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By Daniel Runkel / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hands down the best addition to the material on Convict Conditioning it could possibly be put out. I already implemented the neck bridges, calf and hand training to my weekly schedule, and as soon as my handstand pushups and leg raises are fully loaded I'll start the flags. Thank you, Coach!

10/10 Strength training for life
By Claes Zimmer / Trollhättan, Sweden

Truly the best strength training books (including CC1) I have ever read - period! I like the format the subject is presented. No nonsense and straight forward in the approach mixed with reasonable amount of good "words of wisdom". Very easy to commit to and digest. Wish I had been shared these advise when I was younger before wearing down my body with all heavy weight powerlifting. I have always believed this was the "real thing", but a damaged disc between L5/S1 vertebrae and problem with the rotator cuff has forced me to search for different training methods. Entering the world of kettlebell and subscribing on Dragon Door products who offered me both volumes of Convict Conditioning as e-books at discount price has convinced me that calisthenics (bodyweight training) is the "honest" and true way of strength training for life.
The content of these volumes capturing generations of knowledge on the subject I consider to be unique and should be in every serious strength trainers book possesion. I salute the author Paul "Coach" Wade

10/10 This gets better and better.
By Paul Paradis / Tacoma, WA, USA

CC1 was my introduction to bodyweight training. CC2 has upped the ante, and provided the perfect complement to the first volume.

At this point in time, after almost ten weeks of training, I am one week away from finishing step one of the first 5 in CC1; I finally had the funds available to purchase CC2 roughly three weeks ago. The way this has perfected my bodyweight training is incredible.

Being the fanatic that I am, I have incorporated every exercise from CC2 that is appropriate for my level of fitness into my routine- fingertip pushups, hang progressions, preliminary front and wrestler's bridges, calf work, joint circles, and what is becoming the cornerstone of my training, the trifecta progressions. The addition of the trifecta progressions has given me all of the benefits of 45 minutes of yoga in under 3 minutes. That alone has been worth the price of the books.

I've noticed that some people have complained about the price point and the whole 'convict' aesthetic. Some people seem to feel that $39.95 plus shipping is expensive. I say that slipping into complete phyiscal breakdown and getting strung out on medication as old age encroaches is even more expensive. A one time investment in an exercise program you can utilize for the rest of your life? Priceless. Another way of looking at the price issue is to compare this to a gym membership plus trainer fees. Think about it.

Regarding the convict/prison theme, look at it as both an inspiration and a warning. The inspiration comes from Paul's story, and the warning comes from the fact that prison seems really scary. Work your body and mind, maximize your strength and flexibility, and build a lifestyle that inspires others.

So, to sum up, combining both volumes results in a complete course of body work that can be completed in an hour; I have developed two routines combining everything except handstand push ups; the first runs M,W,F and the second runs T,Th,S, and both routines are completed within an hour. Joint circling and the trifecta stretches happen first, and are done seven days a week. The first routine then includes pushups, squats and bridges, and then moves to fingertip push ups and the hang progressions. The second routine includes pullups and leg raises, and then moves to the flags. Neck and calf training happen twice weekly. Adding in the CC2 exercises increased my workouts by maybe 20 minutes, and has multiplied my results a millionfold. Thorough and efficient, starting my day with these routines has lead to increased energy and mental toughness, and at 36 I feel like I'm 22. My hat's off to you, Coach. Can't wait for CC3. Thanks.

10/10 Bodyweight Gospel
By Chris King / Manchester, United Kingdom

Together with CC1, this is the most thorough and complete book about total bodyweight conditioning there is. It's worth also reading Al Kavadlo and Pavel Tsatsouline but this book forms the bedrock of all training. The knowledge in it is crucial. If you don't like it, just ignore the discussion of convicts and bodyweight vs lifting weights but he's got a point about a lot of gym training.

10/10 If I could give this a 12, I would
By R.M. Taran / Boston, MA, United States

Not only is this a superb book on progressive calisthenics all by itself, I believe it takes the methods from convict conditioning one and pushes them through the roof. I started CC1 a while back, but was used to doing hundreds of pushups and pullups a day, so I quit CC after a month or two and went back on my pushup/pullup blitz.

Neck and shoulder weakness forced me to come back to CC (thankfully) and that's when I bought CC2. I knew Coach Wade was about strengthening the muscles ALONG WITH the joints and tendons and I knew that to get strong, all of these things must be increased together in a harmonious way. I've found high volume pushups great for a muscle pump, but not so good for joint strength or raw strength overall (as he's pointed out).

