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10/10 Awsome Instructor
By Ryan DeWitt / Wichita Falls, TX

Paul Britt is an awesome Kettlebell instructor. His teaching methods are very easy to follow and understand. He is very knowledgeable in kettlebell routines and techniques. I highly recommend Paul Britt to anyone who is intrested in seeking a alternative to classic workouts or just looking for some help in general fitness. Also if you are looking for a self-defense or martial arts help Paul Britt is very skilled in that area as well.

10/10 A Well of Knowledge
By Justine Deets / Rockwall, Tx, United State

I have been training and working with Paul for almost 2 years now and have learned so much more than I have ever expected. Paul is the one who introduced me into kettle bells and helped spark a desire into myself into learning more. He has taught me pretty much everything I know when it comes to Russian Kettlebells. Thanks to Paul I am now HKC and RKC. The knowledge that Paul has when it comes to strength, fitness, and overall health is never ceasing and hope to share all that I have learned from him with those that I train.

9/10 80s music during our workouts is a hit!
By Dee Hill / ROCKWALL, United States

Mr. Paul is so cool. He challenges me to be the best I can be, without yelling too much :)
Workouts at Britt's Training Systems are never boring!
Thanks for the sweat, soreness, and positive vibe you create at the "gym".

10/10 No more hunchback!
By Jami Bryant / Rockwall, United States

I have known Paul for almost two years and it wasn't until this past summer (2013) that I went to his gym to check out his kettlebell workouts. I knew what kettlebell was, however, I was under the impression that it was only for big, bulky, muscular meat heads. Paul showed me differently. I used to hunch over so much that it actually hurt to stand up straight with my shoulders back. Over a two month period of have lost 13-15 pounds, just from adding kettlebell into my weekly routine, 3 times a week. I didn't change anything else in my life. How crazy is that!?! Paul is so good with paying attention to your limits too. He never pushes you, but he gives you enough to make your heart rate go up and break a sweat.
Every time I am sore, he gives me great tips for stretching and movement.

10/10 Paul's Knowledge Gives Me Power
By Barbara Wilks / Heath Tx, US

Paul Britt is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor. I have trained with a lot of personal instructors and I have never had one that had the knowledge and true interest in his students.
Paul sees tiny nuances in your movement and gives you the correction to make you feel and move better.
Paul encourages you to be aware of your body and its strengths and weaknesses. He encourages you to push yourself, but only to the point of controlled ability. He is obsessed with making sure his students do not push beyond their limits and become injured. He encourages you through his humor, wit and a little cajoling.The students have varying abilities and Paul trains each within their abilities.
Kettle bells are a wonderful way to become more stable and strong.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Shane England / McKinney, United States

I recently was fortunate enough to instruct along side Paul as well as work with several of his students. The level of professionalism and passion that Paul shows in his work is a rare find and his students are lucky to have access to such a great instructor.

10/10 Safe Strength Training
By Brian M / Rockwall, USA

I started training with Paul about 6 months ago. I am 40 years old and had not been on a serious weight-training program since high school. I am now stronger and less injury prone than I was before starting the program (plus my pants fit better!). One of the best aspects of Paul's technique is that he does not push people to their "breaking point." The workouts are challenging and you do not feel cheated but you are also able to return for the next one! I have told all of my friends about the magic of kettlebells and would recommend this workout to anyone: young, old, male, or female, there is something here for everyone!

10/10 A Huge Difference
By Bob Lewis / Rockwall, USA

In the past two years that I have been working out with Paul, I have noticed a huge difference in the way I move and feel overall. After trying dozens of different workout styles over the years, I am sold on the kettlebell as an effective full-body, low-impact, strength-building routine. And Paul knows his stuff, inside and out.

He keeps it interesting by mixing it up and making it fun. Each session brings a new challenge and a new sense of accomplishment. Paul knows exactly how hard to push you without crossing the line into injury or pain. I would recommend him to anyone, male or female, young or old.

