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10/10 Made me a believer
By Andrew Wong / San Francisco, USA

I was always skeptical of kettle bells until it was introduced by Sifu Victor.  With the vast knowledge and encouragement from him, within a short period of time, I noticed the difference in my strength and the appearance.  I was fortunate enough to have experienced both the group and remote sessions.  Focusing on proper form, consistency and the support provided by Sifu Victor is encouraging enough to keep me motivated through the process.  So, if you are looking for an experience that combines both effectiveness and longevity, you just found the right place.

10/10 Time to meet your best self.
By Albert Paris / Philadelphia, USA

My Sifu Victor Chung introduced me to the martial arts 28 years ago and kettlebell training 7 months ago. Victor is an intuitive expert in developing training modalities customized to each individual’s needs. He does not judge but measures and supports. The regiment that he has brought me through has enhanced every aspect of my life at 63 years of age. My strength, stamina, endurance, weight control and mindset has been noticeably enhanced. My sleep patterns have improved and I’ve witnessed a healthy drop in blood sugar. Victor truly embodies his passion for individual mastery. A particular aspect of his kettlebell training circuits are the explosive strength and dynamic endurance that they promote. Custom exercises varying weight, time intervals, one and two handed swings, squats, lunges and get ups develop balance, flexibility, core strength, ligament, fascia, muscle and cardiovascular enrichment. You will receive an attentive and results focused fitness/wellness program to grow your body, mind and spirit. To truly flourish I suggest a certified trainer that is both empathic of your personal qualities and aware of your unique goals. A trainer not to make you in their image but you at your best. If there’s anything that we learn from successful mentoring it’s that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In Victor’s case it’s the Best teacher will appear. Contact him today for a discovery consultation, your best self awaits you.

10/10 Inspiring teacher
By Kelly Miyashiro / San Francisco, United States

I started training with kettlebells and Sifu Victor about two years ago. After only 6 months I started getting unsolicited comments from friends and family on how I seemed much stronger. His workouts focus on form, efficiency, and functional strength. I noticed everyday tasks were much easier, like carrying heavy groceries home or climbing stairs. Some other tasks became possible, like carrying a ~100lbs package with a wooden bedframe into my apartment by myself (without injury). I learned not just from what he says, but also what he does. Sifu Victor is dedicated and consistent in his training and learning, seeing his example and progress inspires me to train better.

10/10 Deep knowledge of body mechanics and proper form
By H N / San Francisco, USA

Sifu Victor's multiple decades of experience in martial arts and fitness instruction mean that he is very well versed in body mechanics and proper form. I've been studying martial arts and fitness from him for over three years and after doing kettle bell exercises with him, I feel strong and healthy. He is quick to point out issues with form, so I never worry that I might hurt myself, and he is great at motivating students to continue without pushing overly hard.

10/10 Excellent Trainer and Mentor
By Andrew Ha / Sacramento, USA

I started my martial art and kettlebell training with Sifu Victor since 2019. I had learned so much about the kettlebell from Sifu Victor. I have been training years in the gym for bodybuilding, but never once knew that the kettlebell training will provide such good strength and muscles to the body. I was able to keep my physical training going by training with Sifu Victor with the kettlebell routine he developed for the class. I have benefited so much from Sifu Victor’s knowledge and skill of the kettlebell training.

10/10 Knowledge, passion and discipline
By Ralph Xiu / San Francisco, USA

Sifu Victor has instilled also much knowledge in martial art and fitness through his teaching over the past two years and I am still learning more and more each time I train with him. He is easily one of the most disciplined and passionate person in terms of training and his passion and discipline influence those around him. The idea of incorporating kettlebells into Kung Fu training is brilliant and Sifu has implemented a great program in our martial art school. All the students benefited from it.

10/10 Wealth of Knowledge
By Ron Keith / San Francisco, USA

Since Sifu Victor has been a martial artist and teacher for well over twenty years he brings a vast knowledge of the body and experience in teaching that truly touches people in all walks of life. Through his instruction he has helped me transform my body and kept it feeling young. He is an awesome teacher and keeps workouts fun while still being intense.

10/10 From skeptic to believer
By Phillip Pang / Belmont, Usa

When I was first introduced to Kettlebell by Victor, I was skeptical as I always been using standard weight bench and full size equipment. My thought was Like this can only compliment to my existing workout. I couldn’t be any more wrong. Right now I can see my overall body become much stronger than before and result could not lied. My wife noticed my body changes and also decided to do the sane and she also like her result. But I would said I wouldn’t be able to achieve this results if just merely follow YouTube video; I honestly I would had given up after the first few days. Victor basically pave the way and show us the right way to do it. He provideS guidance for proper warm up and correct body movement to safe guard our body. Also he setup the weekly routine just right for us that is both challenging and achievable. The routines are constantly changing so keep our body not to be complacent. Additionally he is constantly providing us feedback, recording our movements so we can review ourselves, and encourage us to learn on our own. He always available to listen to our questions and provide suggestions/idea. Summary: He is not just an example of what KettleBell can enhance our body to its top form, but he nurtures us so we can achieve the same. The later part is important to me. So if you are looking to start or already involved but got stuck, I guarantee Victor will help you make progress.

10/10 Learned a lot and body transform.
By Qiaosi Chen / San Francisco, United States

i started martial and kettlebell training with Sifu Victor since March, 2018. It's more than two years and half, thanks to the Kettlebell training, I got more strength and muscles. Great improvement on weights and also transformation of body. Training with Sifu Victor is great, he is very knowledgeable, patient. The training is fun, intense but not stressful.

10/10 High depth of knowledge and excellent teacher
By Matthew Weser / Sam Francisco, USA

Victor demonstrates expertise with his instruction, and does not hesitate to help train people of all skill levels. He sets a high bar for training, focusing on perfecting small details, but balances this with being supportive and patient.

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