THe biggest obstacle to anyone picking up these books and benefitting is lack of patience. Once you adopt the mindset of increasing your reps slowly and progressively, that's when you see the results. Progress is seen after months of training, not days. And you won't see results unless you're willing to put in the time and effort.

Grip strength from CC2 literally caused my forearms (always weak looking spots for me) to explode. And I'm still only on bar hangs. Not only that, bigger, stronger forearms, in my humble opinion, helps your biceps look bigger. AND increasing grip strength carries over nicely to mastering the pullup series.

The trifecta is the PERFECT off day routine. The reason I quit CC the first time was because I missed training everyday. I need exercise and if I can't do it everyday, I feel it's a day wasted. So the component of doing these brilliant joint strengthening exercises on OFF-DAYS was perfection for me. Shoulder and neck pain are gone. The trifecta workout which only takes ten minutes tops, leaves me feeling almost high. The twists in particular feel so damn good, it's unbelievable.

I haven't even got to neck or flag training yet. And the coach's advice on nutrition and sleep and logging your training is spot on. I could write a whole other essay on these principles in CC2 as they relate to my experiences, but I'll just leave it at they're simple and they work.

If you have the first convict conditioning and really want to take your training to another level, get this book. I almost want to say it's necessary because the things in CC2 just make everything in the first CC more effective.

So, my rating for CC2 is a 12 out of 10.

10/10 Invaluable to High Mileage Athletes
By Mike Abril / Clovis, CA, USA

After reading and re-reading Convict Conditioning, I thought I had a solid enough program, a stand alone program that needed no other tweaking. After reading CC2 I gained a whole new respect for bodyweight training, especially in the Trifecta. Amazing. Old aches and pains have pretty much disappeared and my movements are far more controlled and powerful. Using the Trifecta as a daily warm-up gets the day going and makes for a great re-charge. Buy both books. If you have old injuries you’ll be greatly pleased. If you’re a former or aging athlete, you’ll realize that sometimes age is just a number. You won’t regret buying and using both books to the fullest.

10/10 Trample the weak, hurdle the dead
By Thomas Nee / Austin, TX, U.S.A.

As a fitness professional , I've worked in many gyms, worked with tons of clients ranging from 5yrs. to 88. Utilizing many of the cutting edge functional/sports specific protocols to help each client take a step closer to their goals. After receiving Convict Con. 1, my world did a complete 180 degree turn. I never quite fit within the gym environment. Always seem to clash with management. All awhile, deep within I knew we, as a community, never really needed to use a machine that was designed to fit everyone. It was Coach Wade that took the steps to put things in a simple, hard as nails way to get insanely strong.

I'm currently pounding through the steps of Convict Con. 1 and ironically, I no longer have the agonizing joint pain that I conditioned myself to endure. Medical history of two knee surgeries, ACL on my right and a torn meniscus of the left. Tendonitis in both elbows. Shoulder impingement and stiffness...Gone, gone...freak'n gone! And when I saw that Convict Con. 2 was out, without hesitation I jumped at it. Pain free, stronger everyday. What else matters? If you're not sure, then these books are not what you're looking for.

If your tired of the same stuff, grudging through what society has deemed the way. If you want to finally get the strength, power and twisted steal joints and ligaments, get off your ass and get these books.

Not tomorrow...Today! No excuses, today!

You can join the wolves or go back to your sheep herd.

10/10 The Bible Of Conditioning Has a New Testament!
By Paul Weiss / Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I got Convict Conditioning and review it almost daily. It is the bible of how to train and build the physique of Hercules. I went through all sorts of gimmick workouts and fad exercise programs and failed. The first Convict Conditioning has taught me what I thought was the complete way to get in super human shape. I found out I was wrong when I got Convict Conditioning 2. This is the new testament to the original.

I now know that if I structure my workouts based on these two books I can work muscles I didn't even know I had, along with the major muscle groups, and go beyond what I am accomplishing with the original.

Thanks Coach Wade you are making it easy for me to excel at a very physical job and leave guys half my age (52) in the dust.

10/10 ONLY A 10!!!
By Jonathan Dinh / Montgomery, AL, USA

This book is truly necessary for anyone wanting to build strength period. As a martial artist and military member and hand to hand combat trainer, what can be more important the having a powerful grip. I gave the first convict conditioning a ten and I am disappointed that I can only give this one a 10 as well. Outstanding work and indepth view on strength. Progression steps are an amazing way of tracking improvments. Thank you Coach Wade.

