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Matthew Begansky


Phone: 301-520-5510
Bryson City, NC
United States 28713
10 out of 10 (40 reviews)
Matt Begansky, owner of Rebel & Live Well and Iron Stella Personal Training, LLC, is a full time personal trainer from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. His passion lies within fitness and helping others conquer their fitness goals. Currently at a weight loss of ninety pounds, Matt strives to help clients battle the mental and physcial challenges of becoming healthy. Matt has obtained his Russian Kettlebell Certification Level II (RKC II), Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) along with certifications on the TRX Suspension Trainer, and Battling Ropes. Matt believes in having a strong mind, being able to laugh at yourself, and most importantly having fun and enjoying the ride that lies ahead.   
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10/10 Knowledgeable, supportive, and adaptable
By Michelle S / Lansdale, USA

Matt is a fantastic trainer and coach! I signed up for his live video personal training program after a 5 year exercising hiatus. Needless to say, I was nervous and did not want to fail. Matt was understanding and supportive of my goals. He helped me learn how to prioritize and balance my own health and fitness with the needs of my family. Matt introduced me to the wonderful world of kettlebells and I’ve progressed faster than I expected. Now I own a set of “mom” kettlebells at my house (I knew how strong I was when my son asked if those were my husband’s kettlebells!). Matt is knowledgeable, patient, and he makes the workouts fun. My training sessions with him fly by because I enjoy the workout and how I’m challenged physically and mentally. He’s adaptable on many levels (adjusting my workouts based on how I’m feeling, flexible with scheduling, etc). Matt comes with my highest recommendation.

10/10 Life Changing - I rate him 100
By J H / Silver Spring, USA

Little step by little step I’m making huge strides in changing my life. In August 2018 I started training in person with Matt and although I’d never touched a kettlebell before that day I quickly found “my thing.” I’m not an athlete; I’m not a runner; I’m a middle-aged mom with a job that has me sitting 10 hours a day. For some reason the kettlebells just clicked with me although I think the real thing that clicked was Matt. Matt’s supportive encouragement and excellent knowledge of physical training and nutrition have helped me become stronger, healthier and more mobile. His philosophy is so positive. He is personable, kind, funny and encouraging. I’ve tried joining gyms and “boot camp” programs over the last many, many years but I need a cheerleader not a drill sergeant in my corner. Matt keeps each training session focused and fun. When he broke the news after my first two months that he was moving I cried but I rallied, and I believed Matt when he said we could make this work by video chat. I joined a gym, put in my earbuds, set Matt up on a tripod and didn’t miss a beat. For the past year I owned that gym at 5AM every morning. I’ve never felt so strong and confident and in control. As of this week I’ve moved my “gym” to my den and I’ve invested in a kettlebell. When the world feels like it is spinning out of control the one thing, I can control is this. Now I’m working out at home and loving it. We have worked out in hotels and even on the beach and we have worked out through head colds, jammed fingers and currently a rotator cuff injury and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. And not one of those injuries was from our workouts. So about 18 months and two birthdays later I’ve lost 50 lbs. and 33 inches overall and I’m lean and strong. Now that I’m feeling healthier and stronger, I’m trying new activities like rock climbing, running, and hiking and I love that I’m discovering new adventures and feeling good about my health and my body.

10/10 Great Trainer, In Person and Virtual!
By Charlotte R / Silver Spring, USA

Four years ago, I started working out with Matt when he was based in Maryland. He worked with me on strength, mobility, and flexibility. I'm in my 60s and I lost 60 lbs feeling better than I had my whole life. Then Matt and his family decided to move to North Carolina. He offered to continue training me via video training, but I was skeptical. I tried two other studios nearby but wasn't happy with either one. In the end, I stuck with Matt and I'm so happy I did. Using a mini tripod for my phone, I haven't missed a beat! Matt is the entire package, workout routines, nutritional advise, and motivational advise. People half my age, men and women, comment on how strong I am. Matt is personable and professional and I highly recommend his services.

