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10/10 Very glad to have someone of his caliber so close
By Alan Lendaro / Danbury, USA

I had my first session with Joe after not seeing an RKC instructor for a very long time. I've been training on and off with Kettlebells since 2005 and was looking for an experienced eye to make sure I didn't have any bad habits that would hurt me down the road. Joe did an excelent job of assesing how I performed each of the 6 key exercises and identified some shoulder issues that require me to abstain from snatching until they are resolved. He suggested a regular routine of Arm Bars, Get-ups and Dead Bugs which I am wokring on and adivsed me on what I can keep doing with my KB in the meantime. Joe provided solid, frank feedback and valuable advice and has a very personable training/coaching style. Looking forward to working with him in the future.

10/10 He made strength training an addiction
By Jonathn Leff / Montclair, USA

Joe is a fantastic coach who has converted me, late in life, into an advocate for and addict of strength and kettlebell training. He somehow manages to combine a relaxed coaching style with exactly the right amount of encouragement to help me reach my goals. During sessions, he is careful to tailor his queues to the most essential and useful (knowing that I can only really absorb a handful each time), but is always ready to answer technical or technique questions.

10/10 Very Knowledgeable Coach
By Tara M. / New York, United States

I've been training with Joe for over 5 years and cannot recommend him highly enough. Joe is an extremely knowledgeable coach. He is able to explain new techniques in an accessible way and has a keen eye for minor tweaks in form that make all the difference. He has a no b.s. style that I really appreciate. Whether you're a beginner or a serious athlete, if you're looking to learn from one of the best, Joe is your man.

10/10 Always helping you shore up and improve technique!
By Meghan K / New York, USA

Regardless of where you are in your athletic development and movement journey, Joe will always be able to provide you with effective coaching that meets your personal needs and will help you to achieve your goals. As a great and adaptable coach, Joe is able to meet his athletes and movers where they are and then get them comfortable and strong in places beyond--making sure improvements in strength and technique go hand in hand. Joe is extremely down to earth as well and strikes a good balance between keeping sessions light-hearted, while also making sure you put in the good work!

10/10 Educated and Funny
By William Sturgeon / Marshall, United States

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe as an assistant at his RKC 2. Let me begin by saying this guy is hilarious. Joe is a very easy going person with a great sense of humor. He is a great guy and an amazing coach. This guy really has an eye for technique and making sure you are doing things properly. He is great at demoing exercises and coaching them up, he has a great way of delivering the message and seeing the result. I would highly recommend seeking out Joe for training!

10/10 The Real Deal
By Coach Fury / BROOKLYN, USA

Joe's the real deal. He's a stellar coach, seasoned martial artist and fellow comic book nerd. Joe and I have gone through courses together and I've also been luck to have him assist me at several workshops. He's got a sharp mind that shows in his sessions. Joe's a good friend and I am very grateful for that. You're in great hands with Joe and the Catalyst crew.-Fury

10/10 Outstanding kettlebell instructor
By Kirk Adams / New York, USA

I've had the pleasure of attending 2 RKC courses with Joe. One where he was an instructor and one that we took together. Joe is a first class kettlebell instructor and practitioner. He runs a great facility and gets people results. If you're looking for a trainer, go see Joe!

10/10 My new strong buddy who watches anime
By Chris Cardinali / Bayshore, USA

I recently got recertified as an RKC this past weekend. Joe was one of the instructors at the event. He was very helpful to me in regards to what to watch for when a person is doing a certain movement. Also if I had a question he would give me an answer but help me understand the how, what and why of it. I look forward to learning from him in the future.

10/10 Cool, Calm, Collected
By Melanie Lisby / New York, US

Joe was one of the Assistants for my RKC level 1 Cert. He is the epitome of the 3 C's - Cool, Calm, Collected. He carries the attention of a room, speaks with certainty and elegance, and hears and sees everything around him. His cues are simple and direct and his passion for fitness and seeing those around him succeed shine through with every move and word. The beauty of his movement is reflected in his teaching. It is a joy to see and he is a joy to train with and learn from.