10/10 Most results I have ever achieved
By Peter Murphy / Southeast, MI, USA

This book compliments the first book excellently. I have not ever had progress like this, of course no one ever laid out a program like this. Other programs are way too complicated and no one ever had dispensed information like this. Between Paul and Pavel, I have finally learned how my body functions and learned to move my body correctly. Even when I was in the Army no one ever explained working out like this. I just fumbled around had no compass to get where I was going, until now. I hope enough of us can convince Paul Wade to write the other books that he outlined in this book. I would gladly purchase them to compliment the 2 books that I currently own and thumb through at least several times a week, if nothing else just to hone my technique in any particular exercise that I am doing. I plan to use these exercises the rest of my life. Thank you Paul Wade, thank you Dragon Door.

10/10 Conditioning Education At Its Best
By Graeme Kennedy / Brisbane, Australia

I had been training parkour for about one year and started looking for ways to improve my strength and muscle and joints. I was so relieved when i found convict conditioning. It has everything you need to know and most important for me is that Paul cares about joints and lasting strength, not about getting big quick with no care about the body.

I am a smaller build and have tried gyms but once you get education on physical cultivation and old school callisthenics you realise nothing comes close and the feeling and connection you get with your body is amazing. I'm in my third week and look forward to many, many years of this training. Thanks Paul!

10/10 Truly Advanced!
By John Senerchia / Toronto, CA

This is a truly remarkable book. I was going through agony waiting for the paper version, so my girlfriend brought me the ebook as a pre-holidays gift. And what a gift!

I've been using Convict Conditioning principles since the first book came out. I no longer think in terms of how big my pecs are, or how heavy my bench is; now I just look at what push up step I can perform. I've gained strength and stamina consistently, unlike other systems where things grind to a half after a few weeks. My strength is high and my joints feel great. I would truly advise that book to anybody who wants more strength or muscle or tone.

This book is different, and I agree with the other reviewers who say that this book will not have the sensational mass appeal that the first book has. It's not for everybody. Beginners or people who just want basic routines (most people) should pick up the first book.

But, like the title says, if you are advanced, this is the book for you. There's nutritional facts, a complete theory of how to build strong-pain free joints, an excellent section on flexibility. Plus, the bulk of the book is about building those small, hard-to-reach muscles like the obliques, the fingers, the neck, the calves and so on. All with bodyweight, all for free, and all progressive!

This book is a real gift from Dragondoor that will advance bodyweight philosophy. The sequels on cardio will be huge I'm sure and appeal to everybody, but this is for those few people who really take the first book seriously.

Thank you, Coach Wade!

John Senerchia, B.A.

10/10 Walking the straight edge with Coach Wade
By Rick Chafton HKC / Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Paul Wade wrote the book for guys like me.Guys like me spent most of their teenage years and early adult life doing things that weren't exactly socially acceptable. Alcohol, drugs, and other criminal activities. I spent my share of time in jail and drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. In the midst of 7 years of sobriety, I stumbled across a book called Convict Conditioning. Finally! Someone that gets it. Making the absolute most out of very little. In Convict Conditioning 2, Coach Wade told his story, as to the hows and whys. He talks about leading a sXe (straight edge) life style. For that I'm grateful. As a personal trainer, I'm surrounded by orange weirdos with gelled hair and steroid complexions. For the first time, I get to read something real. Coach does more than tell it like it is. He tells you how it has to be for some people. In Coach's practice, you dig deep and find your true self. Thank you for your knowledge, experience, and wisdom, Coach. Convict Conditioning and Convict Conditioning 2 are pieces of art. I truly hope to see more from Paul "Coach" Wade.

10/10 Loved it, Love it, Loving it
By Leigh Foxley / London, UK

I finally read a copy of this ebook after a lot of people I respect raved about it in various forums.

Honestly, people need to stop comparing Coach Wade to God.

I mean, he's awesome and everything, but he's no Coach Wade.

