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10/10 What a difference the right instructor makes!
By Jennifer Connelly / Collegeville, USA

I love working with Liz! I started working with her about 4 months ago and am seeing tremendous results. It was great having the ability to work with Liz practically one-on-one while learning how to use the bells properly to avoid injury. She is ever watchful that her members are using the correct form while pushing us to work harder. I leave her classes feeling energized and strong! The workouts are always different so I never get bored and always feel like I have worked every muscle in my body! Liz is a great motivator and her knowledge and experience is invaluable.

10/10 Tough workouts... great results.
By John Russo / Schwenksville, United States

Liz, and the entire Corefit team, have introduced me to kettlebells and now I am hooked. The workouts that Liz has created are intense but she keeps everyone going and enthusiastic. Liz focuses on form to keep the workouts very effective and safe. I have recommended others to CoreFit and will continue to do so.

10/10 Persistent disk issues remedied
By Bob H. / Collegeville, PA, U.S.A.

I was a traditional gym rat - 20 years of weights & cardio. A herniated disk forced me to re-think how to achieve my fitness goals. Despite heavy pessimism about kettlebells - I was actually concerned it would make my back worse, not better - Liz convinced me to give it a try. Frankly I've been stunned by the results. My back no longer bothers me, and in fact feels stronger than ever. What's more, the workouts are as much fun as they are effective. Liz creates an atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone, and at the same time she manages to understand all of her members' unique issues and needs. I have recommended CoreFit to several of my friends, and they have had a similar experience.

10/10 Liz and CoreFit-Intense and Rewarding!!!
By Martina / Phoenixville

Meeting Liz was the best thing that has happened to my body!

She is super friendly, motivating and knowledgeable, as are all the instructors. As an RKC and functional movement specialist, she knew exactly how to fix my problem areas without incurring further injury, which was a concern after 6 months of physical therapy. All this with kettle bells!!! Liz worked with me privately and quickly moved me into classes. They are very challenging, but very rewarding as I have noticed results in a short period of time. Classes include KB, TRX, cross fit, yoga, zumba along with other toys such as tires, sledgehammers, sandbags etc.
CoreFit's motto-twice the results in half the time-IT'S TRUE!!! You need to try it to believe it (they even offer a complimentary class). The class sizes are small so you always have a great instructor there for you, but the members :) are always there as well, encouraging and supporting you in the best way possible.



10/10 The best workout I've ever done
By Jessica Reigner / Collegeville, PA

With three small children and a full-time career, I need to make the most of the time I have to work out. With all the workout regimens I've used, by far, the kettlebell training I've been doing has gotten me the most results in the fastest time. What a total body workout and I feel great. I notice a huge difference in my arms, abs, and rear after 10 weeks of regular classes - down over 8 inches! Liz goes above and beyond to focus on form and me as a person - checking in with me outside of class, caring about my overall health and diet. I feel challenged and I'm so grateful I found Liz!

10/10 Kettlebell has changed my attitude
By Giselle / Collegeville Pa

I came to Corefit over 50 years old, overweight, and having limited exercise. I was desperate to try something that would click and allow me to make lifestyle changes for myself and that I could stick with. What a change kettlebell has made to my life. I have lost 20 some pounds, more than 20 inches and have a new attitude about exercise and what it means to my life. I have gained a new appreciation of what good health is and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
Liz, Lena, Kim, and Tracey at corefit have made this transformation possible. They are super instructors that provide encouragement and "tough love" so that you do not give up. Without their instuction and guidance I would not have continued but somehow they have given me the strength mentally and physically to continue. No one is told old to make this transformation - Corefit and kettlebell is awesome.

10/10 Motivate & Challenge; Keeping it New and Fun
By Steve Westfall / Phoenixville, PA

Liz, Lena and all of the CoreFit instructors have opened the door to a new level of physical and mental fitness. I followed my wife into kettlebell training over a year ago the goals of increasing my strength, toning my body and improving my endurance. With the help of Liz, Lena and their team, I have met and exceeded my goals.

