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10/10 Just what I was looking for
By Jon Frost / Naples, Florida, USA

I just got this book and gave it a quick look through and it is exactly what I was hoping for. I have been a martial artist for 23 years and a kettlebell devotee since Pavel and Dragondoor burst on the scene years ago. As I have gotten older (now almost 45) I have become more and more interested in calisthenics to compliment my kettlebell and martial arts training. However, I never get anywhere because I didn't have a real progression to follow. This book addresses that perfectly. I have Al's other books on stretching and pull ups and push ups and I can see how with the system in Get Strong I can apply it to every exercise in all the other books, too. And it's worth mentioning that not only is the information great, but these books are artistically pleasing to look at, and Al and Danny are great characters. But mostly, you can tell these two guys love what they do and are all about getting stronger and having fun, how can you not like them and want to support their work? I am really looking forward to going through the entire program as it's written and seeing where it will take me. I am confident that between 45 and 90 I will be in my best shape ever!!

10/10 The only workout book you will ever need
By Dave Forrester / GALASHIELS, UK, Scotland

This book is a true masterful piece of reference material from the brothers Kavadlo. If you're at all considering a bodyweight workout programme then look no further. It contains a 16 week programme (although most will find it takes a lot longer to complete the programme). Each exercise is explained both in text and with images of the Kavadlo's performing them. There's also a section on Top Tips and a Q&A section. I've been following this programme for nearly 18 months now and it works. Suitable for all ages and all levels of strength & fitness. Thanks to Danny & Al for a great workout book.

10/10 Awesome
By Kevin Gardner / Durham, NH, USA

I can't say enough good things. The phased workout sequence is excellent to work through, especially if you are someone who doesn't want to think about putting a workout together. If you do want to mix it up, there are plenty of great and challenging supplemental movements to add. I'm 52, and found Get Strong and Convict Conditioning and Pavel and all the rest only about a year ago. But it's changed my life. I was squatting heavy and all that, but my mobility was terrible and I always felt like I had aches in my back, tight hamstrings, etc. etc.. No more. I feel stronger, have much better flexibility, core strength, control, and balance. Life is great! Get Strong is essential. I have bought this as gifts for many people, and recommended it to many friends, folks at the climbing gym and anyone else who will listen!

9/10 Great for the whole family!
By Mike Biorn / Atlanta, GA, USA

I'm currently working through GET STRONG with my pre-teen kids. They're following the GET STRONG program in addition to their sports, dance and other activities, and I'm layering it on top of martial arts and other workouts (currently mainly CrossCore Hardcore and DVRT sandbags). We try to workout together, but sometimes I work with one then the other.
We're repeating Phase 1 Week 3 because each of them failed one (different) aspect of the Phase 1 test. They want to proceed on the other exercises, but so far I'm having us stick exactly to the program. Not sure how long that will last if they fail the same tests again, but seem ready to progress on the other exercises. I don't want to hold them back in areas where they excel, but mixing and matching might get a little confusing, especially since they'd be doing different exercises remedially.
I've read through the whole book twice, and I think the program makes a lot of sense. I might have named the weeks "steps" or something similar, because I'm not sure we're going to make some of those progressions in just a week later on, but that is a minor quibble.
I've been surprised at how much Phase 1 has helped my kids. Some things have improved very quickly for them! It hasn't been much of a challenge for me yet, but it does help work out the kinks left over from my other workouts. I trust that it's laying the groundwork for some of the later phases where there are exercises that I only dream of today.
In my head I keep comparing this book to Convict Conditioning, which I read through and spent some time working on a few years ago, but never really committed to. I like them both, but working with my kids through GET STRONG and following the exact program has kept me on track better.

10/10 Excellent material
By Philip Olsen / Tucson, AZ, USA

Purchased this book because 10 years of jiu jitsu has left my body broken and sore and unable to take weight lifting too seriously.

In one month's time using this book, i've made noticeable gains in my strength, endurance and balance.

The concepts are pretty simple to follow and the progressions make sense. I'm no stranger to pull ups and push ups but this book as well additional material from the Kavadlo brothers has waken me up to the positive aspects of training body weight exclusively.