10/10 TRIFECTA Addresses THAT Spot
By Bob Ross / Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Greetings, What could Coach Wade add to CC2 that would benefit me? I feel overall strong using his Big Seven excercises from CC1. But there was still THAT Spot in my left lower back that I tried to ignore. Years ago I injured my lower back had surgery and I have not had much problems.I have done plenty of kettlebells,bodyweight excercises and joint mobility excercises,spent alot of time ,money ,but nothing touched that spot until I did the Trifecta workout. WOW instant relief on what I had thought was a slight tension spot ,but it was much more I realized once it was relieved. All my clients and I now have a simple effective joint mobility that works. Thanks. Bob Ross Z-Health Movement Therapy Specialist 9-S

10/10 Best exercise book ever written..
By Glenda James / Quesnel B C, Canada

I bought both book 1 and book 2 for my Grandson..he follows this program faithfully and is in AWESOME shape and health..we will keep buying these books as long as the author keeps writing them... this is the best exercise and health book on the market in our opinion..keep them coming Mr. Wade...

10/10 WOW!!
By David Johnson / Baton Rouge, LA, United States

This is so awesome. Mr. Wade has more than "done it again". He's outdone himself. The first Convict Conditioning in and of itself was a massive undertaking. to be honest, I'm still working up to the master levels of that one. But I got this to see what else can be done to create an awesome physique with just bodyweight. He showed me my ignorance and laughed. CC2 also talks about functional Joint Mobility drills. Which is great and all. But as one, who is working Super Joints, I figured what else can be done toward than. Wrong, again. This is a great book to say the least. I'll stop now because I won't shut up and as you see have a tendency to ramble. A great book to show you how awesome Dragon Door is and how much knowledge they have at their disposal and how much more they have to teach us! Dragon Door Forever! Yours, in strength, Dave.

10/10 first rate
By peter yates / new york, NY, usa

i have been training for over 50 year and have done just about every type of physical culture. body weight training has always played an important part. i have been working with cc1 and as an old dog i learned some new tricks. i was keen to see what cc2 would offer. i was more than satisfied. each section is worth the price of the book especially the trifecta and joint health information. every serious athlete should have a copy of this book.

10/10 Awesome. Now where are the next two volumes?
By Bob Lorenz / Vernon, NY, USA

Convict Conditioning 2 is every bit as fabulous as I expected. I've incorporated all of it into my routine. I'm very frustrated having to wait for the next two volumes. I want them now!! Coach Wade richly deserves all the success these books are giving him and I wish him all the best. THANK YOU, Coach.

10/10 Paul Wade is a 10!
By Pat Carrera / Plantation, FL, USA

This book is an excellent adjunct to the first CC, which is a highly effective and comprehensive program, thoroughly explained and supported with facts. I am a 54-year-old woman. My 28-year-old son and I have both been working on it regularly for about a year now. We are very excited about CC2 and will now begin to incorporate exercises from it into our routines.

Our thanks and best regards to Paul Wade. Love to meet him!

8/10 Good
By Charlyne Lewis / Pensacols, United States of America

Got this book for my husband as a gift. He is still working on the skills in the first book but often he often reads from this book. I think his favorite skill is the human flag. He gets excited for his workout whenever he looks at this book.

10/10 Great
By James Welsh / Everett, PA, USA

Very Instructional Paul has covered every area that a person may have questions and the trifectal is a very useful tool when it comes to stretching and oiling your joints.

10/10 the perfect sequel
By getting stronger / Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

This had all the other lil parts that you thought off after reading Convict Conditioning...there are no weak links in your routine with this book!! A must have!

10/10 bodyweight conditioning is in weightlifting is out
By luis ortega jr / las vegas, NV, us

I been doing body weight exercises ever since I cancelled my gym membership. I got tired of doing the weight lifting and power press moves. I started buying books on body weight only exercises, but nothing tops the convict conditioning books 1and2. They explain the philosophy behind body weight conditioning. I always included body weight exercises with weight training, but now it is all about body weight strength, conditioning, flexibility, the works. I highly recommend this book if you are in boxing, mma and involving anything fullcontact. It will help you out big time. I feel and am stronger now then before just with body weight exercises. Safe yourself the joint pains of weightlifting and focus on body weight training. You will not regret it.

3/10 Excellent book
By Branl Hill / London, England

The reason I gave it 3 star's was the book is over priced which is a common problem with DD product's, there is also heavy advertising in the back of the book which is just way over the top...

Apart from these the book is Brilliant, thumbs up..I cannot praise the book enough.

