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10/10 Positive Professional Precise
By Chris Mackey-Natz / Eau Claire, United States

I had the pleasure of Kurt as one of the instructors at RKC. His attention to details is amazing. His corrections of my technique were spot on. The positive energy he brings to a room is infectious. If you get a chance to train with Kurt-do it!

10/10 Consistency!
By Michael Lecy / MTKA, USA

Excellent coaches! Consistent, professional & motivating. They work your core, your flexibility and every workout I’ve done is never the same. They’re always targeting different areas of your body. Want to stay fit and health-conscious talk to Kurt at PFT!

10/10 Knowledgeable and Personable
By Jim B / Plymouth, United States

Kurt is a fantastic instructor: Knowledgeable, personable, creative in developing challenging workouts, motivational, and inspirational. No matter your capabilities - he is always encouraging and positive. It doesn't matter to him what you can do compared to others - his goal is to help you improve you, ensuring you do better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. He runs a great gym, comprised of great clientele.

10/10 Noone does it better than Kurt!
By Kelly Johnson / Orono, USA

I have had the privilege and honor to train with Kurt for the past 10 years. I can tell you with all sincerity that this man is the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and likeable of his kind not only as a fitness professional, but also as a friend and any other aspect of his personal life. He is just as dedicated to his family as he is to this work and that seems rare these days. I know many trainers in the industry but I always recommend people to Kurt and Pro Fitness. I'm also aware that the industry itself has recognized Kurt as being the best on numerous occasions. Year after year he is recognized as such. If you are serious about reaching your goals, this is the right man to see.

10/10 Power, precision and positivity!
By Ivory R / Hopkins, USA

I've been a student at Kurt's gym, Pro Fitness Training, for several years and the words above are my best description of both the PFT culture and Kurt's personality. If you are looking for a gym where you can walk through the door and immediately be welcomed as part of a supportive fitness community, PFT is the place! I originally fell in love with kettlebells at another RKC gym, and when it closed it took me almost a year to find PFT -- I had been trained well and would not settle for a place with bad form, cheap equipment or non-certified instructors. From my first class I knew that PFT was the right place for me. If you are a person who has been or wants to be trained with the RKC principles - skills, proficiency, lifelong strength development, excellent form - PFT is a home for you. The programming is top-notch, with focus on functional movement, strength and mobility. In addition to taking advantage of group classes and open gym time at PFT, I have trained 1-1 with Kurt for 2 years. In the realm of individualized training, it is hard to find an equal to Kurt. He's experienced, educated and supportive; his programming is strategic. Kurt will set your path toward any goal - simple or audacious - and with focus and attention to detail, he will make adjustments to get you there. I am confident in Kurt's guidance - if he brings out a bell, I know I can do the lift with it (even if I would never have imagined it myself!). Injury in the middle of your trajectory? Kurt understands how the human body functions and is able to switch gears to keep you gaining strength while actively working to recover from the injury. He's always positive, encouraging and knows just how much to push his students. I wholeheartedly recommend Kurt if you are looking for a trainer to take you to the next level of strength and functional movement, regardless of your starting point.

10/10 What an athlete!
By Dr. Rich Sheppard / Eden Prarie, USA

This guy is so athletic and knowledgeable. Great working with a man always with a smile that delivers results!

10/10 Life Changer
By Sherry Maresca / Robbinsdale, USA

One of my favorite things about Kurt is his passion and ability to help others reach their goals. Working next door to Profitness we have shared many clients he has helped with basic daily movements, increase their performance at their jobs or in their athletic abilities, loose weight and overall just live a healthier lifestyle. Kurt cares deeply about everyone who sets foot in his gym and unleashes loads of resources to ensure you reach the goal you are set to achieve. I highly recommend Kurt and Profitness Training!

10/10 Pro Fitness Training, Eden Prairie, MN
By Julie Irving / St Paul, USA

I have been a member at Pro Fitness Training for over a year now and I love it! Prior to PFT, I was a member at LifeTime and I have found PFT suits my needs best. Kurt and Amy are great as trainers, personal motivators and overall support! Strongly recommend if you are looking to push yourself with something different from what the franchise gyms provide and get the most out of your workouts.

10/10 Knowledgeable and great to work with!
By Josie Lidberg / Minneapolis, USA

Kurt is a great guy who knows his stuff! He will meet you where you’re at and help you reach your goals. He’s positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend booking some session with him!!

10/10 Highly recommend!
By Bethany Curnow / Eden Prairie, United States

I cannot recommend Kurt enough! I was new to kettlebells and he took the time to do a one on one technique teaching session and form assessment with me, which gave me the confidence to really go for it in my workouts and get the most out of them! Every work out challenges me in the best way, and I have never been in better shape!

10/10 Master Mentor / Phenomenon
By Amy Irving / New Brighton, USA

Kurt is truly one of a kind. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be an intern for him at Pro Fitness Training and now I have the pleasure of working there with him. As an instructor, he stands at the top of his class! He spends his time teaching, assisting, growing, learning, and improving. He not only helps everyone around him to succeed, but he always pushes himself to be a better instructor as well. He helped me to prepare for the RKC Level 1 in 4 months, when 5 months prior I had never touched a kettlebell!! If you have the chance to learn from him, work with him, or just pick his brain, do everything you can to make it happen!

10/10 Pro Fitness is the best!!
By Kelly Johnson / Medina, USA

Kurt and his team of experts provide the best training and atmosphere at easily one of the most spacious and well-equipped facilities in the country. You'd be wasting your time anywhere else!!

10/10 JeremyB
By Jeremy Bensussan / Minneapolis, United States

Kurt came highly recommended to me. As a full time ballet dancer I need a trainer who knows how to improve control through full body motions, develop new skills, and increase strength. I can comfortably say that after my lifetime of training with different instructors and different gyms, this guy is legit. He's helping me reach my goals.

10/10 On point
By Joe Pawlenty / Eden Prairie, US

Classes are packed and instruction is on point. Nice to know there is solid instructors like Kurt out there

10/10 Awesome
By Grace J / Chaska, USA

Amazing instructor that will push you and motivate you at the same time. Very knowledgeable and practical. He is respectable and understanding. A workout with Kurt is always enjoyable. I highly recommend training with him.

10/10 Kurt is Great!
By Todd Adams / Colorado Springs, United States

Kurt is great! He has the ability to get the best out of you and have seen him work with every level of fitness. He has tremendous knowledge and is able to get you to do things you didn't think you could. I can't recommend Kurt and Pro Fitness enough

10/10 Kurt is incredible!
By Ron Daulton / Munster, USA

I've had the opportunity to work with Kurt when I've visited Minneapolis, and he is the best trainer I've ever met. He really knows what he's doing, is easy to communicate with, and knows exactly what you need to achieve your fitness goals. I strongly recommend him.

10/10 Best trainer and gym!
By Julie Falk / Eden Prairie, United States

Discovering Pro Fitness Training years ago was the best thing that happened to me and my family. We are all hooked on Kurt's classes that are designed to help you become stronger, more coordinated, healther, and faster. Plus, you never get bored because the workouts change everyday. Lastly, it isn't a gym where you have to worry about what you wear, your weight, how much you can lift; everyone is there to be a better version of themself, something I haven't experienced in other gyms. This supportive atmosphere wouldn't be possible without Kurt's expertise that make it a welcoming and safe place to workout, have fun, and be yourself.

10/10 Fantastic trainer and person!
By Michael Zubkov / Eden Prairie, United States

I have known Kurt for five years and he is the best trainer I have ever worked with. The way he cares for each of his clients and is able to pay attention to the smallest of details is unmatched. I would highly recommend having him as a personal trainer and joining his fitness classes!

10/10 Fantastic Programmer and Coach
By Heidi Bohall / Iowa City, United States

Attended the Bombshell classes & absolutely loved them! Great variety and perfectly challenging yet doable. Kurt is truly a gifted programmer and his keen sense of what’s needed to improve mobility, overall strength, power, and endurance with a little spice is on point. He is also great at identifying those small tweaks each individual can make to take their training to the next level. I’m an ACSM-CPT, Fitness coach, group ex instructor and Fitness specialist and I can’t say enough about how awesome Kurt and his programming is. Top notch training and a supportive community! Check it out!

10/10 Woof!
By Simon Erlandson / Fergus Falls, USA

Kurt made me work hard in the best way possible! Perfect motivational trainer

10/10 Quality Instructor & Motivator
By Heidi Bohall / Iowa City, United States

Kurt has a rich and varied exercise knowledge and experience base which provides him with exceptional programming and coaching skills. My friend and I have been taking/teaching Kettlebells for years and getting the HKC was one of the best trainings we've been to. Kurt is your cue man! He knows the right tips to tailor to each individual to set them up for success in that particular movement. He knows how to balance the positive challenges with options for the best form. If you get the chance, take a class or training with him and learn from one of the best!

10/10 Hkc certification
By Tim Cole / Lebanin, Usa

I did the hkc certification with kurt at his gym. This was one of the best workshops/classes I've ever done. Kurt was extremely knowledgeable and welcoming and easy to work with. Very glad I made the long drive to work with him.

10/10 Eden Prairie RKC Course
By Bryce Angst / Eden Prairie, USA

He was very helpful, you can clearly tell that he knows what he is talking about.

10/10 Great Atmosphere!
By Ryan DeMonico / Mayer, USA

I recommend Pro Fitness Training to anyone no matter your fitness goals! There is a wide variety of training styles from fast paced cardio classes to one on one personal training. The facility is state of the art, clean, and easy to maneuver around for a newcomer. The atmosphere right when you walk in the door makes you feel welcomed and like you're apart of the family! The staff here are experienced, knowledgeable, and constantly monitoring everyone closely. By doing this they are always adjusting the training scheduled based of the overall needs of everyone! I would highly recommend Pro Fitness Training to anyone who enjoys fitness, someone who is trying to reach an individual goal, or just anyone interested in something new!

10/10 Very knowledgeable trainer!
By Travis Hartmann / Saint Paul, USA

If you want to get the most out of your workouts and see real results, Kurt is your guy to train with. He teaches you different workout techniques that have you working out multiple facets of your body all at once. Kurt is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and he does a great job keeping you motivated to keep pushing through your workout!

10/10 I wish I had heard of ProFitness Training sooner!
By Mike Wuollett / Chanhassen, USA

From the time I was in college (about a decade ago), I've always had a deep admiration and respect for kettlebell training. I had a fantastic instructor in those days, and was in great shape, but over the years, I stopped training and didn't think I would find an instructor of that caliber again. Wow, was I wrong! As soon as my wife and I started KB training again at ProFitness, (with Kurt Hartmann and Ryan Wied), I quickly discovered the level of EXCELLENCE that is built into their program. I used to have a lot of back problems, but through their small-class training format, they were able to tailor-fit a program for me that would quickly (and safely!) strengthen my back and prevent any future injuries. And it's worked wonderfully! I've recommended ProFitness to my own family well as anyone else who cares to listen to me rave about it.

10/10 The best of the best!
By Gretchen O / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt is the best of the best trainers. The workouts are tough but not impossible--leaving me feeling good and not defeated! Kurt I have exceeded what I thought was possible in my own strength and fitness, and I highly recommend Kurt!

10/10 Kurt straight up knows his stuff
By Seth Black / Cuba, United States

As a chiropractor, I study the movement patterns of the body and specifically those of the spine. I can tell you honestly, that Kurt's knowledge of muscle movement patterns and what is correct vs incorrect is absolutely second to none. He has an uncanny ability to figure out what is weak on your body and what exactly to do to correct that weakness. This leads to not only more strength and being in better shape, but it ALSO prevents future injury helping you to feel better now AND in the years to come. Put simply, Kurt knows his stuff better than any other trainer I've ever met. Plus he and his wife Emma are 2 of the best and nicest people I've ever met anywhere at anytime. You can't go wrong with Kurt at Pro Fitness Training in Eden Prairie.

10/10 You think you know fitness?!
By Andrew Stuttgen / Wausau, ‘Murica

Oh wow. I work out pretty much every day. I run, lift, you name it I do it. But, a couple workouts with Kurt... I was sore in places I didn’t even know could be sore. He’s probably the most knowledgeable trainer I’ve every worked with!

10/10 By Far the BEST!!!!
By Dan LeDuc / Eden Prairie, United States

Kurt gave me one of the best workouts I've had since my college wrestling days. He challenges you and pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and grow. I highly recommend anyone looking for a killer workout to check this place out!!

10/10 Things you should expect from your trainer!
By Dan Sibinski / Blaine, United States

Things you should expect from your trainer and how Pro Fitness will meet and exceed your expectations. 1. Someone who is committed to forming a personalized structured plan for their clients with an actual interest in seeing them achieve real world results. 2. Personal Trainers who has not only a deep knowledge of the mechanics of the human body but also an ongoing thirst to deepen that knowledge to stay on top of the most advanced strategies available to keep your body running at its highest potential. 3. A supportive family style atmosphere that is untouched by many of the other fitness locations around town. Your not just building a better physique when you are at Pro Fitness Training. You're also building a healthier lifestyle and friendships with like minded people. While it's true that when reaching many physical goals, the old saying "no pain, no gain" will often ring true, however, the trainers at Pro Fitness have what it takes to help guide you to your goals while mitigating the wrong kind of pain along the way. It's time you start investing in you! Good luck to those who take the first step. You wont be disappointed in selecting this gym.

10/10 Great coach
By William Sturgeon / Marshall, United States

Kurt is a solid guy and a wonderful coach! I've had the pleasure of having Kurt help me a few years ago at my first RKC. Since then I've been keeping in contact with Kurt and enjoy the work he has been doing! I highly advise working with Kurt!

10/10 Thanks
By Mike Myz / Eden Prairie, United states

Just wanted to say thanks for your time and all the great tips! I never got that at the other gyms I've belonged to. I like the atmosphere at your gym and everyone was super nice! See ya very soon!

10/10 Best Trainer Ever
By Rakshit Caplash / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt is a great trainer motivating you, teaching you and is by your side throughout the journey. He designs great work outs. There are different workouts everyday. Stagnation is not an option. Its new and exciting everyday. He has great technique and posture and teaches patiently to each and every gym member. He understand every gym members needs and accordingly may advice workouts. Kurt really focuses on your health. He gives great advice on the type foods to eat along with recipes.

