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By Delaine Ross / San Diego, CA

Brett is an all-around master of kettlebells and strength training in general. If you train with Brett you are fortunate to get both a beast and an encyclopedia - All in one trainer! I was fortunate to train with Brett regularly for nine months and although he is one of the most knowledgeacble trainers in the industry, he has a way of explaining those complex concepts in the simplest, easy-to-understand manner. Brett is an amazing trainer and I would recommend him to anyone interested in fitness training. Plus, he can bend a nail and rip a phone book with his bare hands. :-)

10/10 Brett Jones & Kettlebells
By Lou Eleuteri / Homer City, PA.

Brett is very knowledgeable, not only in all aspects of Kettlebell training, but power training and conditioning. His instruction and insight have been invauble in helping me attain my goals. I highly recomend him.

10/10 Kettlebell Instruction
By Chuck and Sue / Pasadena, MD USA

We trained with Brett in order to help fine tune our kettlebell training to prepare for the RKC Certification test. Brett is extremely knowledgeable and educated in instructing people of all levels of experience and skill. His instruction has helped both of us take our workouts and training to the next level. And equally as important, Brett's hospitality makes the "pain" fun and enjoyable!

10/10 Top Notch
By Dan L. / WV

Just had the wonderful opportunity to work with Brett Jones. This man is a consummate professional. He is an extraordinarily knowledge and articulate instructor who was able to quickly rectify the "slop" in my kettlebell form, but more importantly, his explanations of proper form helped me appreciate the principles of the mechanics that underlie each technique in a far more meaningful and comprehensive way. Tapes are great (such as his tape), but training with Brett personally was even more illuminating. I would also like to add that his knowledge of sports rehab was of particular interest to me, especially in light a recent injury that I sustained. Brett was able to provide me with a set of exercises to get me back on track and hopefully prevent similar injuries in the future. Moreover, Brett squeezed me in to his busy schedule just to help me with the issues that threatened my training and health! I can't say enough about this notch.

10/10 Online or in person, Brett Jones knows his subject
By Suleiman Al-Sabah / Kuwait, Kuwait

Online or in person, Brett Jones knows his subject. And his subject is helping you get stronger and move better. Brett is a very skilled instructor with the ability to train you without blinding you with science.

I have been privileged enough to assist at a RKC that Brett was leading and to work with him online. He is both approachable and professional and if you are serious about your training so is he.

10/10 Brett Is Best
By David Egan, RKC / Collingswood, NJ, USA

Brett is unbelievable in disseminating complex information in little nuggets of knowledge easily digested. I have had the opportunity to work with Brett at three different workshops and he is always learning and honing his teaching skills. I would recommend Brett to anyone interested in KB training or any other strength pursuit, from beginner to advanced. Brett's most important attribute is humility. Brett keep up the good work, and thank you for the help at the Philadelphia RKC 2011.

10/10 Top quality instruction
By Alex Devenyi / Pittsburgh, PA, USA

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of attending a training session with Mr. Jones a few days ago and we were incredibly impressed with his depth of knowledge and his ability to quickly correct technique. Despite the complexity of the subject, Mr. Jones was able to break what would be a difficult concept to grasp down into easy to understand explanations that had us catching on quickly. We had both used kettlebells for a few years and were primarily self-taught, but after attending a session with Mr. Jones we realized how important it was to learn under a qualified RKC to really grasp the concepts of what we were doing. Needless to say, my wife and I are already planning when we can attend another training session with Mr. Jones and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for top quality instruction.

10/10 CK-FMS
By Sheena Lance-Nold / Omaha, NE, U.S.

I recently attended CK-FMS in St. Paul with Brett Jones and Gray Cook. What a dynamic duo! I was entertained, educated, and motivated by the system, and the passion that Brett has for what he does. I had the opportunity to sit down with him at the "Meet and Greet" and learned more in that hour than I have reading many certification books!

10/10 Brett rocks!
By Eric Moss RKC / Morris and Sussex County, NJ

I had the opportunity to learn directly from Brett at the RKC recert. I went in knowing that he was considered one of the best in the world and Brett did not disappoint. An incredible eye for detail attached to a brain that is packed with knowledge left me with info that was easily applicable to my own training and to improving that of my clients. Watching him interact and teach my comrades gives me a vision of what I should strive to be as an instructor if I want to be the best (which I do). Bottom line...hire this man, learn from him and become a better athlete and teacher. It is that simple.