10/10 Doing the Penguin walk? See Britt's Training
By Judy Gilliland / Royse City, USA

Why do I get up at 5AM, M, Wed, & Friday? Why do I pack 1 more hour of activity into my already overfilled schedule? Why am I feeling better than I have in a long, long time?
How did I go from walking side to side like a penguin to walking normal again in such a short time? Why have the big storms systems that usually bring me lots of pain, not effect me, recently?
I have a very good answer. I have changed my lifestyle, changed my choices in eating.Paul Britt with Britt's training systems has accomplished that. I have NEVER liked exercise, even when I was younger and much thinner. Health problems, and age caught up with me. AND it showed. As recently as December I was ready to give up, ready to get a disabled sticker for my car. I had given up much of my mobility. I avoided doing many things because of pain. I felt years older. After a 1-1 with Paul Britt of Britt's training systems, he gave me some *stupid* simple exercises, as I call them. Easy, simple, and on doing them for a few weeks, I felt better, had noticeably loss of pain, more mobility. I changed my food choices. When a few life challenges came my way, I drifted away from the food choices AND simple exercise, and the pain returned. I quickly got right back on and feeling better returned. After a couple times of doing that, I was a STRONG believer.
After I was ok'd from a dr, to exercise, I have started the 5:30 Am routine. LOVE IT! I'm feeling worlds better, more energy, clothes are getting much looser, and I'm feeling great.
I will never totally undo the damage I had already done to my knees, however, I am able now to feel great, very very little pain from arthritus. I'm moving, walking great, feeling good, looking better. For those that HAVE pain, HAVE lost mobility, see Paul Britt. He can do alot to help restore some lost mobility. For the lucky ones that haven't yet damaged knees, or other problems from NOT exercising, give Britt's training a chance to keep it that way. I had a very active lifestyle and thought that was enough. How wrong I was! You only have ONE body, protect it before it's too late, OR if you've already developed problems, see what can be DONE to help overcome the damage. Don't shut your life down, do what you can to overcome the problems. In December I didn't see that I had much choice, but to continue going downhill with my health. I thought I had already messed it up. Don't make that mistake, come see Paul Britt with Britt's training systems, see what YOUR possibilities are! I'm only starting to see what I am capable of! Much more than I ever thought possible. Start today to make a better tomorrow for yourself!

10/10 Great Instructor & Workout
By Cathy Burns / Heath, Tx, USA

I have been training with Paul Britt for about 6 months. I LOVE this class and actually look forward to working out. Paul has taught me so much about my diet and work out routine. Before I met Paul, I was working out long & hard but getting no where, now with Paul, he is teaching me how to work out smart and is helping me get where I need to be.

Paul takes the time to teach you, encourage & motivate you, even in a class environment, he is able to give each person the individual attention to make sure you understand and perform each exercise correctly. I find the work outs fun but challenging.

I highly recommend Paul Britt to anyone, no matter what your fitness level is, he can truly make a difference in your life.

10/10 Taking advantage of free consultation.
By Kathryn Langston / Lavon, Texas, United States

So far I've only met Paul once, and that was for the free consultation. I am very impressed with Paul, he really seems to care about your problems that are keeping you from being a active individual. I'm almost 65 and have never been one to exercise, talking to Paul makes you see that was a mistake, and he does this without looking down or talking down to you, I've known some doctors in my life that could learn how to talk to someone and give them some motivation.
I have had Osteoarthritis for about 40 yrs, and have managed to not be in pain with it, but that has all changed since this past December. I go to a wonderful chiropractor who is helping me to avoid knee replacements as long as possible and he is the one who sent me to see Paul.
I probably won't be able to do any kettlebells but Paul was kind enough to show me some exercises that may help me build up some strength in my ankles and knees so that I can return to a "more" active lifestyle.
We are to talk again soon.
Thanks Paul for taking the time to talk to a wore out old woman, and make her feel there is hope for her yet.

10/10 More Flexibility
By Bob Howes / Rockwall, USA

I have between training with Paul Britt for about (4) years now. I knew about him before that through his wife who, every year during my annual eye exam, would tell me about the "kettlebell thing" and that I should check it out. My skepticism prevented that from happening until one year I actually met Paul and decided to give it a try.

I has always had trouble putting on socks, even though I could touch my toes (barely), but not only can I now put my socks with ease while balancing on the other foot, I can touch my toes and put both palms to the floor. In addition, my hip mobility is significantly improved which has been most noticeable in my martial arts training.

I have now given up with the traditional weight training program that I followed for so many years and focus on Kettlebells

Kettlebell classes are fun and challenging and Paul makes them interesting by constantly changing the exercises which makes it hard to get bored. He works hard to keep up with new ideas and incorporate them into our training. Never a dull moment

I thoroughly recommend him as a trainer.