I am not a gym person and it was important to me that any fitness program that I committed to provided supportive guidance, proper and safe instruction as well as ongoing monitoring. At CoreFit, the instructors teach, coach and encourage and it is clear that they know what they are doing. They motivate and challenge but keep it fun and interesting.

By Lauren Tornetta / Phoenixville, PA


Although I have not known Liz for long she, through COREFIT Kettlebell, has made great impact. Liz is dedicated to high performance classes and celebrates individual and team successes. Liz is committed to ensuring proper technique and working the entire body to its full potential EACH and EVERY work-out. Finally!! - I have found a great atmosphere in COREFIT and have 100% confidence in Liz's ability to motivate my mind and body. After three weeks, I have seen noticeable changes in my strength, conditioning, and flexibility, which is no small feat after just having a baby! Liz is an instructor who truly shows the highest commitment to Kettlebell training and quality instruction. Liz's desire is evident by her creative and challenging workouts. She keeps the classes fresh and is well aware of her client's 'make-up', thus knowing how to build strength safely and progressively, as well as knowing when to 'push the envelope' for a true gut-wrenching workout!

10/10 Awesome workout!
By Kelly / Phoenixville, PA

Kettlebell classes are addictive! After spending three months on strict bed rest last year, I lost all muscle tone. I couldn't walk up a flight of steps without feeling out of breath. After my twins were born, I needed a workout that targeted cardio and total-body muscle toning in the shortest possible time...I no longer have time for long monotonous work-outs. Liz and Lena are incredible. They are truly dedicated, motivating, and supportive instructors. Every workout is challenging, and no two are the same. They are always there to help improve your form. Welcome back, pre-pregnancy body (thanks Liz and Lena!).

10/10 My Favorite Workout!
By Kelly G. / Phoenixville, PA

Kettlebell classes are addictive! After spending three months on strict bed rest last year, I lost all muscle tone. I couldn't walk up a flight of steps without feeling out of breath. After my twins were born, I needed a workout that targeted cardio and total-body muscle toning in the shortest possible time...I no longer have time for long monotonous work-outs. Liz and Lena are incredible. They are truly dedicated, motivating, and supportive instructors. Every workout is challenging, and no two are the same. They are always there to help improve your form. Welcome back, pre-pregnancy body (thanks Liz and Lena!).

10/10 Getting fit with CoreFit
By Laura / Phoenixville, PA

From my first one-on-one session, when I realized Liz and Lena are friendly and warm and patient, until now - 6 months later - I have never doubted their ability to safely teach me how to train my body. The workout itself is challenging in all the good ways. But the people make it outstanding. WE laugh and curse and grunt and get fit together, while strong and fearless Liz and Lena lead the way.

10/10 Liz Rocks!
By John Bair / Lansdale, PA

I met Liz at the HKC in Philly this past weekend. Liz was Awesome. She helped me improve my plank and make sure my wrist was neutral at the top of the get up. She is very bright and always helpful when asked a question. I intend to see her soon for a FMS in preparation for the RKC later this year. Thank You Liz.

10/10 Liz is such a great coach! Love Kettlebells!
By Lisa P / Conshohocken, PA

Liz is an amazing instructor! She is so knowledgeable and encouraging. I'm using muscles that I haven't used in a long time and I am noticing my posture and form improving with each class. It is so fun but an intense cardio and strengthening workout! The hardest workout I have ever done but still smiling at the end. Thanks Liz!

10/10 Hardest Workout Ever
By Jeff Gilinger / Oaks, PA

After playing rugby and football for years, I have gone through tons of workouts but none of them have ever been as hard as the workout my own mom has put my through. She pushes you to try harder and is always there to help you correct your technique so you can maximize your workout. She is a great instructor who can really get you into shape.

