross, but from just that short amount of time, the level of instruction I received was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Phil knows his bells, and he does a fabulous job teaching others how to meet their own goals using kettlebells as well. At my own gym people come to ME for advice on how to train with kettlebells, and they are impressed with my knowledge, insight, and form. I OWE ALL OF THAT KNOWLEDGE TO PHIL ROSS! He is truly a RKB Master!

10/10 positive and rewarding
By Doug Gillespie Jr. / Bergen County, NJ

I have been an athlete my whole life. I played 3 sports as a child every year until high school where I focused on football and basketball, starting varsity for 3 years in each sport.I also played 4 years of college football. So I have been exposed to many workout programs, strength coaches and routines. After college I went through spurts of being in great shape only to let myself go and become seriously overweight, out of shape and lazy. My last bout of being overweight and lazy contributed to a serious health condition that was life threatening. I knew that I had to do something. God was giving me one last chance to get it right. I sought out the help of Phil Ross who began a kettlebell workout routine with me 2 times a week for 6 weeks to start. In those 6 weeks I lost about 15 pounds and went from not doing ANY excercise in the prior year to being able to complete a rigoruous 1 hour training session incorporating kettlebells. After years of doing standard weight training and cardio, I found kettlebells to be a great "hybrid" where I was working my whole body INCLUDING cardio all at once. Kettlebell training works on core strength, balance, flexibility and cardio all at once. It is by far the most complete, intense and inclusive workout I have endured throughout my sports and workout career. Phil Ross's guidance and teaching was the icing on the cake as he seemed to be inately aware oy my weaknesses, and my general pyhsical condition from workout to workout. He knew when to push and when to hold back and was extremely informative in terms of "what" the excercise was supposed to be accomplishing. Phil is a great person to have train you and I strongly reccomend him to anyone. Kettlebell training is not only fun, but it makes you "think" a bit and focus while working, so it really becomes intense. With Phil Ross and kettlebells you are not getting some dime a dozen personal trainer, you are getting a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about your results and well being. Phil's general knowledge of sports, working out and the human body is an extra bonus as well as the "training" and information does not just stop with kettlebells. Succinctly put, it is a very positive, rewarding experience.

By Dylan Campanello / Ridgewood, NJ

Phil Ross is a great kettlebell instuctor. He makes lifting kettlebells more funner and more work than just going to a regular gym. His workouts push you to new levels both mentally and physically. And if you watch him do his workouts is its inspirational. I highly recomend Phil Ross as a Instrustor to anyone in the world.

10/10 The Ultimate Workout!
By Dave Ferrazzano / Ridgewood, NJ

I have never taken part in a workout this intense, challenging and dynamic. Phil Ross leaves no stone unturned during training. He makes us work very hard and still keeps the classes fun. Phil gives me such a good workout that in the last month I have not even touched a barbell, dumbbell or any weight machine at all. If you had told me that I would quit my former way of training cold turkey I would have laughed at you. I give my 100% recommendation for Phil Ross to anyone! Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, tone up, build muscle or even a high level athlete looking to take your game to the next level, Phil Ross is the man to see!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Ryan Wuesthoff / Mahwah, NJ USA

Phil Ross is a great Russian Kettlebell Instructor. He pushes me to be my best, all the while being encouraging and helpful.

10/10 one word-- DYNAMIC --
By Zoe / Saddle River, NJ

Phil Ross is the most prolific RKC instructor I have ever trained with. Through Phil's intense KB conditioning I can proudly say that in exactly one year I'm in the best shape of my life at 35 and 3 kids later!

If you haven't trained with Phil Ross, you just haven't trained.

Thanks Phil.

10/10 because it is good for you
By arnold / ridgewood,NJ USA

I have trained with Phil for five years. The addition of kettle bells has taken my conditioning to the next level. I have not been this fit since I was in highscool on the track team. It has also increased my ability to elevate my strength training with weights as well. I have had back issues and the addition of kettle bells has helped rehab my back better than I had imagined. Phil's knowledge of the skelatomuscular anatomy and exercise physiology combined with his ability to judge just how far to push that anatomy makes him an invaluable asset to my kettle and overall training.

10/10 Knowledge, Intensity, and Fun!
By Joe R. / Ridgewood, NJ

I work out once a week with Phil and always look forward to his workouts. Every exercise we do works multiple parts of the body, and the variety of exercises (we seem to do at least one thing new each session) keeps it interesting and challenging.

I highly recommend Phil for RKC training.

10/10 Phil Ross, a tremendous Kettle Bell Instuctor
By Nancy E. Carroll / Ridgewood, NJ USA

Kettle Bells are an awesome, all encompassing workout. With Phil Ross, you see results almost immediately with consistently working with the kettle bells.

He's eager to move you onto the next level, wanting every client to advance, but always maintaining perfect form and execution every step of the way. He explains and demonstrates at each level what and how exactly it is to be done. He takes great care that his clients are working out safely. He truly believes in, and very much enjoys working his clients out with the kettle bells.

His enthusiasm is very contagious! I'm hooked!

10/10 Intense, informative, and challenging
By Austin Cantone / Paramus, NJ USA

I have been training with instructor Phil for a week, in his Kettlebell class and I can feel the intensity build through out the entire class. Each workout is more challenging then the next. His knowledge on strength, conditioning, aerobics, and kettlebell training is tops in any class. I would highly recommend insructor phil, to everyone on his knowledge concerning fitness as well as his kettlebell workout.

10/10 Intense and knowledgable Instructor!
By M. Sherman / Ridgewood, NJ

I have been training with Phil Ross for 3 years. His workouts have always been diverse and challenging - mixing martial arts, plyometrics, weight training, boxing, speed, agility, balance, yoga, pilates and stretching principles, etc. Never have I experienced a more challenging and rewarding workout than his Kettlebell workout! It is the perfect combination of strength, aerobic, core and flexibility training. Phil is a dynamic, knowledgable trainer and his kettlebell workout will kick your butt!!!

10/10 Intense, Informative, Pratical Instruction
By Percy Alston / Upper Marlboro, MD USA

I recently retired as a Police Officer and Union President (Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 89) of the Prince George's County Police Dept., Md. I've known Phil Ross for more than 20yrs. We have trained together in martial arts and weightlifting. Phil is an incredible athlete and physical specimen. Last year, he introduced me to Kettlebells. Having competed in many sports, to include; competitive powerlifitng, football, wrestling, martial arts and baseball, I found these intense workouts to be the most practical form of training that I have experienced. They combine aerobic and anaerobic conditioning like no other form of training. Kettlebells enhance strength, flexibility and your aerobic capacity. Recently, I took 5 instructors from our police academy to Phil's gym for a KB seminar. After the class, they were very impressed and eager to introduce KB to the academy curriculum. Strength and conditioning are very important for police officers. Our union recently ordered several sets of KB's for the academy. Look out recruits. Get ready to get in shape. Phil Ross is an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend his Kettlebell training to everyone!

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