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10/10 By far the best conditioning program I have ever used!
By Asha Wagner, RKCII / Oakland, CA

The results speak for themselves. After completing the 15:15 protocol in about a month and a half my resting heart rate dropped from 54 to 45, my blood pressure dropped from 110/80 to 80 over 50 and I went from being able to hold my breath from 1 minute to easily over 2 minutes. My recovery rate, work capacity and resiliency are all as good if not better than they were 15 years ago. I highly recommend this book.

10/10 best conditioning book out there
By scott tighe / East Bridgewater, MA USA

i just have to say i received my copy yesterday and have not put it down. i have the DVD's for the viking conditioning but the book takes it to a whole new level i am very pleased with the book, i could not recommend it more if you want the ultimate cardio workout. If your like me and would rather do interval cardio this book is for you. It will explain any question you could possibly have.i just want to say thank you to kenneth jay and dragon door for making this book i will snatch for as long as i live.

10/10 Comprehensive plan for success
By geoplaten / Pittsburgh, PA

This book is terrific - as thorough and comprehensive as anything I've read recently. I look forward to putting the plan into action and reclaiming lost Viking heritage.

Many topics are covered: the theory behind the protocols, the actual protocols (covered in great detail so that anyone can understand them), testimonials, sample programs, interviews - really, just everything you'd want.

I highly recommend purchase, it is worth far more than the amount I paid for it. I hope to meet KJ someday in person to thank him.

10/10 A "Must Have" if you are serious about your conditioning
By Dustin Miller, RKC / Chicago, IL

Absolutely amazing. Very easy to understand, even if you don't have a background in exercise science. Kenneth makes the science behind it comprehensible. The program is laid out and easy to follow.

I've been doing the 15:15 program since Sept 08 when I attended the RKC. I'm very excited now to do the other protocols to see how far I can go with my conditioning. The 15:15 has already given me better conditioning than I thought possible. Now I know the rest of them will take it higher! It will help me prepare for RKC Level 2 this summer.

It is a MUST HAVE!

10/10 Must read
By Teacher/Trainer/Exercise Physiologist / Boston

I just read a book all the way through from cover to cover the moment it was delivered. VWC is so addictive you just can't stop. Kenneth Jay outlines almost every question you could probably come up with. If you are even remotely interested in improving you fitness and kettlebell snatches, hands down, this is the book you have to have!

10/10 Spectacular Book
By Joe McMahon / Delmar, NY

To me this is an instant classic and shares a spot on my shelf right next to Enter the Kettlebell. The research is amazing and very detailed. I have re-read a great deal of the book so I have a complete understanding(still not there,but working on it).

I had been doing the 15:15 protocol and had dabbled with the 36:36, BUT I had been doing them without the testing protocols and the formulas to determine my cadence. Wow what a difference. My conditioning is better than ever and I now know that I can take it up 4 more levels! Can't wait.

The information on improving the snatch technique has helped me tighten up my form and has improved my explosiveness as well.

I have no doubt Kenneth's 5 protocols will take my conditioning to very lofty heights. I look forward to suffering thru all 5 of them and reaping the hard fought results.

Do not hesitate to purchase this book. Follow Kenneths program to the letter and you will be shocked at how quickly you will get results.

10/10 The Dane of Pain Delivers the Goods
By David Whitley, SRKC / Nashville, TN

I have long been a fan of interval training with kettlebells and Kenneth Jay has written the cutting edge book on the subject. I have listened to him speak about his experiments many times, often picturing him wearing a white lab coat and a horned helmet, a mad scientist with Beserker tendencies.

Since being revealed to the public a couple of years ago, the VO2 max protocol has been steadily marching toward legend status among Hardstylists everywhere. With Viking Warrior Conditioning the Dane of Pain has chronicled the five protocols and explained both the science behind them and EXACTLY how to implement them into a training program.

Without this book, your kettlebell lifting will forever be incomplete. It is an absolute must read.

By Prentiss Rhodes / Chicago,IL USA

As a lifelong athlete who has also gone through the paces of a graduate program, it is great to read a book on cardiovascular conditioning that is not the same old repackaged material.
After, hearing the material for the first time at the RKC II, I knew that Kennteth was on to something. When he trained the group with his protocol, I was a believer. VWC is even better than the lecture. It is well written, concise, and is balanced with science and empirical evidence.
It is definitely a must read. It has definitely helped me stay in great condition, and my clients are making tremendous gains.
If you can't follow the perfectly laid out program, then you are not trying.

10/10 absolutely amazing
By James Neidlinger / Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota

not only is it well written, researched and consistent with proven methods, it is fun
after only a few times out with the protocol I am already pressing the 28kg for reps (something that was not happening before, and VWC is the only new piece of my routine)

as I said to someone yesterday, through gasps...
If you want your heart as strong as the rest of your body, this is the way to get there, grip, breath, entire anterior and posterior chain, and mental toughness all in one go
efficiency leads to simplicity
simplicity leads to perfection

VWC is simple and efficient, thus far, perfect

all I can say to Mr. Jay is way to go mate, thank you for this contribution to the gestalt, this book will definitely find its way into the annals of training Valhalla

James Neidlinger, RKC, Lvl 2 Coach JKD, KALI, Kickboxing, Head Coach-5 Rings Fitness

10/10 Easy as Kettlebell pie.
By clutchnshift / Los Angeles, CA, USA

I am an amateur Kettlebell user. But I can read! Kenneth Jay's book is easy to understand, motivational, educational and quite simply, fun to follow. Let's just say that Pavel lured me to the Kettlebell and Kenneth Jay locked me in when he explained the tremendous potential of just one Kettlebell routine!

He provides just enough information about what goes on with your body & heart to make it literally educational and not boring.

He provides all of the data you need to carry out his program and lays it out step by step.

The idea is to do these exercises as quickly as you possibly can while properly executing the snatch...almost turning you into machine...

When I was done reading the book, I was surprised how simple Kenneth Jay made it seem. I thought there would be more to it. All it requires is your desire to have an Elastic Heart of have the endurance of a Viking Warrior.

Do your heart an body a favor, get this book!

Thanks to Pavel and Kenneth!!!

10/10 Viking Warrior Conditioning Is A Well Written Treatise
By Sandy Sommer, RKC / Towson, MD USA

My kettlebell practice has had many "Fits and Starts" to it. I earned my RKC certification in 2008 and that was the beginning of a journey that I hope never ends. I am always looking to get better and better each day and this book gives me all the tools to work a strength and conditioning plan of action that I can assure you is second to none. I completed 80 sets of the :15/:15 protocol 2 months ago and am going back to the start and going through the full process as KJ has it laid out. Thank you Kenneth Jay and thank you Dragon Door.

10/10 Must for fighters...
By Casey / Portland, OR USA

There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to conditioning for fighters. Running, circuits, sparring but KJ provides the only method that is backed by hard science, and it delivers! I've had more conditioning than I know what to do with on the mat both in and out of competition.

Buy it, train the programs to the letter, and put fear into the hearts of your opponents.

10/10 Order this book NOW, It will change your training forever!!
By Phil Scarito, RKC, CK-FMS / Philadelphia, PA

Kenneth has put together a book that gives you amazing insight into the what, why and how Vo2 works. Viking Warrior Conditioning not only has ignited my own training, resulting in personal records but has given my clients results that last. I recommend anyone and everyone to read this book, over and over. Apply what Kenneth teaches and you will see results.


10/10 Like a Viking, indeed
By Will Williams, Senior Instructor / Suburban Philadelphia

I was fortunate enough to receive a text copy of this book 6 months before it's release. Already knee deep in Max V02 conditioning, I devoured VWC in less than 3 weeks and it aided greatly in my understanding of both the Hard Style snatch, and it's separate considerations from traditional high-rep snatching, and the science that drives Kenneth Jay to further himself, and this program.

This book defines the snatch as the premier quick lift, one which delivers all that Pavel and the RKC have promised since 2001.

80 sets and beyond!

10/10 Finally, clarity
By Dan John / Murray, Ut USA

I have been looking forward to this book for a long time. I admit it: I was clueless about what we were doing at the San Jose RKC when I did the workout. I kept thinking I was just missing something. So, I read the articles and asked questions, but couldn't get a handle on it.

In other words, how can 16k tear me apart like this? Kenneth's book is like "Kalos Sthenos," it will change the way you approach one of our basic six movements forever. Ignore the notion that you "know" what the book is about (insert image of me waving hands around) because almost certainly you don't.

If the kbell snatch is the "Tsar" of our movements, this approach to training it is beyond anything I have considered. The workouts will improve your snatch technique while also teaching your heart and lungs a thing or two about conditioning.

I read the book cover to cover in one sitting. I am not good at math, but I understood the insights that Kenneth is driving at throughout the text. We continue to evolve as a kbell community in our understanding of techniques, but this is a book loaded with the method behind our madness. Great job here...

10/10 Proof Is In The Pudding
By Brian / Washington, DC

I have not even been snatching, as per the Dane's decree, and after only 5 sessions in 8 days, and my work capacity is up 60% (30 sets to 48 sets)! This system works, plain and simple. Thank you!

10/10 The Dane of Pain delivers again...
By Steve Wright RKC / London, England

When Kenneth Jay's Advanced Strength Strategies DVD came out nearly two years ago, I rushed to get it, as I thought it would be useful for my RKC preparation. That was an understatement, and I was both pleased and terrified when Ken unleashed it on us on the field at Slangerup where we became better men and women. Knowing what was to come didn't help...

I've been using the 36: 36 protocol since getting the DVD. His book takes the DVD material to a completely new level, and I feel that same mix of apprehension and expectation at the thought of rising to the new challenges he presents.