The workouts are pretty short as ive never taken more than 40 minutes to complete one and im currently on stage 3, so this is also great for someone on a tight schedule.

A+ material.

10/10 Awesome book packed with useful content.
By Andy Bailey / Nevada city, California, USA

Purchased this book 10 days ago. Was excited to start exercising outside of the gym. In just a week I can tell this program is going to get the strength results and advances I'm looking for. As a heavier guy (240lb) chins and pull-ups have long been my nemesis. The gradual approach presented by the Kavadlo brothers in this latest book is ideal for myself.
I admit, I did skip phase one. I believe phase one is targeted to those who have very little to no strength training experience, but as the book states, the program caters for all and some will benefit from phase one.
I am using the program as a template, mixing up the routines and also adding other exercises or altering the exercises, implementing gym rings and extra reps where possible.
As far as progress so far, it's hard to comment much after a week, though in just that short a time my chin ups are seeming much easier each day.
I have always been a skeptic of bodyweight workouts, but I feel with consistency and constant progression that this program WILL get you strong! The brothers know their stuff, and are both living proof that it works, and works well.
If your looking to get out of the boring, sweaty gym and obtain functional, legitimate strength gains then this book is for you.

10/10 Perfect, simple and effective.
By J Bruyere / Nashville, TN, USA

I've been studying calisthenics for several years now and have a few books from Al already. After reading the book and testing myself, I was able to start further along in the phases. That said, I had hit a few plateaus and have annihilated them after following the remaining phases. These two guys are no joke. The course is so well written and 100% effective. I'm beyond happy to have this book in my arsenal.

10/10 Love this program!
By Rich Bullock / San Francisco, CA, United States

I think I have all of the Kavadlo Brother's books and Get Strong is my favorite! Everything is explained incredibly well and as with all of their books, the photos are extremely helpful in making sure you're performing the exercises correctly. I have both the actual book as well as the digital version so I can follow the program on my phone and workout at the park down the street from my house or even on my lunch break at work. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get strong with an easy to follow program. Thanks again Al and Danny, you guys are the best!

10/10 Fantastic and Achievable
By Olivia K / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This book is fantastic! I am a big believer in body weight exercises and using simple equipment to become fit and strong. This book provides an incredible amount of guidance. Every phase is a well thought out progression so that you will achieve the final stage.

The progression of difficulty is so easy to follow that you can adjust each phase to suit your own needs. For example for phase 1, I could do all the exercises well except the active hang. So I progressed all my exercises to phase 2 except the active hang. I didn't give up and I could do the active hang for the required amount of time. I still completed the phase 1 test to officially do phase 2.

Everything in this book is achievable and you must have the drive and patience to allow your body to adjust and develop. I, personally, will take more than 16 weeks to complete the program but I look forward to my journey.

10/10 This Occam's workout is a gift
By Jimmy Jimjams / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Something to hang from, a knee high surface, gravity, and this book. Best gym ever in a physically distanced, pandemic world. And if all you have is gravity and a floor, there are complete workouts for you.

"Real gyms" are closed because of Covid-19 but doing this workout in our tiny backyard is fun, energising and bringing positivity to our family.

The Kavadlos have given the world a gift. This one book can help everyone can stay active for the rest of their lives, wherever they may be.

10/10 The perfect intro to physical culture for kids
By Ron Richards / Vienna, VA, USA

My 12 year old son loves this program. The pictures of Al and Danny doing crazy strength stunts sold him on starting the program and the tangible results he's seen after 6 weeks are keeping him motivated to continue. This is also great father and son time since we workout together. My son claims he's stronger on the basketball and tennis courts and he can't wait until soccer starts up again in the fall.

A couple of notes to parents if you're looking at this book for your child. One, do the workout with him/her no matter what level you're at. I simply substitute harder variations or exercises for myself as appropriate. Two, if your child is new to working out, spend the first couple of weeks working on the groove for each exercise and don't worry about numbers. After two weeks, buy log books for yourself and your child and let your child record and plan their own workouts. My son has really taken ownership of his progress through recording each workout and planning the next.
Three, you may need to explain up front that a "week may not be a week". Six weeks in my son is just completing week 2. He's actually at week 4 or beyond on everything but pushups but those have been coming along slowly for him. I wish they had labelled them step 1...step 16 instead of by week, but this is a minor quibble. But setting expectations up front is very important so your child won't get discouraged if they can't hit the week 1 numbers after 3 workouts.

