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10/10 Feel the power
By Robert Fisk / Ocean grove, Vic, Aus

Mental muscle is a quality read. As I was reading the chapters and exercises I just knew I was going to get a lot stronger by following the simple ideas and strategies in the book.
After reading all the way through I decided to try one of the exercises,I love handstand push ups and I am currently working towards full head to the floor 2 second down and 2 second up under complete control before reading mental muscle I was doing partial handstand push-ups down to a yoga block and maxing out at 4 reps. Straight after performing one of the visualisation techniques I cranked out 5 reps down to a book half the height of my yoga block.
Fair play to Logan and his new book it must have planted a seed inside of me as later on in the day I was walking past my wall where I play with my handstand push-ups and without thinking I just kicked up into my handstand and performed 1 full head to floor push-up under complete control and too be honest I think I could have done more but got all tripped out and lost my focus.
Can't wait to implement mental muscle into all parts of my life .

Thanks Logan

10/10 Your mind-enemy or friend?
By Ben Rattle / Falmouth, Cornwall, England

It's taken me about ten years of training to learn that the mental aspects of the iron game are AS, and maybe even more important than the purely physical. This book helped open my eyes and made me realise exactly what my training lacked.
Easy to read, packed with info and exercises, this is a dense and brilliantly researched volume. Read it, re read it, practice the methods and you will get stronger. Cause even right now, you're already stronger than you think you are...and this book will make you believe in that fact.

10/10 Building Muscles Between Your Ears!
By Michael Krivka / Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States

Mental Muscle may be one of the most important books ever written about training. Why? Because while most books deal with reps, sets, techniques and exercises, Mental Muscle deals with the missing link--mastering the mind-body connection. Beyond the mechanics of strength training (the hardware) is the software, the essential programming, that will allow you to achieve more, a lot more, in a lot less time. This is where Mental Muscle makes its mark and it does so with a vengeance.

Developing strength takes a lot more than progressively hoisting heavier and heavier loads. It takes the ability to tap into areas of the mind that have not been previously explored or mined. These untouched areas are the key to enhanced performance and accelerated learning --and you will only get there is you are able to unlock and use those areas. This is where Logan Christopher's book Mental Muscle comes into play. Logan gives you the basics behind various Hypnosis and NLP techniques that will allow you access to areas of your mind that are currently under-utilized. These skills, explained in simple and easy to follow terminology, can mean the difference between average and excellent to the dedicated athlete. Logan explores a number of (surprisingly) effective ways to get near instant increases in strength, mobility and recovery. Tactics and techniques that Logan has fine-tuned are revealed in a manner, which with a little study and practice, can be applied to yourself or a client.

NOTE: this is not your run of the mill training book and the information within is quite powerful. The catch is that you're going to need to study the techniques and practice them before they will be of any benefit to you. Training the mind is the same as training the body: you only get out of it what you put into it.

10/10 Goes Real Deep
By RA RuPall / Detroit, Michigan, United States

Goes real deep into detail, the techniques you can use to facilitate victory in whatever you do. The book mainly applies these techniques to the specifics of physical culture, but you can use it for martial arts, survival, healing, spirituality, etc.

10/10 Outstanding
By Jess Burchill / Venango, PA, USA

Do yourself a favor and read this book. Logan has laid out a path that will effectively transform not only your training, but your life. Bold statement? Sure. Can it be backed up? That's up to you. It's a quick, enjoyable read, full of keen insight and powerful tools that allow you to take off the brakes, burn brighter, and access your true potential.

10/10 Give yourself a push in the right Direction.
By Dan Earthquake / Birmingham, WEST MIDS, United Kingdom

I'm a big head. I'll start with that, get it out in the open. I'm motivated to train & I like what I do. I've achieved a lot of my big ambitions - swimming the English Channel being the one that is most recognizable. Brute force, determination & a measure of being foolish in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds has stood me in good stead. I conjure up an audience who spur me on when the going is tough & I have a lot of mental techniques that I have utilized over the years.

Why would I buy Logan's book? I reckon I can still learn a thing or two - & being a regular reader of the PCC blog, the style of some of the authors who's books are for sale here becomes familiar. Titles, covers & advertising don't have much effect on me - in the old style book shops I'd flick through a few random places to see if I liked the content & buy - or not. Reading the blog is like standing in the bookshop. You can try an author out for size & buy (or not).

