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10/10 Excellent Instruction, Refined Technique
By Eli Phillips / Minneapolis, United States

Working with Mike can take what you know, flip it on its head, and bring you out on the other side knowing so much more. Refining technique by going incredibly in-depth on every move, focusing on consistency and sustainability, and working towards how things should feel were some keys to Mike's excellent instruction. I would absolutely recommend working with him if you get the chance!

10/10 Fantastic Experience
By Trista Kirchberg / Minneapolis, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael this past weekend. Michael was very detailed in his instructional methods and helped me further understand breakdown in the fundamentals of kettlebell training. I found his instruction to be very beneficial as I continue my own experiencing training with kettlebells and starting a journey of teaching others. I highly recommend HKC with Michael.

10/10 Dropping all the knowledge bombs
By Bianca Eulitz / Silver Spring, USA

I've taken HKC and RKC in the past, but I still learned so much assisting Michael's HKC this past weekend. His knowledge and experience, as well as his teaching style are simply put superb. You can see the passion he has for working with kettlebells in the way he teaches the material/techniques in his course. I've learned so much about cueing clients and perfecting my own technique.

10/10 Worthwhile training !
By Tony Feighner / Carrolltown, United States

Michael exceeded every expectation I had attending a recent HKC course. You will never know how many details you are missing in your fundamental movements till you attend a course with Michael. He was able to provide demonstrations that really helped clear up some issues I've been struggling with. I'm really looking forward to training with Michael again.

10/10 Awesome instructor!
By Hugo Lima / New York, USA

Mike is a great instructor. He believes and cares deeply about his work and the teachings he provides. He has a contagious energy that motivates you through the whole course. His teaching also help you become more aware of your body and how it responds to the forces of gravity. You will definitely gain a lot of knowledge from his instruction.

10/10 The Bell Stops Here
By Shawn Hendon / Rockville, USA

Simply said…instruction form Mike is clear, understandable and applicable. I have taken 2 courses with Mike. Each time I walk away with a more refined perspective and hungry approach to improve my fitness and kettle bell work. Mike emphasizes FEELING what you do to ensure that you will take your body through proper movements and see strength increases. Mike teaches his students about workouts for longevity and not just to kick your butt for an hour. Thank you for all of your hard work and help Mike!!

10/10 Best place to workout!!!
By Josephine Nguyen / Springfield, United States

Mike is a passionate about doing kettlebell workouts correctly (correct form, not hurting your back). It's a great community of people and they motivate you to a higher level of fitness. After spending years of running, yoga, pilates and lifting weights, learning how to kettlebells correctly has transformed my body and made my exercise routine more efficient. I'm much stronger and leaner!

10/10 Mike Krivka has the expertise and skill!
By LindaF. Fulton / Gaithersburg, USA

If you plan to meet the challenge of long living, today is the day to begin your fitness journey at Crossfit Koncepts. I can absolutely give testimony to the comfortable gym environment, and that Mike Krivka has the expertise and skill to teach perfection in kettlebell execution! You will be choosimg a gym with both the coaches and the gym community championing your fitness goals to support your achievement. Change is ultimately the real key to growth. This is the gym where the trainers are growing and learning to ensure you are progressing! Mike Krivka, Master RKC, regularly presents and hosts workshops with world class instructors. These workshops are for every day athletes as well as trainers and coaches. Fall in love with fitness, fall in love with life; meeting your crossfit fitness goals is reshaping the body and age reversal to meet the challenge of long living with health and wellness. Challenge yourself to schedule your fitness assessment with Mike Krivka at Crossfit Koncepts: (301) 404-2571

10/10 Internal strength
By Mary Moore / Derwood, Montgomery

This is the place for YOU! Mike is a great trainer and the full package. He truly cares about each individual that comes to the gym. He has this energy that helps drive you to become a better version of yourself. It isn’t just about physical strength- I feel that I am building internal strength and that has helped me push myself to achieving the physical strength. I have introduced two of my daughters to the gym and they absolutely love it! They are getting stronger and their confidence has truly changed within them. They are building from each work-out with a more positive view of themselves and what they can achieve. The three of us have found a place to call our own and to share in this journey within the “gym family“ we have found that it is supportive, positive and motivating. Mike truly is the best and focus on each person to help them achieve their goals and reach for more. You will gain so many positive things from being at this gym, training with Mike, and being surrounded by a support network!

10/10 Mike Krivka, Best Trainer Out There!
By Susie Loutoo / Gaithersburg, United States

Mike is the best trainer out there by far, knowledgeable about fitness, proper form, always emphasizing how to challenge yourself while avoiding injury, teaching how to train smart, providing an avenue to keep yourself fit for life. To top that off, he is personable and fun, and cares deeply about the health and welfare of his athletes. You cannot go wrong here - this gym is a win-win!

10/10 Great Community!
By Jordan Lane / Gaithersburg, USA

Great community of people working out together. Mike and John are very knowledgeable and the best! I’ve gotten in great shape and daily pain I used to have is now gone. People of all backgrounds and ages come together to improve themselves as a group!

10/10 You will become ADDICTED.......
By Ralph Billeter / Gaithersburg, USA

This gym is AWESOME!! I started coming here about 7 years ago. I am a hairstylist in the area so I’m on my feet a lot. When I started at Crossfit Koncepts I couldn’t bend over to pick up a comb off the floor. Now I am doing very deep squats. I have had personal training under both the owner (Mike Krivka) and a trainer (John Kalil) at the gym. You will have a very difficult time finding anyone better than them. In my opinion these two guys have saved my life!! WARNING: They are perfectionist!! They are more concerned about your technique than how fast you are. I love kettlebells……I have never felt better!!!

10/10 Hard Choices Easy Life
By Phil J / Chevy Chase, USA

Life is full of hard choices and in the world of fitness choosing the right training tools, protocol and teacher can be the difference between wasted years and a hefty orthopedic bill on the one hand and a pain free life of longevity and mobility on the other. There are no shortcuts in the pursuit of a strong, mobile and vibrant version of you but in Mike Krivka you will find the closest thing to one. His knowledge, passion and intelligence when it comes to kettlebells is unsurpassed and any and all time spent under his tutelage is time well spent. Regardless of your age, gender or physical fitness Mike will help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe, fun and supportive manner and ensure you are still training well into your 70’s. Now who doesn’t want that?

10/10 Excellent training, nearly 10 years and counting
By Mike Belyea / Gaithersburg, United States of America

When I first started training with Mike in 2011, I was in relatively lackluster physical shape and quite lacking in physical strength. Within the span of the first few months of training, all of that abruptly changed for the better. From Day 1, Mike worked one-on-one with me, as he does with all of his clients, to reinforce the basics of quality form and technique both with and without weights. Weights, in this case, involve Russian kettelbells, Olympic bars, Indian clubs, maces and, if the client would like them, Atlas stones. This emphasis on proper movement and load handling are also the reason for the virtually zero injury rate found among clients. The results I and others have obtained from such a foundation are nothing short of incredible. If you're looking for a truly great training experience and excellent instruction, contact Mike; you will not be disappointed.

10/10 Only the BEST
By Mak Krivka / Gaithersburg, USA

When you train with Mike, you get the very best training there is around to receive. I have seen Mike train soccer moms to Navy SEALS and the training methods are the same. Mike understands that the best athletes are strong in their fundamentals and so that is exactly how you start. Within a three month time span, I have noticed myself getting immensely stronger and feeling better because of it. I credit all of that to a man I’m lucky to call dad, Mike Krivka.

10/10 Found my niche
By Lori Black / Derwood, USA

I can’t say enough positive things about CrossFit Koncepts and Mike. I bounced around a number of different gyms or workout methods and never found anything I stuck with until I met Mike. It’s been 11 years now and I am still amazed at the quality of instruction, the variety in the WODs, and the camaraderie from fellow gym members. While I have always been impressed with mikes knowledge, ability to teach (he’s a stickler for proper technique!), and enthusiasm, these last few months during the gym shutdown, have really honed in as to why Mike is one of a kind and I wouldn’t want to be training with anyone else. His ability to encourage and support knows no bounds and I am grateful.

10/10 Still going since 2007
By Geri Shapiro / Potomac, USA

It does not get better than this. I have been an athlete my whole life: Gymnast, Marathoner, Skier, Rock climber, Ironman Triathlete. This compliments all workouts. It focuses on mobility, strength, and most important to me form. Good form, great workout, low chance of injury. This is THE CROSSFIT GYM.

10/10 Train with the BEST!!!
By Denise Hughes / Germantown, USA

This is definitely not your "typical" CrossFit gym...it's BETTER, by far! I've trained here most of the past 10 years, with some time off to work out in a traditional crossfit gym. The focus here is on kettlebells and body weight movements, mostly. Mike is one of the best kettlebell trainers in the world, with years of KB training experience plus many more years of martial arts training on top of that. Over time, Mike has gradually shifted the focus to everyone training smartly, training for longevity. If you are pushed so hard that you are too sore to work out for a few days, or if you end up injured, well that's not really a productive program. Mike is constantly learning, studying, working to improve the training protocols to help us all get/stay fit for the long term, without injury. He WILL tell you to use less weight, or a slightly "easier" protocol, if he sees that is what YOU need on that particular day. He'll also push you to improve something in every single workout - a better time, more poundage moved, more rounds completed - something! He is a stickler for solid technique and makes sure you are using good/correct form - again, it's all about longevity, and avoiding injury. I love it here, and highly recommend trying it out.

10/10 KB Make You Stronger
By David Goldberg / Rockville, USA

if you ever wanted to get stronger while maintaining mobility and flexibility then I would highly recommend Crossfit Koncepts. Mike Krivka, owner/operator of CFK is a fantastic instructor and incorporates combinations of kettlebells, free weights and body weight exercises in his work outs.

10/10 Only the best quality instruction
By Robert Taylor / Gaithersburg, USA

Mike Krivka is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to training. Not only with kettlebells but body weight and barbell training as well. He only pushes you to be better and to make you be aware of the smaller details. I am a personal trainer certified through NSCA and a certified 200hr yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. I have been training for YEARS and can say hands down that the instruction I have received under Mike is by far some of the BEST I have had the privilege to come across and take part in.

10/10 The First and Only Gym I’ve Stuck With
By Mike Connolly / Derwood, USA

I’ve tried a few gyms in the past as well as working out on my own, but I’ve never had a successful effort. I knew I needed to belong to a more inclusive gym where everybody knows your name. When I started at Mike’s gym that first week I thought I was going to die. I was really out of shape. Mike’s encouragement kept me coming back and after a month I felt different and knew I could make it. I’m going on year 3 and hope to stay as long as Mike keeps the gym open. We are the same age so that should help. I would strongly recommend Mike as a trainer in kettle bells and martial arts. He knows his stuff and is fun to work out with.

10/10 Never done learning
By Daniel Harvey / Woodbridge, United States

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor for my HKC. Not only did we go over the movements at length, we broke those movements down into smaller movements to really understand what was happening. Probably the best takeaway was that although he was and is clearly an expert, he stated that he’s never done learning and improving.

10/10 Master Kettlebell Guru
By Brian Buturla / Norwalk, USA

Michael takes the time to make sure you get it right mentally - physically and his spirit for teaching is second to none. He takes everyone to the party and teaches from a place deep within his own heart. Everyone has their reasons for picking up a kettlebell but Michael gives you no reason to be anything short of your true potential. He is hell bent on it, nothing else matters to him. He is precision in motion, a great example and a true guru: remover of the darkness and ignorance for all that are luck to be around him. Educators like Michael are very special and need to be recognized beyond the Master Level as being cut from a very different cloth.

10/10 Indian Club/Mace workshop @ CrossFit Koncepts
By Matt Begansky / Silver Spring, USA

When my schedule allows it, I always tend to jump on any offerings at CrossFit Koncepts. Being a personal trainer, I understand the importance of forever being a student. Mike is an incredible coach and mentor, who is patient and passionate about his craft. I have dabbled with Indian Clubs in the past, but I never received any concrete training on them. It was a no brainer for me to attend this workshop and learn Indian Club progressions. On top of all this, Mike mixed in mace movements. The mace blew me away. Simply said, a fifteen pound mace is a humbling experience. It's a Molotov cocktail of strength and mobility. My shoulders never felt so good before. Since Mike's workshop, I have programmed Indian Clubs into my daily practice and pre-workout routine. I highly suggest attending his next workshop. You will definitely walk away with skills to build mobile, resilient shoulders. Matt Begansky Iron Stella @ The House of Fitness Personal Trainer, RKC II

10/10 Mike Krivka is the BEST
By Roger Sherman / Pensacola, United States

My sport is rowing. I taught myself. It took almost 10 years, lots of $, and a succession of coaches before I found one who was able to break all my awful self-taught habits and teach me the proper stroke. The secret was to make it logically understandable. I also taught myself kettlebells. Luckily, I drew Mike as my first coach and learned right from wrong in one day (LONG day) and at a fraction of what I spent in time and money on rowing.He dis-assembled my "technique," dusted off the pieces/parts, and put it all back together in a way that made perfect physical and intellectual sense. I cannot say enough about this guy and his ability to get through the haze that most of us experience in learning techniques/procedures.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Rocky Kitzmiller / Virginia Beach, USA

Mike is truly a great instructor. He not only has the knowledge and ability to teach the material, but he makes it entertaining as well. He is thorough with what he teaches and relates it to real clients. His instruction was top-notch and plan to have him assist me in training for my RKC.

10/10 A true master.........
By Laura Dow / Arlington, USA

I have had the pleasure of working with Master RKC Mike Krivka for my HKC. He is a true master in every sense of the word. Armed with years of experience, not only with kettlebells but also in martial arts and CrossFit, Krivka emphasizes proper form, safety and sound biomechanics in addition to offering numerous tips and effective strategies. Plus he's an all around decent human being. If you have the chance to train with him, take a workshop or hear him speak, do it. Not to be missed.

10/10 Wonderful Teacher
By Mark Reed / Lebanon, United States

Mike Krivka led my RKC and is a wonderful teacher. He is intense, precise, demanding, and completely committed to the success of each individual participating in the training. He is tough because it matters, he wants us to be safe and to represent RKC (and him) well. I struggled during the training with too much arch on my snatch and clean. Mike stood about a 18 inches in front of me and told me to clean and snatch. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared but my arch problem cleaned right up :)? Mike trusted me more than I trusted myself. Mike made himself available to support each of us after the training was completed.

10/10 Amazing, Down-to-Earth Instructor
By Chris Heskett / West Chester, United States

Michael is an amazing instructor that breaks down all of the movements into simple steps and can work will all levels of experience. He also gives real life examples, tells stories, and jokes around which makes the workshops much more interesting!

10/10 Impressive!
By Derrick Johnson / Bowie, usa

Mike gave us a lot of good information regarding proper technique. My glutes are still sore today...lol I'm ready to take KB training to the next level....

10/10 Great Coach
By Halil Erkol / Levittown, United States

I recently attended one of Mike's workshop and he was great. He knows how to get your attention, he shows everything with details and demonstrate. I wish I could train with him more often.

10/10 Worth the price of admission
By Eileen Laughlin / Pottstown, Usa

I recently attended a workshop lead by Mike. I really appreciated his down to Earth personality & his no fluff style of teaching. He made concepts and techniques simple; simple as in efficient,effective, & understandable. The best thing I can say about the workshop is that I immediately came away with improved technique, as well as tips, tweaks and drills I not only remembered but implemented into my training right away. Well worth the price of admission!! I look forward to learning from him again in the future!

10/10 Master Coach Will Help You Reach Your Goals
By Bruce Kelly / Swarthmore, USA

Mike has an entertaining, humorous approach to his coaching style but it engages people early on which is key to learning and progressing. He also emphasizes the long term aspects/impacts of training and what that means down the road. In other words, good training is a means to an end not an end in itself.

10/10 Life-changing Instruction
By David D. / Gaithersburg, USA

My wife and I have been training with Mike at his gym, CrossFit Koncepts, for almost 3 years. It has been a life-changing experience. Mike is one of the most gifted and insightful instructors that I have even encountered, with expert knowledge of all aspects of bodyweight and loaded movement (kettle bells, olympic bars, various other strength and mobility tools, fellow athletes) not to mention multiple sports and martial arts disciplines. His workouts are varied and well-planned. Mike emphasizes correct form and avoidance of injury above all else. He is an insightful observer and offers corrections and encouragement to keep his students safe yet continually challenged. I believe I am stronger, have more endurance, mobility, and energy than when I was a college athlete over two decades ago. I attribute this to the knowledgeable instruction that Mike provides. Mike brings a friendly, welcoming attitude and a great sense of humor. Mike is able to adapt and scale workouts for athletes of all ages, skill levels, and abilities. He is in another category entirely from other instructors due to his understanding of exercise and movement, his striving for perfection in form, his perceptiveness, and his ability to communicate with and motivate athletes of all abilities.

10/10 Straight Forward and Effective
By Moses Correa / Hainesport, USA

I meet Mike at the Purposeful Primitive workshop and quickly discovered what a great person he is! I also witnessed first hand his intelligence as an instructor and his strength levels as an athlete.

As if that wasn't good enough, he came to my RKC level 2 for a half day and showed me that I can bent press without squatting. he also helped me with a few other moves, helping me do them better. Making me a better instructor and athlete as a result. I highly recommend Mike to train all fitness levels and get them results.

If you can get trained by Mike, you will not be sorry, as I wasn't!

10/10 Best Coach I've Ever Had!
By Quinn Guilds / Gaithersburg, United States

Kettlebells are the real deal, and Mike Krivka is one of the best in the business! It’s hard to say I wasn’t skeptical when I stepped foot into Crossfit Koncepts as most of my previous training is barbell and “Globo” gym based. Mike and his work with KBs made me not only stronger in every aspect of my training, but provided me with greater mobility and technique in everything I do in and out of the gym; all while adding a solid 15-20 lbs to my already dense 205 lb frame.

It’s easy to blow smoke into a testimonial, but the actions and the numbers I put up speak for themselves. I was able to max out on every single aspect of my KB work while I trained with Mike. His guidance and mastery level knowledge of the KB and all its fundamentals helped me post elitist type numbers i.e. unbroken 106 lb 2-hand KB swing for 25+ reps, an unbroken 106 lb snatch for 10+ reps, 106 lb power and split jerk for reps, a double 106 lb KB thruster, and a 106 lb Turkish getup both right and left.

The best part about this heavy KB training is the drug like effects it had on my other compound barbell lifts. With moderate direct training of once every few weeks my deadlift max went from a respectable 535 lbs with straps to a raw 600+ lb pull in the course of 4 months all thanks to heavy KB hinge movements like the clean, snatch, and swing! Not only that but my max back squat went from a shaky 405 lbs to 455 lbs with solid technique in the same 4 months from compound KB movements like double KB thrusters, single KB thrusters, KB goblets and deck squats!

Gains like this in an experienced (5+ years), completely natural athlete like myself are nearly unheard of’ so I’ll say it again KBs are the real deal! For all the hard work that I amongst all the other athletes at Crossfit Koncepts put in Mike matches it. He brings out the best in people, and shows them how to truly make themselves better and always challenges them to succeed. I recommend Mike to any level of athlete from beginner to expert, I can only imagine where my level of fitness would be if I had found Mike and Crossfit Koncepts sooner!

10/10 On the Road to the RKC
By Jeffrey McAndrew / Westminster, USA

Mike is the best kettlebell instructor bar none.. I had major Knee Surgey in Octoboer of 2012 and have finally been cleared to go ing back to work out as nomal... (Not that I havenb't been already) but Mike has been working with me and slowly preping me for the weekend in Septmeber. thanks to Mike I feel confident that I will do great that weekend and be ready for all Kettlebell Challenges oing forward.

10/10 Awesome Team Leader
By Ryan Jankowitz / Alexandria, United States

I had the honor of assisting Michael at the Vienna RKC this past weekend. I was blown away by his knowledge of kettlebell training and his ability to teach. As a fellow RKC Instructor it was very refreshing to be critiqued and then shown how to improve my own skills. I learned a great deal just from watching him interact with the candidates and I have been able to apply what I've learned from him in my training as well as my clients' training. The most impressive thing about working alongside Michael is his presence. He made me and all of our team feel at ease and confident while going through the grueling paces of a RKC certification. I look forward to working with him in the future. Thanks Michael!!!

10/10 Crossfit Master
By Guillermo Leon / Clarksville, US

Due to distance constraints, I've trained with Mr. Mike for a short period of time, but during that short period of time he really kicked my butt! He is a very patient and motivational trainer. He took his time to show me the different ways of handling the kettlebells correctly so it could prevent injuries from occuring. During the training sessions it really shows his commitment and dedication to the sport. I come out exhausted because his workouts are tough :) I also like how he gives back to the community by supporting the Wounded Warrior Project. I won't hesitate to recommend him as a Crossfit instructor. He is truly amazing and can't wait to return to his gym very soon!

10/10 Mr Kettlebell
By Jeffrey McAndrew / Urbana, USA

Mike has great Knowledge of all things kettlebell and funstional movements.. A great Coach and mentor

10/10 Great Instructor!!!
By C Naj / Ashton, MD, USA

Fantastic instructor. Always offers great correction and helps me to get the most out of my workouts without hurting myself. He is great at explaining the idea behind a move. I really appreciate that because it makes it easier to remember next time. He is also very motivational, especially on the day when I feel a little more tired to draggy than normal.

10/10 Great Teacher
By Matt Wong / Rockville, United States

Even though I was with Mike for only a couple of weeks, I felt like I became part of his Crossfit community. His workouts were challenging and difficult, but Mike went out of his way to teach me correct form and technique. He is enthusiastic and passionate about our WODs. I enjoyed the kettlebells and his workouts immensely and I feel like I improved dramatically in the short time we were together. Thanks Mike!

