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10/10 You won’t find better.
By Nick Alexander / Silver Spring, US

I worked with Colin for about two years, and can vouch that he’s an outstanding instructor, with a particular gift for tailoring programs for individual athletes. From personal experience, he’s excellent with folks who are just starting out or who are returning to athletics after a long break. He’ll push, but understands that someone who’s in their 40s may need to approach things a bit differently than someone in their 20s.

That skill also makes Colin an amazing resource for people returning from injuries. During the two years I worked with Colin, I had two significant surgeries from injuries I incurred playing sports that had nothing to do with my training with Colin: a blown ACL and three fused vertebrae. Each time, Colin was a key component of my recovery –I was back at 100% significantly faster than I would have been had I not had the opportunity to draw on his expertise.

Bottom line? The man knows his stuff, and he’s a pleasure to work with. You won’t find better.

10/10 The Real Deal
By Jay Ferrari / Washington, DC, United States

Colin is an outstanding coach -- as articulate as he is physically capable. In the few months he's been working with some of the guys at Capital Jiu Jitsu in Takoma Park, the influence has been tremendous. He understands the goals of someone devoted to a physical pursuit and wants to enhance those goals through training. The programs are not meant to replace or overwhelm jiu jitsu training; they're meant to enhance performance and prevent injury. Huge distinction that he understood from day one.

10/10 Master Teacher
By Eli McGuigan / Chevy Chase, MD, USA

I have had the pleasure of watching Colin coach for the last year at CFSS. I go for the weightlifting club on tuesday nights and he almost always has an elements class in progress at the same time. Class after class, I see him gently coaxing hesitant new clients through movements that are new to most of them. He is patient and always tailors his approach to the individuals in front of him. Invariably, by the end of each session, all of the students are demonstrating the new skills competently, and they look and act more confident and athletic. Also, nothing gets past Colin, so even though I'm not in his class, if he catches me doing something with bad form (kb swing), a couple words from the master and I'm back in business again.

10/10 Above and beyond
By Ben Jack / Morgantown, WV, United States

I was desperate when I first met Colin three weeks ago. I had been in a lot of pain for nearly three years with a herniated disc, chronic shin splints, and a partially torn biceps. I wasn't sure that I would really ever be out of pain, let-alone lift weights again. I can honestly say, that I have experienced more relief in the past three weeks under Colin's coaching than I have from over a dozen medical professionals and well over a thousand dollars in copays. He did an extremely thorough assessment and told me things that I wasn't aware of, and things that I knew, but that the doctor's didn't care about.
Colin's human movement classes are absolutely eye-opening, and you leave feeling much better and more mobile than when you walked in. He manages to give you a great workout without smashing you, and while still constantly reinforcing good movement patterns. These classes should be taught in gyms everywhere instead of worthless ab classes and bootcamps.
Colin's instruction has been, and will continue to be hugely beneficial to me both as a student, and in my professional career. I am an exercise physiology student now, and hope to be admitted into Osteopathic Medical School next fall. His knowledge of both fields is much deeper than my own, and I can see myself implementing what he has taught me with my future patients.
While I still have a lot of hard work in front of me, I am confident that Colin will help me get my strength and my life back. All in all, Colin is the most helpful, intelligent, and genuine person I have met in either exercise or medicine and that is why I drive over 3.5 hours (each way) every week to seek his help.

10/10 Colin gets the best out of you.
By Eric Hartsock / Maryland, USA

The best trainer isn't the one who yells the loudest or pushes the hardest. He or she is the one who gets the best out of you. Colin is that trainer who sees the potential in people that they don't see in themselves. Even though he is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable trainers I've ever worked with, Colin approaches every session with humility, enthusiasm and respect. He has a great ability to teach the "why" without letting you over-think things. Pretty soon, you're doing things you didn't think you could and leaving with more strength, power and confidence that when you came in.

8/10 Encouraging instructor with fundamentals focus
By Kayden H / Washington DC, USA

Colin is passionate about his craft and knowledgable about the science underlying his routines. He also knows how to instruct and encourage his clients: he brings humor and a positive attitude to training sessions while maintaining a "let's get long-term results" environment. As a regular client of top-tier Equinox trainers in NY/LA, I'm confident saying Colin is on par with the industry's best, most well-trained fitness instructors.