10/10 Brett is awesome
By Eric Moss / Sussex County NJ

I had the opportunity to learn from Brett at the recert. His cues are exact and brought instant changes to my form. His attention to detail was able to pin point things I didn't know were going on and that will allow me to continue to get better in my own strength practice. Learning by observing him as he instructed my comrades shows by example how I need to strive to be as instructor. Brett is awesome...nuff said.

10/10 I don't think I could have risen to such a challenge had I not taken Brett's RKC workshop
By Monique LaFontaine-Tomaso / Redlands, California

I met Brett Jones in September of 2008 at an RKC Preparatory Workshop at Iron Core in San Diego. I attended his workshop to improve my skills with the use of kettlebells. Within an hour of the workshop, I had come to the determination that Brett was funny, smart, and very humble. In the most considerate and professional way, Brett helped me realize how little I knew about the proper use of kettlebells. I knew that the best thing I could do for myself and my clients was to give him my full attention because with all his experience, education, and tenacity, I could see he firmly believed in precise and comprehensive training with the kettlebells and I would benefit greatly from his expertise.

Before attending Brett's workshop, I had no intension on taking the Russian Kettlebell Certification Challenge, however, by the last day I couldn't wait to get home and begin my training. Brett was completely honest with us and made sure we understood that the "Snatch Test" portion of the RKC was a small fraction of what we were going to endure during the RKC. He focused on the Swing, Clean-&-Press, and Get Ups, and very little on the Snatch, but made it clear that once we truly understood the Swing, learning the Snatch would be a piece of cake.

By the end of my three days with Brett, I was convinced to take the RKC and complete my required training. In September of 2009, I took the RKC in San Diego and passed. It was one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished and it undoubtedly challenged my inner and outer strength. I felt a great sense of achievement and pride, and I don't think I could have risen to such a challenge had I not taken Brett's RKC workshop.

Thank you Brett for the BIG PUSH.

10/10 Brett taught the TGU at my RKC
By Gary Music / Shiloh, Ohio

Brett taught the TGU at my RKC. I had a lot of trouble learning this from the DVD, I needed hands on instruction. Before the challenge my PR was a 45 lbs in the TGU. I came home, did the 80 one rep first try. :-) That is how I rate an instructor, results. With just watching Brett and listening to his instruction I nearly doubled my strength in a single class.

Thanks Brett

10/10 Incredible Coach
By Neghar Fonooni / Ellicott City, MD

Brett's ability to break down complexities into simple content is phenomenal. He is a brilliant speaker who's down to earth humor and humility makes you want to listen to every word out of his mouth. His expertise in the field of strength and conditioning and knowledge of human movement are part of the reason I became interested in kettlebells and the RKC. He truly lends a lot of credibility to the organization, and I am extremely proud to now call myself RKC among professionals like Brett.

10/10 Might be a Jedi
By Mike Rush RKC / Broomall, PA

Master RKC Brett Jones was my team leader on the first East Coast RKC Certification in Philly. I've heard a lot about Brett but seeing is believing. Not only incredibly strong, but knowledgeable and forthright. It's easy to see why he is held in such high regard in the kettlebell community. His ability to teach with little being said is a testament to being a good leader.
Seek him out and latch on!
Thanks Brett.

10/10 Walks the Talk
By Reid Mangan / Virginia Beach, VA

Brett is the real deal. He showed up on a 45 degree morning for a 12 hour day. The next day was nicer with rain. He taught a short notice outdoor certification course to 28 of the best America has to offer. All are deployed at this time hunting in some of the harshest terrain and against some of the most dedicated enemies America has encountered.The average time of service is over 10 years with some nearing 20. I can speak for all of us that this was some of the best, most challenging, most useful training we have recieved. Through kettlebells we were trained in full body training, breathing techniques under stress, and the proper way to explosively move weight while incorporating endurance. One of the most important take aways was the focus in operational durability. As the number of tours mounts, a more critical decision making process is required on the battle field. America needs to retain the experience of the seasoned operator and the training that we recieved allows the operator to strenghten and rehab our bodies in austere environments. Brett exemplifies the training and theories Pavel and his training brought to our command. After reading all of Brett's reviews, I'd say its unanimous, Brett is one of the best, most articulate instructors I've ever had. He does what he teaches.

