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Fast & Loose
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Fast & Loose
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Fast & Loose

Secrets of the Russian Champions: Dynamic Relaxation Techniques for Elite Performance

With Pavel

DVD, 27 minutes

See Fast and Loose Article by Pavel

Pavel reveals little-known Soviet relaxation secrets, so you can become the master of your body—not its victim. From years of research and experience, Pavel has selected these Fast & Loose dynamic relaxation techniques as the best-of-the-best for practical and quick results in martial arts and sports.

Regular practice of these relaxation skills can help remove the false brakes within your body and open you up to a new freedom of movement and vitality. Enjoy the pride and pleasure of being on top of your game, day in, day out - when you're Fast and Loose!
Fast & Loose (DVD) - $29.95
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Ex-Soviet Union Special Forces strength and conditioning instructor, Pavel, reveals new keys to high performance in martial arts, athletics and sports

In his strength training books Pavel emphasizes the importance of learning to maximally tense the muscles. Because tension IS strength. But strength/tension is only half of the total performance package. The other half is relaxation. The body of a karate expert will freeze in total tension at the moment of impact, but will remain totally loose before and after.
Mastery of relaxation is the hallmark of an elite athlete. Soviet scientists discovered that the higher the athlete's level, the quicker he can relax his muscles. The Soviets observed an 800% difference between novices and Olympians. Their conclusion: total control of tension = elite performance.
If you can master your muscular tension, a new dimension of athletic excellence opens to you. New achievements. New heights of performance in whatever your sport or martial art. Some genetically-endowed superstars seem to possess this ability from birth. But according to former Soviet Special Forces strength and conditioning instructor, Pavel, a SKILL-SET is available that can transform anyone's current physical limitations.
Now, for the first time, Pavel reveals these little known Soviet relaxation secrets, so you too can become the master of your body - not its victim. From years of research and experience, Pavel has selected these Fast & Loose dynamic relaxation techniques as the best-of-the-best for practical and quick results in martial arts and sports.
Regular practice of these relaxation skills can help remove the false brakes within your body and open you up to a new freedom of movement and vitality. Enjoy the pride and pleasure of being on top of your game, day in, day out - when you're Fast and Loose!
  • Recover sooner after hard strength and conditioning workouts - less frustrating down time
  • Kick higher and faster - get the edge on your competitor in martial arts
  • Hit harder, whatever your style of martial arts
  • Minimize muscle pulls
  • Stay loose to go the distance in your chosen sport or martial art
  • Improve your technique in any sport or martial art
  • Enhance your physical efficiency
  • Remove your hidden brakes - to run faster and further
  • Learn Russian commando "instant readiness" drills, allowing you to kick and punch without warmups
  • Discover a unique breathing technique - for "super-relaxation"
Read Reviews For: Fast & Loose (DVD)
7.6 out of 10 (15 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Another amazing tool from Pavel
By Mark Hanington / Huntington Beach, California United States

Everyone knows that once you really start pushing the envelope on your current abilities, you need those subtle yet all important tools to move from average to elite performance. They can seem insignificant to the untrained observer, but are better than gold to those who have the faculties to incorporate them.

Pavel delivers as always.

Mark Hanington
Huntington Beach, Ca.

Rated 10/10 Mandatory for the serious fighter
By B / MA

I've spent the last couple of years desperately trying to recover the speed I've been losing by inches.

Before I'd even finished watching this DVD, it became clear what I'd really lost.

Years ago, I used to 'snap' strikes in. As I've become a more serious fighter, I've succumbed to trying to 'drive' them in (karateka can read this as misunderstanding what it really means to train "with kime").

It's ironic that the fact that I'm trying so much harder is what has been slowing me down all along.

I credit Pavel for explaining this so clearly & demonstrating drills that deliver rapid results.

If you're a serious competitor looking for that extra edge, you *must* add these drills to your routine.

Thank you, Pavel, for another excellent product.



