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Mark Lawson


Los Angeles, CA
United States 90019
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
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10/10 Fun, Friendly & Functional! My wife and I had a bl
By Mark Dhamma / Los Angeles, USA

My wife and I hired Mark to train us in the proper technique and form with the kettlebells. Mark is a great guy and made us both feel very comfortable. He took us through many workouts that were very effective in helping us lose fat, build muscle and strengthen our core and glutes! I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to know how to use kettlebells the most effective way or who just wants an effective workout from a great trainer. Thanks Mark!

10/10 Green Light Beast
By John Butler / Los Angeles, USA

I started training with Mark about a year ago, because I wanted to get back in shape and get out of the boring gym. He is one of the most reliable, trustworthy, challenging, and fun trainers I have ever had. He makes kettle bells exciting, and we have never done the same workout twice. He makes everything so incredibly digestible, and is more concerned with your understanding how to take what you learn from him and applying it to your daily workouts than he is about adding more sessions. If you are looking for something that meets your training needs and your lifestyle, this is your guy. He’s just the &$@t. Awesome human and brilliant coach.

10/10 Lawson the Barbarian
By J M / West Hollywood, USA

Mark is just a beast. Master of holistic kettle bell-based training, his workouts blend together a number of moves emphasizing use of body weight and promoting strength. He pushes you to make gains and overcome workout humps by keeping routines challenging and fresh. I have made in getting stronger and gaining Most importantly, his priorities are listening to your goals and always keeping your form safe. Best of all he is reliable, accommodating, and a really nice guy (funny too!).

10/10 Informed and Inspiring Trainer!
By Emily DePauw / Los Angeles, United States

I started working with Mark in January with the plan of doing 4 weeks to get me back on track with my strength training. Then I committed to another 4 weeks. Here we are 9 months later and I am still doing it because I see the value! I've gotten significantly fitter and stronger. Mark challenges and pushes me. He is encouraging and listens, and is engaged throughout the entire session (which is hard to find). As a corrective exercise therapist myself, I really appreciate meeting like-minded, informed, actively curious trainers who are willing to stretch their education to better serve their clients. Mark is one of the few (also quite handsome), and for that, I remain a happy, raving fan!

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