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10/10 A Man for All Ages
By Mary Cook / Cashion, USA

My daughter, who was visiting us in Oklahoma, wanted to get a session with an RKC instructor while she was here and persuaded me to go with her. Dustin was able to quickly assess some of her shoulder issues and gave her some ideas to work on and showed her a new way to work on pull ups. My other daughter and I were total beginners, but he guided us through some strength and flexibility exercises and then to my amazement even had me lifting a kettlebell. He was positive and encouraging and totally knowledgeable about anatomy and flexibility. Even though I'm not an athlete, I am enthusiastic about seeing Dustin again and working to retain flexibility and strength as I get older. Anyone could benefit from even one session with Dustin.

10/10 Exemplary Human Being
By Matt Mitchell / Rockwall, TX, USA

I have known Dustin for a little more than a year--he hosted the Edmond, OK HKC I attended in 2010. In that time, I have come to know him as not only one of the best teachers I have had, but also as one of the most selfless, positive, encouraging people I am able to call 'friend'.

When you train with Dustin, you are truly getting a personal experience and not a typical workout. When I struggled to pass the RKC snatch test, Dustin guided me physically and mentally, as he realized the power my imagination held and how I could harness that to my benefit. Over Thanksgiving 2011, I met with Dustin, attempted the snatch test, and once more came up short. He put me through a pretty intense snatch training session and then we put the kettlebells down and talked--philosophy, literature, science, film, family, and psychology.

Forty eight hours later I passed the snatch test.

If you ever have the opportunity to work with this man, you should seize it and count yourself lucky to have been fortunate enough to learn from him. Dustin doesn't teach you kettlebells--he uses kettlebells as tools to help you unlock your full potential in life.

10/10 Special Operations
By Drew Jones / Piedmont, US

I am a soldier in army special operations and I can tell you that the kettlebell workout is by far the best total workout I have ever done. I attribute this to my instructor Dustin. He truly enjoys teaching kettlebells and other fitness classes. I am stronger now at 34 than I was at 24. I have fewer aches and pains now than when I started. For me it is a life change and a necessity of my job. We even use them at my unit as part of crossfit. I cannot recommend Dustin highly enough to anyone interested in kettlebells. From first timer to advanced he can teach you how to do it and keep it fun. He will make the weak strong, and the strong, stronger.

De Oppresso Liber

10/10 Team Leader? YES!
By Tim McPhee RKC II / Rochester, MN

I recently assisted at the RKC on 29 April. I was assigned to Team Rip. From the beginning I was impressed with Rip's organization. He was always well prepared in advance. If something came up at the last minute, there was no drama, just a " This is what we're gonna do." When questioned about technique, the answers were right there; no " Um, well, um ..." My weekend as an assistant was a great opportunity to observe leadership first hand. In summary, when I hear the phrase, " Still waters run deep", Dustin Rippetoe comes to mind.

By Penelope Ramirez RKC / San Antonio, Texas

I had the wonderful experience of having Dustin as my HKC instuctor and my RKC Team Leader. His calm and strong presence helped settle my nervous energy and absorb so much of what he was teaching I felt extremely blessed to have someone like him training me. His obvious belief and deep knowledge of the principles of the RKC system is easily felt and transmitted through his teaching and training ethic; It will take me many moons to absorb everything I have learned. He is a shining example of the RKC.

10/10 Quiet Strength
By Thayne Shatah RKC II, CFT, Neuromuscular Therapist / Tampa, FL

I had the pleasure of working with Dustin at the April 2011 RKC in St.Paul. He is a mighnty leader who leads by example and sets the standard of training to the highest level. He is what being a Team Leader is all about in the RKC. His knowledge base and passion for kettlebell training is surperb. I highly recommend Dustin to anyone who is looking to step up the're training and take it to the next level. Thank You Dustin for an awesome experience! Go team Ripp! Train Hard, Train Smart!