10/10 Great perspective
By Peter Nurman, HKC / Phoenix, AZ, USA

Coach Paul Wade is awesome! The amount of information both on the personal level and coaching level is just amazing! For me not only is this a great book for body weight exercises but also a perspective into the human psyche and how much a person can adjust to the situations given the circumstances. At the time of this post, I'm only on chapter 19. I enjoyed Coach's perspective on chapter 18 on the Lights Out! excerpt where he states, "In a lot of US prisons, 'straight edge' is a slang for a certain kind of convict lifestyle. to get by, most inmates become drawn to gangs, drugs, and all other destructive pursuits that inevitably follow that. A straight edge is different. He is somebody who serves his time alone, and with discipline.; kind of like a warrior monk. You keep your head down, mind your business and stay pure and focused. A straight edger doesn't put any poisons - like alcohol, drugs or nicotine-into his body. He keeps control of himself."

That paragraph itself for is worth the price and in addition, adds more power to the exercises which are taught in the book. It definitely breaks the stereotype of how prison life is and the perceptions we see on t.v. (which are incorrect in terms of " all prisoners" are like this....)

Definitely a great book and above anything else it's another nugget which you can take in and get a different perspective on things.

10/10 Must have for all body weight lifters
By Rob D / San Diego, USA

Your forearms will become like Popeye's and you'll get the most effective stretching techniques that no one knows how to do. This book completes your body!!

10/10 Convict Conditioning II -- Excellent Sequel
By Tom Harper / Port Angeles, WA, USA

Convict Conditioning was the first book I'd ever seen that laid out an easy step-by-step program for achieving the most inhuman-seeming exercises. Example: the military press was always my weakest lift, and yet two years after purchasing Convict Conditioning, I'm doing handstand pushups.

Convict Conditioning II continues with the same clearly written step-by-step approach. I'm planning to use this same easy-steps method to achieve the wrestler's bridge, one-arm towel hang and the press flag.

Thank you Coach Wade!

10/10 Perfect complement to convict conditioning1
By Ronald Mcleod / Salvador, Brazil

I really enjoy his writing style. I am 70 and i want to be like his ex-SEAL cellmate.
Strong and in shape. I am preparing for our TFT certification in Dallas in Nov 2012.

10/10 another great book
By cas w / galloway, usa

Coach Wade has done it again.

10/10 excellent next step for CC#1 training!
By John Syrell / Oswego, USA

Well written, clear and concise, highly recommend this book for any person serious about physical conditioning. It will point you in the right direction to build the strength needed to keep injury free while training for the more advanced, strength and fitness conditioning level of your body.

10/10 Perfect Companion Book
By Daniel Earl / N. Bloomfield, U.S.A.

First off, there is A LOT of info in this book. It can be used as a stand alone, but its far better with CC1 because it can fill in where CC1 left off. I was able to incorporate the new progressions into my Veterano training template easily, and are excellent. The areas on nutrition, joints, healing and mental toughness were great and really helpful. I am very pleased with this product, and attempt to convert anyone who asks into a Conditioning Convict (so far my only one is my older brother). I've explored other bodyweight training manuals to see if I liked them better, but kept coming back to CC. For me this is the best training approach ever, and that's personal choice that every athlete must make.

10/10 Coach Wade Delivers the Goods Again !
By Antony Niall / Inverness, Scotland

This book is an excellent follow on from vol 1, I'm looking at it from a martial arts (Pak Mei) angle, though I've no doubt it is useful for other athletes such as Parkour/free running practitioners as well. The sections on finger & grip strength are a good no b/s guide to building up your tiger claw, and the neck strength exercises will also add to your power and prevent the shock from your punches travelling up to your brain.
The only fly in the ointment is that he was unable to fit in the "survival athletics" - so let us hope this is out soon, ideally with a few self defence tactics & tips !
Oh - and so us Brits don't have to pay so much in postage & tax - how about Dragon door getting some sort of deal with Amazon UK ?!

10/10 Innovative Book
By Mark O / Omaha, NE, USA

Highly worthwhile book. A lot of very solid advice here; also some practical step-by-step approaches that can accommodate a variety of goals and ability levels. I was able to shoot right to the ultimate progression on a number of the challenges, but I'll be working on some of the others for a very long time...getting stronger as I do.

10/10 great sequel to a great book
By jesse limage / bloomfield, nj, us

Awesome follow up to last years convict conditioning. The workouts written on this book are a perfect supplement to the big six moves from cc1. Great book!

10/10 Most amazing sequel to most amazing book
By Keaton Luis / Simi valley, United states

This is such an amazing book it literally addressed every detail that I had questions about while doing convict conditioning 1! Truly got me pumped to work out.