10/10 The best instructor out there.
By Nicky Scafone / Hyattsville, MD, United States

Mike Krivka is an excellent instructor, trainer, and friend. He makes all the classes fun, even when the workouts aren't. His commitment to make each client the best athlete possible is one of the many reasons we enjoy coming to his place. I've been training with Mike for almost 3 years now. I had moved up to a 35lb kettlebell, but ended up hurting my shoulder in July 2011. I had to go back down to using at 18lb kettlebell (doctors orders, for a year). I did that, unhappily, but I wanted to keep training and that was the only way to do it. With Mike's time and encouragement, I stayed the the 18lb, and this July 2012 started doing a few workouts a week with a 25lb, I've been taking it slow, don't want to hurt my shoulder again. Last week, I was able to go with Mike up to York Barbell to help him demonstrate kettlebells. In the process, just "fooling around" I was able to, several times lift, swing, clean, and high pull up to an 88lb kettlebell. Remember, for the past year I have only been using and 18lb kettlebell. I wouldn't be where I am technique wise or strength wise with out Mike and his training. Thanks Mike, for everything!

10/10 Inspirational!
By Angie Yeager / York, PA, USA

I have had the pleasure of meeting and training with Michael a few times over the past year. I am always so impressed with his amazing strength and knowledge of the mechanics behind the movements. His work with kettlebells is incredible and it motivates me to always be challenging myself. He is eager to teach and help anyone who asks! Even though I’ve only worked out with him a few times, he has made a huge impression on me and I always look forward to our meetings! He is truly an amazing person and inspiration!

10/10 Addicted to Mike
By Pete Sand / Gaithersburg, USA

I've trained with Mike for a while now and just last night realized that I crossed some magic threshold where I now *need* to train with Mike - his Kettlebell/Crossfit classes are now a major component of my week. Mike is so attentive to technique that even in a class of 25 people, I know he’s watching out for me and helping me improve my form and performance. I see people running outside or going to the conventional gym in my neighborhood and want to grab them by the shoulders and tell them to WAKE UP and come to Mike’s class – I get more work out in 20 minutes with Mike than hours at one of those gyms. Awesome.

10/10 Mike is AMAZING!!
By Julia Churchill / Bethesda, USA

A couple of my co-workers brought me to one of Mike's Crossfit classes for the first time 3 months ago and Mike took the time out of teaching his regular class to work with me one-on-one to go over each of the exercises that the other members of the class were doing. That was so unexpected. Mike not only wants each person to feel welcome and a member of the Crossfit Koncepts family but he also wants each person to perform each exercise correctly so he takes the time to teach the exercises correctly and is constantly looking at his students' form and perfecting it when necessary. That's one of the things that makes him a great teacher! Mike makes the workouts fun even when they are really difficult workouts! His energy and his humor help keep the class upbeat and motivated until we're done for the day! I wouldn't go to any other Crossfit gym! I've visited one other Crossfit gym is this area and I can say for sure that Mike's Crossfit gym is so much better!

10/10 Technically flawless - a teacher's teacher
By Liz Fontek / Gaithersburg, MD, USA

I have been working with Michael Krivka only since January 2012. Luck was on my side the day I walked into his CrossFit. I went looking for CrossFit specifically, but stayed for the kettlebells...and for the education. I cannot be in a room with him and not learn something new! Mike made it super fun, worked with me on my technique (and then some, and then some), cheered me on once I got it, and then would encourage me to up my weight only when I had the stability necessary. The functionality, fitness and core strength I have gained in only 8 months are invaluable. He takes his art/science very seriously and at the same time we have so much fun. His emphasis on technique has helped me redefine my body composition, my strength, and saved me from untold injury in record time. Somehow even in a room full of people and hard workouts, he still finds me every time he's there and gives me feedback. I appreciate him so much and feel blessed to have found him... He is a real "teacher's teacher!"

10/10 awesome!
By Anji Johnston / Silver Spring, USA

I met Mike while attending an intro to crossfit class at his gym - I was encouraged to go by a coworker/friend/work-out partner. I was nervous and had no idea whether I could do anything in the class. But Mike found a way to make me relax, to work the hardest I have ever worked, and have a great time. He is so good - concerned about form and function, making sure you are doing everything correctly, helping with exercises that you do not yet have the strength to do - he makes you feel like a part of the team from the start and welcomes you back every week. I am so honored to know him and can't wait to get back to class!

10/10 Best Trainer Ever.
By Helen Snead / Rockville Md, United States

Mike is a hard working, dedicated, and extremely helpful trainer! He works diligently with each individual to target specific areas of improvement and gives great feedback on how to improve form and make each individual workout meet your goals. His dedication to crossfit and kettlebells really shows through and overall he is the best trainer I have ever met.

10/10 Learn Kettlebells from a technical master.
By Tony Rosa / Beltsville, USA

My journey to earning my RKC two years ago began at a workshop given by my friend Mike Krivka. Up to that point, I knew nothing about Kettlebells, only that they looked 'old-fashioned' and something those 'weird' guys used. By the end of that initial workshop, I was totally hooked and since then I've attended a number of Mike's workshops, assisted him with the Wounded Warrior Project's Kettlebell for Warriors initiative. To this day, whenever I train with Mike at his gym - Crossfit Koncepts (Kettlebell centric Crossfit gym), I learn something new. His teaching style is straight and to the point. He is able to break down a complex topic and make it easy to understand and apply. More importantly, Mike explains WHY something works...or doesn't. My recommendation for Mike as Top Instructor is based on my own experience as an RKC, Certified Personal Trainer, and retired Marine. You see, I've been exposed to many types of coaches, instructors, etc., so when I say Mike is number one in my book, it's because he passes my test: Integrity, Technical Proficiency, Knowledge, Character, and Example. Mike may not have served in the Marines, but he is one as far as I'm concerned. His passion is contagious and when you train with him, you will learn, and learn well. Mike, thanks for your expertise and friendship.

10/10 Best Instructor Ever!!
By Tom B / Odenton, United States

I've been training with Mike for 2 years. He is always there to answer every question about training or techniques. Every class is a great learning experience! The gains I have made are alll attributed to Mike's Instruction. Everyone in class would agree with me. He constantly monitors everyone helping with technique ans providing encouragement. He is a great teacher as well as a great friend. If your going to train in Kettlebells, Mike is the one to train with!

10/10 So glad I found him!
By Kristen Seaman / Gaithersburg, MD, USA

My sister stumbled upon Mike's CrossFit Koncepts through an internet search when we were trying to locate a convenient location. In just a few short months, Mike has transformed me into a more intense athlete than I could've imagined. Starting the program with a knee injury was intimidating, but thanks to Mike's strict attention to form, my issues have virtually disappeared through good technique and strengthening of the supporting muscles. He provides great nutrition and training advice for times when I'm away from the facility. He also has an uncanny ability to make everyone in the class feel welcomed and valuable. I can't wait to see what the upcoming months and years of training with Mike bring!

10/10 Krivka delivers more than expected
By Lisa Vice / Quantico, USA

I have taken workshops and been to conventions many times, but I always learn WAY more than I can expect when I take a workshop from Michael Krivka. This time he showed me and explained why the "pistol" is not just for show and why I need to improve my ability to do them. I appreciate how he explains things and his sense of humor helps make it fun!

10/10 Not just another pretty face...
By G S / Virginia, USA

Mike Krivka has been involved with Kettlebells many years before the craze went mainstream. I first discovered kettlebells through Mike in 2006 and he had already mastered the bells and how to impart the principals and nitty gritty details of working with these nasty little torture instruments. He'll show you how to get in shape, recover from an injury and use your entire body in a dynamic, integrated fashion for maximum effect. Highly recommended.

10/10 Great instructor and all-around great guy
By Paul Honigfort / Gaithersburg, MD, USA

I've been going to Mike's gym, Crossfit Koncepts for a little over a year, and that year can be summed up in one word: results. I've gone from being unable to do most exercises with a 25# KB to being able to do all with a 53# KB or heavier, and can honestly say I am in the best overall shape of my life.
Plus Mike truely cares about each of his clients as a friend and strives towards making Crossfit Koncepts a community, not just a gym. With Mike's expertise and the sense of comaraderie at Crossfit Koncepts you couldn't ask for a better place to train.

10/10 Moving Forward
By DevilDog Doyle / Montgomery Village, USA

I came upon MAK by chance. I had been turned away from another instructor in the area because of physical limitations i had due to injuries received while on duty. MAK accepted me with open arms and has knowledge of how to instruct me from his work with the Wounded Warrior Project.

I am in my second week now and things are going well. The pain is mostly from not using muscles in such a long time but MAK makes sure i spent the proper amount of time stretching before and after to prevent injury and DOMS.

I get excited by the workouts and look for to the next.

10/10 Mike Krivka is a beast!
By Ellen Polster / Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Mike Krivka is one of the most talented athletes I know. He's also one of the best teachers I know. His attention to detail is like none other. In the nearly two years that I have been training with him, I have become a lot stronger and a lot more physically fit. Mike loves to say that, "being tired is no excuse for poor technique." And he practices what he preaches! He manages to teach us, inspire us, and challenge us (and sometimes we temporarily hate him after a particularly grueling workout). I would not have thought it possible that I could work with kettlebells or do crossfit had I not started training with Mike. Training with him is one of the best decisions I ever made and I hope to continue doing so for a long time!

10/10 Semper Allegatus
By James Bauer / Derwood, USA

Excellent demonstrations.
Excels in communication and feedback.
Excellently educated by Pavel himself.
Excellence in pre-, during, and post- workout program instructions and critique.
Signed up after one class.

10/10 Lucky Me!
By Denise Hughes / Germantown, Usa

How often are you lucky enough to have easy access to the best of anything? I've been interested in learning to use the kb for years but knew it could be dangerous without proper instruction. Then I find Mike right around the corner the whole time! He has a talent for conveying 'feel' concept many ways until students get it, and the patience to keep pushing until we do...and then drills endlessly for improvements. He cares about every single student and incorporating the kb practice with Crossfit, works very hard to engage everyone of any ability...which many claim to do but Mike actually DOES. He is one of the best teachers I have ever worked with on ANY topic!! I feel very fortunate to train with him, and more importantly, to call him a friend. As long as Mike is teaching where I can get to him, I plan to work with him. How can you settle for less when you've learned from and worked with the best?

10/10 All or Nothing
By Kein Mitleid / Washington Grove, USA

When Michael is not being a father, husband, son, friend, working with the Wounded Warrior Project, teaching DEA/FBI/Secret Service/USMC, leading (and participating) in his classes (martial arts, kettlebells, CrossFit), or mentoring; Michael continues to give it his all.

There is a rumor that Michael has the ability to make 36 hours fit into a day but i have not been witness to this.

I can tell you that Michael does do all he can and more when he instructs.

10/10 Sense of Accomplishment
By RJ Emmet / Darnestown, USA

MAK begins each class by stating he forgot to write 400M runs with the Flak Vest.

Not everyone (including myself) is in perfect shape or is orthopedically sound but MAK has enough mastery of the program where he can modify the movement on the fly to accommodate most everyone's problems. He spends time before and after class pass on his knowledge and helping people succeed in their goals.

Mission Accomplishment. Done.|

10/10 Yoda to Jedi like MAK to Fitness
By Seamus MacManus / Boston, USA

Mike can be summed up a simple quote from the master himself:

"Do or Do Not; There Is No Try."

10/10 Quality with Quantity
By Elyod Trebor / Germantown, USA

Michael is dead-on with his instruction . He is not afraid to demonstrate and explain the dangers of doing the exercise wrong as well as correcting you before, during, and after the workout. Safety is paramount for him. His method shows you proper technique for the movements in a way that builds confidence.

Michael is highly regarded in the fitness community and you should call to set up a workout with him.

10/10 Mike Krivka is World Class
By Jeff Clancy / Quantico, United States

Over the course of the last 15 years, I've had the pleasure of training and teaching with Mike Krivka. I've also trained with several Kettlebell instructors during the last ten years and I can honestly say that hands down, Mike is the very best. As an instructor and course developer in a training academy environment at Quantico and internationally, I know that designing a training program requires hours of intense preparation and attention to detail. Mike spends countless hours preparing for his classes and this is reflected in the quality of his instruction. Mike pioneered the integration of Crossfit and Kettlebells and thus far, no one teaches it like he does. Keep up the great work Mike.

10/10 If the Kettlebell Fits, Grab a Heavier One
By Thom Riker / Gaithersburg, USA

Like wearing appropriate clothing that fits for comfort and safety during a workout, an instructor should be the same.

I had been to several places with people who read like good instructors on their websites but turned out not to be for many different reasons. I am not new to fitness as i am a former martial arts and swim instructor, and a retired Marine.

I am not one for flashy signs of greatness or talking of how much knowledge you supposedly know. What i look for in an instructor is the ability to apply your knowledge in real life. Michael can walk, talk, chew gum, and juggle chalk while making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to while doing the workouts. His knowledge is specialized but spread across several disciplines. This appears in his methods of instruction.

If you are looking for a natural instructor, then look no further.

10/10 Disabled Veteran Friendly
By Robert Doyle / Montgomery Village, USA

I'm a Gulf War Era veteran. I was discharged prior to OEF/OIF due to a permanent shoulder injury sustained during combat training. I was told i could never workout again without gaining further damage. After over a decade of inactivity, doctors at Walter Reed allowed me to begin working out again; however, most instructors do not have the time or patience to deal with someone beginning over again with so many limitations.

Michael takes the right amount of time before, during, and after the workouts to ensure that i am doing them properly and not creating new injuries or harming old ones.

Michael Krivka can teach an old dog new tricks.

10/10 Simply put there is no one better
By Jeffrey M / North Damascus, USA

In July I sustained a Shoulder injury while training at another gym on a Bussiness trip. I could not work out for about 6 weeks.. Once I came back I was still experiancing pain in the Should. Mike worked on my of the Fucntion movement aspects of the Kettlebell such as the Arm bar and figure 8's..

I have since incorpated them into my daily routine to keep my shoulder lose. The pain has gone away and have so much more mobilty in my shoulder.

Thanks Mike!!!

10/10 Excellent instructor, mentor and friend
By Mike Belyea / Rockville, MD, USA

It's been just over one year since I joined Mike's classes at Crossfit Koncepts; in that time, my overall fitness level has improved substantially. Even while I was away for 3 months on work assignment, Mike provided kettlebell and bodyweight workouts that I took with me so I wouldn't regress after so much hard work. The man takes great pride in ensuring his clients receive quality instruction; I can't thank him enough for that sort of dedication.

I strongly recommend Mike as an instructor to anyone looking to benefit and learn from crossfit/kettlebell exercise regimens. His workouts are very effective and the class environment is extremely supportive and welcoming. Yes, you'll be sore and wondering just what sort of mind even thinks up some of these exercises, but the results truly speak for themselves.

10/10 It's in the details
By Erik F / Potomac, USA

At the risk of repeating what so many others have said ... I'm a big fan of Mike. I value not only his knowledge and skill (both of which he has in abundance), but his attention to teaching all of his students the fine details that are so easy to miss -- and that will come back to bite you in the rear end later if you don't have them down pat.

If you have the chance to learn from Mike, take it!

10/10 Best Instructor Ever!
By Tom Berlinsky / Odenton, MD, USA

Mike is the best instructor ever! Every workout challenges you both physically and mentally. Mike has helped me with training and diet. I 've lost 25 extra pounds and have become leaner than I've been in a long time. Mike makes sure everyone gets top quality instruction every class, every day. He is also a great friend to me and everyone who meets him. If you are going to do Kettlebells and Crossfit, Mike is the person to see!

10/10 Effective!
By David Drazen / Potomac, MD, USA

I found Mike via Dragon Door and Crossfit. I had been looking for workouts that kept it interesting and that involved kettlebells. I had never used them before, but I was interested. Well that was nearly two years ago and I am still going strong. This is the longest I've been following a single program my whole life. I went from using 25# kettlebells to doing workouts with 71# kettlebells in over a year. Let Mike show you the way and you will see results. I guarantee it!

10/10 Without a doubt. The Best!
By Adam Smith / Gaithersburg, USA

I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Mike is knowledgeable, passionate, motivating, and at times...even funny...I would absolutely recommend!

10/10 Krivka Trained
By Jeffrey M / Mount Airy, USA

I have been working with Mike for Almost a year now... 125lbs lost and 41 total inches down,
No longer on any Medications to control my HBP and I am able to run 4 miles with stopping...
When I started training with Mike I was able to do 1-2 work outs a week now I look foward to 5 a week and wish I could do more

I am rapidly approaching the weight I was in in High School Its all do to the great training methods that Mike teaches on a daily baisis

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Dorothy Dalton-Sheridan / Gaithersburg, USA

Mike Krivka has an incredible eye for human movement patterns-or abnormal human movments patterns. He can take a quick look at any thing you are trying to lift and tell you exactly what you need to change to accomplish your goals--without injury! He can adapt any workout to the persons fitness level and keep things fun at the same time. Really great instructor!

10/10 awesome!
By Lori Black / Derwood, USA

I have been training with Mike for 2 years now and recommend him any chance I get. If you are serious about getting stronger, fitter, and healthier, this is they guy you are looking for. His classes leave you drained, but it feels good to know you pushed through it both mentally and physically. Mike is an extremely gifted trainer who not only motivates you beyond what you thought yourself capable of doing, but also has an extreme attention to the details of proper technique so that working out so intensely becomes as risk free as possible.

10/10 Incredible Instructor!
By Meredith McCormac / Gaithersburg, USA

I've been training with Mike Krivka for about a year and a half now and my fitness has never been better. My strength has greatly increased - I regularly train with a kettlebell that is twice as heavy as the one I started with. But it's not just strength... Mike forces you to work on other functional skills like balance, flexibility, agility, speed, and endurance. I feel far more "in control" of my own body now and know that I could respond to a variety of physical challenges and situations. When I started working with Mike I had never used a kettlebell and didn't really know what I would use them for... now I feel confident in performing a variety of kettlebell techniques and handling increasing weight. Mike starts with technique - he does not let you get away with being sloppy or lazy. He teaches you how to correctly perform an exercise so that you can become stronger and avoid injury.

Not only is Mike a great technical instructor, but he is also motivating and enthusiastic. It is obvious that he loves what he does and his enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Many members of Mike's class have been working with him for many, many years. It's a testament to being constantly challenged and motivated to learn new things and to work harder. He makes you feel proud of your growth, yet challenged to become better.

10/10 Instant Gratification
By Jessica Cheeks / Urbana, U.S.

For anyone who is looking for a challenge and almost instant gratification, Crossfit Koncepts is what you need. I have been going to Mike's Crossfit classes since about mid-March and I have lost about 34 pounds. It's not even so much about the weight loss but how I feel when I notice how my body is more toned than before and it's nice to be able to see that. I'm excited to see even more improvements and Mike's classes will definitely help me with that. It didn't take long before I noticed those changes, which is what I needed to keep me motivated. I needed a change in my boring workout regimen/lull and Crossfit gave me exactly that at a way higher intensity level than i could have imagined. Mike is always so encouraging and makes me want to work hard and master the techniques. I've referred colleagues and friends to Mike's classes and most of them have joined and have the same positive things to say about Mike and his instruction. I can't imagine doing any other type of workouts now that I have been introduced to Mike and Crossfit Koncepts.

10/10 He's the Best!!
By Teresa S / North Potomac, MD, USA

Although I’ve only been attending workouts at Crossfit for a few months, I’m already stronger and in better shape than I have been for most of my adult life. Thanks to Mike and his boundless enthusiasm and encouragement, I’ve never left a class disappointed or discouraged. In fact, I always leave in better spirits than when I arrived. Mike creates an atmosphere that makes working out not only tolerable, but enjoyable, even when I feel like I’m not going to make it through the WOD. He’s the best.

10/10 awesome teacher and motivator
By Alysha Pretzello / Montgomery Village MD, USA

I have just completed four years of competitive collegiate gymnastics at West Virginia University where I was used to working out every day. Now that I am retired from gymnastics, I was looking for something that would challenge me at the same level as gymnastics did. I tried running and working out at a traditional gym, but nothing seem to fit.

I started a crossfit class with Mike. He was very nice and spent a lot of time teaching me the correct kettle bell techniques. His classes and instruction challenge me. Mike is motivational and a great teacher. This was just what I was looking for. I would recommend Mike and his crossfit classes to anyone who wants a great workout.

10/10 Mike is AWESOME!
By CrossFit Koncepts Boswell / North Bethesda, USA

Mike is an excellent coach. I love his workouts. He is very inspiring and kicks my butt into shape. Never leave without feeling exhausted and that I just had a great workout.

10/10 Great place to go!
By Kiera C / Rockville, USA

I love going! Highly recommend....

10/10 great place to go
By Madelyn C / Derwood, USA

I always enjoy the time at Crossfit and learn new techniques each session.
Highly recommend!

10/10 Learn something new Every Work out
By Jeffrey McAndrew / North Damascus, USA

Today was a perfect example on how good of an instruct Mike is.. We used three very similiar Kettlebell techniques that to the non kettlebell person trained person would think they are the same thing.. We did the Push press, Viking Press and the Jerk The suttle differences and body changes that Mike demonstrated made all the difference in the world

Working oiut with Mike is an enjoyable experiance each and every time.. I am proud to say I am KRIVKA TRAINED

10/10 Personal Goals and Expectations
By Drew Pretzello / Montgomery Village MD, USA

I have been a weightlifter since high school and competed athletics in college. I have maintained a regular fitness regimant on a daily basis. Crossfit has provided me a alternative to my traditional fitness routine that I find inspirational and challenging. Mike's instruction and attention to technique is something that I formally have not particularly focused on as a weighlifter but found through Mike's instruction how invaluable it is to increasing overall fitness. Additionally, I found the cardiovascular part of crossfit to be extremely beneficial to my personal health. Mike has a way of instilling proper technique while pushing me to my limit. His manner of instruction challenges me to reach a high expectation.

