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By Rev. Lee Bacchi / Naperville, USA

I began working with Pete in the spring of 2014; I was 63 years old. He introduced me safely and correctly to the use of kettlebells as an exercise training tool. Nine months after training with Pete (February of 2015), I earned an HKC. A little more than 2 years after the HKC, I earned an RKC certification in May of 2017 (at age 66), thanks to Pete's coaching and training. I am continuing to work with him on new goals, both with KBs and other training tools. Pete is not only VERY knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and health, he helps you see that you are capable of more than you think you are. (See his quote on his website from Nelson Mandella.) If you had told me in 2014 that in 3 years I would be a certified HKC and RKC instructor, I would have said you were nuts. Pete's #1 concern is his clients' safety; his coaching techniques are incredible effective. His enthusiasm rubs off on you. On a scale of 1 to 10, I score him at 100. Pete is the coach/trainer I wanted and needed. He's the trainer/coach YOU want and need. He safely and correctly taught this old dog new tricks. He can do the same for you, old or young.

10/10 Fantastic Trainer
By Andy Bogart / Lisle, USA

My wife and I have worked with Pete for the last nine months and have seen outstanding results. Comparing our performance to our baseline results, we both have seen tremendous gains in strength and our cardio conditioning. I have spent the last 30 years in the fitness business, and Pete is one of he most knowledgable, caring, and informative people I've ever met. His support, guidance, and patience helped us achieve our goals and have inspired an ongoing passion for kettle bell training. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly.

10/10 Remarkable Trainer and Precise!
By Ricardo Cordova / Naperville, IL

Pete Moore is an inspiring trainer and devoted to his clients to be the most active and healthy individuals. Pete sincerely cares about his clients and helps them achieve their goals by settings workouts that are tailored to the individual. Pete was always available to answer questions with no hesitation on the clock and off the clock. I am a person who takes detail very important and one thing I loved about Pete was his detail, especially the technique being used when working out with Kettlebells. One main reason why my life has changed since I have met Pete…KETTLEBELLS!!! I now don’t go a workout without having a Kettlebell in my hand. Pete and Kettlebell workouts have given me results that are unbelievable. This might sound corny but it is true. A whole body workout in a short period of time, how can you beat that! A great combination you must experience, Pete Moore and Kettlebells...You won’t regret it! Pete, You Da Man!

10/10 Fit my needs perfectly
By bryan / naperville, il

I'm an elite cyclist and was looking to supplement my winter strength training with kettlebells. I didn't have any idea about how to properly use kettlebells and Pete did a great job as a teacher and motivator to ensure that I learned the proper form, and WHY it is correct, so I could make adjustments myself. Pete is even a USA cycling licensed coach with a ton of cycling knowledge, which benefited me even more with doing exercises that were sport specific. Great overall experience, and highly recommended!



10/10 Beyond my expectations
By Randy P / Lisle Illinois

I started working with Pete a few months ago. Getting up in years I was looking for a personal trainer to help me get back in shape.When I met Pete my first impression of him was of a guy who takes fitness very seriously and I felt like I was dealing with a real professional. Pete's not a kid. He had a stern look about him but turned out to be very friendly and down to earth. He's tall and lean (different than the muscle heads you normally see as personal trainers). Don't be fooled by his appearance......this guy is really strong and lives what he teaches. From the first session he was very encouraging and explained how to do everything perfectly and went to some lengths to tell me why as well. He told me about some asymmetries I had and how we were going to improve my fitness from the ground up. I know this is mainly a page for kettlebells and I have grown to appreciate them (and sometimes hate them) but I really wanted to give feedback for Pete as a trainer and as a person who has gone beyond my expectations and really helped me reach my goals.
Top notch trainer and I couldn't be happier with my results.

10/10 Fantastic trainer, Passionate about fitness and Kettlebell guru
By Scott Zborowski / Oswego, IL

Pete introduced me to kettlebells about two months ago and showed great care in teaching proper form. I was instantly addicted and went out and purchased some of my own. Even when I am not training with Pete he will take time out to coach me and correct me on my form and technique. Pete is always available to answer general fitness and kettlebell questions an shows a great passion for what he does. I would recommend Pete and kettlebell training to anyone looking to increase their overall level of fitness both aerobic and anerobic.

10/10 Excellent Trainer
By Jessica Banks / Naperville, IL

I started training with Pete about 3 months ago, which is when I was first introduced to the Kettlebell. He took the time to explain to me the proper way to use the equipment so that I saw maximum results and did not injure myself in the process. He is extremely proffessional and enthusiastic. I absolutely love training with Kettlebells, and I thank him for introducing them to me and showing me the proper way to use them. It is such a great workout...cardio and weight training all wrapped up in one. I am noticing major results and am extremely pleased. Major props to Pete!

10/10 Dynomite trainer!
By Jimmy Yuan DC, FIAMA, CGFI, RKC / Gilbert, AZ USA

I had the pleasure of being on Team Jay and obtaining my RKC with Pete in Minnesota. I was impressed how much attention to detail and his willingness to constantly improve throughout the weekend. I would let him train any of my clients or patients. If you're looking for a trainer and RKC that is safe, effective, knowledgable, passionate, and attention to detail you've found him!

10/10 Far beyond my expectations!
By Geremy Cepin / Wheaton, IL

Pete is extrememly enthusiastic about the benefit of using kettlebells, and after working with Pete I am sold! Not only is Pete enthusiastic but he is professional and knowledgeable. Pete made sure I had mastered proper form before moving up in weight or to a new exercise. Pete took a significant amount of time to break down each movement, assuring that I knew what I was doing and did not hurt myself. My strength has improved considerably and I am now enthusiastic about kettlebells.

10/10 Exceptional Trainer!
By Jarrod Luker / Yorkville, IL

I started training with Pete 6 months ago. I began as a non-enthusiastic trainee looking for some basic exercises to help with some weight loss and muscle toning. Thanks to Pete and his knowledge of Kettlebells, my training is now an obsession! Kettlebells have brought my exercise routine to a whole new level... strength, stamina, cardio, muscle building and toning... Pete has shown me everything I need to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. His enthusiasm, sense of humor, honesty, and patience is what keeps me enjoying every workout! Whether you are a seasoned athlete or an everyday office-worker, Pete Moore and his Kettlebell training will change your life... they changed mine!

10/10 TOP-NOTCH Kettlebell instructor!
By Meg Shad / Naperville, IL

As a fellow and seasoned personal trainer/endurance coach, I admire the tremendous dedication, skill, and excellence that Pete Moore demonstrates with his clients. Pete maintains the highest degree of professionalism with each client. His commitment and knowledge in Kettlebell instruction is evident with the clear progression of each client's fitness level. I am confident in Pete's expertise as a Kettlebell instructor.

10/10 Do You Want Results?
By Susan Marina / Naperville, Illinois

Pete Moore and his kettlebells have gotten me the results I want! I used weight gain as my #1 reason NOT to quit smoking, so when I finally quit, I promised myself I was going to do it without getting fat. With Pete training me, I actually lost weight. Pete cared about my goals as much as I did: our first session, he questioned every aspect of my lifestyle to design a custom training program. Pete continues to tweak it as I progress. He keeps me motivated by teaching me how I can be in control of my life and health. He's patient when I'm not, as I have a habit of getting motivated and then losing interest. Pete's kept me motivated by supporting my goals, continuing to challenge me. And, he's got a great sense of humor, he keeps it fun!

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