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Strength Rules by Danny Kavadlo
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Strength Rules by Danny Kavadlo
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Strength Rules

How to Get Stronger Than Almost Anyone—And the Proven Plan to Make It Real

By Danny Kavadlo

Paperback 264 pages

Read Foreword by Dan John

“I have been waiting for a book to be written on strength training that I can recommend to all of my patients, and Danny Kavadlo has delivered with Strength Rules. Danny has written a stripped down approach to strength that is accessible to everyone.

He has distilled his wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and bodyweight strength training into a program that is cohesive, scalable, and instantly applicable to all comers. He has also added a rock solid approach to nutrition and ample doses of inspirational story telling and philosophy, resulting in the gem that is Strength Rules.

I dare anyone to read this book and still give me an excuse why they can’t strengthen their body and improve their health. No excuses. Get the book and get to work!”—DR. CHRISTOPHER HARDY, author of Strong Medicine

Strength Rules is one of the finest books on strength I've ever read. No ifs, ands or buts. Not just ‘bodyweight strength’—strength, period. There are a million and one strength books out there about hoisting heavy iron and screwing up your joints...usually written by coaches and athletes using steroids and other drugs. But if you want to learn how to unleash ferocious strength and power while also improving your health and ridding yourself of extra fat and joint pain, THIS is the book you need to own.

If you are a bodyweight master, this is the bible you will want to go back to again and again, to keep you on the straight and narrow. If you are raw beginner—Jeez, then get this book right now, follow the rules, and save yourself years of wasted effort! Strength Rules is as good as it gets!”—PAUL WADE, author of Convict Conditioning

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How to Be Tough As Nails—Whatever You Do, Wherever You Go, Whenever You Need it…

Want to get classically strong—in every dimension of your life—gut, heart and mind…?

In other words, do you want to be:

  • More than just gym-strong?
  • More than just functionally strong?
  • More than just sport-specific strong?
  • More than just butt-kicker strong?
  • And—certainly—more than just look-pretty-in-a-bodybuilding-contest strong?

Danny Kavadlo PistolDo you demand—instead—to be:

  • Tensile Strong?
  • Versatile Strong?
  • Pound-for-Pound Strong?
  • The Ultimate Physical Dynamo?
  • A Spiritual Force?
  • An Emotional Rock?

Then welcome to Danny’s World… the world of Strength Rules—where you can stand tall on a rock-solid foundation of classic strength principles…Arm-in-arm with a world leader in the modern calisthenics movement…

Then… with Danny as your constant guide, grow taller and ever-stronger—in all aspects of your life and being—with a Master Blueprint of progressive calisthenic training where the sky’s the limit on your possible progress…

Do Danny’s classical Strength Rules—and, for sure, you can own the keys to the strength kingdom…

Ignore Danny’s classical Strength Rules—break them, twist them, lame-ass them, screw with them—then doom yourself to staying stuck in idle as a perpetual strength mediocrity…

The choice is yours!

However brilliant most strength books might be, 99% of them have a fatal flaw…

99% of otherwise excellent strength books focus on only one aspect of strength: how to get physically stronger through physical exercise. Health and multi-dimensional well-being is given at best a cursory nod… Nutritional advice is most often a thinly disguised pitch for a supplement line…

If you want a book that gives you the goods on full-body training, full-body health and full-body strength, then there’s precious little out there… So, thank God for the advent of Strength Rules!

Strength Rules embodies all elements of strength—even how they work into our day-to-day existence, the highs and lows of our being, for better or for worse…

Strength Rules is dedicated to those who are down with the cause. Those who want to work hard to get strong. Who insist they deserve to build their own muscle, release their own endorphins and synthesize their own hormones.