10/10 Best Trainer I've worked in a very long time!
By Jeremy Hurkman / Saint Paul, USA

Kurt is awesome. He can motivate with the right words at the right time during your workout, and knows how hard to push you without risk of injury, and is never over critical of your abilities. A very inspirational person to know and work with, with a ton of knowledge about physical and mental fitness!

10/10 Kurt - Da Man
By Chris Amundson / Edina, United states

Kurt is an awesome individual. He creates an environment that helps everyone around him grow. Clients or not. He pushes you to be your best self and makes you strive to pay attention to the details. With a great centralized location in Eden Prairie you can stop in quick before or after work for a great group fitness class or 1 on 1.

10/10 Fun, personable and effective!
By John Nicolay / Minneapolis, USA

I’ve been a member of the “big box” gyms a number of times over the years. I always felt like I was a number. Rarely was there anyone around who could answer question about technique if you were trying out a new machine or body weight exercise. That’s not the case with Pro Fitness Training in Eden Prairie. Kurt Hartmann, who started this wonderful operation, runs a great facility devoted to improving the health and well-being of everyone who walks thru his doors. Like many others, I’m sure you know someone who is doing what seems to come naturally to them. They found their niche, their true career. That’s Kurt! He loves what he does and he’s really, really good at it. There isn’t much I can say that hasn’t already been said so well by so many other satisfied members. I would encourage you to go to the Pro Fitness web site, Click on the Testimonial tab and scroll down to the review by Maggie. To me, her statement captures the essence of what Kurt does so very well. While you’re there read and listen to the others who feel the way we do. THEN, go see Kurt or Ryan, and start living at your best.

10/10 Focused and challenging
By Cortney Paulson / Burnsville, United States

Training with Kurt is the best health decision I have ever made. His workouts are challenging and focus on the areas that you need to strengthen or gain mobility in. His attention to detail is top notch and his care and concern for his clients is much appreciated. This is the longest period of time I have ever dedicated to working out. Thanks Kurt for the challenge!

10/10 Pro fitness- best place to work out!!
By Karrie Lehn / Andiver, USA

My workouts with Kurt are intense but fun at the same time! I never get bored working out with Kurt because he always has new ideas to keep me going. He is a good motivator and pays attention to my needs with each workout. I would recommend Kurt for your workouts if you want to see results fast!! Thank you Kurt!!

10/10 Great instructor and facility
By John Albino / Blanchester, USA

I had an amazing experience working out under Kurts program. He knows his stuff!! Clean and incredible facility. I recommend him to anyone looking for results!

10/10 Why you should use ProFitnessTraining
By Ron Knoche / Little Canada, ramsey

I have been using ProFitnessTraining for 1 Month now and have shown great results. They are very professional and really know what they are doing. I would not go anywhere else. So give Kurt a call today if your serious about getting healthier and really getting into shape .they will make it happen.

10/10 Top of the Field!
By Ryan Alter / Delray Beach, USA

Top notch all the way around!!!

10/10 A passionate educator
By Dan Meysembourg / Dallas, USA

Kurt Hartmann,the owner of Property Fitness Training, is the most passionate health expert I know. He truly cares about his clients and their success. His work with kettle bells is like no other. Skip the box gym and let him show you real results while enjoying the process too. A++. Had I not moved out of state I'd be a PFT member for life!!!

10/10 Fitness Done Right
By Bennett Dahl / Coon Rapids, US

Kurt is a tireless worker with a full toolbox of training expertise and experience. His gym is top notch, and you couldn't meet a nicer guy or better trainer. He's going to put you through stimulating fun workouts that will keep you coming back. You will keep coming back too, because the results are addicting. I feel fully confident sending any loved ones or acquaintances his way.

10/10 Kurt's always able to help me improve
By Brandon Bergeron / St. Paul, USA

I'm a pretty serious athlete and Kurt has helped me for several years. Kurt's knowledge and experience make him a great personal trainer and coach. Anytime I need advice or help on strengthening a certain muscle or improving a certain attribute (strength, speed, explosiveness, etc.), he always has an answer and a routine of exercises to recommend to me to help me meet my goals, and the results speak for themselves. I always feel great and notice improvement after working with him!

10/10 Best place for health and fitness!
By Maria Lecceardone / Eden Prairie, USA

I had taken a very long break from working out and looked for a place that would motivate me and guide me to a healthier lifestyle. I have been to several other facilities and have found that Pro Fitness is the best for anyone at any fitness level. The classes are never dull and are constantly providing challenge and growth. I have seen a change in my physical abilities as well as my mindset. Kurt has been there as a motivator and as someone who pays attention to individual needs. I recommend Pro Fitness Training without hesitation and know that it just takes that step to get in there and do the work and you will be supported and rewarded every step of the way!

10/10 One of the best trainers I've ever worked with
By John F / Bloomington, USA

I had more or less ignored my physical conditioning for the past two years until I started with Kurt and ProFitness in early March. I was overweight, out of shape, and suffered from pain and range of motion issues in both shoulders. Previously, I worked out regularly with a personal trainer at one of the more well-known fitness centers (no names, but it begins with L and ends with ifetime) and ended up with a painful injury to my lower back as a result of a lifting movement, guided by my trainer, that I had no business doing. After reading some of these reviews, I decided to give Kurt a try. Five months later, I couldn't be happier. I'm in much better physical shape (though I still have progress to be made) and my shoulders are back to a full and painless range of motion as a direct result of Kurt’s background in kinesiology. Kurt designs the workouts to create the most impact through a combination of plyometrics, kettlebells, and kick-boxing. The workouts are extremely fun and never the same. If your personal trainer: -expects you to do your warm up cardio during your paid session, or -isn’t able to alleviate or address your pain/mobility issues, or -has directly caused an injury, or -creates workouts that take more than 30 minutes, then… you would be well-served to give Kurt an opportunity. He’s a great coach and a great person. He is encouraging (especially important to an out of shape guy who didn’t want his ego crushed), patient, and a great motivator.

10/10 Always leave feeling better!!
By Jen Kalmes / Eagan, United States

I first reached out to Kurt as a trainer myself to help me prep for my level 2 RKC. I have improved drastically with lifts that I was struggling with and have increased my range of motion especially in my shoulders and have reduced pain! I have learned so much from Kurt and it has made me a better trainer. I always leave feeling and moving better and I always learn something that I can incorporate into my training and instructing. Kurts gym is awesome and he will pull the inner Badass out of you! What are you waiting for!!?

10/10 A true leader in Russian kettlebell training
By Mitch Kiklas / Vadnais Heights, USA

Pro Fitness Training is the premier fitness facility in Minnesota. The owner Kurt has dedicated his life to advancing knowledge in fitness, martial, arts, functional movement philosophies, nutrition, and general health and wellness. This is all he does and he is the best. The directed classes are fresh and exciting and the results are produced by a laser focus on maximizing the benefit for participants out of each workout. This is TRUE Russian kettlebell training. You cannot get this experience at any cookie-cutter big box gym, this is exclusive to Pro Fitness Training. The environment is welcoming and friendly. You feel like you are working with a team towards common interests, no intimidation here. Whatever your goals or ambitions are for fitness and health, you can achieve at Pro Fitness Training in Eden Prairie

10/10 The BEST of the BEST! Incredible!
By Alicia Fronius / Minnetonka, United States

If you are ready to see results then Pro Fitness is the place! The workouts are intense but I always feel so accomplished after! If you make the time to go to the gym, don't you want to be pushed to max and make the most of your time? Don't let this scare you, Kurt is SO knowledgeable about the human body, he can give you a modification for any move if needed! Trust me, I started working out 6 weeks after having a baby so both my endurance and strength were horrible! He is always so positive and pushing me throughout each class. Don't waste your time anywhere else- GO NOW! :)

10/10 Pro Fitness will get you in shape!
By Shannon Joran / Edina, USA

Kurt, the owner of Pro Fitness, is not only a phenomenal trainer but also a phenomenal person. While he's intense about himself and has a strong desire to push you to the best of your ability, he's not some yell-in-your-face meathead. He works with you, pushes you, and encourages you every step of the way. Plus, his routines will get you in shape and make you feel great. I HIGHLY recommend this place.

10/10 Pro Fitness Training
By Ryan Wied / Minneapolis, USA

Pro Fitness Training is an excellent facility that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and motivation needed to achieve your goals. Kurt Hartmann personalizes and customizes your training sessions making success possible. Training sessions are never the same giving each class a new and exciting workout that will push you to your limits. I strongly recommend giving Pro Fitness Training a chance to help you attain your goals. I guarantee the results you experience will speak for itself.

10/10 Best Trainer and Workouts = You Won't Get Bored
By Kari B. / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt creates the class workouts based on the skills and abilities of those who attend. He knows every person's strengths and weaknesses and can immediately tell you which modification to take, if needed for an injury. Kurt creates new workouts every day, adding different movements all the time. Every muscle group gets worked, including your heart. During every class, Kurt watches to make sure each person is using the right technique. He will assess your movement and immediately make a correction if doing something the wrong way. However, he will also make sure you're pushing yourself just enough to get stronger and more fit. The atmosphere of the gym is inviting, encouraging and you see results! The size of the gym is perfect so you can be held accountable and asked where you've been if it's been a little while but you're also with real people just like you. Kurt's program is simply the best. Though always considered active, I've never stuck with a gym or class for more than 6 months before looking for that next thing. The combination of strength and endurance helped me train for my first marathon. I've now been with Kurt for 3 years and at 40 years old, I'm the strongest I've ever been.

10/10 Excellent trainer with a program that works!
By Rick Griswold / Eden Prairie, USA

In all the years that I've been working out, I've never gotten results as good from working with Kurt at Pro Fitness Training. The entire atmosphere of the gym is one of winning and perseverance, and that all starts with the attitude that Kurt brings to his work. He's a phenomenal trainer and his workouts are perfectly designed to help improve strength, flexibility, and movement in real life situations (especially sports). I cannot recommend Kurt enough. A+

10/10 Best Trainer EVER
By Dana H / Champlin, USA

When I walked into pro-fitness training for the first time I was skeptical that anyone could make me want to work out and even more skeptical that anyone could get me to enjoy it. My goal was to get through 3 months and go from there. It only took about a week to get me hooked. Kurt's workouts are tough but every day I'm there I feel better walking out the door than when I walked in. I have never meet anyone who can give me a the smallest correction and it completely changes the exercise. I suffer from migraines, have old injuries, and in the past year managed to both be physically hit by a car and to give myself a concussion. I was told by my doctors not to work out and to begin physical therapy. When the physical therapy that I was doing did absolutely nothing I turned to Kurt and after my first private lesson the pain was about 90% gone. Through both private lessons and adjusting the class workouts for me I am feeling better than I have in years. Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Progress at its BEST
By Kathi Burger / Fort Worth, USA

Innovative, creative, exciting, out of the box workouts that promote and improve mobility, strength, coordination, and weight loss. Kurt is one of the BEST trainers I have had the privilege to be trained and mentored by. Kurt trains with a smile on his face that lightens up the room and the spirits of everyone around. In the fitness industry trainers with heart, integrity, and passions for your health are hard to find. Kurt is an amazing trainer and person....he walks the walk, and talks the talk.

10/10 Great trainer and classes!
By Jami Burger / Saint Germain, United States

Kurt was very friendly and helpful during his classes PLUS he offered an amazing workout!! All of which are important! We wish we lived closer so we could access his gym more often! Highly recommend Kurt!!!

10/10 Kurt is an amazing, energetic & knowledgable t
By John Burger / St. Germain, United States

I have had the pleasure to be trained at Kurt's Pro Fitness a hand full of times and always enjoy his sessions. He is very personable & courteous when you meet him but also knows how to motivate and push you to be the best version of you. I would highly recommend Kurt for anyone who is wants some positive & healthy changes in their life, he will help you find the best path towards your goals.

10/10 Best Trainer = Kurt Hartmann
By Ryan A / Mounds View, USA

I have known Kurt for a few years now and every time I see him he has accomplished something new. Weather its a new certification or new belt in his martial arts. Kurt has helped me train smarter each and every time I see him and also never given up on ANYONE I know that he has trained before. I could say a lot more but what everyone needs to know is that there is NO ONE that cares about all us and our human health, mental stability, and training to stay in the best shape you can imagine. I wish I had more time to train with Mr. Hartmann, but the time I do get it is A+ and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to train HARD and to train SMART!! Which is why he deserves to be acknolwedged for all of his hard work and his HUGE heart for caring about all of us as much as he does.

10/10 Passionate and Creative!!!
By Jeremy Anderson / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt brings great energy and creativity to his group classes. He will get you moving and feeling great with a combination of Kettlebells, Kick Boxing, body weight exercise etc...I highly recommend trying a class at Pro Fitness Training!

10/10 Professional, Enthusiastic, Caring and Inspiring
By Jason Phillips / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He has an incredible ability to inspire and motivate his clients in both a one on one and a group setting. He continually pushes me to go beyond my self imposed limits but never at the expense of my personal safety. As a Doctor who works with his hands I remember telling Kurt that I don't mind hurting but I can't be hurt. I have made larger gains in my personal strength and fitness since working with Kurt than at any other time in my life. I look forward to being pushed and challenged for years to come.

10/10 Numbers Don't Lie
By Aric Fier / Eden Prairie, US

At 44 years old, I was obese, lacked flexibility, and had back issues. For over 20 years I'd been bouncing in and out of fitness centers, diet centers, and never stayed with anything over a few months. I was on the verge of giving up and accepting the lifestyle that I'd created. Then I met Kurt at Pro Fitness Training.

7 months later, I'm down 15 pounds, 12+ total inches, and feel great! Kurt's positive attitude, the variety of classes, and non-intimidating atmosphere keeps me showing up 4 times a week. And he makes every one of us work our butts off! Kurt keeps his clients injury free. There isn't a better facility and trainer in the SW metro.

10/10 Great Training through Compact, Variable Workouts
By Kellen C. / Eden Prairie, USA

I trained with Kurt at ProFitness when I lived in MN, and being a relatively fit individual, I was impressed with how much I improved through his training.

I never did the same workout twice! The level of intensity was so high, I was more tired after 45 minutes than I used to be after a 2 hour workout. Kurt designs workouts to build functional fitness - strength, flexibility, and balance that comes from so many various exercises. Plus he got me completely sold on Kettlebell's not just how much you lift, but HOW you lift. Lastly, he gave one-on-one professional training advice - without the steep hourly bill you'd see from other personal trainers.

I have moved from MN but would be training at ProFitness if I still lived in the area. We need one in Austin TX!

