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10/10 Must have!
By Rob Kimble / Dumfries, VA, USA

Al's dvd is simply amazing! This dvd is a must have for anybody who is serious about bar calisthenics. Als instruction helped me acheive my first muscle up, and has since helped me clean up my form. I cannot recommend this dvd enough, buy it now!

10/10 Playful, inspiring and hard!
By Nikos Eleftheriadis / Thessaloniki, Greece

This is a review of the digital video version. It is an excellent production, complete regarding the bar calisthenics repertoire. Al and Danny make you really feel at ease and it is like having a one on one session with the two artists. Everything is explained clearly and demonstrated flawlessly. Mind you there are many extremely advanced exercises in this video. It will keep you coming back for years as you develop your abilities. It is refreshing to watch Al always smiling and Danny always serious and strict. This video is highly recommended. The only drawback tnat I see is that it leaves you wondering why DragonDoor hasn't already produced a video version of Pushing the Limits and Stretching your Boundaries?

10/10 Best fitness dvd around
By m.c. von b2d / begin2dig, uk

Can't say enough about this DVD -
for learning great pull and push progressions with a bar
for learning how to DO a fitness video
for the high trust generated by smart presentation
for seeing coaches who walk the walk and talk the talk
for doing this set in the wild, rather than a studio
awesome presentation overall -
just an enjoyable frickin' dvd.

awesome. really. get it for yourself; get it for anyone you know getting into movement. it will be a regular reference and inspiration.

10/10 Gotta have IT
By Joy Young / Seabrook, U.S

Al's DVD is a must have if you want to be in the best shape of your life just using your own body weight . The best for me is the step by step informative progressions on all exercises.
With just a few weeks under my belt I am truly stronger and leaner.

10/10 Inspiring, fine tuning your technic
By Mattias Wieslander / Stockholm, Sweden

Buy this one to get inspired and fine tune your technic.
I also bought C. Conditioning Pullups dvd.
I need both. The latter cover a program with reps and sets. It has functional point of view.
The first one is more playfull. After watching Al, I get in the mood of a kid. I'm 45 years old and doing my first "skinning the cat" in 35 years or ever along with the kids in the playground.
Note the differences between Raising t.B. and C.C. about "neutral elbows".

10/10 Raising the Bar: Above and Beyond!
By Phil Ross / Ho Ho Kus, NJ, USA

I participated in the first ever PCC it only made my thirst for knowledge and achievement greater. Al and Danny were so impressive in person, that I felt compelled to buy the DVD. I was not disappointed! The DVD was not only chock full of great drills and progressions for bar work, but it was presented in a extremely fun and entertaining fashion. This "no frills" instructional bar training tutorial is a must for any serious about Bodyweight Training.
Great job!

10/10 Amazing DVD!
By Mario Castrejon / Chicago, IL, USA

I got this DVD because I wanted to learn more about calisthenics and this DVD is amazing!

It covers pull-ups, dips, muscle ups, ab training a ton of more great stuff.

The music on the DVD is great and very enjoyable to watch.

I really like the chemistry between Al and Danny on the DVD. Their different approaches and personalities really make this DVD amazing and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about calisthenics.

10/10 Fun & challenging
By Susan Antes / Minneapolis, MN, USA

This is a great DVD. I first found Al Kavadlo when I was looking for a video of perfect push ups for my 9 year old-turns out there was a lot for me too!

What I like about this DVD is that it teaches you how to work up to these moves. Al makes things look easy, but he'll tell you when something is advanced & he breaks it down: Where to start if you've never done something, how to add difficulty, what you need to master to move up. How to modify something if you have an injury.

No specialized equipment needed. Your own body weight. A park bench or a play ground. We practice levering on the edge of our (admittedly oversize) coffee table...

Al is accessible & has a positive, enjoyable approach to strength training. I recommend this DVD.

10/10 Simply
By Davide Conti / Roma, Italia

…and perfect. Love u Al. Love your lifestyle

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