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10/10 oustanding instructor
By Michelle / NYC, NY

I have taken Court's kettlebell classes at Crossfitnyc-and he is amazing. He is exactly what you would want in a teacher/trainer-he is very clear and precise in his instruction, he identifies the nuances that will make your workout the best it can be, and he is able to teach people of all levels-- which is something you don't often find in trainers. I didn't even know what a kettlebell was when I started taking Court's classes and now I am the proud owner of three of my very own! It is an amazing workout and Court really helps you understand the mechanics and shows you just how to mazimize your abilities -all while making sure you are safe. Plus he has a great sense of humor and is extremely professional. I highly recommend him as a trainer-for kettlebell work or otherwise.

10/10 Court Wing--a great coach and RKC
By Sarena Kopciel / New York

I have known Court for several months now in association with CrossFitNYC The Black Box. Recently I had the opportunity to take several private training sessions with him as well.

All I can say is that Court has enormous patience at teaching people both new skills and helping them relearn and reintegrate skills and movement patterns that were mislearnt originally. Practicing kettlebell technique with Court is awesome.

Court has an eye that is extremely specific in reading the body. He observes and notices each minor step and movement pattern. Court was even able to pick up some minor irregularities in my stance and ways I handle weights most probably due to old injuries and surgery. He understands the need for the body to rest and recover to better help the body integrate specific neuromusular patterns. This has been and continues to be a tough skill for me as one who is somewhat (LOL) obsessive. Afterall, if some is good why isnt more better has always been my motto.

Whether doing metabolic conditioning (metcon), practicing kettlebell skills, rowing technique or any of many other crossfit type workouts, Court has always used a gentle hand to guide me and inspire my workouts.

I would definitely recommend anyone to check out a class at CrossFitNYC The Black Box and/or invest in some private skill training or rehab work with Court. The monetary and time investments will be well spent for your fitness, sport and physical health and well-being!

10/10 RKCing with Court Wing
By Rob / NYC, NY

Before taking instructions from Court I had never touched a Kettlebell. I am taking weekly sessions with him now and have noticed a general improvment in many key athletic areas including an increase in strength, dexterity, and stamina. I recently took a Kettlebell seminar and was confident enough in form, technique, and knowledge of kettlbell training that I was able to give my full attention during the seminar and take more from it than if I had not trained with Court first.
Even though Court is a RKC instructor his knowledge about human physiology and kinetics is not limited to just RKC and its' movements which allows him to bring a new perspective to working out that I have yet to see from another instructor. His versed experience and unique view has not only pushed me through workouts, but has kept me coming back for more. If you're in the NYC area and want an intense workout with fresh instruction then Court Wing is the man to see.

10/10 KB's with Court Wing
By Kevin / NYC

Before I trained with Court I was training with kettlebells for almost a year. I was pretty confident in my abilities so I went into his class thinking I would hold my own. Whats is great about Court is that he helped me fine tune my form on all the stuff I had been working on up to that point.He also taught me some more advanced exercises and helped me really master the basics. Thanks Court.Lets start doing some double kettlebell drills!

10/10 cort is a wizard
By vivian Tramontana / NEW YORK, United States

Cort is a very careful trainer that recommends innovative approaches to improve movement I hav MS and he has improved my balance and movement tremendously. He is wonderful..

10/10 Court is the best
By Greg Scott / Los Angeles, USA

I worked with Court over the course a few months at the beginning of the year and his skill and instruction are top notch. I asked him to help me work on mobility, strength, and endurance with an emphasis on mobility. From our initial session through our last, he continually found the small things impinging my mobility, which in turn affected my ability to build strength and endurance. His expertise allowed me to improve gradually over time and after a while, I really began to feel the difference in my body and how it moved. I still would be training with Court if I didn't move out of NYC but have told everyone I can to look him up. He's the best.

10/10 Expert teacher
By Drew / NYC

I recently had the opportunity to go through 10 private training sessions with Court after a prolonged hiatus from regular exercise, due primarily to a shoulder injury.

Court drew upon his vast knowledge to diagnosis several mobility issues and address them with simple drills. Specifically, he demonstrated several variations of the turkish get up to increase strength, stability, and flexibility in my shoulders.

I had a couple goals in mind when I approached Court: namely, transition from physical therapy to dynamic CrossFit workouts and improve my form on foundational movements. I not only accomplished those goals but also gained greater ownership over my own health and fitness. I'm more confident in what I need to do with each workout to continue to progress and take care of myself. I attribute this to Court's willingness to listen to my questions and have a dialogue about what I'm experiencing.

Thanks, Court, for imparting some of your knowledge onto me.

10/10 Amazing instructor
By Maxwell Clarke / Brooklyn, NY

The sessions I've spent with Court have paid great dividends in both stength and injury prevention. By breaking my form down early on, he was able to show me where my greatest flaws were and showed me how to fix them (in only a few simple steps). Beyond KB work, Court has been a great source of knowledge for dealing with numerous mobility issues, something that has often hindered performance. In the end, I cannot recommend Court enough. He's a great instructor, regardless of your skill level.

10/10 Expert Friendly Instruction
By John / NY, NY

I have had the opportunity to work with Court over the last year at Crossfit NYC, and I recently participated a kettlebell seminar lead by him.

Court is an amazing teacher. He has an expert understanding of appropriate and effective biomechanics. He is able to quickly diagnosis problems in movement patterns. His greatest skill is his ability to communicate appropriate technique in creative ways that has always lead me to the correct mind-muscle connection and improved my skills in various kettlebell movements.

I feel very fortunate to have been training with Court over this last year. I highly recommend his kettlebell seminar.

10/10 Court, proud to call him my Coach
By Sam G (CFL1) / Brooklyn New York

Let me first say that i am not new to fitness. my whole life I have been conditioning myself and others
-NYC licensed history teacher and currently undergoing a masters in Physical Education
-Tae Kwon Doe 1st degree black belt
-CrossFit Level one trainer with specialty certifications in Olympic lifting and mobility
-lead instructor for New York City Chinese Free Mason Athlete club

Court has challenged me ever since I walked into CrossFit NYC, his diversity in kettle bell training has always put me on the edge. He is quick to understanding people needs and targets weaknesses you never knew you had in yourself. When people ask me who my coach is; I proudly say Court Wing. I always watch in amazement as Court swing and throws around 1 1/2 pood kettle bells like they are toys, and demos movements with perfect form.