10/10 Walking like a Penguin, See Paul Britt's Training
By Judy Gilliland / Royse City, USA

What a difference a *stupid* simple exercise can make! I was walking like a penguin, had alot of hip and knee pain. I was feeling sooooo old....Paul Britt gave me a simple
exercise and what a difference it made! It's hard to believe that a simple exercise could
make such a difference. I have very little pain now (with arthritus it's weather related, but sooooo much less now!) I'm now walking better, feeling better and without the knee and hip pain, able to not only MOVE but also rest better. I now feel bad when I see others barely able to move. Paul knows how the body operates and he has so many ways to help one move better! Life is so much better being able to move better again! Paul Britt's training ,,,Yea! A

10/10 Something Different Something New
By Blake / Rockwall

Been dabbling in kettle bells for over a year now to supplement my weight lifting, going to Paul?s gym has taught me the correct way to use the new tool safely and effectively. Years of weight lifting has given me some great results but has left me stiff and not flexible and definitely not in shape cardio wise. Combining the FMS system to establish where you need help with the kettle bells to improve strength and flexibility is an incredible combination. Coming from a guy who would rather lift weights all day rather than run a mile, kettle bell?s also provide a great deal of cardio in a short amount of time and are much better than running on a treadmill. Paul is definitely passionate about what he does and you will experience personal trainer level of instructing at his gym

10/10 Great with kids!
By Amy Sherrod / Rockwall

Paul Britt has been working with my 8 year old son, Sam, and he loves it! Paul did a complete Functional Movement Screen on him to find the areas that he needed to correct. Sam looks forward to going to the training sessions with Paul each week. He encourages Sam to work hard but makes it fun at the same time. Paul is very patient with Sam. Sam is getting stronger every week and it has even helped him on the baseball field! Sam broke his foot at the beginnig of the school year and training with Paul is helping him build the strength back in that foot as well as his entire body. I would highly recommend Paul for anyone looking for training for their child that is new, exciting and fun!

By Mike Beckham / McKinney, TX

Paul is an awesome instructor. His outstanding people skills allow him to meet the specific needs of each individual. He is adept at finding and correcting your movements and demonstrating ways to correct them on your own. He is making me a better HKC and future RKC. His knowledge of kettlebell's, movements, and overall exercise physiology is outstanding. I have the privilege of learning something new each time we have class. I would encourage anyone in the area to challenge yourself to try Paul's classes and take your fitness to a level you could never imagine. I have no problem driving over 1 hour to get great instruction and workouts!!

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.
John F. Kennedy

10/10 Good Times
By Josh / Rockwall, TX

I started training with kettlebells with Paul Britt almost a year ago. I decided to "try" the class because it was being held at my regular gym. Well here I am almost a year later and having a great time training with kettlebells at Britts Training Systems. I feel better than I ever have. I've lost weight which has been one of my goals. I'd even like to think I look better than I ever have too. His class has also benefited me in my other work-out routines and in just my overall quality of life. 2 Thumbs Up!

By Kim F / Heath, Texas

After two back surgeries and years of "workout fear" Paul has brought my strength and agility to a new level. At 63 I didn't think I would ever find a workout that I enjoyed. Paul has worked with me and I'm able to achieve more flexibility than I thought possible. His classes are fun yet very productive and he truly cares about the people in his classes. He demands excellent form and works with students to achieve their goals. He is very aware of student limitations and stresses safety. I'm glad I found his classes and hope to enjoy them for years to come.

10/10 Great Full Body workout!!
By Billie / dallas, Tx

Paul's Kettlebell class is a wonderful interactive way to achieve a full body workout. I had always thought group classes were a joke and lacked intensity. I enjoyed working out by myself or with a partner but never in a larger setting. Now when I go to the gym and get on the treadmill I am literally bored to tears! Paul's class has provided me with a new and exciting way to look at exercise and challenge myself! Paul's class is time well spent!!

10/10 Fantastic Workout And Instructor
By Grace / Mesquite, TX

Paul Britt is a fantastic instructor. He notices all the small details to make sure your form is 100% correct, ensuring a highly effective workout and reducing the risk of injury. I absolutely enjoy each kettlebell workout. Paul seems to know exactly how far to push me in order to challenge me. He also spends time to make sure each person is getting a good workout. You're not just another nameless face in a crowd unlike other group classes.