10/10 Streamlined strength
By Nora Dwyer / Muscatine, USA

Joe assisted during my recent RKC in NYC. While demonstrating the techniques Joe provided direct and simple cues. Nothing extraneous, just direct solid instruction. His feedback during my testing was calm and gave me a boost of confidence. To train with Joe or any of the staff at Catalyst would be an amazing experience, would definitely recommend them to anyone in NYC!

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Jimmy Lopez / staten Island New York, USA

Joe was an assistant at the RKC I took in Manhattan. As the weekend progressed it was evident that whenever he had a teaching cue or general instruction it was going to be something valuable. Professional and knowledgeable with the ability to back up everything he was saying.

10/10 Awesome!!
By James Newman / Guilford, USA

Joe is an incredible instructor and coach! I was honored to have him assist at my RKC and I can say that he was instrumental in helping me achieve my BEST performance that weekend. I truly appreciated his patient instructions as he helped me dial in my technique! I couldn't have done it without him!

10/10 Great Guy. Great Instructor. Great Gains!
By Houston V / New York, USA

I've been working with Joe for over 3 years...He is the slightly older "bigger brother" I never wanted. (I kid, I kid) He was my introduction the world of Kettlebells (what I call alien dumbbells)and have never looked back. He's incredibly methodical and specific in his approach and technique when working with clients. The only way to do it is the "right way". I've currently never felt stronger! You'll thank yourself later...promise.

10/10 Dedicated, Knowledgeable Strength Coach.
By Anne L / Brooklyn, USA

I started working with Joe Boffi and his team at Catalyst S.P.O.R.T to build my strength and explosive power for Muay Thai this past year. I have seen consistent gains in my strength, flexibility and explosiveness. Joe designed such a good program for me that I feel stronger than I ever have despite doing sport-specific strength training for the past few years with other people. Also, the program he designed is flexible - I can do a version of it in almost any gym in the world or with body weight in a hotel room. This is perfect for the amount that I travel for work. I have also seen Boffi develop programs for a range of athletes and people who just want to get a fit. He is truly versatile and talented.

10/10 Tremendous Trainer with a wealth of knowledge
By Tom M / New York, USA

Not only has Joe helped me out tremendously as one of my training partners for Muay Thai by pushing me to and beyond my own limits, but his knowledge of the human body and ways of building functional strength are amazing. Having injured myself in a fight a years back and being told I needed surgery I turned to Joe and his amazing partners at Catalyst SPORT to get another opinion. Upon the initial consult and review of the results of the MRI I had received Joe and his team began working with me to rehab the injury as opposed to going under the knife. The results were absolutely amazing! Within a matter of 3.5 months I went from the point of having chronic pain to the point that it would wake me in the middle of the night to accomplishing personal bests in many Olympic style lifts as well as back training Muay Thai at a high level...most importantly all of it done pain free. Whether you are an athlete looking for an edge in competition or simply looking to lose weight and feel better you need to look no further than Joe Boffi and Catalyst SPORT.

10/10 Helped me get in fight shape

I worked with Joe before my last Muay Thai fight. He helped me build the strength I needed to perform at my peak and helped me prevent injury from overuse or muscle strain while training.

10/10 Dedicated and safe trainer who gets results
By Danielle R / NYC, USA

Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and professional when it comes to strength training, fitness, physiology, and safety. No movement is wasted when training with Joe. He works on both larger muscle groups and the smaller supporting muscles around them. He takes time to understand your needs and goals and how your body works before tailoring a program that fits for you. He then gives you the tools you need to succeed both with him and on your own. I began to see noticeable improvements in my strength and stability after training with Joe for just two weeks. I highly recommend this trainer he and his gym provide a warm and fun place to achieve your goals.

10/10 Learn from the best!
By Lisa K. / New York, USA

Joe is a knowledgeable and experienced instructor and coach. His no-nonsense approach to training will help you meet and exceed your goals in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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