I am proud to have received my second kettle bell today, and hope to incorporate Courts training in my garage, so I can proudly represent him and his teachings

10/10 KB Intro
By Ian / Crossfit Chelsea Black Box

I was a little bit nervous working with the kettlebells as I have a minor right shoulder injury. Not only did he help me work at a comfortable speed to increase strength and coordination, at the end of the class he worked me through a few exercises and increased my shoulder flexibility by several inches of rotation on the spot. I highly recommend taking his class.

10/10 Fun new stuff
By Mike / Stratton Mountain, VT

I was in NYC for April, while I was there I joined Crossfit NYC and had Court as my instructor. Since I was new to the world of Crossfit I didn't know too much going into it. I found that the way Court described the movements breaks it down and made it really easy to learn everything. Kettlebells were completely foreign to me but Court taught me a couple of exercise so far and I will be back in a couple of months and I'm excited to learn more.

10/10 It's impossible to be better.
By Carlos / New York, NY

You'll get in the best shape of your life by far and have a lot of fun doing it. Court instantly diagnoses any kettlebell technique or other issues.

10/10 Un-BELL-ievable Trainer
By Jeffrey B. / New York, NY

Court is an ace of physical education. His broad knowledge of exercise science (including mobility work) has elevated my strength training and athletic performance and recovery work over the past year. I am in my best shape of my life, largely attributed to Court's coaching.

10/10 Knows Everything!
By Laura / New York, NY

Court is great! If I ever have a weird kink or pain he knows how to fix it.
He knows everything!

10/10 Walks the Talk
By Reid Mangan / Virginia Beach, VA

Court is the real deal. He showed up on his own dime on a 45 degree morning for a 12 hour day. The next day was nicer with rain. He taught a short notice outdoor certification course to 28 of the best America has to offer. All are deployed at this time hunting in some of the harshest terrain and against some of the most dedicated enemies America has encountered. The average time of service is over 10 years with some nearing 20. I can speak for all of us that this was some of the best, most challenging, most useful training we have recieved. Through kettlebells we were trained in full body training, breathing techniques under stress, and the proper way to explosively move weight while incorporating endurance. One of the most important take aways was the focus in operational durability. As the number of tours mounts, a more critical decision making process is required on the battle field. America needs to retain the experience of the seasoned operator and the training that we recieved allows the operator to srenghten and rehab our bodies in austere environments. Court exemplifies the training and theories Pavel and his training brought to our command.

10/10 Court Wing Can Help YOU!

You might think a kettlebell is a kitchen appliance or maybe you're a huge dude with a leopard loin cloth and a sweeping mustache. Either way Court can provide any committed trainee with valuable instruction in a thoughtful, pratical manner. Put down your knitting or lower the boxum lady in her chair gently, whatever applies and see Court.

10/10 Masterful Court
By Steve Dean / New York, NY USA

When I first heard Court speak at my Elements class in May 09, I knew immediately that here was a man who has practiced his craft well beyond "10,000 hours." He instructed us with precision, clarity and confidence. And now every week I'm one of the lucky few who get to be a student of his for one hour a day.

As an endurance athlete racing marathons and triathlons, I've seen my strength, agility, form and focus improve within a month as a result of Court's masterful teaching.

10/10 Great coach

Court is an amazing coach. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and it is always a pleasure training with him.

10/10 One of the Best !
By Mike K / New York

I have been lucky enough to train with Court at CrossfitNYC over the last 6 months, and the depth and breadth of his knowledge never ceases to amaze me. From his knowledge of physiology, to kettlebell training, to demonstrating perfect form, to his Z-Health drills for both rehab and muscle activation, to the post workout stretching he comes up with, Court brings something new to every workout.

I completely recommend Court to anyone who is looking to take their training to the next level. He truly is one of the best!

10/10 Court is the best
By dan def / Crossfit NYC, NY USA

Whether you have never picked up a kettlebell or have been training with them for 20 years, one session with Court is all it will take to make you better. Court insures each movement is done safely, then corrects your form to insure it is being performed effectively, then fine tunes it to make sure it is being done efficiently. His passion for kettlebells in infectious and makes you instantly love training with kettlebells.

10/10 Court is more addictive than CRACK!
By Lt Gabe / Quantico, VA

Court's overall knowledge is outstanding. Between KBs and ZHealth his value as a coach is unequalled. He's taken me from being KB proficient to being able to perform complex KB movements safely while keeping me injury-free. If my neck hurts, Court will literally push my hip or pull my finger and my neck will be fixed. Taking a class with Court always means that no matter how difficult the workout, I know I'll walk out feeling like a million bucks. The quality of his instruction cannot be overstated; whenever I'm in NY I hit Court up. Everyone should be lucky enough to work with him.

10/10 Court is Amazing!!
By Sara / NYC

Love working with Court! I started CrossFit a couple months ago and with his help have made marked improvements. He is highly attentive, very knowledgeable, and is one of the very best trainers I have had the pleasure of working under.

10/10 The Supreme Court
By Lisa M / New York, NY

I had never picked up a kettlebell before attending a CrossfitNYC class led by Court Wing. From the start of the session he presented himself as a very knowledgeable and personable instructor. He tailors his demonstrations and advice to suit everyone's abilities with patience and good humour. He has a keen eye for assessing every individual in the room and correcting their form. I do enjoy learning KB skills from him as I know I am getting the best instruction possible. He will often finish a session with various stretches and flexibility movements that enhance the whole Crossfit experience.

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Rafael M. / New York, NY USA

Court is a great coach. Patient, extremely knowledgeable and worried about the people he trains.

10/10 Highly Recommend
By Bari / NYC

Court is great coach, I've worked with him at CrossFit NYC. He is patient and attentive to form and helps you in not only performing the exercise, but also understanding it. He is a highly skilled kettlebell instructor but also extremely knowledgeable in body mechanics, stretching ... the list could go on and on.

10/10 Great coach

Court is a damn good coach. He knows his stuff, and he consistently sees and fixes elements of my form that other coaches have missed.

10/10 Awesome all around coach

Incredible experience with KB's, Z-Health and a whole host of other stuff. This is the guy to talk to about anything neurological and physiological in NYC

10/10 The Great Court Wing
By KJ / New York, NY

Court has the knowledge and the patience to make a positive impact on anyone who is lucky enough to be trained by him. His kettlebell expertise is unmatched and he knows how to share this wisdom with his trainees. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon Court and feel like there is simply no limit to what he can teach me. I give him the highest recommedation.

10/10 Court is in session
By Richie / NYC

I am 45 years old and a fireman with the FDNY. As I am getting older I am constantly trying to find ways to be able to continue to do my very physically demanding job efficiently. Training with Court has helped me achieve this goal.
It is obvious that Court is an experienced trainer. I would highly recommend Court as an instructor to anyone interested in improving their physical ability. When you work out with Court you know he is teaching you correctly and you will not get hurt. He is very knowledgeable, he is very patient, and he has a way of explaining things that make them easier to understand. He does not move on until your form is correct.
Court is the real deal...