If you need some extrinsic motivation and truly want to see a positive change, Kurt can get you there. But be prepared to WORK!

10/10 Create a goal, do your part & find accountability
By Katie Vigesaa / Eden Prairie, US

Being a health professional myself, I understand the importance and benefits of exercise. The problem was exercise always felt like a chore to me; something I just needed to check off of my "to-do" list or, worst case scenario, move to the next day (or the next week...) I wanted to be stronger and in better shape, but it just seemed like such a task to stay committed to my workouts. Relying only on myself for encouragement and commitment in the gym just wasn't working - despite my many attempts. Finally I decided to take some of the advice I give to clients: create a goal, do your part, and get an accountability partner. Kurt is that accountability! He keeps you motivated and encourages you to do your very best. The greatest part of Kurt and his gym is that the workouts are fun, challenging and always changing. No more lame and boring workouts that I dread. Once you get done with a PFT workout, you'll never go back to your old routines. Thank you, Kurt!!

10/10 Simply the best
By Mitch Kiklas / Vadnais Heights, USA

Kurt Hartmann is the owner of Pro Fitness training in Eden Prairie, and no where else can you get the results that you will training with Kurt. His knowledge base and skillset are unmatched by any alternative trainers or facilities.

Go and train with Kurt if you want immediate results, exciting workout routines, a variety of techniques across a number of disciplines, and to have fun while you shred the fat and/or pack on the muscle.

Don't waste your time on non-RKC kettlebell instructors because they don't have the appropriate training to teach you proper techniques to save your body wear and tear as well as maximize your results. Go with the best, go with Kurt at Pro Fitness Training.

10/10 Try something different!
By Deb Ward / Eden Prairie, United States

I have just completed my 150th class with Kurt and I am so pleased with the results I have achieved. He never disappoints. Every previous review is on-spot.
The values of membership at Profitness Training are many. Each class feels like a personal training session. Each class leaves you spent and proud of yourself. Each class makes you stronger. Each class builds stamina. Each class strengthens the core. Each class builds balance. Each class makes you grateful that you found Kurt.
Everything stays the same until you try something different. Profitness Training is that something different that I needed. Thank you Kurt!

9/10 The best fitness program in the twin cities!
By Brent Kvam / Eden Prairie, usa

You will not find a more knowledgeable and skilled trainer in the twin cities that can help you achieve your fitness goals. He is a master with using Kettlebells and putting together different workout routines to effectively train all areas of your body. He is great and taking the time to make you feel welcome ensure your technique is rock solid. you will love it here as well as your body transformation!

10/10 Phenomenal Instructor
By Ben Swarts / Minneapolis, United States of America

Just participated in the RKC, and had Kurt as one of my instructors. He did an incredible job of teaching just the right amount of movement at a time - everything he said was very valuable and easy to implement, with massive payoff. Instantly I could feel the difference in my stability and power.

He was very approachable and open with his knowledge, and likes to laugh and have fun, but also believes strongly and seriously in the importance of safety and proper movement. You can tell the emphasis is on not just performance, but also health and longevity of activity in life.

Top notch - you won't find a better instructor!

10/10 Walks the Walk
By Steve Wiseth / Thief River Falls, USA

Kurt's Passion, Knowledge and Expertise are unrivaled.

He truly practices what he preaches and doesn't just talk the talk, he walks it!

Kurt Hartmann is inspiring!

10/10 Professional, Enthusiastic, Creative
By Eileen Pattison / Eden Prairie. MN, USA

I met Kurt in 2012 at his Kettle Bell Gym Pro Fitness, in Eden Prairie. I began taking some of his group classes, specifically Bombshell.
From day one I was impressed with Kurt's ability to design and instruct group classes that made you (the participant) feel like you had your very own personal trainer. Kurt's unbelievable dedication to his business, his members but more importantly his program designs go above and beyond any fitness professional that I have come to know.
In addition to Bombshell I have taken his circuit style classes as well as his boxing classes... each are top notch... FUN and productive! All of the classes at Pro Fitness provide you with opportunities to gain STRENGTH, increase flexibility, build endurance and improve your cardiovascular stamina all at the same time! You never leave Pro Fitness unsatisfied with your exercise choice/effort for the day.
Being a full time hockey MOM, part-time Fitness Professional as well as a recreational hockey player i am proud and thankful to say I AM BETTER AND STRONGER at all of these because of Kurt! My hats off to you Kurt....Keep up the superior work.

10/10 Hands Down, The Hands On Best
By Krystie Vohnoutka / Norwood Young America, USA

Kurt is simply amazing. Without pushing any type of sales on you, he lets his experience and demeanor speak for themselves. He knows what he is doing, and he WILL (not can, not might, but WILL) get you to whatever goal you have - provided you have the commitment to show up.

When you're discouraged, he will remind you why you started. When you hit your plateaus, he will reassure you that you can go farther. When you want to give up, he will demand one more rep (if not a double class!).

Kurt is not only an amazing instructor, he is also a great man and wonderful friend. The expectations he places upon himself make you want to rise to that level with him.

My journey back to fitness began in August 2012 after seeing the pictures from a recent trip to Maui - which resulted in tears. I knew I could not and would not live my life that way. With my wedding fast approaching in Sept 2013, I knew I had no time to waste. I found exactly what I needed at Pro Fitness Training. Structure, guidance, motivation, and encouragement. I got my wedding photos back and cried because of how beautiful they were, and how amazing I felt. I wanted to show them off, not hide them from anyone who might see them.

Fitness and your overall health have very little to do with the scale, and Kurt has helped open my eyes to the true measures of being healthy and fit in my life. My eating habits have improved. My energy levels are steadier. My husband couldn't be happier because I come home mostly stress free after my workouts.

Kurt, you helped give me my life back. I have a future where I can chase my kids, play with my dogs, hike through the woods when I'm hunting, and feel good in a swimsuit on the boat.
If you're looking for someone who will hold you accountable to your goals and provide you with everything you need to achieve them, Kurt is your man.

10/10 Total Package
By Penn Nobis / Plymouth, United States

Kurt provides a great variety in the different classes offered at PROFITNESS whether you want to improve your speed, agility, flexibility cardio, or strength. I have welcomed his Martial Arts background as his Kick Boxing classes are not only a great workout but have real world applications. During the group fitness classes you will find Kurt walking around helping individuals with technique and motivating them, essentially you have a personal trainer in a group fitness environment. The gym has a great community and everyone is supportive of one another. When I first joined I was having lower back and knee issues. Within minutes of the intro class he observed my movements and pegged the problem right away, I have had no such issues since. Very few trainers have an understanding of Biomechanics and even fewer can diagnose the problem and help you recover from whatever issue is ailing you. Kurt is very knowledgeable and a great resource for anything fitness related and he is always happy to answer questions. Kurt practices what he preaches and is very dedicated to what he does. Whether you are looking to get in the best shape of your life or gain mobility back Kurt has you covered.

10/10 Relief!
By Tim Johnson / Bloomington, USA

I came to Pro Fitness and Kurt 6 months ago with chronic low back pain due to combination of an old injury and long hours driving for my job. I have tried over 15 years of chiropractor and physical therapy sessions but was never able to find long-term relief from the pain and stiffness. Kurt's unique mix of classes have allowed me to gain back so much of my strength and flexibility and most of all relieved my back pain. Kurt has helped me reach my personal goals and does a great job at helping me with technique getting the most from the classes.
Pro Fitness is a fun place to go work out and a very positive environment. Looking forward to more classes and progress/results! Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Stronger Every Day
By Judy R / Eden Prairie, MN

As a working mom juggling the needs of my family and career , there is not a lot of extra time for me. This coupled with the “motions” I was going through at my previous gym just wasn’t working for me….but that all changed 5 months ago when a friend told me about Pro Fitness.

When I walked into Pro Fitness, I immediately felt like I was at the place where I had a chance to achieve my goals of becoming stronger and more fit. Kurt’s dedication to each member (makes us all feel like we are important); his attention to detail (watching for correct form, helpful suggestions and noticing our gains) and his extensive knowledge (strength, fitness and nutrition) makes Pro Fitness simply the best. In 45 minutes you will get the most effective and efficient workout you have ever had. So, whether you are young or mature, average American or super athlete, Pro Fitness and Kurt can help you achieve your goals.

My experience in just 5 months has been so great. I am getting stronger and doing things I never thought I could. When I am travel for work, Kurt developed different workout options for me so I can continue with my fitness even when I am away. Pro Fitness is simply the best and I am so thankful to have found Kurt!

10/10 Could not be more proud
By Emma Hartmann / Shakopee, MN, USA

Kurt is the greatest man I have ever met in my whole life.

His dedication to his clients, his passion for helping people feel, look and move better, and his vast knowledge and understanding of how the body works and how to make the right changes to get the results his clients are looking for are just a few of the many, many things that make me admire him so much.

He gives 100% of himself to his gym members each and every day to make sure that they are receiving the best possible training every single time they set foot in his gym.

He sets very high standards for himself, physically and mentally, so that he can always be a great resource to anyone looking to improve their lives. Always training, always studying, always testing new techniques... He always keeps himself at least one step ahead so he can put the right plan into action and get people what they've always wanted out of themselves.

I could not be more proud to be his wife and to be able to watch him as he changes the lives of everyone he come into contact with.

10/10 Best trainer hands down
By Brett Alexander / Minneapolis, USA

For over two years I had chronic heel tendonitis that prohibited me from playing basketball and other athletic activities. I saw every specialist around, including orthopedics from Tria and even flew to LA to see a top ortho doctor. Nothing worked. I also tried several alternative options including acupuncture, chiropractors, massage with no results. I got to the point where I had to take Advil every day just to be active.

When I was referred to Kurt by my girlfriend it wasn't for helping me with my heel pain, rather it was to get me into shape as we had heard what a great trainer he was. The first time I met with Kurt I told him about the chronic pain in my heel. He watched the way I walked and moved and told me he could heal my injury and get me back to playing ball. I laughed inside because I had heard that before and didn't believe anyone anymore. Well, fast forward 6 months and today I am pain free and playing ball again at the level I used to before my injury. And haven't taken Advil for over two months.

As far as the training classes go, simply put: they are the most efficient, full-body workouts I've ever done. My girlfriend and often talk about how dumb we used to workout before we started going to Kurt's classes. Kurt classes = Iphone. LifeTime Fitness = Flip Phone. Another thing to note: there is great vibe in Kurt's classes, very diverse types of people in class. Some are trying to get back into shape and/or recovering from an injury, some are in great shape trying to reach new fitness goals. That's the cool thing. It doesn't matter where you're at, you just show up and you will get the results you are seeking.

10/10 Top Notch!
By Dr. James / Plymouth, United States

Kurt has been an integral part of my professional and personal life. He has trained my 5 year old with MMA moves on the heavy bag, helped my 8 and 12 year old daughters with upper body strengthening to compliment their dance and gymnastics, and has helped my 17 year old son train for the United States Naval Academy. Professionally, as a chiropractor, he has helped me and many of my patients achieve our fitness and rehab goals. Thanks Kurt for everything you have done for us! It is an honor to train with you!

10/10 Best. Trainer. Ever
By Daphne Chapman / Victoria, USA

Kurt is so much more than a trainer. He is compassionate and committed to each and every client. His knowledge far exceeds just the physical aspects of working out.
Instead of spending hours at the gym, Kurt packs a dynamic workout into just 45 min. No two workouts are alike. Kurt is always switching it up and keeping it new and challenging.
I'm so happy to have found the "gem" that' is Kurt Hartmann ??????

9/10 Making me better every day.
By Erinn Farrell / MPLS, USA

I have a deep, and long, relationship with fitness including competing at the DI and national level in my sport. In the 10+ years since I've competed at that level I've been constantly searching for a gym and trainer that helps not only push me, but set the direction for a healthy and attainable lifestyle. In the few months I've been training with Kurt I've seen a vast improvement in my overall strength and body shape. I so appreciate his attention to detail, his willingness to jump in and direct me, and his style of leadership that is once firm but realistic. Kurt has recognized the elements of my approach and personality where he can push me harder while balancing that with my safety and stamina. I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Pro Fitness Training

10/10 7000+ miles per year for training? No problem.
By Aaron Miller / Eagan, MN, USA

I've been attending Pro Fitness Training since being introduced to it by a friend back in September of 2013. By the second class of my introduction week I knew I was in trouble as the workout and EDUCATION I received in just 90 minutes total time had surpassed what I felt I had done in the past 4 years of working out.

My review title isn't a joke, I travel 37 miles round trip per day I visit PFT (typically 4-5 days a week) and each one is well worth it. Kurt has a way of making each and every class engaging enough to make me want to wake up and ensure I'm there the next morning.

I came into Kurt's gym thinking I was in pretty good shape only to feel the desire to push and accomplish so much more. Not only that, but I have the confidence in knowing that Kurt can tailor and mold a workout to me and my strengths or weaknesses while not compromising safety.

That's the type of training that isn't found just anywhere, and is truly priceless.

10/10 Higly recomended!
By Carl Deaton III / minneapolis, USA

As a professional athlete I compete against other professionals and strength and conditioning is a big assets during my training months so I can perform at my best ability. From being at multiple gyms here in Minnesota Im glad I found Kurt at Pro Fitness for S&C. All workouts are targeted for me and my goals so when it comes down to fight day i feel strong, fast and explosive! my last bout I never have felt more explosive and being able to push the pace like I did! Additionally moving me to 6-1 as a pro and one of MN top ranked 135lbs fighters in the state, also Im not even from MN I moved here 2 yrs ago from Michigan.
Lastly,The workouts are challenging but ive trusted his word and its paid off! Highly recommend if your looking for a gym to join; this man (kurt) has done it all and competed at high levels and has the credentials to show for it. Hes motivating and believes in making one reach their goals, always professional and by far one of the best to date coaches ive had from HS to college to MN.

10/10 Positive Environement
By Ian A. / Eden Prairie, USA

I've been going to Kurt's classes for about four months. In that time I've seen a lot of positive impacts in my life, namely weight loss and increased movement. Before going to his gym, I was a little worried that I wouldn't fit in or wouldn't be able to handle his intense classes. Kurt does a tremendous job of scaling his classes to all fitness levels. The other members are very welcoming. If you show up to his class, he will make sure that you get a great workout.

Kurt's understanding of both body and movement is greatly appreciated. If something is sore, he can either point out a stretch to improve that area or modify exercises to not aggravate the area. He focuses on training proper motion and I think this is a big factor for limiting injuries.