10/10 Brett is one of the best down to earth and easily understandable trainers
By Norm Elliott / Pittsburgh, PA

It was easy to see after the first session with Brett that he is not only a great trainer but also a great teacher. He listens and breaks things down in to an easy to do approach. Every time I meet with him I see immediate results. Thanks Brett!!

10/10 A Rare Individual!
By Paul David / Menifee, CA

Having worked with Brett for few years now, in a variety of capacities, I got to observe first hand, what a wealth of information this man possesses. I've felt complete confidence referring everyone from Pro athletes to Grandma to Brett.

He's a trainers trainer. He has the ability to break down a complicated topic into easy-to-understand bits of information. An articulate speaker, thinker, and tough as nails! Additionally, he practices what he preaches - trains himself and others with thought and purpose. The best part about Brett, and the most refreshing, however, is his humility, a rare commodity in this day and age!

10/10 Organized, specific and gets results.
By Lou Mastrian, O.D. / Hermitage, PA USA

My son and I had the pleasure of seeing Brett Jones for a FMS evaluaton and kettlebell instruction.

Brett began the encounter with a thorough medical history. Brett then perfomed the FMS. After the screen, he discussed the results and illustrated some rehabilitative exercises to help us in our weak areas. Within minutes, we both improved our flexibility and strength in the test areas.

He went over a workout plan for both of us and helped our technique with the kettlebell swings and get ups. The attention to detail was fantastic. I noticed a tremendous difference in my swing and get up abilities after only working with Brett for a few minutes.

Brett was able to relate to both of us very well. His demeanor is perfect for a trainer. He is an outstanding motivator as well as extremely well versed in training. His philosophy of Simple, Strength and Movement is easily noticed while working with him.

The trip to see Brett was well worth the hour drive each way.

10/10 Everyone needs a Brett
By Taikei Matsushita RKC II / Tokyo Japan

I've known Brett from RKC, RKCII in a limited role.
However at CK-FMS 2009, I got to know the true quality of this instructor. Brett has knowledge, makes complicated things easy to learn. A great listener, great talker, so so on jokes, and man with character.

4 days of Brett is worth every penny.

10/10 Worth every penny!
By Paul Keefer / Chambersburg, PA USA

At the start of the session, Brett asks you about your medical hx, perceived weaknesses, resources, etc. After discussing my current training plan, Brett quickly mapped out the session. We started with Z-health neural warm-up, correcting mistakes along the way. Brett provides an understanding of the Z drills that you can't get from the book or video. My progress should be rapid with this newfound understanding. From there, we moved onto the toe touch. No problem there, however, there was a problem with my hamstring and hip mobility as demonstrated by the active leg raise. Brett showed me an exercise to improve this and provided a clear prescription to make it happen. From there we moved onto the TGU, Brett's bread and butter. If you're not a fan of the TGU, you will be after Brett shows you the nuances of the exercise. Again, Brett made corrections and provided a plan of attack for practicing and improving the TGU, along with some issues that go along with it like primitive patterns, thoracic and shoulder mobility. From there the swing, the most simple kettlebell drill right? Wrong. With a few simple corrections, Brett had me swinging more powerfully than ever before. Finally, this new hip drive carried over to the snatch, which we decided was not yet good enough for VWC, but was ready for regular practice. I came out of the session with a better understanding of my body and a clear plan for making it better through the use of Z-health, corrective exercise, and kettlebell drills. Thanks Brett!

10/10 Cream of the Crop
By Tim Anderson / Fuquay-Varina, NC

I have had the honor of knowing Brett for 2 years now. Brett is an excellent teacher. Not only does he have an enormous wealth of knowledge, he also has tremendous compassion for his students. Brett has a genuine passion for teaching and building better people. I would recommend Brett to anyone who wants to learn how to use kettlebells or to anyone who just wants to learn anything about their own body. He is truly a Master RKC Instructor.

