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9/10 Just what I was looking for
By Tom Gally / Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

I had been trying for some time to find a freestanding apparatus for pull-ups and dips that I could install in my home. I had been thinking of getting a power rack, but the ones available in Japan where I live were expensive and not quite what I needed. (I don't lift weights.)

As soon as I saw this Bodyweight Master Free Standing Pull Up Bar in a video by Al Kavadlo, I immediately ordered one (even though the shipping to Japan was more than the cost of the device!). It arrived a week later, and it is exactly what I wanted. The assembly instructions were clear and the assembly went smoothly (two adults are necessary, as the instructions say).

I look forward to using it in my workout every day. The apparatus is more solid and stable than I had expected, and it works well with pull-ups, dips, and leg raises. I was able to adjust the crossbar to a height that is just perfect for my own height and the height of the ceiling.

As noted in the description, it cannot be used with suspension devices, swinging, or other moves that create a lot of lateral momentum, as the device itself will slide across the floor. (I haven't bolted it to the floor, and I probably won't.)

If I had any suggestions for improvement so far, they would be these: I wish it had come with two wrenches that fit the bolts exactly; I had to buy two adjustable wrenches, and it was a bit awkward tightening the bolts with them. (People who are used to using such tools will have fewer problems than I did.) Also, I wish the assembly diagram had been a larger and easier for my aging eyes to read.

Other than that, I am very, very happy with this, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a freestanding indoor bodyweight apparatus.

10/10 Bodyweight Master Free Standing Pullup Bar
By Patrick Brunetti / Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Truly a great piece of equipment. Versatile and the most solid free standing bar I've found. You can do all types of pullups, muscle ups, and the great human flag. Set for multiple heights it's easy to use. Love the dip set up also.
If your looking for a complete piece of bodyweight equipment this is it.

10/10 Exceeded my expectations!!
By Bob Abraham / San Diego, CA, USA

The Bodyweight Master Pull-Up Bar is a fantastic addition to any gym, home or otherwise. Solid, solid construction - ready for years of use and abuse. The roughened bar surface helps you get a good grip for a few extra reps. And, icing on the cake - you can quickly change the pull-up bar to a dip station. Nothing but positives to state about this piece of equipment.

10/10 Amazing!!
By David Fumero / LA, CA, USA

Combined with kettlebells, complete home gym!

10/10 The best pull up bar on the market
By Shari Wagner / Denver, CO, United States

I have wanted this pull up bar since I played with it at the Dragon Door Health and Strength Conference. It was so well made, and such a smart design. It's versatility is like nothing else out there on the market, and I had shopped around quite a bit. It's sturdy, yet doesn't take up a lot of room. It truly has it all.

9/10 FANTASTIC purchase
By Dr. Alexander Ginzburg / Northbrook, ILLINOIS, USA

The item matches it's description perfectly - and DragonDoor fully delivers. Assembly was not as terrifying as it would seem - thanks for the multiple customer videos on YouTube (not the written instructions). The versatility for positions of various pull-ups and dips is stunning, and does allow for most of Kavadlo brothers and Paul Wade's work now to BE attempted at home (or office).
As a chiropractor, I actually purchased the unit as an experiment to have an in office sturdy frame to be used in conjunction with inversion boots....and though the frame is sturdy, so far we have been unsuccessful as the bar itself is too thick for the hooks on the really old boots - but hey, it wasn't intended for this! The hooks on newer boots should fit - but I am sure manufacturers would warn against this as this was not the intended NOR SAFE ACTIVITY on this bar.
The only reason I scored a 9 out of 10 is because of the finish of the item - it's a bit rough, but again, otherwise the price could have been triple that it is.

9/10 Super estable muy bien construido AAAA+++++
By Jesus Rodriguez / Lacey, Washington, United States

El equipo llego rapido a mi casa. La caja no es la mejor pero todo estaba bien cuando lo abri. Para montarlo use el video que ellos tienen en youtube. Todos los attachment que trae son fabulosos , puedes hacer muchos diferentes ejercicios . El tubo de hacer pos pullup es un poco grueso y un poco aspero pero overall hace bien el trabajo . Buen servicio al cliente .
Recomiendo este equipo muy bieno . Si lo comparas con otros pullup bar es un poco costoso pero tienes la opcion de adaptarlo a tu altura (suburlo y bajarlo).

Gracias dragondoor por este excelente producto !!! :-)

8/10 Body Weight Master Review
By Jerry Madson / Fair Oaks, CA, USA

This is a good unit ...well designed and pretty cool with the added ability to do the neutral grip pull ups as well as Australian pull ups and bar dips. I did make a personal modification to the primary bar at the top. I extracted 1 1/4" powder-coated bar and replaced with galvanized 1" bar. I was able to do this work as I have welder and necessary tools. I prefer a smaller diameter bar and also do not care for the rougher powder-coated surface especially for muscle ups. This again is a personal preference and I had the ability to make these modifications. I have also considered adding a additional brace at the base and vertical main posts. I want to keep this free standing and do not want to bolt it to the floor. I am working at cleaning up Muscle Ups and thought this might help? The unit flexes and rattles some with muscle ups (my ugly ups!) but is not that bad. Also I might add that I was preparing to fabricate and build my own pull up bars and came across this thru Dragon Door. I would not have been able to build something any less $ then this. My unit would have been more solid but I wouldn't have had the added features mentioned. Over all I am very pleased with the Body Weight Master. I have not found any fair comparison to this unit for the price. Looks great too. Great for me to have a high ceiling too! 10' 6"

9/10 Great body weight exercise stand
By Zig Smith / Odenton, MD, US

Finally an adjustable stand for dips and chin ups. The bench fit in a tight space very easily and it can be broken down easily. Great buy and it will last forever.

9/10 Solid pull-up bar, perfect for kids
By Tim Henriques / Fairfax, VA, USA

I ordered this as a Christmas present for my boys (7, 9, 10) who are really into exercising and working out, plus I wanted something for myself. It took about 2 hours for me to put it together by myself (I am not super handy but not terrible either). It is solid and well constructed. Here are some things I really like:

Adjustable height, the lower height is great for kids
The dip bars, you can make them any width you want and you can do pull-ups on them.
When the pull-up bar is in the lowest position it is super stable
It is great to hang a small punching bag (we have a 25 lb bag for them) from
The bar itself has pretty good grip
I see this lasting a very long time

Here are some things I didn't like as much
When the pull-up bar is in a tall position (as I would like it for pull-ups for myself) it isn't perfectly stable, it is still safe for sure but you can just tell you are losing some power when you do a pull-up to the energy leak. It is like the free standing pull-up bars at the gym, good but not quite as good as when you do them in a rack that is bolted down.
It is not easy to adjust the height of the bar, not impossible but it isn't something my kids can do by themselves.
It is pretty darn expensive.

So definitely a good unit and the best in-home pull-up rig I have seen and used, but it is pretty pricey especially once you factor in shipping.

I decided long term it would be worth it.

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