Rated 10/10 If you work for a living; you need this!
By C-Rivers / St. Louis MO

I purchased Fast and Loose to hopefully improve mine and my client?s athletic performance. I was not disappointed. But it was at work that the techniques I learned in the DVD really shined. After about 6 hours of lifting half barrels my back and shoulders would just seize up. But not any more. The exercises and loosening up drills have made a world of difference. I now have several of my coworkers doing the drill. If you work for a living you need this.

Charlie Rivers RKC

Rated 9/10 Instant Results
By Christopher / East Fallowfield, PA USA

I spend over two hours a day in the car and have been feeling my body become more and more tight. I have found it difficult to stay loose and as a result have been experiencing daily back pain. After following along with Pavel's Fast and Loose DVD for the first time, in less than 30 minutes, I felt better than I had in almost 10 years. The DVD is very basic, but the results were INSTANTANEOUS. I am more flexible than I have been in a long time and my back pain is history. If you're looking for a quick routine to help you stay loose and feel better, I would recommend this DVD to you.

Rated 3/10 Great martial arts exercises-You will need a partner
By Diana / Woodside, New York USA

I give this DVD a low rating because it did not meet my requirements. I am looking for an exercise DVD that I can use to follow along alone for a session. This DVD will give you ideas for exercises--but you then will have to put them into your own program, because the DVD shows each exercise first with a partner, and then in a form that you can do yourself. As a result, you end up watching the partners exercise for 50% of the the DVD. Also the movements are too jerky without a warmup (I'm 65 years old). I would recommend some of the other Pavel DVD's if one is looking for a stand-alone exercise routine.

Rated 10/10 Get Pavelized!!! With Fast & Loose!!!
By Benjamin Ramos / Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Want to know what I say about this video?

Observe! Enjoy! And go away! Im stretching!

For Mutant Flexibility, look no further than this video.

Rated 10/10 Exactly what is Promised!
By Joe / MO

This DVD delivers exactly what was promised. After completing it I do truly feel "Fast and Loose".

By Leo / las vegas-nv

these techniques are very basic and simple making them perfict for remembering and using everyday at any time after just doing a few for 2 3 mins to loosen up after lifing boxes n heavy furnerture in 110 degree weather all morning the body feels better then it did the whole day an i can do another days work after just moments of simple mixed up routines

and lemmy say as a martial arts studie im always looking for ways to increase my speed in an instant and more faster way...though i would have prefured a bit more explination and aplication for the harder striking techniuqe i must say it relaxes the arm far then i could before throwing any punch and the effects of speed and impact have doubled and the recoil minimized....

however i found there is no relaxation techniuqe that works well for the feet i would love for my feet to feel as energized an refreshed as the rest of my body.... yet the tension still plaiges them..thats why im giving up a 9 instead of 10

Rated 3/10 Fast and Loose reviewed
By Anonymous / Los Gatos, California

Unfortunately I was diappointed with this DVD. This is a
re-packaging of old material with a few new tips thrown in.

Although I did pick up a pointer or two they were
not worth the price I paid for this product.

You can't win them all...

Rated 8/10 fast and loose
By jii / phnom penh

i really do like the concept of the way to relax muscles the way the dvd does show. i have a very long experience with different rehab activites such as dynamic strethcing, self myofascial release, applying wet ice. stretch and spray. etc.

the key is thou to finding the exact excersize with the exact technique that works the exact problem muscle or muscles you may have. that is not so easy and does require some experimentation. perhaps.

im a giving the product an 8 cause there is no such thing as perfect and all reviewers that did well nothing is perfect. there is always room to improve. actually the minute you think you know everything look again youve missed something.

further reasons for the 8 are while some of the stuff in the dvd is really great i wish there had been more excersizes included and the dvd was longer. im especially looking for excersizes to loosen the stabilizer muscles of the hip to which i could not really find in the dvd. the dvd is mostly for upper body i just wish there had been more lower body.

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