By Lisa Pretzello / Montgomery Village, USA

I recently started working out after being inactive for many years and having difficulty motivating myself to workout at a level that would make a significant difference in my health and fitness. As a former college athlete I know the amount of hard work it takes to achieve a high level of fitness but was unable to do this by myself. Mike has the ability to motivate his class in a manner that is not only inspirational but fundamentally correct regarding form and technique. He sets high expectations for each participant in the class and inspires each of us to do the best that we can do each and every day. Mike is vocal and takes a personal interest in each member carefully considering their individual fitness goals. Overall, Mike has motivated me in a manner that has resulted in a significant improvement in my fitness in a short period of time. Mike is an outstanding motivator and instructor and I would recommend his program to all of my friends.

10/10 Thinking about training with Kettlebells?
By Charlie Noonan / Fulton, USA

I have been involved with strength training and fitness ever since I could get my scrawny limbs to lift a bar with 10 lb. plates on it. I've spent years (and lots of money) in gyms all across the MD/DC area not to mention overseas. None of these places made me feel I received as good of a workout as I do at Mike Krivkas.

I tried using kettlebells on my own and ended up hurting myself. One has to be careful with kettlebells. I learned the hard way that form is of the utmost importance. Whenever I take a class being led by Mike Krivka, I know without a doubt that I am getting the best instruction with how to use kettlebells. Not only do I avoid injury, but i get stronger because of it. I feel very fortunate to know Mike and get the instruction that I do from him. It is very common for him to throw in little nuggets of information that is a serious value-add to his training sessions.

10/10 It doesn't get Better than Mike
By Jeffrey McAndrew / North Damascus, USA

I have been training with Mike for 8 Months now in those 8 months I have lost 12 Inches in my waist and 3 inches in my neck..
I didn't really know much about the Kettlebell when I started with Mike, He has taken the time and patience to show me how to properly used them.. He has me so hooked on Kettlebels that I am going to persue the RKC certification in 12-18 Months.. MIke is not only a great instructor, but a great mentor and a great person who cares deeply about each and every student in his classes.. The workouts are tough and can be intimidating, but anyone can do them, and they are fun and addicting.. Thanks Mike for helping me on my weight loss Journey and my persuit of the RKC Cert

10/10 Brother from another mother:)
By Anthony Blair / Portsmouth, UK

This review is long over due about Mike. I trained with Mike for the last 6 months I lived in DC and was truly lucky to do so. However after I moved to the UK, Mike has continued to coach and motivate me from across the pond. Mike's ability to teach highly technical skills safely and responsibly to a large class is remarkable. However it is not just Mike's skill that makes him such a remarkable teacher, it is his passion, integrity, work ethic, and positive attitude that makes his box the best around. Often Mike referred to me as his brother from another mother. I can say it is a great compliment coming from a man of Mike's caliber and can not wait to challenge him in a WOD sometime soon.

10/10 Mike makes it hard to do anything else
By Pete / Maryland

I've tried many other ways to work out - gym machines, free weights, yoga classes, running, climbing, even yoga-laties... and the thing is - when I meet someone and we start talking about working out - I immediately start talking about Mike and his inspiring, unique and exhausting program. And - when I travel, I don't bring a weight belt, or a yoga mat. I bring one kettlebell because I know that's all I need. Thanks to Mike.

10/10 What a workout!!
By Guity Adjoodani / Rockville, MD

I have had 2 personal trainers off and on at a fitness center for the past 4 years and never had a workout like this. My first class - I almost could not walk or sit for 2 days as my body ached so bad - then I went back 4 days later for workout #2, still somewhat aching from workout #1 - but managed to get through and this time, I had very little discomfort - I think this is gonna be great for me and I'm gonna keep coming back. The trainers, Mike and John, work well with the group and are very positive and encouraging.

10/10 If you want to get the most out of every workout..
By Ramona / Bethesda, MD

If you want to get the most out of every workout... you should contact Michael Krivka with CFK! The personal attention he gives you during each work out is incredible. He will push you hard to help you get stronger but will make sure you do not injure yourself! He creates a very welcoming environment where everyone looks out for each other during the workouts. You will never get bored in any of his classes because they switch every day! Mike is passionate about what he does and is an excellent trainer!!!!

10/10 Hardcore!
By Jessica C. / Urbana, MD

Yep these workouts are hard core! I have been involved with Mike's Crossfit classes for a few months now and I think they are great! When I first started looking for Crossfit in this area, Mike was so responsive when I called and had me even more excited to get started. I love that every workout is different and challenges your body differently than any other workout. I have played sports all of my life but these workouts take it to a different level. Mike is so attentive and makes sure your technique is correct so that you get the full benefit of the workouts. I recommend Mike and Crossfit Koncepts to everyone now!!

10/10 Michael K and Crossfit Koncepts are top notch
By Mary / Virginia

It started with a Wounded Warrior Workshop and has turned into my fitness routine (addiction). Michael and his staff have a great program for all levels of fitness and all ages. This program gives amazing results in a very short period of time and is never boring - always pushing your limits! And it is great fun!

10/10 great instructor
By Steffi / Gaithersburg, MD

Tried lots of different workouts before and have played sports my whole like, but nothing compares to a CFK class with Mike. I always leave class feeling stronger and more powerful than before. There is a great energy when taking his class which makes me want to keep coming back.

10/10 If You Really Thoguht You Were Fit? Guess Again
By David / Bethesda MD

I have always considered myself a physically fit guy. That was, until I started attending Michael's Crossfit training classes. Michael's intensity and committment to proper training techniques has forced me to re-think my concepts of physical fitness. I now incorporate the routines and skills that Michael has taught me in my daily workout routines. I also always recommend Michael's training classes to my friends and relatives I tell them, " If you want sweat and feel like you have really accomplished something spend an hour with Michael Krivka."

10/10 Great workshop
By Nathan Fleischaker / Quantico

Talented instructor, wish we had had more time at the seminar. I especially appreciated how much Michael connected the kettlebell movements to truly functional movements we'll do in combatives or otherwise in real life.

10/10 This man will destroy you
By USMC Grunt / Quantico VA

Everything iIthought I knew was wrong. Mike showed me the right technique and I stopped muscling the bell and started training my whole body to perform under tension.
I have exercised at high levels throughout my entire life. I haven't been sore like this since I started martial arts in my teens. he kept my attention and his enthusiasm up for six solid hours. I have a lot to work on, and even more to look forward to. If he teaches a class in your area, GO TO IT.

10/10 "No person left behind!"
By Miss Mia / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike is an incredible instructor who's able to cater to the novice KB student (like me!) to the veterans. I was amazed to see how much progress I made within such a short period of time and it was definitely due to Mike's innate ability to teach and motivate! I feel fortunate to have connected with a top-notch professional!

10/10 Amazing Workouts Continue
By Tina C. / MCPS

Thnaks to Mike Krivka for the last year and a half. I feel great! I am stronger cardiovascularly and physically. I love going to different workouts all the time. Mike is so great at adjusting the workout slightly or fixing my technique to make it better for me. The atmosphere at the gym is one of competitiveness, but respect and friendship! My proudest accomplishment so far has to be doing the pullups! Thanks Mike!

10/10 Outstanding
By J.R. Smith / Reston, Virginia

I had the good fortune to meet Mike Krivka in September 2010 at the Philadelphia RKC workshop. I now train at his facility regularly, aiming for three times per week, even though I have to drive 25 miles each way to his gym. Why? His programs and instruction are simply outstanding. HIs combination of knowledge, skill, and ability to convey information effectively makes me want to continue to work with him, despite the commute! In addition, I feel that his personality (tough but warm) and his great sense of humor enhance his ability to motivate his "victims", by making difficult classes or one-on-one coaching fun! Mike inspires me to learn and to do. I am pleased with his coaching ability and with the resultant positive changes in my physique. For example, my strength has increased dramatically and my posture has improved. I highly recommend him to others and wish he would open a second gym in Virginia, so that I could send my friends (who won't do the commute to Gaithersburg) to him.

10/10 Exceptional Instruction
By Mike Belyea / Rockville, MD

I stumbled upon Crossfit Koncepts back in August 2010 without ever having heard of kettle bells or anything related to them. I didn't know what to expect with this manner of training but had a feeling it would be superior to the traditional gym experience. That feeling was confirmed on the first day of training and has not diminished since then. Workouts begin with appropriate warm-ups and consistent explanation and demonstration of proper exercise technique and form from Mike.

Mike's emphasis on proper form and technique, along with a very supportive class environment, makes every workout well worth the [considerable] physical and mental effort expended. Kettle bell training/crossfit kicks my sorry butt on a regular basis but it is so very worth it. Mike is very personable and a consummate professional and I look forward to learning more from his classes.

10/10 Mike is an Outstanding Trainer and Motivator!
By Ted Kunszt / Germantown

I?ve been working out with Mike for over two years. In addition to Mike?s outstanding martial arts program (Martial Arts Koncepts), I was looking for a new conditioning program that was focused on functional strength. Mike?s Crossfit and Kettlebell workouts exceeded my expectations! The workouts are both demanding and fun! Mike is an outstanding instructor and motivator. He ensures that everyone learns the proper form when doing each exercise, and he motivates us to do our best. The atmosphere at Crossfit Koncepts is warm and friendly, and fellow students motivate each other as well. I can?t think of a better place to train, and I highly recommend Mike to anyone wanting to learn Kettlebells and improve their level of conditioning.

10/10 Mike is "da Man"
By Paul Honigfort / Gaithersburg, MD

After my son was born I went about a year without working out at all. Unable to face the drudgery of the gym a friend told me about kettlebells so I decided to try it out. Realizing how form intensive kettlebells are I went on dragondoor.com looking for a local instructor and found Mike. Boy am I glad I did! In 6 months working with Mike I've seen more improvement then in years of lifting at the gym.
Mike is the quinessential instructor - I've asked him countless times"where did you learn this stuff?" Mike hasn't just taken some certification courses - he's drawing on a lifetime of martial arts training that allows him to make sure you're getting the "functional" part of functional movement.
Those of you in the Gaithersburg, MD area, I strongly recommend you check out Mike's gym, Crossfit Koncepts. Because of Mike I canceled my Fitness First membership, I don't plan on ever goign back to a normal gym!

10/10 My Kettlebell Family
By Danie / Rockville

I LOVE CFK! The program has made a great impact in my muscle tone and general health. I have seen reduction in inches as well as reduced cholesterol and increased energy. The people at the gym have become close friends and I actually look forward to every workout! Mike is extremely well versed in cross fit and kettlebells and puts technique and safety first. He is a great cheerleader; helping push you through each workout with encouragement and excitement!

10/10 great instructor
By bill brown / sykesville, md

Mike pushes you hard, but it is well worth it. He makes sure your form is good, and that you are giving it everything you've got.

10/10 An Amazing Instructor with Exceptional Skills!
By Chris / Rockville, MD

I have been attending Mike's Crossfit/Kettlebell classes for almost a year. From the first class, I was amazed by Mike's level of fitness. Equally as impressive is his ability to be a great instructor and a terrific motivator. He continually works to ensure that every exercise is done with proper form, from the most basic to the most complex. Mike has created a terrific training atmosphere where every student is a valued part of the group and at the same time receives individualized instruction. Like the greatest of coaches, Mike has a personality and style that motivates students to push themselves beyond their perceived limits. Mike has a great knack for creating workouts that exhaust even the fittest of students, yet leave us all looking forward to what he has in store for us at the next class!

10/10 Safe strong and intense
By Greg B / MD

That is what I needed to add to my workouts. I wish I knew of KB's when in college! Mike's style of training keeps you coming back. More to learn on every exercise and has gotten me to the best shape I have ever been in.

10/10 Daniel Fahey
By Daniel Fahey / Rockville, MD

I have been with Mike programs for more than 5 years. Originally searched for a replacement martial arts system similar to Bando and found Mike and Martial Arts Koncepts program and with a big surprise.

He has a physical conditioning program called CrossFit Koncepts using Kettlebells. This was a huge change from past Martial Arts systems. I got dedicated quickly and would work out 4 - 5 days a week doing both programs.

Made some changes to the program to add the demands of Soccer Refreeing. Both programs made a huge difference in my stamina, strength and agility. Always a bit sore but rarely injure myself and even when that happen recovery has been reasonably quick.

Refferees are assigned 3-5 back to back games each day during the weekend and up to 7 for Tournaments. Stay on the play within 10 years is critical and considering you run 2 mini-marathons a day.

The Martial Arts and Crossfit are tough programs. But Iam in the best shape of my life..even at 60 !!

10/10 Instructor first, then friend
By Tina Kalil / Darnestown, MD

My son suggested that I try this new exercise - kettlebells and crossfit, with his trainer, Mike Krivka. Now after 3 years it has become my favorite albeit strenuous workout I've ever experienced, and with continued practice the results are astounding - case in point my "grandmother arms" are firm as a 30-year old!. So, thanks to Mike Krivka, this has become a family affair and something we can do at our own athletic level and still feel part of a group. The encouragement and postive energy from Mike make the effort so worthwhile that as a student you want to do well for him! He is careful to watch your form to protect from any injuries. He is a TOP-KNOTCH trainer and I am SO GLAD that my son had the good sense to introduce me to this GREAT workout!

10/10 Best Ever Coach and Mentor
By John Kalil / Darnestown, MD

After being in Mike's classes for a couple of years, he strongly encouraged me to become certified and try my hand at teaching. I decided to go for it and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience "from the other side." Mike is a consumate first-class instructor who continuously demands THE BEST from his students, ALWAYS in a most positive manner. Mike's technique and attention to detail for the utmost physical rewards are evident in his own physique and those of his students. That is why I continue to attend his classes to better my own skills and offer that to my clients. He is without a doubt, the most knowledgable kettlebell and crossfit trainer, bar none!

10/10 Phenomenal KFW event in Jacksonville FL!
By J.T. Boss / Fort Walton Beach, FL

would like to extend my gratitude to Michael Krivka and all of the great folks at the National Guard Armory in Jacksonville, FL, for putting on an absolutely awesome workout at the "Kettlebells for Warriors (KFW)" event! I attended a KFW event last September in Maryland and was so impressed by the quality of instruction and amazing level of enthusiasm to support the Wounded Warriors Project, that this time I drove five hours to do it all over again! I had a phenomenal time and, as whenever I spend time with Mike, at the end of the day I was completely wiped out but my knowledge of using kettlebells for building GPP seems to have doubled! I am REALLY looking forward to the next nearby KFW event! :

10/10 Phenomenal Instructor!
By Ryan Miller / Jacksonville, FL

This is my second fitness seminar with Mike and he is a consummate professional. His thorough knowledge of kettlebell training, CrossFit, and combative arts make his seminars an invaluable investment of time and money. His instruction is consistently grounded in functional fitness, combat mindset, and real-world applications. Beyond that, Mike is clearly a man of character and his warm personality and sense of humor makes the seminar fun. I would gladly attend any of his seminars again and plan to seek him out for additional training when I am in the DC area this summer.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Jimmy Corbett / Jacksonville, FL

Mike was great. He provided 5 hours of high intensity, great instruction, and a wealth of information. This is more than a lesson in kettlebells; with Mike you'll get anatomy and physiology, nutrition, exercise science; you name it and Mike has valuable knowledge on the topic. His knowledge and skill with a kettlebell is phenomenal. Everything he teaches he can execute with ease and everything he can execute he teaches with ease. I taking another of Mike's class at my earliest opportunity.

10/10 The best trainer period!
By Kathy / DC area

Mike is a great kettlebell instructor. He is very focused on making sure you are doing the exercises with correct form so that you minimize the chance of injury. I also really like the variety of exercises that he incorporates into each workout. Each session is a great all-round workout and will kick your butt, but his enthusiasm and positivity will get you through it.

10/10 Mike Krivka - awesome KB instructor!
By Ellen Polster / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike Krivka is one of the most talented athletes and athletic trainer/sinstructors that I've ever met. His attention to detail and form is phenomenal. Before starting with Mike, I tried other instructors/classes. My experiences were often that I was not taught proper form nor started off at the correct weight for my ability. Therefore, I suffered a few injuries and was wary of resuming training until I joined Mike's class. I've been training with him for over one year now and I still love it. I have also seen a positive change in my physique and I am undoubtedly the strongest that I've ever been. I also appreciate the way that Mike's classes focus on functional movement skills because the strength I build in class really helps me move better and function better in doing my everyday activities. The atmosphere in Mike's classes is always relaxing and there are no egos, yet this is still the hardest-working group of men and women I've ever been around. I look forward to each class

10/10 Awesome instructor!
By Christi / Quantico, VA

Mike is a wonderful instructor that has an incredibly meticulous eye. I now feel absolutely confident in my exercises and most importantly, my ablity to coach and cue. His personality kept the class lively.

10/10 This man knows his stuff!
By Aron / Rockville

I went with my wife to a class and worked areas of my body which don't get challenged in my normal mens league basketball games.

Highly recommend!

10/10 Simple, but not easy.
By Ryan Houseman / Ashburn, Va

I have been training with Mike in both Kettlebells and Martial Arts for over 5 years now. In each, Mike consistently finds ways of breaking down material into simple, universal fundamentals; and from those, sadistically building ever evolving, ass kicking workouts. His command of foundational skills has given me the tools to be highly effective and highly conditioned whether I am throwing around a Kettlebell in class or throwing around and opponent on the mat. Mikes' tireless approach to a mastery of simple basics provides a constant emphasis on real world practical application, while his bordering-on-evil creativity ensures that surviving a Mike Krivka workout is anything but easy.

10/10 "Zero Leakage"
By Kain Anderson, USMC / Quantico, VA

Michael is a consummate professional. His form during demonstrations is undeniably first-class. He has "zero leakage" such that very little energy is wasted in his movement. One can easily see that it takes practice to achieve his level of expertise. As an instructor expertise is worthless unless you possess the skill to transmit knowledge to students. Michael uses enthusiasm, demonstrations, and drills, and by the end the day you are ready to take your training to the next level. I also appreciate Michael's leadership in organizing Kettlebells for Troops and volunteering his time for these events that donate 100% of revenue to Wounded Warriors. A true patriot!

10/10 Note of Appreciation
By Philip J Sipkov / Germantown, MD 20876

Just wanted to take the time and offer words of appreciation from the heart...I have endeavored to be realistic in my expectations of what I can and cannot do. That applies to the physical, mental and emotioanl aspects of my life. I honestly thougth that as I got older my limitations would increase and capablities would diminish. Since I have been studying and practicing with you I have reason to pause, ponder and proclaim that I still have potential. In other words, I can't stop from getting older but I can get better at maintaining what I have!My favorite adage for working out has been - "i don't know if it will add years to my life, BUT , I do believe it will add life to years to my life." And so I humbly thank you for resusitating, rejuvinating and giving me reason to rejoice!!!I

10/10 Great Trainer!
By Cheryl Bagi / Germantown, MD

I had been doing CrossFit for about 1.5yrs before I started training with Mike. I had worked with many other trainers that were great, but with that said, Mike is definitely at the top of my list. He is very strict on form and technique. In my past CrossFit training, I had used kettle bells. I always stuck to low weights, mainly due to intimidation. Now, 6 months into training with Mike, I could confidently say that I no longer fear hurting myself with the kettle bells and constantly try and push myself to do the maximum weight I could handle. With constant attention to technique, Mike has helped make me a stronger CrossFitter. Overall, he is a great trainer and a great friend!

10/10 Details, details, details
By David Drazen / Potomac, MD

I've been training with Mike for over a year and my gains have been incredible. I went from barely being able to snatch a 35# KB to snatching 61# 150 times in less than a year. I attribute this to Mike's attention to detail. We constantly train the fundamentals, which I believe is important so that as the intensity increases we can perform the moves safely. Highly recommended

10/10 Wonderful Motivator!
By Emily / Baltimore, MD

I trained with Mike for about a year but recently took a break due to pregnancy/new mom craziness. Even though his gym is a hour from my home, it is worth the drive. Mike creates a very motivational and supportive atmosphere and his workouts are TOUGH. He will also check in with you after a workout and laugh with you at your soreness if needed :) I highly recommend him as an instructor.

10/10 He's Awesome, pass it on!
By Pete / Maryland

For me, the greatest measure of value is how much I want to tell other people about something I found. I found Mike's workout and I've been telling everyone I can about how great of an athletic experience his routines are. I even tell people how close I came to loosing it in his classes - and then how much I learned and can do now that I couldn't before I met him. The only downside to his workouts - you cannever go back to what you did before because nothing compares to his classes.

10/10 Great Coach
By Carolyn Schmidt-Roberts / Laytonsville, MD

A friend recommended Mike's class and I resisted for over a year, but when I saw not that she lost weight, but that she appeared strong, I was convinced to give it a try. I've done various activities over the years from swimming, spinning, weight training, Elliptical, Group Power barbell program, to name a few, but Mike's KB class beats them all. I brought a triathlete friend who teaches spinning

10/10 Top Notch
By Geri Shapiro / Potomac,MD

I don't have a lot of time to waste which is why I love Mike's classes. He focuses on proper technique and pushes us with out us really knowing. Awesome!

10/10 No one could ask for a better instructor/trainer.
By Nicky Scafone / Hyattsville, MD

Mike Krivka is amazing in his knowlege of technique for crossfit and kettlebells. I've been training with him for a little over a year. I've learned so much from him about proper technique, safety and having fun while working out, even if at that moment the workout is kicking my butt. There is never a dull moment in class and I always learn something new, either about kettlebells or the way my body moves and what it can take. Mike makes the classes fun and makes everyone feel welcome. His gym is a great place to be, I've made many new friends and we all support each other during the workouts. I wouldn't want to go any where else to train or workout.

10/10 Mike brings out best of his students
By Rick Doten, RKC / Sterling, VA

Mike is my mentor. He helped me train for my RKC. From decades of martial arts, and 10 years as an RKC, he really understands how the body moves. Every week, I learn some new gem of information about how to hold my head, or what to feel during a movement to understand it better. I look forward to every class; each session is like being on the home team of your favorite sport. We work together to help push each other to be our best, and Mike is our coach and cheerleader. Everyone is greeted with a hug or firm handshake. Everyone is his friend. His workouts are always interesting, and always tough. But, we smile and joke through the sweat and exhaustion. I've seen him bring out power and perseverance from people who felt they had none. And the joy they get from gaining that experience is only matched by MIke's enthusiasm to provide it; and, that is truly inspiring.