I'm somewhere in phase 2 or phase 3 depending on the exercises and I can't wait until my son catches and surpasses me. At 55 I can still make progress but it won't be as fast as my son. Thanks Al and Danny for making me do the bridging progressions.

This book is just the ticket to introduce your child to physical culture with a minimum of expense, equipment and time. Get Strong uses well thought out progressions to strengthen the entire body. Do yourself and your kid a favor, do Get Strong with them and it will give you both gifts that keep giving for a lifetime.

10/10 A new student
By Jim Fitzpatrick / Columbus, Ohio, US

Over the years, I've tried it all. The problem is, I've never felt strong. I began reading about the strongmen, the guys that were naturally strong. I eventually wandered into the world of calestinics and found Al and Danny Kavadlo. They broke it down and explained how to build genuine strength. I was then left with the problem of putting it all together and coming up with a workout. This is the book that takes care of it, and it starts at the beginning. With progressions, anyone can begin this and become their best. I'm now a lifelong fan and I have this to thank as the true beginning of a journey of strength. At any fitness level, this book will be your stepping off point to get strong.

10/10 Excellent!
By Chris Gigliot / Orlando, FL, USA

Just finished Phase 3 and am beyond thrilled. I'm approaching 50 and have done the traditional stuff like weights, hours of running, etc..and was looking for something different.

My strength, mobility, and flexibility are all much improved from when I first started.

Thanks guys!

10/10 An outstanding introduction to calisthenics
By Jason D'Acchioli / Stevens Point, WI, USA

I've been running, "working out" (free weights, equipment), and doing Pilates for years, but always felt something was missing, as if I'd plateaued in my strength training. This book has shown me what I can do to take my workouts to the next level. I'd always thought isolation of muscle groups was key, but felt that the more coordinated movements from Pilates was a better way to go, but didn't know how to combine the two. Calisthenics has elements of both, and so much more! The Kavadlo brothers have written a book that you can use anywhere, in a casual, funny, and easy-to-understand style. Highly recommended!

10/10 The best callisthenic book ever
By Alex Belov / Alpharetta, GA, United States

The best callisthenic book ever exists. Period.
Very easy, without extra details each exercise explained and provided best way to accomplish it.
Working out as prescribed, with recommended days off magically bring your body in best shape in your life.
One very good part is self-control. After each phase you are taking test and you decide if you are ready to move next week or you should repeat last week set.
Great support, all question is answered with no time in very friendly manners.
Absolutely no commercial or extras to buy.
Get your copy and begin making new you.

10/10 Tremendous addition for your strength library!
By Jesse Ellis / Marlow, Oklahoma, US

This book is well thought out and well put together. Whether you're just starting out with calisthenics or have been doing them for years, this book has some gems for you. After stalking with my own progress in calisthenics, I have found the programs laid out by Al and Danny truly help solidify your foundation. It's easy to neglect the basics in light of the flashier tricks and movements, but doing something as simple as the flex hang quickly shows you why you should always focus on the fundamentals and pay your proper dues. I highly enjoyed reading the book and enjoy implementing the programs, and I absolutely can't wait for my children to discover this gold mine when they get a little older. If you're on the fence on whether or not to buy this book, just buy it. You won't regret it.

10/10 Just what I wanted.
By Rhys Sherring / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I've been following the Kavadlo's for a few years now, and constructed a lot of workouts from Al's previous Raising the Bar and Pushing the Limits. Now I'm thoroughly enjoying following the Kavadlo brother's latest in Get Strong. I follow the routine religiously and of course will be following it all the way through, no matter how long it takes. Body weight calisthenics has made me feel much stronger than any gym work ever has. I'm a Kavadlo fan for life!

