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10/10 Power to the People!-Powered PR!
By 2nd-degree Tae kwon-do black belt, firefighter / Caldwell, Idaho

I know this post will only mirror the many others describing their success using Power to the People! concepts, but here is another absolutely astounded user of The Party's training methods.

I PR'd on my raw deadlift today at 495 X 1. I know that at 230lbs BW, that doesn't make me a hero, but I have been following PTTP for only two cycles (and I may have started those a little light at that). Before using The Party's methods, my dead was stalled at 475 for almost a year.

In less than 2 months of PTTP, I put 20lbs on my dead with zero fatigue. Although I felt I probably could have gone heavier today, or maybe done it for a double, I followed The Party's advice and did not let myself approach failure. After a few more cycles, I'll add a few pounds, or maybe try the same for a double.

I have been working a steady diet of Turkish Getups with up to 88lbs and deads for heavy strength work, never to the point of fatigue.

Before PTTP, I followed a very popular workout program that had me deadlifting to failure regularly, and sometimes even doing light deads for up to 15-21 reps. My strength gains were at a standstill.

Additionaly, I have not gained one single pound of bodyweight with my strength gains, which is desirable, since I am a firefighter and a martial artist and hypertrophy is not my goal at all.

I have a large frame, at 6'0" and a lean 230lbs, and I don't need any more size.

Furthermore, another individual I know is using a modified PTTP routine for the barbell clean and jerk, and in only 6 weeks has put 35lbs on his clean, and 25lbs on his jerk. He is lifting more at a BW of 215 then he was at a very yolked-out 265.

Power to the People! has helped me sift through a good portion of the sissified nonsense in the fitness world.

I do have to admit that I have two other well-recognized fitness trainer certifications, but reading PTTP has taught me ten times more than a few 400+ page text books out there.

-Jim Beaumont

10/10 Highly Instructional video. MUST buy
By Ezra Effendi / Dubai, UAE

I bought Pavel's book about 6 years ago. I now deadlift nearly 2.5 times my ideal body weight (65kgs/143lbs). In terms of power to weight ratio, I outdo all my batch. Which includes international rugby players, military (even some SF guys) and other athletes. Power to weight ration aside, there really are only a handful that will beat me at an arm wrestle.
Pavel's book revolutionised the way I started training 7 years ago. At 33, I am far stronger and fitter than when I used to compete at ju jitsu for my university at 21-23 years of age. If only I knew then.
The VIDEO is something I should have bought years ago. Its HARD to understand everything from a book. I lived in Malaysia and am now in UAE - so I can't get to a seminar. The video is the closest thing. It is BRILLIANT. Buy it if you want serious results.
I reckon I'll be deadlifting more than 3 times my body weight before the end of the year is out (my "on" season target.
I wish you all the same success I've had with Pavel's training methods. Power to the people...

9/10 Powerlifting Eye Surgeon endorses Power to the People
By Johnny Gayton, M.D. / Warner Robins, GA USA

Pavel's information in Power to the People is beneficial even for experienced strength training athletes. I found many helpful pearls to increase my powerlifting totals even though I already hold many national and world powerlifting records and titles. I will be using his advice this month in competions. I especially liked his press, curl and deadlift tips. I strongly recommend Power to the People to increase your power.

10/10 This is an awesome workout.....
By Rooster / Folkston, Georgia

PTP is an awesome workout even though some may discourage folks from doing the deadlift. In my experience, the deadlift has taken away all of my lower back pain since I started this routine a few months ago. Believe me, a heavy deadlift, along with a challenging press, is all you need to gain overall strength in your body.

I know from experience! My shoulders, traps, arms, and legs are all tighter and harder; that's the tone Pavel speaks of in the book. And I've had some muscle growth as well, even though PTP isn't about gaining big muscles.

Be sure to incorporate cycling into your lifting routine. You'll experience even better results with it.

There is a section on the Bear routine that is for both strength and size. Like me, you'll probably want to do this, but I would encourage everyone to do PTP for a few months before going into the Bear.