10/10 The Best! 10 out of 10!!
By Jack B. / Gaithersburg

Mike is an awesome Kettlebell instructor! I’ve been going to his classes for about 3 months now, and have made marked improvements in both my strength and cardiovascular capacity. His workouts can be insanely intense, but are always a ton of fun at the same time. I’ve never walked out of his gym without feeling that I had worked really hard, and had a great workout. His gym has a really positive environment and Mike is an excellent motivator! Where Mike really shines is his ability to watch a student perform an exercise and give them a quick piece of advice to correct the most evident problem in their form, often leading to drastic improvements in their technique!

10/10 It is fun to watch the progress.....
By Kim Wong / North Potomac

I love watching new clients come to Mike's Crossfit classes! The change in their technique, endurance and over all fitness is amazing after a few months! Even big, buff athletes that think they are all that and a bag of chips improve tremendously. The classes are always different and the crowd changes for every class. Not only have I become stronger and become more toned..... the biggest bonus are the friends that I have made. Everyone is supportive and encouraging! This class is for all fitness levels.... Mike makes it work. Give it a try!

10/10 Just Keeps Getting Better
By Erik F / Potomac, MD

I recently started training again with Mike after a hiatus of a couple of years. He was an excellent teacher before. If anything, he's even better now. Mike brings a depth of knowledge together with a focus on technical excellence -- with a solid dose of good humor -- that is so hard to find. If you have an opportunity to train with Mike, take it!

10/10 intense
By Lori Black / Derwood

Mike is hands-down the best trainer I have ever worked with. I was brand new to cross-fit and kettlebells when I started training with him a year and a half ago and I am hooked! The workouts are intense - and they vary each day so you don't get stuck in a rut. The camaraderie in his classes is fabulous and make it enjoyable to challenge yourself each and every workout.

10/10 Outstanding Instructor
By Meredith M. / Gaithersburg, MD

I've trained w/ Mike for about 8 months

10/10 Simple, but NOT EASY
By Paul / Frederick

The movements look simplistic upon first examination. You're thinking, "I'm in pretty good shape, that doesn't look too bad". So, you give it whirl. Next thing you know you're getting your butt handed to you and it's only been 10 minutes!!! Mike has taught me how to use my entire body together as one unit, which has helped me tremendously both physically and mentally. Top notch instructor 10/10!!

10/10 Evil Genius
By Tom Berlinsky / Odenton, MD

Mike Krivka is an evil genius!! Ever time I come to class he has a new workout to torture us... Just kidding ( Sort of) ! All Mike's workouts push you to the limit. Mike is a great instructor. He is very good at explaining each exercise in the workout. He makes sure everyone's technique is good and monitors everyone throughout the workout. I drive 40 minutes twice a week to train with him.

10/10 Excellent attitude and instruction
By Cristine C / Gaithersburg, Maryland

Mike has an excellent eye for the detail of your technique and one's performance to enhance any workout. He makes all persons feel successful regardless of ability. The workouts are designed and implemented to constantly challenge your body and leave your mind wanting for more. The workouts offered are always a promise for what can still be done, yet never leave you with a sense of inability.

10/10 Awesome Instructor
By Dyann Charette / Rockville

Mike is a awesome instructor. Since I have been going to him I have lost at least 15 lbs. but to my amazement with little effort. It is the great exercise and motivation that Mike gives through out the hour you are there. I have even been asked if I am an personal trainer since my body is in such good shape now. I so appreciate everything he does and the constant support while working out!

10/10 An experience you won't regret!!!!
By Liz G. / Frederick, MD

Mike is the best teacher out there, hands down! He is so strict on technique and proper form with only the best intentions in mind for his students. I look forward to every workout because I know it will challenge me in some way. I never would have dreamed that I would be able to do a pull-up and now I can! You will get sore from his workouts, but you won't regret it!

10/10 Charles
By Charlie / Columbia, MD

Mike's KB classes are the best! I recommend this class for anybody serious about improving their health.

10/10 Saved my vacation!
By Dorothy Dalton-Sheridan / Gaithersburg Maryland

Before Mike's help my husband couldn't walk more than 1/2 mile without leg or back pain. He couldn't ride a bike without spasms and stopping to stretch or rest. Last year we took the family to Costa Rica, he climbed up steep hills, walked on the beach the entire day, rode Zip lines and never had one ache or pain! Mike is the BEST instructor I've ever had the pleasure to train with. Thanks Mike

10/10 The Best
By Denise H / Boyds, MD

I knew enough about kb training to find proper instruction to learn correct and safe technique. Mike knows the how and the why, and is a SUPERB instructor. He cares about his students, constantly observes and corrects technique, and makes this uniquely effective torture FUN! There may be videos or cheaper training, don't waste your time. Go to the best, accept no imitators!

10/10 Learned a great deal from Mike
By Jeffrey McAndrew / Maryland

I have been using Kettlebells for a few months now. I started with an instructor who Mike taught and he saw that I was really enjoying them. He suggested that if I want to be good with them and get most out of them, I need to work with the best and Mike is the best. I can't agree more Since I have been working with Mike I have lost 30lbs and have learned great Technique. Mike is the best

10/10 Outstanding Instructor
By Meredith M. / Gaithersburg, MD

I've trained w/ Mike for about 8 months

10/10 Outstanding Instructor
By Meredith M. / Gaithersburg, MD

I've trained with Mike for 8 months now

10/10 Agogae (It is how the Spartans trained their young
By Kevin C. Robertson / Alexandria, Va

I have had the pleasure of receiving instruction from Mike for a number of years now and I can say without reservation that he is one of the finest instructors about. His knowledge is extensive and his coaching style is high energy but always posivtive and encouraging. Mike can make the most compplex kettle Bell exercise seem simple by virtue of his knowledge and skill.

10/10 Unbelievable Teacher
By Shawn Luger / Owings Mills, MD

Mike is an excellent Kettlebell instructor, who has helped me lose 40 pounds, and get into the best shape of my life. I have been working out with Mike since November 2008. When I started I would have to take breaks just to get through a workout, and although I no longer have to take breaks to finish, and now use much heavier KB's, Mike continues to push me to push my limits.

10/10 recent Kettlebell For Warriors workshop at York Barbell
By Gerard Sachney / Wilkes-Barre,PA

I recently attended the Kettlebells For Warriors at York Barbell. Mike Krivka was the instructor. Mike's instruction and knowledge of the concepts and techniques were well explained and demonstrated. He provided common sense reasons for the techiques and principles behind the different exercises. Mike explained the exercises in step by step movements from start to finish. He was highly motivating in his approach. The assistants that accompanied Mike were also very helpful and a testimony to the instuction they received from Mike and were then able to pass on to new students. I look for forward to attending another workshop provided by Mike Krivka and would highly recommend him to anyone who has an interest in kettlebell workouts.

By Chris / Pennsylvania

As a member of the Marine Corps I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and my Marines. I found Mike to be a incrediable instructor. His method of instruction was a step by step approach to learning the basics of Kettlebell Training. Mike was very helpful in not only demonstrating but also giving one on one tips and assistance on how to do the different exercises.

I am extremely thankful for having the opporunty to be able to attend Mike's seminar and would encourage anyone (of all ages, shapes and sizes) to attend his workshop. I will am looking forward to attending any of his seminars in the future.

All of the procedes from the workshop went to the Wounded Warrior Project to help service members. Thanks Mike for the great workout and for being a supporter of our military.

Semper Fi,

10/10 Mike Krifka - Kettlebells for Warriors York PA benefit for Wounded Warrior Project
By Helen Zimmerman / Gambrills, MD

I had the amazing opportunity and privilege to take part in the benefit for Wounded Warrior Project called "Kettlebells for Warriors" last Saturday, July 10, 2010 in York PA. I had never taken part in a workshop like this, nor did I know what to expect. But, when I found out it was for Wounded Warriors, I had to go. WWP has done more for our guys and gals returning from the wars than anyone can imagine. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for the assistance they have provided on an emotional and physical level to those who have given so much for us.
As far as the workshop with Mike Krifka, it was truly phenomenal. First of all, Mike is everybody's "best friend" even to those of us who had never met him before. He is very dedicated to this cause, and a great organizer, as demonstrated by his garnering of sponsors and participants. Then, Mike is a great teacher, with great attention to detail, with a way of making corrections in a person's form, without putting down the person. Finally, he is a great showman; he made this day of really hard work, a very fun time. I personally learned a great deal, and cannot wait until September when there will be another workshop in DC, which I am attending for sure. Thank you, Mike, and all the sponsors.

10/10 Excellent instructor for an excellent cause
By Larry Novak / New Cumberland, PA USA

I had the honor of being invited by Mike to attend his Kettel Bells For Warriors. Mike has a very positive attitude and brings with him a sencere heart with the cause he is supporting. Along with his spirit and attitude I was able to view Mike teach his techniques which are top notch. I would be honored to work with Mike in the future.
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10/10 Tactical Strength Workshop
By Lisa Vice / Quantico, VA

I learned so much, once again, from a workshop with Michael Krivka. Since I work with the military, I always am looking for new ways to incorporate tactical conditioning into any of their trainings, and when I can find more ways to incorporate kettlebells, even better. I also learned many ways for a wimp like me to get past the sticking points as far as technique or weakness. Michael's workshops are always a lesson in how my body works as a unit!

10/10 Kettlebells For Warriors
By Brian Q / York, PA

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the Kettle bells for Warriors seminar this past weekend which saw all profits going directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. Knowing the time, energy, and money that he put forth to make this event happen alone speaks to the type of man Mike is.

Mike and all of the guys who helped him out were awesome. This is exactly what I was looking for! We spent our day hammering the "basics". An entire day spent learning to crush a basic movement for all it was worth. Definitely the "don't fear the man who knows 10,000 kick, fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times." Mike in one day provided the foundation for a life long pursuit of the art of kettle bell training. I will definitely be in attendance for any of Mike's courses or seminars in the future.

By Andria Saia / West Chester PA

A friend invited me to Mike's class to try kettlebells for the first time. It was by far the hardest workout I have ever done, but Mike made me feel like I wasn't the most uncoordinated wimp in the world. He stressed proper form, consistently gave feedback, encouraged me the whole time, all while working with a whole class. I am so sad that I am not closer so that I could work with him all the time.

10/10 Simply Fabulous!
By Jenn Hudson / Germantown, MD

My husband did one of Mike's classes after being introduced to him at a dinner party. He's in great shape (on the SWAT team) but was humbled (translation: CRUSHED) by the intensity of the intro workout. Not to be outdone I decided to see what all of the fuss was about... oh crap! :) What a great workout! Mike was a great instructor and he made sure that everyone was using the kettlebell safely before moving into the workout. No need to mention the workout... it rocked! Thanks Mike!

10/10 Excellent Experience
By Carrie Hardy / Baltimore, MD

The workshop (For Women Only) was an excellent experience with lots of practical advice on how to use kettlebells. Mike showed me the proper techniques, methods and drills to safely use kettlebells and nullify my bad habits. A really enjoyed the small group environment and that fact that we all got lots of one-on-one attention from Mike. Thanks!

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Janet Breezinski / Calvert, MD

Really enjoyed the workshop (For Women Only) and felt that I now can practice the techniques with proper form. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to applying what I have learned as I continue to work with kettlebells. This was a great introduction to using kettlebells with a great instructor.

10/10 The Hips Have It
By Jae Clark / Baltimore, MD

Very informative workshop (For Women Only) and it was a true revelation that the real power behind kettlebells comes from the hips and that the whole body is integral to the technique. I feel much more confident in my technique and the movement is much smaller and compact than it was when I started. BTW - can you open a training facility in Baltimore? :)

10/10 Informative and Relaxed
By Denise Jenkins / Gaithersburg, MD

Very informative and relaxed workshop (For Women Only). Workshop was structured enough to cover all the material but relaxed enough to cover questions and alternatives. Really appreciated having time for analysis of my technique and corrections.

10/10 "Dial in" my body
By L. Vice, USMC / Quantico, VA

Awesome training experience! You really showed me how to "dial in" my body so that I wold get the most benefit from each and every exercise. This double kettlebell workshop was a great complement to the single kettlebell workshop I attended before.

10/10 Outstanding Technical Instructor
By Antonio Rosa / Camp Springs, MD

Outstanding instructor and very technical in the explanation of technique and execution. Look forward to working with you again in the future.

10/10 Very Intense
By Thad DeHaven / Quantico, VA

Excellent instruction and very intense. Enjoyed all aspects of the workshop and will definitely recommend them to others.

10/10 Excellent Instruction
By Lt. Jason Benefield, US Army / Warrenton, VA

Just wanted to let you know I took a tremendous step forward in my technique based on your instruction. Thanks again and I look forward to attending the next workshop.

10/10 Absolutely Phenomenal
By Captain Luis Martinez, USMC / Quantico, VA

Great intro into using two kettlebells. Mike has a very methodical approach to instruction. His breakdown of the turkish getup was very detailed and step by step. I look forward to taking the next class.

10/10 High Energy Instructor
By Julie / Springfield, VA

Your double kettlebell workshop was an awesome experience! Your high energy and intimate level of instruction makes all of the pain worthwhile. This is a "must attend" workshop for anyone who is not intimidated by a non-normal / intense method of exercise.

10/10 Tough but Extremely Thorough
By Sarah Daniels / Springfield, VA

Great workshop on how to effectively utilize two kettlebells. I never knew how hard it would be going from one to two... your instruction made all the difference in the world. A very tough but thorough introduction into double kettlebell use.

10/10 Like No Other KB Instructor
By Name withheld - DEA / Quantico, VA

I have a much better understanding of the fundamental movements and the details associated with the transitions between movements. Outstanding presentation of the details and mechanics associated with the techniques. No other KB instructor presents the material in the building block approach - great job on all aspects.

10/10 Awesome Day
By David Goodrich / USMC Quantico

Outstanding stuff! Learned far more that I ever thought there was to learn about the basic movements. Awesome day and I learned a ton! I have kettlebells at home but never really felt that I knew what I was doing - until today! Thanks!

10/10 Amazing!
By Lisa Long-Rodriguez / Ocean City, MD

Mike Krivka is the Zen Master of kettlebell training!

10/10 Fantastic and Caring Instructor
By Kathy / Silver Spring, MD

In a very short period of time I have come to realize that Kettlebells are an awesome, all encompassing, butt-kicking workout. With Mike at the helm you will see results (almost) immediately and will want to work harder each time.

Mike is always excited to help you move onto a more challenging technique or slow you down if you are getting ahead of yourself skill or safety-wise. Mike's mantra of maintaining perfect form and execution every step of the way is the key principle of each and every workout or training session.

Mike's enthusiasm and energy is contagious! I'm a believer!

10/10 Even the un-coordinated can learn
By Sarah / Bethesda, MD

I am not really athletically inclined (translation: un-coordinated and always have been) but I recognized recognized when I turned 30 that I needed some kind of exercise program for general health and to offset the ravages of time. A friend of mine talked me into taking one of Mike's Kettlebell/CrossFit classes and while I had difficulty walking, sitting and moving my arms for several days afterwards - I'm hooked! Mike is an excellent and patient instructor and if he can whip me into shape he can help anyone meet their fitness goals.

10/10 Dropping pounds!
By Grace Lee / Mt. Airy, MD

I have been running, walking and doing my circuit training on my own for over four years (as well as hiring the occasional personal trainer to change up my routine a little) and was frustrated to see that I was not only not losing weight - I was gaining weight.

After working with Mike for a little over 3 months I lost 12 pounds and dropped 3 sizes. I am now able to fit into clothes that have been hanging in the back of my closet for years - and I look great in them!

10/10 Number 1 for a reason!
By "Wild Bill" Stevens / Olney, MD

I have had the pleasure of training with Mike Krivka for several months now and it is easy to see why he is the number 1 kettlebell instructor. Mike combines his decades of experience as a martial arts instructor, his professional skills as an expert trainer and a genuine interest in seeing his clients thrive and improve.

If you are serious about learning about Russian Kettlebells then give Mike a call - you won't regret it.

10/10 Technical and Precise
By John Davis / Gaithersburg, MD

I recently had the opportunity to meet and work with Mike Krivka, RKC. We met by chance at Dick's Sporting Goods and started talking about KB's. I had been recently certified by another organization (name withheld for obvious reasons) and we started trading notes on KB training and technique execution. Little did I know that this chance encounter would end up being an hour and a half of instruction from Mike. He was able to correct my technique form, give me a completely different perspective on athletic performance, and inspire me to train for and receive my RKC.

Without reservation I recommend Mike Krivka to anyone that wants to improve their body's function, movement and strength.

10/10 Unbelievable Knowledge Base
By Andrew Nelson / Washington, DC

I've worked with and known several fitness trainers and without a doubt Mike is the best. He has extensive knowledge of kettlebell, martial arts, and body-weight training techniques (and has the strength and ability to demonstrate them all with ease and grace) makes him an inspiration when you are struggling. He uses humor, anecdotes, and outright silliness to get his point across and can take the most difficult skill or drill and break it down into easily digestible pieces.

Thanks again Mike and keep up the great work!

10/10 One of a kind instructor
By Bill Reynolds / Arlington, VA

I've been honored to have Mike Krivka as my martial arts instructor (JKD, Kali, Grappling) and more recently as my Russian kettlebell instructor. The qualities that he exhibits in his martial arts instruction, primarily his attention to detail and focus on proper fundamentals, is also evident in his kettlebell instruction and workouts.

Mike's enthusiasm for training, for sharing his knowledge, and his ability to keep even the most grueling workout fun and enjoyable is truly a gift.

10/10 Definite Improvement in a Short Period of Time
By Capt. Mike Pachucki / Gaithersburg, MD

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you! I've really enjoyed the last 2 months working out at your gym. The workouts have been great and in just 2 short months I've noticed a definite improvement in my strength and endurance.

10/10 Great teacher
By Bill Srole / Rockville, MD

I met Mike a month ago and asked him to teach me to use a kettlebell correctly. I'm pretty fit at age 63, but had no idea how much proper kettlebell instruction matters and what kind of amazing strength gains are possible. Long story short: thanks to Mike in only a month I've gone from being able to do one pull-up to now doing six. To me that's HUGE!

10/10 10 out of 10
By Thaddious / Clarksburg, MD USA

Mike will work you hard, but he is not one of those instructors that just barks at you during sessions. He is right there in the middle of it, working as hard as anyone in the class. The more he teaches me, the more I realize just how deep his knowledge goes. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is watch his movements with a Kettlebell. It is mastery in motion. You gain more than just Kettlebell skills with Mike. He has found the link to transfer the core mechanics to several other athletic environments. He is an innovator, a motivator, an instructor, and a friend. I can't say enough good things about Mike personally or professionally. He is truly a needle in a haystack!

10/10 Simply the Best
By Lori Black / Derwood, MD USA

When I was looking for something to improve my strength and overall fitness, a friend suggested I join her for a kettlebells class. I had no idea what kettlebells was, but was willing to give it a try and am I ever glad I did. Mike is the most patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable trainer I have ever had. Not only does he bring his passion for kettlebells to each workout, but also his friendly demeanor makes everyone instantly comfortable (even when being critiqued for improper mechanics :)

10/10 Mike's an Awesome Instructor and Motivator
By Ted Kunszt / Germantown, MD

Mike's a dedicated instructor and motivator. His knowledge of kettlebells, fitness, and martial arts is extensive. I have lived and traveled all over the world, and Mike's one of the best instructors I have ever met. Mike takes the time to make sure each person learns how to perform each movement correctly, and his workouts are both tough and fun! My overall functional strength and fitness has improved since I began training with Mike over a year ago. I'd highly recommend Mike to anyone either desiring a challeging workout or wanting to learn more about Kettlebells. Mike's the best!

10/10 Mike has SKILLS!
By Kim Wong / Gaithersburg, MD

~ able to work with a variety of abilities at all times
~ gives good, constructive feedback
~ tough on technique
~ makes every workout challenging
~ able to do each exercise that he expects the class to perform with an impressive weight.
~ website updated regularly, very informational website

10/10 Run , don't walk, into Mike's gym!
By Christine Ward / Gaithersburg, MD

I am so glad that I found my way to Mike's training facility! I started training with Mike after a 3 month layoff from kettlebell training because of a back injury. Mike has all the qualities of a fantastic trainer - he is a terrific instructor, is patient, dedicated, has exceptional attention to form, and he is just plain fun to train with. Mike has really taken the time to work with me on my form and help me re-build my confidence in training again after my injury. Be sure to train with Mike whether you are new to kettlebells or a seasoned kettlebell veteran. You won't be disappointed.

10/10 Excellent Motivator
By Bill Brown / Sykesville, MD USA

I've been working out with Mike for about one and a half years. The workouts are very hard, but Mike makes it fun and I always look forward to the class. My whole outlook on fitness has changed since discovering Crossfit and kettlebells.

10/10 Awesome Instructor
By Dyann Charette / Rockville, MD USA

I have only been with Michael Krivka for 5 months, but already have been encouraged with the results. He always pays attention to your form and technique of the kettl bell moves. I have increased my weight of the kettl bell very quickly, since the form and movement has been correct. I feel that I have lost inches and feel firmer. I am now addicted and truly feel great, even though it is tough and I sweat up a storm. What a great workout!

10/10 World Class in all Aspects
By Jeff Clancy / San Diego, CA USA

The qualities that really separate Mike from the majority of instructors are his tremendous work ethic and pursuit of perfection as a lifelong student of fitness and martial arts. I can't possibly say enough about this exceptional instructor and world class human being. For about the last year and a half, I've been rehabilitating a serious knee injury and Mike has been there every step of the way providing me with workouts designed to enhance the healing process. The most impressive thing about Mike is his ability to connect instantly with new students at any level. It doesn't matter if you're a librarian or a Special Forces operator, Mike will design a training program specific to your needs.