10/10 My Body Feels Stronger and "Younger!"
By Elaine Cunningham / Laurel, USA

I feel so fortunate to have Matt as my personal trainer. I am a busy working mom of two active children in my mid-40s and was searching for a new and effective fitness routine, considering my current knee sensitivities from previous injuries. From the first few moments that I worked with Matt, I immediately knew that he genuinely cared about my well-being and that he is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to helping people on their fitness journeys. Matt was so wonderful in patiently “troubleshooting” my knee issues and then offering stretching, massage, and exercise form techniques to help address my current knee pain, as well as prevent future knee pain. Matt was then able to customize different workouts to challenge me, while also working around my knee issues. The exercises he designed for me (combination of kettlebell, HIIT, and yoga) were fun, effective, and – most of all -- safe for my knees. He truly has knowledge, talent, and intuition in developing strategies to manage a long-standing ailment of mine. Because I had never touched a kettlebell before meeting Matt, he took extra care to ensure that my form and technique were correct to ensure a safe workout. Although I felt awkward with new moves, Matt’s encouragement and positive energy put me at ease and kept me motivated throughout each workout! But, not only did he teach me new exercise techniques and routines, he also corrected my form for exercises that I have previously done (and which aggravated my knees in the past). As a result, I can now confidently do exercises that I thought I could not do anymore due to my knee discomfort (e.g., squat jumps, lunges). In all honesty, he has helped my knees more than numerous hours of physical therapy. I am extremely grateful to Matt for making my body feel stronger and "younger" again! If you are looking for a trainer who is patient, kind, genuinely caring, and who would take the time and dedication to personalize a fitness routine to fit your unique needs, I cannot recommend Matt highly enough! He is truly an amazing trainer and an overall amazing individual!

10/10 Video Training for a Busy Working Mom
By Michelle Foti / Harrisburg, United States

Working out with Matt via video conference has changed my life. As a busy working mom, my health and fitness had taken a back seat for a long time and Matt met me where I was and has steadily helped advance my health, strength, flexibility and energy level. Matt designs efficient whole body workouts so I can stretch, get my workout in and cool down in 40 minutes. Video training with Matt provides the accountability I need to keep me coming back for workout after workout while Matt encourages me to push through the last few reps and constantly monitors and adjusts my technique to maximize results and avoid injury. Since working out with Matt, I don’t wake up in pain like I had for years, every move I make throughout the day is easier, my A1C came down to normal AND I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Matt’s positive energy and vast knowledge of health and wellness are unparalleled.

10/10 Amazing Trainer!
By Lucius Taylor / Washington, USA

Just to say that Matt is a great kettlebell instructor would do him a disservice. He is a life coach. Not only does he make sure your technique is correct when working with the kettlebell. He constantly makes sure that your nutrition is on point. That you are properly stretching after a workout and have had enough sleep. All of which is critical if you are serious about losing weight or becoming fit. The weekly measurements are a barometer of where you stand. This is where Matt is at his best. The scale and tape don't lie as he would say. Whether its good or bad. Matt always gives you the truth and a detail plan of attack to improve your fitness journey. So during my weekly weigh in and measurements. it was always up and down week to week. I was frustrated and Matt stuck with me offering encouragement. Plus a detailed plan on how i'm going to reach my goals. I'm diabetic so I've been following a diet provided to me by my Nutritionist that follows the ADA (American Diabetes Association). This Diet was also encouraged by most of my doctors. Matt saw that this was not working. My workouts were really good and I was sleeping great. So he figured it has to be the meals. So Matt laid out a meal plan that i would follow and scrap the ADA meal plan. While on the ADA meal plan my A1c was always between 8.0 and 9.5. After adopting Matt's meal plan and continuing with our workouts with the kettlebell. I began to feel really amazing my workouts got even better and my energy has greatly improved. After 4 months I lost 33lbs. and my A1c is 6.3. This why I would say Matt is more than an expert with the kettlebell. He is truly a lifecoach. Matt treats your mind, body and soul and if you follow his plan. You can definitely achieve your fitness/health goals with Matt as your trainer.