Also, be sure to visit the forum. There's a whole internet community of lifters ready to answer questions, comment on your routines, or to just encourage and congratulate you no matter where you're at.

10/10 Skinny Strong
By warnerkallus / Boston, MA

I am not large, 6'2 165-170. I lift three times a week, for 20 minutes at a time, sometimes 30. I like to lift, but I am an attorney and haven't more time right now. When I began on Pavel's system, I could do 3 BW pull-ups.

Last night I got 2 great form Pull Up singles with 105 lb from a chain around my waist. I got there working 2 x 5, occasionally a couple weeks of 5,4,3, 2, 1, and then this last cycle 3 x 3. People take notice when you pull two wheels and an extra plate or two. It does not take time people, but it takes dedication, and it takes perseverence. Still, considering that I have been lifting year round for 16 years, and my pulling strength did not appreciable improve in the 10 years prior to checking out PTP, I would say to anyone checking this site that it is a great place to start. You will dispell myths and learn a minimum program for success.

7/10 Good DVD, but kind of short.
By Ark Sport / Beverly, USA

Definitely good DVD, but I'd expect to be it longer. So, that was a bit of disappointment.
Otherwise - good staff fro Russian comrade!

10/10 Phenomenal instructions on the basics
By Michael Hoffman / Kansas City, MO USA

This video was great. All the gents in my office try to curl the kettlebell on my desk. I could curl the 35 pounder once. After watching Pavel in this video, I tried it on my 44 pounder and it practically shot into my shoulder. In a day I could do two reps of 44 when I could barely finish one rep of the 35.

This video is effective. It provides a basis for any exercise that you want to use. I'm feeling better, sleeping better, and getting stronger by the day. Old school simplicity is beating the pants off the machines.

10/10 Basic...Simple...Effective
By Greg / Washington State

Basic...Simple...Effective. Isn't that what everyone wants in an exercise program? Isn't that everyone wants in most things in life? The saying of, "Keep it simple, stupid!" applies to me as a member of the male species and this policy of simplicity has always been effective for me. "Power to the People" effectively delivers that simplicity.

For the lack of a better analogy think of today's fitness industry when compared to today's automobile industry. These factories of fitness and transportation have created and promoted products that are, at best, overwhelming. Which machine do I use for this body part, how often and with how many reps? How many computer chips in my car do I have to replace to make the engine start?

I am not the most mechanical person, but for the purpose of fixing and improving an engine visualize opening the hood of one of today's automobiles versus opening the hood of a '56 Chevy pickup? It is overwhelming! With the cars of today it doesn't appear manageable and outside of our abilities and control.

I believe that there is a beauty in things that are basic...simple...effective, and that is what "Power to the People" provides. It gives you the basic, simple and effective tools to tune your body with a true sense of control and understanding of how to achieve your goals.

It is not that I and others were not exposed to this type of information earlier, but it has not been the continued focus of mass media as the "latest, greatest" silver bullet of strength training, fitness and conditioning. It should be... and over time, hopefully, more and more people will become aware of "Power to the People". I am only disappointed that I wasn't aware of this program earlier.

10/10 Excellent guide
By Robert / Al Taqaddum, Iraq

This DVD complements the book very well by giving examples of all of the techniqes.

10/10 A Must-Have!!
By Steve Sisk / Charlotte, NC

I bought the Power to the People book some time ago and assumed the DVD would just cover the same material. I was wrong on that one. This DVD covers a lot of new material not directly discussed in the book, in addition to a new perspective on a lot of the things presented in the book. Also present is Pavel's unique personality; he's in rare form in this video and as usual it only enhances the delivery and never distracts from the task at hand; namely manning you up and delivering great strength gains on a silver platter.

I really think that someone considering PTTP should buy both the book and dvd if it's a viable option for them; either is great as a stand alone but togethor they can't be beat. I've aquired a deeper understanding of strength training through the book, but viewing the video has really driven home some of the points that seemed abstract before. As with all of Pavel's products I've purchased so far, this item would be a bargain at any price.