10/10 A whole better body
By Peter Sand / Maryland

Mike's workouts are the most comprehensive, most most intense, and most satisfying exercise... events i've ever experienced. I sweat more, think more, and benefit more from Mike's classes than, literally, anything I've done before. Joining a traditional gym? What's the point? I've learned more from Mike than anything offered in any of the gym's I've gone to. Thanks, Mike!!

10/10 What a Workout!
By Tina Carroll / Derwood, Maryland

I started with Mike in Aug. 2009 by training with him once a week. Eventually, he had me hooked, and now I am there three times a week. It is never boring, and it is always a challenge. The slight variations to the workout make each one unique and challenging. Mike-thanks for helping to reshape my body and push me to my limits while encouraging me all the time! There a days I walk out physically exhausted, yet feeling great. I think it can't get harder, yet I come back days later, and it is. It is challeging and exhilerating!!!!!

10/10 Mike is a perfect 10!
By Ellen Polster / Germantown, MD USA

I have tried several different programs that claim to be "Crossfit" programs. Mike's program is by far the most comprehensive and well-organized crossfit and russian kettlebell program. Mike continues to impress me with his deep knowledge and expertise with regards to kettlebell exercises and with his keen attention to detail. I have never seen someone run such a well organized program with such thoroughly planned exercises and routines. His preparedness is evident in how he presents the workouts. His constant attention to detail demonstrates how closely he pays attention to his students and is indicative of his commitment to making sure that his students do not incure injury while doing the workouts. Mike provides excellent and comprehensive tutorials before each workout. He provides an endless variety of workouts that challenge his students. He creates a welcoming environment where everyone can feel challenged and is encouraged to compete against themselves while not promoting a feeling of competition or intimidation among and between his students. Everyone is supportive of everyone else, which only contributes to all participants wanting to strive even harder to push their abilities to the maximum. I feel a confidence in Mike's instruction, knowledge, and expertise that I have not before felt in a russain kettlebell or crossfit instructor. Mike is capable of differentiating any workout for anyone, regardless of their age and/or level of fitness.

10/10 Excellent Instructor, Highly Recommended!
By David Drazen / Rockville, MD

I must admit that I'm very lucky to live so close to Mike. I discovered Mike through the Dragon Door website and started taking his kettlebell based crossfit classes at the start of the year. I had been interested in learning kettlebells for a while, but had gotten recommendations to take some lessons from an instructor. I'm glad I followed that advice since I've come so far in the past 6 weeks working with Mike. He is an excellent instructor, provides one on one attention even in group classes, and is a stickler for proper form as a means of injury prevention. Everything is always followed with a "why" as well as the "how". I look forward to learning more from Mike in the coming months. If you're on the fence I can heartily recommend Mike as an excellent introduction to kettlebells.

10/10 Super Instructor
By Kevin C. Robertson / Alexandria, Va.

Mike is a superior instructor. He is extremely knowledgable about the art of the Kettlebell but he is able to offer the needed guidance and instruction to alllow you to succeed. His dedication to art and craft are evident the minute you walk into his gym (The 7th ring of hell for those of us who workout there) There is no question to trivial or unimportant that he does not take the time to answer and provide spot on instruction. I strongly recommend that if you have an opportunity to work with Mike that you do so.

10/10 Can help anyone get into shape...even me
By Heidi F. / Potomac, MD

I started training with Mike a few months ago with some encouragement from my husband. I have a lot of core strength problems and Mike does NOT let me get away with bad form! I've been away from it for a bit b/c of back issues, but i am looking forward to starting again as I know that I can trust Mike to train me safely and correctly. I also love that he lets me swear during class!

10/10 Wonderful Instructor
By Lisa R Long / Berlin, MD

Mike has visited our facility often and always to rave reviews!
Many times he drops in for an impromtu workout while he is visiting family in the area and our clients really enjoy the tips and form fixes that Mike spots and fixes.
Great guy!

10/10 Great workout!
By Cathy Moxley / Germantown, MD

As a fitness instructor myself, I can say that Mike Krivka knows his stuff. If you are looking for a killer workout in a short amount of time, as well as top-notch instruction on form and effectiveness, he's the guy.

10/10 Personable and Highly Skilled Instructor
By Stan Cichinski / Arlington, VA

I have been a private client of Mike's for several months. I hadn't picked up a kettlebell until I went to him for instruction. He is extremely personable and combines a depth of technical knowledge and expertise and an ability to demonstrate and explain proper technique in an understandable and useful fashion. I have always been a runner and lifted weights several times a week, and have now incorporated kettlebell training into my routine and it feels great. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in kettlebell or general personal training.

10/10 Intense and well worth it
By Greg / Gaithersburg, MD

If you're interested in working out intensely and learning the right way to do things he is the man. I like the way he can break down any movement or routine to maximize the workout and help us stay safe with respect to joints etc.

10/10 Outstanding instructor
By Terri / WV

Mike is an outstanding instructor. He used excellent analogies to explain what he wanted us to do.
I attended the Womens Only Kettlebell workshop last weekend and came away feeling more confident about doing kettlebells on my own.
Mike makes you feel relaxed and ready to learn. His attention to details and his explanation of the movements makes you understand the progression to the next level.
I would recommend Mike for any training needs you might have.

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Maria / Harpers Ferry, WV

I just attended Mike's women only kettlebell class in January 2010.

Mike is an excellent instructor with a great sense of humor and tons of energy! He did a good job of breaking down each movement, patiently answered all questions, and provided constructive criticism of our techniques.

I have been using kettle bells for about 4 months and he gave me the following feedback: (1) narrow my stance ("Infantry not cavalry") (2) reach farther back with my arms on my back swing (3) and guide the bell instead of muscling it up during cleans and snatches.

I immediately noticed an improvement in my snatches once I applied the feedback from Mike! Thanks!

10/10 High-level professional...
By Chris Hardy D.O. MPH CSCS / Baltimore MD

Mike is a fantastic instructor and person. He has a great talent for efficiently and effectively correcting movement. I'll definitely use some of his cues for my own patients/clients.

10/10 !!!!MAGNIFICO!!!!!!!
By Ponce Teran / Rockville, MD USA

I recently completed Mike's KB 101 workshop. It was the best training experience ever. He is organized, detailed, patient and enthusiastic. Mike explains each movement from A-Z so that you have a clear understanding of what you are doing. I will recommend Mike to anyone who's looking to venture into KB training. I'm looking forward to attending his upcoming KB workshops. MIKE is an AWESOME trainer/teacher.

Muchas Gracias.

10/10 Mak is the Real Deal - everything a trainer should be - and more!
By Claire Avery / Reston, VA USA

I just completed Mike's kettlebell workshop. Absolutely one of the best training experiences I have ever had. He is thorough, organized, patient and enthusiastic. His knowledge and attention to detail was extraordinary. He paid equal attention to all participants regardless of their level of experience and was able to bring out significant improvements in beginners and experienced students alike. Ladies - think kettlebells aren't for you - TALK TO MIKE! I travel from Virginia to Maryland to train with him and it's worth every bit of effort to get there. It's such an overused phrase, but ... MIKE ROCKS!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Tom Berlinsky / Odenton, Md

I recently attended one of Mike Krivka's Kettlbell workshops. Mike is a great instructor. He is very good at demonstrating each technique and breaking down each part of the technique so you can understand how it all comes together. He explains everything very well and is always ready to answer any question. I felt that in one workshop Mike was able to help me perfect my form greatly. If you are going to train in Kettlebells, I recomended you train with Mike Krivka.

10/10 Top Notch
By Tony Rosa - CrossFit Level 1 Instructor / Beltsville, MD USA

I just attended another of Mike's Kettlebell 101 Workshops. It's been almost a year since I attended my first workshop with Mike as a complete novice; I had never worked with a Kettlebell before. Since then, I have progressed to the point where I realize just how much I don't know, and that's why any chance I get to attend a workshop, seminar, etc., I'll do it. But as with anything, instruction is key. To put it simply, Mike is a superior instructor. I am a retired Marine and currently a technical trainer so I have an extensive background in instructional methodology. For my money, Mike is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If you want to learn how to use a Kettlebell - and I mean REALLY how to use one - Mike is your guy. Let me put it another way. I also attended a two day CrossFit Kettlebell certification where I certainly learned a lot, but did not come close to what I have learned with Mike. He is a perfectionist when it comes to technique and is uncompromising in that he accepts only your best effort; at the same time, he will bend over backwards to ensure you understand what you are doing. Hopefully, Pavel himself reads this because I frankly believe the RKC would benefit tremendously by incorporating Mike's instructional methods into its curriculum.

10/10 Awesome Workshop
By Jason Benefield / Herndon, VA

I have worked with kettlebells for five years - INCORRECTLY. Michael straightened out my technique, gave me some new workouts, and used every minute of the workshop wisely. It was the first time I had been able to participate in one of these and was a tremendous investment! Michael and his team were awesome - very technical. I incorporated what I learned immediately into my workouts and feel that I have benefited already.

10/10 I Learned a LOT!!!
By Lisa Vice, Group Fitness Coordinator at Quantico / Quantico, VA

The Kettlbell 102 Workshop is the third one I have taken with Michael Krivka. He always gets me to really be aware of what my body is doing with each exercise and the science of why we do it that way. My mind is just as sore as my body when I get done because he makes me think it through. He keeps it fun, knows how to work with our competitive spirits but doesn't let poor technique happen on his watch.

10/10 Former Marine, Level 1 CrossFit Instructor
By Tony Rosa / Beltsville, MD USA

What more can I say about Mike? I just attended Mike's KB-102 Workshop in Quantico, VA and it was great. The best way to describe Mike's instructional methodology is technical perfectionist. When you work with Mike, leave your ego and preconceived notions at the door. He will make sure you perform each move correctly; more important, he will ensure you UNDERSTAND why. I have learned more about my body in his workshops, than all of the textbooks I had to read to certify as a personal trainer. When you attend one of Mike's workshops, you will learn how to use a KB properly and safely. You will also take your workouts to a new level. There are good and bad instructors out there. Mike is really in a class of his own, he is an elite instructor.

10/10 Get Ready to Work Your @ss Off!
By Thad DeHaven / Woodbridge, VA

I have been training with kettlebells off and on again for about five years. There is only so much you can learn from a book, video, or the internet from such websites like YouTube. The seminar hosted by Michael Krivka was 100% AWESOME! I highly suggest taking his class or attending one of seminars if he is your area. You can be assured that I will be most interested in attending his next seminar...even if it may be a beginner's class. Mike gets two thumbs up from me!

10/10 What a GREAT experience
By Mary / Sykesville, MD

Yesterday was my first experience with a professional trainer. I had been using video and books to learn kettle bell. I am SO GLAD I went to Michael - I learned so much! I am now more confident in my exercises and have a renewed commitment to kettle bells. Thanks Michael!

10/10 excellent instructor!
By Mary De Longis / Canyon Country, CA USA

My husband and I recently got the opportunity to meet and have some private kettlebell instruction with Mike Krivka, and it was a great experience. I was very impressed with his ability to communicate the movement of each exercise, explain what it accomplished, and monitor our movement and positions to ensure we were doing them correctly. Under his guidance, I was able to work with a much higher weight than I ever thought I could. He ensured correct positioning so that I never stressed my back, but still gained high intensity training. I have done weight training with free weights and machines, and I've never had a trainer that gave me the tools to be both safe and strong in my workouts. Mike does both. I love the new workout regimen, and thrilled to have him as a trainer. He's the best!

10/10 I miss the awesome workouts
By Karen / Laurel, MD

Hope things have been going well with you and all the kettlebellers. I really miss going but look forward to it once things slow down for me. We're still house-hunting, but getting closer to the end of that....

I can definitely tell how much kettlebells improved my muscle tone and strength now that I haven't been in awhile. I feel like I've lost definition and am not in as good shape as I felt before. So kudos to your awesome workouts and training!! I really look forward to starting up again in the future.

Thanks again and I will return!

10/10 Women's KB Workshop- Its all about the HIPS
By Jae Clark / Woodstock, Maryland

What a great workshop! Mike was fun and informative. His enthusiasm was infectious and his ability to motivate was through the roof. There was plenty of individual instruction and he has a knack of effectively explaining unfamilar and difficult concepts so you can not only correctly perform them but explain them to someone else. The mark of a vey good teacher.
I came away understanding why your hips ( and its follow through snap ) are your power base as well as much of your correct form.I look forward to attending future workshops/classes. Come one, come all, you will not be disappointed.

10/10 Women Only Kettlebell Workshop
By Janet B. / Joppa, MD

The workshop was fantastic! Mike is a wonderful instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and a great motivator. I had only picked up a kettlebell 3 times before this workshop. He was able to easily and effectively communicate the proper form. Mike has made me excited about training with kettlebells to improve my strength and fitness level. I hope to attend more of Mike's workshops!

10/10 Its all about the full body Snap
By Denise Jenkins / Columbia, Maryland

I met Mike 4 years ago at an AFPA Worshop in OC Maryland. It was my first experiance with kettlebells. He did such a great job explaining the movements and technique that I knew I had to work with him again. Well it took me 4 years but I did finally attend his women only kettlebell workshop this past weekend. And he did not disapoint. He was very detailed, from stance, to flow of the kettlebell to the different kettlebells that are being sold in the fitness arena. Micheal A. Krivka in my opinion is the best kettlebell instructor on the east coast and I plan on recommending him to whoever is interested in the correct use of the Russian Kettle Bell!!

10/10 Great Women Only Kettlebell Workshop
By Carrie Hardy / Owings Mills, MD USA

Mike is an excellent and very personable instructor. His attention to all attendees at this seminar was wonderful. I have been using kettlebells for about 1 year and I realized how many bad habits I have developed without proper instruction. Not only did Mike provide detailed instruction on proper technique and tension but he provided several options to help me correct my bad habits. I look forward to taking other kettlebell seminars with Mike. I highly recommend his training and seminars/workshops for beginner and experienced kettlebell users.

10/10 Wish his training site was closer
By Jae Clark / Woodstock MD

I recently had the pleasure and privledge of attending one of Mike's free classes.
He is an enthusiastic, motivating and knowledgable instructor.
His class was fast paced, fun and challedging. His assistants were encouraging, attentive and versed. I was must relieved to know that I have been practicing my kettlbell workouts correctly these past three months. I wish that his training center in Gaithersburg was closer to me. I would recommend him to anyone in his surrounding area and by that I mean within a 100 mile radius. I look forward to attending his workshop for women at the end of june.
Mike- Continue mastering your craft and keep up the great work you do. It is appreciated. Thanks again.

10/10 Do Kettlebells the RIGHT way
By Paul Disney / Northern Virginia

Mike has an innate ability to break down the most complex idea and make anyone understand it. You can literally see on other peoples faces the "Oh yeah" when he explains the practice of kettlebells and how they relate to that specific person. He's a fantastic instrutor.

10/10 Mike Krivka is the Real Deal

Everyone can benefit from Mike's instruction. From the beginner who is contemplating picking up a kettlebell for the first time, to the seasoned athlete who is looking for an edge over his or her competition.

I have had the privilege of being one of my Mike's students for over a decade. However, it has been over the past few years that I have really appreciated Mike's guidance. After training with Mike, I have become "spoiled" because I expect a certain level of expertise, application, professiomalism, and ability to communicate that other instructors inevitably cannot meet. After wasting unbelievable amount of time (not to mention money) on other so called "experts", I always find that taking that trip to Maryland just to have time with Mike is worth every minute of the drive.

The more you see the other supposed "experts" out there, the more you realize that Mike is the real deal and that no matter how good you may think you are, Mike, if you pay attention, will ALWAYS make you better.

10/10 Best Instructor, ever!
By Peter S. / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike combines an incredible background and knowledge with kind and directed leadership to deliver a class that is incredibly hard and... really, really fun!

10/10 Amazing and inspirational instructor
By Carol S., M.D. / Potomac, MD

I had never picked up a kettlebell until I met Mike, and was amazed at how quickly he made me comfortable with it. Initially intending to take only a few lessons, I've kept returning because he is so terrific and I can already feel the improvement in my strength. He is a born teacher and motivator, and knows how to encourage the best possible performance while not being afraid to correct mistakes. His knowledge of body mechanics is awesome, and his attention to safety is meticulous. On top of all that, he's a great person and a lot of fun!

10/10 How much can you sweat?
By Kim Wong / North Potomac

Even if you think you are a fabulous athlete you should try a workout with Mike..... it will humble you! Try it.... you will like it.... and wait to see how much you sweat!

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Ben Mattson / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike is a great instructor! The workouts are always different and challenging. Having done traditional weight training for a while, it has been great to learn new ways of challenging my body. If you think you have an exercise down pat, Mike will add a variation to it to make you work that much harder. I have been impressed with his depth of knowledge, level of individual attention and great teaching style. I learn something new every time I work out with Mike.

10/10 Transformative
By Erik / Potomac, MD

It's fair to say that working with Mike started me on a path that has transformed the way I view and approach training.

I've recommended Mike many times to others, and will continue to do so without reservation.

By L. Honacki / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike is an awesome instructor who makes sure that you do every move properly and doesn't allow you to slack!
People go to these classes to get a great workout and there is not a second of the class that it is not a great workout!
And it is a fun environment with people who WANT to improve themselves!!
Mike also makes sure you know what is going on and what trainings are coming up- even if you are not consistent with making it to class!!!
I look forward to more classes in the future when my schedule calms down!!!

10/10 best Shape of my Life!
By Greg / Olney, MD

Awesome workout by the pool AND in the pool this weekend! Mike uses his creativity to ensure a good workout.

10/10 Pain never felt so good
By Mike, USN / Germantown, MD

Mike challanges you every workout and he works to improve your technique every day, thus increasing both your muscle endurance and strength. His workouts focus on functional fitness and core strength which in the Navy is key. Sorry no curls for the girls here. Best is, Mike knows exactly how to motivate you through tough workouts. It's great, Mike won't allow you to cheat yourself and I only say that because I've had trainers at other gyms not care enough to tell me I was doing an exercise wrong, therefore making the workout easier.

The unique workouts he puts you through challenge both the physical and mental toughness of a person and I would highly recommend Mike to any person in the military, law enforcement, or anyone looking to improve themselves.

Thanks Mike.

10/10 Bye bye "grandmother" arms!!
By Tina K, - a real grandmother / Darnestown, MD

Since swinging (kettlebells) with Mike twice a week for the past 9 months I have joyfully lost my "grandmother" arms and am damn proud of that accomplishment!! I see MORE improvement in this short time than after 7 1/2 years of weight training! You're never too old to learn new tricks!

Thanks Mike. Keep up the good work :)

10/10 Excellent Kettlebell Instructor
By Shawn R. Luger / Baltimore, MD

They say that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. It is obvious that Mike loves what he does, and thrives on helping others reach and exceed their goals.

Mike is a great motivator, and a stickler for proper form. His workouts are focused, efficient, and very strenuous.

In a few short months of working with Mike, I have felt huge improvements in strength, endurance, definition, balance, and my overall energy level.

10/10 Never a Dull Moment
By Geri Shapiro / Potomac, MD

After being an active participant for over a year, I don't have to worry about being board. Workouts are repeated every couple of weeks so you can see your improvement, not for lack of material. Mike offers such a variety that you never know what to expect. I always leave feeling like I have had a whole body workout.

10/10 Excellent class
By Jim Conklin / Woodbridge, VA

I was looking for a class on how to use hettlebells with the proper technique and I couldn't have done any better than Mike's class. Looking forward to the next installment, even though I am still sore from the last one. Highly recommend him.

10/10 He Does Demonstrate SOME Mercy on Old Farts - Not Much
By LtCol Allen S. Ford USMC / Stafford, VA

I trained on a whim w/Mr. Krivka today and am in "Happy Traction" this evening. This guy knows his stuff, cares about his clients, and big on technical accountability. I'd highly recommend him to any Marine, Soldier, Special Forces, or Law Enforcement.

10/10 The Zen Mikester
By Tim Anderson / Mechanicsville, MD.

Mike is one of the most knowledgable individuals I know on JKD and Health. His wealth of understanding that kokwledge is unprecedented. I have dropped twelve pounds in over a month. I was out for a while due to injuries talked of in my last response. His guidence is welcomed like family and fear of him cracking my spine keeps me going. Still have forty pounds to go to get to ideal weight, but following Krivka's advice and principles I will be there by the end of the Summer.

Mike your great, keep up the great work.

10/10 The Devil is in the Details
By Brenda Lee / Washington , DC

Mike took an absolute beginner with kettlebells (me) and turned them into a confident user (that would be me again)!

The whole experience was eye-opening and I can't wait to take more workshops and classes. My son is a personal trainer and I can't wait for him to work with Mike as well.

10/10 No Nonsense Training
By Mike Miller / Rockville, MD

I had no previous experience with kettlebells going into this workshop and this was invaluable in my quest to find new training techniques. This was valuable, no nonsense training and an approach that clearly indicates why kettlebells are such a comprehensive training tool. I loved all of the hands-on work - I much prefer this method of instruction over straight classroom work.

10/10 Excellent Instruction
By Kylie Winkfield / Frederick, MD

It has all been said before by a lot of people. If you are looking for excellent, precise and knowledgeable instruction you need to see Mike. Thanks!

10/10 Wow...
By Brenda Swiger / Frederick, MD

I attended a KB 101 workshop given by Mike and all I can say is that I'm glad I spent the money on hands-on training as opposed to a DVD because I can guarantee that I wouldn't feel the confidence I do now without Mike's help, patience and sense of humor. Mike give hands on help and made everyone feel great about their progress. Thanks so much - I'm a convert!

10/10 Just what the Doctor ordered
By Dr. Don Berry / Frederick, MD

Mike did a great job taking a roomful of people who were unfamiliar with kettlebells and give them a great start towards mastery. He gave lots of examples and demonstrated the do's and do not's so that everyone was comfortable with the kettlebell by the end of the day. Mike's workshop was just what the Doctor ordered when it comes to getting kettlebell training.