10/10 An Outstanding Instructor: Knowledgeable, Professional and Attentive
By Ian Connerty / New York City

I took private elements (crossfit) with Court last year, and continue to train with him. Of course, a significant part of crossfit is Russian kettlebell work.

As an instructor and trainer, he is one of the best I have ever encountered. In this regard, I would focus on three key points that make him an outstanding instructor.

First, he has a VERY deep knowledge of the human body in the context of function and movement, which he willingly shares with students. This has been very helpful for me in working with and overcoming several physical injuries that have plagued me for years. Additionally, his knowledge provides a very powerful "why" element to the different exercises, which enhances the student's understanding of strength and fitness.

Second, He is very knowledgeable in the different exercises. No gaps, no faking, no bullshit. The guy knows his stuff cold.

Third, he has a natural talent for teaching. No arrogance, no bullying, just straightforward leadership and training. He won't let you off the hook if you are performing a movement incorrectly, and will work with you tirelessly to either correct the movement (root cause analysis), or figure out alternatives if you have an injury.

In closing, I really enjoy the workouts with Court because of his wide range of knowledge, his willingness to share that knowledge and his natural teaching abilities. At the end of his classes, I am totally exhausted, but energized and focused on returning for the next WOD.

10/10 Intensity and Focus
By Graham, Owner-Cilogear / Portland, OR

I started training with Court Wing in late Winter 2007. At that time,
I had been doing CrossFit on and off again for two years. Previously,
I trained with the US Cycling Federation Junior Development Team, the
Turkish National TaeKwonDo team and performed at a high level in rock
and alpine climbing. I've trained with excellent coaches including
folks like Chris Carmichael, Lee Hyo Joo (the Turkish national TKD
coach and three time heavy weight world champion) and Dr Doom.

Court is one of the best coaches I've ever come across. It's that
simple. For those who want to know more, I think it comes down to
three characteristics of Court's knowledge and practice: 1) his
incredible kinesthetic awareness and ability to provide effective
coaching, 2) his attention to detail and ability to listen, and 3) his
quiet intensity.

In my experience with learning movement based skills, Court's skill at
identifying, picking apart and rebuilding your movement is among the
best I've ever seen or experienced. Court's kinesthetic awareness is
amazing; his ability to effectively guide his student's movements is
equally good. One of the most interesting days I've had in a gym was
watching Court fix a guy's movement in KB snatch and clean. I could
see the guy was out of whack. Court had him doing it right in just a
few minutes. In my experience, it's rare to find a coach who can so
quickly fix problems--many can take you apart, but few can rebuild you
better. While I wasn't the subject of Court's focus that time, I
learned a lot about the movement from just watching Court's coaching.

I think that Court's ability to listen drives his success in coaching
and teaching. When I've asked questions, he pauses, listens and then
answers. He often asks specific questions during his reply which serve
to properly identify what I'm trying to ask and makes sure that he
actually answers my question. I want to do the movements perfectly.
And Court excels at getting me there.

Court's intensity contributes to what makes him such a great trainer.
He is focused, all there, without being a caricature. In the seven
months I've been working out in classes led by Court, I appreciate
more and more how focused and driven he is throughout his work. I've
significantly improved my form and fitness since I started training
with Court despite all the normal distractions of work and life. Over
the years, I've realized I can't stand working out with people who are
just "hanging out" or going through the motions. Court is all there.
And, he's an extremely nice guy.

I highly recommend Court Wing as a trainer, coach and teacher.

10/10 "Supreme" Court
By Brad / New York, NY

... as he's known -- about as apt a nickname as you'll find. Whether in small, intensive training sessions or larger, group supervision environments, Court brings, above all else, a keen eye and discerning attention to detail. And it certainly doesn't hurt that he's equipped with a vast knowledge of all things kettlebell (and fitness, generally). Court approaches his craft with a high level of intensity and intellectualism, but never at the expense of his humor and wit. An all-around exceptional instructor.

10/10 Knowledgeable, motivating and genuine
By Jen Cenedella / New york NY

As an endurance athlete, my resistance training experience has been limited since i spend so much time on the bike, run and swim. I came to Crossfit to take my strength to a new level. Court was the instructor who led Elements. I liked that class and Court's instruction so much I ended up joining. Court is so thorough in his explanations and form technique. He is extremely patient when he needs to be with newbies like me. And he is motivating. He had learned what motivates me (little goals) and uses those to push me in the WODs. In addition he has gone the extra mile by working with me on some of my technique and flexibility limitations. I highly recommend this guy. I feel like he gets to know the people he works with and that makes a difference in progressing!

10/10 Understanding Broad, Application Deep
By Jason / Brooklyn, NY

Court is an excellent instructor, knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. He combines encylopedic knowledge, with laser-like focus. I had been training with kettlebells on my own off and on for a while, but was having a lot of difficulty learning to snatch, even with the 16kb bell, although I could easily swing and clean & press the 24. In one session, he not only taught me to snatch effectively (and without banging my forearms!), he also found time to look at several other drills as well, including the warm-ups from ETK, and fine-tune each one.
I sought out more of Court's instruction when I decided to become an RKC myself. With each session, I have seen huge leaps and bounds in my progress. Its amazing sometimes how much he can immediately improve my performance with some extremely precise details, some z-health or bodyweight drills, or simply explaining the concept behind the move and how it relates to other moves in his clear, precise, manner. He has an incredibly keen eye for detail, and has a gift for picking the few key points to focus on that will resolve everything else. His understanding is very broad, his application is very deep. His understanding of the anatomy of movement is also superb, and he is able to articulate clearly and consistently the "why" of any exercise, not just the "how". I feel like I'm getting 2 lessons in 1 every time I see him.
Every time I leave a session with him, I not only have better technique and better understanding, but I have new ways to practice; this has allowed me to continue to make great improvement even seeing him infrequently. He teaches you how to practice, and how to analyze what you're doing.
I have years of experience in martial arts (practicing for most of my life), bodyweight calisthenics, strengh training, and yoga, and Court is one of the best teachers I have found in any of those discipines. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in learning how to properly train with a kettlebell, barbell, or their own body to seek him out, or for anyone interested in Z health. It is time very well spent indeed.

10/10 smart and thorough
By adam lake / nyc

court is extremely knowledgeable and patient,in the short time that i have worked with court i am already seeing dramatic improvements in work as a firefighter and as a cyclist.
thanks court!

