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Kristy Agan


Phone: 706-346-4289
Rome, GA
United States 30165
10 out of 10 (41 reviews)
 Kristy grew up very differently than most people. Spending most of her childhood living aboard a sailboat called Moon Dragon, she grew up learning a variety of cultures and experienced some amazing adventures. Growing up in this way allowed her the opportunity to make friends wherever she went and how to communicate with people of all ages and nationalities. As a child, she loved sports. Softball and tennis were two sports she excelled in, but when she couldn’t play those because of traveling, she loved windsurfing and scuba diving. Kristy excelled in several sports in high school; however, she chose the academic route in college. During her college years, Kristy’s love for fitness also grew. But it wasn’t until the birth of her first child at the age of 27 that she realized her desire to pursue fitness as a career and not just a part time gig. Kristy began her career as a group fitness instructor certified though AFAA in order to get her foot in the door at local gyms and gain some experience. Her talents were recognized by a competing gym where she was hired to train bootcamps, kettlebells, kickboxing and TRX. She quickly discovered her passion….kettlebells. Kristy self- taught her way into the kettlebell world where she eventually earned her HKC, RKC, and RKCII. Kristy is also a certified personal trainer though the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and TRX qualified. This mother of two maintains a large following of faithful clients in Rome, GA where she owns and operates KA Athletics.
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10/10 Great HKC Event
By Victor Lewis / Sugar Hill, United States

I thoroughly enjoyed the HKC Certification event on April 24 in Rome, GA. Kristy was very knowledgeable and professional in her approach to teaching the 3 foundational movements (2 hand swings, goblet squat, and Get Up) of Kettlebell training. I learned so much more about performing these movements as well as how to help others better master each of these movements. I am seriously considering training for and attending an RKC Certification in the near future.

10/10 Great teacher
By Frank Burnette / Franklin, United States

I attended an HKC certification class with Kristy in Rome, Georgia on 24 April 2021. She was personable, professional and patient. She was enthusiastic and offered detailed instruction on the three primary exercises (Swing, Goblet Squat, Get up) important to a student being successful. She and another instructor, Donna Martin, provided any help students needed to get better. I would recommend to anyone that a class with Kristy is worth the time and effort. She is an excellent teacher. As someone who has taught physical education for nearly 40 years in the public schools, I feel confident that I can identify a good teacher when I see one.

10/10 Very Knowledgeable and Awesome Instructor
By Brandon Cook / Cary, United States

I took the Hardstyle Kettlebell Workshop with Kristy at her Gym in Rome, GA. She has an awesome gym and is a very knowledgeable and skilled instructor. I highly recommend her. I have over 20 years of fitness training experience, am a certified nutritionist and corrective exercise specialist. I also have 12 years of martial arts training. Additionally, I've been training with kettlebells on my own for a few years, reading the DD books and DVD's offered. Even so, with Kristy's acumen and years of coaching experience, she offered me deeper insights and training tips to further refine my KB Swing, get-up and goblet squat that I could put into practice immediately. She is a very competent instructor and she pushed me to swing heavier bells than I thought I could. I was even able to swing her 132lb S.O.B. kettlebell a couple times. Overall she is an awesome trainer and a great person to work with. I would definitely train at KA Athletics if I live near or in Rome, GA.

10/10 Great Coach
By Matt Anderson / Blythewood, USA

I recently attended the HKC course, which was held at Kristy's gym in Rome, GA. I highly recommend her gym, and her coaching. She has a very good coach's eye, and gave me cues that I continue to use in the goblet squat, swing and turkish get up. She was able to work around a chronic shoulder problem that I have, and my swings had a great deal more power after working with her. The TGU improvement was great, as well, as I felt very stiff during this lift. After working with Kristy, my form was much smoother, and I am enjoying my training. Again, I highly recommend working with Kristy.

10/10 Amazing Trainer- Motivating- Protector
By Jennifer Hillegas / Rome, United States

Kristy is like a Hawk making sure that everyone is doing what they should to stay safe and not get injured! I have trained with others that didn’t even know that what they were asking the class to do would cause injuries! Kristy goes way above and beyond to demonstrate effective ways of using kettle bells to actually rehab the body from old injuries and prevent new ones! Her HKC class is wonderful the knowledge I gained has made me even more excited to help start training clients and letting them earn their true potential. After this class with Kristy I definitely have the confidence I need to lead guide and protect my clients.

10/10 Safety First
By Lauren Brewster / Rome, United States

I have known Kristy for many years and what I love most about her is her attention to safety. I am a runner in my mid forties. I was looking for a trainer to guide me through tough workouts while paying close attention to form, so that I do not injure myself in her gym. Kristy provides exactly that! I feel strong and safe under her guidance. If you are looking for a trainer to push you to be your best while taking great care of you in the process, Kristy Agan is the one for you!

10/10 Worth it!
By Courtni Webb / Rome, USA

I have been training with Kristy for over a year. Kristy is very good at what she does, which is getting the most out of her clients safely. I had never used a kettlebell before working out with Kristy. She made sure that I knew and could execute the fundamentals before moving on to more complex movements. While I am pushed every time I go to the gym, I never feel like I am doing something that will get me hurt. She is also very good at modifying exercises for people with limitations or injuries. I broke my toe (at home) and still got to come in and get in a good workout while allowing my toe to heal. I am also getting stronger. In addition to lifting heavier weights, my distances on the golf course have increased as well. I would recommend Kristy to anyone who wants to get stronger and feel better safely.

10/10 Jenny Burch
By Jenny Burch / Cedartown, Ga, USA

I have been training with Kristy on and off since 2015 (off being my fault). I currently live 30 minutes from her gym and do online training with some in person sessions to work on form and technique. When I started with her I was completely new to kettlebells and didn’t know a thing. She was very patient and made sure I understand proper technique and how important it was before we did a swing. I have come such a long ways over the years! She is truly an awesome trainer and inspiration. Her being a mom and average day to day person helps too because she gets the mom struggles! Rome, GA doesn’t know how lucky they are to have her here’

10/10 Kristi Agan - Highest recommendation I can give
By Gaines Dempsey / Rome, USA

I first started working out with Kristi after I turned 40. She helped me make some changes in my physical life that need to be made. After about a year, I underwent a major surgery that was the result of an old sports injury. Kristi was a huge help in my recovery. I now feel like I’m in a better place physically than I was 10 years ago. I enjoy my time in her gym. It’s very nonthreatening and is actually something that I very much look forward to three times a week. I can’t recommend Kristy as a trainer enough.

10/10 Best trainer I’ve ever worked with
By Shann Maddox / Rome, United States

Kristy is exceptional as a kettlebell fitness trainer. She’s truly the best fitness professional I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve worked with many). Kristy not only knows her stuff, she makes it her priority to ensure you’re working out safely for your level of fitness. This includes alternative and moderated exercises for those recovering from injury or those who’re are just starting their fitness journey. I absolutely love the familial and super encouraging atmosphere at KA Athletics. It’s the closest gym family I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I highly recommend Kristy to anyone looking to get in the best physical shape of his or her life. It’s worth the investment.

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Kristy Agan - RKC