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10/10 Excellent Trainer, Excellent Friend
By Susannah Taylor / Round Hill, USA

Emily Ledford not only knows what she's doing, she cares about each person's individual needs. I hired Emily because I had no experience with strength training but needed to gain more strength in order to better care for my disabled child. Emily cared about who I was and what my needs were first and foremost. Then she designed a plan that helped me to reach my personal goals, and never made me feel like I had to compete with anyone else. She was kind, thoughtful and thorough. And she was tough! She really pushed me, all the while respecting my limits and cheering on my strengths. I highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a genuine trainer and a genuine friend.

10/10 You Will Get Results!
By A. Leonard / Columbia, USA

If you are looking for a results oriented program that is custom tailored to your schedule then Emily Ledford is your trainer. Emily makes exercise fun, dispels myths, turns healthy nutrition into second nature and encourages her clients to achieve their best possible self. Her program focuses not on selling you the latest fad, but rather educating you to become your own fitness advocate. She takes the time to get to know her clients through a comprehensive client history as well as an orientation session to create a program addressing your fitness and nutritional concerns. From the very first workout, you will feel the difference! Her programs incorporate the latest exercises using your own equipment as well as innovative quick fix tools to turn a doorway, chair, or even a table into a home gym. Her workouts are accompanied with detailed tutorial videos as well as written instruction to simplify even the most daunting exercise. Weekly check-ins ensure you are meeting your fitness goals while allowing her to fine tune your workouts so you continue to gain strength, lose inches and shed those unwanted pounds!

10/10 Real Life Nutrition
By Leigh Anne Smith / Memphis, USA

My husband and I worked with Emily for 2 months focusing solely on nutrition. We both like to be active but we knew our diet needed an overhaul. We have two young children so we knew we needed a plan since our free time is limited. Most of the time we made bad choices because we were pressed for time and hadn't prepared anything ahead. Unlike fad diets plans, Emily gave us actual real life meal and snack ideas we could eat as a family. We focused on increasing water intake for me, and increasing protein for both of us without totally eliminating carbs like many "diets" suggest. The carbs we did eat were good, complex carbs. We also have a child with a food allergy so we had to work around that too. Eating this way, we found we snacked less between meals and stopped late night snacking entirely. We took a little extra time in the week to plan ahead...but it made a world of difference. I was able to cook meals for the whole family that everyone enjoyed. Emily sent me tons of recipes and was always available if I had a question. I lost 10 lbs. and have sustained it. I never once felt hungry or deprived in any way because this wasn't a diet. I highly recommend Emily to anyone seeking to make permanent changes for a healthier future.

10/10 She will change the way you think about your body
By Chrissy B / Rossville, USA

Working with Emily has been a great experience. With my busy work schedule, I never had time to go to the gym, AND spend quality time with my family. Sitting in front of a computer at work for 8 hours wasn’t doing my body a favor, and I knew I needed to invest more time in myself for both mental and physical reasons. By doing the distance coaching with Emily, I can get a quality workout session, all in the comfort of my home, with minimal equipment, without missing any time with my family. Can you ask for a better deal than that?? It’s a no brainer! She has changed the way I look at myself and the scale. Her knowledge about building muscle instead of hours of mind numbing cardio has helped me look at working out in a whole other perspective. I feel freed from constantly counting calories and weighing myself. My body is changing, and it feels so good to feel strong, and toned. She’s very accessible if I have a question or concern, and she tailors my workout to my needs. I recommend distance coaching with Emily 110%, she’s been such a positive influence to have in my life. Love her!

10/10 She is the trainer for you
By Jay Dorning / LakelandLakeland, USA

As a 40 + year old male runner who has been running 6 plus miles a day and counting calories I am willing to admit that I was not in shape or fit at all. About five years ago I decided to lose weight and I began running and counting my caloric intake. I lost the weight but I also lost almost all of muscle mass. I truly believed that I was doing the right thing to be fit until my body began to hurt all of the time and the injuries piled up too. I reached out for help and Emily has been a savior for me. She helped me understand that fit is not skinny and that strength training is even more effective for calorie burning. She has taught me that I can be strong and fit without running my legs off. If you are looking to be half of what you can be then she is not the trainer for you but if you are looking to better yourself and learn better methods for strength and fitness than she is the trainer for you.

10/10 A little goes a long way!
By Traci Stubblefield / Memphis, USA

So I just have to give shout out to Emily Bennett Ledford for her virtual training skills! After two babies, working full-time and managing our home, a healthy lifestyle has really been a struggle. Even though she's over 13 hours away, it's like she's been on this fitness journey with me every day! It has been so helpful. She provided me a strength training routine that takes 15 - 20 minutes tops, 4 days a week for 4 weeks. I do it at home while my kids are in the room. I'm starting on week 4 and have really seen some good results. I still have a ways to go, but each day I feel stronger, healthier and better that I'm taking these few minutes to myself. So thanks Em! You've really given me the tools and encouragement I needed!