10/10 Thorough, clear, helpful, inspiring
By George Pazin / Pittsburgh, PA

My session with Brett was terrific. I scheduled the appt. to work on my kettlebell form, but Brett first took the time to put me through a series of FMS tests to identify problem areas. No surprise, the things that I struggled with ended up causing issues in my kettlebell techniques.

Brett was extremely thorough in diagnosing problems and then clearly explaining what I need to work on, and WHY. Everything made perfect sense and was backed up with multiple demonstrations for clarity.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Brett to anyone and I will be following up in a few months with another visit, after I've had time to work on the things he recommended.

10/10 Amazing Instructor
By Greg Lunski / New Britain, CT

I had the pleasure to attend a workshop instructed by Master RKC Brett Jones. This was my first mobility/KB workshop. He is very passionate about teaching. Although I have been training with KB's for about a year and half, and having a couple sessions with a RKC I walked away more knowledgeable. Brett's workshop was physically and mentally engaging, challenging, and to the point. The value of the workshop value was priceless to what it cost.

If you have an opportunity I would not hesitate to work with Brett Jones. You will gain a vast amount of knowledge and improve your athletic potential.

10/10 Excellent RKC Trainer
By Craig / Indianapolis, Indiana

Brett has a wonderful way of showing folks the information and techniques to be learned. His approach is authoritative and patient, knowledgeable and open-minded, strict and flexible, earnest and humorous.

The depth of his command of the material is complete and his method of teaching it is very effective. There is only one best way to do KB movements, yet he is able to individualize his presentation so that each student can adapt that one way to their own capabilities. Also, his corrective approach to those capabilities and limitations is as effective and enlightening.

A seminar with Brett will leave the student completely capable of safely and effectively including a variety of basic KB movements into their training, and also provides them with an introduction to a much broader mindset about their history, use and potential.

He'll put some major learnin' on you, and provides a natural invitation to your curiosity to learn more, and that's about perfect for my money.

Thanks, Brett.

10/10 Worth the Drive
By Sumit / NY

I drove 2 hours both ways to receive instruction from Brett Jones.
In the morning, I was thinking what am I doing, its Saturday, I should be home sleeping, I know how to move a kettlebell, Ive been training for 4+ years with kettlebells.
On the way home, I was grateful that I hadnt squandered the opportunity to learn from Brett.
Brett is a very clear speaker, his instruction gets right to the point and his delivery always keep you interested.
From the moment he took charge of the class till he was done, he was challenging, informative, and very engaging.
A lot of that comes from the very evident fact that he loves teaching, maybe as much as he likes learning.
It was a great workshop.

10/10 Gifted and Giving
By Christopher Lindquist, VMD, RKC / East Fallowfield, PA

Brett is a tremendously gifted individual. He has an incredible understanding of how the human body works and moves. He has the technology to rebuild you. His functional movement screen, corrective strategy and kettlebell instruction were essential to my passing of the RKC Snatch Test. Thanks, Brett!

10/10 Top Notch
By Tony Drake / Delafield, WI

I had the opportunity to train with Brett this past week. WOW! What an incredible knowledge of the body and how it works. With in a few short excersizes, my hips were already moving better. Then came the kettlebells........ I had never heard of them before. Brett was patient and walked me through some basic movements. That was one of the toughest and most productive workouts I have had.

If you are looking for a trainer and Brett is available, stop looking, he is the real deal!

10/10 The Best Kettlebell Instructor
By Sandy Sommer, RKC / Towson MD, USA

Thank you Brett!

Brett Jones, Master RKC was my teams coach in the October 2008 RKC certification in St. Paul MN.

To say that Brett is a good teacher is like saying that Michael Jordan is a good basketball player. Both are the best at what they do.

Brett wanted each of us to successfully earn our certification. He gave us the tools to succeed and then expected us to use those tools so that we teach kettlebells safely and with prudent judgement.

Brett is the best there is and if you want to learn how to practice with kettlebells then you need to hire him as your coach.

9/10 Top Notch Instruction
By Drew Kearns / Lynchburg, VA USA

Brett was my team leader at the most recent RKC certification and I can say first hand that he is a great teacher and comes along side you and helps your perfect your form to optimize form for safety and strength. Always ready with a positive word and then a helping suggestion, I really enjoyed being trained by Brett. I would recommend him to any and everyone looking for a great strength coach.