In a word, awesome!

10/10 Simple in explanation, Brutal in returns
By mark blakemore / bloomington, illinois

nothing can be added to what has already been said. if you are serious about your 'return on investment', get off the forums and into this book. only go back to forum for clarification and then get back to work. it's all here!!

10/10 A Must Have For All
By James Doolen / Joplin, MO

NO doubt one of the best books I have owned. Kenneth Jay has done the community, and world, a great justice with this work. Love the programs and all the explanations of why.

If you want to get serious with your strength endurance and VO2 Max you must have this book. Very easy to understand and to the point.

10/10 An Instant Classic
By Matt Seki / LA

KJ's really done it this time, a holy grail of conditioning. This is no doubt going down in history as a classic work in conditioning. KJ explains very complex subjects involving VO2max without dumbing it down, and yet it is relatively easy to comprehend. A true pleasure and a treasure trove of information and insight. Thank you KJ!!! If you are interested in serious, "real" strength and conditioning I can't think of a better combination of "power to the people" and/or "enter the kettlebell" with " viking warrior conditioning."

10/10 How Conditioning Is Done
By Nick / Pittsburgh, PA

I've been looking forward to this for months and I must say the book far surpassed my expectations. The nerd inside of me was thrilled to read the science behind the method. The "why" really solidified the "how" and this, until now, very mysterious subject suddenly clicked. I know the Party is always right but even the most dedicated sometimes question and Kenneth Jay delivered with some to spare.

I believe the application speaks for itself. Just reading the protocols, I could feel the pain and can't wait to start. Coupled with Enter the Kettlebell, this makes my bible of training for a long time to come. Thank you, Kenneth. I'm looking forward to any and all material you produce in the future.

10/10 Bulletproof Conditioning
By Joe / Atlanta

This is a great book on the development of power and strength endurance using the kettlebell snatch exclusively. Kenneth provides details and realistic examples on several related conditioning protocols, each gradually more difficult. He also provides a solid description of the underlying physiology, and the best illustration yet of why "long slow distance" is an inferior protocol for fat loss and cardio.

10/10 2 years of Graduate School in one book !!
By michael house / houston, Texas United States

i recieved my master's back in 1998 and it was 2 years of all the theory and technical terms going nowhere that you could imagine !! this book wrapped graduate school up in one read. i know academia is not going to give me my money back but at least they could use a book that has real practical application after you finish with it.
thanks jay for taking the time to put your knowledge on paper !!

michael house
rkc II
houston, texas

10/10 Swift and Vicious
By Atl / Kentucky

Reading Viking Warrior Conditioning has further clarified my snatch technique. Mr. jays description of the snatch led me to understand that I had unconsciously developed energy saving techniques during my previous bouts with MVO2. Mr. Jay describes the snatch with a quick, hard lock out, and then using the lats to accelerate the bell downward with a punch from the rear end to stop it quickly before using the hips to punch it back up. My technique had developed to letting the bell almost free fall to the down position and rocking back to slow it. My snatch had gotten pretty loose. These are techniques that reduce the tension...not increase tension. I do not want to increase efficiency...but decrease it. I had a bit of a light bulb effect occur over this issue. In light of this I have adjusted my conceptual basis and my technique and I am ready to meet V02 head on this morning armed with my 35lb bell. I have hardened my technique to be more swift and "vicious". It is an incredible resource for those wanting to learn self torture.

9/10 Excellent book, excellent protocol
By mrwhy / California

I am not going to pretend that I am smart enough to understand the science behind all of this, or how the protocols follow the science. Mr. Jay is far more intelligent than I am when it comes to these things. However, my ignorance of cardiac biology does not prevent me from appreciating what a well researched text this is. I believe it was Mr. Rif who said in the foreward something like it is not an easy read, but it is an easy protocol to understand and follow. Not easy to do, but easy to understand.

The book is well-written and entertaining to read. I enjoyed it greatly, and it is a testament to Mr. Jay that despite my lack of biology, subsequent read throughs had me beginning to comprehend the science.

However, this book is above all a presentation of a training protocol, and in that it excels. This protocol is the real deal. I am excited to start it and looking forward to watching my conditioning sky-rocket.

Add to this that it is a lovely book. The text is clean, the photos artistic, etc. Dragondoor has come a long way since the original RKC book, and it shows.

My only "complaint" is that I feel a bit of information on protecting the hands would have been the icing on the cake. This protocol involves a lot of snatches, and being able to do so without tearing the hands is helpful. This is nothing that a quick search will not take care of, but I would have liked to see it in text.

Kenneth Jay is to be commended for an outstanding contribution to the dragondoor library.

10/10 Tough Stuff
By Bryson Crews / Hendersonville, TN USA

I found the book very informative while being an easy read. I took the five minute test with a 20 kilo because i loaned my 16 kilo to a friend. I scored a 28 with the 20 kilo. I am pumped about the next six weeks of training on the viking warrior program. I think my testosterone level went up by just reading this book.

10/10 Simple, Serious, Difficult and Effective
By John Scott Stevens, RKC / Omaha, NE

Before reading this book I had already experimented with Kenneth Jay's 15:15 protocol and as a direct result I improved my SSST score by 40 reps in one month with just 5 workouts achieving 220 reps at 164 lbs. Since this book has arrived I am both excited and afraid of what's to come as I progress through each protocol.

Kenneth Jays Viking Warrior Conditioning is an incredibly simple, seriously difficult and devastatingly effective workout. Everyone whose career or life depends on extreme fitness NEEDS to read this book.

5/10 Expected more, much more
By Smet, kettlebell enthusiast / Sydney, Australia

The best about this book is that you can read it in abiout 10 minutes. Out of 100-odd pages 30 or so describe the methodology (can be compressed to about 10). Nothing wrong with that I guess - you have to write something to fill the pages. There are lots of headings in large font - two to three per page. Every chapter is separated by a full page illustration (one chapter - Call to Action - has three pages of abstract pictures and one page with text) Altogether - including the front and back covers - I counted 13 photos of the author himself. From page 70 onwards it's testimonials and motivational stuff.

Methodology - as far as methodologies go - is ok, though a lot of stuff seems to be sucked out of the thumb. I know, I know, KJ has the Sports Science degree, but I have the medical one and can read Pubmed too. It's ok, it is his method and he can prescribe whatever he wants. There are other flaws though. First of all the Dane puts up marketing pitch for interval training as being superior to steady state. Comparing the two is similar to comparing French and Indian food, does not make sense in the least. Each one has a place in training and serves a purpose. Training at maximum heart rates can be deleterious too, that would be worthwhile mentioning.

When talking about intensities close to 100% of VO2 Max, I don't think the snatch is such a good exercise to choose. But that's my opinion of course.

And the last one. For his MVO2 36:36 protocol the Dane explains the selection of 36 second interval in the following way. The research shows that doing intervals at 60% of the time spent at VO2 Max is far superior to 50% or 40% or 80%. As 36 seconds is 60% of one minute - it is the optimal interval. Err... I am probably missing the point, but 36 sec on - 36 sec off - or any other way where the numbers for work and rest are the same - seems like 50% of time on and 50% off. If I am wrong I welcome an explanation.

Overall - absolutely nothing new. I expected more. Interval-like training with snatches is very useful. There is a lot of interesting theory and practical applications of this method. The book could be filled with wealth of information, but in its current state it is useful only for absolute beginners.

10/10 Worth every penny and more
By Taikei Matsushita RKC II / Tokyo Japan

I learned from Kenneth Jay on two occasions and latter would be his lecture and field testing on MaxVO2 Boost protocol which is described in this book.
Later on, I measured my VO2/CO2 gas exchange at a lab done by NSCA trainer. I followed the boost protocol for 3 weeks, measured again, and my VO2Max number sky rocketed with maximum heart rate actually decreasing from 201bpm to 189bpm. This is just a part of the benefit.

Chapter 2 is for anyone who is aspired to become a trainer regardless the training method. Book has no redundancy with RKC level 2 material which Kenneth offers. These are mere perfect complimentary materials, therefore for RKCs, don't think about canceling level 2 just because you got the book.

8/10 Both comprehensive and narrow
By gsb8675 / Boston, MA USA

Excellent book on a fairly narrow topic. It's for elite athletes (or wanna-be elites) who are dedicated kettlebell users with very good technique. If that's you, this book can't be beat. Detailed, focused, motivational - it's just what you're looking for. In fact, the workouts themselves are fairly simple; you're not getting fifty different techniques and workout schedules. Very easy to digest and pursue. However, think of its content as a Masters thesis. If you're still an undergrad, don't bother. And my guess is most of us are and will be undergrads for quite some time. The work in this book is HARD and probably more than most will ever want.

10/10 Highly Recommended
By Josh Schairbaum / San Antonio, TX

I don't have much in the way of a critical assessment, there are others that do that. I will say that I would recommend this book and it's program to anyone wanting to kickstart their workouts. I'm fairly out of shape, but within a couple of weeks, have gotten up to the 30 minutes.

Recently, at Crossfit I dominated fitness instructors and military folks in a rowing competition despite outweighing them by probably 150lbs and measuring my mile time with a sundial. I was simply able to row faster, farther, harder.

Buy it, the workouts are fun even though they are tough. Buy it, seriously.

9/10 This book is for the alpha male who get there v02max, the beta's keep it on the shelf for decoration
By John / Wadsworth Ohio USA

I love Kenneth Jay's passion for thrashing, he took it to a scientific level above anything else. Its definately for anyone who wants to get shredded, accept the people who say they thrash just to hear it come out of there mouth.