10/10 Great
By J / NYC

Court is awesome and really knows his stuff when it comes to KBs. He is great with everyone from beginner to advanced skill levels. Keep up the good work Court!


10/10 Super Court Wing
By Pablo I. Altieri, II M.D. / New York, New York

I have had great instructors in the past, but Court stands out by far. His attention to detail and common sense explanations are unique, and they stick in your mind long after each session. And this applies not only to kettlebells and olympic weightlifting, but how to stay in shape and fit for pretty much any activity you could potentially encounter in daily life. He even helped me to recover from a shoulder and back injury better than my physical therapist! Which i appreciated as a physician. Definetely a 10/10.

10/10 Court Wing
By Rickey Gawley / New York, New York

Just finished my first month working with Court at Crossfit. He is by far the funniest, knowledgeable and patient trainer i have ever encountered. His attention to detail and form is unmatched. I would recommend him to any athlete, beginner or world class, who is looking for a positive mentor to take them to the next level.

10/10 Great Coach
By Tully / New York, NY

Simply put, Court is a great coach. He motivates you to find your limits, while at the same time making sure you are comfortable with new movements and skills - a balance that's hard to achieve. I would recommend him to anyone.

10/10 Review of Court
By Aram / New York, NY

I just finished the Crossfit Elements class with Court. It included some of his kettlebell instruction. Court's a great coach and teacher. He offers just enough detailed explanations and demonstrations to get you going and then provides very carefully tailored corrections to let you fix the techniques when you stray. It's impressive that he's able to give you the exact info you need without being confusing or overly general. While he's very exacting, he's also very respectful and very funny.

10/10 Totally Tops
By Elizabeth / Minneapolis, MN

It's hard to imagine an instructor with a better blend of knowledge, patience, inspiration, and humor. I had been working with kettlebells for over a year in Minneapolis when I moved to NYC for a year and stumbled into CrossfitNYC. Court was my instructor as I went through the Elements training course and I continued to train with him for several months following. He was not only a fantastic instructor when it came to form, but he succeeded in moving me well beyond my comfort zone and led me to make considerable progress with my level of fitness. It also happens to be a complete joy to learn from him.

10/10 Knowledgeable and dedicated
By Juliana K / New York, NY

Court taught me kettlebells as part of an introduction to the Crossfit program. I found him to be a great instructor who is really dedicated to making sure his students thoroughly understand and are able to accurately perform everything he teaches. Additionally, there is almost nothing you can't ask him - his understanding of the human body is fantastic bonus to any workout session. He always approaches everything he teaches with great care and doesn't hesitate to throw a little humor into his lessons from time to time. I highly recommend him to anyone!

10/10 Incredible Mentor
By G kassel / Big apple

very patient, kind and all knowing. Feels like a friend to everyone and very skilled.

10/10 Superior Court. A+ Instructor
By David / NYC

Court has awesome KB technique and is a pleasure to learn from. I rank Court a 10, give him an A+ grade and strongly recommend him to everyone. He balances pushing the athlete for performance, with in depth knowledge on form and physiology. He is extremely well read and understands mechanics better than any trainer I have ever worked with. Court is a great teacher with a lot of patience and great bedside manner. He is also a good guy and a pleasure to spend time with. For anyone who is recovering from an injury, this is the guy to work with because he actually fundamentally understands how injury happens, how to recover and how to strengthen an area so an athlete doesn???t re-injure. If you???re not injured, better yet; Court will help you stay that way.

10/10 Top Notch
By Craig / NY

I just recently completed 8 classes with Court and he was an excellent instructor. He really knows his stuff and did an excellent job of explaining the movements and fine my tuning form. I took the classes to get prepared for the Crossift workouts of the day and I couldnt be more pleased with how the classes went. Thanks Court!

10/10 Court ROCKS!!!!
By Nicole / Brooklyn, NY

Court is a fabulous instructor! He's patient, encouraging and very enthusiastic! He's excellent at breaking down movements, spotting/giving corrections, and showing modifications if you need it. His knowledge is extensive! I just finished the crossfit elements class and hope to see him in the gym to absorb everything he has to teach! Thanks so much Court!

10/10 Great job Court!
By Thea Zagata / Brooklyn, NY

My husband mentioned Crossfit to me a few months back and I had no idea what it was about. Fast forward a few months later and we signed up for the Elements Class at Crossfit Brooklyn. Court was our instructor and he was fantastic. He's able to cover a lot of information in a short period of time. He's very encouraging and is excellent at explaining how to do various workouts. I'm really looking foward to keeping up with Crossfit and hopefully training with Court at Crossfit Brooklyn.


10/10 thorough and patient
By Ryan / Brooklyn, NY

Just finished the Crossfit Elements Class in Brooklyn with Court - very patient, very thorough and very particular in a way that helped to ensure your lifts were improving with each rep. Thanks Court and I look forward to further instruction.

10/10 Knowledgeable Instructor
By Nathan / Seattle, WA

Court is a great instructor. I bumped into someone on the street wearing a Crossfit shirt and he told me that Court is one of the best kettlebellers in the country so I should learn some stuff from him. I'm glad I bumped into that guy because Court is very friendly and enjoys what he is doing. He gave really nice corrections and explained things in different ways to help me get the ideas of what I needed to work on. Even though he took his time to give explanations, a lot was covered within an hour. When I'm back in New York, I'll definitely be learning from Court again.

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Paul Benoit / New York, NY

Court is an excellent instructor; very knowlegable and great at motivating. I learned a lot from working with Court and would not hesitate to reccomend him to my friends.

9/10 Thanks Court!
By Carlos Feliz, RKC / New York City

I went to Court Wing RKC one month before my certification so that he could check out my form and correct any bad habits I had. Court complimented and encouraged me while at the same time making the necessary adjustments to my technique. His very relaxed style of teaching was very reassuring. He recommended a couple of programs that would ensure that I would be more than prepared for my RKC weekend. Well I just completed my RKC and I can say that yes, I was more than prepared.

Thanks Court!

10/10 Superb
By Justin / New York, NY

I had been cherry-picking crossfit workouts for a couple of months and decided to go to my local CrossFit gym to learn how it's done. My instructor was Court and he exceeded all expectations. Good eye, precise instruction, great motivator, and I'm sure we were just tapping the surface of what he knows. I'm looking forward to future sessions.

10/10 Master Teacher
By Joe Hadachek / Dysart, IA

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Court at the most recent KB certification in St. Paul. Court does a superb job of teaching technique and stressing safety. He has a wealth of knowledge not only in kettlebells but also Z Health. Court truly cares about each individual and has the ability to correct small technique flaws that can increase productivity with all kettlebell exercises. I highly recommend Court as a RKC that you can trust to get the job done!

