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Kristy Agan


Phone: 706-346-4289
Rome, GA
United States 30165
10 out of 10 (36 reviews)
 Kristy grew up very differently than most people. Spending most of her childhood living aboard a sailboat called Moon Dragon, she grew up learning a variety of cultures and experienced some amazing adventures. Growing up in this way allowed her the opportunity to make friends wherever she went and how to communicate with people of all ages and nationalities. As a child, she loved sports. Softball and tennis were two sports she excelled in, but when she couldn’t play those because of traveling, she loved windsurfing and scuba diving. Kristy excelled in several sports in high school; however, she chose the academic route in college. During her college years, Kristy’s love for fitness also grew. But it wasn’t until the birth of her first child at the age of 27 that she realized her desire to pursue fitness as a career and not just a part time gig. Kristy began her career as a group fitness instructor certified though AFAA in order to get her foot in the door at local gyms and gain some experience. Her talents were recognized by a competing gym where she was hired to train bootcamps, kettlebells, kickboxing and TRX. She quickly discovered her passion….kettlebells. Kristy self- taught her way into the kettlebell world where she eventually earned her HKC, RKC, and RKCII. Kristy is also a certified personal trainer though the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and TRX qualified. This mother of two maintains a large following of faithful clients in Rome, GA where she owns and operates KA Athletics.
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10/10 Safety First
By Lauren Brewster / Rome, United States

I have known Kristy for many years and what I love most about her is her attention to safety. I am a runner in my mid forties. I was looking for a trainer to guide me through tough workouts while paying close attention to form, so that I do not injure myself in her gym. Kristy provides exactly that! I feel strong and safe under her guidance. If you are looking for a trainer to push you to be your best while taking great care of you in the process, Kristy Agan is the one for you!

10/10 Worth it!
By Courtni Webb / Rome, USA

I have been training with Kristy for over a year. Kristy is very good at what she does, which is getting the most out of her clients safely. I had never used a kettlebell before working out with Kristy. She made sure that I knew and could execute the fundamentals before moving on to more complex movements. While I am pushed every time I go to the gym, I never feel like I am doing something that will get me hurt. She is also very good at modifying exercises for people with limitations or injuries. I broke my toe (at home) and still got to come in and get in a good workout while allowing my toe to heal. I am also getting stronger. In addition to lifting heavier weights, my distances on the golf course have increased as well. I would recommend Kristy to anyone who wants to get stronger and feel better safely.

10/10 Jenny Burch
By Jenny Burch / Cedartown, Ga, USA

I have been training with Kristy on and off since 2015 (off being my fault). I currently live 30 minutes from her gym and do online training with some in person sessions to work on form and technique. When I started with her I was completely new to kettlebells and didn’t know a thing. She was very patient and made sure I understand proper technique and how important it was before we did a swing. I have come such a long ways over the years! She is truly an awesome trainer and inspiration. Her being a mom and average day to day person helps too because she gets the mom struggles! Rome, GA doesn’t know how lucky they are to have her here’

10/10 Kristi Agan - Highest recommendation I can give
By Gaines Dempsey / Rome, USA

I first started working out with Kristi after I turned 40. She helped me make some changes in my physical life that need to be made. After about a year, I underwent a major surgery that was the result of an old sports injury. Kristi was a huge help in my recovery. I now feel like I’m in a better place physically than I was 10 years ago. I enjoy my time in her gym. It’s very nonthreatening and is actually something that I very much look forward to three times a week. I can’t recommend Kristy as a trainer enough.

10/10 Best trainer I’ve ever worked with
By Shann Maddox / Rome, United States

Kristy is exceptional as a kettlebell fitness trainer. She’s truly the best fitness professional I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve worked with many). Kristy not only knows her stuff, she makes it her priority to ensure you’re working out safely for your level of fitness. This includes alternative and moderated exercises for those recovering from injury or those who’re are just starting their fitness journey. I absolutely love the familial and super encouraging atmosphere at KA Athletics. It’s the closest gym family I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I highly recommend Kristy to anyone looking to get in the best physical shape of his or her life. It’s worth the investment.

10/10 Best Trainer Ever!!!!
By Cailin Hughes / Rome, United States

I’ve been working out with Kristy since July, and honestly I didn’t think I would ever have time to go. But every time I go, Kristy pushes me to be the best I can be! She never stops believing in any of her clients and that is what keeps me going! There are some days where I just need that extra push, and she is always there! I would recommend Kristy 100%. I absolutely love her, inside and out! She is amazing! And even though I still have a long way to go, I know she can help me get there! ?? Thank you for all you do Kristy!

10/10 Best Decision!!
By Rmily Ayer / Rome, US

Training with Kristy is truly one of the best decision I have ever made for myself and my family. Because of her help, I am a much happier, healthier, stronger person. Since training with Kristy, I have gained more strength than I thought possible. Kristy has coached me through a major posture correction thus correcting my form in many things. Honestly, I have worked with other trainers on the same things and I have never seen the amazing results that I have achieved with Kristy.

10/10 Best.Trainer.Ever!
By Jenn Morash / Rome, Floyd

If I could give Kristy Agan 20 stars, then I would. When I say she is the best trainer, that is not an understatement. Kristy is beyond knowledgeable, and she cares very deeply for each and every person who steps inside her gym doors. Working out with Kristy is not only about your physical fitness goals, but your mental health as well. When I first started training with Kristy, roughly 5 years ago, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about working out and what healthy meant; being a certain weight and working toward a certain number on a scale. Not only was I wrong, but looking back, I am so happy I was wrong and found Kristy. She has pushed me to become stronger, both physically and mentally, and has helped me to focus on my strength, and not a ridiculous number on a scale. Strong is the new sexy. Period. I have definition and strength, I’m physically healthy, and my mental health (even during a pandemic) is at its best. Kristy provides at home workouts for those of us still concerned with covid19, and also gives us tips and tricks on keeping ourselves healthy. Her positive outlook is infectious, the family environment she has created for her name and gym is amazing, and the overall experience and quality with having her as my trainer has been such a gift.

10/10 Kristy Agan- highly recommend!
By Jaclyn Giles / Rome, USA

Most people work with a trainer to lose weight and become more active. I actually had an issue with over exercising and not fueling my body appropriately when I came to Kristy in February 2016. Watching and learning from her made me admire strength not thinness. She teaches that it's ok to have that bacon or pizza, but first you've got to work for it. I've worked out for years, but since working with Kristy I can honestly say that I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. She teaches how you should lift and exercise to avoid injury and I see muscles in places that I thought was impossible. You will be sore, but never once have I ever been injured while working with her. When she says "stronger ever day" it's the truth. I'm learning to be proud of my body for the strength it shows in getting me through her killer workouts that keep you coming back for more. Each session is different and it amazes me the mixture of exercises and sets that she creates. Every morning is a surprise (sometimes good and sometimes bad) as to what you're walking into. Whatever the method to her madness works quite nicely and to say the least, I'm hooked!

10/10 Piece of Cake :)
By Kim Bussey / Cedartown, USA

I began training with Kristy in October. Every single morning I am challenged to do things I never thought that my body was capable of doing. Kristy always says "piece of cake" when talking about any exercise. It is definitely not a piece of cake, but that phrases makes me know that she believes in us. Because she believes in me, I am able to believe in myself and push myself harder than I ever have. I have loved training with Kristy and she has changed my life. I feel better about myself and am proud of my body transformation. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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Kristy Agan - RKC