10/10 Zero to Hero
By Thomas Roetling USN / Norfolk, VA

Before I started the Viking Warrior conditioning program I had been stuck at a measly 160 ugly snatches with the 28kg kettlebell in ten minutes. After blowing through the 15:15 protocol with only the 16kg kb, peaking at 80 sets of 9, I retested, and hit a mark of 202 clean snatches in ten minutes, after only a month of training 3 times a week! I would not test again until I had run through all of the protocols, then starting a second run with the 28 kg. After this second run, which included a run through the boost protocol with the 32 kg, which in itself was an accomplishment, I retested and hit a staggering 250 snatches in ten minutes. I am currently embarking on a third run with the 32 kg kettlebell and so far so good! After going from 160 snatches to 250, in the span of half a year, and also watching my body go from 220 pounds to 195 pounds, with huge gains in nonrelated tests of strength and conditioning, and ABSOLUTELY no injuries, I can definitely say that this program delivers all that it promises and then some! Amazing!

10/10 Shocked
By Jeff Hiers / Dodge City,Ks USA

I am 58yrs old and have been using KB for 7yrs. I have used the Viking Warrior program for 3wks 15/15 three days a week plus some push-ups,pull-ups, shoulder presess and ab work. The difference it has made in my weight,fat% is shocking. In no way do I feel almost 59yrs old. I am up to 20min of snatches and will work to the full 40. I have the book and the DVD's, the book makes it all make sense I got lost in the tech. stuff of the DVD but now I have the complete teaching and I am hooked. I am using 36lb KB, and think I can move up to 53. I love the challenge. Thanks for a great program at any age.

10/10 Viking Warrior Conditioning is a Great name for this workout!
By Jim Chandler / Huntington Beach, CA USA

When you first see this workout it looks like,"How could doing one exercise be so beneficial". Then you do it and then, "Whoa" this is easy in concept but slowly wears you down so you have to focus and concentrate to complete it. It becomes a challege early into the workout. Already seeing benefits from the workout. I am able to grapple with much younger guys without getting winded as early and the strength benefit is wonderful. Nice :)

10/10 VWC Rocks
By Andre Zietsman HKC / Durban, South Africa

I am very pleased with Viking Warrior Conditioning as it has helped give me direction in my training and teaching. The material is presented in an understandable way and the quality is superb with very intresting photo's and stories of other peoples experiences. It is nice to know that one is following a scientifically researched programme that is used by elite athletes.

4/10 Way Overpriced In View Of the Content.
By Todd / New York

Not a critique of the workout -- it's for real and it works. However, the book is a lot of overpriced overproduction. You can learn much more for much less on YouTube.

3/10 Overpriced
By Hambone / Minneapolis, MN USA

The information is good; the workout is challenging. However for 45 dollars, shipping and handling included, this book is not a good value. 100 pages long but much of it is filled with full page, irrelevant graphics.

This information would make a good series of articles in a magazine. The book is priced at twice its value.

10/10 Get ready to work!
By Ted / Rochester, NY, USA

I have only just begun the program, but here is my two cents:

The testing process (5 minutes worth) was not as bad as I thought it might be. I thought "I'm in better shape than I thought!" My rep number for 15:15, if anyone is interested is 7.

The first time I attempted 30 sets, I was humbled. Really doubted I'd finish, very much wanted to quit. Looking forward to this amazing journey, and excited so far. Excellent stuff.

10/10 A step toward the future of human performance
By Bud Jeffries / Lakeland, FL

It isn't very often you get a scientist who studies the physical realm, but can actually back it up by real-world results on himself. Kenneth is one of those rare guys, not an armchair theorist. With Viking Warrior Conditioning I think Kenneth has created one of the first programs to scientifically quantify weighted conditioning with both the scientific nuts and bolts to back it up yet in a simple format that you can immediately apply whether you understand the science or not.

Over-speed snatch training is one of the main tenants of the book. If you've never tried it - it's like sprints on crack. However the way it's put together in his book its the perfect combination of long duration and high intensity cardio and blends well with the technical demands of the snatch. It will definitely cause body composition and conditioning changes. It's a simply laid out program that's a step toward the future of human performance. Weighted conditioning is the future - that's why I do it. That's why the smartest guys in the world do it. It allows for greater results and greater progression than any other kind of conditioning. Kenneth's program fits right in and you should have this book!

10/10 Conditioning maximized
By Don Malec / Peninsula, Oh, USA

Great book with excellent explanation of the physiology of VO2max. Very simple (1 exercise) but do not confuse it with easy. Read the book twice as soon as I received it. Tried my first 15:15 and did 34 sets before I ripped skin. Can't wait to try it again. Highly recommended.

10/10 Do you want change your VO2Max? Read this BOOK!!!
By Andrea De Castro RKC / Riese Pio X, Italy

I knew some workout of this book. Thanks to Team Leader Fabio Zonin; I liked them very much, so i bought it.I tried some protocols, my work capacity was better just in a short time.
It's a great work specific program.
I've done the 15"-15" program and it helped me to make better my snatch test with 24 Kg.
Thanks to Kenneth and Pavel, you're great!!!

9/10 You're going to enjoy this!
By Ulf Bro / Wuppertal, Germany

I was at first disturbed by two things: First, the very American style of this book - the pictures, the language, everything. Second, the assumptions on which this training system is based and the mathematics done on them. These are obviously oversimplified and questionable. But I chose to give it a try anyway. After all the training system might be good even if the book isn't optimal. And - we must not forget, if the book had been written in German style on 300 pages like a bible on cigarette paper with lots of graphs and tables, then the purpose of the book might become failed, namely providing a clear cut cook book for the people how to get bigger and fitter without ruining yourself.

Whatever initial doubts and concerns I had, they evaporated like dew in the morning sun once I started actually doing what the book told me to. This book gives you a defined starting point in terms of what size kettlebell to use and how fast to snatch it. All you have to do is to train regularly with a defined method and it automatically leads you to an increasing set count. Viking warrior conditioning is a training system that guarantees you to not overdo anything. It is neither hard nor difficult nor even the least bit unpleasant in any way. But you sure sweat a lot. I have finished the work with one kettlebell and have moved on to the next the way the book describes and have taken this one half way through by now. I haven't had muscle soreness one single time. I sleep well at night and experience an extraordinary well-being which approaches euphoria and keeps on for months now. I have never felt fitter and better in my life. Period. I have continued doing strenght training along with Viking warrior conditioning. Even though the book warns about fatique to come this hasn't been the case with me. I deliberately progress slowly because I never go anywhere near maximum (like Pavel has taught us) but my progress is linear and my progress is as I said not the least bit unpleasant.

However, I don't use the recommended gym timer. I use a metronome. For example if I set it to 84 beats per minute and count one rep every three beats then 7 reps are exactly 15 seconds. Putting the kettlebell down I continue counting ("one-tic-tic, two-tic-tic, three-tic-tic etc.) till 7 then that makes a 15 second pause during which I have time to write the rep count on paper and re-chalk my hands. At "seven-tic-" I fetch the kettlebell again and at "-tic" i swing it backwards. The 36:36 protocol is in this case done with 17 reps (which is not exactly 36 seconds but close to it). Using a metronome lets me do the training with German precision (actually I am a German).

To recapitulate: Read the theory but don't grow grey hairs because of it. Do as you're told to do and you will have an absolutely extraordinary experience for a very long time to come. This is probably something you can do for years. I recommend this book for everyone who works with kettlebells because it works some aspects of your physical condition that you might not be able to reach with other methods. You will enjoy it.

10/10 Amazing Results
By Raphael Sydnor / Woodberry Forest, USA

Personal Overview: While Viking Warrior Conditioning is full of scientific research, I found it to be interesting and easily digestible information for those who do not have Kenneth Jay's extensive scientific background. Of course, I encourage you to take your time and read VWC actively by taking notes in the margins and stopping to try the techniques. You should certainly re-read VWC several times once you start the protocol.

Experience: I still do not understand why so many people want VWC results without following the protocol as Kenneth Jay outlined it. I followed Thorolf's model. I tested my cadence with the 16kg and proceeded to work the 15:15. Once I finished the 80 sets, which was not easy at all, I re-tested my cadence and worked on a second round of 15:15 up to 80 sets. My cadence increased from 7 to 8 reps per 15 after my first cycle of 15:15, but the degree of difficulty was significantly increased. It is critical that you have a successful method of counting your sets if you do not have a timer that can calculate that for you. There are some online timers and timing apps for smartphones too if you want to save some money. I have now moved on to the 36:36 protocol with a 20kg bell. While the 15:15 taxed my cardio system, I find the limiting factor of the 36:36 is my grip.

Application: As outlined in Viking Warrior Conditioning, I combined VWC with ROP from Enter the Kettlebell for my strength work. The result is that, with just a couple VWC sessions a week, I have the grip and conditioning needed to wrestle with my varsity wrestlers and have far superior conditioning and grip strength.

10/10 Wow!
By Steve Marra / Syracuse, NY, US

Bought the book as a Christmas present for myself. After reading it cover to cover several times and performing the cVMO2 test, I started my first 15:15 MVO2 workout. I lasted an embarrassingly small number of sets! I've been working on it steadily since then and have seen significant improvement in a short period of time. And I'm already seeing positive carryover into other kettlebell exercises. The detailed but understandable explanation of the science behind the workouts doesn't just say that you'll benefit, it says WHY and HOW you'll benefit. It's far beyond the "You should try this because it worked for me" basis of other programs.