10/10 Excellent strength coach
By Jerrod Bevan / Bethesda, MD, US

I had Colin as an instructor at American University. He is clearly very knowledgable in the fields of exercise science and biomechanics, and he is very good at communicating that information to his students. Most importantly, I feel like I left his class with a sustainable program which I can maintain and improve upon for years to come. I highly recommend Colin to anyone who wants to improve themselves physically.

10/10 Patient and Instructive
By Nadrina Nada / Washington, D.C, USA

Colin was a highly knowledgeable and patient instructor. He answered every question I could ever have and as I'm still amateur, definitely gave me a foundation to start strength training on my own. I'm a very impatient and disorganized person and he kept up with me and reminded me constantly of how integral patience and consistence is in getting stronger. He clearly has the strength, ability, and expertise to train any level of experience, I feel blessed I was able to weight train with him as an amateur and wish I could take a class with him again

10/10 Great Freeweight Instructor, & Great Trainer
By Brad Williamson / Washington, DC, USA

I had the pleasure of learning to perfect 4 crucial workouts with Colin Cooley at American University. The bench press was already my strongest workout maxing at about 245, but thanks to Mr. Cooley, I boosted it to 260. I had never really done the other three, the front squat, overhead press, and deadlift, but I have learned to use these exercises to better my physical ability and now I max at 405 for the deadlift, 155 for the overhead press, and 250 for the front squat. Cooley is an expert at teaching form in all of these workouts and his partner system used in class greatly motivated my partner and I to push each other to do better every time. Along with knowing his trade, Cooley also communicates well with his students and converses with them and makes them feel comfortable about being in the class. Highly recommended and I plan on showing up to more of his classes next year. Thanks a lot, Colin!

10/10 Coach Cooley
By Tisa McRae / Washington, DC, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Colin several years ago when he accepted a position as the Director of Dept of Labor's Fitness Association (DOLFA). Colin is an excellent instructor and personal trainer. His workouts differed and stood out from other instructors. His workouts would sometimes consist of 20 - 30 mins of intensity which would be all you needed to get the results you wanted. I loved his one on one training sessions. He was always so patient and understanding of his clients. He would always say that I will never have you do anything that I am not willing to do myself. Missing him still.

10/10 Great Coach for the Little Guy
By Matthew Decker / Washington, DC, USA

I recently took one of Colin's weight training courses at American University. I'm not the biggest guy--5'7", 140 1bs.--and I always get a little nervous about taking weight training classes with other people. Luckily, my class wasn't overly buff or athletic, so I didn't feel too out of place. However, Colin's ability to work with you on an individual level is the real game-changer. Colin likes to get to know you as an athlete and a person, and his personality and constructive feedback make it that much easier to ask for help or advice. He's also great about going off-book so to speak. If you aren't interested in putting up 300 lbs. on the bench press, he will help you find another equally effective workout to push yourself with. I can't recommend my experience enough!

10/10 A Cut Above
By Charles C / Bethesda, USA

Because Colin is not the best at self promotion, I will promote him with this headline: A Cut Above. As a trainer and coach, Colin is a cut above because he does the little things like educating his clients and students and challenging them by focusing on improving the fundamentals. His system and approach is enlightening and refreshing.

10/10 The Best. Hands Down.
By Monica G / Silver Spring, USA

Colin is the best trainer I have ever worked with and I have worked with a few. If you are in the Silver Spring or Bethesda MD don't waste your time with any one else.

10/10 More than a trainer
By Ana G / Silver Spring, USA

Colin does more than count reps, times or beat down his clients. He builds them up by teaching how to move properly. I highly recommend his services if you are in the Silver Spring/Bethesda MD Area.

10/10 Such A Great Instructor
By Micah Parsons / Washington D.C., United States

His class is challenging and fun simultaneously. I don't think many exercise classes have people laughing and smiling between workouts. Also, when we begin a routine he doesn't just tell us which muscles will be working; he explains how they will work together. I trust his knowledge and experience, and I plan on continuing with the great exercises he has taught us because I see their effectiveness.

10/10 Dedicated to success
By Blake Kaplan / North Bethesda, USA

I've worked and coached with Colin in the past and he is one of the most dedicated individuals I know. His knowledge, ability to adapt, work ethic, and desire to continue learning are unparalleled. If you want to reach your goals and take yourself to the next level, then Colin is your man.

10/10 Excellent Coach
By Josh Dempsey / Silver Spring, USA

Colin is an extremely knowledge coach, who is not only experienced, but has expertise in a wide variety of strength and conditioning disciplines. He practices what he preaches, and will help you reach your goals through smart training and lifestyle management that is practical, not theoretical. Couple this with a passion for continued education and learning, and you've got the makings of true S&C professional.