Strength Rules has no interest in fly-by-night fitness fads. Classic exercises have stood the test of time for a reason. Strength Rules shouts a loud "just say no!" to cumbersome, complicated workout equipment. Strength Rules walks a path free from trendy diets, gratuitous chemical concoctions and useless gear…

Almost every strength exercise comes down to the basics. Essentially, Squat, Push and Pull. These three broad, essential movements are the granddaddies of ‘em all. Throw in some Flexion, Transverse Bends and Extension, and you’ve got yourself the tools for a lifetime of full body strength training… That’s why the exercises contained in Strength Rules are divided into these few, broad categories. Everything else is a variation. There is no reason to overcomplicate it.

The Strength Rules mission is to help anybody and everybody get in the best shape of their lives Strength Rules lays out the truth clearly and succinctly, giving you the tools you need to grow stronger and persevere in this mad world—with your head held high and your body lean and powerful…

The exercise portion of Strength Rules (titled ACTIONS) is split into three levels: Basic Training (Starting Out), Beast Mode (Classic Strength) and Like A Boss (Advanced Moves). Naturally, not everyone will fall 100% into one of these groups for all exercises in all categories and that’s fine. In fact, it’s likely that even the same individual’s level will vary from move to move. That’s cool; we all progress at different rates. Respect and acknowledge it. Trust your instincts.

Danny Kavadlo Classic Pull-Up Speaking of instincts, we are wired with them for a reason. If our instincts are wrong then that’s millions of years of evolution lying to us. A large part of Strength Rules embraces empowerment, faith in oneself and emotional awareness. Danny believes that being honest with yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually is a magnificent (and necessary) component of true, overall strength. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but it must be embraced if we are ever to be fit and free. We all have the power within ourselves. Use it.

Strength Rules cries out to all body types, age groups, backgrounds and disciplines. It talks to the beginning student. It calls on the advanced practitioner, looking for new challenges. It speaks to the calisthenics enthusiast and all the hard-working personal trainers… Strength Rules is for everyone who wants to get strong—and then some…

"Strength Rules by Danny Kavadlo is so good you can’t ignore it. It’s minimalistic. It’s low tech. It’s simple. It’s right.

Kavadlo’s work always has me nodding along with a lot of ‘yeses’ and ‘good points.’

This book is about true strength. The old kind of strength where heroes were people, like Beowulf and Ulysses, who protected the community first. This book is about empowering yourself and others…without stepping on their heads to get to the top.

Kavadlo quotes one of my heroes, St. Francis of Assisi: ‘Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.’ True strength, becoming the best you can be, starts with what one needs to do rather than what one wants to do.

We often ignore calisthenics because of one issue: they are really hard to do. Stop ignoring them. Stop ignoring common sense in nutrition and supplements. Stop ignoring Danny Kavadlo. Again, Strength Rules is so good, you can’t ignore it."—DAN JOHN, author of
Never Let Go


"I can't say enough good things about Danny Kavadlo. I just love his entire approach, mindset and overall vibe. And Strength Rules has to be one of the coolest, most badass fitness books I have ever seen."—JASON FERRUGGIA

Danny Kavadlo PushupTABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION: Why Strength Rules


Chapter 1. You Talkin’ To Me?

Chapter 2. Desert Island Workout

Chapter 3. Set In Stone

Chapter 4. Keep It Real

Chapter 5. That Voodoo That You Do

Chapter 6. Strong Words From A Strange Man

Chapter 7. Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

Chapter 8. Danny’s DO’s

Chapter 9. Danny’s DON’T’s

Danny Kavadlo Classic SquatPART II: ACTIONS

Chapter 10. Basic Training (Starting Out)

  -Starter Squat

  -Starter Push

  -Starter Pull

  -Starter Flex, Bend, Extend

  -Starter Workouts

Chapter 11. Beast Mode (Classic Strength)

  -Classic Squat

  -Classic Push

  -Classic Pull

  -Classic Flex, Bend, Extend

  -Classic Workouts

Danny Kavadlo Close Grip Pull UpChapter 12. Like A Boss (Advanced Moves)