10/10 This is really works.
By Jim Davison / Freeland, USA

This book is about using the single arm kettlebell snatch as a conditioning exercise. The protocols are not that hard to do, but I was sweating and breathing hard right away. Even though a heart rate monitor is not mentioned in the book, I wore one while doing this workout just to see what it did. It was perfect. I followed KJ's protocol and my heart rate went right into the ideal training zone just below the red zone. Because the snatch is a whole body movement, it spread out the work over many muscle groups. This made it easier to take than my training bike where I have to really push my legs to get my heart rate up.

7/10 happy so far
By keith james / carmarthenshire, wales

Right hopefully this is going to be my first review, one of many.

So i will subtitle this ' THE cMVO2 test'

I have only had the book for 2 days, i have read it from cover to cover, even though Mr. Jay says that you do not have to read the chapter on cardiovascular physiology 101, but i did anyhow.

Right i did my test on the second day just to see how i would be able to perform, i used a 16 kg kettlebell and by the end of 5 minutes i was out of breath and sweating a little bit.

So my mark of 7 out of 10 is just for the test, i will do another review when i have done the 15:15 MVO2 protocol. If the workout main is as good as the test then my points will go up.

I know a few people have mentioned about the price of the book or how low the pages are for the price, but when you think that you can train from ths book in the house instead of a gym, then it pays for itself, i also think that you should mark a book on how good the workout is.

Until next time.

10/10 Guide towards cardiovascular excellence
By Kai Johnson / East Palo Alto, California United States

Viking Warrior Conditioning is without a doubt a modern masterpiece when it comes to cardiovascular fitness.

Diligent application of the routines in this book have given me a work capacity that just will not end. Excerises that would cause me to breathe hard before incorporating these routines into my practice barely phase me now.

If you are looking at improving your snatch test scores this book is the answer. I went from 80 24kg snatches in 5 minutes to 106 at the recent TSC after only 2 months of consistent VWC practice. Those are pretty incredible results.

This book is an indispensable part of any serious kettlebell users library.

10/10 No Nonsense Warrior Conditioning
By Andrew Longo / Warwick, RI

Kenneth Jay delivers a true recipe for warrior conditioning! His easy to follow protocols offer a basement-training warrior, like myself, a no nonsense pathway to superior heart power. This book delivers the goods on how to transform your overall conditioning level using a 16kg KB, virtually anywhere. Outstanding!

10/10 A great explanation of a great training protocol
By scors50 / Sayville, NY

I was, I'll admit, a bit confused after watching the DVD set that preceded the book, in terms of how the program actually worked. I'm a "read the instructions" learner more than a "watch someone else do it" learner. This book is tremendous and will satisfy your need to know everything about the max VO2 protocol--if you are someone who is into all of the physiological info, as I am, this can be quite advanced, but if you are not and just want to read about the training itself, the book still fits the bill.

10/10 Viking Warrior Conditioning
By JH1156 / Detroit, MI USA

I found this book to be a very complete work. It has all of the technical information for the egg head types and the "do this" things for examples for us simpletons. It only took me a day and a half to read it cover to cover and I really like the 15/15 and 36/36 second workout.

10/10 Must have book if you want to reach your full potential!
By Matt / Kentucky

I had been using the 15:15 protocol after learning of it fom the dragondoor forum. It was like Christmas morning when I got my copy. Everything is explained in detail that you will need to reach your full fitness potential. It has the science behind the punishment so you can understand why it hurts so good. Best of all, it has a structured program. You can implement this program forever and continue to benefit from it. I look forward to every session of VWC. This book gives you all the tools you need to become a better man or woman.

7/10 Concept & Routines Excellent - Presentation Not So Much
By Andrew Kilikauskas / Ridgecrest, CA

The concept & routines are excellent. But the presentation is very dumbed down from the RKC II presentation - the book should have included more detailed physiology information and Jay's research which is the basis for the conditioning routines. Also, some sections are unclear - the book needed review by a native English speaker. The book had too much Viking "schtick".

This book was written with routines for and examples of terrific and talented athletes. Average people reading this book would be intimidated and not open to trying the routines because of the "hard core" impression. Routines for less than world class athletes needed to be included.

I found this book to be an unconvincing description of an exceedingly effective conditioning concept which can be used by anyone, not just hard core athletes. I was disappointed that this book wasn't better written because I've used these conditioning techniques myself with fantastic results. They deserve better presentation to make the concept and routines accessible to a wider audience.

10/10 Great Book-Awesome System-A Must Have
By Anton Iskerskiy, RKC / Red Bank, NJ

It is awesome to see VO2max protocols finally compiled in one source and presented as a Step-by-step system. The book is very informative and is a great value for the money. The Viking theme is taken a bit far, but it makes the book more entertaining.

10/10 ETK for the snatch
By Craig / Richfield, MN, USA

I'm not one of the iron men or women who so often write here or in the Dragon Door forums, but even for an average guy like me, the book was just what I needed.

The technical material presented in the background section was very nicely laid out; I've seen physiology texts that didn't explain the theory, or the practical application with anything like what Jay did, let alone combine theory and application.

As for the protocols themselves, what is there to say. A nice, step by step approach, just like Pavel had laid out in ETK. Do this, don't do that, with standards as to when you are ready to move to the next level. Although it's going to be some time before I get to that next level.

And finally, the snatch review section while short, was a good refresher with some new tips, such as the butt punch and the tip in note 5 about what to do when bringing the bell back down (if you want to know, buy the book).

Another great product that my son and I will be using for years.

10/10 Outstanding Program Clearly Described
By kasik / Atlanta, GA USA

Kenneth has done a great job in laying out both the theory and the practice for great conditioning to build endurance and power. I have begun using the program and am already seeing results. This is a wonderful next step for those who have used ETK.

10/10 Not confused anymore!
By Darren Lamar, High School Football Coach / Temple, OK USA

I spent a lot of time searching old posts on anything related to the snatch protocols presented by Kenneth Jay. I had a lot of empty searches and I would read some threads by people doing the protocol to try and get and idea of how to do it. I got tired of being confused so I bought the book and all is clear now; I have no excuse to not put it into practice. Even though I still don't completely understand all the science; I do understand how to do the protocol and I understand enough science to know I will be a better man for it. I think anyone wanting to get the most out of kettlebell conditioning needs to read this book and put it into practice.

10/10 Great Compliment to Strength Training with Kettlebells....
By Rob O'Brien / Ashland, MA

I have been using kettlebells for about 5 years and love them for strength training whether it be C & P/Pull Up Ladders, Escalating Density Training or freestyle training. I have always done snatches as a strength-endurace exercise and to help minimize body fat. The book creates a road map for my strength-endurace training and sets goals that allow me to track my performance and taylor my workouts as need be. Thanks Kenneth for spending the time and sifting through that data to prove what I already knew..."to snatch alot you have to snatch alot".

10/10 A must read book
By Peter Lakatos RKC TL / Budapest, Hungary

This is a great book, and defenitely a must read material, if you are serious about conditioning.

8/10 Viking Warrior Rocks
By brbell / Little Rock, Arkansas USA

Great information with much more research than the large majority of exercise publications. The various permutations should keep me busy for a long time. Similar to most Dragon Door publications there is a lot of wasted space in this book. I would have bought the email version if I had known about that option. Doesn't really matter given the quality of the information. Viking Warrior Rocks.

4/10 Way Too Much Hype
By Glen / Kansas

VWC is a decent book, but not in the same league as Pavel's materials.
When it comes to Kettlebell Training, Pavel is still the King.

10/10 Hard work
By Robert Alterman / Wichita Kansas

I bought this book not knowing what to expect. In turn I have found it to be a lot of fun by way of sweat. I am relatively new to the kettelbell game, and am familiar with some basic workouts, but this one is pretty mindblowing. Especially considering it revolves around one exercise, and is very very effective. I find myself working harder at it all the time, and enjoying the results. This is very hard to say considering I am from the school of, heavier is better. Sadly my giant black 106 pounder is not going for all the rides it should be due to this book. I would recommend it for anyone who would dare stray into the fantastic world of the kettlebell. exceedingly revolutionary.

10/10 First KBell Book to give Specific Workout
By Lonnie Mathis / Albany, GA

All the other kettlebell books and tapes that I have purchased focus more on technique and exercises. Viking Warrior Conditioning gives specific work out routine to follow. Just what I needed, I no longer have to work out blindly.

10/10 My book came with a $100 bill in it!
By Jordan Vezina RKC/0311 / Palo Alto, CA USA!

I guess you'll just have to buy a copy to see if yours has one in it as well. On a more serious note...
My snatch test at the beginning of doing this protocol was 91 reps on the 24 kg. in 5 minutes. 4 months into doing this I hit 115 reps on the 25 kg. in five minutes. A month later I jumped to the 32 kg. and hit 68 reps in 5 minutes at 165 lbs. All due to Kenneth's Mvo2 protocol as outlined in this book. Good enough for you?

10/10 wow!
By D. Andersen, Physical therapist / Denmark

What an amazing book! I absolutely love it! the Dane of Pain rocks!

10/10 So worth revisiting!
By Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC Team Leader, FMS faculty / Los Angeles, CA USA -

I was one of the lucky few to have the pleasure of reviewing an advance copy of Viking Warrior Conditioning, but I've recently re-read through it in preparation for the Denmark RKC 2009.

This book gets better with every reading, much like the RKC experience itself. Every read-through offers up salient details that might've been missed in prior reads, and every page holds some bit of the Viking's inspiration that can pry even the laziest of arses off the couch.

As you can clearly see by the speed with which it's flying up the ratings, this book is a bestseller. Don't wait to find out why!

2/10 Very disappointing
By Emmy / USA

I'll give the author a couple of points for providing some solid references for people who don't know how to use PubMed and/or Google, but other than that, I was incredibly disappointed in this book overall, especially after reading so many positive reviews. I'm not an RKC, never mind an RKC II, and there was very little in the book that I didn't already know. It definitely didn't live up to the hype.