10/10 Best possible book on how to get strong(er)!
By Stephany Koujou / N?rnberg, Bavaria, Germany

Hey! Hey! Hey! The Kavadlo Brothers did it. They wrote the best possible book on how to get strong(er)! This book is ideal not only if you are getting started with bodyweight training but also when you are somewhere in between and feel stuck (like I did).
Part 1 shows you exactly how to get really strong. You receive the finest exercises (nicely explained and with awesome pictures) and a detailed workout plan to make you strong and get you in the best form of your life. For my part, I feel confident that I am finally going to master the pull-up!
In part 2 Al gives practical answers and you can learn about Danny's Dos and Don'ts. On top of that there are more exercises, workouts and even partner drills to spice things up.
As if this is not enough part 3 consists of the ten best articles the Kavadlo Brothers have written so far. Whether it is Al's musings on zen and fitness or Danny's motivational talk on calisthenics and ABs - these articles are to be read. Again and again and again!
As in every Kavadlo book, it is chock full of fantastic pictures and inspirational talk. When looking at the Kavadlo brothers you know it is not just empty talk. These guys live and breathe calisthenics!
If this book does not motivate you to get off your ass and get started with bodyweight training, no book will!
I can't wait what the Kavadlo Brothers will come up with next. Until then, keep the dream alive! Hell yeah!

10/10 Highly recommend
By Jarema Antosz / Wroc?aw, dolnoslaskie, Polska

This book is what exactly I was looking for.

10/10 The best book ever
By Ovidiu Hucan / Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I was waiting so much for something like this . Kavadlo bros def just done the best job ever . Amazing experience.

10/10 Great guide on how and where to start Calisthenic
By Syed Rabeel / Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan

I have been using free weights for over a year. I started getting interested in calisthenics, but was not sure where or how to start. This book does exactly that. There is a test to let you know which phase (1,2,3 or 4) you should start from.
If you are someone who likes calisthenics but don't know where to start. This is book is for you.

9/10 Really great progressive approach to calisthenics
By George Sideris / Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I really liked the progression-based approach to this book. It clearly helped build a foundation, expand on the foundation, and approach mastery level techniques without much questioning from the reader. I think the only thing that would really make this better is a video series alongside it just to give a couple angles showing each exercise in greater detail.

10/10 Another gem by the brothers Kavadlo.
By Patrick Brunetti / Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Get Strong is a great asset to any existing training you may be following. It is also a perfect program for anyone looking to increase strength and expand your knowledge of progressive calisthenics.
Hey, Hey, Hey and Hell Yeah!!

9/10 This is a Great Program!
By Jim Barsul / Milwaukee, WI, USA

Danny & Al have provided a road map to gaining strength & improving balance with bodyweight exercises!
I've been working the program for a few weeks - the program identifies weaknesses as well as strengths. The progressions shown help improve the weaknesses and maintain and improve the strengths.

Thanks Guys!!

10/10 Tito Rogers USMC
By Tito Rogers / Chattanooga, TN, USA

The best and most balanced & realistic method of programming I have seen in a calisthenic program! Brilliance in the basics

10/10 Excellent Training and Resource Guide
By Thomas Wilson / Malone, New York, USA

Having read other books by the Kavadlo Brothers, I knew pretty much what to expect. However, Get Strong exceeded my expectations. Starting from the most basic level and taking you to the "next" level no matter where you fall on the spectrum of bodyweight exercise practitioner or trainer. As a personal trainer, I intend to use many of the progressions and regressions in my own training and for my clients.

10/10 Outstanding body weight program!
By Brian Stramel / Cornelius, OR, United States

I'm no stranger to BW training, but this is my first book from the Kavadlos. It is well-written, great photos, and lots of explanations, articles, and Q&A. The progressions are well thought out and go from no prior experience up to exercises for more advanced trainees. The book provides details on how to test yourself to see where you should start as well as tests and clear instructions to know when to progress to the next phase.

It inspired me to join the Get Strong 16 week transformation challenge!

10/10 Sending all my whiner friends this way....
By James Peart / Madison, WI, United States

we all know those people. "I'm gonna get back to the gym....soon." my favorite is the new years rush over the summer body lie.
as an ex athlete and current couch potato i can say without a doubt, this is hands down the greatest program I've come across. great pictures, easy explanations, and simple to follow week to week schedule. don't quite make the numbers? no problem, the book has the answer to that.
awesome work!