10/10 Eye Opening
By Diane Miles / Thurmont, MD

I had never used kettlebells before Mike's KB 101 workshop - and I have to say it was an eye opening experience! I work as a trainer at our YMCA and I was fascinated by the training and felt like a sponge absorbing all the techniques, tips and fixes. I am now convinced that I can get a great workout in less time than ever before as well learning a new tool to help our athletes. Thanks!

10/10 Fun!
By Ashley Adams / Frederick, MD

Had a great time at Mike's KB 101 workshop and can't wait to get my kettlebells delivered from Dragon Door so that I can start practicing all of the great stuff I learned! Mike went into great detail and gave everyone TONS of attention and positive feedback. GREAT training!!!

10/10 Weak in the knees...
By Neesha, RN / Sykesville, MD

Thanks Mike... no really I mean it... even though I could barely walk for several days following the workshop! :P

As a nurse I'm working long hours and find it hard to stick with any workout program. After your workshop and energetic introduction to the world of KB's I am know a believer! When's the KB 102?

10/10 Good for Chiropractors
By Dr. Benson / Germantown, MD

Attended a KB 101 workshop in Frederick at the recommendation of a fellow doctor of Chiropractic. I felt that the information presented was invaluable to anyone who is interested in becoming stronger and and especially for any health care practitioner who is interested in improving the quality of life for their patients. Thanks Mike and great job!

10/10 KB 101 Workshop Attendee
By Shawn Crawford / Frederick, MD

I attended a KB 101 workshop given by Mike and came away with a better understanding of proper technique i.e. grip, hip snap and foot position. It was a great introduction for the novice or intermediate KB user. Great workshop and I'll see you at KB 102!

10/10 Mongo Strong
By Mongo / USA

Mongo weak.
Mongo meet Mike.
Mike teach Mongo.
Mongo swing iron ball. Mongo lift iron ball.
Now Mongo strong. Nobody bother Mongo.

Mike good.

10/10 mike beats to a different drummer
By dave stevens sr / frederick md.

i attended mikes kettlebell 101 workshop at crossfit frederick on 11/08/08 that wasthe most intence workout i have ever been thru in my 55 years.mikes knowledge of kettlebell training was much better than anything that ive read on the subject.he made each and everyone of us feel and see the proper way to do the excerises.with mike you arehaving fun while learning.easy to talk to and get instructions from.he's alaways engaging and prodding you along.thanks mike for the opportunity to be part of something that i wish to learn more about.i neaded that handicap stall for 2 days after.if you need proper training get with mike

10/10 'No One Ever Drowned In Sweat' - Anonymous
By Tony Rosa / Millersville, MD USA

Most of what I can say about Mike has already been said. As a retired Marine and current DoD Contractor, I can say without any doubt or hesitation that Mike is by far the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His technical knowledge is superb, and his coaching ability is top notch. More important are the intangibles he brings to the table. Examples are rapport, confidence, the ability to make a first time student feel good about themselves. I witnessed during the workshop how he worked with a lady who had no experience with a kettlebell. You could see the transformation take place when she attacked the kettlebell using the techniques he taught. I can only imagine the self-confidence this woman now feels. Great job!!

10/10 Pretty darn sweet
By Peter Buas / Ocean City, MD, USA

one fine morning this summer i had the unique experience to try some kettlebell excersises. acompanied by my sister and my uncle we managed to finish the complete workout. i managed to finish the excellent workout and wasn't sore till the next day. And that day i was very sore. none the less, i think the workout was phenominal and i believe it would be beneficial to anyone and everyone

10/10 The Perfect Blend of Intellect and Physicality
By Rick Boe / Darnestown, MD

I've been training in the martial arts with Mike Krivka for twelve years. I have trained with other martial arts instructors in various styles, some very talented and some not as talented, but I have never found anyone else like Mike, who is both extremely talented in the martial arts and yet is able to convey that skill and knowledge to a lay practitioner like myself. My fighting skills improved exponentially when I began training with him. He has thought through and analyzed all aspects of the arts he teaches, systematized them and presents them to students each week several times a week, teaching and demonstrating in such a way that he can translate his knowledge and skill to his students. He's the perfect blend of intellect and physicality. He has done the same thing with Kettlebells, analyzing the movements and systematizing his curriculum to teach the students in his charge in the most effective way (and all with a sense of humor). I would highly recommend Mike for Kettlebell instruction, for with Mike one is truly getting world-class instruction.

10/10 Walking the Line
By Joe Marszalek / Pittsburgh, PA USA

I have had the privileged to train with Mike Krivka for both martial arts and a few times with Kettlebell. Some people are great athletes/practioners for their sport/art and some people are good teachers. Few can walk the line and be both. Mike Krivka is one of the few individuals that is both and pushes himself as hard the people he is training. He also tries to do logical training progressions so you get the most out of your workouts and remember what you did when you try to workout on your own.

10/10 Discipline. Hard Work. Dedication.
By Eric Kreiger / Bethesda, MD USA

Nothing can be achieved without these 3 things and if I could identify any instructor that has these 3 characteristics, it's Mike Krivka. I have been training with Mike since 2001 and he consistently strives to push you to your limits, constantly challenging you to reach another level. He mixes training up to ensure you have the core body strength and body awareness to succeed regardless of your training level. He has patience to ensure you learn the right way and the motivation to keep you coming back for more. Many times I have thought I had nothing left in tank and Mike would manage to get one more drill or one more set out of me. The discipline, hard work and dedication Mike brings is reflected in every one of his students. His training is top notch.

Training with Mike has been a great opportunity for me and I look forward to every class to see what new exercise or training scenario he brings. Mike brings a positive, upbeat attitude to every class as well. He is proactive in his instruction and very hands on to ensure the proper technique is learned the proper way and focuses on details and practice. He applies training to real life situations, he doesn't just regurgitate lessons. He has a passion for training that is unequaled and if you follow his insttruction success is inevitable.

10/10 strong as a bull and a super instructor
By suzanne luna / los angeles, ca usa

I've had the great pleasure of getting to train russian kettlebells with Michael Krivka when he was in town attending one of the instructor camps at the Inosanto Academy. I have been around a lot of different instructors in my all my days of training martial arts and I have to commend this man on his great teaching style!! He breaks the material down really well and motivates you while still be very accessible and friendly and...yes, strong as a bull. I really enjoyed my time with him - I worked super hard under his thoughtful encouragement and I had a bunch of laughs as well- for me, this keeps the student coming back. I highly recommend this instructor!!
Suzanne Luna

10/10 Great Communicator
By Jerry pope / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike is not only a Motivational and Knowledgable Instructor...Mike knows how to Communicate. You not only learn the proper techinque while using Kettlebells, you learn Why proper techinque is required.
Mike's workouts are like a Box of Chocolates...you never know what you're gonna get. Never a boring minute during one of Mike's well organized workouts. Wish my previous trainers had attended one of Mike's classes.

9/10 Magnificent Mike
By Cindy Phillips (aka blondeboxer) / Smithsburg, MD

I gave Mike a 9 because he makes me sweat a bit TOO much! :)
I began training with Mike K. in 2001 and it changed my life. Not only did it help me to become more fit and lose some weight, it gave me a hobby that I will have for a lifetime and an interest beyond all interests. It's a way of life, a culture if you will.
Mike is patient, energetic, kind, FUN, caring, stern (when needed) and soo soo knowledgeable. I have since moved away from the Gaithersburg area and had a few other teachers. NOone compares to him. I miss him all the time but the best thing is.. I know I can ALWAYS come back to train with him at anytime. He welcomes me with open arms. Kudos to him for changing my life and making me stronger inside and out! Whoever may train with him in the future is sure to "fall in love"!

By Javier Carvajal cimastudios / Gaithersburg MD

HE entrenado con mucha gente buena pero uno puede ver la pacion con que el instructor ensena es distinto saber a poder entregar el conocimiento,para mi es un agrado el poder entrenar con Mike por que el tiene la paciencia de poder explicar en forma mecanica y teorica a uno que es prfecional o bien amateur es mas el poder hacer los ejercicios con los mismos alumnos eso es lo que hace a Mike un buen profecional ya sea uno a uno o en grupo.

10/10 Great for ADHD !
By Joe Norwood / Rockville,MD

I have trained with the military in many forms and have always sought new forms of exercise throughout life. In other words, I get bored easily with standard exercise and weight training. I needed an edge! I found that with Mike and his class. Not only does Mike push you through a multitude of gut wrenching exercises, he keeps it interesting so you learn something new every time. If you like to sweat and need therapy for ADHD fitness....Mike is the man!

By Matt E. / Olney, MD USA

Mike Krivka is a top notch instructor when it comes to fitness and martial arts. His combined expertise in kettlebells, crossfit, and mixed martial arts make him one of the most well rounded fitness instructors around. Wether you are a novice or expert when it comes to fitness and/or MMA, Mike Krivka is your go to guy. I would highly recommend him to anybody. Thanks, Mike!

10/10 Everyone should try Mike's class!
By Kim Wong / North Potomac, MD

I do a lot of cardio workouts. But as everyone knows.... as you get older you start to lose muscle. I hate lifting weights! So, kettlebells was the answer for me. I have only been doing KBs since March. I only participate in one class a week but I have absolutely become stronger. The workouts are ALWAYS hard and ALWAYS different. Thanks to Mike's teaching style it really caters to all fitness levels. Mike is excellent at making sure you are using proper form and working at your own level.

10/10 A Great Teacher Patient and Fun
By Colette / Montgomery Village, MD

When I first started using Kettlebells over a year ago I had no idea what they were and how to use them. I went to Mike's intro course and once the pain of the first workout went away and I could walk normal again I was hooked. Have kept in touch with Mike and taken other classes and would reccommend to anyone tired of the same old programs.

10/10 the BOMB
By Bryan Burke / Frederick, MD

Mike is the best. I have really enjoyed the Kettlebell training I have recieved from him. He makes it fun, educational and he kicks our butts. I walk or limp away knowing that I have learned a great deal and have had a great work out that I can do later using the proper form.

His martial art approach to the work out is how I enjoy to learn.

10/10 Great Attitude, Great Energy, Great Motivator
By Amanda May, www.CrossFitFrederick.com / Frederick, MD

Mike is a truely dedicated Instructor. I would recommend him to anyone that has a desire to succeed with their training and the instruction of their clients. Mike is easy to approach, generous, thorough, precise, and an excellent person. I am lucky to have worked with Mike. Thank you Mike, you are awesome!

10/10 Great attitude, Great energy, Great Motivator
By Amanda May, www.CrossFitFrederick.com / Frederick, MD USA

Mike is a truely dedicated Instructor. I would recommend him to anyone that has a desire to succeed with their training and the instruction of their clients. Mike is easy to approach, generous, thorough, precise, and an excellent person. It am lucky to have worked with Mike. Thank you Mike, you are awesome!

10/10 Mike's contagious positive attitude is inspiring
By Sherri Pickens / Baltimore, MD

On a whim, I decided to do the Kettlebell Cert in Gaithersburg, MD with Mike Krivka. I was a little uneasy, as I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Mike was a great instructor, persistantly reinforcing the importance of proper technique. His determination to help everyone in the class get it right was apparent, and very admirable. His love for teaching kettlebells and belief in helping one's health and vitality were inspiring. So much so that after the cert I became a staff member at a local gym, and am now their first kettlebell instructor! His attitude and vivacious personality were contagious-- really a joy to be around!

10/10 One of the greats!
By Jeff D. / Rockville, Maryland

I have been in and out of martial arts training for over 20 years. I had the pleasure to train with Mike for a few months last year. Mike brought a whole new level to the concept of "fighting fitness" with his RKB program! You will not be disappointed...

10/10 Thanks Mike!
By Tom S. / Gaithersburg, Maryland

I've been training with Mike for about 1 year. I feel better at 56 than at 40. I started the class with frozen shoulder and through one year of training I have much greater range of motion. I played 3 varsity sports in High school with numerous coaches and Mike is a better coach than any I have had. He seems to instinctively know how hard to push to get maximum results. His workouts are energizing and challenging. Thanks Mike!

10/10 That was the warm up?!?!?
By Marina / Gaithersburg, MD

if you are not asking yourself this question, you must not be in Mike's class! The simplicity and elegance of the exercises may fool you but the immediate impact on both your cardiovascular endurance and strength training is unparalleled by anything you can do at the gym or with other "gimmicky" exercise regimes. In addition to the amazing workout, Mike keeps the group motivated, inspired and competitive - all in a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

10/10 Sounds like a commercial...
By Dan / Gaithersburg, MD

... but for once it really is a total body workout in just about an hour! By the time you finish with the warm up, you have already worked every major muscle group and then some. Being new to the kettlebell experience, Mike's instruction and oversight allowed for immediate integration with the class while receiving personal attention. Mike takes the time to explain and demonstrate (with assistants!) each exercise for proper form all while keeping you motivated and engaged. One of the best and "funnest" workouts ever.

10/10 Great Instructor
By rose / Gaithersburg

Mike is a great instructor. He definitley takes the time to explain & makes you understand what you are doing and why.
He makes the workout interesting, not boring and makes sure your doing it right!

10/10 One of the Best instructors Ive ever had
By Donald Berry, D.C. / Frederick, MD

I have had in my professional career and in my martial art career many iworld famous instructors. Mike is one of the best. It is beyond being very physically talented, it is in his ability to listen to your goals and assist you in getting there.

10/10 The Ability to Apply Knowledge is Power
By Mike Yuskiw / Greenbelt, MD

I have been fortunate enough to work with Mike Krivka on a number of occasions. He is a teacher who is consistently learning and consistently evolving. He is able to learn the science behind the training and is so creative that he comes up with tons of safe and fun variations to keep the student motivated. Mike is truly a teacher who can explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Anyone from a beginner to a pro-athlete can benefit immensely from training with Mike Krivka. He is articulate, talented, diligent and patient. In my opinion, Mike Krivka is world class.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Doug Chapman / Ann Arbor, MI USA

Mike is a fantastic instructor.

10/10 Iron Head Mike!
By Mark R. Howard / Tucson, AZ

I am a retired Marine fighter pilot who met Mike at a training seminar a few years ago. Mike's knowledge was immediately evident, as were his techniques across the board. It's been my experience that people with his level of expertise, in any field of endeavor, carry a large "chip" on their shoulder and tend to look down their noses at everyone else.

NOT Mike Krivka! Our backgrounds in the martial arts and association with the military made for a quick bonding as friends. As important as that was at the time, it was more important that Mike took the time to assist everyone at the seminar...myself included...to ensure they executed techniques correctly so as not to suffer an injury.

His willingness to go "above and beyond" makes him not just a damn fine instructor, but a superb TEACHER! He is of a rare breed!

10/10 A Wonderful Experience
By Sandor Sommer / Towson, MD USA


I wanted to "thank you" for a world class training experience. You really took the time out to find out what I wanted to accomplish in our session and you certainly quickly evaluated the areas of concern I mentioned and helped me to address them quickly and effectively. I have no doubt that the hour we spent together will result in many times the investment as it will make me more effective and help me become an RKC!

10/10 A World Class Teacher and Human Being
By Jeff Clancy / San Diego, CA

As a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor with well over 20 years of teaching experience, I can truly say that Mike Krivka is in a league of his own. He's not only a world class instructor, he is also an exceptional human being.

I've known Mike for over 11 years and not only can I attest to his teaching skills, I can tell you that everything he teaches he can perform with incredible skill and mastery whether it be Crossfit, Kettlebells, law enforcement tactics or martial arts.

My agency is extremely selective with regard to who walks through our doors to conduct training for our personnel and Mike has been one of only a handful of instructors to teach at our academy on several occasions.

I look forward to training with Mike everytime I travel to Northern Virginia.

10/10 Learn from the BEST, You WILL NOT Regret it!!
By Thaddious / Germantown, MD

I had never seen or heard of a KettleBell before I met Mike Krivka. Now, I'm the one telling people about what a great training it is thanks to Mike. I train in the martial arts school mainly and have experienced vast improvement in core strength, endurance and most importantly body mechanics and technique due to the kettlebell workouts that Mike has taken me through. He is a pedal to the floor instructor that gets you to quickly understand the concepts behind the movements as well as the importance of training the whole body to work as one unit. If you want to learn a ton, sweat puddles, and have fun doing it....Mike's your man. I can honestly say that I stand in awe of his dedication, skills, knowledge, and teaching ability every time I attend.

10/10 The Perfect Storm
By Mark / Derwood MD

I had been looking to augment my martial arts training with a conditioning program that would help me get to the next level. I had done a lot of research and found many "instructors" in my area that had some experience with weight training, some with KB, etc. but none had the total package. Enter Mike Krivka ! Mike has a unique blend of skills that incorporate concepts from crossfit, kettle bell, and martial arts. Additionally, his depth of knowlede makes me feel safe to be trained by him. When you put it all together Mike is the perfect storm !

10/10 He's an EVIL MAN --- and I owe him!
By James S. / San Francisco, CA

In 2004, I was introduced to Mike Krivka, and he in turn introduced me to kettlebells -- oh, you evil man! To fully appreciate Mike as an instructor one must attend one of his kettlebell classes. The praise fellow students have bestowed on Mike do not do him full credit. His knowledge, motivational skills, and overall personality must be experienced to be fully appreciated and admired. Mike is a true master of the kettlebell.

10/10 Exceptional Teacher and Motivator, and a Whole Lotta Fun
By Erik F / Potomac, MD USA

I first started studying with Mike more than two years ago, originally joining his MA classes. Then he introduced me to kettlebells. . . and the fun really started!

Reading through all of the other instructor reviews about Mike, I can only say that I agree wholeheartedly with the positive comments. I will add that Mike is someone that you really do have to experience in person to fully appreciate all that he has to offer.

He knows his stuff. That goes without saying. As importantly, he is a teacher -- in the best sense and traditions of the term.

Without repeating everything that's already been said in the other reviews, his classes are intense, creative, tough, and fun -- I usually find myself cursing Mike while at the same time appreciating everything I'm learning. His teaching is clear, well thought out, and precise. He focuses on the quality of his students' work rather than on the quantity of techniques learned. No BS tolerated or offered.

Bottom line: if you have the chance to train with Mike, take it.

10/10 A True Teacher
By Laura Prince / Gaithersburg, MD

Look, I'm not a gym rat, martial arts buff or anything of the sort, and I don't intend to start. But at age 52, I knew I needed to do something! I was skeptical when Mike told me about kettlebells, but I'm so grateful to have had his expert introduction to this dynamic workout tool. I'm delighted at the results: increased strength, energy and for the first time in my life, some muscle definition. Not bad for a quick routine that fits into even my crazy life. It was Mike's careful, methodical teaching of proper form made all the difference. Using the kettlebells correctly required I unlearn some habitual ways of movement. Mike broke it all down so my classmates and I could really get it, and in a such a supportive way that even a klutz like myself became confident. An amazing teacher...

10/10 Enthusiastic
By "Army" Maguire Agelesstrength Productions / Redondo Beach ,CA. USA

I have known Mike for over twenty years. He is polite to every one, courteous and enthusiastic to teach others. His motivation to learn and share will carry over to his instruction and coaching of his clients. Mike is always putting on seminars as well as attending workshops himself to gain more knowledge that will help him help others.
I know he has himself sought out the best to learn his skills from . Recently when Mike was here in Los Angeles I personally witnessed him exchanging ideas and teaching his mentor Dan Inosanto the many variations of the Ab Wheel exercise. Mike can not sit by and watch any one engage in improper exercise with out offering his expert advice. Mikes intentions are honest and helpful to all who will listen. You can find none better than to enhance your kettlebell performance for life and fitness than through Mikes personal attention and guidance.

10/10 Gifted Instructor, Great Human Being
By Lou R. / Washington, DC

Mike Krivka is many things-a husband, father and talented martial artist to name a few. He succeeds and achieves at the highest levels because he is a great human being who is committed to the development of OTHER PEOPLE! His KB classes are small and frequently filled with newbies, experienced practitioners and everyone in between. Never missing a beat, Mike moves through the room meeting the participants where they are, so to speak; that is, discussing the nuances of mechanics and form with the experienced practitioners, making subtle adjustments to their techniques, as well as bringing the same focus, precision and attention to detail to newbies in language that they can understand. I benefitted most from his clear explanations about why we did something a specific way coupled with the real-world example(s) he used to describe how the forces we were trying to generate would apply to our daily lives. Moreover, he always teaches with energy, enthusiasm and humor.

Here is what you will NOT get: a self-promoter with an inflated ego, much time to rest (you are going to work hard, but Mike works right along with you!) or an instructor who shares little in an effort to keep selling you services.

Here is what you WILL get with Mike: an instructor who has put in the time, developed his abilities and is a bona fide expert. As I said at the beginning, Mike invests in the people he trains. He wants YOU to succeed and achieve YOUR goals-all of them-whatever they may be. And he will do whatever he can to help. Seek him out!

10/10 Great motivational instructor
By Kathy J / Silver Spring

Mike has a natural ability to motivate people and his enthusiasm is contagious. Although I had never worked with kettlebells before, I was completely comfortable in his class. He is very attentive to the form and technique of his students. The workouts are extremely challenging and are never the same. It's obvious that he puts a lot of thought and effort into the class.

10/10 CrossFit Trains Survival
By Wes Chan / Olney, MD

I first joined Mike's Martial Arts Koncepts class at the age of 17. I realized that I needed more physical training in order to exceed at Martial Arts. A few days later, I started training in his CrossFit/RK class. These workouts involved and strengthened the entire body.

Mike records the progress of every person in the workout to help us improve. After just 2 weeks, my strength, and agility increased dramatically! It shows in the martial arts class.

The CrossFit/RK workouts prepares one mentally and phsically for anything. Being a swimmer, I noticed my times were dropping incredibly fast! Mike's workouts train our bodies to endure more and more every time. They train the body to survive any physical challenge.

I still take Mike's Martial Arts Koncepts class and his CrossFit/Russian Kettlebell class to this day. I encourage others to do the same.
Take Mike's CrossFit/RK class. You'll be glad you did.