Finally, Kurt leads his classes with a positive attitude. He does a great job of giving credit for both small and big accomplishments. This attitude is also seen in the other members. It is a great community of people that are very supporting.

10/10 Dedicated
By Jennie P / Shakopee, USA

Becoming a member of PFT has truly changed my outlook on fitness and my ability to achieve the results I have always wanted. Before joining PFT I spent countless hours per week moving from machine to machine at Lifetime without much purpose and very minimal results. I also tried different boot camp style classes offered around town but never really found an instructor or setting that I was completely comfortable with. Kurt Hartmann and PFT changed all off that!

The atmosphere Kurt creates is inviting to all ages and fitness levels. He makes the workouts challenging yet fun and keeps you wondering what’s next. No two workouts are ever the same so you never become bored. Kurt pays close attention to your form and gently pushes you out of your comfort zone and to the next level when he sees you are ready. He is extremely dedicated and knowledgeable, but above all he genuinely cares about every person that walks through the door.

10/10 Results!
By Sophia Bailey / Minnetonka, USA

Kurt is gifted at his craft and it shows in his career. He has definitely chosen his area of passion, and brings it into practice everyday with every individual. Kurt takes the time to get to know each individual and personalizes things accordingly. I came to see Kurt almost a year ago after a knee injury which resulted in surgery. This surgery kept me non weight bearing for a few months, and many more months of rehab. After surgery, I was told that due to the damage I should not expect to be able to do the things I had previously done. I was a religous marathon runner for a good period of time, and was told after surgery that this would be the end of my marathon days. I went through my scheduled physical therapy and was "released" to begin activity. The question was what activity would that be? After trialing different things with little results, I came to Kurt to see what his gym was all about. I have been here since that first day! It was very humbling starting with Kurt. I am someone who could always do anything physical put in front of me. This was new territory for me to not be able to do some very simple things, and it was very clear how far I had to go once I started with Kurt. Kurt has a way to break things down in stages to keep you focused on the things at hand which need to happen first before moving to the next level. His workouts were( and still are!) challenging through any phase!
I had to start over and begin building strength/endurance that I had lost from being out for so long, and learn how to put it all together. This was something I never incorporated though all of my running years. Strength was a huge piece lacking in my training regime, and why I ended up in the spot I was in when I saw Kurt. Kurt was able to give me a direction, education and a solid base to start this process. After an injury, it is more than just being cleared to have the "go ahead" to resume activity. Kurt was able to take this aspect and help me begin to take things to a different level in a very controlled/smart way. He asked me what my goals were, then threw in a few additional goals he felt I needed to work on! I appreciated that because he was right. I am someone who started and could not even jump rope, or jump onto a box. Not long after taking some of his classes, I found that those "simple" things I could not do, I then could eventually do. It did not take long. The little things that really aren't so little! He is amazing at body movement, and adjusting things individually to obtain the goals needed. Kurt is exactly the right person I needed to see to get me pointed in the right direction. All of his workouts are challenging, fun and never boring.
Through the various things I have learned through this experience, I have also had my daughter (who is also a high school runner) come see Kurt to work on the things I had never focused on as a runner. She has defintely seen the benefits with incorporating this into her regime.
There are few people who are truyly gifted at what they do- Kurt is one of them.
He will indeed help you get the results( and more!) you are looking for.

10/10 consistently varied and challenging
By sandie fleischmann / eagan, usa

I have been attending Kurt's boot camp classes for about a year now. Every class is consistently varied and always challenging.
There is nothing like the feeling I get when I stumble to my car after a class thinking
' that was so hard- I love it!'
Alos, after tearing my meniscus and ACL three years ago I struggled getting my agility and strength back. Since working with Kurt just a few times a week I now have total confidence in my knee and I am now a better soccer player than I was in college!
Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Amazing!
By Suzie O'Gorman / Eden Prairie, US

My experience with ProFitness Training and Kurt have been amazing! I have been a member for 5 weeks and everyday, I look forward to my workouts. Kurt has a calm, motivating, fun and caring approach to his coaching. I never feel as though I need to compare myself to others, rather I feel it is an individual workout with a great group of people and a coach to motivate you to reach your goals! I was a collegiate athlete, a member at several other gyms, and this, without a doubt, has been the best experience since college - and that was a while ago. If you need a jumpstart, and want the continued desire to go EVERYDAY, Kurt, and ProFitness Training is your place to begin the road to a healthy, happy life!

10/10 if you are looking for results...look no further!
By MJ B / Eden Prairie, USA

I was an athlete through HS and college and played a lot of co-rec sports and worked out up until my early 30’s. I was sick for a couple years (early 30’s) and couldn’t continue my normal activity and I lost most of my strength and muscle tone. I started working out, running and biking again but never seemed to be able to get myself back to where I was. I even had a personal trainer tell me because of genetics and my age (44) I would never be where I was. I refused to believe that and searched to find a routine that could get me to where I wanted to be (and that I enjoyed). I finally found it! Here at Pro Fitness with Kurt! I have been here just over a year and love being here! I am getting the results I have wanted and am enjoying the journey to get there. The environment here is positive, encouraging and infectious! Kurt keeps the routines interesting and result focused. If you want results and are willing to show up – you are guaranteed to get them here! And ditto to everything Lori Knisely said too!

10/10 Confidence builder. Makes every workout unique!
By Lori Knisely / Eden Prairie, United States

Kurt is an amazing, motivational, consistent, friendly, positive trainer! He has such a passion for helping people build themselves to a place of improvement and strength....physically and mentally. I've been training with Kurt for almost 2 years and because of his encouragement and his super fun but challenging classes, I have made fitness a priority in my life and don't ever want to look back. Every class that Kurt teaches is different and energizing and Kurt is always right there watching each person to make sure form is executed correctly and to help challenge each person to reach their individual goals by adding a little bit more weight or a teaching a more difficult technique. I can honestly say that I'm the strongest I've ever been in my life, have more energy, more confidence and just feel good about myself all around thanks to Kurt.

Kurt takes training seriously, but consistently has a BIG SMILE to greet you for your daily sweat!
I can't wait to go to class tomorrow! 3 CHEERS for KURT!

10/10 Tough!
By Shawn Fuller / Minneapolis, USA

Kurt is a great trainer! Every class is new- and more challenging than the last. The atmosphere at the gym is friendly and supportive- His one on one training sessions are targeted and challenging..

10/10 Phenomenal trainer!
By Lindie Falk / Eden Prairie, USA

I'm 21 and have worked out since the age of 10. I have done a wide range of workouts from Insanity to P90x to the Firm, and was even employed at a gym for several years. None of those experiences compare to working out with Kurt. Kurt's workouts are the most challenging, both physically and mentally, that I have ever experienced. He pushes you farther than you even know you can go and continually challenges you as no two workouts are the same. The combination has created by far the most satisfying workout experience I have ever encountered. Not only is he a phenomenal trainer, but he has an immense knowledge base from nutrition to anatomical functions, making him the ultimate resource for getting in the best shape of your life. If those aspects weren't enough, Kurt is by far one of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting. His genuine interest and desire to help others is tangible, a quality that cannot be learned. These are the reasons why Kurt is the only trainer I will ever recommend or train with!!!!!

10/10 BEST EVER!!!
By Sheri Trutwin / Eden Prarie, USA

This is the best training program I have ever experienced!! It never gets dull - always challenging me and others to get to the next level. Kurt is so passionate and enthusiastic about what he does every day and his dedication to helping others is contagious.
With this training program you get to see and feel results. I have been at ProFitness for over a year and I am still as excited to go work out as the first day I joined. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to try this gym - meet Kurt and work out to be the best you can be, you will be so happy you did.
I have never written a review online before, but I am so happy to do this because I truly feel that Kurt has changed my life - my health - and my future. Thanks Kurt!

10/10 This is the one that will work!
By Dawn Kaufman / Carver, USA

I am a 43 year old woman who has done it all; Lifetime, Community Center Classes, "Women's Only Gyms", the at home videos, Pinky Swearing With My Friends to work out at least 3 times a week...
I failed and quit everything until I came across Pro Fitness Training. Kurt is great! He keeps me motivated and most importantly for me - keeps me coming back! He has me doing things I didn't think I could and never would have thought to try! I love how the work out are laid out, I love how he slips me a heavier weight right when I'm ready for it, I love the atmosphere of the class, I simply love working with Kurt.
I cannot say enough about Kurt and Pro Fitness Training. If you are reading these reviews your obviously looking for a special person to get you to you're fitness goals - check out Kurt - he will get you to those goals and beyond!

10/10 Kurt makes working-out fun!
By Steve Nelson / Burnsville, usa

I really enjoy my workouts with Kurt because each session there is something new to challenge me. Kurt knows exactly what he wants to see me accomplish each time we get together. His spirit and enthusiasm sets him apart from other instructors I have worked with in the past. I look forward to working out at Pro Fitness and am well on my way thanks to Kurt.

10/10 A well-rounded trainer...
By Danica Burr / Maple Grove, United States

Kurt is an incredible trainer. It is obvious to anyone that has ever worked with him that he truly loves what he does. I’ve only worked with him in a group setting but even then he finds time to focus on each person individually and help them perfect their form. Another great quality of Kurt’s is his ability to be creative with his workouts. You will never be bored! He finds the perfect balance of different exercises and mixes them with the right amount of intensity to keep you interested. He is encouraging, lighthearted and extremely focused. If you are looking for someone who genuinely wants to see you improve and will do what it takes to help you reach your goals, Kurt is your guy!

10/10 Kurt is simply the best!
By Taylor LaCombe / maple grove, mn, Hennepin

I am a high school athlete, and since working with Kurt for the past year my endurance and conditioning has improved SO much! He helped me become physically and mentally stronger, he knows how to push you to your limits which makes you want to push harder! He has an answer for all your questions and he's there and ready to help you in any way! It is hell the first few classes you go to, but once you get used to it, it actually is fun! In the end, every class and every penny is worth how amazing your results will be!

10/10 Most expert KB trainer I've met
By Laura Amos / Minneapolis, MN, US

I was introduced to Kurt via my husband, who has trained with Kurt around a year and a half. In both of our experiences, we've gained a lot of ground in terms of strength, balance, flexibility, and kettlebell form.

First, a bit of background. My initial exposure to ketllebells was in 2005, and was somewhat sporadic. I knew of major figures in the field like Pavel Tsatsouline and Anthony DiLuglio through book and DVD tutorials, and found that I enjoyed playing around with bells--but nothing more than that. During the mid-noughties, I worked sporadically with a handful of RKC-certified KB trainers of varying levels of expertise with bells and teaching ability in the mid-Atlantic. I am not new to the concept of learning a new sport or very specific physical skills/techniques and putting it into practice in combination with a coach, be it tennis or something wildly different like opera that can incorporate. Because of this, I am a very picky yet low-maintenance student who holds high standards for coaches/instructors and loves to practice.

Particularly when it comes to coaching and instruction, I find Kurt to be a superior. instructor within his KB peer group. Kurt's wholistic approach to KB workouts and physical activity is apparent in his coaching and larger class settings. Expertise and knowledge of KB form manifest themselves in Kurt's ability to present an entire exercise as a whole, as well as teach technique incrementally and suggest appropriate form modifications and exercise substitutions when necessary. Kurt also recognizes the difference between forcing (muscling something out) versus challenging limits in pursuit of a larger goal. Acknowledgement of this difference is vital to preventing injury and/or long-term damage.

What follows is a short list of other attributes that Kurt and his workouts possess.

~Utilizes a variety of other exercises to supplement KB workouts, and also designs KB workouts to supplement other activities.

~Balanced workouts, both within one individual workout as well as balance over a longer time span. Of course if you wish to work on a particular target, Kurt also accommodates this without neglecting overall health and stability.

~Pays attention to specific goals, and is very open and responsive to addressing problems, form corrections, questions.

~Focus is on overall quality over quantity. Of course this also can vary, depending on what goal a person wishes to achieve. Obviously for something like a snatch test for evaluation, quantity does figure in to the overall picture.

In closing, I would recommend Kurt to anyone and am very happy he is in the KB training realm.

10/10 Get ready to sweat
By B. O'Donnell / Bloomington, USA

I am a former college athlete that has gone soft after multiple surgeries and days spent at a desk for the last few years. When I started I was 6'1", 278 lbs with around 30% body fat. Now after 3 months, I am down to 256 lbs and 25% body fat. I have lost 14 inches total and have gained a couple pounds of muscle mass.

How did I get these results you ask? Kurt has thoroughly beaten the crap out of me at every workout. I say this as a great thing. I always feel better after every workout. My muscles are jelly and I am covered in sweat, but I always feel great.

As a former athlete, I have been in many gyms and done tons of workouts. I could walk into any big box gym and do any exercise asked of me, but I do not know the best workout routines to get results. Kurt takes away the guesswork when working out. You come in and he has the workout for you. He has taken the time to figure out the routines for best results. He takes away the thinking, leaving you with the doing. It allows you to focus all of you energy on getting healthier and stronger.

The other thing that is great about working out with Kurt is the other people there. His gym is like a big family. Everyone is made to feel welcome. There is every age, body shape, fitness level represented at the gym. Really the only thing we all have in common is that we are all on this fitness journey together.

Kurt is a great motivator and he focuses on technique. As I have said, I have had multiple joint surgeries (L shoulder, R shoulder, L knee) and working with him has never caused these old injuries to flair up. If I have a problem with an exercise due to one of these injuries, Kurt has a modified version to keep me working and getting stronger without causing me pain. He will let you know if you need to bump up the weight or if your technique begins to falter, to lower it if needed. He is extremely knowledgeable and I feel completely safe putting my fitness in his hands.

I would recommend Kurt to anyone willing to work hard and not be afraid to get a little sore. His workouts are never the same and some days you will end up with sore muscles that you did not know you even had. But at the end of the day, you will feel great and be glad for all the hard work.

10/10 Kurt delivers results
By Jim Boler / Plymouth, USA

Of course you have to put in the work! No magic potions, no free rides - you get what you give as they say. But it starts with Kurt and his never - boring - always challenging workouts. Even though it is a group setting, Kurt makes it seem like it is one on one. He is always there to correct your form, hand you a heavier kettlebell, push you harder than you think you can go, and congratulate you on reaching a new milestone. Its a great gym, with wonderful people, led by an awesome instructer who is also a really good guy!