10/10 Judging Court
By Mike Miles / Aurora, CO

The verdict is in...Court is a great instructor. I just finished the kettlebell certification in St. Paul and had the good fortune of having Court as one of my Assistant Instructors on Team Nelson. Court was a great motivator and his watchful eye provided corrective cues whenever the demons of fatigue lead me astray. Court refocused my technique to keep compensations from leading me down the path to potential injury. Court helped make the three days in St. Paul one of the best experiences I have had the pain and pleasure to endure. Thanks, Court.

10/10 Court knows how and what to teach.
By Scott Taylor / Bronx, NY

The first time I entered his gym I told someone there at the door that I was looking for Court to give me a Kettlebell lesson. The person answered by saying "Well, Court would definitely be the right guy to do that"....Truer words couldn't have been spoken.
I learned that first hand that day and continue to find his knowledge and his ability to communicate it is extraordinary.
If you want to be taught to improve your general fitness, push more weight, snatch the KB for more reps, vastly improve your technique, prep for the RKC and more, including finding out what Z-health is all about, as said, "Court Wing would definitely be the right guy to do that"

10/10 Court will get it out of you!
By Mark Erickson / Vinton, IA

I recently got a chance to spend some time with Court at the RKC Certification in April 2008. If you are in the New York area Court is the man to contact. His knowledge of Kettlebells and expertise on how to get you out of pain and moving is superior.

10/10 Great Coach
By Audrey / New York, NY

Court Wing is an amazing coach. In an extremely short time, he was able to give a fantastic introduction to Kettlebells, correct form for individuals in the class and moderate a workout. I met Court at CrossFitNYC The Black Box, while taking the Elements class the Box offers. He is incredibly patient and understanding with respect to each person's level of fitness. He always helps modify the workout as needed, whether it is scaling weight to lift or altering something for my height. He also has a critical eye to help improve form with every exercise. Thanks for all the help Court!

10/10 The best trainer EVER!
By Michele N. / Brooklyn, NY

Court is hands down the best trainer I have worked with. He has the ability to pick out the slightest inaccuracies in your form, allowing you to move to the next level in your training. The workouts are incredible, intense, and fun at the same time. He is a great motivator and his enthusiasm makes you want to work harder. He is very patient and enthusiastic and is a great teacher. He easily breaks down complex movements and teaches in a way that really sticks.

While his knowledge of KettleBell training is truly amazing, it doesn't stop there. He has given me tips on breathing techniques, nutrition, and on improving other aspects of my training aside from KBs. He was highly recommended to me and after training with him, I would highly recommend him as well!

10/10 Fine tunes your technique
By ChrisP / New York, NY

Court is a great teacher in his way to slightly tweak your technique on the fly in order to get you preforming correctly. He has a lot of the same qualities of a good boss; he lets you do your own thing but keeps you on track in the middle of a workout with succinct and accurate suggestions to perfect your movement. The results are immediate and motivating.

10/10 your own private jedi master
By keith f. / brooklyn, ny

I can only summarize what everyone else up above has already said: Court is your monk, your Professor, and your guardian angel - with huge iron balls. Er, bells.

I can't recommend him highly enough.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Brendan / New York, NY

I had the pleasure of working out with Court for 8 sessions over the past few months. In that time I received the best and most pertinent instruction I had ever had. One of Court's greatest strengths is his ability to take a complex movement and explain it in easy to understand terms, in such a way that the mechanics of the move stick with you every time you apply them. I would reccommend Court as an instructor to anyone I met.

10/10 Excellent

I recently did a RKB session with Court and he's an incredible instructor when it comes to explaining all that I needed to know to get the most out of my RKB workouts and made countless - desperately needed but not so obvious - tweaks to my form.

10/10 Simply the best
By Chris / New York, NY

Court is a fantastic instructor -- hands down. His knowledge is simply astounding and he conveys it to his students in an easily understandable, piecemeal fashion. I recommend him without hesitation.

10/10 Help with the finer points
By Jason Shaw / Old Chatham, New York

I am a 54 year old guy who has been working with kettlebells on his own for several months. I traveled to NYC for a session with Court. Money well spent. In an hour Court had given me pointers and corrections that I needed. Great instructor and explainer.

10/10 Great instructor
By Gary / Sunnyside, New York

Meticulous, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. He saw things that the sports docs had missed and had a far better grasp of my concerns and ailments than they. I look forward to working with him again.

10/10 awesome knowledge of body mechanics
By bill / seattle

i was visiting nyc and went to work out at blackbox and met court.....ive been doing crossfit for a year but still have some bio mechanical isssues that court spotted right away ...and used some z health stuff to get me moving better-i was blown away by the changes it made...courts knowledge of the subject was mind boggling and i wish that i lived a bit closer to work with him more often....

By marisela / new york, ny

court wing has a way of explaining things that make them easier to understand. he has a kind and gentle, but stern enough that i have learned all my kb skills in a 6 month period. go court!

10/10 Very enjoyable
By David M. / New York, NY

I worked with Court for about a year and a half and got a lot out of it. He is very knowledgeable, reasonable, and a lot of fun to be around. He is very willing to work with you to customize your plan and achieve your goals. Moreover, he is incredibly patient with beginners.

10/10 The Best Kettlebell Instructor in NYC!!!
By Xuan Mai / New York, NY

Court gives spectacular one-on-one training sessions! I recently expressed interest in completing the Secret Service Snatch Test and asked Court for a private to work with me on my kettlebell snatches. Court not only gave me great advice tips on how to improve the mechanics of my kettlebell snatch, he also gave me great advice on pacing myself for longer sets of snatches and breathing tips.

Court is a warm, supportive and enthusiastic trainer. He is generous with his time and knowledge. In fact, when I expressed some discomfort with my shoulder, Court took the time to explain to me the difference between an active and a passive shoulder and showed me the proper way to keep my shoulder engaged. Court's vast knowledge of anatomy and Z-Health helps his clients (and those of his fellow trainers at the Black Box) improve their range of mobility and trouble spots in their training.

I highly recommend Court to anyone who would like to further their training in kettlebells, Crossfit or Z-Health!

10/10 Patient, Patient, Patient
By Adam / NYC

Court is an amazing trainer. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about kettlebells but he also has the skill to relay that knowledge to his trainees. He has spent countless hours working with me on perfecting the turkish get-up and several other lifts such as bent rows, windmills, and pistols. He is an extremely valuable asset to kettlebell training and should train under him.