10/10 Awesomeness strikes again
By Leigh Hough / Pingree, USA

This book delivered as well as the first with excellent breakdowns how to become elite.

10/10 Thought Provoking
By Carl Ingram / Austin, TX, USA

I loved the feel of the whole book and the way Paul Wade presents the content. Not only does the information give you exercises and "holds" to improve strength & mobility, but it also makes you take a step back and look at some of the assumptions that have been made in the world of health & fitness. Thank you for making people think about why we do things instead of just telling us what to do.

8/10 Liking the additions
By Kevin P / Kingston, NY, U.S.A.

This book is well put together, I loved CC1 and am still following the progressions. I have only recently started to implement some of the new info. Pretty sound for what I've tried and look forward to trying new steps. I would recommend the book to friends. Good job.

10/10 nay sayers?? shut up and try it!!
By PaulEC 1 / West Islip, USA

I bought Convict Conditioning a few months back and started the workout right away & bought this book part 2 without a thought....why?? Because this stuff works.

All the people crying about is Paul Wade real or not....or Convict Conditioning "what a terrible name", blah, blah....just shut up and give this workout a few months and then tell me you don't get results. More Results & Less Injury - simple.

--what's in it? This book gives you ways to give some areas more attention. Calves, Forearms, Lateral Chain, Neck, Tension-Flexibility and plenty more good stuff.

If you don't have the 1st book buy that's what you NEED to get started...this book is bonus and extras.

10/10 Great book on bodyweight training
By Fabian Hvengaard / Malmö, Sweden

This book is filled with solid, no-nonsense information about bodyweight training. I regard this to be one of the standard works on physical training. Great book!
I hope that Dragon Door publish the rest of Paul Wade´s works on training (the parts named "Survival Athletics" and "Dynamics"...please, please!!)
I can´t wait to get my hands on the printed edition!
Thank You!

10/10 Perfect complement to kettlebell exercises
By Piers Kwan / Brisbane, Australia

While the first convict conditioning was well set up to be a strength system in it's own right, Convict Conditioning 2 is filled with exercises that would complement any strength training. The grip work, the flag and the trifecta all stuck out to me as things that anyone anywhere could look at incorporating into their training that should provide superior results. As with the first book everything is done with steps from beginner to advanced, giving people the chance to tailor the workouts to their own individual athletic ability. Top marks Coach Wade!

10/10 Perfect!
By Alex K / Athens, Greece

The perfect addition to CC 1!!!



7/10 Not nearly the book that the first CC was, but ok
By Greg G / Indianapolis, USA

I think the first CC book is one of the best bodyweight books out, if not the best. Such a great approach with quality information.

This book is okay, but just feels like much higher ratio of quality info to filler. The grip strength and flag parts are solid, the rest is just ok.

It is still a nice companion to CC1, so I recommend it. The issue is that CC1 is so good that it cannot match that.

10/10 Brilliant
By Brandon Lynch / London, England

convict conditioning books are all the books you need in life. As Bruce lee used to say, it's not a daily increase but a daily decrease. same with life. to many things can lead you down many path's, but to have Simplicity is perfect.

10/10 Packed with information
By Steve H / North Carolina, USA

There is so much information in these books it takes a long time to digest. The first book was excellent, and this builds right on top. The Trifecta on building flexibility and mobility is invaluable. The progressions, just like the first book, make it easy to learn and work through the movements. Definitely worth every penny.

8/10 Superb Book
By Robert Aldrich / Chapel Hill, NC, United States of America

Convict Conditioning 2 is a great companion piece to the original Convict Condition. It helps to further build up the athlete and does deliver on phenomenal improvement with minimal equipment and space.

The grip work is probably the superstar of the book. Second, maybe, is the attention devoted to the lateral muscles with the development of the clutch- and press-flag. The neck/trap work is a little awkward but still quite good. Flexability is likewise touched on in a solid and adequate manner. The pages on nutrition and other tertiary interests will definitely fly aggressively in the face of convention wisdom, moreso than other aspects of the book. And the teaser for further volumes, addressing power and conditioning and such, is just the promise of that much more to come.

Convict Conditioning 2 is more of the same - more of the systematic and methodical improvement in exercises that travel smoothly from the almost laughably-simple to realm-of-the-gods. It is a solid addition to any fitness library.

10/10 Very Informative
By Chris B / Thunder Bay, Canada

Convict Conditioning 2 is more subversive training information in the same style as it's original. It's such a great complement to the original, but also solid enough on its own. The information in this ebook is fantastic-- a great buy! Follow this program, and you will get stronger.

