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10/10 Can't Wait To Buy Kettlebells
By Leal Strain / Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

I have recently completed 8 weeks of kettlebell training with Kerry Timko. Our group has progressed so well together that we are continuing on the same schedule for the month of March. Kerry Pays close attention to the detail of every student's movements and positions, ensuring that the excercises are performed safely and effectively. He is excellent at recognizing an appropriate pace as we advance in training.

In the past I did weight training in the gym and cardio from sports like hockey and squash. I saw Kerry running a kettlebell class outside of the University and stopped to ask some questions a few years back. I was always interested but never took to next step. When my girlfriend started training with Kerry I realized he was the same guy I talked to about kettlebells. She recently paid for my first training session with Kerry and I was addicted. I've been kettlebell training with Kerry since.

I love the mix of intense cardio and weight training in one workout. It is so easy to switch to a different exercise or string several together for those intense cardio workouts. Kerry is awesome at running a new string of exercises everyworkout. This is one of the reasons that I am hooked. Weight training in the gym started to get boring for me and I like the mix that comes with kettlebells. I also notice that I have applied many of the techniques to regular day activities such as lifting at work or simply picking something up off the floor.

Kerry is a very experienced well rounded trainer and I hope that I can continue to work with him in the future. His energy and level of expertise make him easy to listen to and an excellent instructor.

10/10 Comments from a kettlebell beginner
By Frances Trowsse / Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I have recently completed one four-week session with Kerry Timko. I found Kerry to be extremely attentive to detail in regards to the technique needed for working with kettlebells as well as providing explanation of the theory of kettlebells and how it works on the body.I realize now how important that is in working with kettlebells. He is precise in his instruction and watches us closely to be sure we are practicing good technique. Kerry is good at having us repeat exercises until we have demonstrated we are using our body properly and not just powering through the exercise. I like the way he 'grounds' us in proceeding through the movement literally by making sure we are feel the ground through our feet.

Currently I paddle competitively mostly in outrigger canoe and have found that the kettlebell workout fits well with paddling. The approach of using your feet, legs and body core for moving weight is the same approach for good paddling technique. After one session I found that while paddling I was repeating the same instructions to myself for kettlebells and paddling. In paddling I want to use my legs and core to have a good power stroke - not just push through with my arms - so the kettlebell technique is a good fit. I am an 'older' adult and so I am looking for good technique with power and no injury in my paddling and I believe training with kettlebells will support my goals.

Even though I am very new to working with kettlebells I can say that I like the approach and feel that overall it lends itself to less opportunity for injury.

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