10/10 A genuine gift as a performance coach
By Todd Stebleton / Minneapolis,MN

Dustin has the intangibles. His keen eye and style of communication provide any client, at any level, to swiftly develop a greater sense of physical awareness providing more strength, endurance, and mobility INSTANTLY. As a RKC myself, I'm very picky, some would say judgmental, when it comes to assessing other trainers. Dustin sets a high bar for all other trainers to follow. His accomplishments are no accident.

10/10 Team Rip Rocks
By Steve McKanna / Rhode Island

I was a member of team Rippetoe at the April RKC in St. Paul. I met Dustin at the meet and greet on thursday evening and immediately was put at ease and felt reasonably at ease. As the weekend progressed Dustin turned out to be an amazing illustration of quiet strength. His knowledge, his command and his delivery were so proffessional that I realized that I was learning in spite of my fear and eventually my fear was replaced with confidence. I am 56 years old and have not been challenged like this in a very long time, being a member of team Rip made all the difference for me!

10/10 Love his Passion!
By LeAnn Richardson / Norman, OK

I spent two hours with Dustin last year and learned so much that today I took a friend with me for a lesson. Dustin plays to your strengths and helps downplay any "lessor strengths".. I find it amazing that he can give you just the right skill building exercise to correct a problem in form. His knowledge and passion for kettlebell take even a beginner (like me) and someone who's never even seen a kettlebell (my friend) and give us a safe and effective practice to improve our health. He is all about practicing health and not just throwing big weights to workout! I can't say enough positive things about Dustin!

10/10 AMAZING Instructor
By Melissa Stutzman / Edmond, OK

I have had the great privilege of being introduced to kettlebell training by Dustin. I really look forward to every class because I know I will leave with increased flexibility, strength, stamina, and most importantly, knowledge. I am constantly impressed with Dustin's in-depth knowledge of the discipline , as well as his passion for teaching others. The true test of a person's understanding of a subject is teaching it, and he is a top-notch teacher. Every time I train with Dustin, he finds new ways to demonstrate concepts, and can consistently suggest personalized drills and pointers that help me improve. Sometimes I am utterly amazed at the muscle "connections" I'm able to make with his advice. I never expected to enjoy kettlebell training so much, but thanks to a great instructor, I do.

10/10 Amazing Class
By Jesse Cargill / Edmond, OK

I absolutely loved this class. The step by step instruction of the techniques and the reasoning behind what we were doing was awesome. I was amazed at the difference just one class made in my flexibility! I can't wait to do more.

By Shamaria E. / Edmond, Ok.

I have learned so much in such little time. Dustin is one of the best instructors i have ever had. Very good at explaining in detail and breaking it down for the people that need help and correcting the little things so we dont end up hurting are selfs. I hope to learn alot more from him. Thank you

10/10 Wonderful Teacher
By Kristy / Edmond, OK

Dustin is a GREAT teacher. He is very pateint and explains things very well. I never thought I would love lifting weights of any kind but I look forward to his class every week. I have learned so much that not only helps me in his class but how I carry myself outside of class. Dustin is the BEST.

10/10 Explosive Power
By Bill D. / Edmond OK

Being a Martial Artist I have had the pleasure of training with many great instructors from various disciplines. Dustin Rippetoe is right up there with the best of class. Dustin went to great lengths to put everything in to terms that related to my discipline, and how the proper use of my core working with the right breathing could dramatically increase my power. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

10/10 Quality Instruction
By Chris Mason / Wichita, KS

Dustin Rippetoe is a very good teacher. I drove over four hours round trip for a two hour lesson with Dustin. It was well worth the time, and the money I paid. His instruction was clear, concise and most importantly....accurate and helpful.

10/10 12 out of 10 stars
By Marcus Hooper RKC / Nashville , TN

I love Mr. RIPPETOE! I have worked with Mr. Rippetoe at numerous workshops, certs or any time I have the chance and from the first time I meet him his knowledge, passion and incite, whether it be KB or life, has always been a goal of mine to achieve. I've never had a workout with him that I didnt walk away enlightened from the mind of RIPPETOE!!!!!!

