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9/10 Ellen is awesome.
By Bill Bernhart / Elizabethown, USA

Ellen is a great coach and trainer. For five months, she helped me prepare for the HKC and I was able to completed it in October….Thank you Ellen!

10/10 Amazing Trainer and Great Motivator!!!
By Angela Yeager / York, PA, USA

I have had the pleasure of training with Ellen Chaillet for over a year now and feel she is an exceptional trainer and mentor. Ellen has taught me not only about Kettlebells but weight lifting as well. As I female I always felt very intimidated walking into a weight room, however now I am very confident in my abilities.

Kettlebells is hands-down the best workout I have ever done. Rather than do an hour of an aerobics class, Ellen has taught me I can achieve great results in a short amount of time with the anaerobic workout. She has taught me beyond the basic techniques and always wants to ensure you are doing the movements correctly to prevent injury. She is extremely motivating and enthusiastic about her work! If you are looking to lose weight and get toned I would highly recommend seeing Ellen!!

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell Training
By Chris Kress / York, USA

Ellen is a great KettleBell instructor! I had some back issues coming into this new training. I am now able to do the basic moves and am snatching with the 53lb with Confidence. She makes sure that I do it right and helps a person achieve their goals. What drew me to Kettlebell training originally was that I did research on my Back problems and Dr. Stuart McGill’s publications pointed to Paval as having one the strongest cores Pound for Pound. McGill also says that Paval's techniques work. Chaillets fitness has a lot offer; it is worth looking into.

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