10/10 Better than a stick in the eye!!!!
By S. Yee / Germantown, MD

For as long as I have known Mike, he has pursued new tools, methods and techniques to create challenging, functional and interesting workouts. I've never seen him take to something like he took to the kettlebells. I doubt that he will ever stop researching, but I also doubt he'll ever give up his kettlebells. Mike has been an immense help on my road to recovery from a very painful and debilitating herniated disk. Mike's knowledge and focus on detail and proper form will maximize your benefit from each drill while minimizing the chance for injury. His creativity will keep your workouts varied and fresh. Train with Mike for a workout that isn't hard for the sake of being hard, but hard because it's focused on functionality and your goals.

10/10 Worth the travel time!
By Nyk Cowham / Gaithersburg, MD

When I started training with Mike I lived and worked in Virginia about 35 miles away: a little further than I really wanted to travel. My original intention was to try out a few places in Washington DC area and go with the best I could find. After my first class with Mike I knew I would not find a better instructor anywhere!

What I like most about Mike is that he motivates you to work to push yourself to your own limits, but not to go further and injure yourself. Let me be clear, I do not particularly enjoy exercise, I'm not a fitness enthusiast - so the fact that Mike made my training fun and enjoyable as well as personally challenging is a testament to this gentleman's talent as a coach.

Mike's coaching was worth the extra travel and has been one of the most fun things I have done. I recommend kettlebell training to all my friends and always give them Mike's number with an emphatic recommendation.

10/10 It's all true!
By Jeff Martone / Knoxville, TN

I've read the reviews and would have to agree 100% with positive comments of what has been said about Mike Krivka. Dedicated, very motivational - inspirational, kind, highly skilled, committed, energetic, knowledgeable, well spoken, professional trainer, elite RKC instructor and all around great guy... that's Mike. He has my highest endorsement. I hope that you will have the opportunity and privilege to train with Mike Krivka, then you will see for yourself that "it's all true!"

Jeff Martone
Tactical Athlete Training Systems

10/10 Krivka's Kettlebells: A Way of Life
By Liz Gleich / Germantown, MD

I was first introduced to Mike's Sunday KB class, as some what of a challenge, back in December 2007. Before that I had never worked so hard in a fitness class before. Following that first workout, I quickly became reacquainted with muscles I knew I had but had never felt before. Now, almost nine months later, I can???t get enough!

Since December 2007, I attend Mike's classes religiously. I plan everything else around making it to that hour of kettlebell insanity on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Mike has such an indescribable way of teaching the proper techniques for using kettlebells safely and effectively. His attention to form is unmatched and his devotion to the class and his belief in the kettlebell way of life is evident upon spending even just five minutes with him. Mike???s kettlebell classes are exciting, educational, and ridiculously engaging. His knowledge of the content is remarkable and he is so enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge with as many people as he can.

In addition to the weight loss and muscle toning, as mentioned in many of the other reviews, Mike???s kettlebell classes have helped me to gain a greater balance in my life. His classes provide me with a great way to relieve stress both through the workouts and the laughter (at the good times we all share). They also give me something to look forward to four days a week. It???s better than cable! I attended a KB Certification run by Mike and Jeff Martone back in June. The two-day certification was awesome, and I am now a certified instructor.

As a person, there is not enough I can say about Mike. My greatest piece of advice to you is just come out, meet the man, and see what his classes are all about. You will be forever grateful that you did. I certainly am!

10/10 Functional Fitness
By Ryan Houseman / Ashburn, VA

After having studied under Mike Krivka for a little over two years, I have had plenty of opportunities to hear him make ridiculously bold claims about fitness and athletics in general, and then prove to me on the spot why they are true. The thing that has set Mike apart from any other athlete I have met is his unwavering ability to distinguish the difference between elementary mechanical exercise and functional athleticism. Through a comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics, structure, and economic power generation; his workout is consistently the difference between merely looking strong and actually becoming strong. His kettlebell classes always emphasize proper technique that translates not only to throwing around metal balls, but to any athletic activity I have participated in. Not to mention there is a never ending supply of Britney Spears' greatest hits... Ok but the rest is good.

10/10 Superb!
By Alan, Capt ., Wash, DC Fire Dept / Darnestown, MD

Reading all these accolades, you'd think this guy is some kind of Jewish Carpenter! However, this is not the kind of stuff that will "go to his head." He is not a premadonna as a trainer nor as a person, but a dedicated instructor with a high degree of confidence and competence. Mike is probably the best I have met.

The routines are varied and dynamic and he has to be considered among the elite instructors in the Region for functional training. KB can not be learned on a DVD. If you are lucky enough to read the reviews, live in the DC Metro area, and are serious about performance training, he's the man!

10/10 Motivational, Kind and Skilled instructor
By Nicole Martin / Gaithersburg MD

My sister in law does Crossfit in VA and recommended that I check it out. I took a few classes with Mike in Gaithersburg and learned so much! He motivated me and took the time to make sure that I was doing everything right. This is better exercise than anything I have ever done at any gym. He makes the class fun and the workout is outrageous!! I have never felt so good after a workout.

10/10 What they said ... Mike's the best!
By D Carter / Annandale, VA

Mike Krivka is the most dynamic, challenging, inspirational and knowlegeable instructors I've ever met. He reads your level of fitness and adjusts the exercises to seriously challenge, but not intimidate you. Mike draws on his understanding of kinesiology to insure that the appropriate muscles are exercised while other parts of the body are protected against improper form and overwork. Even in a class setting, he corrects form and gives feedback one-on-one. I have attended 2 of his KB seminars and after both, came away tired and sore ... but feeling great and wanting more! He's into serious fitness and if that's what you are looking for - he can take you there. At the same time, if you're not hard core but want to learn or perfect a solid KB workout - he's your guy too! Did anyone mention he's a comedy team all by himself?

10/10 Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk!
By Tim Menino / San Diego, CA

I met Mike Krivka a few years ago at a Defensive Tactics (DT) course and was very impressed with his teaching ability and high level of professionalism. Mike was able to present the detailed DT material in an easily understandable format to the various students in the class. It was quite evident to everyone in attendance that Mike possessed a mastery and passion for the subject.

During the DT course, Mike also instructed the large class in kettlebell training, which I recently started. Mike's quality as an instructor was never more evident as he explained the core kettlebell movements to our class of kettlebell newbies in a way that everyone understood. With Mike's contagious motivation and excellent attention to detailed instruction, everyone started swinging, cleaning and pressing the kettlebell with confidence.

Since that time, I have trained with Mike on several occasions and he has further refined my kettlebell technique. Mike is a first rate instructor and leads from the front, never asking anyone to do something that he can't do. Mike's level of strength, conditioning and kettlebell mastery is very inspirational. He brings out the best in his students and encourages them to push past all barriers. I only wish that Mike was based in my area so I could train with him more frequently.

10/10 Squatting Again!
By Tammy / Odenton, Maryland

I am a 36 year old mother of two small children still fighting to lose the last 10 pounds of "baby weight". I have been active at a gym the past two years, and after an initial drop in my weight, have seen the scale flatline- no changes downward, and sometimes slipping back up- YIKES! I've found that because of arthritis in my knees, my workout have become limited to light weights- no squats, yoga, and rear-numbing bike rides.

So when my husband risked his neck and forwarded Mike's e-mail about the RKB training to me, instead of being irked at him, I shocked him by telling him I was interested in going. I need something new to get out of this rut!

Walking in to the training center I was truly intimidated. There were women and men taking a KrossFit training class- Holy COW!!! Those people are in shape!! I was afraid I was not going to be able to keep up.

As I began I was instantly in pain- the knees were not happy. Within 2 minutes though, Mike had corrected my form and I was squatting- yes squatting- deeply with no pain! I find it miraculous to be honest. He is an amazing instructor in all the ways people have listed above- he truly has a gift.

I have continued my workouts at home every other day now, and am looking forward to seeing the results I can feel happening!

Thanks Mike!

10/10 Finest Instructor I've Ever Met
By Dave Luu / Rockville, MD

Sports and athletics has always been a passion of mine. For 30 years I have been a student of all kinds of physical activities from martial arts to mountain biking to weightlifting. I love taking classes and learning new skills. When I met Mike Krivka 2 years ago, I had thought I had some knowledge about fitness and body mechanics. I was wrong. Mike opened my eyes to a whole new world of knowledge. Now I workout with Mike regularly, and still to this day, there is not a class that goes by that I do not learn something new about myself or how the body works.

I whole-heartedly endorse Mike Krivka. If you have the opportunity to train with him, jump at the chance!

10/10 unbelievable knowlege and commitment
By Dorothy Dalton, DC / gaithersburg, Md

Mike started me on KB about 1 year ago. In that time I have relearned my middle age body, become stronger than I was when I was 30, and best off all, rekindled my passion as a Rehab DC. I was bored with the same old gym stuff and now love being excited about training wounded bodies back to health. Mike's attention and insistence on proper form/technique are world class. Most trainers I work with can't even compare! He is the REAL DEAL.

10/10 Superlative Trainer!
By Robert Volpe / Rockville, MD

Before I worked with Mike, I hadn't done any physical training for ten years. I was overweight and had serious back problems. Mike changed all that for me. His incredible personality and talent as an instructor made it possible for me to get into the best shape of my life. You will never find a better trainer, anywhere, ever. Thank you, Mike.

10/10 Great Instructor - looks horrible in a Mustache!! -)
By Daniel Fahey / Rockville, MD

Known Mike for several years and 2 years ago joined his Martial Art Koncept program. Before meeting Mike was training in another Martial Arts System for decades that stressed physical conditioning.

When Mike started CrossFit Koncepts it added to the physical conditioning offering but with far more aggressive and complete physical conditioning program.

Mike conditioing classes uses a CrossFit Circle of Fitness which includes lots of Kettlebell exercises. Before coming to his Martial Arts Classes I was suffering from upper and lower back pain. My Shoulders and Neck were inflamed with Bursitis and cronic lower back and S/I joint problems.

I exercised on my own with our small home gym. Frustratred by the many clueless Doctors Mike recommened a person who was efffective for him. Finding a good one also came from Mike and managed to get past the cronic pain.

Mike's fitness program immediately brought up other issues such as like lack of wind which I was suffering in the Martial Arts training. I could not catch my breath after a light to moderate warm up session. Never realized how badly out of shape despite staying active working out at home, running, playing some Soccer and Coaching.

Joining Mike's CrossFit classes many things were re-learned. Such as the Correct way to Breath, correct way to do a Push up, correct (and safer) way to pick thinks up, even how to take a break and heal. YEAH sometime you have to take a break to clear up soreness.

18 months later, still struggling to catch my breath but at a far higher fitness level not seen since my 20's. I push myself to my limits. Though not at the top of the class am no longer at the bottom finshing the tough sessions and routines.

I am business owner, parent, Soccer Referee, active in motor sports. All require a person to be physically conditioned, and mentally strong and alert with a good dose of patience.

Mike's Kettelbell, CrossFit and MartialArts Koncepts program got my body back in reasonable condition. My poster is straighter, lost some weight and much stronger than 2 years ago.

You have to be dedicated yet it is fun, challenging, never a dull moment or a minute wasted. Mike changes the exercise patterns where many of the warm ups are harder then the actual workout.

My next physical quest is getting rid of my remaining Budda Belly.

Dan Fahey

10/10 Highly recommended...
By Raymond Trajano / Philadelphia, PA

... instructor for his technical and effective skills to teach KB classes. I have known Mike through his Filipino Martial Arts classes/seminars and I constantly see him strive for perfection in his teachings and his ability to share his knowledge with his students with humility and integrity. I have only attended several of his KB classes and his concept of teaching still applies across the board.

Get ready for a solid and painful workout during his KB classes!

10/10 Military friendly
By Chris Stowe (GySgt USMC) / Quantico, Va

I happened to come upon Mike Krivka by accident. I was trolling for advice on how to not bruise my forarms on KB snatches (I was learning them at the time, and not very well, I might add) when Mike answered a question that I had posted on a website. After calling and talking with him, he invited me up to Gaithersburg (I am a Marine in Quantic Va) and offered to teach me basic KB moves. It was like Mike looked into my head to find out how I learned, and adapted his teaching to me, because everything he did/said matched with how I learned and remembered. Not only did he take the time to teach me and a another Marine friend of mine KB basics, so we didnt kill ourselves, when I asked him how much, he very seriously said it was on him as we were military, and our first time with KB, and he loves introducing them to anyone willing to learn. I have had constant communication with Mike since that day, and referred many of an individual to him. He is one of the most informative, knowledgable, well intentioned instructors I have ever dealt with. I would recommend him to anyone, and I would pay just about any fee to have his instruction. He is that good.

10/10 The Best KB Instructor Period!
By Randy Zales / Tampa, FL

If you want to know how to work with KB for maximum development and mitigate injury...Mike Krivka is the BEST! I say that because you will learn how to correctly perform KB exercises, how to self correct, drills to develop your weak spots, and you will truly understand the principles behind the KB - Snappy Hips are Happy Hips!!! He creates a training environment that is demanding, collegial and brutally fun! He will have you laughing even after you done 5 minutes of non-stop Turkish Get Ups!

10/10 Knowledgeable and motivational with a sense of humor
By Suzanne / Hershey, PA

I have had the opportunity to attend two of Mike's kettlebell workshops now and I will be back for more. As a beginner with kettlebells, I was a bit nervous that the workshops would be above my level but Mike's friendliness and motivational attitude makes everyone feel welcome. Mike really knows his stuff and can effectively communicate, demonstrate and break down the movements in a logical way that sticks with you long after the workshop. And, to make a great workshop even better, Mike does it all with a great sense of humor.

10/10 For the Novice or Expert
By Detective David Woolsey / Rockville, MD

I have known Mr. Krivka for several years, and as a novice to the world of kettlebells and the concept of strength as a learned skill as well as a trained ability, I was very impressed with his instruction. Classes and seminars with Mr. Krivka contained a wide range of students from novices as myself, to expert martial artists and athletes. Throughout the seminars and classes Mr. Krivka took the time to address each student's level of understanding, conditioning, and skill, ensuring the safety of the students, while at the same time imparting a positive outlook on the training style, and achieving positive results. Mr. Krivka also imparted the understanding to all present that negative attitudes and comments were not welcome; only encouragement was allowed. For the older student, or the student dealing with past physical injuries, the positive atmosphere is a must. I would highly recommend Mike Krivka for anyone looking for personal or small group strength training.

10/10 Great Teacher & Motivator
By Troy Torrence / Indianapolis, IN USA

I attended the CrossFit Level I Kettlebell Certification back in May in Ann Arbor, MI. Mike was a constant professional and a great teacher constantly reminding us of form and technique throughout our training (Quick hips slow hands). I will never forget that quote as long as I live. I learned so much during my two days of training. The information and cues learned that weekend will help me in teaching and programming our Police Academy training programs.

10/10 So you're looking for an elite RKC instructor???
By Todd (always willing-demo boy) Wilson / Olney, MD

I have been training with Mike for several years starting out with Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai & all around fitness programs & escalating into Kettlebells. Mike is not only the most positive, well-educated & motivational instructor I have EVER had the privilege to train under, he has become one of my best friends. If you're looking for the most knowledgeable & most qualified (just look at his bio) instructor, you have found him!!! There is simply no comparison. S.W.A.T (stop whining and train - our motto)!!!!!

10/10 Perfect combination of technique and motivation!
By Steve Hall / Rockville, MD USA

I am a former Marine that knows a few things about physical fitness and motivation, and let me tell you that Mike is an amazing instructor. He guides you every step of the way and ensures you are doing everything the right way. All with non-stop motivation that keeps you pushing through the entire RKC workout. His workouts are the most intense I have seen, and he keeps you entertained by switching up the workouts and making them competitive. I highly recommend you at least try a workout with him. You will not be dissapointed.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Jason Dury / Northern Virginia

Mike Krivka is a knowledgeable instructor who takes the time to explain, demonstrate, supervise, and share all aspects of his Kettlebell experience.

I have attended a number of seminars with him and gotten to know him over the past few years.

He takes the time to make sure that all who attend get the most out of training.

Being in the area, I'm sure to have a number of occasions to train with him, tap his knowledge, and apply that information immediately.

Jason Dury
Owner, CrossFit Northern Virginia (www.crossfitnorthernvirginia.com)
Instructor, Blauer Tactical Systems (www.blauertactical.com)

10/10 Mike is a great teacher
By Thor Enos / Kensington, MD

I have been training under Mike's tutelage on and off for more years than I care to remember. I have taken several of Mike's kettlebell seminars and try to take his basic seminar every time he offers it. His emphasis is on proper form and injury avoidance and he is excellent at teaching both the how and why of every technique. After I tore my patella tendon (doing something else) and had it surgically repaired, his one on one "workouts in the park" with kettlebells allowed me to trust that leg again, as well as to develop much better overall physical conditioning. I just wish his classes were closer!

10/10 Mike's KB class is the best!!!
By Krystal Hill / Gaithersburg, MD

My first experience with kettlebell training with Mike was as part of a warm up to his jeet kune do class. I enjoyed the kettlebell portion of the class so much that when it became a separate class, I signed up. In terms of physical fitness training, it was the best decision I've ever made.

Mike is a phenomenal instructor. He really, really knows his stuff. I've learned so much about the hows and whys of the various kettlebell exercises. Mike has a great attitude. He is always so enthusiatic, and that enthusiasm helps keep me motivated during his intense workouts.

I have definitely noticed a change in my level of physical fitness. For one, I have much greater shoulder and arm strength. The other day, at work, someone commented on how toned my arms were looking. I smiled and told him that it was all because of Mike and his kettlebell class.

10/10 Great Instructor & Great Results
By Karen Douglas / Washington, DC

I highly recommend Mike Krivka! Kettlebells can be a mysterious little ball of hell, but Mike makes using those little devils FUN. He's knowledgable, patient, inspirational and has a huge following of fit & fun people to work out with.

He taught me to swing, deadlift, squat, clean, press, jerk, tgu, and juggle a bit. I'm eternally grateful, and use his techniques in any KB workout I do.

10/10 The Benchmark by which I judge KB instructors, Mike Krivka.
By David 'Chef' Wallach / NOVA/Wash. DC

I am a Functional Fitness instructor, CrossFit Trainer, and Registered Dietician that has given seminars and trained trainers, LEO and MIL on four continents and I can say in short order that Mike is in a class of his own.

My experience at his 'train the trainer' Kettle Bell certification was hands down among the very best instructional experiences I have had the extreme good fortune to attend. The man is a unending supply of data on the why's and the how's of properly translating both technique and lore. His vast repetoire would be useless if not for his intensity, devotion to the students at hand and fundamentally extraordinary technique which he weilds with ease and an open heart.

Wrap that up with a wry sence of humor and you have an extraordinary instructor who produces extraordinay instructors.

Ten of ten to Mr. Krivka, without hesitation.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Tommy Cindric / Mount Airy, Maryland

I have had the privilege to train with Mike on several occasions over the last 3 years. My first training session with Mike came at a defensive tactics instructors school, where Mike first introdcued me to the world of kettlebells. Mike's knowledge and enthusiasm for kettlebell training was infectious and caused me to immediately implement kettlebells to my own training regimen. Mike takes takes a great amount of time with each and everyone he trains. I recently brought several members of a girl's varsity lacrosse team to train with Mike. Mike gave every athlete personal attention, which in turn gave each athlete confidence to perform the kettlebell training at a high level. Mike recognizes the strengths and weakensses of all athletes who train with him and really gives them the push they need to succeed in their athletic training.

10/10 Excellent Instructor and Motivator
By P Nasr / DC metro area

Mike is the go-to guy when it comes to KBs in this area. No one else even comes close. He has the knowledge, brains, enthusiasm and energy that it take to teach a newbie. He is meticulous about proper technique and won't settle until you do it the right way, so that you won't hurt yourself and get the results that you're after. I'm really grateful that I learned how to throw KBs around from the best.

10/10 Positive Motivator
By William Karditzas / Annapolis, MD

The use of Kettlebells in my training evolutions and for my clients has really been a move in the correct direction. Mike provided precise form skills sets and positive feedback during a two day instructor class. He easily handles the most difficult students with poise and direction. The techniques and information I have learned from Mike has been passed onto numerous sailors, midshipmen and officers at the Naval Academy.

10/10 Energetic Instructor!
By Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC Team Leader / Los Angeles, CA USA - www.kettlebellslosangeles.com

You'd be hard pressed to find an instructor as enthusiastic as Mike Krivka. His booming voice conveys his knowledge on subjects (martial arts, defensive tactics, & Russian kettlebell training) in a clear and highly detailed manner.

It was Mike who introduced the world famous Dan Inosanto to RKC founder Pavel Tsatsouline, and it was Mike who, early in my kettlebell training, helped me understand and improve the explosiveness and efficiency of my clean to what it is today.

You will be hard pressed to find a more capable and more passionate instructor than Mike Krivka. If you have the opportunity, get instruction with him pronto!!!

10/10 I wann be like Mike
By Anabell / Gaithersburg,MD

I am a 25 year old personal trainer at a well known chain and have been working with Mike on and off for the last 9 months. Mike has given me a self confidence that i didn't know existed when coming to KB's. It is a new way of cardiovascular endurance training and I absolutely love it. Since day one of our interaction Mike hasn't given me any mercy because he saw potential.

He not only is a great instructor and very knowledgeable on crossfit training but will actually make a lot of "FIT" trainers look weak while performing his ownn workouts. Mike definately is in outstanding shape and can deliver a great workout no matter what physical condition one is in. He will always take you beyond your limits.


10/10 a kettlebell instructor with brains
By Nassir Sheikh / gaithersburg MD

Mike Krivka is one of the best kettlebell instructors that I know. I have been working with him for the past three years. He knows how to break down an exercise and explain it better than anyone I know. He has the ability to explain how to do an exercise in a short precise way that I have not seen before or after I met him. He can easily explain why an arm should be turned this way and a leg that way and how it is better and easier for your body to do it that way. I have been to a few different kettlebell workshops by other instructors and he is by far the best one I have gone to. His workouts are brutal and just plain mean, but he will help you get through them and you will feel like you accomplished something after the work out is done. He is a great instructor and a great friend.

