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By Bryan Cox / Warner Robbins, USA

David has perfect form and is an excellent teacher. Really appreciate that he takes the time to demonstrate each movement in sequential steps and then ties them all together. Great Workshop! Learned a ton.

10/10 Great workout! Definately different!
By Curtis Johnson / Powder Springs, USA

I"ve been an athlete and practiced Martial Arts for over 15 year. This was my first introduction to Kettlebells and really enjoyed it. Coach David did a great job breaking down each movement and making sure that my form was on point.

By Jennifer Dowling / Douglasville, USA

I enjoyed the whole workshop series. David is a great instructor. He has been coaching me for a little over 8 months and I LOVE GETTING Stronger!

10/10 Great Class!
By Roslyn Sneed / Douglasville, USA

I enjoyed learning the correct form to avoid injuries & get the most benefit of each exercise. I've never really worked, so all of this is new to me. David is very patient and provided a great introduction to kettlebells.

10/10 Excellent instructor
By Dominic Rowe / Powder Springs, USA

First time training with Kettlebells was with David. I learned a lot - Great workout!

10/10 Best Workout!
By Danielle Henderson / Douglasville, USA

I have had other trainers in the past, and by far, David Jenkins has been my favorite! I took a few classes that he had which taught how to use the kettle bells correctly. There were several of us in the class and he made sure that each of us were using proper technique and understood each step. I have learned to love working out with kettle bells and have noticed I have become stronger since David has been my trainer! He is very encouraging and motives me to keep going. I love the way I feel and the way I look - I would highly recommend using David to help get you motivated! As he says, "Strong is the new skinny."

10/10 A Trainer Who Cares
By Jackie Gertsch / Douglasville, USA

I have been training with David since February. What has impressed me the most is his commitment in making sure you are doing each exercise with perfect form, not only to prevent injury, but also to get the most out of your workout. I have worked with kettlebells before but was not taught by a RKC instructor. I have now learned that I was doing most moves incorrectly or not maximizing what the moves were designed to do. David is very encouraging. Just when I think I can't perform a move or exercise he is right there to encourage and help me throgh it. I highly recommend workouts with David and kettlebells!

10/10 Best Support for Fitness
By Melanie Manley / Douglasville, USA

I have been with Motivational Fitness for just over a year now. I thought I was in pretty good shape. I realized quickly that there was more for me to do. I had not worked with kettlebells a lot. I quickly grew to love them. I love going to the gym. The workouts are different each time.I love it!

10/10 Outstanding Kettle Bell Coach
By Lori Muffoletto / Douglasville, usa

I love my experience being trained by David. Having not exercises in over a decade..I had some hesitations about how to even start. From the get go.....he has been encouraging...and supporting in helping me take my fitness and health goals to a new level. In just over 1 week...I have lost 3% body fat and am feeling stronger and happier. I would say David's MAIN FOCUS is on safety and he takes extra steps and patience to teach you how to do the moves safely. He is mindful of your body structure and existing injuries or weaknesses when planning your workout. He is very patient and very well trained and experienced on how to teach you how to do the moves CORRECTLY. I learned instantly that what I thought I knew about how to swing a kettle bell....was ENTIRELY wrong. In one session ..showed me how to do it correctly. There is alot to Kettle Bells and safety and doing the moves correctly is key. David has a great teaching style which I can easily follow without feeling intimated. He makes you feel good about yourself. .especially when trying something new like kettle bells. He has taught me in a very short time to use Ketthe Bells CORRECTLY and do things I never thought possible. I look forward to the future with him as my trainer and he has earned my trust. He is an outstanding Kettle Bell coach!!

10/10 Exceptional Coach
By Angela Towler / Douglasville, USA

Prior to training with David at Motivational Fitness, I had no experience at all with kettle bells. I remember seeing them lined up against the far wall of the gym and thinking to myself that they were probably for the people who had been training there a long time. But within a few weeks, David invited all of us new folks to the KB workshops. I'll never forget watching him do swings and Turkish getups. They looked so complicated to me. But David broke down each step and insisted on perfect form. By the end of each workshop, I had mastered the exercise of the day. The KB workouts quickly became my favorites and I've never suffered injuries. If you are looking to add kettle bells to your workouts, call David first. He is extremely patient and will work with you to make sure you get the fundamentals and the best results, while avoiding injuries.

10/10 Don't Cheat Yourself!
By Lolo Davis / Douglasville, United States

Working with David Jenkins has been exciting, intense, and rewarding. Dave mixes up our routines so not only are you never bored but your body is always being challenged. I absolutely love that he is all about FORM especially when working with the Kettle Bells. He drives home the importance of having and practicing good form so that we prevent injuries and so that we achieve the desired results. Speaking of desired results, I loss 29 pounds within a six week period working with David. His knowledge and expertise on Sports Fitness is superior and that's why I had and continue to have AMAZING results. Davids Formula for success works...David emphasize Good nutrition, Proper Sleep, Kettle Bells, TRX, Strength Training, He is a great Coach, excellent Motivator, and it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes. LOL...He and his wife are in GREAT shape and they workout hard with us! David Jenkins at Motivational Fitness has figured out a formula for success. It works when you put in the effort and follow the program. I will leave this quote from David for those reading my review. When you are tempted to compromise your nutrition or your fitness goals remember these three words..."Don't Cheat Yourself"

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Michele Heinrich / Douglasville, USA

I had been intimidated by Kettlebells for years because of stories I"d heard of people getting injured. That all changed when I joined Motivational Fitness and took the Fundamentals class taught by David. He was really patient with us and made sure that we understood each progression of learning the "swing". Fast forward two years later and I'm stronger than I ever thought possible, my bodyfat is lower than it was before having my third child and most importantly - I LOVE Kettlebells!!! Thanks David!

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