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Amy Irving


Phone: 952-942-7227
Eden Prairie, MN
United States 55344
10 out of 10 (9 reviews)

Professional Credentials:
  •  Bachelor's Degree (B.S.) in Exercise Science and Nutrition
  •  Russian Kettlebell Instructor Level I (RKC)
  •  NSCA Certified Personall Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
  •  Precision Nutrition Level I Coach (Pn1)
Amy has been working in the Health and Fitness field for 3 years, starting immediately after her graduation from Winona State University. She approaches each person she meets with a welcoming and supportive approach, while remaining positive and optimistic throughout the process. Her background consists of many years training in team sports as well as coaching them. Amy is focused and determined to help her clients succeed at every level - no matter the starting point! 
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10/10 RKC Certification
By Chris Mackey-Natz / Eau Claire, United States

Amy was one of our instructors at a recent RCK. She rocks! Knowledgeable, great instruction, good eye for picking up what is needed to correct form. She brings a great energy to the room. I recommended her to my daughter!

10/10 One of a kind & the Best Trainer I’ve Ever Had
By Rose M / Minneapolis, US/

Amy is incredibly knowledgeable in strength and mobility as it pertains to fitness. I’ve never stuck to a fitness plan and actually enjoyed it as much as I have with Amy. If something doesn’t feel right or if I’m confused by a move, Amy is right there ready willing and able to coach you through She is kind and approachable—no drill sergeant mentality and she will meet you where you are in your fitness journey. it. She gets to know you and your needs and your personal goals on an individual basis…knows just how far she can push you safely and so that you are successful always encouraging you to listen to your body and share any concerns so she can help you find solutions being exercises or stretches. Amy was always prepared for my workout session having considered what we accomplished previously and where we are heading—she planned my individual workout for me and I saw her commitment and dedication in doing the same for every single one of her clients. I’ve never met a trainer as knowledgeable and committed to strength and mobility and kettlebells as I’ve had with Amy.

10/10 Best all around!
By Emma H / Shakopee, United States

Amy is smart, dedicated & an excellent communicator. She understands how the body works & tailors workouts specifically designed to get you the results you're looking for. I can't recommend her highly enough!

10/10 Great Trainer
By Marianne G / Eden Prairie, United States

I am currently working with Amy to rehab my knees and improve my posture. She has been fabulous. She is very supportive and knows her stuff! I am doing stairs with less pain and gaining flexibility in my shoulders. She is always on time, and enthusiastic. She plans the work outs, so we can make the best use of the time we have.

10/10 Workout is fun!
By Brian Richter / Bloomington, USA

After taking an early retirement I decided that I needed to do something to improve my health. I have been taking direction from Amy for the past 8 months. It is wild to say that I enjoy working out after years of sitting at a desk and being too sedentary. Amy is able to push me in the workout in a positive and pleasant manner. I have noticed a visible increase in my flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina. I have been able to extend what I have learned in training to my doing workouts at home as well. It has helped my A1C with reduction in medication and my back feels much better as well. I had a bunch of trepidation about going to a gym and this experience has turned out to be great for the sense accomplishments I have made. Working out is better than going to work! Amy is superb and if you are thinking about starting workouts with her I recommend that you see Amy. From what my doctor has seen he agrees!

10/10 Highly recommend!
By Bethany Curnow / Eden Prairie, United States

I have been working with Amy at Pro Fitness Training for the past year and have found during that time, she has helped me reach my fitness and mobility goals in ways I never knew were missing to be successful! Her fun nature makes her so easy to work with, and her ability to push you to build confidence in yourself and your abilities keeps you coming back for more until all the sudden you find that you are a whole new person, both physically and mentally. I especially loved the technique training to make sure I was moving safely, her group classes where I could try out and have fun with what she was teaching me in our personal sessions, and the body composition analysis so that I could see all the specific gains I was making under her guidance and training. I highly recommend partnering with Amy for fun, personalized and results-based fitness training! -Bethany Curnow, DC, owner of EverHealth Chiropractic.

10/10 Phenomenal!
By Kurt Hartmann / Eden Praire, USA

Amy is at the top of the class when it comes to trainers. She truly cares about every person she trains and its shows. Her workouts are well thought out and are always focused on helping people achieve maximum results! Lucky to have her at Pro Fitness Training. When you're ready to get results, contact Amy! I can't recommend her highly enough.

10/10 Amy Irving trainer
By Julie Irving / Minneapolis, USA

As a personal trainer. Amy is superb. She listens to your wants/needs and designs your workout sessions based on your fitness goals. She is motivating, encouraging and able to push you to your best performance! Stickler on technique/form and making sure you get the most out of your workout. Very enjoyable to work with. Also, well-versed in nutrition. Highly recommend.

10/10 Fantastic personal trainer to work with!
By Amy Chan / Eden Prairie, USA

It was a pleasure to work with Amy. I had an ambitious goal and only 3 months to do (after which I moved out of state), but Amy took me up no problem. She respected my goals and timeline. She put me to work right away and consistently challenge me every week. I love how she takes my goal into account and really tailored a workout regime that was result driven and sustainable. She was also just very pleasant to work with. Great coach!!

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