My only criticism is that it is very much about "masculine training". I would prefer if the text was more gender neutral and celebrated the human body as opposed to one form of a masculine body.

10/10 CC2 review
By Timothy Stovall / Evansville, USA

Just as brilliant as its predecessor! The new exercises add to the Big 6 in a keep-it-simple kind of way. Anyone who will put in the time with both of these masterpieces will be as strong as humanly possible. I especially liked the parts on grip work. To me, that alone was worth the price of the entire book.

9/10 Well worth the wait
By V R / Bangalore, India

Another very interesting, and as before, opinionated book by Paul Wade. As I work through the CC1 progressions, I find it's paying off at a steady if unspectacular rate, which suits me just fine. No training injuries worth the name, convincing gains in strength. I expect the same with CC2 which rounds off CC1 with just the kind of material I was looking for. Wade and Dragon Door deserve to be highly commended for publishing these techniques. A tremendous way to train outside of the gym ecosystem.

Paul has hinted elsewhere that he has at least a couple of more books in him. I hope DD won't slacken in extracting them from him! DD seems to have a strange way of marketing CC2. It's quite curious that compared to the brilliant and vigorous ad campaign for CC1, there's practically nothing for CC2. It's not visible on the main page but is buried in the products menu under Digital Books. Some friends to whom I'd recommended CC2, had to hunt around for it. Makes one wonder if CC1 was too successful to suit some of the kettlebell promoters on DD.

Regarding future ebooks, please hyperlink the items in the contents list to the main text. Other links could be to terms, index entries, chapter numbers etc.

10/10 Brilliant
By Ryan O / Nottingham, United Kingdom

Never have I heard such in depth and yet easy to understand discription of training and physical culture. A perfect compliment to the first book although it has it's own style keeping the best attributes of style from the first but developing it to something unique, the progressions were again sublime and designed for people at all levels of ability the two books together can forge what will closely resemble superhuman strength and an incredible physique and yet the steps to get there are so simple and easy to understand, and A's complete a grainy system as it is I sincerely hope it's not the last volume and those hinted at early in this book will surely make great additions to what is already the best training system I have ever seen and simply where this was created is an inspiration to those who wish to make the most of their bodies and they can do so with these books.

Thanks Coach

9/10 if you liked CC1, you'll love CC2
By justin b / atlanta, US

CC2 picks up where CC1 left off with great information about the human flag (including a version called the clutch flag, that i can actually do now), neck and forearms. i couldn't be happier with this book.

10/10 Just as good the second time around
By Steven Gully / New York, NY, U.S.

It's given me the tools I need to achieve the goals I want.

9/10 No Nonesense excellence
By Tom Creamer / Cleveland, OH, USA

Convict conditioning 2 is a great sequel to the first book. It is interesting to me how the exercises of the old days are so relevant and beneficial today. When I was younger I never thought too much about caring for my joints and never cared that much for anything in exercising besides a good pump. Now I see the importance of these methods.

10/10 A must have book.
By Dean L. / Naples, FL, USA

Convict Conditioning was simply AMAZING, CC#2 is just as good! A truly AWESOME book & it's a must have! I can't wait for more from Coach Wade!
Thanks Coach.

10/10 Life changing methods
By Logan Travers / Huddersfield, England

I bought the convict conditioning book to help my rehabilitation as I was in my first year in the Army training and suffered an injury to my knee. The results were great! It has helped substantially and I couldn't resist buying the sequel which I've found very helpful.

I definitely recommend Convict Conditioning 1 and 2.

9/10 Really works
By Ron Green / Victoria, Canada

Excellent content.

Easy to read and no bs.

9/10 Simple but awesome exercises
By Wallace Lee / Singapore City, Singapore

This e-book is great. Because it cover what CC1 did not cover.

Body parts such as the forearms and calves.
The exercises are simple but not easy. Like the CC1, a system of progression in place.

The concepts differ from what's normal taught in the fitness world today.
The perfect companion for Convict Conditioning.

10/10 outstanding
By Carson Cavner / Sterling, AK, USA

This book is packed with a lot of awesome information. between the trifecta and the auxiliary work and everything in between, Coach Wade knocked it out of the park.

