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10/10 Pavel continues to amaze!
By Scott A. Dollinger Psy.D. / Glen Ellyn, IL USA

I've been a practicing martial artist for 30 years. I ordered this seminar hoping that it would facilitate my recovery from injury and help restore my lost flexibility. It taught me safe and mechanically correct assessment and training methods that none of my six previous martial arts teachers ever touched on. I experienced immediate improvement from my first training session. Now I can pass on this information to my students and hopefully they won't have to suffer like I have. I give this seminar my highest recommendation.

10/10 Hands down the best flexibility product available
By JonFrost / Naples, FL USA

I have purchased every book, dvd, machine, and gizmo to help me get more flexible. Since I found Pavel's first book, Beyond Stretching, the only books and dvd's I buy are from DragonDoor. The Beyond Stretching dvd set has so much information on it, and so much that was new to me, I was really suprised. There are many different techniques and exercises for all levels of ability, from someone just beginning to someone looking to complete a full split. I believe if you are a personal trainer, coach, or a martial arts instructor (as I am) this dvd set is invaluable. I sincerely think this is as good as it gets when it comes to stretching and flexibility training. I am very happy with this product and in all honesty would have paid a lot more for all of the information that is on the dvds.

10/10 Debugging your system
By Jordan Vezina RKC / Palo Alto, CA USA!

Using the methods in this series I was able to make a serious dent in some problems I've been dealing with for a long time. The windmill alteration to address tight piriformis alone has been hugely beneficial.

10/10 The next best thing to being there
By David Whitley, RKC Team Leader / Nashville TN

I am no stranger to Pavel's flexibilty principals. I have atteneded multiple RKC certifications and I attended the Unlock seminar in Feb. of 2006. So when I found out that the Beyond Stretching segment was going to be put onto DVD I was excited, but a little apprehensive. So much of what Pavel's approach is hands-on. Would they be able to get the same effect of the seminar on film?

After viewing the DVD set myself I can honestly say: Yes they can and they did. Seeing Pavel apply the stretching principals to multiple people for almost five hours in a seminar setting on DVD is definately the next best thing to being there.

Anyone with an interest in flexibility and movement will find something useful in this DVD set.

10/10 A great DVD
By Marcia / Appleton, Wisconsin United States

I am grateful to have found someone talking common sense when it comes to flexibility, strength, and getting in shape. I was in gymnastics and ballet as a child and still have extreme flexibility beyond most people. I've been doing Kettlebells without much formal instruction beyond a few books and workout DVDs and one free RKC workshop for and hour and a half this past April. I've needed to learn the principles demonstrated and discussed in this DVD. My form is drastically improved and I'm no longer hurting my knees like I had been. I even learned better form on stretching. I've always been in awe and amazed at the flexibility and strength of the "Greats", the Masters of their sport or profession, and now I have a front seat to learn from another Master. Thank you.

10/10 Awesome Videos
By Holly Baldinger / Bovey, MN USA

I had taken a flexibility course that was really Awesome that Jon taught in Bemidi, Minnesota. Upon Jon's recommendation, I purchased the videos so that I could refresh my memory when ever I wanted. I found that these dvd's were exceptional and I believe that they will be beneficial for years to come. Its really great because Pavel really takes the time to explain how each stretch should be done properly and he addresses all different levels of flexibility. I am really glad that I decided to purchase the dvd's.

10/10 Solid!
By Josh / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Excellent video. No nonsense, results orientated stretching instruction. Absolutely worth the price.

10/10 AWESOME!
By Christian Lombardo / Huntington, NY

I just finished watching your "Beyond Stretching Seminar Series" and it is AWESOME! ALL great stuff I learned! Just amazing how many basic principles that will improve your flexibility to an advance level. Pavel does an AWESOME job of making this purely a practical seminar with many scientific principles behind what he teaches.

10/10 Highly recommended
By iceskater / Southern California

I highly recommend this for anyone that participates in a sport that requires a lot of flexibility.

There is a shocking about of info packed into under 5 hours.

10/10 What a rip off!!
By Adam T Glass, SSgt, USAF / Okinawa, Japan

They sold me this for only $150?! I had to watch this over a 2 week period, one disk per day, and then revisit each disk afterwards. there is so much information here. Its one thing to have read relax in to stretch, or watch forced relaxation, but to see Pavel trouble shoot people who are having the same problems you are having, and fix them in minutes, is amazing. It really is like you are there. If you put this on, and just go along with the seminar, you will truly get the "next best thing to being there" I have been over seas for the last 4 years, but with a product this good, it brings unlock to me. This is not just for the person trying to get a russian split either, this is for you, your wife, your mom and dad, your co workers who complain of sore backs and necks all day, and your buddy who quit playing soft ball because his knee and hip are killing him. Its that good. My highest recommendations!

10/10 Great set of DVDs
By Kurtis / Los Angeles, CA USA

I have the Relax Into Stretch book and video. If you need additional instruction, this DVD set is your ticket to superior flexibility. Why? Well, because Pavel not only shows you additional stretches, he also explains the science involved. My favorite aspect of this DVD set is the way Pavel troubleshoots common stretching problems with people of various athletic abilities; from a martial artist to an inactive couch potato, and everything in between. This is a great set. Highly recommended.

10/10 Excellent approach to flexibility
By Jim Ryan / Saint Paul, United States

?I have watched this entire series more than once and gotten important things from it each time.

Pavel is not only a great teacher, he has a command of the material and works amazingly well with students having a broad range of abilities, from beginners to elite level performers, enhancing the ability of all he works with.

Don't think this product is too far above or below your performance ability. If you want to learn more about the principles of stretching to increase your performance or decrease your pain and see the principles applied to all levels of ability, this DVD will be well worth your investment.

Also, the DVD formatting is well done - there is a master table of contents on EACH of the 5 discs to quickly guide you to the drill you want to focus on.

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