10/10 Exactly what I needed
By James Wilkins / Ravenswood, Wv, USA

Having been away from any type of exercise for years, this book has helped me start to get back into shape. I'm halfway through the program and am already noticing results. If you're reading reviews to make your decision, don't wait, get started now!

10/10 Great book!!
By Ashish Shukla / Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

The best minimalist equipment programming by The Kavadlo Brothers. My every query has been answered in the book. You just wish not to reach the end of the book.

10/10 Great workout with a minimum amount of equipment
By Giancarlo Vinciguerra / White Plains, New York, United States of America

Great workouts, excellent descriptions, detailed pictures to help you understand exercises. Starts out easy enough to start and progresses nicely throughout the weeks.

10/10 Perfect progression
By Sebastian Ek / Kungsbacka, Halland, Sweden

It pushes me beyond what I think about myself. Been weight training before but this rocks even more.

By david fort / Fort Worth, TX, United States

Get Strong is an impressive book for any body weight enthusiast. It addressed several issues I had with programming I've been dealing with for years of training on my own. I also enjoy the conversational style used in this easy to understand manual. There are so many variables when using ones body and I fell this book addressed them successfully. As for my journey through the program I improved across the board and even got some added definition I wasn't expecting. GET THIS BOOK! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

10/10 Get stronger, when and where you want!
By Kaa Wee / Geraardsbergen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium

A pull-up bar at your house or on the playground. That?s almost all you need to follow this step by step bodyweight program.
It?s almost all you?ll ever need. Exaggerated? That?s because I like it that much.
The Kavadlo brothers are top of the bill.

10/10 Fantastic. Great program, great attitude.
By Mik Kocikowski / San Francisco, CA, USA

The book presents a simple progression of weekly workout schedules. Having the exercises written out, with rep counts, really helped me maintain a steady exercise schedule (as opposed to a do a lot - do nothing yoyo).

Even though I started in pretty good shape, I found myself progressing slower than the schedule suggested. This is perhaps becase, as the authors suggest, I focus on the proper form, not on the rep count. It hasn't been frustrating, but a little surprising (i spent 6 weeks on week 4 of "phase 2").

The bonus section is fantastic. The authors share their thoughts / "philosophy". They are full of good natured optimism. Great "motivational" writing!

9/10 Great body weight training
By Jeff H. / Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Minimalist body weight training at its best! The progression through the phases make getting stronger simple (not easy). Plan to work hard with this program!

10/10 Simple Effective Achievable
By Drew Christian / Batesville, Arkansas, United States

This is the program that I wish I had eight years ago when I first started strength training. It is simple, effective, achievable, and specific in its instruction. My personal favorite prototypical for making comprehensive strength gains. Thanks guys!

10/10 Great results from following progressions
By Ernest Courant / Petaluma, California, United States

I've wanted to work up to knocking out clean pistols and one-armed push ups for years, but never stuck with calisthenics consistently enough to get there. Less than three months into the Get Strong progressions and I'm almost there. It's been very satisfying to make quick progress and I'm packing on enough muscle that I haven't felt like I'm missing out by not lifting weights. The Kavadlos are super-knowledgeable and motivating, and I love the goofy yet badass photos of them throughout the book.

8/10 Its Crazy!
By Jessica Brown / Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom

How the hell they are able to work that level of hardship its just insane

10/10 Will definitely be following al
By Ronaldo Padua / Jayuya, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Amazing step by step from the couch straight to the gym park or home gym.

10/10 Excellent
By Waydro Chizz / Tucson, Az, Us

I?m four weeks into it in already seeing results

9/10 Awesome!
By Karl Baldwin / Mobile, AL, United States

Love the book. I love everything you guys put out.

10/10 Really good program
By Joerg Andersohn / Dettingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

It's a really good program and I like it. Now I'm in the last week of phase 3 and my improvement is more than I thought in the beginning. Greetings to Danny and Al and thank you very much.

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