10/10 Court and Kettle Bells
By Ron / New York

I met Court at CrossfitNYC and he has shown an old dog (me) new tricks, He is very patient and knowledgeable instructor. As a trainer he makes good form fun.

10/10 knowledgeable, positive, smart
By Greg Gartland / Brooklyn, NY

I've learned loads from court already in two sessions. The depth and breadth of his knowledge illustrates his passion; he doesn't just know proper form -- he knows the theories behind it and peppers his classes with references to the latest research on health and fitness and the requisite big words. He encourages all levels to try their hardest without scaring away beginners or slowing down more advanced students. And thus far he seems like a great guy in general. Can recommend him without reservation.

10/10 Eager, patient teacher
By Tom / NYC

I have had the luxury of being able to train under Court and can honestly say his vast knowledge of kettlebell training and eye for detail has drasically improved my form, strength and results. There is not much more I can say without reiterating most of the amazing comments above. The guy is top notch, that's all there is to it.

I have suffered through poor teachers for a long time - I consider myself lucky to have found Court.

10/10 My Review of Court
By Yoon S. / New York, NY

I had sought kettlebell instruction in order to augment my current training routine, and I feel very fortunate to have met Court in the process.

While I was initially intimidated by many kettlebell-based exercises, Court made them immediately more accessible to me through his quality instruction, extreme patience, and friendly demeanor. He has a passion for fitness and truly cares for the well-being of his colleagues and clients -- it definitely shows. He is a great teacher both in group and one-on-one settings.

Court is also well-versed in nutrition, recovery, and many other principles that are essential to maintaining a high level of fitness.

I highly recommend him.

10/10 Patient and Full of Detailed Knowledge
By Mike Constantiner / New York, NY

I believe Court Wing's 2 finest qualities are his patience and attention to detail.

I am not a trainer, but I have coached before and patience is a virtue that sets aside good trainers from great ones, and Court is more than willing to take as much time as needed to assure proper technique and effective movements.

Secondly, and as a complement to his patience, Court has a very keen eye to areas that need improvement and his depth of knowledge are truly superior. He has pointed out, on multiple occasions, what one would think are minor details in technique that have increased my performance greatly.

I would recommend him to anyone and never have any doubts.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Chris Gaskin / Queens, NY

Court is by far the best trainer I have ever had. He took me through a 6 week training program at CrossfitNYC, and I was throughly impressed. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be trained by such a good coach, and I highly recommend him.

10/10 A Fountain of Knowledge
By Brian D. / Baldwin, NY

Court is quite possibly one of THE most knowledgeable trainers I know. His knowledge about mobility, the science behind weightlifting and KB training, and his eye that sees any and all makes him a great tool in not only my athletic improvement but everyone else whom he aids at CrossfitNYC. Court knows the tiny nuances that can make or break a lift or your movement pattern, which have been more than helpful the six months I have known him. And to top it all off, this plethora of knowledge he can pull off the top of his head. His personality also is great to be around. He can make you laugh no matter what. Court is a true physical culturist.

10/10 Regained Youthfulness
By Richard Smith / Queens, NY

I've been working with Court for one year and achieved impressive results. I feel more youthful and move far better. The kettlebell and Z-Health training have allowed me to regain my vigor, range of motion and mental alertness, as well as my stamina and general energy level. During the time I've worked with him all of my blood numbers have improved, my insulin sensitivity has increased and my tennis game has gotten better. I am 75 years old and at my age it's wonderful to recapture this degree of function.
Court has remained focused and dedicated to my well-being throughout and we have enjoyed each others company tremendously. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking training.

10/10 Court is my savior in this gritty city!
By T.Nkosi / New York City

I have been training with Court for past year and a half. For the past year and a half my life has been improved with the mere knowledge that Court Wing exists in NYC. Court is outstanding, for a few simple reasons. Court listens, Court challenges, Court is generous with his time, and Court follows through. Court has worked with me towards achieving my goals, he has challenged me to train harder than I expected of myself, he has made extra time for me to help me work out the kinks, and he always calls to check in on my progress. It is rare to come across someone who gives beyond what is expected of them. But to Court it seems to come naturally.

10/10 Court's the Best
By Shulamis / Monsey, NY

I have known Court as a coach for a bit less than a year. In that time I have discovered the art of KBs! Court is a kind and patient instructor that truly has an expertise he is willing to share to help others learn and achieve proficiency! Court is a master coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a trainer for KBs or any other sport!

10/10 Full Court Press
By Ellen Goldberg / New York City

I had never worked out in a gym, let alone done any strength training, prior to starting private training sessions with Court over seven months ago. We incorporated kettle bells into my workouts with fantastic results! Court is an excellent instructor -- highly motivating, extremely patient, careful and clear in his instruction and very thorough in assessing potential risk of injury due to my lower back issues. I am a huge fan of Court and would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

10/10 Saved from a life of sloth
By Adam Rothenberg / New York, NY USA

When I first met Court I had been in possession of a kettlebell for about 2 years and had picked it up maybe a half dozen times. I was scared of the damn thing. After my first session with Court I felt extremely empowered and after my third I was doing things that I had written off ever doing. His knowledge is encyclopedic and is delivery is very personable, humorous and given in a way that even I could understand. I am in the best shape of my life right now and I have him to thank. I cannot recommend him enough.

10/10 Instruction changed my life
By Diana Cook / New York, NY USA

I am 64 years old, and when I began kettlebell training I had chronic pain and weakness from an automobile whiplash injury which I suffered many years ago when I was in my early 20's. I have always loved sports and been stronger than average, but I found during the last few years that I was quite weak because I had favored my shoulder and neck. I couldn't lift heavy frying pans or reach up high to get dishes off the shelves without twinges of pain. I had trouble going to sleep at night and staying at sleep because my neck and shoulder would cramp. I had trouble rolling over in bed or getting out of the car. Over the years I tried physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture. I recently found a physical therapist who therapy helped a lot but I was still weak. I tried lifting weights with my husband, but I was so weak that even the lowest settings on the machines were too painful. I also found I felt dizzy and faint. I dropped out of weight training after a few weeks.

I started kettlebell training about 6 weeks ago because my husband likes weight training and was advised to try this approach by his yoga instructor. I thought I would enjoy it because I like exercise that is more dynamic and involves the whole body. I was scared, though, because my physical therapist told me to be careful, and I had found the previous weight training with machines to be very painful. I started using two pound weights instead of kettlebells. I couldn't do the pump [from the ETK warm up -C.]. I couldn't support my weight with my arms. It was too painful.My instructor, Court Wing, is very skilled at pointing out ways to move that avoid straining the joints, and permitted me to use lower weights...and after a few weeks I could manage a 5 lb. kettlebell. I never thought I could do a Turkish Get Up with 5 lb.! I can even do the pump now. This training has made quite a difference in my comfort and fitness. What I appreciate is the ability to do tasks that were formerly difficult. I can move much more easily. I can reach down and clean out the dishwasher and lift pans without pain. I can get in and out of cars without pain. I sleep better. I can carry more groceries and more reading material. My tennis game has improved.

