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10/10 Fantastic Tool
By Jarrett Shepherd / Northport, AL, USA

Been wanting a pair of these for quite a while and so glad to have these in my training arsenal now. Definitely can tell a difference in how my shoulders feel after one full week of use

7/10 2# Indian Clubs
By Christine Crish / Tallmadge, USA

While these clubs certainly serve their purpose well, I was slightly disappointed in the quality of their appearance. I ordered 1# clubs about 6 months ago, and they were shiny, smooth, and just looked nicely manufactured--you couldn't even tell that they were coated in a plastic resin--they almost looked wood or metal. These 2#ers looked, well, plastic. The resin coating was dull, you could see seam marks from the mold or however they were manufactured, and they just had a cheaper appearance. They don't feel quite as smooth during use either. Again, functionally they are fine but aesthetically its just sad to see the company taking a cheaper approach to making this product.

7/10 Well balanced, durable -a suggestion to improve
By Ed Nanney / Chattanooga, TN, United States

The clubs are balanced well, very symmetrical and sturdy. I am completely confident and satisfied that they will serve their intended purposes extremely well. My only disappointment is that the base is not flat, thus preventing the clubs from standing upright on their own. I would prefer to be able to store them by standing them in a corner, on a shelf, etc.

10/10 Excellent Physical Culture tool.
By Steven Mcgilivray / Atl, Georgia, USA

The Indian Clubs i purchased, improved my shoulder joint mobility in a fortnight, i as a Layman would reccomend them. Thanks Y'all for reading my review

5/10 Need of an exercise manual!!!
By Steven Kranz / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Is there an exercise manual that goes with the Indian Clubs? That would help to properly use the Indian Club! Thanks!!!

8/10 Great Clubs for the Money
By Mike Silverman / Potomac, Maryland, USA

Grabbed a pair of these on the Black Friday sale. Definitely a good deal! Size is great, finish is smooth, and the weight is consistent. I'd put them on par with Amazon clubs, but from a small business who's invested in the community.

10/10 Husband loves these!
By Cameron P / Huntsville, AL, USA

I bought these for my husband, who is using them for wrist strength and shoulder mobility. He loves them!

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