10/10 Excellent trainer
By Paul Broadbent / Minnetonka, USA

Kurt has a great eye for detail. He has helped me make subtle corrections in kettlebell technique that make a difference. His classes offer great variety, are challenging and fun. Kurt is results oriented and takes a personal interest in all who train with him.

10/10 Real Results
By Alison W. / Eden Prairie, USA

I have worked out and trained at several gyms and with a few different trainers and nothing compares to Pro Fitness Training!! Kurt is an amazing instructor that provides one-on-one attention in the small group classes. He pays close attention to each individuals strengths and goals and pushes you beyond what you thought you were capable of. Kurt goes above and beyond any trainer I have every worked with by providing me individual alternatives to workouts to improve my performance. Each class is a different routine and Kurt continues to incorporate new workouts each week so it is never boring. The training is challenging, but the environment and Kurt's drive makes me leave each class smiling. I would recommend Kurt and Pro Fitness Training to anyone that was looking for real results while having a good time!!

10/10 The best in the business...seriously
By Darin Aus / Eden Prairie, USA

After stumbling across Pro Fitness on the internet, I have been working out at the gym for 4 months now, and could not be happier with my experience thus far. Kurt is a natural - he makes you feel welcome, listens to your goals and objectives, motivates you to constantly push harder, and is truly committed to your success. He does a fantastic job keeping class fun and introducing new moves. I'm really not sure how this guy does it all!

The classes are challenging, but there's nothing better than leaving class knowing that you dominated! Kurt really is the best in the business, and I would recommend Pro Fitness to anyone. Thank you Kurt for everything thus far, and I am definitely looking forward to many more accomplishments at Pro Fitness.

10/10 Kurt will push you harder then anyone
By Kelsey B / Bloomington, US

I have been working out with Kurt for 4 months and can't believe some of the things I am able to do now that I couldn't before. Kurt pushes you to continue to progress and you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve. I have worked with several trainers in the past and no one has ever pushed me as hard as Kurt, and, at the same time, I have never gotten the results I have gotten with any other trainer. Above all, Kurt truly cares about each person he trains. Even in a group class, it feel like you get personalized, one-on-one attention. If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level ,or just looking for a workout that will keep you interested and challenged, Kurt's classes are the best out there.

10/10 Personal Training in a group setting
By Emily Shebesta / Bloomington, USA

I had always thought I was in the best shape I could possibly be in – I have weight lifted, practiced yoga, biked, jogged, taken dance classes, but Kurt’s small-group personal training class was the challenge I was looking for. For the first time my muscles were aching because I was using new movements and pushing my body further. Here are a few reasons that Pro Fitness and Kurt Hartmann are better than anything else you have tried:
1. State of the art equipment that utilizes real-world muscle motion.
2. Hands on instruction which includes correcting poor form and exchanging your light weight out for a heavier weight if Kurt knows you aren’t pushing yourself (personal training in a group setting).
3. Original curriculum, so you will never get bored by the same movements and your muscles benefit from physical progressions.
4. Forty-five minute classes that get result without having to spend 2 hours in a gym.
5. A fun and friendly atmosphere that inspires you to attend classes - the students in Kurt’s classes really are inviting and motivating!
6. Early morning and late-night options which make it convenient to attend classes no matter what your schedule is like!
7. Great music (not just top 40s) that fire you up!
8. Warm-ups and cool-downs that keep you from getting hurt.
I really feel that Kurt is an excellent example of personal training at it's best and would recommend him and Pro Fitness to any of my friends and family. The sooner you work with him, the sooner you will feel great about yourself.

10/10 Kurt and Pro Fitness could not be any better!!
By Jake Gibson / St. Paul, US

Kurt is the best and makes sure you are completely comfortable and encourages you for the beginning! He is truly AWESOME! His sincere concern for each and every one of his clients is unbelievable! He makes you feel like you can’t help but accomplish your fitness goals. His classes are killer, but I find myself looking forward to being pushed to my max on a daily basis. The classes are NEVER the same and that helps to keep you coming back. I would recommend Pro Fitness Training to anyone looking to improve their health for the long term.

10/10 A different kind of trainer
By Varghese Alexander / Minnetonka, US

I started training with Kurt after trying out different fitness classes offered at various gyms. Kurt's training is way above all those classes. Kurt really takes time to understand each and every person he trains and he notes and records the progress each individual makes as a result of his training. I have not seen this individual attention at any other place. About his classes, I have been training with Kurt for more than six months and I have never had two classes where we did the same workout. Kurt mixes up the workouts so that it doesn't get boring and at the same time producing results. Getting addicted to working out is not something that everyone seems unlikely to happen, but I can tell you, that I am addicted to my work out time, especially since I can see results everyday.

10/10 The Real Deal
By Chad Beltrand / Eden Prairie, Hennepen

If you are looking for full body strength and workouts that will truly keep you interested this is it. Kurt is an extremely knowledgeable trainer that will demand results and technique. Kurt pushes you to the limit and makes sure that you stay healthy. The class is for people trying to change their life in the best way possible. I have trained with hardcore instructors that have produced both NHL and NFL athletes so I know a fair bit about working out and results myself. If you are an athlete looking for new heights to conquer or just look for a beach bod this is it. Worth every dollar.

10/10 Awesome!
By Mary S. / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt has brought me back from the brink of disaster! A sports injury resulting in a total knee replacement, middle age, too much work etc. had just about ruined me. Working with Kurt at Pro Fitness in Eden Prairie has been great. He is not only a very nice guy - he's educated. It's been interesting to watch him work with everyone and their individual levels of ability. Everyone feels "special" with Kurt and feeling special is motivating!

10/10 The Best
By Jeff Tait / St. Paul, USA

Kurt truly cares about improving the health and conditioning of his clients and you will see the results to prove it. I've trained with Kurt for about a year and a half and really appreciate his knowledge and enthusiasm. All fitness levels can benifit from his workouts which are intense but fun. So ditch your boring globo-gym and go see Kurt at Pro-Fitness Training.

10/10 Greatness!!
By Kim Massey / Branford, USA

When I was at RKC this past May I met Kurt for the first time. Kurt took the time to push me to my fullest. He is a very knowledgeable trainer and a great motivator. He is someone that people can look up too. Thanks for all you did for me that weekend.

10/10 Come in and see results!
By Shannon King / Bloomington, USA

The thing that struck me when first meeting Kurt was how totally comfortable I was with him. Every move, every weight, every class was explained in a way that I could understand and with such enthusiasm for the results it would get me, there was no way I could NOT join this gym. From the moment I walked into my first class to this morning when I walked through the door, there is a confidence and positive attitude that gets results. And the great part? Everyone that comes into this gym is the same. There's no intimidation, no cliques, everyone is there to sweat and work their butts off and to motivate you to do the same. I don't know where else you walk in the door, people greet you by name (maybe Cheers?) and everyone gives it their all for 45 minutes. Kurt is always there with a positive word (and usually a heavier weight) and pushes you to give it everything you've got, and you know what? You do it, not only because you have to, but because when you reap the results (and you will), Kurt is the first person to give you a "hell yeah!" I can't think of enough good things to say about Kurt...come and see for yourself!

10/10 All around great personal trainer!
By Leticia Benner / St. Paul, USA

Kurt is a great personal trainer I love going to his XFT (Extreme Fitness Training) class. He's very professional, gives you great advise with your weight loss and keeps you going even when your ready to give up! If you're looking for someone with a great personality and will really push you-Kurt is your guy! I didn't think I would ever love working out-but I have crossed to the dark side and I'm addicted!

The workout we do boxing, kettle bells, running, lots of ab and leg work he doesn't leave out anything. Overall he will having you feel great I often "die" on the mat but love every minute of it!

10/10 Excellent and Knowledgeable trainer!
By Dawn Davis / Prior Lake, USA

I just started Kurt's classes a month ago and have already gained a lot of strength in my upper body, enough to move up in weights. My knees are no longer aching on a daily basis and my low back/core has gotten much stronger, yes, I have a lot of issues!! I did a one on one session with Kurt to start so he knew my issues, I've had two spinal surgeries in the past year (neck and low back) and have managed to still get a great, effective workout under his direction. I cannot say enough good things about his classes, I love them! They are timely, creative and have a lot of variety.. oh and fun!!! In 45 minutes, you get a great workout in that will help you really burn some calories and build strength in so many different ways. I highly recommend Kurt regardless of whether you're a beginner or someone looking to take on a new challenge in your fitness routine, you won't be sorry!

10/10 Best Trainer I have worked with!
By Tim O'Neil / Chanhassen, USA

Kurt is by far the best, and most knowledgable trainer I have ever worked with! He really knows his stuff, and is great at motivating and pushing you, and knowing when to give you a minute to breathe as well. One of the things I liked best was that he is thorough on finding out about past injuries and working with those during the workout, my ankle has been feeling so much better since training with him. I had never done Kettlebells before and he walked me through all of those, and he made it fun to work out with them. One of the other things that is great about Kurt and his gym is that he wants your form to be as best as possible to build strength, flexibility, and prevent injury, which is the main reason for training with a Pro like him. I will definitely be going back to get my butt kicked by his simple and effective training, I can't recommend him enough!

10/10 Review of Kurt
By Pat Zellmer / IGH, US

Kurt will talk to you, not down to you. He's knowledgeable and wants to share his experience. He's tough when he needs to be, but not tougher than you can take. He's got a great sense of the client’s needs and limits.

10/10 Excellence!
By Jill Olson / Lake Elmo, USA

Kurt Hartmann is an excellent one-of-a kind instructor. He brings knowledge and enthusiasm to every workout. Kurt also has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and movement. The workouts at Pro Fitness are full of variety, always fun while at the same time push you to excel at your highest ability. No matter what your fitness and nutritional goals are Kurt and Pro Fitness can provide you with the experience and knowledge to get you there and beyond.

10/10 Kurt kicks a$$
By Nicole Danielsen / Minneapolis, USA

Kurt delivers some of the best workouts around with a great mix of kettlebells, bodyweight, and boxing workouts. He's always smiling, always pushing you to work harder, and always changing things up so you'll never get bored. He really cares about seeing his clients improve and it shows!

10/10 Great Knowledge
By Scott Walter / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt is such a knowledgable trainer. I have been to many of his classes and he is always coming up with new and interesting ways to challenge me. You can tell he draws on a lot of experience when coming up with the session each time and I would recommend Kurt and his services to anyone.

10/10 Great Motivator!
By Jennifer Meyers / Minneapolis, USA

Kurt is a very motivating instructor! I enjoy the circuit type workouts he leads and I've been very happy with my results. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.

10/10 hartmann rules!
By Brian Rich / minneapolis, usa

excellent instructor. very well rounded and knowledgeable in his martial arts. respectful and knows how to push each student to their max.

10/10 Kurt is a great motivator
By Betty Comiskey / Roseville, USA

Kurt helped my son change his life. He motivated him to work hard and become the young man he is today. He pushed him to be his best and always try hard. He had him set goals and challenge himself. I for one would like to thank him for what the did for my son. By watching my son change his life it motivated me to also make a change.
Thanks Kurt!!!

10/10 Create the new you with Kurt!
By Rachel Dettling / Cottage Grove, USA

Kurt is a great instructor for beginners to the pro, he's the instructor for you. When first learning Kurt provides a positive energy to motivate you and is great teacher. He has an awesome personality that makes working out fun for all. Best of all Kurt really knows what he is doing, how to teach it to you, and has the strength and skill to prove it. If you want to get in shape this is the instructor for you.

10/10 For results see Kurt Hartmann
By Zach Albrecht / Oakdale, MN

Kurt is one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure to be with. He is extremely positive and knows just how to push you to make you succeed. He always expects improvement and his personality makes it impossible to fail. Kurt's classes are ever changing and he changes everything up regularly so no class is ever the same. Kurt is extremely professional in his work and he provides results to back it up.

10/10 Go to Kurt!!!!!
By Sarah Kroulik / Forest Lake, washington

One of the most professional, focused person I've ever met. He always has a smile on his face, and who deosn't like that!!!!! If you want results, go to Kurt. :)

10/10 Kurt’s an effective instructor and trainer
By Charlie Dettloff / St. Paul, USA

I have known Kurt for several years and taken many a class from him. Over the years there are some constants that I have come to know about him:

1) He is the utmost professional who comes prepared to every session, revved up and ready to go with a smile on his face
2) There is no typical Kurt class or training session, nor are any like any of the previous as he is always mixing up elements including weights, MMA and cardio to name a few
3) He pushes you out of your comfort zone but is always aware of your limits
4) Kurt keeps things positive and is always ready to step in to coach you to success

Kurt’s an effective instructor and trainer. Take a class from him and you’ll find out why.

10/10 The best!
By Katy Hilton / Plymouth, US

Kurt has really inspired me to challenge myself. I have set personal goals for myself because I know Kurt can help me achieve them. I have always worked out, but Kurt's classes make it fun and I look forward to going each time! I finish every class feeling accomplished because his workouts are like nothing I have ever done before. He is a great teacher and motivator and I look forward to many more classes with him!

10/10 The Best!
By Aaron Maccabee / Saint Paul, USA

Kurt is a phenomenal instructor who pushed each of his students to reach their potential. The vast knowledge that he possesses, makes you want to listen to all of his teaching that much more. You will come out his workouts sore, tired, and sweaty, and loving that feeling. He also helps to shape the workout to fit your own individual skills and abilities so that you don't feel frustrated. Whether you're a trained fighter, athlete, or just someone who wants to exercise. Kurt Hartmann is the instructor for you!

10/10 Ten Plus Plus Plus!!!
By Dana Fjetland / St. Paul, USA

I had the sincere pleasure of meeting and working with Kurt before he moved to his own gym and can't wait to begin training with him again in Eden Prairie! Kurt is motivating, reassuring, and knows how and when to push you to work beyond the limits you THINK you have. At the end of the 12 weeks I spent working with Kurt I had lost 20 inches and gained more self-confidence in my physical abilities than I had ever had in my life. He is intentional in planning his work-outs, mindful of his client's goals, and is truly invested in seeing people achieve success. There is no one I would trust more than Kurt to help me with my fitness needs. He is the real deal!

10/10 Results
By David Wilker / Eden Prairie, USA

Kurt gets results and keeps you coming back for more. He knows when to motivate and when to challenge to make you stronger - physically and mentally. He is truly a champion for his client's success.