10/10 Awesome!
By Dawne Taylor / Summit, MS

Whew! Just the snapshot of information I was able to obtain from Dustin during HKC training in Oklahoma will keep me busy for a long while. :) His keen eye for technique and sharp skills for correcting and improving mobility pattern was awesome to say the least. I have not only improved because of his insightful teaching techniques and recommendations, but I have been able to apply the information with my clients. Awesome and looking forward to learning even more from you! :)

10/10 Fantastic Instructor
By Darren Schlechter / Sioux Falls, SD USA

I attended the HKC workshop in MN in the end of July. I cant even begin to explain all the things I learned. Dustin had a great way of pulling me aside to offer instruction and advice. A certain "no nonsense" kind of way that I found to be very effective. And in turn, I have made the best attempts to use a similar fashion while training my clients.
The fact that Mr. Rippetoe could observe my techniques, and offer assistance that was practical, and immediately made a difference. I cant think of any other word besides FANTASTIC that describes him, his knowledge, and his way of teaching.

10/10 Extremely Knowledgeable
By Andy Tschetter / Yukon, OK

Dustin took time out of his day to give me the best kettlebell instruction I have received. Very personable. His corrective tips were a huge help for me in my training.

9/10 Fantastic Instructor
By Adam Kemmerly / Stillwater, OK

I had the opportunity to be introduced to RKC Kettlebell techniques from Dustin at the August NSCA OK State Clinic. I found Dustin be a good instructor and coach. His verbal cues during hands on training were easily understood so that corrections in form and technique could be quickly made. Even though there was a fairly large group, a limited amount of time during his presentation, and several of KB exercises to teach Dustin was able to keep his "coach's eye" on the whole group and personally assist with corrections.

My only complaints are that he doesn't speak loud enough at all times, and he really could have used 3 hours instead of a little over 1 1/2.

10/10 True Professional
By Jaqui Barrow / Flower Mound, TX.

Dustin was a true professional when I asked for his help in prepping for the HKC. He spent ample time with me, assesed me with the CK-FMS and worked thru some instabilities I have. Also, he helped me to overcome my biggest obstacle, the bent arm hang. He is very knowledgable with the mind/body connection and had me '99% there' after just 3 sets, incredible. Dustin took the time to review my swing, squat, and get up, all required moves for the HKC. After a few tweaks to my movement pattern I improved in all three areas. He then added 'layers' of movement to my existing workout, making it more complex and challenging. In just 3 hours, Dustin completely changed how I view the kettlebell workout, the process, and the movement involved with it. 5 weeks til my HKC Cert and I'm ready. Thanks Dustin!

10/10 Thanks Dustin
By Aaron A. Baulch / Tulsa, Oklahoma

After spending twenty years in the fitness industry and attending countless seminars and workshops throughout those years, I found Dustin and his knowlege of the art of kettlebells to be incredibly motivating. His vast knowlege of his craft and his ability to present it is excellent. I look forward to further instruction and guidance from Dustin at an upcoming HKC and as I begin to prepare for the RKC in 2011.

9/10 Great presentation
By Clint Howard / Tulsa, OK

I thought Dustin did a great job of explaining and teaching kettlebell techniques. He's very informative, sincere, and passionate when he leads his workshop and I learned some great tips, techniques, and cues from him that I didn't know before. Overall, I was very pleased with the information and hands-on experience I received from Dustin!

10/10 Dustin Is A Great Teacher!
By Ron Davis,RKC;CSCS;NSCA-CPT / Tulsa,Oklahoma

We are so fortunate to have such great RKC people in Oklahoma.I have got to know Dustin in the last year.He a great teacher.He is so knowledgeable and so approachable.That must be a trademark with the RKC!Thanks for all your help Dustin.Thanks for hosting RKC events in Oklahoma.

10/10 Quiet Strength
By Eric Skinner, RKC / Oklahoma City, OK

One of the things that I admire most about Dustin is his humility. He exemplifies quiet strength. We in the OKC area are very fortunate to have such a great mind who is willing help you in anyway that he can. Dustin is committed to making the lives of everyone around him better. In October 2009, he hosted a "Beyond the Basics" workshop with Master instructors O'Connor & Whitley. Talk about life changing experiences...I will never forget it. Dustin provides you with a path, all you have to do is stay on it.