  -Advanced Squat

  -Advanced Push

  -Advanced Pull

  -Advanced Flex, Bend, Extend

  -Advanced Workouts

Chapter 13. Stretch It Out

CONCLUSION: With Liberty And Fitness For All

Strength Rules: How to Get Stronger Than Almost Anyone—And The Proven Plan to Make It Real

by Danny Kavadlo

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264 Pages
Paperback $39.99
eBook $19.95

Read Reviews For: Strength Rules (paperback)
9.53 out of 10 (15 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Follow The Rules!
By Michael Krivka, Master RKC / Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States

Danny Kavadlo's new book "Strength Rules" does what most books attempt to do: give you information, and a lot of it, that you can actually apply immediately. From a no-nonsense approach to eating to multiple levels of exercises and workouts "Strength Rules" is a complete package that will put the basic, intermediate and advanced athlete on the path to real strength. This book is filled with amazing photos, inspirational quotes and stories, and excellent descriptions of the the exercises that will put you on the track to greatness. "Strength Rules" is a must-have for anyone who loved the previous Kavadlo brother books ("Diamond Cut Abs", "Everybody Needs Training", "Stretching Your Boundaries", etc.) or the Convict Conditioning series. It's also perfect for anyone who is beginning on the path to physical and mental strength... or for the veteran who needs a not-so-subtle reminder about the importance of the basics. You will find things that you already new presented in a new and fresh manner as well as see things for the first time... all presented in a fun and engaging way that makes you want to get up off the coach and give them a try! I know - I know - I know, rules are boring; but "Strength Rules" is one set of rules that you won't mind following! :)

Rated 9/10 Great all in one strength training guide
By Will Mueller / Oceanside, California, USA

I'm an active duty Marine and have been an ardent follower of the body weight calisthenics movement since the late 1990's. "Strength Rules" is the best "all in one" resource for strength and conditioning traing through calisthenics. "Strength Rules" not only does a great job in articulating the exercises and routines but also tackles subjects like nutrition and positive mental attitude. I spent years experimenting on myself and my wife on best fitness practices from proper exercises and routines to vegan and paleo diets before I finally cracked the code. With this book you won't have to because the information's all there. A must read for anyone interested in natural fitness from the rank beginner to professional operator.

Rated 10/10 Must read book, so much more than you think!!
By Jon Frost / Naples, FL, USA

I bought this book to add some thought to my calisthenics training, but mostly bought it to support Danny, who I have become a huge fan of. I am shocked at how much information is in this book! It's not just a book on strength training, it's a book on how to eat, think, train, and live better!! As Danny wrote me in an email, it's his manifesto. It's a terrific book for everyone to own, not just as a resource for exercising, but for every other area of your life. It's impossible not to read Danny's thoughts and ideas and not be positively motivated! I keep going back to the book not for exercises, but inspiration!! Wish I had bought it sooner!! Well done, Danny Kavadlo!

Rated 10/10 The best book ever
By Roman Kladivo / Prague, Czech republic, Czech republic

I am man of few words so I put it simple. Strength rules is not the best book about calisthenics, it is the best and most complex book about Strength, calisthenics and simple, powerful lifestyle. Maybe it is not full of super flashy moves or hundreds of variations of one move as other books, but you know what? Who cares? I do not need hundreds of push ups variations what I need is a list of few basic exercises and their progressions and few hints how to make workout from them. So if you are novice who which to start with calisthenics and do not know where to start this is the right place. Are you intermediate who is looking for new inspiration? This is the best book for you. Are you elite who which for new point of view? Take this book. Are you human being? Guess what....

Rated 10/10 The sort of exercise I can relate to.
By Dan Earthquake / Birmingham, WEST MIDS, United Kingdom

The Kavadlo's have become familiar to me though I've never met them in person. There's an honesty to their writing which I like a lot. Strength Rules is a beautifully put together book, colorful & funny as well as informative & truthful. There is some power in the words of Danny Kavadlo that shines out of the book. It's something I've come to expect I guess from watching the vids & reading his articles.