10/10 Humbled By the Opportunity
By Jennifer Bryan / Tennessee

I was fortunate enough to have Brett as my team leader at this weekend's St. Paul RKC, and I couldn't be more pleased with that opportunity. He has an in-depth knowledge of not only the mechanics of training with kettlebells, but also the human body, and is wonderfully able to communicate that knowledge to others. Brett also has the ability to correct the intricacies of form without making a person feel inept, instead inspiring in them the confidence that they can make the necessary changes. I can only imagine what he would be able to help a client accomplish over time.

10/10 Friend, coworker, teacher
By Kerry Swick, RKC / Pittsburgh, PA

Lucky for me, Brett has been a coworker of mine for several years. He introduced me to KBs several years ago when he was a new RKC himself. We generally share the same fitness philosophy, so of course I immediately embraced the kettlebells and became an RKC myself.

There are plenty of decent trainers, but only a few great ones. Brett has all the traits of a great trainer because:

1. He shows genuine concern for his clients and students.
2. He use good judgment with clients so that there is a tangible improvement and causes no harm.
3. He realizes the importance of ongoing learning.
4. He shares knowledge freely and with respect, and is equally receptive to receiving knowledge from others.

I am fortunate to have Brett as a friend, coworker, teacher and fellow student for life.

10/10 An officer and a stronger man
By Will Williams RKC 2005 / United States

It has been my distinct pleasure to have met Mr. Jones as my Senior Instructor for the April 2005 Cert. With a courteous way and set of hands that could grate cinder block, Brett instructed the body of the class on the front squat and the bent press, detailing the finer points of the grinding lifts. And that is simply the man you will find behind the instructor, the kind of guy who grinds. Brett has held the RKC ground with regard to Professional Personal Training for many moons. With his Master ranking in the program, Brett Jones validates exercise of the Hard Style and that which executes orders from a course of treatment with his manner, his pedigree, and his street tactics. Work with Brett on many, many levels through his Applied Strength program.

10/10 Thumbs up
By Max Shank. RKC / Encinitas, CA

Brett knows his stuff. When he talks, you should listen.
Truly gifted as an instructor and his jokes are hilarious.

10/10 Brett Jones is a superb kettlebell trainer
By Sarah Lurie / San Diego, CA

Brett is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished trainers in the industry. Brett was my mentor for over 2 years. As a result, I benefited tremendously from his precise, complete and patient instruction. Most of what Brett taught me has shaped the way I have trained my clients and run my business. If you have an opportunity to train with Brett, you are lucky. If you don't, get his products!

10/10 World Class
By Betsy Fitzpatrick / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My life is defined now in terms of BB (Before Brett) and AB (after Brett).
My life BB was all about inflexibility, physical limitation and pain or injury with working out. In my life AB, I feel like a completely different person with a completely different body.

Brett is not only a world class trainer, he is an excellent diagostician and proven healer. He has helped me resolve life long limitations that I had come to accept as permanent. And he is wonderful teacher having given me invaluable tools I can use when working out on my own.

I am stronger, more flexible and experience my own little miracles of strength with every session. I would highly recommend Brett to anyone (and actually recommend hiring him now before he hits the really, really big time.)

10/10 One of the best around
By Will Fish, RKC / North Kingstown, RI USA

I have had the pleasure of attending two RKCs that Brett was an instructor at and his presentations were among the best at both. Brett is what I would call a born teacher; well versed on the subject matter and easy to learn from. If you want to teach others how to train with kettlebells, I would highly recommend learning from Brett.

10/10 I give him an "11" rating
By John / Iowa City, IA

Brett worked with me for more than a year (via frequent emails and phone calls) to help me build a solid foundation for kettlebell lifting. When we began, I had a number of nagging injuries and (as I learned) unsound lifting practices that almost made me quit KB lifting altogether.

Brett's patient advice, focused expertise, and friendly encouragement not only helped me rehabilitate those lingering aches and pains, they also re-energized my enthusiasm for kettlebell lifting.

Now, more than two years later, I continue progressing on the same path that Brett started me on. And even though he's no longer my "paid" coach, he's still available for advice when I ask.

I appreciate Brett's experience and knowledge as a trainer. He's a genuinely good guy, too.