Dustin was a critical component in my successful completion of my RKC certification. I attended an HKC workshop with Dustin & Master Engum a couple of weeks prior. I believe this gave me a competitive advantage at the RKC. I was extremely well prepared & many instructors commented on it. I can't say thanks enough. If you are seeking to improve your skills in strength, conditioning, mobility, or personal development than Dustin is your guy.

10/10 Incredible Instructor
By Paul Britt, RKC / Rockwall, Texas

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and train under Dustin at the Ft. Worth HKC. It was by far one of my most enjoyable experiences in the kettlebell commumnity. Dustin is a warrior and a scholar. He imparts his knowledge with the deep understanding of why we are training. I found that he is an encyclopedia of RKC tools and tactics and he freely shares that knowledge.

Dustin was able to point me in the right direction to fix restrictions that I have. He made a few corrections on my Get Ups and literally changed the way I view them. They have always been a favorite exercise, but now I understand why we perfom the technique.

If you have the chance to train with Dustin, take it! It is worth the time and effort.

10/10 Excellent!
By Jeffrey Martin / Austin, TX

A great instructor and a great guy. His is especially a wealth of knowledge on the get-up, which is also a favorite of mine. I really appreciated all of the tips he gave me at the HKC and the RKC prep.

10/10 Simple is not so simple, heavy however, is easy
By Marc A Howard, RKC / Oklahoma City

Dustin found me through the DD website. We and other OKC RKC's and KB interested folks in OKC had dinner. Then Dustin hosted a weekend with Jeff O'connor and David Whitley. After awakening me to the reality that being an RKC doesn't mean that i know anything that weekend; I have since begun to have Dustin train me with CK-FMS screens and ideas, as well as some Z-Health concepts.

I now feel confident that we will defeat most (if not all) of my Disfunction, so that I can perform at an RKC or better level in my training, my clients' training, and in my sports (Volleyball and martial arts).

Dustin is excellent at finding the language to guide me to a better understanding of my disfunction, the path to correcting that disfunction, and the path to improve on those things at which I am already fully functioning.

I look forward to working on becomming a CK-FMS myself this May, and fully expect Dustin's help will be why I can get all the work done well and in a timely fashion in order to achieve that new (for me) certifiation and any future ones, like RKC II, Z-Health and Indian Clubs.

10/10 Class asset!
By Haley Estes / Claude, Tx

Dustin assisted with a recent HKC course I attended. He provided a great amount of assistance and technique tips/corrections that corrected the issues I was having. He did a great job working with all of us in the class, and he obviously has done his homework. Dustin is a great instructor and was an asset to the class.

By Randy Brady / Edmond, OK

I was a 280 lb. couch potato whose activity level was almost 0. I told Dustin my goal was to increase my flexibility and accomplish daily activities without pain. Dustin has been training me for just over a month now and I am already seeing positive results from the training. His training has focused on my doing the exercises correctly and not just the number of reps I can achieve. Unlike other typical gym training I have done in the past, Dustin's approach keeps me motivated to do the exercises at home and look forward to each training session.

He has shown the patients to work with someone at my level of inactivity and he is helping me move again. I am moving more every week with less and less pain. I am amazed with the results I already see and feel.

Anyone who has tried typical gym training needs to talk with Dustin. If he can get me moving and seeing results, imagine what he could do for you.

10/10 Super Instructor!!!!
By PenelopeRamirez / San Antonio, Texas

I was so thankful that Dustin was there to help guide me through the HKC at Lonestar kettlebell in Lubbock, Texas. His constant professional observations and form corrections were instrumental in my success. He has a calm yet demanding manner in instructing that gave me the confidence to keep pushing and thinking about every movement I was trying to improve. Dustin is a wonderful example of what the RKC has to offer anyone looking for an instructor with volumes of knowledge and the natural ability to teach it.