10/10 A ten would be an understatement...
By Keely Hartmann / St. Paul

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to Kurt. I'll start by saying that I have never met anyone in my life who is as determined and strong willed as him. I truly believe he was put on this earth to do what he is doing. He is bettering people and bettering himself at the same time. He loves what he does and has a genuine passion for it. He is a wonderful trainer and role model and I'm so blessed and honored to call him my brother! Keep up the great work Kurty!

10/10 Only The Best!
By Lorie Pottebaum / Richfield, MN

Kurt has changed my life. He has motivated me in ways I have never thought possible. What I like best about Kurt is how he encourages me all the time and makes me want to do better for myself. In 3 months, I lost 25 pounds and 24 inches. I wouldn?t have been able to achieve any of these results without Kurt?s help.

10/10 Brings Out Your Best!
By Courtney Christian / Bloomington, MN

Kurt is AWESOME! His passion for what he does shines through his ever changing workouts. He consistently challenges and motivates me to aim higher and because of this I am stronger than i have ever been in my life thanks to pro fitness and Kurt's expertise!!

Kurt rocks! I'm very excited to be attending his gym!!!!!

10/10 Unbelievable results!
By Matthew Broadbent / Columbia Heights, MN

I've known Kurt for many years, and to this day I have yet to meet someone that has as much genuine passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for physical training then he does. His sessions are really fun because he pushes you to your limits every time, and each session is completely different which really maximizes results. I honestly could go on with reasons why you should train with Kurt, but you really just have to experience a session for yourself.

10/10 No pain... No gain...
By Lindsay Lopez / St. Paul, MN

If one word could describe everything about Mr. Hartman... I would have to say "AMAZING", from the knowledge he posses to the encouragement he provides. When training with this man... There is nothing your body can't!
I had the pleasure of training with Kurt, through his XFT program at St. Paul's WTA, last summer. Over an 8 week session I managed to lose 1-3.5 inches of body fat everywhere. If that's not success, I don't know what is. The way he instructs the classes is like no other... never the same old routine, which not only holds intrest but strengthens parts of the body that you may never had known to previously be there.
I would definitely recommend Mr. Hartman to anyone and everyone. From wanting to tone, to stregthening, weighloss, or even becoming better educated on healthier intake choices.

10/10 Does very good work
By Tanner Lydon / Maplewood, MN

Kurt was my trainer for abut 4 months although he wasn't a huge hockey guy or any sport that I played because of the workouts he trained me I became faster stronger and more explosive in every sport. I dont think I would be playing at such a high skill level now if I didnt do his workouts. Another good quality he has is encouragement. He pushes you past each barrier and demands perfection. Although he seems like he is very demanding he is a very laid back guy as well. Kurt has a lot of heart in what he does.

10/10 Rockstar Instructor
By Jeremy / Minneapolis

Kurt is amazing at what he does and you can tell he is very passionate about it. I was new to kettlebells and Kurt was always there to give feedback and help correct technique and answer any questions I had. If you choose to get into kettlebells which you should be doing anyways I would definitely suggest checking out Kurt's gym, you will not be disappointed with his teaching methods and I guarantee he will make it, do I dare say...FUN!!!

10/10 Best trainer ever!!
By Nikki / St. Paul, MN

I have been working with Kurt for the past couple of months and couldn't be happier with the results I've achieved so far. His classes are challenging, fun, and never get boring. I had never boxed or used kettlebells before starting his classes and he is patient and encouraging-always making sure my guard is up and my form is correct. He kindly gives me heavier weights when I'm slacking, too.

I am shocked at how my body has changed in such a short amount of time and how much stronger and better I feel on a daily basis. Thanks Kurt!

10/10 The Next Level
By C. Newton / Minneapolis

I've been training and working out for over a decade and would consider myself to be in good shape. I've known Kurt for many years and his classes always pushed me and took my fitness to the next level! Kurt is very knowledgable in his craft and always has creative workouts that are not only challenging but fun! He is passionate about fitness and making people better, so if you haven't taken one of his classes, you are missing out!

10/10 Highly recommended.
By Connor Kuchenmeister / Golden Valley

Kurt knows more about fitness and working your muscles than any other person I know. He has extensive knowledge on how to give your body the best workout

10/10 Determined and Diligent
By Mike Joslin / Minneapolis, MN

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kurt for many years now. He is the most committed person I know when it comes to physical fitness in all aspects. Kurt has not only taught me the importance of a healthy diet coupled with consistent workout regimes, but also the importance of having a great attitude towards your own body and self. This day in age many people tend to cut corners to get by, rest assured Kurt Hartmann will always be there to put you back on the straight and narrow when it comes to your health and well being!!!

10/10 Goal-riented training and will improve your health
By Mike Amos / Eden Prairie, MN

I've worked with other RKC instructors, getting down the basics of kettlebell techniques and training philosophies, none of them could hold a candle to Kurt. First, he worked with me to identify bio-mechanical issues and ailments I had acquired over years of powerlifting and strongman training. While improving my ROM, flexibility and general health he has also made a list of goals and begun moving me towards those goals but not at the cost of health and ROM. Finally, he worked with me to find the arrangement that would work for me. I asked for a very non-traditional arrangement, involving more virtual coaching and only periodic check-ins. Kurt worked with me to get the arrangement that would me my training and budget needs simultaneously.
Kurt's programs scale to my and anyone's needs so well I can't imagine there will be a time when I won't need and want some guidance, direction and reality check from him and he's provided it so well, I'm glad to work with him.

10/10 Quiet strength
By Matt Barrack / Waterloo SC

Kurt was one of my asisstant instructors at the RKC. He demonstrated excellent technique in his teaching abilities. I felt like he knew exactly what he was talking about which made me feel more at ease during the weekend, which was plenty stressful on its own. I really liked his joint mobility warmup. It gave me some diffrent directions to go with my mobility.

10/10 Hartmann has HEART
By Atlas Amacher / St. Paul

Kurt is a great instructor! He motiviates his students with his extensive knowledge and his energetic personality. Anyone taking his classes will see great results and have fun while doing it.

10/10 A Kettlebell Ninja
By Paul Seaver / Rochester, MN

This guy is always watching, and if you think you may be pulling wool over some eyes, you're not. Not on this Kurt's watch. When I would be working on a particular maneuver or lift, this guy would be in the corner of my eye, always, I mean there was twenty other people to watch how come he was always in my rear view?! Well, because he is just that good, a ninja, if I may say. He was an absolute pleasure to train with and helped me immensely. Kurt will keep you focused on your fitness goals that I can assure.

10/10 Excellent RKC!
By Jason Marshall, RKC Team Leader / Lubbock, TX

I had the great fortune of working with Kurt on Team Marshall at the May 2011 RKC. Kurt is a model RKC with a humble attitude and excellent work-ethic. His calm demeanor helped throughout the weekend as well as his willingness to go above and beyond for each of the students. He played a crucial role in helping the students throughout the weekend and made a lasting impact on me as an instructor. I would highly recommend Kurt as someone that can give you the tools to be a better Hardstyle practitioner!

10/10 Phenomenal Training!!
By Chad H. / Minneapolis, MN

Having worked out regularly for 10 years I assumed Kurt's kettlebell class would be a breeze - boy was I wrong! After a few weeks, I noticed significant improvements in my strength and endurance. Three months later, at the age of 27, I was in the best shape of my life. Kurt knows how to motivate you to push yourself beyond limits you didn't know were possible. If you want to lose weight, gain strength/endurance, and improve your athletic capabilities I highly recommend training with Kurt at Pro Fitness. At least give the week trial a shot - you won't be let down!

10/10 Life changing....
By Sheila "Rockstar" / Eden Prairie

How do you get someone to change life-long bad habits and attitudes about working out and make fitness a fun part of their life? What if you add horribly stubborn and having no confidence about working out to the equation? You send them to Kurt!!!

With the right mix of encouragement, praise and feisty daring to do more... working out with Kurt is now a regular part of my week. His expertise in proper form and safety is amazing. His workouts are challenging, interesting and - fine - I'll say it: fun. I feel awesome when I leave. He has created a comfortable, welcoming environment and there is an amazing camaraderie in the class - I am never intimidated to be there. I receive as much attention in a full class as I would if it were just the two of us.

Early in the game, he sent me an email that said, "If you want changes, you'll have to make changes". I printed that email out and it has now become my mantra. I know you are reading this Kurt so: I'll see you at 5:45am tomorrow!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Sheena Lance-Nold / Omaha, NE

Kurt was my assistant Team Lead at RKC in April. He helped me perfect my swing, and also gave lots of positive reinforcement. His passion reflects through his instruction.

10/10 Best in Minnesota!
By Allie LaCombe / Eden Prairie, MN

I am going to be a college athlete next fall and throughout all of my hockey training over the years, I have never had a trainer like Kurt! He is the most energetic, positive trainer I have ever had. He not only tests and pushes your limits, he helps you strive for goals you never thought were possible. I have never been so satisified with the workouts and methods Kurt uses! LOVE ProFitness!

10/10 Phenomenal Kettlebell Instuctor and Trainer
By Linda, Owner Fusion Fitness LLC / Medina, MN

I had the pleasure of assisting with Kurt April 2011 RKC in St. Paul. Kurt is an outstanding instructor and teacher. Kurt's patience and willingness to take time with each candidate to make sure they were using proper form was above and beyond excellent. Kurt is a phenomenal RKC and I am so grateful that he is part of the RKC community.

10/10 Lead by example
By Mark Wechter, RKC / Turnersville, NJ

I recently attended the RKC in St. Paul. I had the great fortune of having Kurt as one of my assistant RKC's. Kurt's knowledge of kettlebell training was evident in my first 5 minutes of working with him. I have been teaching and coaching for the past twenty years and Kurt motivated me through the grueling RKC weekend. His motivation was simple, do as I do and as I say. He walked the walk and was able to talk the talk. All around great teacher. Helped me to become an RKC. Thanks Kurt!

10/10 An Incredible Human Being
By Kathleen Schutter / Stockholm, Sweden

Kurt is first off an incredible human being. He is sincere, honest, and has great integrity. These characteristics shine through his expert knowledge of human kinesiology

10/10 Pro Fitness Training rocks!
By Rodrigo Sul / Minneapolis

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and Head Coach of Gracie Barra Twin Citiies-MN. I did some physical conditioning with Kurt at Pro Fitness Training and I felt my game improved a lot!!! Kurt is an outstanding trainer and he pushed me to my limits every class. I would highly recommend Kurt for anyone who is interested in just basic conditioning or participating in Martial Arts at the highest levels. He is extremely skilled in his practice and a very nice guy!

10/10 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
By Julie / Eden Prairie, MN

From the minute you start one of his workouts, Kurt encourages you to push yourself the extra mile you may not even realize you could go. His genuine passion for helping clients’ increase their confidence and improve their form and overall health are unmistakable trademarks. Kurt designs workouts that are challenging, varied, and efficient- qualities you can’t always find doing a workout video at home or running on a treadmill. The infectious atmosphere of motivation and support he creates has helped me workout harder than ever before and for that I am grateful. No need for a return policy with Kurt as a trainer because you too will be another 100% satisfied customer!

10/10 Fantastic coaching at my RKC
By Melissa Hartwig / Salt Lake City, UT

Kurt was an assistant at my RKC certification in St. Paul, MN. He spent a lot of time working one-on-one with me, helping me with several movements that I wasn't getting quite right. He was patient, giving me different cues for the same movement until one "stuck". When doing my skill test at the end of the event, I thought back to many of the tips he gave me - and will pass them along to my clients as well.

I highly recommend Kurt as an RKC instructor, and thank him for helping me earn MY RKC instructor certificate!

10/10 My trainer (Kurt) is BETTER than your Trainer!!!!
By Selena Zapata / Minnetonka

The best thing about seeing Kurt is that he has made me feel 100% comfortable with him and the class. The biggest thing for most people is feeling self conscious while at the gym and at ProFitness Training I don't feel that way. The second biggest thing is getting bored with your workouts. That doesn't happen with Kurt, every class is different from the one before, you leave knowing that you couldn't have achieved what you just did without him. He is the whole package when it comes to a trainer. He knows what he is doing, and he genuinely cares about you as a client, not just because you are paying to be there. You cant get that anywhere else.

10/10 The best!!!!!
By Lindsay Mroszak / Woodbury, MN

I have worked with many different instructors. I have to say that I rated Kurt a 10 because he is patient, motivating, caring and knowledgeable about the workouts and the human body. Ive never worked with an instructor and received the type of results that I received with Kurt. He has motivated me to stay in shape and create a healthy life!!! You are an amazing teacher Kurt. Thank you!!!!!

10/10 He knows his stuff!
By Ashley Lynn / Lino Lakes, MN

Kurt's skills and knowledge base of fitness completely exceeded my expectations! I have worked out with personal trainers before but their techniques don't even compare to the techniques Kurt is capable of providing. He definitely knows his stuff and pushes your body to reach maximum results!! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an intense, life changing workout!!!!

10/10 Two Thumbs WAY up!
By Jenna Haag / Minneapolis, MN

I was brand new to Kettlebells and Kurt has done a wonderful job training me. Kurt is the dynamic combination of smart, skilled, and dedicated I absolutely love going to workout at his gym. He is such a wonderful teacher...always pushing and keeping me motivated! In my opinion Kurt is the best at what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough!

10/10 Amazingly talented!
By Kristel Linn / Lino Lakes

Kurt is an amazingly talented kettlebell instructor!! About 1 month after having a baby I went in to try one of his classes and Kurt pushed me to keep on working while making sure that I was using the proper form for everything. I was a little out of shape at that time, but I felt so amazing after that first workout that i had to keep going back for more!!! I must say that Kurt's workouts are the best workouts I have ever done and would recommend him and his classes to anyone that is serious about working out.

10/10 Passionate, persistent, absolute excellence!
By Jen Yechout / St Paul, MN

Kurt is an absolutely amazing instructor. He is passionate about what he does and it makes training with him mean more to everyone! Kurt has helped me to set and reach goals, and he is a motivating force. He knows how to get you going and make you thirsty for more. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of how the human body functions, and he is excellent at helping people bring their bodies to the best that they can be. Highly recommended!

10/10 Dedicated
By Tory Robson DC / Eden Prairie MN USA

Kettlebell training is the best! Kurt's routines and classes are incredibly cool! You never know what might be next. Everybody loves the punching and grappling exercises that he incorporates. Another thing about Kurt is that you can tell he truly cares about you and your fitness. He wants to see you win and reach your health goals. Plus his classes flat-out deliver! Being introduced to Kettlebells by trainer Brad Nelson RKC changed my life several years ago. Moving away I feel lucky to have another great Kettlebell Training Center close with Kurt's PRO Fitness Training. Kurt not only has credibility, but is also dedicated to his work and the clients under his care. I will continue to train and promote Kettlebells for the rest of my life.