10/10 Adapts to all levels
By James Hovious / District of Columbia, USA

Coach Cooley is a great instructor. In our class he gives us specific goals and techniques based on our unique features and build. After a long time of stagnant growth at the gym I have increased my strength in this semester. He's a great instructor-highly recommended.

10/10 Usable Strength
By Zachary Lancet / Washington DC, USA

Colin not only works works with students to improve stability, control, strength, and flexibility, he also focuses on usable strength. I have seen a vast improvement in my strength and conditioning through practical techniques and endurance training.

10/10 Excellence
By Max Dornbush / Washington, DC, USA

Colin is knowledgeable, affable, and capable. My strength, flexibility, form, focus and coordination all improved dramatically under his instruction. It was a pleasure to have him as my trainer.

10/10 Weight Training at American U.
By Ali Z / Washington, DC, United States of America

Colin is one of the most incredible instructors I've ever worked with. Having been a competitive varsity rower for four years prior to college, I knew the importance of fitness and training. However, I spent a lot less time at the gym during college and needed to get back on track. Colin has made that possible. He takes the time to analyze the needs of each of the students. While all of us have different abilities, Colin has been able to individually help each student in the class. I look at weight training in a whole new light now. I am beginning to understand the importance of well-rounded training and not just running on the treadmill every day. Colin is great, and I highly recommend taking his class or contacting him if you are interested in making healthy changes to your diet and exercise programs.

10/10 Prof. Colin
By Brianna Hurley / Washington, DC, United States

I was a student of Colin's at American University for a weight training class. He was excellent at working with us and teaching us the proper techniques for using weights. After about a month of participating in his class I noticed remarkable results and lost an acceptable amount of body fat. Also, with the nature of my job as a Building Manager, I noticed a great increase in my physical strength. Colin is an all around agreeable professor. It was a pleasure to be in his class.

10/10 Great Teacher
By Lindsey Lankford / Washington, DC, USA

He was my Weight Training professor at American University. I knew nothing about weight training when I started - I just took the course b/c I needed two extra credits that semester - but I learned quite a bit from the class, and he was great at working with students of all skill levels. I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed weight training by the time the course was over. Highly recommend!

10/10 Excellent Teacher/Coach
By Diana Fernholz / Washington, DC, United States

Colin is an excellent and supportive trainer. Despite taking his Total Body Conditioning course with very little previous experience, Colin has made me feel comfortable and capable through out the class. He keeps the workouts varied and fun, which keeps me interested and excited to challenge my body in new ways.

10/10 Balanced and Accommodating
By Noah NG / Washington DC, USA

Colin is the instructor of my Total Body Conditioning class and am very impressed with the work we've been doing in it. He encourages a balanced fitness routine and mixing up people's normal ideas of fitness by working muscle groups we usually don't. He stresses mobility strength and stability and endurance. The class is consists of people of every degree of fitness, yet the workouts and modifications challenge individuals at any level. As a rugby player, I feel this class and that which I have learned in it will significantly contribute to preventing injuries that cut time from my season. His routine is easy to remember, varied, and effective.

10/10 Dynamic
By Nate Seeskin / Saint Louis, USA

I am taking a class with Colin and I find that he is always very helpful with the advice that he gives. He is very patient with the unique needs of all students and I find that I have been making great progress with the program he has us on. Anyone can learn something from the style in which Coach Cooley runs the weight training class.

10/10 Teaching/Coaching Style
By Devon Swift / Washington, DC, America

Colin trains for functionality. His workouts not only make you look and feel great, but he also structures them so that you are utilizing all muscles as skill sets. The strength you gain in working with him is the kind that helps you throughout your life. I personally have become a better athlete through his education and physical instruction. Colin trains me to respond to my environment so that my body is learning more than linear/static motions, and in that regard, incorporating his class into my routine has helped me immeasurably within my sport.

10/10 Outstanding Instructor
By Satchel Kornfeld / Washington DC, U.S.A.

I found Colin to be very helpful. He is both a fun and professional instructor; exactly what you need in any fitness class. One of his greatest strengths is adapting to the participants needs as they arise. Ask him about healthy eating, and you will not regret it.