10/10 a kettlebell instructor with brains
By Nassir Sheikh / gaithersburg MD

Mike Krivka is one of the best kettlebell instructors that I know. I have been working with him for the past three years. He knows how to break down an exercise and explain it better than anyone I know. He has the ability to explain how to do an exercise in a short precise way that I have not seen before or after I met him. He can easily explain why an arm should be turned this way and a leg that way and how it is better and easier for your body to do it that way. I have been to a few different kettlebell workshops by other instructors and he is by far the best one I have gone to. His workouts are brutal and just plain mean, but he will help you get through them and you will feel like you accomplished something after the work out is done. He is a great instructor and a great friend.

10/10 Incredible Instructor and Friend
By Kim Williams / Ocean City, Maryland

Mike and I met at a CrossFit Certification Workshop in Quantico, Virginia and we have been friends ever since. Mike assisted in teaching a short workshop on Russian Kettlebells at the end of that weekend seminar. His knowledge and enthusiasm sparked a fire in me to learn more about RKC. I attended a CrossFit Kettlebell Certification at his studio in Gaithersburg a few months back and have been hooked ever since. He is a great instructor! He is excellent at teaching and breaking down movements and being a former teacher with a Masters degree that really impressed me. I learned so much from him that I cannot wait to go back to learn more and better my moves and teaching ability. Mike's attentive, caring,and gentle yet tough ways have helped me become a much better instructor. Thanks Mike.

10/10 Experienced and Skilled KB instruction
By Ryan Heitz / Maryland

Mr. Krivka has the coaching experience and eye for body mechanics to fine tune your KB form. A few hours in one of Mike's workshops leaves you with the tools you need to build a workout for yourself. In addition to the takeaway value, KB classes with Mike are more fun and are a better (and safer) workout than I've experienced with any other KB instructor.

10/10 Lunch and Kettlebells
By John Peyser / York, PA

I'm happy add my voice in commendation for Mike Krivka to all the previous comments, he is a thoroughgoing professional in all his instructional roles. Although I have been nominally a martial arts student, I can usually count on having kettlebells thrust into my hands before class even begins (usually heavier than the ones I would have chosen for myself!) Recently, Mike actually had me hoisting a kettlebell after lunch in a regurgitation free zone - the parking lot of a local restaurant. Mike Krivka is a relentless instructor with a huge reservoir of energy and experience. His teaching is salted with great humor and peppered with a measure of gleeful sadism. I am enriched by his instruction and his welcoming personality.

10/10 What an Instructor....
By Stephanie Laff / Los Angeles, CA

In August 2008 Mike updated his RKC certification. I was fortunate to have him on my team. His knowledge is very extensive, his attention to detail is impeccable & his enthusiasm infectious. He was great all weekend, but I was particularly impressed on Sunday. Watching him train his volunteer victims was like taking a master class in instruction. He had to train 3 people of very different fitness and skill levels. Throughout the whole hour, all three were having a great time. At the end of it, all three of his victims had successfully progressed and the fittest felt just as worked as the least fit. Anyone of any level would enjoy and benefit from working with Mike.

10/10 Quality Instruction
By Dave G. / DC Metro Area

I have attended 2 seminars taught by Mike: the Level 1 CF KB cert and a beginner level KB juggling class. During both classes I found Mike to be helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgable. He obviously has an extensive knowledge base, not only in KB practices and programming, but also is well-versed in body mechanics and physiology. He was able to work easily with a large spectrum of ability levels and provide useful instruction and direction to all. My KB skills have definitely improved thanks to Mike's help. I will certainly take more classes with him and would recommend his teaching to everyone.

By Mike Conneen / Poolesville, Md.

I have lifted weights drug free for 23 yrs and consider myself to be physically fit. I workout in the same gym where Mike does his crossfit and kettlebell training, with a universal love and RESPECT for each other we would make fun of the other's workout. This went on for a few months and we developed a friendship and Mike suggested that I try a "moderate" workout with him, I took that as a CHALLENGE and tried it and it KICKED my tail. I have played sports all my life - wrestled,football with 2 a days in August and nothing has left me as SPENT as a workout with Mike. The first couple I thought I would PUKE but would press on with Mike's encouragement, now after 5 months I have finished a few workouts before him and we now CHALLENGE each other !! I VALUE my time and DON'T like it wasted, without a DOUBT these are QUALITY workouts with the time invested in them. I can say that with the combination of my workouts and Mike's training and coaching I am in the BEST shape of my life !! THANKS Mike you are THE MAN !!

10/10 Exceptional
By Geri Shapiro / Potomac, MD

Mike???s class is the contradictory to everything I hate about workout classes. His concentration is on proper form. The workouts allow each person to work within his/her level without adversely affecting the rest of the class.

The class moves smoothly from beginning to end. Although the same basic exercises are used, each class is challenging and different. The true joy of the class is Mike has the ability to motive and drive you to be the best you can be ??? even on those days when you are not.

10/10 This guy's got SKILLS!!!
By Rik Brown RKC / Dana Point,CA

I was an assistant instructor at the UCLA cert and Michael was in my group. He showed a total knowledge of basic and advanced kettlebell
skills along with a cordial,polite style of teaching.He made hard work look like fun!He has a passion for kettlebells that gets ahold of a student and spurs them on to a higher level.
If you are serious about learning kettlebell training you can't go wrong with Michael.

10/10 66 is the New 40!!
By John Kalil / Gaithersburg, MD USA

My son invited me to Mike's class and I was hooked from day one. I've been with Mike almost 9 months and have not returned to my gym. I am doing exercises I didn't know a 66 year old was capable of doing. Mike is extremely knowledgable in his crossfit kettlebell classes. He's an excellent teacher and a real stickler for using proper form, which he demonstrates before every exercise.

On a personal level I consider him a great friend and mentor who encouraged and helped me to launch my own crossfit kettlebell business. I have tried a variety of workout programs, had a personal trainer for 7 years and never lost a pound. Since January I am 25 pounds lighter. I can't say enough good things about Mike's classes and the bottom line is, they are just plain FUN!

10/10 He got me hooked!
By Matt Clancy / Beaufort, SC USA

I attended one of Mike's classes in 2005. It was my first exposure to KBs and his enthusiasm, knowledge and instructing style got me hooked. I bought a set of KBs and have used them as part of my department's special operations team training. Thanks Mike.

10/10 A great example to learn from
By John Roberts, RKC / Santa Maria, CA USA

Mike Krivka was an on my team at the RKC in Los Angeles as a recertifying RKC. He demonstrated to me to be a great example of who and what an RKC should be, especially during the Graduation Workout where he went back after finishing and encouraging the last participants while working alongside. I had a huge advantage to have Mike as my partner during most of the practice sessions. He demonstrated a bit of tough love to me when doing the static stomp DL and swing exercise. His martial arts experience made it even more enjoyable! :) Mike always gave me respect through all of his actions. I appreciate his professional and humorous mannerism, which made it a pleasure to meet and work with him. Thank you Mike for helping me to survive the RKC and hopefully future workshops!

10/10 Thanks to Mike, I am back on track!!!!!!!
By Timothy Anderson / Mechanicsville, MD. USA

I use to be a student back in early 2001 for a coupole of years. After a few injuries and two surguries for Carpal Tunnel I put on 45 extra pounsds. Who do I turn too! Mike. He has me on some great Kettle Bell workouts and my cardio is improving dramatically and the weight is starting to come off. Even when I am working on my own I can still here him with those words of encouragement just puushing me to the next level, even as a beginner....... Updates to come!!!

Thanks Mike!

10/10 Mike is an awesome teacher and mentor
By Xiang Yao / Westfield, NJ

Mike Krivka is an awesome teacher and mentor to me. He is unbelievably knowledgeable and perfectionist in details. He breaks down each movement with science and you will be convinced with the theory behind the drills. He motivates and encourages you to go through challenges. Training with Mike is fun. The best thing is that Mike makes you happy in training and gives you a feeling of great achievement! He is the best teacher I ever know in my life.

10/10 From Pain to Gain
By Renee Moten/Personal Trainer / North Potomac, Maryland 20878

I was referred to Michael Krivka's class in April 2008. After attending my first Kettlebell class I was hooked. Mike made sure my form was correct and took time to demonstrate an exercise if I did not understand the proper form. No matter how many people were in the class I could always ask questions and received a detailed answer.

In the year of 1992 I was diagnosis with arthritis pain in both knees. I know longer did any high intensity exercises or squats. Once Mike instructed me on how to create more stability within my body, I can now do squats and high intensity exercises. With Mike's expertise, patience and skill as an instructor I've gain back the freedom of motion within my joints. He's the best!

10/10 Knowledgeable, well-spoken, and fun!
By John Spezzano / Los Angeles, CA

I've known Mike for longer than either of us would probably care to tell! He is a very talented and fun guy to have as a coach. His ability to make you work and laugh at the same time is uncanny. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you train with Mike. You might be sore, but you won't be sorry!

10/10 Best condition in my whole life! (44 years old)
By Greg / Olney, MD

I could not believe how simple it was to get started with conditioning and strength training as intense as this. I wish I worked out with Mike and his Kettle Bells back in HS or College.

Mike is simply the most knowledgeable and effective trainers I have ever worked with. Silk vs sand paper. He is intense with the details and a blast to train with at the same time.

I had 2 major knee surgeries and chronic back pain from a horrific 5x collision accident from a 18-wheeler just prior to working out with Mike 2 years ago. Mike assured me that if I focused on solid basics and intensity that I would be fine. I was pleasantly surprised! Soon I was tossing around KB's and squatting as if I was 21 again. I have never felt pain as long as I focused on the KB basics. My strength gradually improved until I reached a point of conditioning that rivals my years in college. There is no other workout that is pain free for me.

Just 15 minutes with Mike will make a believer out of you. It is just that simple. I started with one of his intro to KB's classes and was hooked from the first 15 minute workout. Kindest regards, Greg

10/10 Form Freak (and that's a good thing)
By Mark / Harrisburg, PA

Mike is a terrific KB instructor. He REALLY knows what he is doing.

In particular, I appreciate the time he spends on the details of each lift...the small things that make a world of difference in actual performance.

If you're anywhere near Gaithersburg, Maryland, and want to learn about kettlebells, then arrange to spend some time with Mike. You won't regret it.

10/10 I thought I was in good shape but ....
By Christine Mitchell / Rhodesdale, Maryland (where?)

I thought I was in good shape a few years ago but after attending my first kettlebell workshop at Mike's gym, I realized how wrong I was.

Mike's terrific attitude, knowledge and personal attention to me and to each person in attendance at his workshops has provided the right amount of encouragement and enthusiasm to motive and inspire us all. Combine Mike's humor, his knowledge and a few grueling sets and without any doubt, you will feel GREAT.

I now own two kettebells and have invited my son to participate in one of Mike's workshops. My son now has his own kettlebell, has taken it with him to college to keep in shape, reduce the stress of studying, and he likes to blow his college buddies away!

Since I started working with Mike a few years ago, I have dropped 20 lbs, jog better, swim better, and cycle better. After a few years of working with kettlebells and attending a few of Mike's workshops, I can now honestly say I am in good shape (for a 52-year old woman)!

10/10 Knows His Details!
By Mykola Machnowsky / Philadelphia, PA - Central New Jersey USA

I've known Mike Krivka for a number of years now and have trained with him for that entire time, and as a fellow RKC I can say there's not many better if at all. His knowledge is deep and his follow through is incomparable. He not only knows how to teach the game and teach it well but he also knows how to play it too. What I am basically saying is that Mike tests and tries everything out himself before he shows it to anyone else so you know what he's teaching you will make you better! Back to the point, if you're looking for some serious training with results RKC Mike Krivka is a guy to go to!

10/10 Outstanding Motivator and Instructor
By Pete Sand / Gaithersburg, MD

Mike continues to inspire me to push back from the keyboard and get the best workout I've ever had. At first, I looked at the Kettlebell and compared it to all the fancy machines at the gym and thought, "seriously?" Then Mike started the class and all I can say is thank God I picked the smallest Kettlebell!

Mike puts together exciting, engaging classes that are both the hardest workout I've ever experienced and the most motivating.

What sets Mike apart from all the other instructors I've had, is the way he mixes hard work with actual instruction. He teaches WHY the different exercises work and the subtle changes that can turn a boring push up into something new, and, because it's coming from Mike, hard work.

I realize this list is about Kettlebells, but Mike also teaches two other programs: a crossfit program and a martial arts program. And, again, unlike any other instructur I've had, Mike explains how each course fits in with the other course and how they all come from fundamental principles of how the body works and then he actually teaches from those fundamentals to the specifics of each exercise across all three programs. It's an amazing experience.

10/10 Mike Krivka, The Evil Kettlebell Sifu
By Gary Boisen- Certified Personal Trainer / Germantown, MD

Remember those old Kung Fu Films we would watch on Saturday afternoon and the evil, strict Master that would force his students to excel after beating them to a pulp? Enter Mike Krivka.

I came to Mike at 58, recovering from bilateral hip replacements. I had studied Martial arts for over 20 years, competed in Olympic Weightlifting and Mt./Rock Climbing but I thought my hard core training days were over. Mike would not let me sit on the sidelines and literally, and if you know Mike, I do mean literally, picked me up and made me try to use a Kettlebell.
The positive results were immediate, and keep on coming!!!
I know own a collection of DD KB's from 26 to 71 lbs and workout with them 2 times a week on my own plus I subject myself to one of Mike's Crossfit workouts on Saturday morning.
Mike has inspired me to go past my supposed limitation and excel.
I turn 60 next month, I have lost 30 lbs. and I am in the best shape of my life. I intend to attend and complete the RKC within the next year or 2.
This would not have happened if I had not started training with Mike Krivka. Whether its Kettlebells, Crossfit or Martial Arts, I will train with Sifu Mike as long as he will put up with me.

10/10 Mike Krivka will challenge you
By Gal S. / DC Metro area

Mike Krivka will make you re-evaluate your previous training-all of it... Strength, conditioning, martial arts, you name it, he will show you ways to achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently and you will have more fun getting there. If you're ready for an intense training regimen to get you back in shape or to get you to your next set of goals, Mike Krivka's your man.

10/10 Professional Trainer
By Pete Davila / Chantilly, VA

Mike has trained the staff at the Fairfax County Police Academy in several disciplines. His kettlebell and crossfit training is second to none. Several instructors have now incorporated kettlebell training into their regular fitness training. Thank you Mike for your continued support, guidance, and friendship.

10/10 Just when you thought you couldn't work any harder.....
By Liz Gall / Germantown, MD

Mike is a phenomenal instructor, mentor and friend. He continuously strives to get the most out of every person he works with, no matter their age, ability, motivation, etc.

I am an active 26-year-old softball player who thought I was in pretty decent shape to begin with. Boy, did I realize how much better I could be once I started working with Mike and Kettlebells. I am stronger, have more muscle tone, and have hit more triples this year than ever before! My stamina has improved tremendously and I recover much faster.

Mike is encouraging and puts so much focus on form, I am never nervous about injuring myself from doing something wrong. Every class you walk in, not knowing what kind of workout to expect. When you leave, you truly believe it was the worst workout ever. Then, a day later, it starts all over again...with a different workout.

I can never thank Mike enough for helping me to find a love of kettlebells and helping me get into such great shape. I have found a new passion and great release for stress.

10/10 Mike Krivka is THE BEST teacher I have ever had!!
By Dawn Burke / Frederick, MD

I have taken both a day long kettle bell workshop and hour long kettle bell classes with Mike. Mike uses very clear oral, visual, and kinesthetic instructions. His own form is terrific as well. Mike has great talent with helping each individual in his class fine tune his/her movement to achieve the best results. I always feel invicible and energized at the end of Mike's classes. Finally, he makes all of us feel welcome and wanted by giving us excercises for multiple ability levels and celebrating our victories with us no matter how small. You are missing out if you do not come to Mike's classes.

10/10 Mike is the real deal
By Mac Cassity / Woodbine,Md

Mike Krivka completely changed the way I think about fitness and overall strength and health and he did so with one simple move...he put a kettlebell in my hand. The training that Mike showed me with kettlbells blew my mind! My strength went through the roof. Pullups went from 11-12 to now over 20 and still going!

Training with Mike led me to eventually get certified through Crossfit and now, two years after meeting Mike, I am training folks myself. Thanks Mike, you really have made an impact in my life, a very positive one!

10/10 Dedication
By Mike O'Neill / Frederick, Md

I have been a student of Mike Krivka's since 2003. His knowledge of Kettle Bell training and the martial arts is extensive. However, it is his dedication to his students that makes him such an excellent instructor.

Mike will never let you down as a friend or as an instructor.

PS, It doesn't matter how long you have know him, he will still work you like a dog and make you sweat.

10/10 An UNBELIEVABLE RKB mentor and an UNBELIEVABLE person to boot!
By Cyndy Smell / Bridgeport, WV

What a fantastic guy! I have always considered myself an athlete but as recent mother of triplets, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I took a kettlebell certification class with Mike Krivka and Jeff Martone in the Spring of 2008. It was extremely intense both physically and mentally but Mike was my inspiration and motivation every step of the way, literally! After spending only 2 days with Mike as my kettlebell coach I can truthfully say I feel like I have known him my whole life. He is very down to earth, friendly, and open and honest about your potential. He efficiently and positively communicates and demonstrates proper technique, he is energetic and pays attention and encourages the important details of breathing, visualizing, and believing in yourself. I am grateful to Mike for his patience, knowledge and dedication to what he is so obviously passionate about---the RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL!

10/10 Great Depth and Presentation
By David Long / Ocean City, MD

Mike has done KB workshops at our training facility and I could not have asked for anything more. His knowledge base is HUGE and he can break down with the best of them. I really liked his ability to move from strict KB work into Olympic and traditional lifts with ease. We had Division I college athletes in with Moms and evryone got exactly what they needed. I value Mike's instruction and our trainer's are all better for having trained with Mike. I have been to several KB seminars in the past and felt that I got MUCH more from Mike. Nothing more I can say...great knowledge, great presentation, great trainer.

10/10 Mr. Inspiration
By Chris Kalil / Gaithersburg, MD USA

Mike has launched me into a new outlook on fitness. He has a strong command of his subject matter and he instructs in a very clear and lucid manner. Mike is a great motivator and keeps the class engaged for a full 60 minutes.

10/10 Weight loss Nirvana
By Janine Bachmann / Maryland

OMG - Having worked in a number of cities in the world I naturally with the progression of old age (I am 40) -) started feeling the effects of gravity, a bad diet and of course lack of energy. At 210 lbs I was overweight, unhealthy and a heart attack looking for a place to happen.

I was always so tired after a very strenuous days work and I just felt I did not have the energy to even work out. Along came Mike. Motivational, Inspirational and a man of few words but the creator of a lot of positive action.

In 2 months I had lost 25 pounds. Needless to say I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I had not changed my diet only added Mike's Fab work out three times a week. My clients started commenting that I was looking great. I felt fantastic. My posture improved, muscle tone was incredible and for the first time in years I felt I had the energy I needed for a long days work and then some partying afterwards too.

Why would anyone want to go anywhere else. Mike is dedicated and absolutely the best at Kettle bell training. Hell I did not even know what it was until he told me to get my butt on over and start working out.

Don't wait - call him now and start your transformation - Your body will be glad you did.

10/10 anyone can swing a kettlebell not everyone can teach the corrective fine pts like mike can
By raymond lee anderson / allentown pa

anyone can watch a dvd and menic and exercize butt if u need to know the whys and howcomes of and exercize mike and his systematic aproach to teaching is the key. need a killer workout mike is agin my choise his ability to target mussle groupe is extroadinary, i would hire any student taught my mike ,he dosent simply allow them to demo and exercize they must be able to explain & correct form first ray the gym,usg

10/10 Very motivational!
By Genevieve Woche / Rockville, MD USA

As a female, I was reluctant to consider Kettlebell training. Mike convinced me how great it is and can be to help stay fit and lose weight. He is right. My headline says it all - Mike is VERY MOTIVATIONAL and he really knows how to keep it fun and interesting. He also knows the difference between plain old criticism and constructive criticism. Hey, we all need it sometimes - it's better to be in a positive manner, right?! I support Mike as an instructor 100+%!

10/10 Very Knowledgeable Trainer
By Chris Bloom / Annandale, Va

Mike is a very knowledgeable instructor who can Explain, Demonstrate, Supervise and Correct all aspects of Kettlebell Training. I attended two seminars with Mike, One as a Student and the second as an Assistant where Mike helped me to improve my Instructor Skills. Mike really ensured that I got the most out of the training during both events. I am grateful for the opportunity to have trained and worked with Mike as both a Student and as an Assistant. I look forward to many more training opportunities in the future. I see that I have barely scratched the surface on his knowledge of Kettlebell Training and its application to various activities. Mike is able to apply Kettlebell Training to Sports, Tactical Environments and to Real Life. I truly value him as an instructor and as a friend.

10/10 If you want results -- Mike is the person you want training you.
By Peter Tsirigotis, Attorney / NY/NJ

Mike Krivka is the best. PERIOD.

While competing for the U.S. at the Savate World Cup (2002), I ruptured my achilles tendon. My doctors told me that, as a result of my injury, my competition and training days were over. To compound matters, I had a long recovery and, as a busy attorney/ executive, I had very little time to get back into the shape I wanted to be in.

Mike helped me prove my doctors wrong. Mike patiently helped me find different training methods (primarily kettlebells and body weight exercises) that worked for me and how, as a busy executive, to make the most of my limited time.

I am healthier (I have the tests from my physical to prove it) and more fit at 40 than I was in my 30s.

10/10 Great guy
By Doug Nepodal RKC Team Leader / Ventura,CA

It was a pleasure having Mike on my team at the UCLA RKC. Mike is a experienced RKC, it was like having a third assistant. Thanks Mike.
If you are looking for a good kettlebell instructor you found him.

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