10/10 Pushing your limits
By Jeanne / Stillwater, mn

Kurt is a great instructor. He is great at making a class work for all abilities and levels of fitness. His workouts are varied so you never get bored which is important to me. I leave his class thinking I can't believe I just did that. Love that feeling.

10/10 The Real Deal
By Lauren Ropes / Eden Prairie, MN

I've been taking Kurt's classes for quite some time, and he never ceases to amaze me! Just when I think we have done every move or drill possible with a kettlebell, he comes up with 10 more! It is a true art what he does, and it really shows through his passion. His classes are personal, fun, and get results. Kurt is the only one I trust to get results before boating season :)

10/10 Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk
By Brent Tieri / Minneapolis, MN USA

I thought I was in shape until I went to one of Kurt's workouts...he pushed me to my limits and has shown me an entirely different way to train! He's not just some trainer sitting back and barking orders, he can do everything he expects his clients to do! In a nutshell, Kurt's pretty much the man to see if you're looking to skyrocket your level of health and fitness!

10/10 Best in Class!
By Kristen / Lake Elmo, MN

Kurt is truly best in class when it comes to instructors. I was new to kettlebells when I began taking classes from Kurt and he was very focused on ensuring my form was right. His workouts are well thought out, always different, incredibly challenging and FUN!

By Paul Anderson / Mahtomedi , MN

Kurt started out as the "Evil Intern" at Kinetic Edge, known for his quite challenging programs, but quickly became the complete package of what you want in a personal trainer!! He interacts with everyone, each class, encouraging without pressure, and always with a smile. He constantly is looking for ways to improve your technique and results and to just get better. His classes always have a challenging variety of exercises and movements that complement each other, and he keeps boredom away. He is focused on YOU. And , he gives me great tips to compete in the Tactical Strength Challenge. Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Best Instructor I've Ever Had
By Hoppe / St Paul MN USA

Kurt is very helpful in motivating me to perform better. He supports me in reaching my personal goals and celebrating successes - large or small. He makes class fun even when kicking my butt! He's just an all around great guy.

10/10 The rating scale needs to go higher than 10!!!
By Vickie Goulette / Afton, MN

Kurt's workouts are always challenging, and there is a lot of variety to them. They are never boring or repetitive. Kurt watches everyone carefully and corrects issues with technique. He is supportive and truly wants his clients to succeed. I appreciate Kurt's sense of humor and interaction with us. He has pushed me to accomplish things that I never thought I could do and I am thankful to him for that. Not only is he an awesome and motivating instructor, but an overall great guy as well. He has removed "I can't" from my vocabulary!

10/10 Crank It
By Matt O / Cottage Grove, MN USA

Kurt is a great instructor. He always makes sure you are doing the work out correctly and pushes you to get the best results. He creates a good workout atmosphere, that is fun and makes people comfortable. He has personally helped me improve my stregth, stamina, agility, explosiveness, posture, flexibilty, breathing, and he even helped me regain strength and stability in my ankle which I have had numerous sprains.
Thanks Kurt.

10/10 Love his face
By Morgan / Saint Paul, MN

I worked out with Kurt just in time for my sisters wedding. I saw results right away. He is fun and a great motivator. It doesn't matter what we are doing it's always a challenge and never gets old. Everytime I leave I feel like I had a great work out. I could never push myself hard enough on a workout alone. A workout with Kurt is by far one of the most hardest but yet rewarding things I have ever done. I can feel myself getting stronger by each workout. I can drop and gimmie 50 now and not just for dancing also in push-ups =)

10/10 Intense
By Heather / Oakdale,MN

There is not other word to describe him and his workouts. You must give him a try.

10/10 AMAZING!!!
By Wendi Boedigheimer / Stillwater, MN

Kurt calls me the Slacker. Ok, maybe i do slack a little and don't push myself as hard as i can. Kurt is there to make sure I get the absolute best possible workout I can get! He doesn't let me get away with anything!! I know when i walk through that door and I see Kurt I am going to have an amazing workout. I can definitely say its not an easy workout and I LOVE IT!! It's the only thing that I have stuck with for more than 3 months. Thanks to Kurt and Kinetic Edge! My 14 year old son also trained with Kurt this last summer and for a kid who isn't interested in working out, he always looked forward to training with Kurt. Overall, we saw a definite change in his speed and endurance! He loved it! You're the BEST keep us all comin back for more!

10/10 down to earth
By Kathy Kloeber / Stillwater, MN

Kurt is a friend to all, a motivator and an inspiration. He is kind and yet has the "drop the gloves and get-er done motivation" He wants people to succeed and feel good about themselves no matter their age or fitness level, and he gives corrections to protect and improve form consistently. I believe Kurt and Brad are a great mix to Kinetic Edge, where they both work and the members get unbelievable fantastic results from the superb classes! and ENJOY it!

10/10 Never the same old workout w/ Kurt
By Jen Mink / St. Paul Park, MN USA

Kurt is an uber excellent instructor! Not only is he super focused on what he's teaching you, but he makes sure that you have the correct form for everything you do so you can really practice doing it right. Kurts always changing kettle bell and body weight work outs really push me out of my comfort zone which keep me motivated and not bored. (not to mention he has great music picks!) I'll see you at the next class Kurt!

10/10 Kurt is the Best!
By Jen Gonzaga / Woodbury, MN

After having 4 kids in 8 years, I was having a hard time getting back in shape. Kurt helped me lose the weight, get strong, and stay motivated in the little time that I have available. His work-outs are tough but fun, and his ability to keep people motivated is unmatched. He helped me keep my form in check so I wouldn't injure my back and I left feeling stronger every time- thanks Kurt! I'll be back in the Fall when my kids are back in school- J

10/10 Kurt Rocks
By Maggie K / St. Paul, MN

You expect technical expertise with any instructor - group class or personal training. What separates the exceptional from the rest is interpersonal skills and creativity. Kurt is well above the pack in all 3 aspects. He leads by example and his can-do attitude motivates everyone. His classes are addictive and his skills are amazing. If you want to get real, sustainable results work with Kurt either 1/1 or in a class. You'll find it addictive.

10/10 Best Kettlebell Instructor !!!!
By Lisa Adelmann / Woodbury

Kurt is an excellent Instructor! He pushes me to my limits and more.
He's always there to help with your form and making sure your doing
it correct you couldn't ask for a better Personal Trainer.

10/10 Intense Strength & Conditioning Training
By Patrick Scott / St Paul, MN

Like a lot of people, I started at Kinetic Edge with the goals of improving my strength and conditioning using unconventional methods. Kurt's training philosophy is exactly what I was looking for and beyond. His willingness to teach, utilizing his obvious technical expertise, and his contagious enthusiasm make him a master motivator. My experiences with Kurt at K-Edge have given me confidence, with certainty, to refer friends who wish to optimize their strength, both physically and mentally.

10/10 A Real Pro
By Jeffrey / St. Paul, MN

Mr. Hartman is a consummate professional. His knowledge, skill, and training are beyond any trainer/instructor I have ever worked with. He takes the time to get to know his students' abilities and provides instruction tailored to their needs. My skills grow very quickly with his instruction because I really 'get it' when he shows me how to do things. I have achieved greater upper body strength increased flexibility with his help. He has also assisted me through a few sports injuries and had helped avoid injuries. Mr. Hartman is amazing and enthusiastically recommend him to all.

10/10 Defying Gravity 1 Day at a Time
By Dena Smith - Fellow CBA / Woodbury, MN

Kurt is one of the best trainers I've had the opportunity to work with. From the moment you meet him you know that training is his passion and he will give you and your workout 100 percent! He's a stickler on form and shares modifications to take things up or down a notch when needed. He pushes you to achieve new levels of fitness in every workout. Thanks to Kurt's workouts I feel stronger than ever before!! Thanks Kurt for the beat downs...always teach me new tricks and inspiring me to "BRING-IT"!
Keep defying gravity!!!

10/10 Keeping You Sexy!
By Amber B / San Antonio, TX

Kurt is an excellent instructor! I have had the priviledge to train with him as well as other instructors but he surpasses them all by leaps and bounds. Kurt is always concerned with your form as to prevent injury. He keeps you going when you don't think you have anything left. I think most important he is always positive and encouraging. Finally, Kurt is very knowledgable and always focused on the task at hand. Thanks Kurt for helping me get my body to a place I never thought it would be again after two kids.

10/10 Great Motivator / Great Innovator / Great Results
By Mark H-W / Lake Elmo, MN

Kurt's motivational skills never cease to amaze me. He drives me to get the most out of myself in every class. With a personality that combines equal parts hard core drill instructor, laid back best friend, and innocent but mischievous kid brother, Kurt is always able to push you to test your limits. His classes are always innovative, typically combining some old stand by moves with some creative new ones. Kurt always clearly demonstrates the exercises we will be doing and he is quick to constructively address and tweak issues with my technique. I couldn't be happier heading home from a class with Kurt as he has driven me to gain strength, energy, coordination, and confidence.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Adam Schotzko / Woodbury, MN

Kurt was my first ever instructor with kettlebells. He has great ability in helping me learn how to properly use the kettle bells and the results have been amazing. It would be hard to find a better instructor than Kurt. Thanks Kurt, keep up the good work.

10/10 Kurt's Killer Kreations
By Scott Behrends / Minneapolis, MN USA

Kurt's creativity and dedication to his craft is what makes him a phenomenal instructor. He leads by example, constantly striving for self improvement. His enthusiasm is contagious and his training style is no nonsense. I have trained with a lot of MN RKC instructors and I would recommend Kurt over all of them, he is one of the best instructors in MN.

10/10 Intense
By Zach Albrecht / Oakdale, MN USA

Kurt is one of the best trainers in the state. When you train with him nothing is easy. If something is easy he will add another step, or rotation, or tack on more weight. He is not content with someone breezing through because he genuinely cares about helping people get and stay in shape. I definitely recommend him if you want to workout, get results, and just have a good time.

10/10 Makes Ya Crank It
By Ellen Anderson / Mahtomedi, MN USA

Kurt is simply amazing! He is very attentive to every client and always checks to see that your form is correct. He makes you want to work harder, and pushes you to do so. He always notices improvement and is very encouraging. He is THE man you want to work with in order to get results! Kurt is extremely approachable, friendly and helpful. He'll whip your butt into shape!

10/10 Thanks Kurt for taking the extra time with my son. :-)
By Gary Music / Mansfield, Ohio

My 14 year old son passed his HKC in March of 2010. He is a student at Brad Nelson SrRKC gym in Woodbury where Kurt is an instructor. My son is constantly telling me how much he likes Kurt and how Kurt took extra time to make sure he was ready for his HKC cert.

Kurt also took some extra time and taught my boy some boxing and martial arts skills.

Just wanted to say thanks Kurt, I really appreciate the effort.

I have also worked out in one of Kurt's classes at Brad's gym and he is an excellent instructor, he ran a very well organized and fast paced class.

Good job Kurt, thanks for everything

Gary Music
Chief Instructor Shurite Kempo Technique Association and Ohio Kettlebell Club.

10/10 See Results!
By Mindy / Maplewood, MN

What do yoga, triathlon, aerobics, running, and weight lifting have in common? They have not been able to keep my interest for more than a few weeks. If you are like me and become easily bored with workout routines, you have to workout with Kurt. Kurt is constantly coming up with creative and exciting workouts and he is not afraid to push you. One grin from Kurt and you are doing more reps with heavier weights and you are one step closer to your goals.

Kurt has made the daunting task of returning to pre-baby form into something exciting and challenging, and most importantly, achievable. Try it, you'll be hooked.

10/10 Love Him!
By Carolee / Oakdale, MN

Kurt is a fantastic instructor! He creates workouts that are physically and mentally challenging. He coaches members of the class, making sure their form is perfect. He pushes you to go beyond what you thought you could, and he's there to celebrate your success. He's the type of instructor who shares his passion--when you leave his class you're exhausted, smiling, and excited to come back again. No matter what your fitness level is, Kurt will motivate, challenge and get you excited about working out.

10/10 I Love Kurt!
By Simona Boler / Maplewood, MN

I have a love-hate relationship with Kurt. Halfway through his grueling workouts I am cursing him and he always takes it with a smile; but when I'm finished I love him for pushing me to my limit. With Kurts instruction and positive encouragement I have lifted weights and done moves I thought were imposible for me to do. I've lost inches, gained muscle and boosted my self-confidence by taking his classes.

He is always aware of everyone in class and attentive to helping everyone do the moves correctly and effectivly. His knowledge and passion are evident, and he takes pide in helping others achieve their goals. His workouts are tough, different, creative, challenging and always FUN! I have and will continue to recommend him to friends, family or anyone who simply wants to see resuls!

Kurt is a phenomenal instructor!

10/10 Works you hard with a smile/"Kurt is beast!"
By Chris Hesse-Withbroe / Lake Elmo, MN

Kurt is a top-notch instructor and trainer. I have trained personally with Kurt and am so impressed with his knowledge base. I am an avid runner, and he has helped me to become much stronger so that I can be free of injuries that have plagued me in the past. He is also great at adapting various exercises to focus on areas that I need to strengthen or to avoid aggravating previous running injuries. He always makes me challenge myself -- but has the amazing ability to do it with a smile. He'll comment about my using too light of a kettlebell in such a way that he makes me WANT to try a heavier weight -- and then it's fun when I succeed in using that heavier weight. He's also been training my two oldest boys (13 and 10) in running/form drills. The improvement in their form/speed is FANTASTIC. They love his fun way of challenging them and I love the fact that he also focuses on respect and discipline but manages to do so in a way that gets teenage boys to respect and admire him -- definitely NOT an easy task! My 7 year old can't wait to be old enough to join Kurt's running class -- he definitely has idol-status for my boys! As my oldest says, "Kurt is beast" (the highest compliment a 13 year boy can bestow!!) Thanks for the amazing work you do Kurt!

10/10 Positive Motivation!
By Laura G / Woodbury, MN

Kurt is an amazing, talented and motivating instructor. His positive energy and passion for what he does is contagious and makes you want to work hard. His focus on perfect form ensures maximum results without injury. I love the fact that he is constantly providing tips to increase intensity for those who need it while making sure beginners feel successful in the same class. The workouts are always changing and you will never be bored in a Kurt class! Just when you think you can predict what's coming next he has a new drill up his sleeve!