10/10 The Training Philosophy I always wanted!
By Chris Jones / London, United Kingdom

I'll start by saying that I have never enjoyed going to the gym and much preferred doing push-ups and pull ups at home. I never got any kind endorphin rush similar to a heavy team circuit training session, often staff didn't quite know what they are talking about, and I always seemed to spend far longer there than I ever intended. Despite this, every year I have always shelled out for my gym membership. No More!

After reading CC1 and CC2 I realised something that I sort of knew all along. We've all been in the fitness Matrix. Drinking protein shakes and eating 6 times a day etc. Its mental and we all secretly know it. "Coach's" back to fundamentals approach to bodyweight training in CC1, debunking training myths that I didn't like anyway, and the systematic method of progression is brilliant. CC2 continues by honing the training techniques, adding the key extras that we wanted, and answering the most of the questions that I had after reading the first book. I can't wait for CC3. So take the red pill and get these books! You wont regret it!

10/10 Outstanding! part 2
By Mario De Leon / Chino Hills, California, CA

The icing on the cake so much information just blew my mind on how much I didn't know a must have if you want to get fit the right & safe way.

9/10 The treasures keep on coming
By Jeremy Burke / Minneapolis, MN, United States

Whether you read and loved CC Volume 1 or not, this book is a valuable to anyone who is interested in body weight training and calisthenics. Again, above all the book shines because every major exercise is broken down into simple steps, with small progressions for each step. The photos are clear and helpful when attempting an exercise. For me, the best part of the book is the increased focus on joint training and mobility. So few people realize that when you undertake any workout, if you train beyond what your muscles have the capacity to do, the stress is transferred to your joints and you can easily injure yourself or damage your body over the long term. Coach Wade's dedication to strong and healthy joints (as well as muscles) makes this book rise above many manuals. Read this for the exercises and take to heart a healthier way to train.

10/10 A great extension of Convict Conditioning !
By Jim Barsul / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I waited a while to write this review so I'd have a chance to incorporate these exercise into the CC1 "routine". I've been working at the "beginner" level for a while and experienced a "what the hell" moment recently when I had to move a lot of snow around. This really works!! Thanks for sharing Coach!!

10/10 CC2 fills in the blanks!
By Stephen Ventimiglia / Jamaica, NY, United States

What another great addition to calisthenic training, a must need! This book doesn't have any fluff on nonsense whatsoever, instead it has the missing principles needed to complete a total body calisthenic program. I completely agree with Coach Wade on that all the links to the chain must be equally strong because one weak link can be the result of total failure. In other words, what would your pullups and lever holds be without having the hand and grip strength?! Get this book now!

10/10 The number 2 must read book after CC1
By Sam Munday / Ballina, N.S.W, Australia

The next steps if your looking to further your workouts or knowledge. CC1 covered the basics, this book will continue you on your journey. A MUST READ. If you haven't read CC1 buy it and read it, then CC2

9/10 amazing
By chris wenzel / kissimmee, fl, usa

Coach wade kept the momentum going and released a worthy successor to his first convict conditioning book. Just as important and just as simplento follow these exercises will give yiu an incredible amount of strength. Take yiur time to master these workoits amd follow each progression as recommended in the book. Highly recommended.

10/10 Minimalist training for specific applications
By Dan Earthquake / Birmingham, Midlands, UK

Paul Coach Wade is entertaining & informative in this second installment of his Convict Conditioning Series. Building on the basic principles of his first book CC2 continues a no nonsense approach to minimalist training for more specific applications.

Like all of Wade's books, there is humour & some historical background. Coach doesn't concern himself with equipment or special diets - eat, sleep, do the exercises diligently - simplicity is key with calisthenics.

Coach Wades style of writing is something to be savoured, I like it a lot.

9/10 Perfect Follow-Up
By Sean Allen / Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

If you liked the first one, this one will take you further and challenge you more!

8/10 Great book. Succinct, powerful, punchy.
By Glenn Murphy / Chapel Hill, NC, USA

A perfect addition to the original. Easy to put together into training progressions. Highly recommended.

10/10 Become a warrior !!!
By Dan Fitzgerald / Bedford, Ohio, United States

By far the most warrior physique book to date. If you take the time have no ego listen to your body and read and embrace the descriptions and techniques Paul teaches you, you will progress and become strong as fuck!!! You will feel muscles being built till you feel steel like feel in your arms stomach legs and so forth. Do yourself a favor and buy both CC1 and CC2, to develop your body into chiseled steel, no bullshit!! Thank you Paul for sharing and educating us with this ancient warrior training!! Highly recommended !!

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