10/10 Not just for the kids!!!
By Marie Westfall / Phoeniville, PA

I am 56 years old now and have been a member of many gyms and YMCA'S. I admit that I lost a few pounds and toned up here and there, but the atmosphere and attention I felt that I needed was never there. In August 2009,I became acquainted with CoreFit and Liz and Lena. Since August I lost 40 pounds and changed my entire physique. I have increased my endurance and my over all health.

Every class I am surrounded with people who are truly interested in my success. The instructors are well trained and highly motivating each and every class. If you are looking for a class where you can work hard, have fun, see results quickly, and have expert training then Core Fit is for you.

10/10 Amazing total body workout
By Paul Gilinger / Oaks, PA

When my mom first encouraged me to take her kettlebell class, I thought I'd done it all. I've worked out my whole life and played college football so I was expecting to breeze right through it. I learned pretty quick that I was wrong! It is the best strength and endurance workout that I have ever done. Not only is it challenging, but it is also a very fun workout. I also have to give my mom props, she is very knowledgeable about kettlebell movements and is a great trainer for the workout newbies to the most experienced athletes!

10/10 Finally!
By Kelli Verbosh / Spring City, PA

I finally found a program that is working for me. I started kettlebell training with Liz almost 2 months ago and am seeing results already. I have lost inches and I no longer have lower back pain like I used to. Liz always makes sure my form is correct and takes the time to work on it so that I don't get hurt. I am a brain tumor patient/survivor and have many hormonal problems that have caused me to gain weight in addition to the medications I have to take. I have tried other programs and trainers and nothing has worked for me until I discovered Kettlebells. I am very excited to continue with my training with Liz. She is extremely motivating and for the first time in my life, I look forward to working out!

10/10 Liz Delivers an Awesome Workout
By Tony Longobardi / Phoenixville, PA

Liz gives personal attention as a kettle bell instructor. She watches every student and makes sure they are doing the exercise correctly. If not, she shows them what they're doing wrong and how to correct it. She really knows the exact form and how to convey it to the students. I love taking her kettle bell class because for that one hour I'm focused only on the workout and nothing else. Since taking her kettle bell class I've noticed that I have more endurance, I can climb steep hills much easier when hiking, can do more pushups when working out at home, and need less rest between sets. Although I've been lifting weights for a long time, I find her kettle bell class much better because I'm getting a weight bearing workout and a cardio workout at the same time.

10/10 Pillar of Strength
By Mickey / Furlong PA

Team Williams at the Philly RKC was lucky to have such a fine assistant as Liz. Liz was a constant pillar of strength for many candidates. Even though she was strict - her kind, caring voice made the three days of grueling work much more pleasant. Her instructions and corrections were extremely helpfu. I will always be grateful for her insights. What an honor it was to be trained under Liz's direction.

10/10 Awesome assistant at Philadelphia RKC
By Giacinta Aspite / Philadelphia, PA

I just completed the RKC instructor certification course in Philadelphia. I had the honor of having Liz as one of the assistants for my team. Liz is an inspiration to female RKC's. She is motivated, knowledgable and supportive. She understands what the student needs and does her best to get them there. I am grateful to have met Liz and to have had such excellent instruction from her at the RKC. I was comfortable knowing she was watching over me!

10/10 Too Cool For School!
By Kimberly Noecker / Phoenixville, PA

From the minute Liz stepped foot into the Phoenixville YMCA to talk to me about teaching Kettlebells at this facility, I knew that we would be friends. What I didn't know was how incredibly focused, talented and motivating she is. Training with Liz has been a true blessing -- she has taught me so much about my inner and outer strength. At my request, she has recently returned to our YMCA to train some of my instructors. It was amazing to see them all fall in love with Kettlebells just as I had. I will never be able to repay Liz for all she has given me (and my staff), but I will forever be grateful to have met her and been her student.