4/10 somewhat dissappointed
By Joe Martin / San Antonio, TX

I have the book already and was expecting some clarification on some to the book's methods.

10/10 Simple, Effective, Perfect
By PTTP loyal party member / Mandeville, La.

I was a total HIT devotee for nearly 20 yrs before trying Power To The People. I now am a complete russian strength fanatic. All it takes is a barbell, 400lbs of plates, and a helluva lotta hard work. Whether your goal is pure strength or strength & size this books covers it & is all you need. I will never squat again now. I never would have considered the Deadlift before reading this incredible book.

10/10 A must
By Kyle Williams / Los Angeles, CA USA

You really need to see the form in the dvd, and for me, I really want the in depth info contained in the book. Perfect form is one of the most important things you can do. You will lift more, get bigger, and be able to do it for a long time because you won't hurt yourself IF, and only if, you use perfect form. This dvd will do that for you if you can't afford a world class power lifter to train you. Most personal trainers wouldn't know perfect form if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. Do it right or don't do it at all. This DVD helps a lot with that.

10/10 Look at my Muscles!!!
By Anonymous / Pasay City, Philippines


10/10 Highly Recommended!
By Anonymous / Canada

I brought my deadlift up 102 pounds in 8 weeks using Pavel's methods!

You will not regret this purchase, but you must follow it to the letter. Little equipment is required.

10/10 Fitness for the aging masses!
By Richard Peterson / Seattle, USA

This DVD was my introduction to Pavel and the Russian Strength techniques. The tip on "crushing the bar" and tightening up my body helped me increase the weight lifted by 20 lbs in just 2 days. At 56 years of age I am delighted to discover the means to functional fitness and the independence of strentgh and flexibility. No need to grow old and weak. No need to hang out at the gym or "muscle beach" for hours each day to gain the lean muscle mass and overall fitness needed--Power to the People!

9/10 Meat And Potatoes of training
By Lewis Turney / Edmond, USA

Pavel cuts through all the hype and propaganda of the magazines and people selling supplements and just lays out a basic progressive plan for building serious size and strength. This is the way all the old school bodybuilders and strongmen trained and got impressive results before steroids. All you need is a barbell, although some type of power rack or squat stands would be helpful. Excellent quality of sound and video. DVD is very easy to use to navigate through different sections.

10/10 Its makes sense
By Chad Talaik / Sacramento, CA, USA

Over the last 10 years I really tried to keep my ears open to enhance and build on the tools that I know work for me. This is one of those additions and lesson that has reenergized my mind and energy to work toward needs gains and a better focus on balancing life.




10/10 "Dead Lifts are to Leg Strength what Kettlebell Snatches are to Shoulder Strength"
By Steve Baccari, RKC, Boxing Coach, and / Co-author: Power Behind the Punch. Boston, MA USA

That's what one of the professional boxers I work with, Jimmy "The Dream" LeBlanc, had to say about Pavel's Power to the People Program.

The other incredible thing about this abbreviated program is that Jimmy's legs continue to feel rock solid even 8 & 10 rounds into a professional fight.

Shaun "Big Trouble" Creegan had similar things to say about Pavel's program.

10/10 fat loss is easy on this program
By Anonymous / Riverview, Florida United States

shed fat without effort on this program. lost 30 lbs in 4 weeks. buddy let me borrow his dvd, and wants it back. i've ordered my own copy - i watch it every day!

10/10 Very Powerful!!
By Hope Johnson / anaheim, California United States

This video is easily worth several times its asking price. These are the real secrets to unlock your strength potential.

I am a 31 y.o., 123 lb female, and my deadlift has gone from 65 to 125 in 10 days. I feel much stronger than before - not bulky or heavy - just strong.

My husband has also been following the program and he couldn't be more thrilled(not to mention, he looks pretty damn hot!).

Thank you so much and I wish you the best of luck. There are so many loser fitness authors out there, but you are the real deal!!!