By Scott McCoy / Dallas, TX

I attended the first Texas HKC in Lubbock, TX on January 23, 2010 at Jason Marshall's Lonestar Kettlebells. Dustin was one of the RKCs (RKC II) that was there providing the most professional instruction that I've ever received. Dustin advised me on some very subtle changes, whether it was a slight adjustment of hand or foot position, moving the knee to open the hip, and these made a tremendous improvement in my performance and understanding of the movement. Dustin's advice definitely contributed to my success in becoming an HKC Instructor.
I highly recommend Dustin to anyone that wants to take their training to a higher level.

10/10 Thanks for pushing me through HKC
By Robert Brody / Oklahoma City

I would not have dreamed I could have made it through HKC without your encouragement and continued mentoring. I probably would have put off testing forever if you did not push me in that direction. I know you would not have done so if I was not ready and thanks to you I am moving forward, growing and learning more every day.


10/10 Wow!
By Tony / Oklahoma City,Ok

Dustin is an excellent kettle bell instructor, but he also teaches more than just KB's. He teaches form, technique and ways of strength. In order to prepare for the KB's, Dustin makes sure that your body is ready by testing it. After two sessions, I feel more "grounded" and stronger, I would suggest contacting Dustin if you are interested in getting fit and strong.

10/10 Hardstyle!!! What else needs to be said?
By Robert Brody / Oklahoma City, OK

I am fairly new to KB's but not to the fitness industry. I am a certfied personal trainer and looking to expand my knowledge. I met Dustin at the Way of Strength seminar in October in OKC. I have limited experience with KB's. After talking to Dustin I decided to take some private lessons from him to help me get ready for HKC. After my initial screening we went right to work and after just a couple of sessions my Swings have greatly improved. I learned that a swing is Not just a swing. I will continue to use Dustin to guide me through HKC and then RKC in the future. Dustin teaches in a way that makes understanding and doing much easier.

10/10 A Gifted Teacher
By Anthony McCarty / Dallas, TX

I've done martial arts for 16 yrs, but after working with Dusty over the period of a couple months and practicing what he has shown me, I've seen dramatic changes in the flexibility of my hips and my back. Now, at 32, I'm more flexible in my hips now than when I was 18. He is a gifted teacher and athlete, and has a unique gift when it comes to communicating and listening to his clients. Highly recommended.

10/10 Motivating, Thorough, and Red
By Name withheld / Moore, OK

I spent a mere three hours with Dustin and obtained enough "mental fodder" to last several months. Dustin's understanding of complex movements is unquestionable, while his ability to break those same movements down into easily digestible pieces is definitely one of his strong suits. If you're in the Oklahoma area and are even remotely interested in training (practicing) with kettlebells it would be wrong not to give Dustin a call!!!

10/10 A true warrior
By Dennis Frisch, RKC / Denmark

At this year's CK-FMS I had the pleasure of spending 4 days in the Dustin's company. At first sight Dustin is the redneck incarnate. My European prejudices was quickly put to shame though since Dustin proved to be extremely friendly, humble, intelligent and knowleable to boot. Our conversations ranged from the intricacies of the Hardstyle and CK-FMS philosophy to martial arts and holistic living.

I would love to have Dustin as my coach, so far I will have to settle having him as my friend. Should you find yourself in the vicinity of Dustin and/or his facility please take advantage of the opportunity to train with one of the very best.

10/10 The total package!
By Jessica Fazio / Oklahoma City, OK

I've been working out with Dustin for a few months now. His excitement and passion for kettle-bells and for teaching these techniques to others is motivating and inspiring. When I started working out with him I had just come off a radical diet for which I was still doing "maintenance" and monitoring my food intake. Dustin took extra care with making sure that the exercise program he designed for me was compatible. He is very conscious about each student's needs, desires, and concerns. Safety is ALWAYS his number one priority. He also takes the time to explain why and how kettle-bell techniques affect your body. This helps in performing the techniques correctly, and also aids in keeping us safe. If you have the opportunity to workout with or take a class from Dustin, don't let it pass you by! The experience is rewarding in more ways than can possibly be captured in words.