10/10 A Great Find.
By K Celii / Phoenixville PA

I was surfing the internet for a pilates class & stumbled on Liz's classes. What a great find! I was introduced to Kettlebell in May. Liz is a great instructor who makes the workout fun but challenging. She helps you with form & never makes you feel inadequate. It does change the body.

10/10 Body by Liz!
By Summer Jolly / Skippack, PA

This is what Liz should name her business. The change in my body has been incredible. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. Her class is never boring and always changing with the latest and greatest move. And just when you think you can't go on, Liz pushes you a little further and you discover you actually can do "the impossible", which produces amazing results. Through watching my diet and doing Liz's Kettlebell class two times a week, I have lost close to 35 pounds (so far!) and have gained a ton of muscle and core strength. I actually look forward to working out now. Thanks for changing my life Liz!

10/10 Fantastic!
By Megan McGovern-Aquilante / Eagleville, PA

Kettlebell training has been amazing! This is the first time I've decided to stick with a workout class! I've seen results in my arms and legs and feel stronger overall! Liz is an amazing instructor! She is knowledgeable, upbeat, and always positive! I never thought I'd be able to lift weights, but working with kettlebells has helped me to realize anything is possible! Everyone should try it at least once! You'll be hooked in no time!

10/10 A Key Part of My Cross Training Regimen
By Faith Paulsen / Norristown PA

I'm over 50 and feel great. Liz introduced me to kettlebells last year. After many years of doing aerobics, cardio, Pilates, yoga and more, kettle bells was something brand new and very different. But it turns out it fits nicely into my cross-training regimen. One thing I really like about Liz is that she stresses form. She's very knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. I know I'm doing the exercises correctly so I can stay active safely for a long time to come. Plus she makes it fun!

10/10 Incredible workout!
By Claire Phillips / Phoenixville, PA

Working with Liz doing kettlebells has been great. It was really a shock to my body when I started about 8 months ago, and I can't believe how much stronger I've gotten. It's unlike any other workout I've ever done. Liz does a good job of keeping things fresh and no workout is ever the same. I highly recommend Liz and her workouts.

10/10 Amazing!
By G. Cole / Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

I came to Liz with many physical issues. She has been very supportive and always has a way to modify moves so that I can keep training and not hurt myself. I have lost several inches and lbs. She is positive and encouraging while motivating you to work harder. Liz is an amazing trainer who can get you results!!

10/10 Kettlebell gives you the best results!
By Margherita Belmondo / Chester Springs, PA

I have been taking Kettlebell classes with Liz for a little over a year now and I have never had a workout that has been able to show great results so quickly. Liz makes the class very challenging but so much fun. Just when I think I can't go any heavier, Liz puts me to the test and of course, she is always right. Liz makes Kettlebell classes so much fun that I actually look forward to each and every class. Thanks Liz for being such a great motivator. You are the best!

10/10 Changed my Body and Mind
By Tara Booz / Eagleville, PA r

I am a typical stay at home Mom. It is a challenge to get out of the house and get to a workout but with Liz.. she makes me want to do it and get there, she motivates me to be better everytime. I have been doing kettlebells for 10 months and I am stronger than I have ever been and Liz challenges me every time I work out with her. She has taught me how to use the kettlebell but also how to be safe and not hurt myself in the process. I love the way she mixes up the workouts, I always feel an all over use of muscle. I am a bigger girl but I feel great about myself because I am strong because of Liz and Kettlebells! I always thought I would never be able to do this kind of thing...but I was so so wrong and I feel great now!! Love that! Thanks Liz!

10/10 Always challenging...never boring!
By Julie Diehl / Phoenixville, PA

I love kettlebell training because it's an awesome total body workout. I have been working out with Liz for over a year and I feel stronger and more tone than I have in years! Liz makes our workouts so much fun and motivates us to push ourselves. She's a great instructor and is constantly working with us to improve our form to help us get more from our workouts and prevent injury. Classes with Liz are never boring as she's always learning and introducing new exercises! I always look forward to her classes.