For me the variety of opportunities to improve is what makes Danny's work special. I don't like going to gyms - so don't go. The park, beach, garden - that's where I like to train. Watching Danny do flags on the subway as the doors open as if blown off his feet or back levers in the city with amazed onlookers is the sort of love of exercise I can relate to.

There's room on anyone's shelf for this title & you'll be glad you bought it.

Rated 10/10 Danny doesn't disappoint...
By James Bourdette / Staten Island, New York, USA

When it comes to calisthenics I automatically think of the Kavadlo name!
Meeting both Kavadlo brothers back in November 2015 for the first time at the first SCC, I was blown away at their presence that drew everybody's attention to every word spoken. In "Strength Rules" I found a gem that I keep referring to not only for the physical guidance but all around strength that inspires to be mentally and spiritually strong! It is very humbling to see someone of his stature be so down to earth. Danny tells it like it is.
I love the simple direct approach to eating clean and of course the book wouldn't be complete with out humor and the signature Danny Kavadlo faces!

Rated 10/10 It's Never Too Late To Get Fit And Healthy!
By Gustaf Eriksson / Saltash, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Over the years I've become more interested in exploring simple ways of keeping fit and healthy - meaning not spending hours and hours in boring gym sessions! and tweaking my nutrition so it's joyful, not a chore.
Danny's book helps immensely. His training tips are clear, photos are a great help and his no nonsense approach really chimes with my own philosophy. I am in better shape now than I was when I was 30 - and now I am 66. I'm no aiming to break world records, but I am aiming to be able to do a few one arm pushups and a few one leg squats ....
Highly recommended!

Rated 10/10 Danny's book rules!
By Jason Adams / ..., Berkshire, United Kingdom

Danny is a great writer and certainly has a lot to say about the fitness industry, working out, nutrition, mind, body and soul. The book provides some brief content about a topic and finishes each section with a list of 'Strength Rules', a bullet-point list rounding off each topic perfectly.

It's refreshing and provides bare bones, straightforward advice on keeping fit, healthy and strong. Perhaps a little too simplistic for some, but then that's the point - a fit and healthy lifestyle isn't difficult but does require a consistent and dedicated approach to the kind of training Danny teaches. Straight to the point and a little brutal at times; if you're looking for supplement advice, weight recommendations or body building routines then the reader should look elsewhere as there are plenty of myths bust open here. You might not like reading about it! That said, while the book isn't ?fitness for body builders?, ?fitness for models? or ?fitness for athletes?, it IS fitness for all of us. The book makes that perfectly clear - all you need to do it is you.

There are plenty of exercises that are broken down into as few steps as possible, with a great deal of information on the fundamentals of body weight training (as this is 100% a calisthenics book). That's essentially: push, pull and squat exercises. Stretching too! There are simple routines and suggested 'progressions' from beginner to expert with some utterly fantastic pictures and artwork throughout.

I certainly enjoyed reading it, gave me a few things to think about and reinforce some of my own training principles - a benefit to trainer and student alike.

Rated 10/10 Ruler of Strength
By Walter T. Ashe / Los Angeles, Ca., United States

Danny Kavadlo is without a doubt a "Ruler of Strength!" The information, insights and techniques are absolutely invaluable and quite challenging! "Strength Rules" is without a doubt a way of life in addition to being a physically healthy approach to getting stronger! In three simple words..."Get this book!"

Rated 10/10 Great man, Great book
By Patrick Brunetti / Princeton, New Jersey, USA

As I stated in the headline above Danny Kavadlo is a great man. The book speaks from his heart and his years of experience. As I've been fortunate to train with Danny one on one,i know from having that opportunity that he practices as he preaches.
If you are looking for a book to take you from regressive to progressive calisthenics, then Strength Rules is the way to go.
All that and Danny's wonderful spin on life...

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