I imagine that many young people are using the kettlebell training for competition or for athletic training. I will definitely use the training to help play better tennis, but what I most appreciate is the improvement in my ability to get around, take care of myself, and live comfortably. Plus which it's a lot of fun.

10/10 Excellent Listener and Teacher
By CindyKay / New York, NY

I'm a horrible, fraidy-cat gym-goer, but an obsessed long board surfer and wanted to improve my skills. Court "listened" to my wants and needs, accessed my personality and weaknesses and then crafted creative and sport specific work-outs utilizing kettlebells. I put my trust in Court and his kettlebells and was not disappointed. As my strength, mobility and stamina increased, so did my surf sessions from a little over an hour to three hours; as well as, improvement in my surfing skills and form.

Court's kettlebell work-outs are varied and challenging enough to keep my continued interest while providing tangible results. He is gentle, kind, patient - yet unflinching in accessing your ability and moving you to the next level. He provides nurturing and positive focus through knowledgeable kettlebell instruction on performing the exercise correctly and maintaining proper form through the end. Court's erudite and experienced kettlebell instruction is a piece of living art (really). Experience it while you can!

10/10 Court makes me a better trainer and a better athlete
By Allison Bojarski, CrossFit NYC Trainer / Brooklyn, NY

As a fellow trainer at CrossFit NYC, I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to learn from Court Wing on a daily basis. His vast stores of kettlebell knowledge, his ability to convey that information quickly and easily, his passion for kettlebells (and CrossFit-style training, and joint mobility work), and his good will all inspire me to be a better athlete and a better trainer. His clients are a diverse bunch of people, which just goes to show that he is a true coach: one that can deal with different personality types, different athletic abilities, and different personal goals. Likewise, when he teaches group classes at CrossFit NYC, he finds a way to connect with and encourage every student, whatever his/her current athletic ability. Whether you're new to kettlebells or would like to refine your technique, Court is your man!

10/10 excellent instructor
By derek / nyc

Court is a very good kettlebell instructor. He is very patient and attentive to form. I had never picked up a kettlebell before I worked wiht him at Crossfit NYC. He also knows all these great stretching exercises. Highly recommended.

10/10 A Sound Mind In A Sound Body
By YAK / New York NY

Court introduced me to kettle bell training a couple of years ago while I was a member of the 'Nox. Not only did he take a wholistic approach to my fitness regimen, but he was skilled at keeping me motivated. I consider Court to be my Kettle Bell guru as well as a good friend.

10/10 My Wingman!
By Michael / NYC, NY

When I first met Court, we were taking a seminar with Steve Cotter and Jeff Martone, and I was immediatly impressed. His ability to evaluate your potential, and build a complete progression of movement, allows for quick results. Since then his development of the kettlebell curious in New York City has produced many well trained athletes, from the beginner to the advanced.

If you are looking for a trainer that can chart a course of physical develpoment from fat loss, overall strength and mobility, then take the time to work with Court. Step by step, Court will make your development his #1 priority.

Thank you for all the good times, Court.

10/10 The best Wing on the Court!!!
By Justin_NYC / Astoria, NY

Been training with kettlebells for a while, but it wasn't until I met Court through CFNYC that I really "learned" how to train with KBs. His instruction has really given me a better understanding of the techniques, and has helped my form tremendously in working with KBs. I can't recommned him enough!!!!

10/10 Court definitely knows his stuff!!!
By Joe P / New York, NY

Court was the first coach I met at Crossfit New York - Oct, 2007. He was teaching a class that night at the Black Box but he still took the time to introduce me to the Crossfit principles. He made such an impression that I became a member that same week. Court is very knowledgeable and is great at making difficult things seem easy.

10/10 Another Court-esan
By csc / nyc

I didn't have to look any farther than my local crossfit affiliate to learn about kettlebells when my interest was sparked by some monster of a man swinging them around in some eastern european novel. Fortunately, the instructor I came across was not some thick, gruff bear, but the pithy and well-rounded RKC instructor, Mr. Court Wing. He brings a lot to the table. Learn!

10/10 Outstanding coach
By GS / Larchmont, NY

Court has helped me train for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at CrossFitNYC and I have nothing but amazing things to say about his instruction. He introduced me to using kettlebells, and here I am three months later, stronger, faster, more explosive and ready for my next challenge.

Without Court converting me to a Kettlebell devotee I doubt I'd be in the shape I'm in right now (BEST OF MY LIFE!!).

10/10 Don't wing it with kettlebells, Wing it!
By Jeff / Chinatown, Manhattan

Court has been training me in kettlebell use for a little more than 2 months. Due to his instruction, I have marked gains in athletic endurance and noticeably faster recovery from fatigue. His kettlebell training has helped me break through plateaus by improving my form in fundamental lifts as well as providing a solid basis for moving on to more complicated lifts. That is, not only does Court know kettlebells, but he has helped me apply my newfound skills to visualize and understand the movements behind other exercises. Simply put, if you're looking to accelerate your performance and also open doors to enhancing your abilities across the board, well I already told you what he's done for me so you can just reread those first few sentences.

It doesn???t matter if you're a seasoned gym rat or just taking your first steps into working out, I've seen Court teach clients and classes covering of a wide range of capabilities and his expertise accommodates any level of experience. Through him, you'll find the workouts easy to learn and do, yet appropriately challenging to finish. As a trainer, Court has pushed to me to produce levels of work I never thought possible for myself all while still emphasizing safety. His focus on technique and form, attention to detail and personalized instruction leaves no doubt in my mind that I???m in good hands. Furthermore, as a person who is constantly asking questions about proper movement, I can attest that Court always has the knowledge and patience to give clear, well-explained answers.

I'm giving Court a rating of 10. That may seem biased and I probably am, but it might be impossible for me to give otherwise. That's because after working out with him for the past few months, I know him to be a good guy and he's grown to be a friend. His undeniable kettlebell expertise aside, Court makes a great trainer because of his approachability and his sense of humor (thankfully, he takes his workouts a lot more seriously than he takes himself). He's fun to be around and most importantly, has you looking forward to coming back.