I would absolutely recommend Kurt to anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life. You will be pushed to the limit but in such a fun and positive way you hardly realize how hard it is!

10/10 Innovative!
By Laura Lusson / Woodbury, MN.

Kurt is a fantastic trainer for lots of reasons, the most important being his infectious enthusiasm and support. He's helpful, encouraging, and really cares about his clients being successful. No drill sergeant here! Just positive motivation.

However, Kurt's workouts are not for the weak minded; they are challenging and ever changing. Just when you think you endured the worst, he comes up with new combinations to really make your body scream. You may at times want to curse at him but in the end you end up thanking him for pushing you to new limits.

Kurt is innovative and is constantly trying to improve and change the way people approach fitness. I highly recommend him.

10/10 Fantastic instructor!
By Kelly Czech / Hastings, MN

Kurt is a terrific instructor, and he is completely dedicated to helping each and every person get the most out of every workout. Not only is he qualified from a education and training standpoint, he also has mastered the balance of being likable yet still able to make me wonder what I did to make him hate and punish me so much. :) He is an excellent motivator, and he does it in a constructive way that pushes everyone to do his or her best! Whiny excuses are not tolerated (and believe me, I have tried!); they are met with a smile and a firm, "you can do it." I love that! And his workouts are always challenging and different. No boredom allowed! Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Patient. Positive. Passionate. Professional.
By Erin Moran / Saint Louis Park, MN

Disclaimer - I do not know where to start or how to keep this short. Additionally, I amend my rating noted above to an 11 out of 10.

Not only does Kurt have an unbelievable amount of knowledge from a kettlebell/personal training perspective but his zeal for life creates such a positive/challenging atmosphere that Kinetic Edge just wouldn't be the same without him. (No offense, Brad!)

Kurt is dedicated to his career and ALWAYS there with answers to questions or critiques on form. His workouts are never the same, challenging, and designed for everyone. It DOES NOT matter if you are: young or old; "in-shape" or "out-of-shape"; an athlete or a couch potato.

His personality will force the excuses out of your head and his workouts will change your life - period!

10/10 Extremely Motivating!!
By Michelle Hanson / Woodbury, MN

Kurt is an amazing trainer. He will absolutely push you to the max!!
Very motivating and is willing to help you reach your goals. Kurt is by far one of the best trainers I have ever worked with and I can't imagine Kinetic Edge without him!! You Rock!

10/10 Awesome
By Paula Thielen / Lino Lakes, MN

Kurt is a dedicated, caring and very motivated instructor. He spends time with every person in class, which makes you feel like you have a personal trainer working with you. I trust Kurt to challenge me at every workout. He genuinely cares about your physical well-being, and does a fantastic job motivating you to be the best that you can be. Thanks Kurt, for everything that you do. I enjoy and look forward to your workouts. You're the best!!

10/10 Kurt has his black belt in Kettlebell-Fu
By Greg Merth / St. Paul

In all of my education, both in and out of school, I've had only a few excellent teachers. Kurt is one of them. I enjoy his positive energy and enthusiasm for what he is doing in class. His encouragement and smiles come readily when we're working out, so it's easier to push myself. Another thing I like about Kurt is that he uses his martial arts background when he designs certain exercises and workouts. This creativity makes for a challenging 45 minutes when Kurt is teaching class, but I know I'll only hurt myself and get flabby if I don't take advantage of what he's showing me! If you're tired of the monotony of a treadmill, elliptical machine, or some lame weight machine, and of not getting the body you'd hoped for, you owe it to yourself to take classes with Kurt.

10/10 Passion
By J. Lethert / Woodbury

Kurt has passion and enthusiasm for his work which translates into motivation and encouragement- and it makes for an exceptional instructor. His workouts push you harder than you would EVER push yourself, but he is always there to offer advice and encouragement and assistance with modifications if need be. I have seen performance results with Kurt, and I expect to see more!

10/10 Kurt is the BEST!
By Penny Osland / Cottage Grove, MN

Kurt is a great kettlebell instructor! I have been taking group kettlebell classes at Kinetic Edge in Woodbury, MN for one year now and I have seen fantastic results. Kurt is very knowledgeable instructor, he has a tremendous fitness background, he does a great job of encouraging all of us to get the most out of our kettlebell workouts, and his workouts are innovative and varied to make the work fun. I have NEVER experienced another type of exercise that produces the results I have gotten from kettlebells.

I have always been up for a new adventure so four months ago I started personal training with Kurt in kettlebells. I am AMAZED at how much I LOVE personal training in kettlebells! A large part of my enjoyment with personal training is due to the EXCELLENT instruction by Kurt. He is a fantastic trainer. He has a positive attitude everyday and offers the perfect blend of instruction, enthusiasm and pushing me to work HARD with an "I can" attitude. I have seen HUGE improvements in my strength and endurance - I love the results. He can and will train anybody who is willing to show up and work out, regardless of age, size, etc.

I encourage anyone to try personal training with Kurt and highly recommend Kurt to anyone.

Thanks Kurt!

10/10 One of the few!
By Jonny / Mendota Heights

Kurt is a natural instructor and one of the few who actually cares that all his clients get his best in order to bring out their best! Kurt is always walking around during class and making sure everyone is using proper form and staying motivated. Kurt is always pushing you to challenge yourself and every workout is insane, fun, and intense! After attending weekly sessions with Kurt at Kinetic Edge everything else in life seems "easy." In short Kurt is a EXCELLENT instructor! Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Amazing and Talented Instructor!!!
By Stephanie Wright / Minneapolis, MN

I've been working out pretty much my whole life and I have never pushed my limits more, physically and mentally, than when I started training with Kurt. I leave every class feeling like I have accomplished something. Kurt has a way of being motivating and encouraging when I feel like I can't do anymore. I am pushed to my limit every class and I've learned my only obstacle is myself thanks to him. I'm much healthier because of his classes and advice. If anyone says to me they want to get in shape I immediately tell them to go to Kurt's classes. He is THE BEST!!!

10/10 Kurt is Awesome!
By Keng Thao / Woodbury MN

Kurt and his workouts are awesome! My speed, strength and stamina in Tae Kwon Do has improved dramatically with Kurt's workouts. Anyone paying attention can clearly see the difference between me and most of the other Tae Kwon Do students.

Not only that the icing on the cake is that I've lost about three inches from my waist and all my pants that were a little too tight are now a little too loose. In fact, my clothes are looser than when I originally tried them on and bought them!

Give him a shot ladies and gents, you are not going to be let down! It's your clothes that'll be sliding off of your new lean, mean body!

10/10 Let's go Basketball!
By Tasha Cardinal, RN / St. Paul, MN

Ah those three dreaded words...Just kidding:) Kurt is the only person who has been able to motivate me to work out, lose weight and get in shape. Kurt is extremely knowledgeable in personal and group training. He is always fun and motivating and as much as I think that I hate coming to his class, I really look forward to it and enjoy having him in my face pushing me to do my best. (Kurt, don't take that as a free for all pick on Tasha day:)) If you lack motivation and like to be lazy like I did, Kurt is the perfect person to kick your ass and help you change your bad habits. He's definitely one of a kind.

10/10 Amazing
By Erin O'Leary / Shoreview, MN

Kurt is an amazing trainer. If you want someone to help motivate you to reach your goals, Kurt is the man. He pushes you farther than you think you can go. He knows new and fun ways to work out. He is always willing to put himself out there to help someone reach their goals. He wants you to succeed and believes that everyone can. Thanks Kurt for always pushing me!

10/10 KURT IS the headline for my review
By R. Anderson / Saint Paul

This guy doesnt just make you work you tail off, he makes you want to find ten other ways to get in the same shape he's in. He pushes you to the extreme but never out of your comfort zone where you tell your self, "well I wont be back for this session again". Im still waiting for someone to tell me they have had a better coach. Once you visit Kurt, you are NOT going anywhere else.

10/10 The Best ( Frog )
By Kim / Mahtomedi

Kurt is an amazing instuctor !!!! He keeps me motivated to work hard and makes me want to come back for more.....He always has a great smile ....but he pushes you hard : ) I couldnt ask for a better trainer .... Kurt has taught me so many new things that i never knew i could do ......Over all Kurt is the Best Trainer around !!!!!

10/10 Great Motivator
By Mary M / St. Paul, MN

Kurt is a great motivator who has the ability to encourage you to keep working out while still having fun. His workouts are well thought out, work out a variety of muscle groups and keep you interested. Kurt has the ability to adapt exercises to a person's abilities and skill level. His workouts give you results and he'll keep pushing you until you reach your goals.

10/10 Kurt will double-dog dare you
By Kathi Burger / Afton, MN USA

Kurt brings fresh new ideas to his workouts - ideas that push the limits of human strength and flexibility - or maybe it is Kurt pushing me to achieve and not be complacent with my results. Kurt does not accept the "I can't do that" attitude - he will adapt the exercise and you will do it. Kurt's workouts are not for the weak and unadventurous.

Kurt is an excellent trainer/instructor and is always ready with a helpful tip, corrections of movement/form, or a well deserved taunting - I have never had someone taunt me while maintaining such an innocent smile on his face.

10/10 Frog
By Molly Silbaugh / Stillwater, MN

Kurt is one of the best instructors I've had. He's super funny, keeps me going when I am slackin, and most of all makes class FUN! He is very attentive in my form-definitely lets me know when I am doing something wrong! He is very knowledgeable with fitness and health and I am very comfortable approaching him! He's also known as "The Frog" to my friend and I because we honestly have never seen anyone jump so high :o) Go Kurt!!!! Thanks for all you do!!

10/10 Optimistic, hardworking, motivational.
By John Joran / Minneapolis, MN USA

Kurt will push you to perform your best and encourage you to try your hardest. I've trained with Kurt for the last 7 months at Kinetic Edge Performance and I'll continue to train with him into the future. I've seen him work with people of all shapes and sizes with the same approach, optimism. He's an approachable instructor, with excellent time management skills and prescriptive, variable workouts that enable you to get the best results in least amount of time.

Sound too good to be true, visit him at at Kinetic Edge Performance in Woodbury, MN (

10/10 BEAST
By Brandon Comiskey / Roseville, Minnesota

Kurt makes me work harder than anyone that has ever trained me before. He keeps me motivated through all of my workouts so i can do them to the best of my abilities.

10/10 Simply The Best!
By Mitch K. / St. Paul, MN

Kurt has quickly established himself as not only one of the top kettlebell instructors, but as one of the top trainers in the state period. His knowledge and passion for fitness is unmatched. No matter what fitness goals you have, if you want results, Kurt is the man to work with. In the short amount of time that I've worked with him my statistical and peformance gains have been insane!! Thanks Kurt, you are simply the best.

10/10 The Best!
By Jeff Tait / Minnesota

Kurt is simply the best trainer in the Twin Cities. I highly recommend him. Kurt is not the kind of trainer that stands over you with a clip board and a pen counting the number of curls you do. He pushes you, makes sure you always have perfect form, and takes great pride in your progress.
Thanks Kurt!

10/10 Great and motivating instructor !
By Joe Tebbe / White Bear Lake, MN USA

Kurt delivers always changing kettlebell and body weight work outs that really push me out of my comfort zone. I've tried to push myself to this challenging degree on my own, but it just doesn't work for me. Training with Kurt, motivating, urging you on and complimenting you makes all the difference for me. Kurt's the man.

10/10 Kurt "The Hurt"
By Krissy Swearingen / Woodbury, MN

Kurt is an amazing instructor! I consider myself pretty athletic and LOVE to be pushed to the next level. Kurt has no problem doing that. When I started training with kettlebells 7 months ago, I didn't have the strength to do one pull-up (I could barely pull myself up with the bands). With Kurt's help, I'm up to 3 :-) (my goal is 10). I'm never bored in his classes, and he never gives you a moment to slack off. He's smart, he knows what he's doing, and if he notices that something may be too easy for me, he'll fix that too!
I would recommend Kurt's classes to anyone! If they're looking for an easy workout, they won't find it with him.
Kurt is also an AWESOME youth training instructor!!! My 12 year old trained with him over the summer and we noticed a tremendous improvement in his overall athleticism, agility and speed. My son looked forward to working out. In his words "Kurt's cool, when I didn't know how to do something, he showed me how. He taught me things". (that's a lot coming from my 12 year old).
Thanks Kurt! You Rock! I can't imagine Kinetic Edge without you!!!

10/10 The ONE and ONLY
By Matt Westlund / Blaine, MN

Kurt has proven through his education and certifications that he has the knowledge and capabilites to be a personal trainer. However, what separates Kurt from other trainers is his dedication to helping people achieve their goals, his passion for motivating clients, and his committment to understanding the science of the human body. He has a natural ability and drive for helping others. Kurt has shown through his person workout achievements that he has the skills and resources to produce results. These qualities separate Kurt from the rest, making him a role model and someone to trust in maximizing workout potential. I highly recommend Kurt to family and friends and will continue working with Kurt in the future. Thanks Kurt - you guidance has helped me reach new heights!

10/10 Makes you Want to Work Hard
By Jennifer Albrecht / Oakdale, MN

Kurt is an amazing and creative instructor. He puts a ton of thought into the workouts, balances it well(for all body parts) and makes sure you FEEL it. He is vigilant on form and is aware of everyone in the class..pushes you beyond where you thought you wanted to go..and ends up making you LOVE it and you come back for more..

10/10 TO THE EXTREME !!!!!
By sam grand / Oakdale, mn

Kurt is what u call crazy! but in a good way ! All you that have classes with kurt knows he is a great teacher! He pushes you to the limit of your ability, and beyond. He loves to see how far u can push your self. If not for kurt my butt would not look this good! lol
KURT ROCKS because he makes YOUR BODY ROCK

10/10 Amazing kettlebell instructor
By Cristina Miralles Cardona / Saint Paul, MN USA

Good organized doable intense workouts. Very attentive to all the people working out. He keeps you motivated thoughout the workouts.

10/10 Nothing less than the best!
By Emma Berryman / Stillwater, MN USA

Kurt is an excellent instructor! Not only is he super focused on what he's teaching you, but he makes sure that you always the correct form for everything you do so you can really practice doing it right. He's super funny and always keeps me motivated to work hard and get the most out of my workouts with him. I would recommend him to anyone!!

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