10/10 Great Strength Gains with PTP
By Wyldman / KC, KS

I started using the PTP program about 6 weeks ago, and the results for me have been phenomenal. I have been lifting quite a while, so I have been pleasantly suprised at the gains I have made - 50 lbs on the deadlift and 35 lbs on the bench press. I wholly recommend Power to the People!

10/10 A MUST have for your training library!
By Michael Abril / Clovis, New Mexico

Power To The People! Cuts through all the nonsense that the mainstream muscle magazines feed you. With just the Side Press and the Deadlift my strength and musculature took leaps and bounds. My gains were not beginner's gains by any means; I had been lifting 21 years by the time I tried PTP. Excellent book. If you are serious about strength training and want the most return on your precious time and effort, this is a book for you.

5/10 Very useful contents, but the message is quite limited for a full DVD
By Torsten Pedersen / Denmark

I found Pavel's techniques very useful, and I've already benefited from using them. However, I think it's stretching things quite a bit to make this a full DVD. I can't help feeling that the main message of this DVD could have been delivered in 5 mins.

10/10 Do This!!
By Keith Pranklin / London, England

I was looking for a programme to gain muscle in the shortest time. I had ued ETK previously and wanted to cycle it with a different routine. I decided to do the Bear from PTTP. Two exercises, twice a week. Very simple but so effective!
I've only been on the programme for 3 weeks as I write this and I've aded six pounds of muscle already, not to mention the strength gains which appear to just keep going up.
An excellent, simple and very effective routine. If you want strength and size, get PTTP and Do This!!!!

10/10 its fresh
By Georell / Willow Grove, PA USA

i think it helps out a lot. its not like hes speaking in another language. everything is plain and simple, it helped me.

10/10 health
By i lke muscles / jackson, u.s.

Muscle building is not easy. If it was, everyone you know would be 250lbs of pure muscle. Muscle building takes time and effort, and if you aren't willing to dedicate your time and put in extreme amounts of effort, then you are wasting your time. However, if you fully understand the amount of dedication that is needed, then read it. henrymaquli

10/10 Great resource on tension, deadlifting
By Riker / Taylorsville, KY

This is top-notch stuff. The information on tension and on the deadlift is priceless, a perfect companion to the book. Implementing just one of the tension techniques improved my deadlift and will continue to do so as I learn how to better implement these useful thing. The review might have been a 10 but for the inclusion of the press. This is likely my own bias though, as I have never felt comfortable pressing, and this style is not for me. Kettlebells are taking care of that, a la Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell book.

For the deadlift (and surely for the press as well) this video is priceless. Well, it's about forty bucks...But worth every penny!

10/10 results for the bear
By ali / england

14 lbs gained in 12 weeks, nuff said, bear workout delivers.

10/10 Awesome DVD that makes you think constantly!!!!!
By Donna McMahon / Long Island, New York, USA

I have learned to improve my power and my posture with Pavel's Techniques. I constantly remind myself to tighten up whenever strength training. I see how important hard muscle contraction is. I learned that low reps several times throughout the day is much more affective than high rep sets. I know the secrets Pavel has shared on this DVD will stay with me forever!


10/10 Must have complement to the book!
By Gary N. Kitchen / Spanish Fork, Utah USA

This DVD is awesome, fun, full of great ideas and clarifies a lot of things found in the book "Power to the People." It is a must have complement for the book. Dragon Door has created a great product and great value. I am an enthusiastic promoter of the book and DVD!

This stuff really works. I am 57 years old and have been actively working out most of my life. I have also done a lot of reading about building strength. I have a strong background in research and have never been satisfied with "the junk" I have read in books and journals. That all changed when I started reading Pavel's work. I knew right away that I was on to something good and he is fun to read.

My experience in industrial research told me that Pavel uses good theory and he always has immediate ways to demonstrate the value of the theory. His discussion and application of "The Law of Irradiation" validated my gut feeling that Pavel knows his stuff. Strength gains and progress have never been so fast. In the last two months I have added 100 pounds to my dead lift and 150 pounds to my health lift and I have been adding weight very slowly keeping a focus on "safety first," "greasing the groove," and "practice not workout."