10/10 Fast Results
By Dan Peven, RKC / Berkeley, CA

I was introduced to the Pain at my RKC certification, but only understood it as the final, and most difficult, test. Now, after reading the science, and after 2 weeks and only 5 sessions of 15:15, I equaled a best time to the top of the hill on my bike. But the amazing thing is that my heart rate averaged 10 BPM less than the last time I made that time. And, I felt really strong and needed no recovery.
A good read, well documented, easy to implement, and Fast Results. Thank you, KJ.

10/10 Taking my game to the next level
By Nicolai Iversen Danish national team / Denmark

My level of play has been taken to new heights with training inspired by Kenneth Jay and his techniques. I can honestly say that without the kettlebell, and in Denmark that means Kenneth Jay I would not be the player I am today. Functional strength and conditioning perfectly suited for pro basketball.

10/10 If are serious about achieving Extreme Fitness with Kettlebells, GET THIS BOOK!
By Mike French / Maine

I could not be any more impressed with the Viking Warrior Conditioning Book. Simple concepts to taking your Fitness to extreme levels using a lighter KB than you are used to using. I regularly use my 53, 62, and 88 pound KB's for my workouts. My 35 pounder is kicking my Butt! Its incredible! Don't wait! GET IT TODAY!

10/10 The gauntlet has been thrown down... Are you man enough to Pick it up?
By Craig Sayler / San Diego, Ca

I am blown away by your research, so much so I have shared it with friends, and family that are leading heart doctors or working on becoming heart specialst here in San Diego. They got so excited that they picked up a kettlebell,ETK and Viking Warrior book and started the program and we are seeing a huge difference that is hard to describe.

You feel like a Warrior ready to ROCK! Dain of Pain You Rock!

If you want top notch conditioning BUY THIS BOOK AND DO IT! The GAUNTLET has been thrown down...

Lets see who will pick it up.

10/10 The ass-kicking,hand shredding program I needed.
By scott butler, / cadillac, Michigan United States

I have only been on the protocol for two weeks,I have shredded and bloody hands-love it. Extreme tightening up all over my body-love it. Easy to follow, regimented program-love it. What I did not expect in just two short weeks was the incredible amount of no-quit endurance in such a short time. I play sports and my conditioning level has shot through the roof! I just turned 36 and at a time when fitness levels for others my age decline, mine are excelling and it gives me all the more motivation to journey down this protocol for a long, long time. I am already "feeling" it all over my body and I long for more. So far this has been the best direction I have taken in my kettlebell training. On serious conditioning and toughness this book is top shelf. Thanks Mr. Jay for the map, I love this path-In strength, Scott from Michigan

10/10 Top Notch Training
By Steve Carter / Kabul, Afghanistan

I bought the Viking Warrior Conditioning Book, because I was bored with some of the routines I have used with KB's, i read with interest some of the other reviews, and thought it might solve my problem. In my job, I need to stay fit, but back problems that have manifested over the years serving in the military have resulted in me cutting running out.

Straight away I was impressed with the science behind the programme and the easy way it was explained, so I tried the VO2 Max test straight away, with 16kg KB's. Got 28 reps, and from there I was hooked. I did 20 sets at 7 REPS PER 15:15, and it works great, my HR at the end was the same as the VO2 Test 170 bpm.

I have done a further 4 sessions and am up to 50 sets, I weight train aswell and the Viking Warrior Conditioning does not detract from this, in fact I feel it enhances it, especially my Lats, Hams and Glutes, which believe it or not, already feel more powerful. Also no back problems.

I am looking forward to getting the 80 sets, so I can move on to 36:36

3/10 A College Thesis Paper and Not Much Else.
By John Bullen / Sunrise, Florida United States

After reading the book twice, I have decided to keep it anyway. It is short and far too technical for most readers. Being a runner, I know all I need to know about VO2 Max. Only about 10 pages are devoted to technique that will be useful. Most readers will know already that 200 swings in 10 min. will increase HR and VO2. I have found out."Enter the Kettlebell" is a must to own first and a definite 10.

10/10 Laugh At Your Opponents As You Crush Them!
By Jon Engum SR. RKC / Brainerd MN USA

Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior Conditioning is THE Thinking Man's anwser to real world endurance excellence. I have used his methods to condition my fighters and it delivers sure fire results every time. You will be able to laugh at your opponents while you crush them " like a viking". Start on your journey to Performance Vallhalla and get your copy today.

10/10 The best VO2 Max conditioning program hands down!!
By Harris Sophocleous CSCS, Personal Peak LLC Owner / Chicago, IL

This program is designed for those who really seek excellence and are serious about their physical conditioning level. Kenneth Jay thru his research has created a program that not only challenge your body physicaly, but also mentaly. His protocol separates men from boys. I have been using this progrm to train my clients and they have shown immediate results. Kettlebell training is many steps ahead from any other type of training that exists out there and Kenneth's program propels the kettlebell conditioning training to levels that are unmatched by anything out there.

From physical conditioning to fat loss, this is the step that was missing all these years. No matter what are you training for, the Viking warrior conditioning, will bring out and perfect all those ancient insticts we all carry in us. I use this system to train clients who are looking for something that will challenge them, as well as to clients who's life depends on how well conditioned are they such as, military tactical operators and police officers. The acnient Spartan warriors would had been proud to include this program into their cruel and punishing training methods they had to endure. I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about their training as well as their clients' training. If followed as it is recommended then the results will be guaranteed.

Thanks to Pavel, Kenneth and the rest of the RKC instructors, we now have the best training tool and knowledge to break away from the same old training methods and routines that have been around for so long and finally reach a system that works. In my 18 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and Instructor, I have to admit, this VO2 Max conditioning protocol is the best of the best!

10/10 A clear cut path to cardivascular supremacy!!
By Guy Spears / Weatherford, TX, U.S.A

I have been practicing with KB since the winter of 2003, Mostly strength practice. For my cardio practice I used a 1 1/2 pood & did tabata swings, great for what they did, until I learned about the MV02 protocol's from Master RKC Mark Reifkind's blog. Even though I copied Rif's MV02 practice, There were some things that were just not clear, Im the kind that needs a guide, well, Master RKC Kenneth Jay's book blazed a trail for me, and I have accepted the "Warriors Challenge" & picked up the thrown gauntlet!! This work is a clear, concise, excellent Program for Cardio Supremacy!!!
The fore mentioned Tabata routines I used to do pale compared to MV02 practice!! I have taken pictures of myself at the start My "Viking Warior Conditioning" Practice & in one years time, I plan on posting new pics of myself, results of medical stress tests, BP & resting Heart rates, on the DD forum. Thank you Master RKC K. Jay, for such a great book and guide for self improvement!!

10/10 Absolutely great!
By Dr. Bodo Polzer / Salzburg; Austria, Hint:: Mozart, "Terminator" & "Herminator"

Hi there,

I guess most of you would consider me a "pussy" - I just started the "Boost protocol" with a 8 kg kettlebell and currently do 40 sets of 8 reps in the 3rd week - however, the results are awsesome and I highly recomend the workout(s) with lighter kettlebells for us mere mortals!
Hopefully I can catch up with you serious guys (i.e. do all protocolls with 16 kg or heavier kettlbells) in one or two years without compromising my main sports - see below.

A 36 yr old, 70 kg endurance / triathlon recreational athlete.

10/10 Your way to a better life
By Luis Dias / Lordelo, Paredes, Portugal

An imperative, if you want to have a full healthy life, is a powerfull hearth. That's what you'll get by following Kenneth's programs. The book is well written. It tells you all the cientific reasons that lay the foundation to the so called madness. And do i love the madness!!!
In my first 15:15 workout i just made an hole in my left hand. It was Easter season and i looked like Christ, at least in one hand, and i was in heaven.
Besides the endorfin rush you get in every workout here's a list of other things you'll get:
-Fullproof hearth
-Reduction in body fat
-More lean muscle you can think of
-Psychological hability to go beyond your current beliefs
and other cool things you'll discover by yourself.
So get your copy and snatch your way to greatness!

10/10 Amazing and surprisingly easy to understand.
By Gene Robbins / Atlanta, GA

I had watched Kenneth Jay's Advanced Strength Strategies and had a good idea about the VO2 Max protocol, but this book really made it easy to understand and implement! I was very surprised at how simple Mr. Jay made it to read and comprehend. He gives you several protocols and training strategies and even shows you how to implement it with your current strength training/kettlebell training regiment. Another Dragon Door classic! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to kick their cardio and endurance to the next level!

10/10 Finally the science to back the claims
By Bob Budai/ / Novi, MI USA

As a fitness geek, I am always searching for actual research/evidence to back up the multitude of claims being made throughout the fitness world. Kenneth Jay has finally provided that with Viking Warrior Conditioning. It is easy to give people a hard workout, it is much more of a challenge to give them one that will provide results based on facts - thank you Kenneth for not being one of those fitness hacks, keep up the good work.

9/10 Great book, but a little expensive.
By Matt Brocklebank / Kobe, Japan

I ordered a new 16kg DD kettlebell right after reading this book so I can start the program as soon as possible. I hope it will help to prepare me for my upcoming RKC certification (my old cheapo 16kg bell isn't up to the job).

Although I thought the book was generally a great read, it was a little difficult to understand in parts. I've only given it a 9 out of 10 as I think it was too expensive for it's size, especially when compared to other Dragon Door publications three times as thick but similarly priced. Nevertheless, a valuable and very usable addition to my book collection.