10/10 Master Instructor
By David Whitley Sr. RKC / Nashville TN USA

I first met Brett in 2003 when I went through the RKC certification. Since then I have made it my profession and worked my way up the ranks and been chosen as a Sr RKC. Other than Pavel, no one person has had more of an impact on me as an instructor of Kettlebells. I owe much of my skill both as an athlete and a teacher to Brett and am forever grateful to him.

Brett has a deep knowledge of human performance and can convey complex subject matter in very simple terms. When I have a question about human performance, I call Brett.

10/10 Extremely knowledgeable and dedicated!
By Lauren Brooks, RKC, Clinical Nutritionist / Encinitas, CA

Brett truly impressed me with his education, passion, dedication, and expertise. He takes his work very very seriously but at the same time is a fun down to earth human being. If you live near Brett you are crazy not to hire him. He is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have met. I was part of team Jones back in September 2005. He was always very patient and encouraging with his whole team.

Take advantage of Brett's services, especially if you live near him! All around excellent instructor!

10/10 It's the first I've been excited since my incapacitating injury
By Kimberly Hamilton, LAc, DNBAO / Angwin, Ca.

Though on disability, and having a difficult financial time of things, I decided to take the chance and buy the DVD entitled "Corrective Strategies and Movement Screening" (though the catalogue I saw at that time didn't mention that it wasn't for 'beginner' level). I watched and tested myself with it, and didn't score very well until after the corrective movements, then I was amazed by the immediate improvement in function. I had bought a set of kettlebells thinking they would help me get back in shape after my injury and was disappointed because I couldn't even use the lightest one. I am looking forward to actually meeting with Brett in person this week for a scheduled workout. I recommend this DVD for anyone who needs a little help with corrective strategies so they will get more out of any training camp.

10/10 Amazing!
By Rhys Larson / Lake Elmo, MN USA

Before meeting Brett, I had been seeing a physical therapist for my left shoulder. I had a lot of pain that resulted in a limited range of motion. The PTs exercises for his diagnosis of bursitis were having very limited results. After reviewing my history, Brett made my shoulder literally pain free and my range of motion improved 80%, and within 5 minutes! It was amazing. He has totally changed my understanding of body mechanics.

10/10 Unsurpassed!
By Marty Larson, RKC II, Stott Pilates Certified / Lake Elmo, MN USA

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Brett several times over the past couple of years. Each time I do, I am so impressed with not only his skill and technical expertise, but his depth of understanding in his field. He is an insightful problem solver, which indicates great depth of knowledge and experience.

I initially met Brett at a Russian Kettlebell Certification, but have since asked him to work with my entire family. He was able to diagnose and change some long held physical patterns in all four of us! His set of skills is impressive and I look forward to working with him in the future.

10/10 Training with Brett for four years
By Linda O'Leary / Canonsburg, PA

I've worked with several trainers, and Brett is the best. He provides clear explanations and is patient when I don't get it the first time. He inspires me to believe that anything is possible and astounds me with his knowledge of anatomy. If you're looking for a supreme trainer tucked inside a superb gentleman, call Brett.

10/10 Depth of knowledge with a good heart
By Richard Hruby, D.O. / St. Louis Park, MN USA

Brett was my team leader at the September RKC. I am an osteopathic physician in practice for 25 years. Brett's understanding of the body and his ability to communicate what he saw was outstanding. What most impressed me most though was that with all the strength, toughness and integrity, and with all the knowledge, he was a warm hearted human being.

10/10 A Senior RKC for good reason
By Dom Uguccioni, RKC / Colrain, Massachusetts

Brett was my team leader at the recent RKC workshop in September, 2007. I was very impressed with his leadership, especially on the first day when he had to double as the chief instructor as well as making time for our group. My own understanding of kettlebell training increased as well as my capacity to teach others. Brett would always answer any questions that our group had and was very good at breaking down the concepts so we could understand them. By the end of the RKC, I was more proud then ever to be a member of Team Jones. Brett is the real deal, he is a great teacher and he defiantly practices what he preaches as you can see from the photos. Brett is very passionate about what he does and I would highly recommend him, especially to serious athletes or anyone who needs injury prevention or rehab. Great instructor.

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