10/10 Kettlebell Maven
By MS / Brooklyn, NY

Court introduced me to kettlebells, his enthusiasm is infectious. He really knows his stuff and he is the most patient, non-judgmental and supportive trainer I have ever had. My performance has increased significantly due to working with Court, I would recommend him to anyone!

10/10 Wonderful Trainer
By Dan Lecavalier / NYC, NY USA

Court was the first trainer to introduce me to Kettlebell work. Thanks to his input and training, I've been able to significantly strengthen my back and the results have spilled over into other forms of training, specifically rowing. I highly recommend this knowledgable and incredibly supportive trainer.

10/10 der Hof
By KP / New York, NY

Words cannot describe the vast kettlebell and z-health information I have received from being coached by Court Wing. He is an incredible instructor with a very down to earth approach. My kettlebell skill would be nonexistent if it were not for him. Definitely the best instructor in New York City.

10/10 The Supreme Court
By Tyler / New York, NY

Court is the best kettlebell instructor. In fact, they are thinking of changing the name to Courtbells.

10/10 Court is the man
By AllisonNYC / NY, NY

I've been to seminars with Pavel and Steve Cotter and the Kettlebell Cert with Jeff Martone. Court introduced me to the wonderful world of Kettlebells at Crossfit NYC. I learned the KB snatch on my first try with his instruction! He's an excellent teacher and a great guy. I owe my love of Kettlebells to him. Thanks Court!

10/10 Outstanding trainer
By Dave L. / New York, NY

I, too, met Court at CrossfitNYC. He has proven time and again to be an extremely patient and knowledgeable instructor. His ability to quickly and concisely convey information, combined with his dry humor, makes him a great trainer to work with and an equally great person to be around.

10/10 Learned so much from Court
By Sam F / NYC, NY

I had never really worked out much at all before starting training at Crossfit New York with Court and I had never used Kettlebells before. A few months later and I am shocked by how much stronger i've become. Not only has Court helped me improve my strength but my flexibility has improved and I suffer less injuries than before.

When I first started with court, I coukd barely perform a 12KG Turkish Get Up, this last weekend I was doing TGU's with a 24KG Kettlebell!

In addition to his knowledge on Kettlebell technique, Court has also given me great advice on joint mobility and nutrition.

10/10 Marine Corps veteran gets schooled in the basics
By Gene / NY, NY

I took a month-long basics(kettlebell, gymnastics, and Oly Lifting) course with Court this past September and it was absolutely outstanding. Court is an extremely knowledgeable and motivating instructor/trainer and is incredibly patient with newbies and injured clients(like me). You have to be a fool not to train with him.

10/10 CW
By Paul S / NYC, NY

I have been one of the lucky ones to have discovered Court Wing at Crossfit NYC.

I started training with Court having zero KB experience and having just suffered a painful lower back injury. It was a necessity to have a coach that could explain and demonstrate proper technique. Court's willingess to walk a novice such as myself through the basics was much appreciated.

As I have progressed, he has continued to share a wealth of knowledge on KBs, as well as joint flexibility, olympic lifting and overall health.

Oh, and one more thing -- Court is also a hell of guy and a pleasure to have around the gym.

10/10 Wing It!
By Robert Egan / NJ

I started kettlebell work earlier this year and Court has been an essential part of progress I have made. Through personal attention, a critical eye, and well planned workouts Court will have beginners to advanced athletes improving their skill with a kettlebell.

10/10 Court is in Session!
By Greg / NYC, NY

I never did Kettlebell training until I got to the Crossfit Black Box but always wanted to learn about it after having read an article in Kung Fu Mag on how Wu-shu athletes used KBs to improve strength. I just competed in my division, and wanted to get stronger without compromising my flexibility. I attended my first session with Court and got a grueling workout (The Steamer!)-not just muscle but cardio too.

I nicknamed him "The Architect" because Court is great at teaching proper body mechanics, and understands why the body functions as it does. But what makes him a great trainer is his willingness to answer questions, and his humorous approach makes KB training fun enough that you ALMOST forgive him for the insidious workout he just put you through.

10/10 making kettlebells fun
By Anthony Sasso / Union Square, New York city

Court is that rare teacher who combines knowledge, enthusiasm and humor to give you a great workout. He helps psyche you up for whatever workout you're going to do that day. I've learned so much from him about kettlebells and have made great progress thanks to his knowledge and dedication. Most of all even though he is incredibly knowledgeable he doesn't take himself to seriously, he can make a horribly challenging workout seem fun----almost.

10/10 Train with Court - "Chtob vse byli zdorovy!"
By sean manseau / east village, new york city

Every time I train with Court I'm amazed by how subtle and effective the techniques he teaches are. And he's such a cool and affable fellow, you don't even realize what a diabolical workout you're getting until it's over, and you've collapsed in a sweating heap on the floor. "Let's get healthy!"

10/10 Court Wing, King of Kettlebells
By Avery Wittkamp / Brooklyn, NY

Before I joined Crossfit NYC this past winter, I had never seen, touched, or heard of a kettlebell. At first they seemed very intimidating, but under Court's watchful eye and keen instruction I was able to learn and excel at kettlebells.

There is no doubt in my mind, that the kettlebell work, classes, and seminars Court has taught or been involved with has increased my overall strength, endurance, agility and coordination.

I always look forward to working with Court at Crossfit, especially with kettlebell work. I highly recommend him for any personal training or kettlebell instruction, as his knowledge and demeanor with clients is nothing less then excellent.

10/10 Court is the Man
By Dan DeFilippi / New York, NY

Court is an outstanding instructor who has an uncanny knack for finding and correcting that one little thing holding you back from the next level. His passion for Kettlebells and ability to teach using them is second to none. Beginner to pro, you haven't really workout out until you've trained using Kettlebells under Court's watch.

10/10 Won me over
By Alex / New York, Ny

In April of this year I was looking for something to shake things up and I stumbled across CrossFit NYC. I took my first class with Court and right away I knew he wasn't a part time trainer who was just going through the motions. I knew Court had the passion and the knowledge to help me succeed.

I started personal sessions with Court right away to work on my flexibility issues, which I have made great progress. This progress is seen throughout my daily activities.

Each week I look forward to his Kettlebell classes, which Court has a great deal of experience and enthusiasm. He shows a great deal of respect for the kettlebell sport which is pleasure to watch.

Court has been instrumental in helping me reach my fitness goals.

10/10 The People's Court
By Keith / NYC, NY

Court is not only a great friend, but an amazing coach. His knowledge of physiology and kettlebells is astounding. I am continually learning from him and refining my technique. He sees details that most coaches never do and can take any athlete, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are, to a higher level. I always, without hesitation, recommend Court to anybody looking for kettlebell instruction.

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