Over the 4th of July weekend, I found an unexpected pay off. We went canoeing and swimming in a reservoir. Past experience told me I would be tired because I have not been swimming for months and haven't been in a canoe for almost a year. I never got tired nor sore and I took my 10 year old son on a three to four mile canoe ride. Instead of getting tired, the more I stroked, the stronger I felt. It was awesome!!! Pavel knows his stuff! I am having more fun learning and doing Power to the People practices than I have ever had in a gym. Sore muscles, sore joints and workouts are history!!! Fun and Power are the future. I see people on the street and they say, "You look great, what are you doing?" My 10 year old son told his mom after our canoe ride, "Mom, look at Dad, he looks like the Russian." What a complement and testimony that "Power to the People" delivers.

10/10 Superb
By Philip M. / VA



10/10 Weak Man Learns How to Get Strong
By Andy McCown / Oxford, MS USA

I gave up on weights a while ago because the amount I could lift never any to be proud of, even after months of training. I am a string bean, you see. I have been sticking to pull-ups and dips and other bodyweight exercises, because I have always been able to excel at endurance. This was all well and good, but I got bored.
I found the Dragon Door website while I was looking for more challenging bodyweight excersises, and I stumbled on an advert for Pavel's PTP video. I bought it, an olympic bar, and some weight. On the first day I was able, without cheating, to lift weight that took me months of training to work up to before. I am hooked! I am confident that my prior strength boundaries will be shattered, and I can't wait to see what kettlebells are all about.

10/10 For the People
By Simply, You have to do it which equals results. / Fort Bragg, NC.

I had a problem with pull-ups in Airborne School and a fellow airborne student (Who is now in US Special Forces Qualification Course AKA "Q" Course) mentioned an article that was written about pull-ups. The more upper body strength you have the easier it is for us to pull our slips to potentially land softer. Sometimes we are holding in the up position for up to 40 thing led to another researching the source and there it was; Power to the People and the Naked Warrior. After I barley graduated jump school, 3 months later I gave it a diligent try. In 2 weeks I went from barley 3 to now 10 holding 1 second pull-ups! My push-ups and sit-ups too! Keep in mind, they are real POWER Pull-ups. Not the cheating squirming ones or the not all the way down / up ones either. (They do not count when you take your pre-test for Special Forces or Ranger School. Not to mention you have no POWER/ Strength behind them) this book speaks for itself..., of the people, for the people, by the people... More or less (Depending on your dedication and determination) Power to the People! 82nd Airborne! Thank you, Comrade Tsatsouline.

10/10 Amazing Stuff!!
By Chai Lee / Auckland, New Zealand

I had been weightlifting for a while when i first stumbled across '' and decided to order 'Power to the People'. My deadlift had been stuck at a paltry 308lbs for a long time due to lack of knowledge about how to train properly. With Pavels 'Power to the People' i was able to surpass that and hit a double bodyweight deadlift of 400lbs. 'Power to the People' is the ultimate resource for the strength enthusiast!!

10/10 Excellent
By Craig ( AKA ) K iwi / Waikanae New Zealand

I have not watched the video I did how ever purchase your book power to the people of trade me in New Zealand. I kick box and also study hapkido in melbourne Australia were I first read about Pavel Tastsouline and tried to put a program together. I finally have found the Holy Grail with all the information I need on the exercises I will need to reach my goals. The only down fall with this book is there is no routine or work out sheets that I can find. If anyone has this knowledge on how to put these valuable exercises together it would be greatly recieved


Craig (aka) KIWI

10/10 Great DVD!
By John G. Warren / Louisville, Kentucky, United States

I've never been disappointed with Pavel's Material! His DVD's are top notch and easy to understand. I'm already noticing my muscles increasing in size with using the techniques in this DVD, and it's only been a few weeks. Great addition to my workout collection!

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