I've always been thinner than average, but "deceptively unfit". After starting with kettlebells, I've been stronger and my endurance has improved. My posture is better and I just plain feel healthier.

I would recommend Paul and kettlebells without hesitation.

10/10 Great Instructor, Great Guy
By Matt Mitchell / Rockwall, TX USA

I have been training with Paul since February 2010 (I'm still relatively new to the group), and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his teaching. After the first training session, I felt like I was going to die, but not in the way that made me second guess my decision to buy a kettlebell. I wanted more!

Paul has a keen eye for "fixing" things. He immediately noticed the particular issues I faced and taught me effective strategies for improving and correcting them. As a result of Paul's "tough love", I was able to pass the HKC in September.

As of this writing, he is about to open his own place in Rockwall. If you are interested in getting in shape with a "quality over quantity" approach, contact Paul. You'll be glad you did.

10/10 Patient and Encouraging Instructor
By Bob Howes / Rockwall, TX

I have had the good fortune to be Paul's student for the past two and a half years. It has turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life as it has opened up a whole new world to me.

Paul introduced me to Kettlebells through martial arts and suggested that I try them to help me with back and shoulder problems and a lack of hip mobility. I was skeptical and reluctant at first as I had been with my physical trainer for many years and I just didn't see how Kettlebells would work for me, but a strange thing happened. After just a few weeks I noticed that I could put on my socks with ease, something I had not been able to do for years. Also my shoulders, both of which gave me problems, were better. My movement has improved and continues to do so. This has helped tremendously with my martial arts.

Paul is very knowledgeable and reads constantly to improve his understanding of the body and how it works. I am a slow learner but Paul has been incredibly patient. He is also extremely precise. He will point out the slightest deviation so that you can improve your form to get better results. Paul has a wonderful ability to explain things in a way that make sense and to make learning enjoyable.

I recommend him without hesitation.

10/10 Good Stuff
By Paul / Garland, TX USA

Attention to detail and patience. Paul's attention to detail lets him see even the smallest mistake in the technique of each exercise. His patience helps fix the mistakes even when mistakes are repeated over and over. He sticks with it until the technique is correct. And with the correct technique, the results follow. Good stuff.

10/10 Well Informed and Ecclectic
By Samuel Stuard / Garland, TX USA

Mr. Britt is an excellent teacher. His enthusiasm towards not only kettlebells, but also towards his students success and progress makes me very thankful that I discovered him.

Mr. Britt really strives to make our workouts challenging while being fun and rewarding for everyone in the class, regardless of skill level. He takes a keen interest in each individual's technique and execution and takes the time to inform and "fill in blanks".

Mr. Britt is a wonderful man, teacher and coach and I would attend his class with no other reason being needed than his "old school" enthusiasm and passion.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Cindy / Dallas, TX

I've really enjoyed taking kettlebell classes from Paul for the last few months. He breaks down the moves so you can easily understand them and works with you to make sure you are executing them correctly. He wants to make sure you are getting something out of the workout while also making sure you don't kill yourself. I'm not much for working out, but he is encouraging and motivating, making me want to come to class.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor that motivates you, gives you a great workout and makes you want to come back to class!

10/10 Making a Workout Fun
By Paul Bruemmer / Dallas, TX

Paul makes it fun to learn and easy to stick with it. He does a great job of explaining things in a way that anyone can understand. He knows just how far to push. I can tell such a difference in my energy level, strength and mobility. I started learning martial arts and kettlebells from Paul about a year ago. I lived in Rockwall, TX at the time. Since then I have moved into Dallas but still drive back twice a week just for Paul's classes.

I have highly recommended Paul too many of my friends and family and I highly recommend Paul to anyone else looking for a kettlebell or martial art instructor.

10/10 Professional and Motivative Instructor
By B. Chambers / Rockwall, Texas

Paul is one of the most motivated and professional people I know. He is enthusiastic and always knows when to push you. I was extremely overweight for me (206 pounds). I went to Paul and he started me on a strict Kettlebell workout and was always right there with me. Thanks to Paul pushing me, his unique teaching style, and those Kettlebells, I am now down to 172 pounds, thats 34 pounds.

Since Paul teaches at all levels, my son and wife are able to take Kettlebell classes as well.

I highly recommend Paul for either Kettlebells or his martial arts class. Well worth the time and money and he will only make you better.

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