10/10 Try Emily's Way & be Amazed!
By Lori Morgan / Holly Springs, United States

I am a typical married woman, a mom of 4, work part time and have been extremely busy with work, kids school, sports, church and life. I have struggled for the last 20 years to loose weight and I have tried just about every diet and diet pill out there and tons and tons of cardio. I wanted a quick fix to a problem that I had let take over my life and even though some of these worked for a short period of time, they were not permanent . And, I had truly messed up my matabilism over the years. I ALWAYS gained the weight back. I had not changed anything that would change me permanently, they were all just temporary.
After following Emily on Facebook for awhile, I decided to have her train me on-line since we are miles apart. She talked to me prior and discussed what equipment I have, different exercise techniques and made sure I could perform properly and not hurt myself. Emily put a program together that I could perform but yet be challenged. Each month was different and more challenging. I was very unsure of not having cardio in my program b/c aren't we supposed to do hours and hours of cardio in order to get fit? NOPE, we are not! I did the strength / body weight training 3-4 days a week and I am so amazed and how my body is changing and how much stronger I am physically. I went through Thanksgiving and Christmas last year for the very first time not freaking out over food and I lost 4 pounds. WHAT? I didn't gain? NO! I kept on track with my workouts and just ate wisely but still had sweet potato casserole, bread, and desserts . I gave myself this gift for my 49th birthday. I am 6 months in to this program and in to an awesome new way of living. I will be going in to 50 healthier, happier, and stronger! I encourage anyone who has been trying all kinds of diets and work out programs, to give Emily's training a chance. You have absolutely nothing to loose.....WAIT, yes you do; you will loose fat , inches, and weight. Give yourself this amazing GIFT of being a stronger person physically and mentally. A healthier you is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.

10/10 Emily is the BEST!
By Heather Peacock / Round Hill, USA

I recently completed a 12 week program that Emily prepared for me. It was awesome! She provided excellent workouts that were geared toward my level of fitness using the equipment I already have at home. A video tutorial accompanies each exercise, too. These helped me tremendously. Even if I felt that I already knew how to do the exercise, Emily offered additional tips to ensure I was getting the most bang for the buck each time. I had told her that I would have less than an hour per day to devote to exercise and she made sure the workouts fit into my busy schedule. Not only does she do an amazing job customizing the programs, but she also does a wonderful job checking in to provide extra encouragement and motivation! I would recommend Emily to everyone interested in achieving real results. Never in my life I have been stronger!! :)

10/10 The best there is!
By Valerie M / Rochester, USA

Emily's is such a different program than I have ever done, and I love it. In the past, even when I had a trainer my workouts felt almost arbitrary. Over the past 10 years I’ve never felt like I’ve seen any kind of improvement or gain despite working for 4-5 days per week, even when following a schedule. I’m used to long (60-90 minute) workouts leaving me almost painfully sore the next day or two, but still never seeing results. At times, I have to admit I’m totally guilty of thinking that unless I have that kind of workout 4-5 days/week I’ll never get anywhere. But after not quite 2 weeks with Emily I feel stronger! I can notice each exercise getting challenging in different ways-being able to do tighter planks, deeper pushups, etc. I can’t wait to see what time will do! And I really don’t miss having trouble getting out of bed each day. Emily really listens to what does and doesn't work, tailors programs accordingly, and always seems to know when I need extra encouragement and motivation. She really is the best!

10/10 Emily is the trainer that you want for sure.
By Lacey F / Denver, USA

Emily has guided me down my fitness path for about a year now. She has helped me become stronger, leaner, and more confident. I rarely experience back pain anymore and all of my arthritic symptoms are completely gone since I started lifting heavy weights. Emily has shown me how to LOVE lifting heavy things and I rarely ever have problems being motivated to go to the gym because it is FUN. Thank you Emily for pointing me in the right direction.

10/10 Awesome Trainer!
By Shannon Grant / Purcellville, US

Emily has been a true inspiration to me. As her neighbor, I have seen how hard she works to motivate her family and friends…without making them feel inferior! She teaches her family health, fitness and strength through example. As a client, she pushes me without judgment, but with encouragement. She recognizes limitations and weaknesses and works with me to improve them. Her passion is infectious!

10/10 Emily is terrific!
By Susan Krutis / Purcellville, U.S.A.

You have found the right personal trainer! Emily is fantastic, listens to your goals, and has tons of realistic ideas for getting the body you want. She is the perfect balance of competence, compassion, and energy. Look no further!

10/10 Amazing Instructor!
By Bethany Orosz / Purcellville, USA

I have been working with Emily for quite some time now and she is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with! I have gained strength, conditioning and flexibility in incredible time! I became stronger and more conditioned faster than any other program or trainer I have used in the past. Emily is up on the latest fitness and nutrition knowledge. Emily does a great job training smart, eliminating possible injuries via poor technique or overuse, so you can keep training and working towards your goals. Emily is very versatile in her training making every workout challenging and fun with awesome results! I have learned so many new exercises and techniques. Emily does a great job with being creative and can come up with a modification for anything if need be. No matter what your goals are, Emily will get you there and beyond! Emily will keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals! I highly recommend working with Emily - she truly is the best!

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