10/10 Amazing results!
By Deb Horwatt / Royersford, PA

When I started kettlebells training I couldn't even raise my arms over my head without having pain in my shoulders and numbness in my hands. Now I have full range of motion and no more pain. In addition I've never seen results like I have with this workout. I've lost inches and feel fabulous. Thanks Liz for making working out fun and rewarding.

By Stevie Jones Schein / Royersford, PA

I have been consistently working out 6 days a week for the last 28 years. I always felt I had a good workout ethic and a decent workout routine. Actually, I had no 'routine' but made my daily mantra to 'surprise by body & muscles daily' and 'keep it fun' - so I run, do weight training, take aerobic classes, urban rebounding... I walking with weights, use the bands and medicine name it, I do it.

Interesting circumstances put me across the table from Liz one afternoon. In 5 minutes she had my interest and we clicked. Part of the discussion, or course was about this 'kettlebell thing' . I had no idea what it was, but she has a way that makes you just say YES. And I was game. I was totally not prepared for the intensity of the workouts and the sheer addiction. I love it. My body loves it more. Liz conducts her classes using all sorts of interesting ideas. I amazed at the flexibility that comes with this training and her creativity at making a one-hour class fly by. This is just so 'right' for me...and of course, it fits into my daily mantra - you know the surprise the muscles thing and have fun doing it. But there is more.

As a woman, I noticed something else immediately. My shape changed within 2 months. I incorporated kettlebell training with Liz 2x a week and have been doing it now for 6 months. After the first 2 months, I noticed a difference in my abs, back, shoulders, legs and overall body tone and aerobic fitness. I just turned 50 and before I started with Liz, my workouts were not as rewarding. I loved them, I needed them, by my body started acting older before I was ready. Liz changed all that.

These workouts jump start everything. I am in better physical and metal shape now that I have been in for the last 10 years. Liz's classes have men and women at all levels of their fitness journey. What a nice surprise to discover that it does not matter if you are new to exercize or an old hat, all leave like a happy, sweaty, wet noodle - feeting fit, confident and healthy.

Liz knows her stuff. She makes it fun. She makes it safe. She makes it tough. All with soft words and a smile.

10/10 Worth the trip!!!
By Stephen Lawrence / Forty Fort, Pa

Having played with kettlebells for the last 10 years, I decided after gaining weight and losing fitness dramatically to get serious, seeking an instructor close to me, ( which meant over 100 miles ) and who I felt would get me pointed in the right direction with technique. Liz was that and much more. The kettlebell is a ballistic exercise device and proper instruction in it's use is essential!! Liz provided that in spades!! I was blown away by the critical elements of the technique necessary for proper form and most especially injury prevention. I would give Liz a 12 in instructor compliments if I could. She is an awesome teacher!!

10/10 Lots of Fun with Quick Results
By Kim Canelo / Phoenixville, PA

I've been taking kettlebell for 5 months now and the results have been amazing. I started seeing results after only a couple sessions with definition in my arms. I feel stronger, energized and more tone than ever. It is a full body workout that incorporates cardio and strength training. Liz uses variety in the workouts to make each session different.

10/10 Liz is Awesome!
By Courtney Barabas / Gilbertsville, PA

I started training with Liz about 2 months ago. She is getting me ready for my wedding. I have already started seeing results and my arms are looking better then ever!She's a true professional, and keeps the workouts challenging and energized.

10/10 Kettle Bell Goddess
By Monique L. Nester / Telford, Pa.

Liz started training sessions at Kinetix Sports Club and asked me to take the classes. She's known me for years.... as a personal trainer; a and cardio demon! She was up for a challenge to convert me...So I thought! But, When I didn't think I could firm up any more then I already was...until she got a hold of me....What a great workout! Making muscles work so differently and my core tighter then ever. As a mom, Pilates trainer, Body Builder, Personal Trainer and now Kettle Bell Instructor; Liz never stops...You go Girl!