10/10 Me, a grandmom and an athlete?
By T. C. / Silver Spring, Montgomery

When I mentioned to my friend that I was ready to be more serious about my physical exercise routine and that I wanted to get a personal trainer, she said two words, “Matt Begansky.” And then she said, “Matt’s an amazing trainer and he cares!” She immediately emailed Matt and told him about my interest, and before the night’s end, Matt had emailed me back. Within the next couple of days I completed my paperwork and had my first training session the next week! That’s how much Matt cares about people and about their journeys to physical strength and holistic well-being. Even before meeting Matt, he sent me a video clip with his demos of stretches to try before my first class. The stretching is so important and Matt stresses that on “Day one”. Step by step, Matt provides instruction and watches carefully to ensure no injuries. Every routine and every repetition is planned based on the level of strength and agility that you bring with you, and with the vision that Matt has for helping you reach the goals that he knows you are capable of and interested in achieving. Matt is a certified kettlebell instructor and he expertly teaches students how to execute the kettlebell snatch and swings. He tracks individual progress and determines kettlebell weight adjustments for each class and for each routine within a class. He’s just that in tune with your personal and physical readiness and he cares! Matt doesn’t push beyond what you’re capable of doing, because safety and personal care come first. However, he keeps you motivated and you always want to improve and progress. After the warms ups of downward facing dog, pigeon stretches, squats and lunges during the first session, I was ready to try my hand at the ropes and kettlebells, modified push-ups and my personal favorite, (pure sarcasm, here…), the bear crawl, or walking across the floor on all fours – hands and feet. I personally have challenges with range of motion in my knees, but Matt provides alternative exercise routines and knee pads to make the exercises work for me. I never feel out of place or uncomfortable because of my age. This positive approach makes me forget my limitations and before I realize it, I’m doing the routines correctly. It’s a wonderful thing to see how, in just a short time, I’ve built enough core strength to stand up from sitting positions without holding onto a chair or something else for support, and how I’ve increased my flexibility enough that I no longer come down the steps sideways to avoid bending my knees. Matt’s energetic and positive engagement, coupled with cool points for having great upbeat music shuffling through the playlist during workouts, earns him an A+ as an instructor and great person. Every successful exercise rep is met with Matt’s high-fives and encouragement, and before you know it, you realize that you can do it! Even me, the nerdy but thankfully rhythmic, music loving grandmom, felt like a champion after only a couple of weeks of instruction and strength training. When Matt told me, “You’re an athlete! Athletes compete with themselves to get stronger and better, and that’s you!” I started to believe that I could do this! He sees you as a winner and he wants you to see yourself like that too. This is just the start of my physical strength-training journey. I am so happy to be on this path.

10/10 What are you waiting for!
By Mary Jane Zimmerman / Louisville, United States

Matt is prompt, knowledgeable, and he makes training fun. His workout space is clean, well lit and organized. Plus Stella watches over you. I was visiting the area and wanted to continue my Kettlebell routine while traveling. I found him and 2 other instructors on the internet. He was the only one who got back to me. In one short hour he taught me a lot! I was worried I wouldn't remember it all. No worries, he sends a follow up email with detailed instructions. Plus his rates are very reasonable. Don't miss out!

10/10 Superb Intructor from Novice to Expert
By GP Sinicropi / Silver Spring, United States

Am a novice/beginner. In 8 months, Matt has motivated me and seen dramatic progress in strength, endurance, and balance. Matt takes the time and effort to build a relationship that’s drives understanding, goal development and ultimately, results. I have always been apathetic to working out. With Matt, not only do I look forward to our workouts but they’re a healing magic. He’s tough, he thoughtfully pushes me forward and as a result, I’ve doubled my output. I recommend Matt to anyone who wants one on one done professionally, didactically, and methodically. He’s affable and attentive and easy to get along with at anytime. He’s consistent, dependable, flexible with heavy work schedules and always makes you feel at home. And Stella...she’s a treat and a motivator.

10/10 Great trainer, great training
By Isaac Shpilman / Silver Spring, U.S

I started working out with Matt when I was just 13 years old. I'm 15 now and I can really see how much progress I've made over the last 2 years. Matt is a nice, kind and open person who is always accepting of you and I would highly recommend his services.

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Matt Begansky