10/10 Excellent Trainer and teacher!
By Carlie Huberman / Washington, DC, USA

Colin Cooley is an excellent trainer and teacher. He is the professor for the Principles and Techniques of Weight Lifting at American University and he helps us to learn correct lifting techniques. He is an great coach and pays attention to each of us individually. I highly recommend him, I have learned a lot from his class!

10/10 Outstanding
By Bill Reed / Kensington, MD, USA

I am a high school teacher/coach and have had Colin come out to work with my soccer team on a number of occasions. Regardless of how many different body types, ability levels or strength levels exists within our group, Colin figures it out and delivers a quality product. His interpersonal skills are excellent and he connects easily with eithe large groups or individuals. I ALWAYS learn something whenever I interact with him. He is experienced, professional, passionate about what he does, and highly approachable and his knowledge base is thorough. I've worked with a few and he's as good as they come.

10/10 Great Coach
By Colin Quay / Germantown, USA

Besides having a great name, Colin is a fantastic coach and trainer. I am glad to have him in my professional network and have the utmost confidence in his ability to help his clients achieve their fitness and performance goals.

10/10 Easy Choice.
By Dave Taylor / Bethesda, Maryland, USA

I've worked along side Colin for 6 months now and I would recommend him to everyone. Knowledgable and experienced he is the man to go to if you have injuries or issues which have not been resolved for some time. I have consulted with Colin about my own clients and trust his abilities completely.

10/10 Change Your Workout, Change Your Life
By Jude and Nattie Marston / Potomac, USA

My daughter initially saw Colin for help with a knee injury. After 2 years of not being able to run, Colin's expertise in corrective exercise, yoga, and functional movement enabled her to run once again. As a personal trainer, she then wanted to learn to work with kettlebells and I decided to join her. I must say, as I approach 60, I feel stronger and more fit than I have in years because of the workouts with Colin. Even my tennis stroke has more power because of the full-body aspect of these exercises. Colin is mindful of proper form as he walks us through each movement, all the while challenging us beyond what we think is really possible. If you want a workout program that will change your life, Colin is the guy.

10/10 The Man!
By Evan Winston / Bethesda, MD

I had never even heard of kettlebells and a buddy referred me to Colin. I took to them quickly and stuck with Colin who offered me an efficient and great teaching 10 session plan. We then worked together on occassion and I still use so many of the techniques and his teachings. What a great person and instructor...amazing engery and super qualified. He introduced me to kettlebells and I would recommend him to anyone I know that wants a serious workout and wants to be challenged hard.

10/10 Spoiled for life.......
By Valerie Grace / Chevy Chase, USA

Colin has spoiled me and my teenage daughter for life. Colin helped me regain physical strength I thought I had lost decades ago. My teenage daughter was in severe neck and back pain which Colin was able to relieve where countless others had failed. No one can match his compassion, knowledge and skill, not to mention his terrific personality.

10/10 Goes the Extra Mile
By Tal Alter / Washington, DC, USA

I met Colin toward the tail end of a five month stint with a physical therapist to heal a abdominal/groin muscle tear. I was demoralized - unable to be active without pain that entire time. Colin asked questions and he listened. Before putting a plan in place, he got to know me and then took a multifaceted approach to my healing process, equal parts mental and physical, with a diversity of exercises focused on functional movement and goal-setting predicated upon activity such as playing basketball and throwing without pain. It was not easy at first, and my body took a while to respond to the new movements. When I was in pain, Colin went above and beyond to check in and offer his help. After nearly five months, the results are obvious, and I feel almost addicted to our workouts. Most importantly, I am more fit at 35 than I was at 25, and I feel like I have a plan to stay that way.

10/10 Passionate and Knowledgeable
By Greg Parkington / Baltimore, USA

It was a great pleasure working with Colin, he's one of the most passionate folks I've worked with, and there's been several. He has a unique way of imparting knowledge such that the listener can understand it regardless of their perspective. Much appreciated his time and dedication, and I'm sure anyone would agree after working with him.

10/10 He Walks the Talk...
By Helder Gomes / CRANFORD, USA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Colin for a few years. He has assisted me in the past both as a peer and as a trainer. His insight into fitness will guide anyone to their goals in the most efficient manner. If you have the opportunity to train with Colin, consider it a blessing and jump on it while you still can. Colin is in a league of his own and is extremely sought after in his field. I consider myself fortunate whenever I get the chance to learn from Colin. I'm quite sure that if you get the chance to learn from his experience, you will feel the same.

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