10/10 Awesome, Intense & Comprehensive Workouts
By Connie Reilly / Blue Bell, PA

I started training with Liz about a year ago because I wanted to shock my body! Hello, Liz kicked me into high gear and the results were seen in less than 2 months!! She is incredibly motivating & very supportive. Liz first introduced me to kettle bells during one of our training sessions. Then I asked Liz if she would be interested in teaching classes on-site at our company. I don't think I could walk without pain for 3 days after I took Liz's Kettle bell class! It's one of the most intense, comprehensive workouts I've ever experienced in only 40 minutes. She is now a certified Kettle Bell Instructor and her classes keeping getting better. Liz is awesome & I'm totally hooked. Don't stop pushing us -- we love it!

10/10 Best Core Fitness
By Marilyn Fiorito / Limerick, PA

If you are looking for a workout that incorporates strength core training with aerobic exercise all in one workout this is it. And if you are looking for a trainer who not only knows what she is doing but can inspire you to do your best, Liz is it. I have worked with Liz for years, starting out with weight training and now progressing into Kettlebell training. You will be amazed at the level of cardio workout you'll get while doing this whole body workout. I can't recommend this workout with Liz enough.

10/10 CoreFit gives you a Rock Solid Core
By Tricia Shields / Eagleville, PA

I have been going to Liz's training for almost 2 years. We started with Pilates and over the last few months we have moved to Kettlebell training. The Kettlebell training is cardio and weight training rolled up in one and the results you see in your body are amazing. My core has never been stronger and I have never seen better definition in my body.
Liz is a true professional, she strives to always integrate new moves to keep the workouts unique. I highly recommend Liz and CoreFit!

10/10 A Great Workout!
By Joy T / Phoenixville, PA

I had reached a point in my life where I knew I had to do SOMETHING, I couldn't continue down the path I was on. I met with Liz and haven't looked back! I began meeting with her one-on-one to learn the basics and to prepare me for the class. A few months worth of classes and all I can say is "What an awesome workout!" The results speak for themselves. Liz, of course, is a fantastic instructor - She truly wants everyone in the class to enjoy it and to get the most out of it. I always walk away from her class feeling encouraged and with an "I can do it" attitude! Who could ask for a better work out? It's weights and aerobics combined so you can get it all in one shot.

10/10 Always challenging, ever changing.
By Greg Gettinger / Wayne, PA

Liz introduced kettlebell classes to our corporate fitness program about 6 months ago. Since then she has attracted quite a following. It's the toughest workout I have had since I was in the Marines many years ago. I like that Liz mixes up each class so it is a unique, yet complete total body workout. You never know what to expect except that you are going to work hard. To my surprise Liz has attracted more women to her kettlebell classes. I think the men are afraid. They should be!

10/10 Liz is the best!
By Kim Togno / Phoenixville, PA

I've been doing kettlebell with Liz for 3 months now and the results are amazing!! I am a runner and wanted to cross-train. I did the Harrisburg Marathon and took 12 minutes off of my best time. My training this time involved kettlebell with Liz 2 times a week and zero speed worksouts. I attribute my success to Liz and kettlebell. She really keeps it challenging and at the same time making it safe so you don't injure yourself. I highly recommend this class to all of my runner friends if they want to improve their time. I can't tell you how pleased I am with my results and plan to continue kettlebell. Liz is the best!

10/10 It's working for Me
By Mary Fran Leahy / Collegeville

I having only been doing kettlebells for 2 months but I am seeing results. I am a breast cancer survior and the medication I have to take has increase my midsection. Kettlebells has reduced this side effect nicely. The other side effect of my medication is osteoporosis so the weights should help rebuild my bones. Liz is very watchfull of our position so that we don't hurt ourselves and has a nice way of motivating us to try harder. I will definetly continue with this class.