Logan wrote a good article & I decided to buy his book. He methodically identifies successful techniques that will improve the performance of those who need a bit of a push in the right direction. Much of what he promotes I'm familiar with so can agree that he has an effective system. A few surprises too which I'll absorb into my own mode of training.

I give the book a ten because it does what it sets out to do. If you have doubt in yourself, internal conflict or feel that you are holding yourself back it would be worth working through Logan's system.

10/10 Left me wanting more.
By Jim Hefling / New Brighton, Minnesota, USA

This is the best work of its kind around. It goes far beyond the "be strong and resolute" or "make it fun" sort of mental preparation that is so common. I have several years experience with NLP and some Aikido work behind me and I can say that Logan's work is consistent with everything I have learned about applying motivation to working on physical goals. I can only hope that he goes farther with it, since he has opened the door to truly vast areas. His way of getting from wishes to goals is immediately applicable for everybody. I appreciate the fact that he is not afraid to talk about hypnosis and self-hypnosis as ways to approach it.
I am not sure that he needed to go into so much detail with a script, but then I am not familiar with his audience. The way he handles it in his videos works quite well. I could have worked more with visualizations, and going into the other senses.
When Logan talks about breaking skills down into smaller chunks, he is right on target for going into progressive practice. I would suggest that he could also go into backward chaining at this point. His sub modalities discussion is good, but some of his readers, those without NLP knowledge might say "Huh?" at about this time. But he is going in the right direction with his "dial" idea. I know someone who has a complete dashboard with dials and knows for adjusting intensities, brightness,sounds, and so on.
Practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. I think this is where he is going with the revivification discussion.
His metaphorical visualization suggestions open the door for really exciting possibilities.
The end seemed a little abrupt, but I think maybe it was just because I wanted More, More, More. Good work, Logan.

10/10 Powerful Stuff!
By Paul Constantine / West Islip, NY, USA

Logan did a great job with this book. Put these exercises into practice and you WILL see results! If you could get more out of the physical training that you're already'd be crazy not to at least try this out.

9/10 Bravo for mental muscle
By Darryl Portra / Bedminster, New Jersey, United States

Logan,this book is very well done,,and it touches on things which the majority don't think about.I have no doubt that the Atom,Dennis Rogers,,and countless others knew that to accomplish great things a person needs his mind to be very say the least. I'm glad it's not just another sets and reps book. Thank you for this book! I'm looking forward to applying it to all areas of my life..will keep you updated.All the best,Darryl

10/10 Mental Muscle a must read book for all
By Patrick Brunetti / Princeton, New Jersey, USA

A must read and turn to book for those in need of the elusive mind to the body connection.
You can start to apply Logan's work right away.

10/10 The secret to success
By Sam Munday / Ballina, N.S.W, Australia

This book contains specific detailed instructions on how to mentally train your body so that you can progress physically. With little effort and a little bit of dedication this book helped me to break through my Plateau and start to gain muscle and break my personal records.

10/10 The Missing Link
By Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, United States

Mental Muscle is the "Missing Link" to many training enthusiast's regiments. Having been a competitive athlete for many years, much of what Logan presents was in my repertoire, but in a disjointed fashion. MM brings all of the aspects together and presents a sensical, logical and sequential method of implementing the mental with the physical aspects of training. I just passed the book off to my son who competes on the NCAA D1 Level in Track and Field. I can't wait to see his improvement!
If you are serious about increasing your strength, athletic performance, resiliency or weight control, this book is a must read. I can't wait to read it again - but I have to wait for my son to give it back to me!

7/10 Great concepts but rushed
By Eoin Kenny / Kilmuckridge, Wexford, Ireland

The book has great concepts which I always use as I train. However it is delivered quite poorly. There are far too many typos in the book and not even one illustration, which would have really helped readers grasp more of the difficult concepts in the book. I cannot bring myself to read it a second time as it is just too painful. Overall a great idea for a book that was delivered poorly.

By Alan Brooks / Norwich, Norfolk, England

Well written book and the concept is understandable, but I will need more practice to confirm the ideas.

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