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8/10 Worth the investment!
By Liz / Bayonne, NJ

I got this DVD to help me become more flexible. My body has become pretty stiff since I haven't really stretched in years. I really enjoyed this DVD and feel the difference after using it. I wish I could have previewed more of this DVD in comparison to the Relaxed Stretch. I'm not sure if I should have went with that first or used both in parallel.

The stretches in the DVD are challenging but with some dedication, I'm confident I will be more flexible than I had set out to achieve. My only grip with the DVD is Pavel's accent, it sounds kind of fake, especially with the "comrade'.

10/10 Don't hesitate!!
By Derek Miller RKC2 / Springdale, AR

Follow his advice, get youthful movement, feel great! If your reading this, then your asking yourself "would it benefit me?" Unless your name is Pavel or maybe B.K.S. Iyengar, then the answer is "YES!" I specifically enjoyed the variations on the Cossack, and found new space in my hips with the Lizard.

10/10 Great
By C. Bowers / Virginia Beach, VA USA

I enjoyed this DVD!

10/10 Great Product, Good Price. Delivers what is promised.
By Joe / Mo

Its weird after doing these stretches I don't feel more FLEXIBLE like normal stretches, instead I feel more Mobile and stronger as well.....Love the feeling!

9/10 Solid stuff that really works.
By / Tampere, Finland.

Me being an avid rock climber, I wanted to improve my range of motion, especially in my lower body. This DVD is complimentary to the book, but it does makes sense without the book as well. The stretches included on this DVD are very advanced, and should not be practiced by individuals who don't posses a fairly good level of flexibility to begin with. However, if you find that you have reached a plateau in your flexibility by using other methods, I can say from my own experience that these stretches, and the method of stretching especially, will take you to the next level.

10/10 Gumby
By Peter Nurman / Phoenix, USA

Great compliment to any library for those who've gone through Relax into Stretch or if you're already flexible but would like to break those barriers this would be the one. The Cossack and Reverse Cossack are great stretch as well as the hip-flexor stretch on the chairs is awesome!

I've done the Relax into Stretch about 2 years ago and I've done some of the stretches from Forced Relaxation and within a few sessions at the gym during their stretching class were surprised with the flexibility I had.

10/10 How to relax the Dragon Door way!
By Stanley Pauley / New Boston, Texas, USA

Started the DVD as soon as it arrived and have benefitted from the secrets contained in this program. Don't leave home without it. Thanks for all you do for us in the way of health benefits Dragon Door....

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