10/10 Excellent book!
By C.D.Lyttle, / Sevierville, TN

I began The viking warrior trainig a couple of weeks ago, and I can already tell a big difference in my snatching and over-all fitness. Perfect for training in groups or solo, beginners or advanced trainees. Very simple, highly effective!

10/10 OK, I'm Sold!
By David Bradley / Encino, Ca

I gotta tell you, I was skeptical at first. There's a part of me deep down that felt like I should be snatching with a heavier bell. I did the RKC in Feb 09. That was the last time I snatched a 24kg bell for any serious volume. Since then I've been on a pretty steady diet of MVo2 15:15 with a 16kg bell. 2-3 times a week. All along wondering if this is too light... yes, I was getting fairly smoked, but was it working for me really? With the new RKC Snatch Test rule coming into effect, Dr Mark Cheng felt everyone should hit that number, so this Sunday, May 17, 2009. Almost 3 months since I did any serious volume with a 24kg bell, I snatched that bad boy 100 time in 5 minutes with a few seconds to spare. This is a big time "What the Heck" endorsement and just what I needed to continue on with the 40x8 quest. What have I learned with the lighter bell? Better form. Much better form. Timing of my breath. The will to just do one more set, one more rep, keep snatching with perfect form, every rep, drill it in, dial it in and own it. Thanks KJ!

9/10 Great Book,,,,Welll worth the price.
By Martin Knott / Warrenton, Virginia USA

This is an outstanding book. Very well written. It is a perfect balance between very technical physiological information and and a broken down work out schedule that has something for everyone. I like the fact that if your not into the physiology, you can go right to the work outs and you will get the same results. I am currently training for a very physically demanding promotion at work, and there is no doubt in my mind that with this work out, I will CRUSH the competition. Thanks you for another superior product!! I am a life long customer.

10/10 Purchase this Book
By N. Shlosser, RKC / Santa Monica, CA

Sometimes, a book is good to borrow. Not this one. This is one to own. You will read it MANY times.

I read VWC cover to cover the day it arrived, and I've read it three additional times since. I thought I had understood the basics of MVO2, and thought I had been practicing it - and was WAY wrong. This book lays it all out for you, and it makes sense.

The protocol works. Progress is quick, and obvious. Improved performance, reduced body fat. Addicting. Brutal. Effective. Brilliant!

VWC receives my highest recommendation.

10/10 Let's Be Frank, It works your but Off!!!!!!
By William J.Jones / Freeburg,IL.62243

The day I received VIKING WARRIOR , I read it from front to back and then headed for the basement to workout. I applied it to the the basic 101
workout put together by Mr. Irontamer himself. I found out quickly that
you can apply it to any workout and to any exercise. For example the military press, 5x5/5. The way I applied it was to press for fifteen
sec left side,rest 15 15 sec.right side rest 15sec, press 15
sec. then start with the left again. Let me tell you it had me sucking
wind so fast that I thought I was back in spec.ops training again.
Yes, I said you can do this with any exercise you want, rows ,cleans,
snatches, clean & Press and all of them will KICK YOUR BUTT!!!!
Okay, I know the first question will be, how do you do your active rest with time frames so short! Use, your head, with the military
press you rest with the KB on your chest in the finished clean position. Does that make sense its an active rest,sooo you don't
put the KB down.
This book is fantastic from beginning to end. I was thick headed for about 10 secs. but then I figured everything out. The 15 sec rest periods don't give you enough time to back out of the burn and pain.
The challenge is to grit your teeth, suck it up and burn those calories and lose that fat and build the VIKING WARRIOR heart of
flexible stainless steel. To put it another way IT WORKS IF YOU HAVE
THE BALLS TO DO IT COMRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William J.Jones
P.S. I am 69 year's young.

10/10 thank you Kenneth Jay
By eric wilson / Plymouth, Pennsylvania United States

Well, let me first tell you that I have only been using kettlebells for the past three months, so I'm very new to this. Secondly before kettlebells I really never worked out at all. I'm a 27 year old father and construction worker for a major utility, and as of feb. 2009 I weighed over 280 lbs. I started my k-bell journey after hearing a friend talk about it, I started with a 16kg. bell and have now added a pair of 24's and one 32kg to my practice. I ordered all of Pavel's k-bell books and Power to the People through a local bookstore and have been working hard to become the better man that I know this type of training will make me. I ordered "Viking Warrior Conditioning" when I ordered my 32kg. bell directly from dragon door. I was very interested in what a master rkc had to say about high rep snatches and how they could affect my training. Mostly because the snatch is a highly revered exersize, and because it's one of my favorite lifts. Kenneth Jay has packed a book full of gut twisting information that is gaurenteed to either jump start or re-torque your k-bell training and take things to levels you can not imagine. When I found my VO2-max number for the 15:15 protocol and got to work I could only do 14 sets of 7 with my 16kg. bell now my max is 32 sets and I hope to close in on 40 by mid-june. This is an amazing addition to anyone's training, wether you're a seasoned giryavik or someone who has barely touched a kettlebell. Oh and my over 280lbs is dramaticly trimming down. I've lost close to 30lbs and my strength is through the roof. I hope to someday make rkc and I would love to thank all of you at dragon door in person. Kettlebells and the rkc have more than changed my life. They've also changed my wife's and about eight of our friends are now using them as well. I highly recomend this training and any k-bell product indorsed by Pavel and the rkc. Thank you.

10/10 One of the best conditioning books I have ever read
By Norm Elliott / Pittsburgh, PA

This book is a must add to anyone's collection. Kenneth Jay's conditioning program is superb and he does a great job of explaining the scientific background for it. I gave the book at 10 but it really deserves an 11!

10/10 A must read book
By Joakim Bohm RKC Sweden / Engelholm Sweden

The book that makes you a man =)
An awesome book for every one to have who is serious about Kettlebell training and there body.
Thank Mr Jay for one more thing to torturer myself to shape and beyond

10/10 Damn GOOD!
By Iacopo / Asti, Italy

I got Viking Warrior Coonditioning about 3 weeks ago and I think it's something extraordinaire! I'm still with the first protocol explained and it marvellous what It do for your everyday life and workouts! In just 4 workouts my heart rate go from 61 to 55 per minute (well, I design a good workout with the Enter the Kettlebell "Rite of Passage" - Thanks Pavel! ;) ) - I think that were years that I never felt like this... powerfull, strong, resistant and energetic! Well, buy this book now cause it should cost al least 3 times more!

9/10 Simple (but not easy), structured and focused
By Gino G. / Montreal, QC, Canada

I often find my attention lacking and have a bad tendancy to slightly switch goals when I do not have a well-structured training regime to follow. Reading VWC has given me a well-structured path toward a goal that I want to achieve.

To be combined with other strength training workouts(kettlebell or not), VWC will help you whether your goals are fat loss and/or superior conditioning with a highly taxing cardiovascular workout that increases in intensity as you need it.

10/10 This works.
By Gabi Katschthaler, RKC, CK-FMS / Debrecen, Hungary

Based on that legendary first Dragon Door forum post by Kenneth Jay about his 36:36 VO2Max protocol and the discussions that followed, I worked myself up from 10 sets of 18 with the 12kg to recent 80 sets of 8 with the 16kg in less than 1,5 years - and that was before the book, when I only knew about the 36:36 and later the 15:15 protocols, I went on and off, tested-retested, added sets, cut back or switched protocols mainly just by feel! I looked upon them as programs to take me from A to B - until the book came out and revealed a whole well rounded system of a lot more, waaay more factors, considerations and applications, everything it takes to completely cover cardiovascular conditioning.

Well, I must admit I'm biased, because I did the work and saw the results before I read the book so I didn't need to be convinced any more. If that wasn't the case, I'm not sure the first four chapters alone would have convinced me to give it a go. They left me with more questions than I had before. But this is, remember that, primarily a "How-to" book based on scientific study and research, not the study itself. If you are after clear cut, easy to understand instructions about how to reach extreme levels of fitness in less time you ever thought possible, the book is for you, absolutely. If you are, like me, the "academic bookworm" type that seeks understanding at least as much as results and wants extensive and fully backed answers to all the details of the whys and hows, the book is still for you. Do the work and see the results while you are waiting for the original study to come out.

10/10 As it should be...
By Matt Wuchner, RKC / Santa Maria, California

So much has been said already, so I'll keep it simple. Hero worship aside, this book belongs in your training library. Period. And don't just buy it so you can add it to your dragondoor product collection (you know who you are), read it and DO it. This is one of those things where if you CAN do it, you need to KEEP doing it, and if you can't, you're not trying hard enough.

10/10 Viking Warriors - Do it HARDER :)
By Lars "Bad Boy" Besand - Cagefighter and Girevik / Skagen, Denmark (aka Viking country)

.. Comrades, viking brothers - and fellow Gireviks - Kenneth Jay delivers the Goods, Viking hardstyle.. OMG.. it s a blessing for an old fart like myself, which need everything explained thoroughly - and into detail - before embarking on yet another jouney. Thank you so much for this - and for you being persistent in making us all stronger, harder and possibly better humans :)

Ave Kenneth Jay, RKC Master.

- Lars

10/10 Not a "must read" it's a "must apply"
By Jeff O'Connor, SR RKC / Talala, Ok

Kenneth is one of the most brilliant young minds in the strength and conditioning field. Everything he does is painstakingly reasearched and tested. "Viking Warrior Conditioning" is one of only a select few books that I have ever read back-to-back-to-back. Like a lot of people I had heard of and "played with" his VO2 max protocols, but untill I took the time to read the book and try to understand it I was really missing the boat. Now myself and every single one of my older (at least high school age) athletes have made this a regular part of our training. Don't think about it, just start applying it.