9/10 Big, Bad and in the know
By JWood RKC / Denver, CO

I first meet Dustin at the OCT 08 RKC. I was assisting Team Ron Morris, Dustin was assisting Pavel, and needless to say we were both pretty nervous. Throughout the weekend Dustin never played favorites, was never afraid to say what need to be said and most importantly was never unprofessional with the students. Dustin???s vast knowledge of Kettlebells and Martial Arts make him the go to guy for anyone looking to not only be a better Kettlebell lifter but be a better person as well???.let him show you the way of strength. Jwood RKC

10/10 Strength through Knowledge
By Brett Windom / Tuttle, OK USA

Dustin is AWESOME.. That aside he is a very mindful teacher. He has the ability to energize people and help build them up. His knowledge of martial arts shows as he teaches you about how the body works and shows you how you can do things you never thought possible. Working out with Dustin has truly been an honor and I always look forward to getting together with him for greater in lighting and energizing. His knowledge and love of Kettlebells shows as he takes you through a workout. He is always willing to listen to your concerns and show you little things to help you ???Be Safe-be strong???.

If you ever have the chance to work out and study with Dustin, you should! Many of us may never meet a more devoted and honest teacher than Dustin. And if you are lucky you may get to learn from Ryan Costello also.

10/10 Sean Schniederjan
By Sean Schniederjan / St. Paul, MN USA

I was thankful to have Dustin as an assistant team leader at the RKC. He could always pick out breakdowns in your form but did so in an encouraging way. The man is very knowledgable about using kettlebells safely to exceed what you think are your limits. Next time I'm down in Oklahoma I will look him up to train with him.

10/10 Passion, Commitment, and Expertise!
By Christopher Martire / Oklahoma City, OK USA

I work out with Dustin at least once a week. He is very conscientious of his students needs. Dustin fashions each workout to the individual student. He is very knowledgable, and seeks with each workout to accumulate additional knowledge. Dustin always strives for excellence in his teaching and his passion for the subject is deffinitely noticable in each and every aspect of his instruction.

I enjoy learning the techniques from Dustin. I would recommend Dustin to anyone that is interested in a Kettlebell exercise program.

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Steve Ruiz / Edmond, OK

Dustin has a keen eye for proper Kettelbell technique. He is not only an excellent instructor he is also an excellent student -- he is always learning and pushing himself to be better at his craft. I look forward to many training sessions with Dustin as I know he is always striving for improvment, not only in his students, but in himself. That desire for excellence sets him apart as an instructor with unsurpassed integrity. I can highly recommend Dustin as Kettlebell instructor.

10/10 I Recommend Dustin Rippetoe
By Chris Pollock / Oklahoma City, OK USA

I work out with Dustin on a regular basis. He makes sure that every workout is a drive to perfection for both himself and for those who work out with him. He is disciplined and committed to bringing out of all of our best at each meeting. One thing that I have have noticed about Dustin and I hope to get from him is his life-long commitment to be a student of whatever he is doing. When he is instructing he is constantly trying to learn from from those to whom he is giving instruction.

I would recommend Dustin as a Kettlebell instructor. He will be committed to bringing out the best in each person he instructs.

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Ryan Costello / Oklahoma City, OK

Dustin Rippetoe is a great RKC for several reasons. One, he is very patient in his instruction to make sure your fundamentals are solid. After I had the basics down he was able to give me a lot of effective methods for cleaning up and improving my technique. Second, he has a very deep understanding of all the KB techniques he teaches and strength in general. He is very good at teaching a technique in a way that makes sense to the student. One of the reasons I use KB's is to help with martial art training. If there is a new KB technique that I'm having trouble with, he will find a way to relate it to my martial art training so that I can look at it in a new way that is easier for me to understand. Lastly, he has a great attitude. Huge ego's are pretty common in the realm of martial arts instruction and weight lifting. Dustin has the skill and confidence to teach effectively while still being humble. This is the sign of a great instructor. I highly recommend Dustin Rippetoe to anyone who is interested in getting into KB's.

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