10/10 Liz is unstoppable
By Jason Brown / Philadelphia, PA

I started taking Kettlebell classes with Liz after months and months of recovering from a concussion. We would talk about the best way I could ease into some kind of workout regimen. I worked out by myself for a couple of weeks, but soon realized I was not pushing myself hard enough. The next week I decided to take Liz's class. Let me tell you, I never had so much fun, and hurt so bad after one class in my life. I had realized that I was wasting my time working out by myself and needed someone to push me so I could get the results that I wanted. Liz is great because she is fun but also works you hard, and keeps it fresh. She is some kind of unstoppable force that makes you work harder because you figure "if she can do it so can I" THANKS LIZ, YOU ARE THE BEST!

10/10 You can't argue with results!
By Rebecca Snyder / Wayne, PA

I started working with Liz in a gym at my office when I saw that she offered personal training services. We started with pilates, free weights and machines. Then Liz mentioned that she'd like me to try Kettlebell training classes instead. I made the switch during the summer and took part in her outside group classes. I was nervous but after working with Liz for over a year, I knew I could trust her suggestions. The kettle bell classes have surpassed any results I ever had in the gym. I've lost inches and weight and feel great after all the classes. I plan on keeping up with this workout twice a week (maybe even 3) so that I can keep the results coming. Thanks Liz for all your efforts and great workouts!!! You're the best!

10/10 Loving the Results
By Andrea N / Pottstown, PA

Taking the Kettle Bells class with Liz is the best workout I have ever done. I can feel myself getting stronger every class. Liz is such a great motivator and never makes you feel bad if one day you do not feel as strong or can't do a certain move. The results I have already seen and felt make me want to go back over and over and Liz is a big part of that.

10/10 There are real results!
By Melissa A. / Phoenixville, PA

I started kettlebells with Liz about 3 months ago and I can really see a difference! Liz does a wonderful job of making sure that we are using proper form for maximum benefit and keeping us from injury. I think the classes are fun and challenging and I finally feel like this a workout program I can stick with! The combination of cardio and strength training is the way to go and I highly recommend working with Liz to get a great workout.

10/10 Liz Makes It Work
By Nancy Duffy / Collegeville, PA

When I started taking kettle bell classes with Liz, I was in with a group of people who were younger and in much better shape. Liz never let me get discouraged, giving me modifications for moves that used my bad shoulder or sore knee. She motivated me to get stronger and stronger, until I was able to do the same moves as everyone else. She's motivating without being mean; she makes you want to work hard. She knows her stuff, teaching the correct positions so that we don't get hurt. At the end of her class, we are all sweating, breathing hard and smiling. Liz rocks!

10/10 Liz is the best!
By Carrie Romberger / West Chester, PA

I started Liz's kettlebell class awhile ago and have been hooked ever since. The workout is amazing - I can see results I haven't seen with traditional weight lifting. Liz makes it lots of fun! It's definitely a challenging workout and Liz won't let you cheat!

10/10 Liz & Lena Powerhouse Instructors
By Bill Wilkinson / Audubon, Pa USA

I've been doing kettle bell workout for several months now with Liz & Lena. The classes are fun & informative. Proper form & challenging workouts have totally changed the way I workout now.
There are ACTUAL RESULTS. Say goodbye to your traditional cardio & weight circuit workouts!!

10/10 Love Kettlebell!
By Farrah A. / Collegeville, PA

I've known Liz for over 2 years and she's an excellent trainer. When she introduced Kettlebell, I was so excited for something new and I LOVE it. I'm not the most athletic at all but I've seen some serious results and I'm very happy!!

10/10 Liz and kettleball class is awesome!
By Kristin Cisick / Collegeville, PA

Liz is an awesome instructor making sure that all the moves are done correctly and pushing you to your limits. The kettleball class is challenging and fun. I did one class and now I am hooked. I thought I would need to do cardio after class - kettleball does it all. I am so excited to be working with Liz and learning Kettleball.

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