10/10 VWC Got my resting heart rate down to 40!
By Erik Solsaa, USN / Virginia Beach

This book is absolutely awesome. I've only been doing the program a little over a month, just finishing the 80 sets of the 15:15 protocol the other day. I spent a year trying to get in shape for SEAL training before (to no avail), so I've been through some absolutely grueling cardio sessions. I took my resting heart rate today and was amazed when it got all the way down to 40. It has never been that low, even when I was doing eight mile runs! I haven't run a single time since I started VWC, and my heart's never been as strong. I'm looking forward to starting the 36:36 protocol in the next few days and watching my results get even better. This stuff is rough but definitely worth it.

10/10 Great conditioning method
By Jeff Goddard / Charleston, SC

This is a great way to achieve superior all-round fitness. The workouts provided are very challenging and after just 2 weeks I've noticed a big difference in my technique for presses and KB snatches, not to mention the increase in endurance.

Great for anyone who wants to add some cardio conditioning to their strength workouts. The book is well written and easy to follow.


10/10 Amazing!
By Slade / Luling, LA

I was going to review the book before I started the program but didn't find it fitting. It's not that I couldn't have, the book is awesome and easy to understand, but I wanted to try the plan to see if it had substance. I just finished my third 15:15 session with the 16kg. Let me just say that it is amazing! My back had been tight from bending over the wrong way after a set of squats and had bothered me for 2 weeks with no end in sight. I decided to start VWC, knowing I needed to strengthen my lower back. Within a week my back feels better than ever and I can already tell my conditioning is going up. My body feels tighter (not stiff) and I feel like I'm progressing as an athlete more than I ever had doing a typical routine (squat, bench, deadlift, jogging etc.) This is the real deal! I can't wait to see what I'll be able to do after I nail the 80 sets!

3/10 viking warrior overated
By amateur kettlebell enthusiast / dorset uk

Please note i am an amateur trainer. Bought this book a month ago and all in all cost around 45 with shipping to the uk inc hidden taxes! My first dragon door book was enter the kettlebell which i think is a fantastic read and still often refer to after owning my copy for 8 months, however i found viking warrior conditioning to be a waste of money as the trainig protocols can be found online quite easily and the rest of the book was page after page of scientific jargon such as " oxidative enzymes such as citrate synthase, succinate dehydrogenase and beta hydroxy CoA dehydrogenase will increase.... yada yada yada. All this may be great to someone doing a degree in sports physiology but to the average person it will turn your brain to soup.I personally prefer the pavel style instruction i.e pick this bell up and do this. Overall i find this book to have about ten pages of usefull info which i have incorporated into my regime and have seen the benefits but the rest was a waste of reading time.

2/10 Too Much Viking Fluff
By Yehoshua Zohar / Karmiel, Israel

There is enough hard information in the book to support a good article. This is a large format book (popular with DD), with big fonts and double spacing (great for those of us with far sightedness), alot of nice photos and drawings and all kinds of personal testimonials by other RKC's or trainees and assorted fluff. All the info could be condensed into around 20 pages.

Basically what we have here is sooped up interval training. Not being a physiologist, I have not the qualifications to judge the science behind the routine.

10/10 Viking Warror
By Male 56 years old / New York, NY

Excellent book it's a fast read with detail information.

10/10 Brutal, Humbling, Brilliant!
By Doug - fire fighter, personal trainer, student / Houston, TX USA

Destroying one self with 15 seconds of snatches with a 16kg is very humbling for a dude who is used to repping out with the 24kg. "Scientific Approach?" Yes. Paradigm shift? Definitely! I read a lot of criticism on this approach before I bought the book. Clearly, those criticisms are ill informed. Pair this with ETK and you've got one hell of a program.

10/10 VWC is great stuff
By 54 year old gym owner, boxing coach / Rochester, New York

I am 54 years young and have been involved in boxing and conditioning for over 40 years as both a fighter and coach and pride myself in keeping up with the best training principals. Kenneth Jay has provided a great tool for me to explore for both my fighters, clients and myself. I read VWC 4 to 5 times and made many notes on how to put myself and my workout partner through VWC program. We are currently into our fouth MVO2 15:15 session. We are tracking our progress in a journel and can not wait for the next session. Today my workout partner a 37 yearold female did 50 rounds of 9 reps with the 12 kg and I busted out the same candence with the 16kg can't wait for the next session.
Keneth Jay thankyou.

10/10 Looking for Systematic Cardio Conditioning?
By Matt Scheiner / California, USA

To be fair I haven't had time to experience the effects of Kenneths system. But if it works like all the other Dragon Door stuff, and I have faith it will, this was worth every cent to me! It's a systematic approch to cardio conditioning. It explains basic cardio science and then gives you a mathmaticle system to track and develope yourself from basic to elite! It explained cardio simply enough so even I understood it(which is impressive). And his systems are simple and practicle enough to use in daily life over the long run. I generaly do the Enter The KettleBell workout, and I love it, but felt my cardio lacked plannable, trackable, systematic structure. Viking Warroir Conditioning gave me exactly what I was looking for. Plus it can be blended almost seemlessly with Enter The KettleBell ideas. Viking Warroir Conitioning is a body of knowledge that stands on its' own, but as I read it I wondered if Kenneth purposely presented some of his ideas in a way that would make it easier for us to blend them with other Dragon Door products we've already been exposed too. Which was exactly what I was looking for!

10/10 Absolutely Incredible Book to increase Work Capacity!
By Emmanuel / Los Angeles, CA

I was thoroughly satisfied with this book upon purchasing and reading through it. The protocols are descriptive, and the best part is that if you have any questions, you can come right here on the forum and ask the author himself. How many fitness book authors actually are willing to contact their readers? Very few.

Also, it's possible to meet this man and talk to him about his work if you attend a seminar at which he is present.

The physiology portion of the book is broken down quite well for the common non-technological athlete. However, if you are someone who studies physiology, anatomy, or exercise biology, the physiology portion may not be up to par with what you have learned, but it is catered to the general population rather than the academic audience. Those who complain about this section not being detailed enough should go buy a physiology book, because this book is meant to teach multiple protocols to increase work capacity, not a full semester of exercise physiology.

The protocols are incredibly useful, and the example (there is an imaginary athlete example) is very helpful in deciding how you should go about executing the different protocols.

The books is also incredibly flexible when it comes to how you should execute the protocols. You can either follow the book to the letter, or slightly vary it (ask on the forum for more information about this).

10/10 Great book
By Steve / Atlanta, GA USA

As a physician, I love to get the theory and research behind different type of workout. It looks sound and I am embarking on this program.

10/10 I have never had an easier time being destroyed!!!!
By KB Lover, Former fatty, now alive and fit! / San Rafael, CA USA

MVO2 is EASY! Words to laugh at I know. I mean easy in the sense that I can't help but keep practicing. Never before have I had such a reaction to a transformative process. I had attempted this program with a 20kg bell, and I was able to make it to a peak of 40 sets. After a while it was just too taxing. I took a break from snatching, bought a 16kg bell, and decided to do it right...buying the book and all.

My energy levels are soaring. The first 2 sessions were challenging, the third was grueling, than after a short break for 3 days I came back with the intention of hitting the same numbers I achieved on my second session. Somehow I flew past my previous numbers and hit 45 sets with breathless ease. Each rest set gives me a chance to reflect on the previous attempt and make adjustments to form. I feel well on my way to 80 now that I have passed the halfway point, in under 2 weeks. My form felt crisp, and tight. No doubt I can use improvement. Every session gives me the chance to turn my KB experience into a meditation on presence, awareness, and how movement can be an integral part of this process. With my breathing dialed in, it's like I am doing some sort of Warrior's cleansing and preparation. Every day I complete a goal in my Viking Warrior Conditioning program I feel another step towards a goal that is simply a better me.

I started my time with the VWC program without a book. Armed with what I had learned on the forums, from Youtube video's, and what I had read in KJ's blog, I attempted a blind run. The book is truly necessary. Even though I could have continued without, and I would have had success. Having the material in hand, to read, re-read, again and again has proven invaluable. I wish I understood more about the world of body Movement, and sports science. If I did, this book would make an even larger impact on my current knowledge.

To the layman, purchase the book even if it is just for the program layout KJ has created from "Thorolf", a real victim of VWC. Name changed for their protection of course. You will gain an understanding of what MVO2 is, and how it can be improved. You will understand why modern concepts of fitness are B.S. You will understand that to live a life that is successful, and potent, you need to be in good relationship with your body. This program can help immensely. If you are a Martial Artist I don't think a different program can benefit your stamina more. If you just like to have your body feel resilient, and strong, this program is gold.

10/10 excellent stuff
By Eric Moss RKC / Morris/Sussex County NJ

sometimes I really do think we have all the answers. When it comes to stretching...relax into stretch, strength with a barbell power to the people

and now the Dane of Pain brings us the answer to conditioning...if you are tough enough to see it through

10/10 A major contribution to the Hardstyle methodology and beyond
By Dennis Frisch, RKC II / Denmark

This book will take your understanding of how cardiovascular conditioning, force production, explosiveness and strength are interconnected to a level above and beyond.

Kenneths simplex approach to explaining complex physiological theories brilliantly mirrors the deceptively simple protocols. I agree wholeheartedly that Kenneth witk this work has made a major contribution to the methods of conditioning.

In short VWC will not only show you a clear cut and tried path to cardiovascular glory, it will also explain to you the science behind.

