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10/10 Great addition to my Tool Box
By Phil Ross / Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, United States

I got my Cross Core almost a year ago and immediately saw the value in the product. The addition of the Crosscore Hardcore book was just what I was looking for. I'm a guy who likes to see real world applications of the product. In the book, Marty speaks of the skeptical, powerfully built special forces member that doubted the value of the Crosscore, until after his first workout! That caught my attention.
The stage gets set in the book during the discussion on Grinds verses Explosive movements and which will yield the most power and strength development. I have found the reasoning in the book very sound and useful advice.
The book then provides you with an incredible amount of workouts that maximize the effectiveness of the tool and build real muscle. I incorporate the Crosscore into my weekly training regiment. There are very few tools that I use to train and the Crosscore is one of them.

9/10 Great for any suspension trainer!
By Mike Biorn / Atlanta, GA, USA

I have followed other suspension trainer programs that I purchased online or that were running at the gym, and they were pretty effective. This one is better.
The other programs seemed intent on showcasing every possible gymnastic, acrobatic or strength movement you could do, which made for a lot of fun variety and challenges, but not much measurable progress for me. CrossCore Hardcore focuses on a smaller number of exercises with progressions designed to maximize impact. I particularly like the Intensity Amplifiers to enhance the effect of each rep, and the Training Templates with timelines to drive progress over time.
I have access to TRX, Jungle Gym XT and now a CrossCore, and 90%+ of the book applies well to all of them. Some of the advanced progressions work best with the CrossCore in free-wheel pulley mode, but even they can be adapted for the other brands. This book is worth your money and time!

10/10 Challenging even for my best athletes
By Frank DiMeo / Sarasota, Florida, USA

When my friend, Michael Krivka, told me about this book I was interested right away.
First, because I know Michael Krivka is legit.
Second, I previously had devoured "The Purposeful Primitive" by Marty Gallagher and loved it.
The strategies used in this book are simple to understand.
The various exercises are very demanding and my athletes love the new challenge. So do I!

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