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Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso


Phone: 909-792-7844
Redlands, CA
United States 92373
10 out of 10 (14 reviews)
 Monique has been an RKC instructor since August 2009, recertified in 2011, and approved to be an assistant in any future RKC/HKC certifications with continuing credits in Double Kettlebell training by Geoff Neupert, Master RKC, CSCS, and Hardstyle Ventura 2010. Since 2007, she has been practicing as a certified personal trainer. In 2012, she became certified in Battling Ropes, and FMS. She is also a certified Food Psychology coach. In 2013, she hosted an HKC certification workshop instructed by Senior RKC Franz Snideman at Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness, the studio she has owned and operated in Redlands, California since 2006.
Monique has been an avid aerobic kick boxer for over ten years and currently teaches kettlebells, aerobic kickboxing, sculpt classes, strenghth, and Battling ropes at her kickboxing studio.
Monique offers basic training classes for new Kettlebell members where all of the drills and techniques needed for safe Kettlebell use are taught. All new Kettlebell members are required to go through training before participating in the regular classes that cater to all levels--beginners to advanced.
For more information about Kettlebell Training, Monique's Gym, or the training options available please visit Ultimatekick.com.
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By Martha Gates / Redlands, USA

Truth be known, I was really into my routine at UKB and hesitant to change my classes to encorporate bells. It didnt look like something I HAD to try. THANK GOODNESS Mo kept gently asking/encouraging me to just try kettlebells! I'd do anything for Mo, so I tried it. That was 2 years ago. Im hooked, cant stop wont stop! Mo's commitment to excellence and her motivating approach to getting that out of her people, keeps me coming back for more. I've gained more strength and definition than Ive ever had.

I truly appreciate how Mo is willing to share her past experiences with a grip or a move. It makes me feel as if I can get through anything as long as I follow her direction and am patient. Mo cares about people doing things right. She is committed to safety, excellence in form, and supporting her members growth and development.

Thank you Mo for creating a place that I'll NEVER leave!

10/10 An Excellent Instructor
By Shana / Redlands

Monique is knowledgeable, helpful, and she has a keen sense of being able to communicate how to develop, complete and maintain an excellent workout. She is able to motivate her students and help them to exceed their goals.

10/10 Pushes you to the Limit!
By Jackie Lising / Redlands, CA

I've been at Monique's gym for almost 3 years now and since she has introduced kettlebell classes I have been addicted! She is an excellent educator and a stickler for "proper form." One of the many perks of being a member at her gym. You get great one-on-one even during the group class to ensure great results. I feel lucky to be taught by the only two true RKC instructors of our area!!!!

10/10 Fantastic!
By Ana C. / loma linda

Thanks! I'm loving the program and most importantly.. it's working!

10/10 Great Example!
By Gayle / Redlands

Monique has set a great example for us to follow. Her dedication to the studio and kettlebells has really made the difference! I am a firm believer in lead by example, and she does that. Monique knows the moves well and emphasizes the importance of using your core and doing the excercises correctly. Her attention to detail assists in getting the most of the workout. Love her classes!

10/10 Love the bells!
By David / Redlands, CA USA

Monique runs the best gym I could find in my area. Also the only gym that delivers high quality RKC oriented kettlebell classes. I am a willing and grateful victim of the challenging program at Ultimate Kickboxing. I have made great gains in endurance, strength, and agility; without injury of any kind. Not only that, but the kettlebell workouts impart the sort of strength that one can use all day every day, to live a healthier and pain free day. No more back, knee, or hip problems. Thanks Monique!

10/10 Break through the plateau!
By Sonoe / Redlands, CA

I recently joined the gym that Monique owns and I have seen significant changes in my body since joining. I especially noticed my body become more toned and defined with the kettlebell's class. Monique is an inspiring and knowledgable instructor! Before joining her gym I had regularly worked out for years but had reached a point where I wasn't seeing any new results. Not only has Monique's gym help me break through the plateau but it's given me new motivation with the fun workouts and classes the gym offers!

10/10 Total Boby Strength!
By Dinesh / Redlands

I've been back to this gym for 2 years now. I had taken some time off as I had 2 babies back to back. I never thought my body could come back as easily as it has, but thanks to the kettlebell classes & great instruction from Monique, my body has bounced back & I've become a lot stronger. The kettlebell classes give you a full body work out & really target your core. Monique really makes classes worth all the hard work & sweat! She loves a challenge and pushes everyone to another level which makes classes so much more enjoyable!

10/10 Inspiring results!!
By Julie / Redlands,CA

I have been taking kettlebell classes now for about 4 months at Ultimate Kickboxing and Fitness and have seen the best results in my body. Monique has been an inspiring and motivating instructor. She is knowledgeable and precise in her workouts. This new workout has been such a great challenge!!

10/10 Stronger Than Ever
By Ana / Redlands, CA

I have trained with Monique since she openened the gym. She is very motivating and fun. She makes sure you get a full body workout. She introduced me to Kettlebells and I love how much stronger I've become because of it. Kettlebells Training has given me endurance, a strong core and definition.

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