10/10 Complete change in fitness and life in general
By Gary McCarley, Personal Trainer, Martial Artist / Ft. Worth, Texas USA

Isn't it amazing how this program not only ramps up your fitness but it changes your thinking about fitness? Since starting VWC my body comp has changed, my conditioning level has surpassed my very demanding expectations.You know how exercise changes your thoughts on life? VWC has placed my thought process to a place where I am asking my body to do or try things that normally,I wouldn't even try. My mental outlook is, What is next? The sky is the limit! I will be looking for more great things from Mr. Jay in the future. Thanks, Kenneth

10/10 Amazing Book (I've read many, many fitness books)
By / SF Bay Area, CA USA

Really, REALLY excellent. I've been on the program for ~6 months+ and my fitness level has gone WAY up.

You need to be ready for HARD work. I love this set of protocols.

Thanks Kenneth for helping me with the RKC Snatch Test (125 reps, 24kg, 5 min)and SSST prep! Almost to the 200 reps, 10 min.

10/10 intense
By 43 year old male / northville, mi

This is a great book. I started with the 15/15 about 2 weeks ago with just 20 sets and I am up to 40. I feel good, my shoulders are good and I already see a difference in my appearance. Thank you

10/10 Don't settle for average training
By Sara Juve, RKC / Decorah, Iowa

Viking Warrior Conditioning has made a tremendous impact on my training! I am blown away how my endurance & strength have increased while I continue to get a leaner body! Kenneth Jay is able to relate his knowledge and intensity in his book so that anyone can understand and have the motivation to take their training far beyond their current level. As an RKC, wife, and mother of 2, I don't settle for average and the VO2 Max Protocol provides a plan for excellence in my training

9/10 Perfect Companion to ETK and PTTP
By Bender645 / Media, PA

As others have noted there are about 10 pages of useful info in the book, however they are VERY useful.

We could argue theory all day but the simple fact is that the four protocol's outlined in VWC will take conditioning to levels that most can't even imagine.

10/10 Awesome Cardio
By Steve G / Austin, TX

Awesome workouts...I am an avid runner...I have only been doing the 15:15 protocol for 3 weeks and can already tell a difference in my running.

10/10 The best cardio investment I have made.
By David Tharp / South Lyon, MI USA

I followed Kenneth Jay's cMVO2 testing procedure and 15:15 MVO2 protocol to the letter. The improvement in my endurance, cardio capacity and subsequently, strength has been more than I thought possible.
This book is number 1 on my recommendation list when substantial gains in cardiovascular and respiratoy systems capacity/performance are a goal.

10/10 No Better Way Than The VIKING WAY..!
By Andrea U-Shi Chang RKC, CK-FMS / Seattle, Washington

Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior Conditioning is an invaluable tool in anyone's strength and conditioning protocol. If you want to get bigger, you'll get bigger, if you want to lose fat, you'll lose fat, if you want to run faster, you'll run faster... It is hard work, but imminently worthy of the effort.

As an RKC and a full time fitness and health coach, VWC is one of the cornerstones of my practice.

Written with precision, humor and full of empirically based training information, VWC is a workbook worth having!

Andrea U-Shi Chang RKC, CK-FMS
Certified Z-Health Professional Trainer
Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certified
Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist
Power by Pavel Newsletter Editor

By Karen Smith, RKC II / Kettlebell Elite, Virginia Beach, VA

Viking Warrior Conditioning is all around AMAZING. It has been so helpful for my own goals as well as getting my clients the results they want in a very minimal time. I did the 15/15 mVO2 for 6 weeks prior to my RKC II certification and loved the changes in my body fat. Several of my clients lost 3-5% Body fat in the 6 weeks.
And to top it all off, I had the honor of being on Kenneth Jay's team at level II. If you ever have the chance to learn from Kenneth Jay, don't pass it up. I learned so much - He is brilliant! This book is one that I would recommend everyone to own and read over and over.
I am looking forward to starting my next 6 week series of mVO2 soon and my clients can't wait for each protocol. Don't miss out, get your book now and see how quickly you can change your body.

10/10 A steaming pool of sweat in 14 minutes
By Alan Kirshbom RKC in the making! / Milwaukee, WI USA

In Milwaukee we train in the cold and 14 minutes is how long I lasted in my first V02 max workout. Clearly I have a long way to go, but the benefit is obvious. I can't wait to see the results after a few weeks. I love the clear concise and efficient manner with which the information is delivered in this book. What an eye opener to the possibilites of my own potential, coupled with a simple to follow progression strategy. Thanks Kenneth Jay and DD for publishing this book.

10/10 Do you want elite conditioning?
By Luke / Denver, PA USA

I don't think that their is a better program out there as far as boosting your levels of conditioning go. It's an extremely detailed book. It will answer any question you could possibly ask on how to use this simple, but brutal program.

10/10 Great book
By Grant Lofthouse / Melbourne, Australia

A fantastic book! Nothing more needs to be said

10/10 This Works
By Tom / Los Angeles

I was looking for an exercise regime to help me improve my stamina. This seems to work, I think the ideas presented come from someone who knows.

7/10 Great routines, complicated explanations.
By Louis / Austin, TX

I'd been looking for the optimal routine for interval training. This seems to be it because it incorporates a lot of the recent research on the subject which is what I want.

My complaint with the book is that there was a lot of explanation that was still full of research related jargon that I didn't understand. I would have liked for it to be broken down better for the layperson.

10/10 Cain't set this book down...
By Scott / former USMC, semper fi

but... will have to in order to put the 15 / 15 protocol in action. I m an old buzzard (way over 1/2 a hundred) have seen lots of fitness gimicks, this is not, the kettlbell is not. i have bee using the 15 / 15 for about 10 days (4 work outs) and have only advanced to the point of 24 minutes of work 16kg x 7 reps in each 15 sec. I am looking forward to max out of 80 sets (40 min.) started with 20 min. and add 1 min. per work out. The book is fantastic and the workouts tough. Love it

10/10 Great work out
By Mike Ridge / Louisville,Ky

The best yet!

10/10 Fast and Effective Conditioning
By Nathan Smetzer / Wooster, United States

I do Strongman competitions and about 2-3 weeks from a competition I pick up the Kettlebell and start snatching. I use the Viking Warrior Conditioning to put my conditioning to a level I require for my competitions. It has served me well and I will continue to do this until I cannot snatch any longer!

10/10 This old Swede likes it
By Dean Soderstrom / Midland, Texas, USA

VWC is well written. It clarifies a lot of theory and gives practical applications. I have subbed it into my ROP recharges. So far, so good.

9/10 Scientific approach to kettlebell training
By Jeremy Burke / Minneapolis, MN, United States

As an engineer I love detailed explanations and I love learning how and why things work. This book approaches kettlebell training, specifically the snatch with that mindset. While the descriptions of the physiology of the movement are not necessary to undertake the workouts, I found them both helpful and revealing. I have yet to put this training manual into effect but only because I decided my snatch technique would be better served by improving my one handed swing and clean first. I look forward to adding this to my regular workout schedule once I'm ready. My only complaint is the price for the amount of material. I found the end chapters and testimonials unnecessary. Still, this book is unlike any I have seen and definitely worth the cost.

10/10 Great book
By Ben Marvin / Austin, Texas, USA

With so much training these days being based around just cramming as many things as possible into a short time and hoping it works it's great to have a book to teach a better way. The Viking Warrior proves how much more effective it is to pick a small number of things and get truly good at them. Not only does Kenneth Jay do a great job of explaining why but he lays out a fool proof plan for success that anyone can follow. The viking warrior protocols progress in such a way that pretty much anyone can stay with them and continue improving basically forever. This book is for anyone who wants to drastically improve their conditioning without sacrificing strength and speed to do so!

9/10 A tough read and even tougher workout!
By Dan Eisenberg / Las Vegas, NV, USA

I'm going on my third month of 15/15 workouts. Progress has been fantastic. I started with 10 sets, now up to 24 sets in the 15/15 routine. The first try at 10 sets I felt dizzy and light headed by #10, but now I breeze through the first 10 and it gets hard in the 20s. There is no question my work capacity has dramatically increased in such a short time.
The biggest negative is really the typeface used in the book. I understand the Viking theme but the font is hard to read. Actually, the entire book is a challenging read. The physiology is difficult and I struggled to understand the workout strategy first time through. Had to read over a couple times. This is not a Danny Kavadlo book. I also found the initial test confusing and it resulted in way too many reps at too much weight. After that fail I chose a bell I could swing too easy, and began with 10 sets of 7 reps. That was a perfect starting weight.
Overall, if you're looking to rocket your whole-body cardio fitness fast, this is the book for you.

10/10 Well worth the money, well worth doing
By Mike Bacigalupi / Pasadena, Maryland, United States

VWC is extra special to me. Because you can work with a light KB it can be much easier to use. This helped me a few years ago to rehab a partially torn rotator cuff. But even more importantly it helped me most recently in battling the crippling onset of rheumatoid arthritis. When I was hit with RA I could barely lift a book anymore, let alone a KB. After months of medicine, diet change and a lot of dogged determination to not give up. I felt good enough to be able to snatch the 16 KG bell. I immediately set to working the 15:15. I could no longer handle the 53 or 70 pounder due to the pain in my wrists and shoulders, but I could do the 35. I was able to nail the 15:15 in about 2.5 weeks, proving to myself that maybe my joints were bad, but my lungs were still pretty good. I will be doing this as long as my body and heart allow me. And I am extremely grateful for learning about this from Kenneth Jay's book.

7/10 Great way to kick your A$$
By Bryan Smith / Miami, FL, US

This workout is still kicking my A$$

8/10 Worth your time
By Chris Larson / Minneapolis, MN, USA

If you're new to designing your own conditioning drills, this book is a great way to get you going.

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